by Brendan

The following is an article that really began about a year and half ago. The original Journeying Article was approximately 4 pages long. The new article, combined with the original is 9 pages.

When I began writing "Journeying," I was thinking that it maybe 4 pages - tops. However, it is obviously going to be much longer than that. I wanted to write this article for many reasons but the two most important ones are: 1 - to share one path in the many  and 2 - to free up some energy. By writing "Journeying"  and this long path that is still unfolding, I am basically writing down my "Collection of Memorable Events." The Shamans would do this to free up energy because when a persons experiences are written down, they no longer have to carry them around in their heads, thus, freeing up more energy. Anyway, hope you all can take something from it. Enjoy!

When we talk about journeying in all of its meanings, references and in the way in which it relates to the paths of all humans in all of our conditions, we are talking about the journey one takes on the way back to connecting with the spirit. When we re-establish the connection with our higher selves, we find there is multi dimensional continuity between the body, the soul and spirit world at large. It is the acceptance or recognition of this awareness, alone, that causes one to “awaken” to their own true spiritual identity. No longer will we celebrate the Lord on Sundays, but we will live the path, each one of us, every single day - for infinity. No longer will we wait to be saved by the one, but instead, we will become the ONE - in the MANY. Journeying to connect with the spirit or higher self is the true nature of spirituality at its very core and it all begins by listening to your dreams!

By dreaming and becoming aware in our dream state, (which is #1) we become masters of our destiny. When we become aware in our dream state, which is really the spirit state, we re-establish that connection to our higher selves – where we may then, journey and shape our futures via the continuity we have with heaven. So, how does one become aware while in their dream states?

First: we must begin by letting go of every system that has ever put our “real selves” – in a box. We have to let go of the greed of attaining more money, more love and more sex, basically, everything material. We have to stop fearing and waiting to be saved and learn how to save ourselves by becoming spiritually guided. We have to stop defining ourselves by the 3-D identities of religious status, sexual status, racial status, and political status – which have no part in the spirit realm anyway. When we do the house cleaning of our souls and minds, one may then be ready for the merging with their higher self and for the journey back to the one.

A long time ago, before most of us gave up our faith to any one of the many denominations in hopes of being saved, the indigenous peoples all over the planet were practicing spirituality in probably the truest form that any homo sapiens have ever practiced on the planet. With no modern system to define them or box them up with a pretty bow on top, they were free. What is more, being connected as they were to Mother Earth and to the spirit world, Shamans would share their dreams and journeys with the others in their tribes or clans. By sharing their own personal, spiritual experiences, others could learn and become enlightened. Then, by paying attention to their dreams and becoming aware that the dreams were more than just dreams, synchronicities, this afforded them the opportunity to take the next step – journeying!

Understanding the ways of early man, their practices in spirituality and how they shared their experiences with other members of the tribes and clans is the approach that I am going to take, in the writing of this article. For within its body, I will tell my tales of dreaming, becoming aware of dreaming, the path to each new stage of spiritual enlightenment, and how I re-established the connection to my higher self and with the angels, which has enabled me to journey wherever and whenever I so desire.

By sharing my experiences and while we all may have differing paths on our way to the awakening, it is my hope that even just one experience (out of the many) may pique your interest and further you along. However, no matter what I write in the body of this article, the journey is for you and you alone. This article is one way – not all ways. Nobody, not even me, can tell you precisely how to get there. There is a puzzle to solve and with each piece that you are able to connect, a much broader picture will emerge and the view of your higher self will become clearer and clearer. The journey back to the ONE is a personal one and each one of us will have to improvise and adjust the approach, one takes, accordingly. We must all do our own house cleaning and let go of the old belief systems in order to ensure that we re-establish continuity with the higher self. This journey can take years, decades and many incarnations in order for a person to arrive at the stage where they have fitted enough pieces of the puzzle together so that they may become to the spirit – the higher self.

When we talk about journeying at Collapsing Duality, we are not reinventing the wheel, nor are we talking about a new way of spiritual travel. In fact, when we talk about journeying, whether it be to your divine compliment, power animal or to find others from your soul family, we are referring to an ancient way of spirit travel that goes all the way back to the indigenous people of Earth. For it was the ancients, from the four corners of this planet who really deserve the credit for passing on the knowhow from person to person, from generation to generation to even make this possible today.

