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Megan of Moher
Megan of Moher

(originally titled) 
Have You Ever Seen One of "Those Faces"  
Feb 23 2006
by Brendan

Forward: This article was first published on Zaadz (Gaia) social website in 2006. At the time, prior to meeting Paula I had just come off of a string of spiritual experiences that motivated me to pick up the path again. Anyways...I thought I'd give this article a home of its own. 

An afterword to the forward: I am going to first share this article as it was originally published. Then, I will share a poem that I dedicated to Megan that was written in 2006 and never seen the light of day or been published anywhere. Had I not met Megan: seen her first as a child; then loved her as a teen and later...reconnected w/her in my early 30's I would likely not be able to identify my Twin Flame, Paula!


Most of the time in my day to day routine nothing much out of the ordinary happens but the usual shop talk in regards to the daily work routine. Sometimes nothing happens for years! But just recently I had a job that brought me to a house to fix somebody's computer that lost its lan connection. While there the woman showed me the computer and I got her online again. As I was leaving, her husband had just walked in the front door and as soon as I laid eyes on him I just knew that "that was one of those faces."

He looked at me and did a double take and I was just looking like, whoaa! "Do I know you." Judging by his look he felt the same of me. It's the feeling you get when you've seen someone before and even though you really have, you just can't place the face with the name. But it's deeper still. There's an energy thing going on. It's a certain vibe. Even though I know I had never seen this guy before he had the psychic thing going on in a big way. As it turned out he was a quite a craftsman with furniture. I got to check out his shop downstairs and he was talented. A few days later Ironically, I was working on a computer at another house in the same town and in he walks again, I guess the two were friends. It was the same thing all over again.

My favorite story on a synchronicity like the one I just described, happened to me when or should I say began, when I was about 9 years old. At the time I went with my mother to the store. We usually go the one closest to the house but this time my mom decided to take the scenic route to another general store 15 minutes away. Just as we were pulling in to the general store I locked eyes on what appeared to be a girl a little younger than me who was playing in the grass at a house across from the store. As soon as I looked at her I just couldn't take my eyes off her. There was something about that face. I decided to stay in the car while my mom went in so I could watch this girl who looked so curious. Her hair was fairly short for a girl of about 7 as I recall but there was that vibe that just made me stare at her.

So my Mom came out and off we drove with me looking through the back window until she was out of site. In the years that followed I would make my mom go back to that store just to spot the girl but she was never there again.

Years later, when I was 17 and in High School, me and my friends got a hold of some beer and we all went down to the beach to party. While we were there a group of girls showed up. But there was this one girl in particular who caught my eye. I couldn't take my eyes off her. I went over to introduce myself and her name was Megan. She wore her hair short and was stunning. She dressed totally Goth and no wonder - she was totally into the Cure. So we hit it off really well and she invited me to a party the following weekend.

The next weekend when I picked her up at her house for the first time it all hit me as I drove into her driveway. This was the girl I had seen so long ago. It was the same house almost directly across from the store. After that we began dating.

If that isn't a synchronicity I don't know what is. And by the way, we did end up dating for quite some time. None of my friends approved because she was so alternative but I didn't give a damn. Having got to know, love, and understand... Megan was one of the most important people that ever came into my life. She was a life changer!

Jake -
The Megan of Moher Poem
by Brendan (never before published)
From - 2006

I planted the seed of my desire
Into the thin of the most fertile air
And watered it willingly with wishes
In hopes of someday meeting again
With that sweet milady Megan of Moher ~

And when that seed of my desire
Through prayers in the air did not break
Just when I abandoned all hope
For renewed love, burried in a wine bottle
Into my life walks a girl named Jake ~

It was at a gathering at Hemrock Beach
Down by seawall long after sunset
You were departing as I was arriving
And when we walked past one another
Is the magical moment our eyes first met ~

I called out "Do I know you?"
And you replied, smiling "I don't think so."
"I swear I've seen you before," I said
Shaking my head in disbelief
And declared to you, "Please don't go!"

Never in my life have I seen a girl
Dressed in all black look so pretty
With black nails, hair and lipstick
It was such a contradiction in terms for such
A colorful personality seemingly so witty ~

You introduced yourself as Jake
Just as I reached to shake your hand
Then I to you as Brendan. "As in Behan...
Like the Irish revolutionary?" You asked.
"The tragic poet from Ireland?"

Most of my friends call me Jake
But Megan as in Moher you may call me
"Like as in the Cliffs of Moher," I asked.
As in the ones of our native land
That rise way up and fall into the sea?"

Then you started laughing and declared
That I looked as if I was right off the boat
I laughed and remarked the same of you
As we began walking down the seawall
With my arm around... you in my coat ~

And when there was nothing else to say
Taking in the stars and the air so clean
And it was in that yard we came to rest
When I looked into your eyes and said, "You
Were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen"

That's when we embraced and kissed so urgently
We were so young and romance so new
And from somewhere down on the beach
The song playing on the radio was our song
"I'll stop the world and melt with you"

And so began the story of me and of you
In a romance that still keeps me smilin'
Oh do I ever remember the time
That the tide came in and stranded us
When we went parking on Truans Islan'~

Then there was the time out on the docks
Down on Damien's Point we were kissing
Then of course came the end of the innocense
That time at your sisters party
When my best friend went missing ~

We all know what happened that night
But what should have been is another what if
We can't change the past but instead
I'll always remember how beautiful
We looked making love up on 5th Cliff ~

And of course there were the tender moments too
Like bringing you special delivery ice cream
And spending hours after, just hugging
And I always thought we were meant to be
Like a fairytale in a storybook dream ~

And then one day it had all just ended
You travelled abroad and I sailed to sea
Since then, decades have passed
Yet, when I close my eyes at night
Even today, can't stop thinking of you and me ~

For the life of me and I don't know why
But I had the feeling you felt the same
That's why when I heard you were back
In town from Brazil it was like Deja Vu
For you, YOU were asking for me by name ~

My heart started beating really fast
Suddenly, I felt that I was alive again
So I had to find out if it was true...
About love spanning the lapse of time
Between the void of now and then ~

Driving up to your home on 5th Cliff
I had butterflies and the thousand yard stare
But after I knocked and you came rushing outside
Into my arms, all of my doubts were cast aside
For the love of my sweet lady Megan of Moher. 

This poem is based on entirely true events and expands upon the story in the article above it. The inspiration for it came at a time when I couldn't understand why, after all these years had this woman, Megan, could still been weighing on my mind. At night I could feel her thinking of me and I even knew she was thinking of me but had no way of contacting me. So...when she came back home from living abroad, a friend of mine saw her at a party and she gave her number to my friend for me to call her. When my friend called me and gave me the news I was blown away and excited. I called her and we set up a time to pick her up at her home. This is where the poem ends. But once she showed me inside her home I was so honored because back in high school I used to love to make her paintings and there they all were - she had them framed and on her walls. Today, she is happily married and living on The West Coast. This was my first Soulmate experience.

The Cliffs of Moher Ireland
By Brendan (Protilius ErmPhorus) 2/23/2006