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Achieving The Light
Achieving The Light - March 4  2006
by Brendan

Forward: This article was first published on Zaadz (Gaia) social website in 2006. At the time, prior to meeting Paula I had just come off of a string of spiritual experiences that motivated me to pick up the path again. Anyways...I thought I'd give this article a home of its own. Namaste ~ Protilius


About 15 years ago when I first began to dabble in meditation I discovered that I didn't just have to sit in darkness. Although as peaceful and relaxing as it was, I was looking for something with a little more bang for the buck so to speak. So one time while meditating I decided to try and "see" if I could see more. After some time meditating in darkness (eyes closed) I began to notice a small light, like a tiny white speck. So I concentrated on that speck and wouldn't let it out of my thirdy eye sight. After awhile the speck got larger and larger and larger until all I could see was this brilliant white light that sparkled to the nth degree. It radiated its energy and I would just sit there and sort of bath in it. After, in each meditation session -, I began to be able to "achieve this light" easier with each round.

Today, this is one of the methods I use to help condition myself for reaching the right state to move the Assemblage Point. This was the first way I became aware that I would be able to "see" what I intended to see without having to wait for that hit or miss chance that I so often was accustomed to. I usually do this before bed in complete darkness so that there is no chance for any outside light to corrupt the experience. I prefer zero light, whether it is an alarm clock or whatever, I turn it off. Through this light, I've found you can go right into the energy fields, even as I sit Indian style in bed in meditation position.

Once you achieve this light and can see nothing but its radiance, that is when you start intending what you wish. If you want to see the energy fields, this is when to start intending it. If you want to meet other life out there then this is when to start intending it. But remember, you have to really want it… and you can't give up! You may fail many times at first but eventually you will get it. You have to live by those Warrior Path Rules:  #1 lose your sense of self importance, #2 assume total responsibility for your acts, and #3 make death your adviser to help keep you in check. These rules for me are the pre-requisites. I've noticed that the more I live by them the more successful I have become in getting what I intend. If you can't live by these then you may not be so successful in your attempts. #4 (my own personal rule) make the ego your bitch!

Another way I reach the right state for going anywhere is to back my way into sleep slowly. That is: I lay down and I keep my awareness as I make my way towards sleeping. An analogy of this would be - I picture myself walking down a city street. I start at 5th street and by the time I reach 4th and Main I will be asleep. Except I'm not going to sleep! Because just before I reach 4th street I'm gonna duck down that alley into the deep sea of awareness. By ducking down the alley I trick myself…my mind… and even though my physical body goes to sleep, my awareness goes down that alley where anything is possible. You can use any idea/visualization that you want to achieve this with some practice. But the whole idea is to remain aware in your sleep state. That is the condition.

There are some nights like after a long hard day at work when it's just not gonna work no matter what. But I have had days when I think I'm prime for seeing and still nothing happens. The furthest I make it is into a nice relaxing meditation and that's not so bad either :)   I think the key to remember when you have no results is - energy. I think it comes down to energy. Maybe that's why I prefer this next method.

My preferred method is to go straight into sleep repeating the words over and over, "The key to Sorcery is the manipulation of the Assemblage Point." Because just like Castaneda said, even if you don't know what it is (the Assemblage Point) some unseen force will make the correction for you and you will find it. It's just the way it works. And does it ever work! I've found this method to bring the best results. Sometimes in meditation I think I try too hard instead of just letting it happen. This, I have to work on.

One thing I forgot to mention in the last entry on dealing with this topic is what happens when you're done with viewing what you initially intended. So let's say you intend to view something. The assemblage point makes an adjustment and your awareness explodes forward and you see what you want. But what I forgot to mention was that as soon as you lose interest in your intention or done viewing the object of your intent, it's like the whole thing collapses back and you're back to point A again in a flash. I found this very interesting and did it over and over again making note of it.

By Brendan (Protilius ErmPhorus) 3/4/2006