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Mystery School
By Brendan (Protilius ErmPhorus) Experiences by Traci (Idapromina) and Lynn (Estranda) and the golden lion bloodline by Idapromina  5/14/2012
Throughout history we have heard about the tales of the so-called "mystery schools," especially the ones that existed during the times of ancient Egypt. It is even recorded that Jesus himself attended one of these schools at Giza along with his parents. But what goes on in mystery school? What are the initiates to learn about behind the walls of these temples? And... do mystery schools still exist today? If what way, shape or form?

The idea for this article has been a long time coming because my own experiences with the mystery school began a long time ago, when I was in my late teens. But, it wasn't that I was sent away by my parents to some temple but rather, at night when I would go to sleep I would find myself surrounded by all these other people of all walks of life. These were people that although I had never seen before, I felt I knew at some level and we were learning about such topics as:

Advanced Mathematics (highly advanced!)

The Constellations

The Planets (not just in our Solar system)

Sacred Sex

Nature (both physical and spirit)


These are just some of the topics covered that I can remember as this learning is going on at the SPIRIT LEVEL and the brain has a very hard time handling this knowledge. I never openly discussed these "Mystery Schools" that I had been going to that only up until recently, did I refer to as "Learning Dreams." Because many times these sessions would take place in a classroom type setting; other times it would be as if we would take a "field trip" to some far away exotic place and other times we would be in space somewhere. And the common theme for each training session would be that there was always one instructor that was never visible but could always be heard. In other words, except on a few occasions, the instruction would be heard but only in the mind....telepathically.

Shortly after meeting Paula, we began to take to the internet and blogs about Twin Flames. This was back in 2008. On one of these blogs, for the first time, I found an article by a fellow who was also on the Twin Flame Path that was talking about what I am talking about right now. When I read his story, that is very similar to my own in regards to Mystery Schools and/or Learning Dreams I had Deja vu. It was at that time I realized that I was not the only one and if he was writing about this and could remember as much as he could about what he learned, then that meant that there had to be others having the same experience. Needless to say, I responded to his blog post and by sharing our experiences we were blowing each other away because we were confirmation to each other that what was happening was indeed real and by design.

In researching about ancient mystery schools for this article, I found an interesting article by Thais Campos that is entitled: Mystery Schools of The Ancient World and Their Secret Teachings. You can find that article by clicking   HERE  Anyway, Thais wrote halfway down her article that:

"These groups existed in different countries and in different times but they were all connected through a chain of transmission that linked every mystery school to the same source. Despite the cultural differences, they shared the same basic premises:

Reincarnation – the process in which the soul reborns many times in different bodies in order to polish the consciousness until perfection is reached;    

Microcosm and Macrocosm –the theory that says that the universal cycles reflect on planetary cycles and on individual cycles, and;

Division of the universe into planes of consciousness – the idea that the physical world is just one among other realms of existence, such as astral and mental planes."

In reading Thais' article about mystery schools, especially the part of the quote that I shared that states, "they were all connected through a chain of transmission that linked every mystery school to the same source." Well, what is that source? Is this a universal transmission or more narrowed to a "soul family transmission?" In my opinion or better yet, with my intuition I feel that this is a soul family transmission. I say this because of the fact that my classmates, so to speak, look very familiar ~ like Soul Mates! But why in Ancient times did people physically attend grand temples like that of the one in Giza, to learn at mystery school? Was it that just being inside one of these temples aided in a better... clearer connection to "the source" whereby the initiates could learn from that source directly? One can only speculate about what happened so long ago. But I am certain of one thing and that is: Mystery School is alive and well today! In fact...The Pyramid of Souls in and of itself can be considered our temple: yours,  mine and OURS! But do we have to go anywhere to find this temple? The answer is no! We are the temple...ANEW!

