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by Brendan (Protilius ErmPhorus)
5/16 – 6/3/2009

When we hear the word “Contact,” in regards to life from other galaxies, images of aliens in spaceships landing on the front lawn of the White House or Tri-pods abducting people, bombard the psyche. Another example of how Contact has been so misguidingly packaged for us by the mass media and Hollywood is that we need to have some sort of sophisticated time travel machine or rocket just to get us to that place, before contact with the spirit world or extraterrestrial life is even possible. Have you ever wondered why it is always them versus us? Have you ever wondered why we are constantly being shown that in order to meet life in those other realms, we must travel in some ridiculous, manmade vehicle that the honest and every day citizen would never have any hopes of taking a ride in anyway? If Shakespeare were alive today, I believe he would say, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Well, I believe I know why. It is because they don’t want that honest and average every day citizen, like you, me and everybody we know, that each of us possesses that vehicle that we may utilize to make contact. That vehicle, ladies and gentlemen - IS OUR SOUL!

By going within and reconnecting with the higher self, we are ensuring that the initial “Contact” will first be made by YOU, looking no further than at your very own reflection in the mirror. Once we see who we are as spirits and or light bodies and embrace that, then we can look into the eyes of our Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter, Friends and neighbors – who, by the way, are all from the stars.

If we ponder the memories, and reflect back over our lives, we will see that nothing has ever come easy. So, why should any of us expect the great gods from the sky to come swooping down from the clouds in a fiery wheel with thunder and smoke in an effort to enlighten us? We shouldn’t, and they will not. They will not present themselves in this way because Contact works in quite the opposite way in which we were lead to believe. In other words, it is up to us to reach out and make contact. It is up to us to reach out and make that initial "contact." However, in order to do that, we must go within. It is there we will find that our vehicles to the spirit world have nothing to do with time machines, rockets or anti-gravity devices or anything that is man made. So...should we wait around for NASA to invent another robotic arm? Should we wait around for space flights to become even remotely viable for the average citizen? Should we wait around for the greatest minds to invent another basketball to bounce off the surface of Mars? Nope. I'm not waiting and neither should you. You don't have to. Because THE REAL TIME MACHINES ARE OUR SOULS and the ancients knew this! The Native American Indians knew it; the Mexican Shamans; the Celtics and even the prophets in the bible. No matter what pedestal anyone wants to lift them up their core, they were Shamans practicing an ancient way that was once known BY ALL! But, in order for us to make that Contact, we must make contact with our own kind, first! Who is that? Everyone you see all around you...that's who! If we cannot accept a man or woman, no matter what, regardless of race, color or creed, then how are we to accept our own true selves – OUR HIGHER SELVES – which look far more exotic than we do now? By going within and looking beyond the cover of the book, we may realize that Contact really begins with US! Because WE are THEM who come from the stars.

Take myself for instance; and I will never forget the day. That was the day I really went inward and made contact with my higher self. And what an amazing day it was! I didn’t know who or what I would find – but I journeyed without any false pretenses or expectations and in doing so, I discovered my past, my present and my future. However, most importantly, I discovered the higher self of my divine sweetheart, who was there and waiting to greet me – all things beyond my wildest dreams.

When I look back on my own Irish Catholic belief system, I am seeing the beginning of a great truth and the ending of a great truth. However, after becoming one with my higher self and becoming one with the spirit world, I must say that something, somewhere along the way, went missing. Somewhere in the middle of what I was taught in Sunday School, I began to realize that there are many missing chapters to The Greatest Story Ever Told. What is more, somewhere in those missing chapters, there is an even greater truth that was left out, and that is the fact that the spirit world is far more mysterious than what we were lead to believe. There are levels upon levels that exist within the spirit realm and it begins right here on Earth – the school for our souls. Then, as we evolve past duality, into oneness, we become closer and closer to the light - that is the truth – GOD! However, along the way to oneness with the light of God, we will have the opportunity, as long as we continue to grow spiritually, to live many other experiences through many other forms of consciousness, until one day, we are nothing but light.

Instead of waiting around for Contact to come to us, we must instead be the ones who will reach out. However, before we reach out we must go within and make that initial contact with our own true spiritual selves – the higher self. Embracing your higher self is a very intimate way of getting to know and understand the spiritual world that exists within you and is all around you – every single moment of this incarnation. However, it doesn’t have to necessarily happen in that order. Many people have found their higher selves without the aid of another, while others may find their spiritual self upon meeting their divine other half.

Contact is being made every day now. Contact is made when we go within and meet our higher self. Contact is made when we look into the eyes of our Twin Flame for the very first time. And, Contact will be made by complete strangers, from all walks of life, that without having discovered their own true spiritual selves, would ordinarily have nothing in common. However, when people see themselves as more than just the cover on a book, dualism crumbles.

The Contact that has long since been awaited and prophecied about, is here and it is spiritual in nature.

The initial idea/inspiration for this article came about from reading how so many people are out there and waiting for contact. Many are even waiting to be saved by the next coming. Well, we can wait around, watching the skies for mother ships or spend too much time wondering who and when that next messiah will be and will walk again. No, I wouldn’t invest too much time in that. For, if we look at human history and even how it has been presented to us with a nice little bow around it, we will see that more of the same is in store, unless we are the ones to reach out and intend to make contact, first. We are those beings from “out there,” and we are, each one of us, the next Messiah, if we wish it to be so. That goes for EVERYBODY!

As a final note to this article, I just wanted to say that, “While mankind builds bigger and better rocket ships to go deeper into space; while UFO investigators track down and study the latest crop circles; while NASA invents a stronger – more powerful telescope to see deeper into the physical aspects of the cosmos, do you know that the life out there that they seek, is really in here; within our own souls?”