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Celtic Shamans
Celtic Shamans - March 21  2006
by Brendan

Forward: This article was first published on Zaadz (Gaia) social website in 2006. At the time, prior to meeting Paula I had just come off of a string of spiritual experiences that motivated me to pick up the path again. Anyways...I thought I'd give this article a home of its own. Namaste ~ Protilius


Lately I've been doing a lot of reading on Shamanism - especially of the ancient Mexican origin. However, in researching Shamanism in general I've found that pretty much every indigenous people in every land from Siberia, to Ireland, to Mexico - have tales of Sorcery by Shamans that could do incredible things when they used their minds and spirits.

When I read online that the original people of Ireland, the ancient Celtics were considered Shamans I was amazed. I had heard a lot about the Celtics as a child, especially being of Irish descent. I even learned the jig from my Father. My clan of origin was O'Flannagain which denoted a red haired person. But when I heard of Shamans being there I had to find out more and bought the book, "Fire In The Head."

This book tells a lot about the indigenous of ancient Ireland - The Celtics. The Celts I have read were warriors that at one point conquered areas all the way to eastern Europe. The Romans even feared them for their unorthodox style of battle and the fact that when they celebrated a victory they wore the heads of their opponents strung around their necks as symbols. But in time as the Romans advanced they eventually forced the Celtics all the way to Ireland and Wales. These were places the Romans never advanced too.

The rich strain of mysticism, writes author Tom Cowan, which the Romans labeled superstition was in fact the backbone of Celtic spirituality. It is the philosphical basis for shamanism, a feature that makes the Celt, ancient or modern, a prime candidate for shamanic experiences.

But not all Celtics were warriors in the way of going out and doing battle. Some, at a very young age were sort of pegged as being mystics for obvious reasons. Take the Fairy boy of Leith in Scotland. According to records, he would bring a drum into the hills and beat out the rhythms while men and women would dance and have spiritual journeys into other realms. It is said they were able to travel to other lands right here on Earth.

In trying to find the answers to all of my own mystic experiences and why I have this deep feeling of searching within me, one thing about this book sticks out most clearly to me. The author Tom Cowan writes that a common view of the initiatory journey into the spirit world is an abduction by faeries or the people of the Sidhe. AKA - the gods and goddesses of the hills. "Taken by the faeries," is the phrase the celts used to describe in so many words a persons call to become a shaman.

In comparing these accounts of the Celts with my own experiences, such as; being called to stand and meet an angel in Heaven when I was just 17 and being able to do some other things that are too strange to describe in written words, I am beginning to understand that I have always been on the right path, only I have so much further to go ;)

Another thing this important author writes is that, our contemporary view of faeries is not celtic in origin, it is English. They even attribute these modernized views of them to writers such as Shakespeare and on up to Walt Disney. There views were distortions so to speak. So this would indicate an attempt to fix or water down the original versions of who the Celts were and the spirits they interracted with. This to me is not unlike what has happened to indigenous peoples in other countries and other continents all over the planet. I see it as an attempt to erase the truth of who we are and what we are capable of - any one of us.

5/27/2012 ~  Brendan: Looking back on this article 6 years later, I can't believe how far I've come, spiritually speaking. Because just 2 years after its writing I would meet Paula; 1 year after that we would both find our Higher selves and the pyramids; 2 years after that The Grail; and 1 year after that I would come full circle back to God...but in a whole unique way that nobody has taught anywhere - especially The Church...that has tried to destroy everything about who we really are. Whatever the case...I know that had I not studied Shamanism...I would never have found my way back home and likely still be lost. A LOT has certainly come to fruition in 6 years time!

While many are too preoccupied in contemplating that what they’ve earned that is material in nature and that they “can’t take it with them” when they die, I will spend my time building those dreams of the future in the here and now. For all of those creations will be waiting for me not when I die, but when I realize I am home.
By Brendan (Protilius ErmPhorus) 3/21/2006
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