For this article I have reached out to a fellow soul mate that perhaps you know as well. You may know her as Traci from CDFB and her higher self is Idapromina. She is 3rd generation from The Pyramid of Souls. Anyway, after I finished part 2 of Empyrean Revelation she wrote me an email with some questions about journeying and offered up some insight on such symbolism as The Holy Grail and Eye of Horus that I have written about recently. I wrote that some of the stuff I have learned I learned in "learning school" and others through journeying. I then asked her to think through her dreams to see if she can remember any dreams that seem like learning dreams. Well, she wrote back and described in detail a dream that was very much like some of my own. I asked her what was on the board. She said she was in a class room and they were learning about universal mathematics or such.

Anyway, I will begin by sharing my experience of one of my learning dreams to be followed by Traci's experience and then Lynn's experience. Later this article Traci will be offering up some insight into another learning dream experience that I had that deals with more symbolism as she is highly studied in Theology and related biblical archetypes.

Brendan's Experience: In my earliest experiences with Mystery School, advanced mathematics in a classroom type setting seemed to be the most common theme. In these classrooms there were desks and looking around the room there was a person sitting at each one of the desks. All in all there could have been 50 of us but I couldn't be sure. I remember a mans voice speaking to me in my head. He was the instructor giving instruction about the equations that were on the board at the head of the classroom. Yet, there was no instructor to be seen. Now...this board at the head of the class was no ordinary board. This was no chalk board or dry erase board or anything like that. It was a board that was white in color and on it were mathematical equations that consisted of numbers and symbols...symbols representing an ancient language. These equations were sometimes short in length and sometimes very long. But it was the symbols that although made sense to me while sitting in that class, here in the 3D they make no sense to me at all. And each time a new lesson or problem would start, the numbers and symbols would appear all by themselves on this board in a manner that we could understand the process of solving the equation. All the while, the instructor would be explaining the reasoning behind it.

Traci's Experience: I awoke one morning and several minutes into the morning, I started to remember my dream. I was sitting in a classroom but this wasn't your ordinary classroom. The room wasn't entirely full and the atmosphere and surroundings were different. Colors were more vibrant. There was utter silence in the room and it seemed as though we were not communicating entirely with words. At the front of the room, there was a board with several mathematical formulas etc... that I was not familiar with but was. It was very Universal to me. At times there was an instructor and other times, there was not. I also noticed a man standing off to the front corner of the room. He looked to me as if he was an observer. I was sitting in the back of the classroom with my twin sister Teri. There was another girl there I knew of and she had a twin brother as well. Across the room from me sitting, was my twin flame Zach. Beside him, was sitting an older looking man who looked like a mentor or the like.  Everyone I knew in the room, looked as they do now but one thing that got my attention: Zach was wearing his favorite blue and red ski jacket he wore when we were kids. This was very interesting to me and I started to smile. Z and I were staring at each other. My sister was trying to get my attention. Then, Z stood up, walked over to where I was sitting, sat in the desk next to me. He leaned in to kiss me. When our lips and bodies were locked, most everyone in the room, including my sister, split. The only two remaining were the observer and the older man that was sitting next to Zach. It was apparent that our embrace upset them and we were split apart by the older man. He said to Z..."you have work to do, you do not have time to be with her." Zach did not want to go. They proceeded to walk out of the room and I was very upset. I tried to go after them but the observer or instructor was holding me back. I finally broke away and went out looking for Zach. When I did, I noticed I walked into a gallery with rooms opening onto it. There were different looking people walking around and there were spheres of the color blue and gold, everywhere. There were things flying around and there were different pitches of sound. I was finally found and that is the last I remember. End of Traci's Experience.

Lynn's Experience: I remember many dreams of contact. What's interesting is that often I would have a conscious sighting, and then the event would unfold in my dreams. Often the event involved me aboard a space craft, with a tall blond man with crystal-blue eyes. He was my mentor, guide and protector. I knew him as Day Star. We were Twin Flame lovers. My name was Astranda. I also remember crashing on Atlantis, and a beautiful planet with two suns and two moons, and cities with crystal pyramids and domes.