The Trigger:

Think back over the span of your lifetime, if you will, and think of a dream or vision that just seemed to be too real to be not true. I can guarantee you that we have all had them. If we don’t then it is just because we weren’t paying, “attention” or too caught up in our daytime minds. I have had the greatest dreams in the world and upon waking up (at night), I will be amazed and go over the dream in my head so I won’t forget it. Then, when the morning comes, it’s gone! All I am left with is a sense that something amazing happened and I can’t remember what it is.

The original peoples of every land – the world over, listened to those dreams and it became the foundation of many of their spiritual belief system.  In fact, some ancient civilizations used to have a sort of “Trigger” theory that when a person of their tribe, had been visited, either in dream state, vision or otherwise, by Angels, then it was their calling to become a Shaman. Other signs they would look for is if a person of that tribe said that they were hit by lightning – even in broad daylight with no clouds in the sky, then that was a “Trigger” or sign of one’s calling to a spiritual path or even a shaman.

The Celtics of Ireland viewed things quite the same way. For, when a person of a Clan claimed to have been taken by faeries then that was believed to also be a “trigger” or calling to an individual for a path of spiritual service.

The trigger in my own life came at the age of seventeen, which would have been the spring of 1989. Although I didn’t know it then, and didn’t come to realize how important this trigger was, in the year or two that followed, people around me would say, that I had completely changed. They would say that I had a whole new outlook on life and was so much less serious or off the wall as I always had been.

I was in my last year of grade school and it was a school night. I was in bed by 10PM and drifted off to sleep. Well, at some point during the night, I found myself in this very damp and raw holding area encircled by a brick wall. The wall seemed to encircle the holding zone and where there was no brick wall, there was a wrought iron fence that I could see through. Peering through space between the wrought iron, I saw a vast plain of green grass. The grass was damp/wet – as if it just rained, but the sun was out. Only, it wasn’t a natural sunlight because I had the impression that the sun never went down here. It was just a feeling that I got because the light was so different, a light of another kind. That’s when I began to look for a way out of this cold and damp holding area, as I can only describe it. Finally, I found an area where there was no gate at all and I walked right through it, onto the plain of almost fluorescent colored green grass.

After a short time of walking around the brick wall of this holding area, I noticed people and they were all walking in the same direction. Moving closer to inspect what was going on, I began to realize that most of these people looked older – perhaps in their 70’s or 80’s. Another thing I realized was that they were completely unaware of their surroundings as they all walked single file from that holding area, out into the unknown of that great field of magnificent green grass. I didn’t know what was going on, but I decided to follow them – even in their almost seemingly catatonic state.

I wasn’t really sure how long I had been walking when I could see that off in the distance, the plain of green grass began to rise up on all sides – as if it form a bowl shape. Well, as soon as I realized this, another thing startled me and that was - I was not walking anymore. I was floating just above the grass. The next thing I knew was that I was drifting right up and over that bowl which that plain of green grass, had turned into... That’s when I realized the most beautiful bare trees that I had ever seen. They were bronze or copper colored and they lined the rim of this bowl – perfectly spaced. Well, I floated right up and over those trees, too. That’s when I saw the most beautiful light in the world. It energized me with electricity. It was a pure white light, it reached for me – almost sucking me into it. I went right up and into that light.

A moment later, I found myself in tears. I was crying so badly because the beauty and love filled essence of this place that I had no idea about, even existed. That’s when, all of a sudden, I noticed this deity or Goddess calling me. She was motioning me with both of her hands to come to her. She was the strongest presence of femininity that I had ever known – up until that time in my life. This being – this woman - was the divine feminine! She was translucent in appearance and yet, she had long dark hair, a sort of bluish gown or dress that came all the way down to her feet. Her eyes – her eyes were so wide and blue that she left me with an Egyptian sort of impression. There were symbols all around her – not floating but fixed in mid-air. Some symbols seemed to be painted on walls. Still crying, I walked or floated to her – wasn’t really noticing, and went right into her arms. When she held me, I was filled with the same love, light and electricity that I first felt upon arriving.  She held me and told me that everything would be all right. That was the last thing I remember but the first day of a whole new outlook on life which would set me going down a brand new path.

