Lion Over The Dragon
The Lion Over The Dragon
a Journey by Brendan ~
Protilius ErmPhorus

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Over the past few days my soul mate and 3rd generation daughter, Idapromina (Traci), has been working with my Twin Flame and helping her much like a daughter would love and help her mother. I have been in contact with Traci and marking the progress she has made with my TF. And let me tell you, Traci has done what I have not been able to do. What is that? Reach her heart! For the first time, I felt the heart of my Twin Flame last night!

Many times since the reunion with my Twin Flame have negative forces attached to not only me, but her as well. And they have used her physical self as a missile to destroy not only me, but everything in our lives. However, since connecting and merging with my Higher Self, Protilius, I have on occasion been able to rid her of these entities…mostly the dragon and on occasion, Nephlim spirits. But they always came back. Since the last time I dealt directly with one of these beings that attached itself to my TF, I have learned much. I even know that it doesn’t take a bladed sword to rid one of these entities from one’s life. No. As it was explained to me by God, It takes your word…because "your word is the sword!" I learned this during Rites of The Heart.

Whatever the case, because one of these entities, the dragon to be specific, attached itself and literally took over my Divine Compliment, the dragon would not let me anywhere near her. Because if it had, that dragon would not be able to “occupy” her soul with the amount of love and light that I would shower my Twin Flame with. But, being occupied as she has been, that dragon was doing the thinking for her and used her to try and destroy me and everything else in her life – even her…my very own Twin Flame!

Without the bravery of my 3rd generation daughter, Traci, I would not have been able to do what I did last night, the 6th of October 2012. Because of her selfless love for her Soul Family, Traci was able to destabilize that dragon enough so that I could come in, rip it out, and show it its new home. Traci deserves all the credit for her act of love and bravery.

Begin Journey:

It was late at night when received a text message from Traci that she and my Twin Flame were connecting really well...and with love. That is when I decided to get up and lay down in bed. I sensed an opportunity that may not come again for some time. So... I shut my eyes and switched over to 3rd eye mode - the spirit way. I had been in tears on and off that night and with overwhelming love I set my intents on my Twin Flame. I was immediately free of my physical body. I remember feeling so angry about what was happening to my TF that I wanted to crash this party that the dragon was having and do it in grand fashion. But in order to do this, I needed to hit him with such force (like a 60 megaton ICBM) that he wouldn’t know what the hell happened or even have time to react. That is when I flew in the opposite direction of my TF...out over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I did this so I would be sufficiently far enough away, that I would be able to build up the INTENT, MOMENTUM and a DESIRED SPEED somewhere in the vicinity of Mach 10 to sack him, thus freeing my Divine Compliment from this foreign entity.

Note: I had tried this several times before without Traci having done what she did and I had no luck. So, all I could do, going into this journey was to hope that with all of the love Traci was pouring into her, that this would somehow destabilize the dragon.

I paused briefly out over the open water just off the coast of the Azores, before taking off and I could see me Twin Flame sitting in her bed and on the phone. That is when I took off in her direction. All I could see was her. She my Twin Flame, and my goal! I felt my speed picking up and lights and all kinds of strange things whizzed by my peripheral vision. Within just minutes I cleared the coastline of the US and was over land. Then, just as I was making my descent and upon approaching her, I put my arms out as if I were about to tackle a very large dinosaur. And when I flew through her physical body at about 10 thousand miles per hour (hauling ass mind you) and came out on the other side I had a big green dragon in my arms. I did it!!!

I flew this dragon high up above the earth where I let it go. And while it was still in a state of discombobulation and confusion, I made a decision that came from the heart. And that was to punch it right in the face for doing what it had done to my Twin Flame. And when I did, that dragons head went back and fire shot out in the opposite direction. But as quickly as its head went back, it turned and then began raining fire down all over me. But the fire did not affect me.  Again and again it blasted me with fire and I laughed at it. Hahaha

Just then, in the midst of this battle, to my right and just above me, I saw a white streak of light. I looked and saw God standing on a cloud. I couldn't believe what I was seeing because this was the first time I have ever seen God arrive on a cloud...of all things. But the look in his eyes was as intense and angry as I've ever seen him and even the dragon stopped firing away at me and had an "uh oh" look of fear in his eyes. The eyes of God were so intense and I could tell he was ready to help me if need be. I could feel, he didn’t like this dragon firing away at me and just when I felt that God was ready to move on him, I declared, "No! I can do this."