One dream which is a Twin Flame story was repeated three nights in a row. I was on one of the ships in a circular auditorium with seating arranged in semi-circular rows. A large crowd of people were there. The women were all dressed in white bridal gowns, and the men were dressed in uniforms, silver-white jump-suits and royal blue capes or cloaks. It was a mass wedding for the Inner Twin Flames. I recognized mine: Day Star. End of Lynn's experience.

So it seems to be that we are learning at a subconscious level or spirit level, the mysteries of the universe. And at the conscious level this information we have learned from the Mystery School is slowly starting to filter through and change the way we are thinking in the here and now.

Constellations and Planets: 

In another experience at Mystery School I found myself amongst a much larger group of Soul Mates than I had in the usual classroom type settings. In this group there must have been at least a hundred or more people of all walks of life. We were not on Earth...we were up in space somewhere. I knew this because we were standing on a platform and no matter where I looked, I could see stars everywhere - 360 degrees! Once again, I heard the voice of the instructor who was teaching the session. I heard his voice in my head. And when I did, I saw the constellations appear...the ones we all know about. But they appeared as if they were drawn on some sort of clear board that completely encapsulated the class of 100 plus people. Then, the board started rotating real slow while the stars behind the symbols on the board remained fixed. Finally, the board stopped rotating and when it did, there were no stars visible because each constellation fell into perfect alignment with the stars. Then, magically, the constellations disappeared and were replaced with symbols. Once again the board started rotating and when it came to a stop after a short while, there were no stars visible because each symbol fell into perfect alignment with particular groupings of stars. Then, the stars themselves changed as if I were looking at an entirely different group of stars that are not visible by either the naked eye or telescope we have on earth. This was a completely different star system! And just like what was demonstrated for our star system, a different or entirely unknown group of constellation drawing would appear; board would rotate and voila! Same thing with the symbols but different ones than the previous.

Just like when learning advanced Mathematical equations, my spirit could understand everything that was going on and yet, my daytime mind can barely comprehend. Even in writing this article, it is as if I am blocked at any attempt to really bring back any meaning of what it is that I had learned. All I have is the experience.

Worship or Sacred Sex:

When Paula and I first began journeying to our higher selves Protilius and Idavathian, the very first thing we learned (after name greetings) was how our spirit selves worship each other through sacred sex. To them, worship of this nature is both a custom and a rite in the pyramid soul families of 4th dimension Empyrea (formerly known as the Plains.)

When I hear people here on earth say that we need to love ourselves before we can love another, this is the truth. But...never did either of us know how profound this could be until we worshipped our higher selves. In other words...before we could advance further along, I would learn to love and worship my spirit self and Paula to her spirit self. 
Then, after worship and the acceptance/recognition of that rite, we (Paula and I) were able to worship each other through the spirit. Example: I would journey to Idavathian to worship her as either my lower spirit self (Brendan) or merged with my higher spirit self, Protilius. It worked the same way with Paula. On a few occasions, when Paula and I journeyed together, the four of us would make worship sometimes separately and sometimes merged.

Another thing we learned is that worship in Empyrea did not end with just the Divine Compliment, but it quite often included soul family. Having experienced all of this with our higher selves in Heaven, this helped me to better understand an experience that happened to me long before I ever met Paula; knew about pyramids or worship or even Divine Order.

The Experience ~ I was 30 years old and had been going through a period of dreams, visitations and visions. I found myself with "The Class" and we were all gathered together in what I would say, appeared to be the lobby of a large hotel, but this place looked really axtravagant or even ancient? It reminded me of The Vatican, when I visited it in the early 90's. Whatever the case, the class was instructed to divide up into 4 groups that were equal numbers of females to males who were all dressed in plain clothes.

We split up into 4 groups and I recall not really understanding the purpose for what it was that we were supposed to be doing in these four groups. That is when I noticed the other groups dispersing and each group went off into the 4 wings of this hotel or Palace?? with high arched ceilings.  As the group I was in began venturing down into this palace if you will... I noticed that there was this one woman who kept smiling at me in the strangest she knew me and was trying to convey so much more with smiling eyes. It was at this point that I noticed that the women of my group seemed to be "picking" out the men and would then 2's... in the rooms that were off this wing of the hotel. Finally...when it was only myself and the woman with smiling eyes who had obviously chosen me, something happened. I noticed that I began to see her as two separate beings... one human and one Empyrean? I believe so. Somehow, I had learned to see through the experience for what it really was. And this higher self knew that I was seeing her spirit self as well as what she looks like in the physical. I now know as of 2012, that this was a higher self orchestrated learning that was designed to introduce us to our Twin Flames and Soul Mates through worship.