At that time I had no idea that this was in fact, Idavathian (Paula’s Higher Self.) Needless to say, the experience was so powerful that when I awoke the next morning, I leaped out of bed and literally felt born again. There had been many other experiences throughout childhood, but that was the BIG ONE. As time progressed, night after night I would pray that that being appear to me again in my dreams. She never did. So then I began visiting the library and bookstores in hopes of finding a way for me to travel to her. Of course, this was 1989, I was a senior in High School and the internet was still years away.  My search at the libraries and bookstores went mostly  unsuccessful in regards to  the potential of spirit travel but since this deity reminded me of an Egyptian Goddess, I began to study about Ancient Egypt.

Only until the mid to late 1990’s, with the advent of the internet, was I able to begin to find what I had been looking for, for all of those years. That is when I began to read about Shamanic journeying – especially of the ancient Mexican origin. Then there was a book that came out in the first part of the last decade, entitled, “Remote Viewers.” Remote viewers is the true story of how the US Military brought together a group of people with certain psychic abilities and created, for all intents and purposes, their own brand of journeying. Only, there goal was to obtain information about the militaries of other countries and what they were up to.

My first successes at journeying seemed to come completely unexpected. Example: I had been living in a house and knew it was haunted. I had even seen the ghost of a man materialize before my eyes. So, I decided to try out my skills at journeying to him to try and contact him. My first attempts failed. I got nothing. Then, one night, after I had just given up on a journey to this ghost, I suddenly found myself chasing him through the house. We were passing through walls and closed doors and finally, when I seemed to have cornered him in a cathedralized portion of of the ceiling, he suddenly turned and attacked me. In the blink of an eye, he turned and let out this high-pitched squeal. He passed right through my spirit and when he did, I could feel everything that was part of his souls signature which was mostly, anger and fear. But that was just one of many brushes with ghosts in my lifetime. I can still feel my skin and how I broke out in goose bumps, the instant that spirit passed through me.

When remote viewing came along, I could not afford to take any of those classes from the professionals, so I scoured all of the internet sites and began to put the pieces together of how it worked. The following is a basic example of how Remote viewing works and how even you, can try it out for yourself.

Example: I went out and bought 100 envelopes. Came home and found an old stack of National Geographic magazines. I cut out 100 photos of the most interesting places I could find. (Sounds like the movie Jumper a little bit, does it not?) Anyway, I put those pictures into the envelopes folded so that I could not see target picture inside. Once this was done, I began to assign each envelope 2 sets of numbers with 4 digits in each. Such as: 1023 8115 and so on and so forth. By using 100 pictures stuffed inside 100 envelopes and assigning each one an impossible string of digits, I was for all intents and purposes, shutting down my daytime mind because there is no possible way to know which picture would coincide with a given set of randomly assigned numbers. Then, I would ask a friend to do me a favor. I had him shuffle up the envelopes and pick one. I then told him to go into another room, take a good look at the picture inside, seal it back up and simply read me the number on the front of the envelope. As soon as he came back and read me the 2 sets of 4 digits, I went into my meditation and on the first try, I was astounded at what I was seeing. I literally felt myself go up and out of my body and in an instant was staring down at the Continent of South America. I willed myself to go further and found myself staring at The Christ Redeemer Statue. When I saw the statue, I opened my eyes, looked at my friend and said that I had gone to Rio De Janeiro. He looked opened the envelope and showed me the picture of Christ high up on the mountainside. We were both amazed!

Then, on the second and third attempts, I noticed two things: 1 – my vision or clarity with which I was journeying began to get fuzzier and fuzzier (journey fatigue)and 2 – other senses began to kick in and/or compensate.

On my second attempt, I found myself above the Mediterranean Sea – closer to Africa. When I came down and because I was travelling so fast, all I could tell was that I was somewhere near Israel or Egypt. I found myself staring at a skyline and it was very fuzzy. There was one building that stood out amongst the rest. It was a building that had a roof that reminded me of a Mosk I had seen while visiting Tunisia. But was it Tunisia? I couldn’t be sure. Then I was struck by something very interesting. What was that? It was the cooking. I could actually smell the aroma of the food being cooked in that city. It was so strong that it permeated my senses and I even broke meditation for a moment. Going back at it, I began to look around and will my awareness to expand. That is when I found the pyramids of Egypt. I had my monitor open up the envelope and Voila! I was accurate once again. I couldn’t believe it!

