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When one learns how not to become frozen with fear in the all-powerful presence of Hecate and how not to fall prey to the tempt of the lustful Lilith, then that one has both learned and earned the heart of beautiful Sophia. Protilius
A doodle I made on my cell phone showing that when we close our eyes we invoke our 3rd sight or 3rd eye to open.
TRUTH: Although God tells me I am Adam in the above segment from Sophia, I have known that I went back to Adam since my vision of The Holy Grail on 2/14/2011. I do admit that I have struggled with recognizing this at all bcus of its significance. However, Paula and I decided it would be best to leave that part out of the Grail article. And to this day, I have still left it out... And although I may have gone back to the highest of my higher selves, Adam, I will be keeping Protilius as my name name.
I dedicate the next saying to all of those people out there who have had either a Twin Flame or a Soul Mate experience ~ especially to those who were the "Anchors" and not the "Runners!"

The above painting, I created in the early 90's and depicts one being on the far right transmitting to another being on the far left. In between, we have all of humanity, hand in hand, one up & one down. Below that is the name of the painting, painted in my own alphabet based off of picture letters: A Telekinetic Pantomine!
It is up to us to reach out and make that initial "contact." However, in order to do that, we must go within. It is there we will find that our vehicles to the spirit world have nothing to do with time machines, rockets or anti-gravity devices or anything that is man made. So...should we wait around for NASA to invent another robotic arm? Should we wait around for space flights to become even remotely viable for the average citizen? Should we wait around for the greatest minds to invent another basketball to bounce off the surface of Mars? Nope. I'm not waiting and neither should you. You don't have to. Because THE REAL TIME MACHINES ARE OUR SOULS and the ancients knew this! The Native American Indians knew it; the Mexican Shamans; the Celtics and even the prophets in the bible. No matter what pedestal anyone wants to lift them up their core, they were Shamans practicing an ancient way that was once known BY ALL! But, in order for us to make that Contact, we must make contact with our own kind, first! Who is that? Everyone you see all around you...that's who! If we cannot accept a man or woman, no matter what, regardless of race, color or creed, then how are we to accept our own true selves – OUR HIGHER SELVES – which look far more exotic than we do now? By going within and looking beyond the cover of the book, we may realize that Contact really begins with US! Because WE are THEM who come from the stars. Protilius
Panorama will be a selection of snippets from my path. It will include my poetry, paintings and articles about my journeys of the spirit.

This will be a sort of part 1 to Panorama.

Why is it that when it comes to worship we tend to put so much focus on those parts of our bodies that are usually covered up by the fig leaf? If we are going to make worship with another and truly worship their body as a temple, then the entire body and soul should be our wonderland. In worship, there should not be one place upon the body that your lips are not afraid to cover with kisses, nor one corner of the spirit you are too shy to illuminate with love. Protilius~
The above saying, I dedicate to all of you so-called "Ancient Astronaut Theorists."
Why? Because while you waste your time looking for the "Cosmic Cocktail Napkin" of evidence there is life out there, you could have simply gone within. Protilius!
For this painting I used watercolor on water color block paper. Version set to "heat"
The Divine Connection between 2 people is but a microcosm to a much larger body or Pyramid Family of Souls that is now only just being realized. The more that Twin Flames and Soul Mates come together in soul recognition, the stronger that connection between all, will become. A web (much like the internet) of spiritual communication will emerge whereby all spirits within each soul family or pyramid will be linked the same way they are linked with their divine compliments. It is this connection of love that will bring about a new way of communicating with our brothers and sisters - and will usher in the new earth! by Protilius ~ from The Divine Order of Creation:
It's not God that is too complicated for us, but it we who have become too complicated for God. It was meant to be simple! 

by Protilius Ermphorus
I wrote a poem in the late 80's and in either 90 or 91, painted/transferred it into an alphabet of picture letters based on things I had experienced up until that point in my path. So, not only could I have a poem, but a painting as well. Hieroglyphs tell two stories!