The Golden Lion and Lioness:

Before I go into the next and final learning dream of this article, I want to say that Protilius and Idavathian always told Paula and I that what we learn and are shown through them in regards to spirituality is only half of the story. Why only half? Because they said that we are to find the rest of those experiences that had already been written about on Earth.

At that time, early 2009 Paula and I didn't understand what that meant. Being so new to the higher self experience we couldn't fathom how any of this could have been written about by our ancestors in the near or even distant past. We were given many clues ie the pyramids and even mention of Nephilim... who we are still dealing with to this day. But still...we never thought about connecting any of this to the bible for the rest of the rest of the answers.

For this experience, I will tell of my learning dream that occurred in 2009; attempt to connect some dots for more meaning and then Traci whose higher self name is Idapromina; my 3rd generation spirit daughter will conclude this article by connecting my learning dream of the two lions with things written about a long time ago. The reason I have asked for her input on this is because she is extremely well studied in theology, whereas I am not...but taking another look with new to speak. You must remember... my path to truth is Shamanic and if I do not see it in a vision; am told it by Protilius or God himself, I do not believe it. Having said that...the Lion and Lioness.

The Two Golden Lions:  I found myself walking alongside Paula on this great big field of tall green grass that came up to our waists. The sun was shining...not a cloud in the sky. We were holding hands and smiling at each other in such a loving way. It was as if I could see through her eyes all the love in her heart that she had for me. And this sun that kept shining above us; I noticed that when you looked at it too long that was as if it could pull or suck you into it. And so I stopped looking at it and focused on Paula.

It was windy on this plain of grass because as we walked, the grass was blowing. Finally, as we came up over rolling in the distance we could see the ocean. And what I saw in the ocean astounded me. There were two golden lions playing in the waves that were crashing on the shore. I couldn't believe it. I never knew that lions liked the ocean so much. And what is more... even at that distance... these were no ordinary lions. They were massive in size. Each one the size of a small house.

When I looked to see Paula's reaction to this, Paula was turned in the opposite direction behind us. I turned around and was astounded once again. Why? I thought that Paula and I had been walking alone and all this time we had group of people...a few of which I recognized from "the class" following us. They were trailing us by about 100 yards and when they caught up to us, we all marveled at these two golden lions that had, by this time, come up out of the water and onto the beach. That is when I realized they were now heading in our direction....quickly!

Within moments they were within 200 yards or so and this is when I noticed the love that was between these two lions. It was a sight to behold! THEY WERE IN LOVE!!! They were also very playful with each other as they moved in our direction and from their bodies I witnessed sparks of multi-colored light that would shoot out of them...only to return moments later. And when the lion and the lioness passed within a hundred feet of us, I realized that Paula had tears in her eyes and was in my arms and the rest of the class were all crying because it was so beautiful. And those lions went off before us, out onto the plains. Headed where? I do not know.                                 

Understanding the symbolism of 2 Lions by Traci

Lion symbolisms:
Royal power - noble creatures; mighty, bold, conquering, chief warrior and protector. In Egyptian culture and others, dreaming of two lions, especially the Amber colored lions, symbolize strength and overcome obstacles. 
Also in Egypt, lions are a symbol of offspring of diety. Two Egyptian lions are depicted as mating, creating a family. The lioness mother rears and protects her cubs.

In ancient Egypt, the Sphinx (lioness), of the Great Pyramid of Giza, represents great warriors and protectors...dominant over all the pantheons. According to the archaeologist Mark Lehner: the whole Great Pyramid of the Giza complex, including the Sphinx, is said to be a sacred machine, designed to harness the power of the sun to sustain the earthly and divine order. There is a very old Egyptian myth that says, the gates to the afterworld were guarded by two gigantic lions or sphinxes. Lions are very ancient and are very connected to pyramids.