On my third attempt, once again I found myself over the continent of Africa. Only this time, I knew I was much farther south – below the Equator. That’s when I realized something strange. I was not in control of this journey anymore. I found myself very low to the ground as if I was on all fours. What was going on I wondered. It was only when I expanded my awareness that I saw and realized that I was living this moment through the eyes of a feline cat. I was literally afforded the opportunity to see, smell and touch the surroundings of this foreign land via shape shifting. Shape shifting was not my intent on that remote viewing experiment, but that’s what happened. Through the eyes of this feline cat, I could see that I was in a very poor area or shanty town. Then, suddenly, when my sense of smell kicked in that was it. The smell of urine was so strong that it broke my meditation and that was it. I looked at my monitor and said, “shanty town?” I was correct once again.

Those are just 3 stories of remote viewing. Those were my most successful ones. In the weeks that followed my accuracy declined greatly and soon found myself in shutdown mode as I had pushed myself too hard to make it work.

A year or two passed by and I had forgotten and or given up altogether, the practices of remote viewing. Then, just like it always had in the past, the spirit world came crashing back into my life with a lightning bolt. One night, while laying in bed, boom! I felt as if I had been struck by lightning right in the 3rd eye chakra. When it hit, my whole body arched up and I screamed. After a few moments of nothing but white light, it was over. I got up from bed all disoriented and could barely see. It was as if somebody had set off a flash bulb in my eyes as a prank. I stumbled around trying to figure out what just happened. All I could gather was that it was spiritual in nature. What it meant, I did not know but would soon find out.

Over the next week, I began to get the feeling that someone or something was coming for me. I could feel it. During that time, I took to the internet and started searching for keywords with lightning and fire in the head. That is when I came across a book by Tom Cowans called Fire In The Head. In that book he talks about Shamanism and more specifically what it meant to be hit by lightning in the head. He said that being hit by lightning (not lightning caused by weather) was the calling for a person to become a shaman. I couldn’t believe that I had found a person who was describing something that just happened to me.

Then, I began to study everything I could about Shamanism from the Celtics to the Mexicans. While I read up on everything I could find, the sense that something was coming for me, increased. I would not sleep at night because I knew if I did, I would be overtaken. Then, finally, one night about week after being hit by lightning, I could not keep myself up any longer and a group of beings broke through my dreamstate. It started with a high pitched buzzing squeeling sound in the right ear and seemed to exit through the left ear. The beings looked identical to the ones I now talk about who are from The Plains. Most people refer to this as being abducted. At the time, I didn’t know what to make of it. All I knew was that they were very interested in me and they came for me 3 nights in a row. Had it been the deity I had seen back in 1989, the experience would have made much more sense to me. Nevertheless, she was nowhere to be seen during those experiences.

When I finally remembered what my friend had told me about Carlos Castaneda and Shamanism, I decided to give his teachings a shot. I vaguely remember my friend saying to me that I would like what he had to say. Why it took me years to accept this, I do not know. However, when I began reading his books, I could really identify with what he was saying. It was as if, I already knew what he was talking about. It was as if I had already learned these teaching, but forgotten them. That is when I came across the part in his teachings where he talks about The Assemblage Point.

To the Shamans, the assemblage point was a shift in perception. By activating or manipulating that part of the brain known as the pineal gland, one could access and see the spirit world around them.

During this time, I also began to take to the internet and joined a site called Zaadz, where I started talking about my experiences. The following is an article that I posted on Zaadz.

How The Assemblage Point Functions  February 28, 2006
by Brendan

Since my last post titled "The Key To Sorcery Is The Manipulation of The Assemblage Point," there has been some great progress in my overall understanding of how this all works. I can only tell you what I know as I have seen and experienced it. I have mastered nothing in respect to this topic but I am definitely using it more freely now. I'm getting to know it you might say.

