Encouragement for Twin Flames
Encouragement for Twin Flames
By Patricia McNeilly

Hello all you Glorious Gods and Goddesses!  For the  past  several  nights   I have been getting   messages  regarding  us,    being  Twin Flames  and  our  journey and our  role,  and  our  HOMECOMING. Please note not every being on the planet is a Twin Flame but WE are.  Thank you for the  warm response from my previous posting.  I wish to say that I am no longer personally doing  healing sessions  while I am in preparation for my imminent reunion. I need everything I have for me and my Twin.   Thank you again to  Paula and Brendan for their service and this  forum of  Light, Love and Support.

Twin Flames   are    "Source Beings"   who have  lived primarily for most of our existence in the  5th  dimension and  beyond.     We are  from the  original  "Source"  and  are  "Parts"  of the  Source,  but in the  same  way  One would be   a  "Part of a community"   we are  all the  parts that make up the  whole .........WE are Light Beings who have  had the  capacity to hold the  LOVE.    Our  Heart Chakras  are  each  a part of the  Sacred  Heart,  of this  Source,  and can  hold a huge  amount.   This does not make anybody  superior or inferior.

We had  been chosen  and we  volunteered to   "step down"  our  vibration   to come to   Gaia/Earth   to assist  in her  Ascension.......Since this is a 3rd  Dimensional  place,  we have had to   split our Essence  into  "gender bodies" as this is how things  are on 3D Planet Earth;   In the  5th  Dimension,   we may  live with our Twin ,  in  One  Body,  as we are  One  Essence,  or  even in 5th,  we may  choose  two bodies,  of any visage and form we desire and even  change it up from time to time.      In 3D  We have been  in a  body,  as really only  half a person,   and have gone through  various  incarnations as such learning what "works" here and what doesn't,  and  how to  assist in  the  Ascension of the  Planet  and the  humans  here.  For a while we have had  Human  experiences,  and been in  Human form,   we are in actuality,  Human BEING Twin Flame  Angels!   We are  capable of being  Direct  Conduits  for Source energy through our  Hearts.

We have truly  only  been   "half a person"  which is why  so many of us  have felt like  "mis-fits"  we are  truly  missing the  other "part"  that fits  us!!!!    you are  not  wrong in sensing this,   however  feeling  there is  something wrong with you because of it,   is unnecessary.   

We have  been  journeying   through,  as  Starseeds,  and  other  various  "cosmic  Jobs"    as my one Guide has said,    " Keeps us employed!"

There has  been much  talk on the  Internet,  books and  media  regarding the  Mayan  Calendar.     It is  very simply  explained to me  as  a  Time Device.     When we embarked upon this  exploration,  and endeavor,    we gave ourselves  a certain amount of time to   accomplish things,   before  taking it to the  next level.    SO  this was  a pre-planned  event,    and the  Calendar amounts  to  a  finishing time,  and  a time to  clean  up old things  so we can go HOME.

In the  same way,   that One could rent a place,  and  pack up,  and shake the  neighbors hand goodbye,  and cut old connections,  leave the place broom clean,  to move into  the  Brand New  Construction HOME of your Dreams!!!

That's  what the Mayan  calendar is doing for us,  it is a magical  timing device to give us a "time out"  to wind it down,   check the expiration date on  old Marriages,   old spiritual agreements,  old  living arrangements,   old things in your house,    people who once were friends  who now have no active purpose in your life,  jobs,  and  places  that no longer  comfort or fulfill,  old places to live, old ways of eating,  ....

It is the  Time  to   clean house (literally and figuratively)  and breathe,  and cut the chords,  and breathe,  and quit that job and breathe,  and break up and breathe,  and quit that organization and breathe,  and drop that bad habit and breathe,  join that 12 step or support group and breathe, break that old partnership and breathe,  forgive those  debts/people/employers and breathe.......

Do the opposite of what you may have done in the past.

The Mayan  Calendar has been plotted out in  tight waves,  because the "linear"  time is  almost out........you are in the  action time now folks.   Take even one baby step and be willing.

This is how you BE the  change that you wish to see in the world.     It's  gone past  recycling,  and garbage pick up and  saving the whales,  it's  now time to look in the  mirror,  look deep into your soul and  say,  what can I change now???

These last few days  of  Mercury  Retrograde  should give you some clues,  if not  having the  Universe put it right in your face.