The two lions in Egypt, one facing the east, the other facing the west. The sun rises between the two backs of these lions forming a circle, being as One...the Light of the world.
The sign of Leo, has a very powerful place in ancient Egypt. It's connected to the pyramids and to the great lion, the Sphinx of Giza. Leo...."Heart of the Lion," Regulus (the brightest star). Leo holds leadership and in ancient Egypt, Leo was royal and noble.
The Egypt Bast (cat or lion goddess) was represented as the Eye of Horus.
The two lions of the bloodline:
The lion is the symbol of the tribe of Judah in the Bible, secular literature, history and heraldry. Judah was one son (tribe) of 12 sons of Jacob/Israel. Jacob/Israel was one nation, one bloodline. In the beginning, there was only one lion of Judah. This lion is an amber/golden crouching or rampant lion and was the ruling scepter of the royal house of David through Pharez/Judah bloodline.
Judah had twin sons, Pharez and Zarah. When it came time to be born, Zarah put his hand out first and a midwife wrapped his hand with a red sash. He then pulled in his hand and his brother Pharez breached him and came out first. Since their birth, Zarah has always been known as the 'Red Hand', having lost his birthright to his brother Pharez. Years later, Zarah having the birthright taken from him, left Judea and migrated into Egypt, Iberia (Spain), Ireland and Scotland. When their enemies Babylon and Rome, invaded them in Iberia (Spain), they fled into Ireland and later into Scotland. In Ireland, you will recognize the Red Hand of Ulster, which are the Zarahites from the tribe of Judah. They always carried this with them where ever they went. By the time of their migration, the Zarahites decided to use their own Judah/Zarah version of the Judahite emblem, which is the red rampant lion. So now we have two lions of one bloodline.

Around 588 bc, king David's ruling bloodline through Pharez/Judah, came to an end. The Babylonians invaded Jerusalem and had the last ruling king Zedekiah and his son's murdered. Jeremiah who is Zedekiah's grandfather, had taken Zedekiah's two daughters Scota and Tiea Tephi...and fled. To make a long story short... Jeremiah and his two granddaughters first went into Egypt where a portion of the Zarah Melesian bloodline was living at the time. They took refuge there for a while. These two women were considered Egyptian princesses. Later, Jeremiah and the two princesses went into Iberia (Spain), where Jeremiah married Scota off to a Zarahite Judean king. This area of Ibera back then was also a part of the ruling empire of Scythia. Scythia eventually fell, including that part of Iberia (Spain) and they eventually migrated into Scotland. It is said that Scotland recieved her name from Scota, the queen of Iberia (Spain) and Scythia.

After Jeremiah dropped Scota off to be married in Iberia, he traveled to Ireland with Tiea Tephi to be married off to the Irish Zarahite Melesian... the Red Hand of Ulster king. His name was Eochaid Heremon the second. With these two princesses, this is the merge of the two lions of one bloodline, Pharez and Zarah. They ruled all of Great Britain and still do.

Final thoughts by Protilius: After Traci emailed me the information regarding the two lions and all that she found about them, I was amazed and decided to do some research myself...into the bible and lions. Here is what I found:

Ararat = 803 which = 11 (Noah's ark and Mt Ararat)
Eochaid = 101 = 11 (discounting 0) (Eochaid/Heremon married Tea Tephi)
Ephraim (Great Britain) 344 = 11
Columcille (ancient name for St Columba) 344 = 11
Merlin (St Columba) = 335 which = 11
 T +T (for Tea Te phi)  + phi (5) = 11
Click HERE11

Daniel 7 - The 4 beasts that came out of the sea. In a dream, Daniel saw four beast come out of the sea. And the first one was a lion. Click HERE for that.

Daniel in a Den of Lions: Click HERE for that.

And you didn't know...Paula and I are both Leo's