For the first time I was actually able to watch this assemblage point in action. It happened two nights ago now and I entered this state through my regular sleep pattern. That is, I went to sleep and then became consciously aware in my sleep and then began my session. Note: there are 2 other ways of getting there that I know of..

I saw many things that night but one struck me as truly amazing - The Assemblage Point itself! Yes, I have read about it in Carlos' books but I never thought I would be able to witness my own in its functioning state. My first impression of it as I watched it find its mark in the deep sea of awareness was that it actually seemed like it was mechanical in movement. It moved precise and direct. It seemed to be able to move 360 degrees in either direction and in an up down motion.

In the dictionary, Assemblage means, "a work of art made of unrelated material," or "to assemble." It's no wonder to me that those Sorcerers would name it The Assemblage Point.

In this state, I looked at every single aspect of the Assemblage Point as it came off my being. I am going to try and explain how it looked to me as best I can: Picture the sail of a sailing ship. The center of your energy (while you are standing upright) would be the mast and the boom would be the assemblage point. This boom would extend off of your back just like the Shamans described it with a ball of light at the end even though the whole of you is light too.

I can't tell you how, all I know is that I witnessed every aspect of the assemblage point. At one point I was inside of it. I also noted that as soon as I intended to see something that I hadn't seen before, this assemblage point would swing around (kind of like the boom of a sailing ship changing course, only much shorter in length) for the lack of a better analogy. Anyway, it was instantaneous. I would intend the thought and the assemblage point would kick in and somehow find the right spot to stop at as if it were guided by something else. But as soon as that assemblage point came to a stop a portal or window would open up to me and it's like my awareness would explode forward through that portal. It gives me the feeling I'm travelling at ridiculous speeds and then I stop and I am looking at whatever it is that I initally intended.

One of my wishes that I'll share is that I wanted to see if there were any children in my future. Just like all the other times, that Assemblage Point maneuvered around and stopped. A portal became apparent and then I exploded forward or outward and in the blink of an eye was staring at a child that was probably no more than 4 years old. This is my unborn son. I was amazed!

Just remember, some people are going to see these things as pictures or real time, some will hear them as voices and some will feel them. This is what is explained in the Don Juan Teachings.

On many occasions I just want to witness the energy fields that are so talked about. Just like the time before I "willed" it or "intended" it to be and I am off. Now the energy fields for me are practically indescribable. I've thought of how to describe them best but it's impossible. I liken it to trying to write an essay on the landscape of a cloud. How does one describe a cloud? You might say they are fluffy but not all of them are. You might say they are white but not all are. After that, what are you left to say...

So to describe energy I will give it my best shot. I've seen I would say a half dozen distinct types. The most amazing of which looks like the colored Jimmies you put on an ice cream. ( sorry, but I told you it's hard to describe) They are every color imaginable and they are everywhere. And when you go to them its as if you are swimming in them. Another interesting type is the light blue orbs. Unlike the Jimmies, these are all aligned perfectly in rows like a well thought matrix. I viewed them as being light blue against a black back ground and they are countless in numbers. They seemed to me about the size of a basketball at arms length. Another one that stands out is the wavering blue/white energy that looks like sheets blowing in the wind or the Aurora Borealis on a good night.

In the next post I will go more in depth on how to get to this state. Again, I can only tell you what works for me at this point. Things are still changing as I learn more. I don't know how this will pertain to each of us as individuals or rather what another person has to do to achieve these results. But the Sorcerers did say, that each of us has the Assemblage Point and what was that key???

The Assemblage Point works amazing well as a tool for seeing and experiencing the spirit world around you. However, just as I had done with my remote viewing experiments, I pushed too hard and went into a state of burnout. I was exhausted and found myself with barely enough energy to make it through an ordinary day. Eventually, I was unable to access and/or manipulate the assemblage point at all and basically gave it up.

Another year to year and a half would pass by uneventfully. There were no aliens in my dreams, no getting hit by lightning – no nothing! Then, after meeting Paula on Second Life and realizing that we had so much in common, I decided to take up journeying once again. By a chance encounter on an internet game, I found Paula. By finding Paula, I found Idavathian, the being who came to me in my dreams all those years ago. The rest is history :)

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