Do you wish to be in LOVE???    then act like it,   act like you are already married and make yourself available for it to be  put into your LIFE,    this is your existence,   get ready for it

The  substrate of the  Planet of Earth,   is  of  "old"  material,    there is  new  "material"  coming  of LOVE,  of which  everything will be made, and created.  All "old"  will be recycled and transmuted do not lose sleep over it.

WE,  yes,  We Twin Flames  are the  ONES  who are here to  flip this switch.    We have been the  beings  upon this planet  who have  known,  and  spoken of LOVE,  and sang of it,  and acted it out,  and  experienced the incredible highs and lows,  to the extent that the other beings  here want what we have!!!  Some beings  have only  known LOVE because of US coming here.  Who does not wish to be in real LOVE?

WE  are the  ONES who have found the Keys to the Kingdom to go from the  depths of despair in this Dark,  to the  Heights of  Ecstasy. 

Therefore you are PRECIOUS and RARE beings.

Many of you have been at  different  "speeds"  with this,   sensing  your  Twin  is  not "ready"  or "up to the  same level"   -  geez  howz  that work,  I mean  some are vegetarians  and some are  meat eaters,   some are  drinking and some are  holding the fort by going to Al-ANON,    some got sober themselves and are waiting for their Twin to do the Same.......Some are  seeming at such  cross purposes  it doesn't  FEEL like it will ever  happen.......

Well,   it is,  and it is happening from the  inside out,    and  all you need to do is focus on yourself.      Your Twin is  getting all the  wiring  up and the  assistance and guidance they need to meet you ........and not a moment too soon,   just because they didn't  grab onto the  last  50  opportunities  to embrace this,   does not mean they  are not.   

You see,    everything,  EVERYTHING is changing,  and  all the  old things  are being  Closed down,  and  packed up and  taken  to the  Threshold,     by  our Angels.

Those ANGELS  assisting you?     MOST of them  are   Ascended   Twin Flame  Being Angels.

WE who are here incarnated have  bodies  that are   literally   wired to be activated to have all your major  organs   melt and merge with your Twin,   in a blissful,  love making state.

Now,   this is what WE do,    others  will be  receiving  inspiration from the  Christ Mind level,   for  the  new technologies, tools, equipment vehicles, etc.

Anybody who has  studied, Economics  knows that there are  Expansions and  Contractions,   same as  giving birth,  anything new that is created,  and hence we are in the  culmination point of the final  contraction,  and  getting ready for the  Grand  Expansion  and  a whole new  LEVEL.   We are leaving the space of  history  repeating itself.

WE have also become  entirely  NEW  Beings  in the process........some may say,   well what do I get out of it?    A whole new  level of  LOVE,  and depth of  knowledge.

With this LOVE you will create everything you need,  wish for ,  desire,  what society needs,  travel,  foods,  songs  music,  technology.  IN LOVE with your partner, your Twin.

BEING IN LOVE,     has a beautiful ring to it.   You are not alone,  you never truly were,  and now at towards the end of October,   most  first waver Twins  will feel the  drop of the  separation,  and please know that we are going HOME.

Your Angels  did not  find you or your Twin,  for you were never lost,  you may have Felt lost but you never have been.    You cannot do this alone  and you are not doing it alone  and sit tight and change one thing for today breathe and know you and your Twin will be brought together in a magical way.

Your Angels and Guides are looking forward to the  time when  we will be in unity to the extent that they may finish their service agreements to us,  and greet us as the  returning Family/Brothers/Sisters we are,  and to stop guiding us.   By then  we will be  activated to do so!   Soon!

I love you and give you this which was about 8 messages of information over the past few nights at the  urging of the  Divine Feminine/Masculine,  and Light Family Angelic Beings  who are helping us home to each other,   and with warm regard for your Blissful Reunion with your Twin.    I felt it best to sum it up in this manner.

Patricia McNeilly
Twin Flame

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Age                                48
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I am a StarSeed Twin Flame,  yet to encounter my Twin in physical 3D,(Patricia&Megan)  yet we have connected on every other level.  As a result of this awakening to my Truth, many of my gifts have opened and I have been enabled to be a multidimensional Communicator, Channel, Automatic writer, Transmuter of Entropy, Twin Flame Healer.  Just to keep me grounded,  I am mother to a beautiful 7 year old boy,  and I am a darn good cookie baker.   I live in the Chicago area,  and have gathered some others on the same path,  and we meet for coffee, share and I am blessed there are other ONES on the same path so close to home.  My thanks to Brendan and Paula for their service.

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