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February 2013
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Welcome to Collapsing Duality - into oneness. Here, you can share your own special experiences of your twin flame or soulmate relationships, educate yourself by reading articles on this phenomenon, read our own - ongoing story that continues to unfold, and submit your own story for us to profile - if you wish. 

Our goal, here, is to provide information about this very special phenomenon. We believe that there is a very special purpose for the bringing together of twin flames. In fact, this maybe the most significant thing to occur in the evolution of mankind - the profound joining together of the divine masculine and divine feminine into one divine soul. Together, they collapse duality and become one. We encourage you to email us with questions, comments and suggestions.  You can click the web address on the bottom of the page for a direct link. We truly hope that your visit to our website will provide an informative, lasting, and enjoyable experience as you seek to understand your own path in life.    

Paula and Brendan    

Our Mission

It is our mission, at Collapsing Duality not to define the so-called twin flame/soulmate relationships that exist, but to offer many perspectives as to the how and why that this phenomenon is really taking off at this point in time. After all, we all have different paths in life and there is no single one that is identical. Having said this, I feel there is simply no need to try and categorize what qualifies one to be a twin flame or soulmate - because if you are in one of these relationships, you will simply know. Another aim of our mission is to get your story out there. We want to hear from you. We welcome the subsmissions of your own special stories so that we can share them with the world.

It is also our intention to bring those of you together who are still searching for your twin flame or soulmate. While we realize that we do not have the final say as to when your time will "be" perhaps we can just make it that much easier. Let's face it, if you have come this far and found this site you are either searching for your twin flame/soulmate, looking for more information on this phenomenon, or hoping to get some "confirmation" about your own special relationship.

There has been much written about twin flames and soulmates and I've researched numerous articles, websites and books dealing with this topic. I've talked with many people who are in twin flame relationships. While there seems to be, for the lack of a better words, a generic set of qualifiers regarding what constitutes a twin flame/soulmate relationship, we have no intention of telling you about how your own relationship should be - only you will know that. But it is not our mission to discount anyone elses views of what qualifies and does not qualify a relationship to be twin flame or soulmate, either. We are all working for a higher cause. We will offer up information regarding what to look for if you feel you have found your twin flame/soulmate, but the reality is, it's going to be unique to each and every one of your relationships.

As this website takes shape, and all your real life stories begin to come together ( as well as our own ) I believe, that without being judgemental, we will see a common thread, form - and that thread is love. At the very core of the twin flame/soulmate relationship lies a purpose - to collapse duality and be walking examples that will show a world that has forgotten how to love, LOVE!       

This is Collapsing Duality
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NEW ~ Panorama  by Protilius  ~ 3/29/2014

It is up to us to reach out and make that initial "contact." However, in order to do that, we must go within. It is there we will find that our vehicles to the spirit world have nothing to do with time machines, rockets or anti-gravity devices or anything that is man made. So...should we wait around for NASA to invent another robotic arm? Should we wait around for space flights to become even remotely viable for the average citizen? Should we wait around for the greatest minds to invent another basketball to bounce off the surface of Mars? Nope. I'm not waiting and neither should you. You don't have to. Because THE REAL TIME MACHINES ARE OUR SOULS!                            Click HERE to read the rest of this article.
Sophia Part II by Protilius - 4/3/2014

As much as I wanted to show her how important this was to me, she never took her eyes off of mine, while I carried her in my arms through the air. Even while I showed her this magnificent way to enter back into Heaven, she was just interested in me. 

So, I asked her as our bodies left the great field of green grass in Ireland, walking on air and heading towards heavens light, "How will I ever find you again after this? I am not only a spirit in the spirit, but a man in the physical, who happens to be in touch with the spirit. I don't want to let you go, but I'll have to return after this. And you, you are all in the spirit!                           Click HERE to read the rest of this article.