God paused a moment, looked directly at me and then the look of anger dissipated in his eyes. That is when he closed his eyes briefly and upon opening them again, he raised his right arm out, palm upward. That is when I heard God say in my head, “look...there!”

So I turned in the direction God's eyes were looking and I saw earth from high up above. But this was not just the physical earth - no, it was the spiritual earth as well that I was seeing. That is when I noticed this massive hole or channel open up. At first, it was small and then quickly expanded open to expose that place I had visited during the Rites of The Heart articles. And let me tell you, it was a site to behold staring at Hell from high up above.

Upon seeing Hell, I now knew what I had to do with this dragon. So, with this dragon raining fire all over me again, I took off at a high rate of speed and slammed my right shoulder into his belly with my arms wrapping around him. I flew him at a high speed all the way down into that gateway that had opened up and gave me a birds eye view of the fiery core of Mother Earth. And when we hit the rocky, cavernous floor of hell we both went tumbling. With all of the forward momentum, we both came to a stop when we hit the far wall of this cavern, missing the pit of fire. As soon as I gathered my bearings, I got to my feet and took off out of there as fast as I could, flying back up that channel, I had just came. With the gateway beginning to close up, I flew as fast as I could to clear it before it closed. Then, upon clearing the entrance way, I stopped, turned around and that dragon who was right behind me was doing its best to escape as well. It was going to be close. But just in the nick of time, that dragon cleared the gateway and was now coming directly after me. I had failed this time, but decided right then and there, I was going to show him his new home.

Just as I made the decision to go after him again, God came up next to me, surrounded us in a protective bubble or blue sphere and he said, "Now it is your turn. Do as I did before and will the earth to open up." While God was saying this, that dragon was now doing everything it could to blast its fire through the protective sphere in an effort to harm us. But I knew that God had me protected. So, I put my right arm out, palm upward and thought the thought. That is when the giant hole or gateway began to open back up.  And as it did, God removed the protective bubble that was surrounding us and this time I grabbed the dragon by the tail and flew him down to Hell, backwards. And when we got there, I did combat with him to weaken him enough in hopes that he wouldn’t be able to make it out before the gateway closed. I smashed him repeatedly. At one point I was reminded of that Avengers movie I saw where the Incredible Hulk takes that guy and smashes him repeatedly over and over again after he gets called, stupid or something like that. Well, while holding that dragon by the tail, I did the same thing to him that the Incredible Hulk did in that movie.

As soon as I had seen that the dragon was losing steam, I took off as fast as I could for the gateway which was beginning to close once again. Faster and faster I flew…the hole was closing. I looked behind me, while flying upwards and that dragon, he was making a break for it too. Upon clearing the gateway, just as I did before, I stopped and waited. That dragon was moving fast as well. Was he going to clear it? It was going to be very, very close!

When the gateway closed I was astounded to be looking at what I was looking at. I couldn’t believe it my eyes. Baffled as I was, I was literally looking at the clawed hand of this dragon that never fully made it out of the gateway to Hell. The good thing is…the rest of him was stuck below…in Hell! Well, I hadn’t had to use my sword in awhile (my bladed sword) because God told me that “your word is the sword.” But, I could tell that this was one of those times that a good ole fashioned sword would come in handy. So, I declared to that dragon, "I don't know your heart!" Then, I did the natural thing and now we have, since Hell was cleared several months ago, a one handed dragon roaming around in Hell. And guess how long he will be there? Til the end of the next age when God will call someone, to give him The Rites.

The End

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