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Cherry and Shermy
from Singapore
posted on 7/3/2010

Your Name/Nickname......... Cherry                    Age: 18       Sun sign....Cap/Aquar (cusp)

Country........................Singapore                        State...........



Your Twins name/nickname........ Shermy          Age:  18       Sun sign.....Aquarius
Country.........................Singapore                       State ...........

Please tell us how you met? (Internet, store, vacationing, dancing, etc....) 

We met at a mutual friend's party and we all live in the same neighborhood... played with the same friends. It was our friend's birthday party and I still remember the date as it was national day 9th of aug 2004 I was 12 he was 11. I know we were extremely young but our eyes met at the same time and there was an instant mutual attraction and curiosity. We kept looking at each other the whole night. When i was walking home he ran following me and asked me for my number and wanted to be my friend. At first i found it extremely weird because we were so young and he was a year younger than me how often do these kind of things happen right??? i rejected a couple of times but he seemed to be following me home so i just gave it to him so he would go back to the party. Since then, we liked each other every year though everytime he would tell me he didnt want commitment and so did i because we dated other people so it was flirting and then we would just stop talking. When i turned 16 and he was 15 i saw him online and i got reminded of him so i randomly started talking to him again and as usual we got carried away with the intrigue and attraction. We couldn't stop talking and things got serious, so we entered into a serious relationship that still stands strong til today.

Please tell us about those special things that draw you to your soulmate or twin flame?  

I feel so at home and comfortable when i'm around him. The way he is so carefree amidst the turmoil or life and pressure in this country. His strength as well. I see everything in him as being exactly the same as who i truly am this is the ultimate and most profound thing that draws me every second to him.

How has finding your soulmate/twin flame changed your life?  

Everything has become so clear and with him i don't worry about anything because i know he's gonna be with me from now til forever onwards. I learned to open up and stay true to myself. He changed my life in a way that can't be seen but experienced as if we were to be a part, there just suddenly would not be anything to look forward to. I've never felt this way before it's like i just feel like glueing myself to him or welding myself to him like just going into his body to feel more comfortable and he told me this first in which i totally agree with he took the words right out of my mouth!

Do you share many synchronicities together? If so, please think of what they are and tell us? 

We share so many synchronicities its unbelievable. Every single one of our friends or aquaintances seem to either already know each other or meet and become friends. Our exes have the same birthdays which is extremely weird. Our life before we got together was also very very identical. We always think the same things and he can tell me jokes that i wanted to tell him first and i'm actually very original. We got the same style of doing things and yes, we text each other at the same time A LOT.

If you believe you have found your soulmate or twin flame but he/she doesn't know it or can't be with you due to certain circumstances, please tell us about your situation here. 


Below, list all strange phenomena, if any, related to time, increased psychic abilities, or feelings pertaining to how your partner is feeling when you are separated from one another.  

Well... i'm not sure if my increased psychic abilities are related to him but i get dejavu much more often than before i was with him. And i get dreams that really come true a few months later i have the dream, which i never experienced before i was with him. I usually can tell what he is feeling. When we are separated i think we can feel each other's emotions and thoughts but without realising it now that i answered this question i just realised.

Do you and your partner have the feeling that this isn't the only lifetime you have spent together? If so, please tell us about it, below. 

Well sometimes. We both like vintage very much we don't like following the latest trends we are both very into classic styles like for me probably pinup while for him the 40s styles too. He hates to swim or eat fish so i'd joke he was a fisherman because ironically he LOVES fishing and that i was a singer because im talented in anything with music and singing. We love to watch or talk about war so we'd joke we both were married then during world war 2.

How would you describe your life up until the time you found your soulmate or twin flame? What is the last "big thing" to have happened to you prior to your reunion? 

Our lives were identical up until the time we got together. We could never enjoy commitment and we were adventurous in relationships. We could never be serious in our past relationships. The last big thing prior to our reunion literally would be that i joined this national singing competition that aired on mondays for its second season. It's like american idol but for minors. My life got disorientated then with all the fame and corruption. I experienced racism and my friends not being understanding that i was so busy. By the time it was all over, my studies dropped so drastically and teachers gossiped about me every single day it was too much for me. However, after a year of it i found peace as i learned that a lot of people are ignorant in some way and that as a teenage girl i would never want fame. After this i felt isolated but i was confident in my beliefs i felt alone because everyone just seemed so immature and naive. I felt so alone no matter how many people accompanied me... Until i met him.

Have you noticed any recurring themes in your relationships, ie..past karmic experiences that keep popping up or the numbers 11 11 and the Fibonaccie Sequence as it relates to date/time? 

Not really. I never really understood those concepts but my relationship with him just seems so celestial i can't think its normal.

Have either you, your partner or both of you together, had the feeling from a very young age that you were put here to fulfill a purpose for which you never received any specific instructions? (feelings of a spiritual calling, a higher call, or a greater purpose.)  

He always thinks he's gonna be successful and rich one day. But me, i always believed from young i could achieve anything i wanted once i set my mind to it. Just like how i play musical instruments by ear without lessons or anyone to guide me. I believe from young that god gave me something very special and unusual. I was also always told from young that i was more matured than people my age. I'm catholic and though i don't go to church regularly i always feel god around me guiding me and teaching me.

What advice would you give to anyone out there who is either searching for their own twin flame or soulmate or is in the middle of one of these relationships?
Patience. There's no other way to find that person unless you go through a series of intense hardships and experiences before you can find your true self . Always remember who you are and stay healthy spiritually.

If you were the webmaster of this site, what is one question you would ask, that you did not see here? 

What was the one thing/event/situation/time that made you realise or reaffirm your relationship as a twinflame/soulmate one?

Do you believe that upon finding your twin flame/soulmate that one of you has awakened the other, so to speak?

We're both definitely awakened. It feels like as though the one same blood is running through our veins. The connection can't get any stronger than this.

How would you describe your spiritual beliefs..? 

I believe in fate?

Are you artistic..................................................?  Yes

Do you believe in reincarnation.........................?  Yes

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Twin Flames - Cherry and Shermy
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