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The Concrete and Abstract
(originally titled)
The Warrior Path: The Concrete and The Abstact
Feb 23 2006
by Brendan

Forward: This article was first published on Zaadz (Gaia) social website in 2006. At the time, prior to meeting Paula I had just come off of a string of spiritual experiences that motivated me to pick up the path again. Anyways...I thought I'd give this article a home of its own.

An afterword to the forward: When I wrote this article I was learning about Carlos Castaneda and practicing what he wrote about. In my opinion, his teachings...which are really from The Shamans of Antiquity and ancient Mexican in origin are without a single doubt in my mind, a gift from the spirit world. I guess this is one indigenous set of practices that the conquerors and so-called "crusaders" were never able to wipe out. And AMEN!


For years now I've been searching feverishly for something. I've always had that feeling that I'm supposed to be doing something else much more important than the usual doings. This feeling never goes away. It's with me every day. It's a nagging feeling that reminds me when I'm in the car, at home, in the shower, and in bed. It tells me to keep searching. It pushes me from within and always brings me back to the spirit - back on track. This feeling drives me and never stops. It is inspiration. Have you ever had this feeling?

This searching has led me to wipe the slate clean of any and all prior belief systems that I was taught when I was a child. I made this decision on my own without telling anyone because I didn't want to hurt anybodys feelings. In my opinion it was the only way to know for sure that what I was seeking was true. I had to seek open mindedly and without prejudice. And I seek it like a moth to a flame. I seek it blindly but with an open heart as my guide and I let my instincts tell me where to take the next turn.

Believing that I have found my path - The Warrior Path, I have begun to educate myself on what it means to be a Warrior. Right now I am discovering the two main components of what makes up a Warrior - The concrete and the abstract.

Castaneda says: In order to appreciate the position of dreamers and dreaming, one has to understand the struggle of modern day sorcerers to steer sorcery away from the concreteness toward the abstract.

Concreteness is the practical part of sorcery. The obsessive fixation of the mind on practices and techniques. And the unwarranted influence over people.

The abstract is the search for freedom, freedom to perceive, without obsessions, all that's humanly possible. Present-day sorcerers seek the abstract because they seek freedom; they have no interest in concrete gains. To perceive the energetic essence of things means that you perceive energy directly. By separating the social part of perception, you'll perceive the essence of everything.

In trying to see where I fit in the Warrior Path scheme of things one big thing came up. I didnt' fit into the concrete part of the path. And then a few days later I realized that I never sought that in the first place...the unwarranted influence over people.  I was always looking into the abstract. Even before I knew the difference, I was already into the abstract. But yet there are things in my life that are very much meshed in the concrete too.

Since discovering Castaneda and practicing my seeing every night, I've noticed that I am improving at an alarming rate. I say "alarming" because some of the things I see and hear (perceive) alarm me....even to the point where I come right out of my meditation. It's the battle of the two minds. When I Intend to meet other life out there open mindedly and without expectation and a being suddenly shows up in full color with eyes looking right back at me, sometimes my daytime mind kicks in and pulls me right out of my practice. But...I realize this is because I have so much to learn. But sometimes it just hits me like slap in the face because I've yet to control that daytime mind - that mind that tells us what we've learned and what we should really be seeing - that mind that closes the doors to perception.

Another thing that has surprised me as of late is the fact that I am now able to see and hear. Sometimes together... I see and hear. Sometimes I see only and other times I hear only. An example of this was just the other night, I decided to intend to go to The Shamans of Antiquity wherever they may be. Now... the key in Intending is to just intend but not to expect. Wipe clean any preconceptions about the target or you're not being true to yourself. So, after making my intentions known, a sudden and loud voice spoke in another tongue I've never heard. Then the voice spoke in broken English, still foreign, but English, because the only word I knew was my name. It was the voice of a man. The voice was so loud and audible that it took me right out of my state and I was just left looking around a dark bedroom wondering if there was a break-in. But on this night I never was able to see and hear together.

Last night, I intended to seek a being in what the Shamans call a world with many layers - like an onion. And almost as soon as I intended it a being showed up in full color wearing some interesting garb, almost cape like with a high collar and blue in color. She had a high hair line and had blue eyes. The feeling she gave was a neutral feeling.

I have the image of her in my head but trying to describe her doesn't do her justice. But just like other nights, I wasn't prepared enough and once my daytime mind began to realize what the hell it was staring at it couldn't compute and sounded the alarm by jolting me out of my state or journey. This isn't a pleasant feeling either. Have you ever felt like you're falling in a dream and suddenly you wake up? It's like that except it's more like getting hit in the face with a snowball, because it startles the daytime mind to death. The daytime mind can't deal with that stuff and it computes it as a ghost or something crazy like that.


Brendan (Protilius ErmPhorus)

In 2006, when I was practicing the ways of the Mexican Shamans I found that I was able to do things that not even the Remote Viewers could do. Perhaps this was because they charged for money, whereas the Shamans of Antiquity used to tell their stories around camp fires and for FREE! Whatever the case, learning their ways helped me greatly. Today...I no longer need a set of rules or even ways to journey...I just intend it and I'm there...even while driving in my car. But I do know that had I not practiced what the Mexican Shamans practiced, so much would be missing and I would still be searching. I highly recommend learning their ways and if I was running a school for journeying, you would have to learn their ways as a prerequisite.

I also want to add that the Mexican Shamans were not the only ones to believe that the abstract way of thought was "The Tops." Why? An ocean away and from thousands of years earlier a philosopher by the name of Plato said:  "The abstract form of thought is the highest state of being." He spoke much about the abstract. Coincedence? :D
By Brendan (Protilius ErmPhorus) 3/10/2006
Carlos Castaneda