Divine Feminine - Rising
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Divine Feminine - Rising
By Brendan and inspired by Paula
Submitted on 10/19/2008

In the beginning, the woman was on an even keel with man in this grand illusion we call life! She was heralded, worshipped and cherished, as goddess and deity. Then, as humankind went forward, incarnation after incarnation, a dualistic way of life devolved and a sense of separateness began to divide the masculine from the feminine. When this happened, the woman’s role to humanity became second rate to her fellow man.

This dualistic separation came into play thousands of years ago and reared its ugly face in the form of wars, repression and even in some religions. What is more, it has carried over through the ages right on up until our present day situation. Only until just recently has a drastic shift begun to take place, which will ultimately bring the divine feminine and divine masculine back into balance – back to the one! When this process is complete, she will stand eye to eye with fellow man and will no longer be second rate. Only the power of the goddess, also known as the common woman - in spirit and in flesh, can bring this balance, which is so vital. However, it can only be complete when a man or a being of masculine energy (incarnate as either male or female) recognizes and is willing to open their hearts to receive it.

Picture a cocoon that is cracking open, and then watch the butterfly as she slowly emerges. She pauses for a moment and spreads her wings, then, with all her beauty and grace – she takes flight. This is precisely the stage of our human evolution that we are at right now! All over this planet, cocoons are cracking open – only, we are not talking about butterflies, we are talking about divine feminine – RISING!

When we look around here, today, there are signs all over the place that this process has not only begun but is well underway and has been so for a time. This awakening can be felt in each and every one of us, from the average Joe on the street, right on up to our human race as a collective whole – everybody! So, what does that mean? What it means is that some of us have already come out of our cocoons; many more are emerging even as I write this article, and the vast majority is on the verge – the tipping point.

For those of us who know how wonderfully beautiful and tumultuous this awakening can be, I ask you to imagine what it will be like when that vast majority, who are still asleep, cracks open their cocoons and spreads their wings? If you imagined what it was like to see the collective whole of our society, spread their wings, after asking you to do so and if you feel like I do; then I believe we would agree that it is going to be a wonderfully beautiful and tumultuous ride. And why wouldn't it, we have a lot of light work to do and that's putting it lightly.

Now, imagine if you will, how Paula described the birthing process of a child in her article: Twin Flames: Birthing into Oneness? Well, once that process of birthing has begun, there is no turning back. It may feel like life or death but in the process of awakening, it is only a transformation. Now, as hard as it can be for a single one of us to go through this awakening, imagine how earth rattling it will be for all of us when that vast majority cracks open their cocoons? We must remember, that majority is asleep but they are just now starting to smell the coffee in the pot.

We are already beginning to see examples of the metamorphosis in the world at large. Every single vice that once worked in a dualistic world, from the monetary system, to some aspects of our religious institutions, to the degradation of the all-important role that divine feminine should play in our lives – is coming down! However, it is not as easy and automatic as it sounds. Yes, the awakening is and will continue to quicken, but there is a twist. Those powers that be, with all of their intricately designed institutions of repression which have kept the woman - down, the man - disillusioned, the children - neglected, the poor - starving, the cold – freezing, the nations - warring, the races – divided, the people – in fear, and mother earth – dying, are not going easily. However, regardless of their efforts to maintain the old world dis-order, they will not succeed because they are fearful. It is this fear that makes them want to repress anything that maybe a threat to them - especially divine feminine!

Knowing and understanding as I have over the past 10 months, what it has been like to come together with my divine feminine, as equal parts to a Twin Flame, whole, we have realized that we’re still living through this process of awakening, ourselves. On an intuitive level, I feel that everything that has happened to us, from the total collapse of everything false in our lives to the discovery of our truths, will also happen to everybody else, (if it has not already begun) and to humankind as a collective whole. As the transformation occurs those cocoons that we have called home now for so long, will crack open like the cocoon a butterfly emerges from – only, it will be divine feminine that will ultimately spread her wings and fly.

Only when divine feminine, is recognized as such, can there be an opportunity for balance within a spiritual relationship between the masculine and feminine. In order for this to happen, a man must view her as no less than he is and be able to fully give his heart without fear while he worships her like the goddess she really is, always has been and has always deserved to be. Only then, will there be an opportunity for the merging of their souls – a marriage made in heaven. In addition, when the two can come together in complete balance and experience the way sacred love is meant to be experienced, they may find to their surprise that it is like having one foot in heaven and one foot on earth – the best of both worlds!

I am going to end this article with a meditation I frequently do. Here goes:

Sitting Indian style, I close my eyes. With my left hand (my receiving hand) I reach to the skies. Then, with my right hand over my heart, I begin to build the energy that will spring the kundalini to rise -

With rhythmic breaths the energy begins to flow and I bring my hands down, palms upward, upon my knees. Then, I will that energy first to my left hand and then to my right and bring it back as I rhythmically breathe -

Next - I send that energy down to my left foot and then I do the same with the right
With one sweeping motion I bring it all back to my heart, just before this bird takes flight -

That’s when I bring my hands together to form a cup as if I were to drink of some wine -
Only, this cup is to hold the energy I have created, that has now begun to sparkle and shine -

Shining ever brighter in between my hands, I program this energy with loving intent
To shine a light on all that is false and to bring forth all that was heaven sent -

Then, I lift that ball of energy up in the air - with my arms stretched all the way out – I rise
With one big breath of air - I blow that ball of energy way up into the skies -

And I watch, as it sails up into the clouds, far enough in the air - high and above
Where it explodes in pure white light and showers the earth with sparks of love -

To each and every man, woman and child, on every continent on every land
a prayer, sealed with a kiss, we can change this world with one felt swoop of the hand.