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Jane and John
From The USA
Posted on 12/30/2010

Your Name/Nickname.........Jane                       Age: 37         Sun sign......Virgo

Country........................USA                                                        State........... CO


Email contact...............N/A

Your Twins name/nickname........John             Age: 40        Sun sign......Sagittarius
Country.........................USA                                                      State........... FL


Please tell us how you met? (Internet, store, vacationing, dancing, etc....) 

At a bar.

Please tell us about those special things that draw you to your soulmate or twin flame?  

His smile, his easy going nature. I find it easy to talk with him and reveal my heart and soul to him. My soul was immediately drawn to him. When he looked at me for the first time, he saw right into my soul. I never felt that before in my  life. It was like we knew each other already, despite never meeting.

How has finding your soulmate/twin flame changed your life?  

My life is torture without him. I am currently in a relationship with children and I am not able to be with him. I know that I have to be with him and can't right now. He has changed my life on a personal, private level. I feel more able to pursue my life's desires. He is encouraging and supportive in every way imaginable. There has not been a day since I met him several years ago where I did not think of him. He has admitted that he had a hard time trying to forget me because of me being married.

Do you share many synchronicities together? If so, please think of what they are and tell us? 

We have a passionate connection. We both enjoy life and seek to receive pleasure and joy in life. We are both realists also. We both strongly recognize not only our physical attraction to each other, but our mental compatibility as well. Our friendship is very special and we both recognize that greatly, despite current obstacles keeping us apart. We both love to write, we both love music, arts, travelling, concerts and food. We both love to cook. Our interests are as diverse as they are similar.

If you believe you have found your soulmate or twin flame but he/she doesn't know it or can't be with you due to certain circumstances, please tell us about your situation here. 


Below, list all strange phenomena, if any, related to time, increased psychic abilities, or feelings pertaining to how your partner is feeling when you are separated from one another.  

Several dreams of meeting and being with each other. The dreams are always joyous and happy. I had a dream so strong, I left my body and could physically feel him in my arms despite simply dreaming it. I have told him of my dreams and he has said these are his dreams too. He also seems to know when I am thinking of him. We acknowledge that we have a connection that we both do not have with other people (including spouses or significant others).

Do you and your partner have the feeling that this isn't the only lifetime you have spent together? If so, please tell us about it, below. 

We know in another lifetime, we would be together, without question. If I have my way, it will be this lifetime.

How would you describe your life up until the time you found your soulmate or twin flame? What is the last "big thing" to have happened to you prior to your reunion? 

My life was coasting along in loyal, marital happiness. Meeting him changed my life forever. Because I am in a relationship, gradually it has become very difficult for me to see life without him, even though we are in different cities. I feel liberated spirtually and in my soul because of him, but trapped physically because I can't be with him right now.

Have you noticed any recurring themes in your relationships, ie..past karmic experiences that keep popping up or the numbers 11 11 and the Fibonacci Sequence as it relates to date/time? 

It was exactly 7 years to the day that we reunited and physically seen each other from the day we met. These are the only two times we have seen each other in the flesh.

Have either you, your partner or both of you together, had the feeling from a very young age that you were put here to fulfill a purpose for which you never received any specific instructions? (feelings of a spiritual calling, a higher call, or a greater purpose.)  

I know that I have a calling, but I just don't know what it is.

What advice would you give to anyone out there who is either searching for their own twin flame or soulmate or is in the middle of one of these relationships?
Know that a twinflame and a soulmate are two different things. My spouse is my soulmate, but the man I am writing about is my twinflame. A soulmate helps you learn your lessons, which may be hard ones, but your twinflame will compliment and complete you in everyway.

If you were the webmaster of this site, what is one question you would ask, that you did not see here? 


Do you believe that upon finding your twin flame/soulmate that one of you has awakened the other, so to speak?

I know that he has awakened me to really look inside myself and tap into latent talents that I have left to hibernate. His encouragement is phenomenal. I find him to be very inspirational. I believe that I have given him hope that there is someone he is compatible with, in all of his searching.

How would you describe your spiritual beliefs....Generally, Christian leaning, but some things just cannot be explained!

Are you artistic.................................................?  YES

Do you believe in reincarnation...................?  YES

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Twin Flames - Jane and John
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