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Check out the new article called Twin Flames - The Grounding Article posted today.

Also, I performed my first Paula style channeling the other day. Instead of journeying to Protilius (my higher self) I channeled him. I asked him, "Who exactly was this spirit that Paula and I commonly refer to as Spirit Mother." You're not going to believe his answer. I will post it in the I Am Dialogues if I can ever keep up with all of this information flowing in. Note: You can find our original postings about her in the journal archives on this page.

I also posted two new videos on Our Story Page and on This Page (Ben Taylor.) I actually got the chance to meet Ben at his house on Martha's Vineyard where I worked as an engineer before I got laid off. My job was to field engineer the property where his mom lives (Carly Simon) and I ended up meeting both of Carly's children - Ben and Sally. At the time, Sally was pregnant with her first child. It was a really cool experience - always remember it. Having met Ben, I can say that he seems like a really good guy and takes you in - reads you - he's REAL! Plus - he's got good music!

Another note: It looks like we will have another writer on our page. Jyothi is from Australia and we have been talking back and forth for some time. She is an amazing woman and says it like it is with wit, wisdom and heart - about various spiritual matters. She sets me flat footed when I need it most, too :) I can't wait to post her first material.

Paula is doing great! She is in Ohio for now (until her surgery by her tried and trusted doctor.)

See you soon baby :) I love you



This is for Pauley

Dear Paula, I love you so much. Now, with you 950 miles from me (like the old days) we are back to where we started in a sense. Only difference now is - you know that it will be my arms that hold you - even from this distance.

I tried to heal you. I used reiki and everything else I could muster. There is a reason for what is happening - I want to believe. However, we know we have 2 more years left before we truly go home. So - on that note - Listent to this video I send you and realize how much you are loved. My arms are around you - always! I LOVE YOU - YOU - FOREVER


I am really excited to announce that we will soon have a sister site.
Click below to check our progress

Note: This site was purchased today and will be available in the coming weeks, as I need to build it from scratch.

Like Collapsing Duality, Our Higher Selves.Net will be a site built by the people who will (hopefully) frequent it.

So... do you know your higher self? If so, would you like to share your higher self with the world? Does your higher self have a message for humanity? Well - very soon, you will be able submit your story/message to the world.

Check back soon for updates.



4/27/2009 - (2 elevens in there)

Please check out the second part, to The I AM Dialogues. In this second part, I conclude my journey to meeting my higher self.

Also, feel free to check out the new videos we've added to our homepage, your story page, our story page and the journal page.

Yesterday was so well deserved. With our first 80 degree weather, Paula and I went to the beach after grabbing a six pack of Bud Lime beer. We filled our coffee mugs and drank a beer - each, then we sat in the sand and I buried her feet. Then, after the beach, we checked out this really cool Jamaican raw bar. We had Jamaican jerk chicken wings and Lobster.  What a day!!! The TIME WE SPEND is - as always - VERY DREAMLIKE. 

I sure am going to miss Paula and I pray her surgery goes flawlessly.

It's funny, just now, I am thinking of adding an old video from the 1970's. Remember school house rock? Well, Paula and I were watching this series with our children and we came across "good eleven - 11." So, just as I am about to add it, I look at the clock and it's 5:11 PM. LOL! So, here you go - Good 11 :)

WARNING: This video is very cheezy - don't hold it against me :) LOL!

Paula's entry

First of all I want to thank all of you who've been frequenting our site.  It's been a pleasure seeing all the hit's over the past week.  Without you this wouldn't be at all possible.  

There are so many things that have happened since Easter weekend.  Life moves so rapidly and it seems as if we're in the whirlwind of the changes that are occurring.  We're continually growing, especially now.  We're learning about our higher selves and what it all means.  Brendan will be filling you in on all that.

I'm going on a retreat for a period of 6 weeks.  I'll be going inward and meditating on our higher selves and tuning in on my psychic abilities.  I'm going to come back and create a page on this site to help others who are in need of answers on their twin flame questions and higher selves.  I feel lead to do this for us as well as all of you.  I ask one thing of you in return as I'm on my quest.  Keep me in your prayers and hold me in the light.  I'll also be going through an operation at this time and will be with my family in Ohio.  I will pray for a fast recovery so I can return to my Beloved Brendan and continue this spiritual quest we are on.

Until then,   Brendan will keep you up to date on things going on in our lives.  I'll continue to write articles and submit them to him to put on the site.  

All our love and light goes out to each and everyone of you... 



Saturday the 18th of April - 177 HITS! Thank You All :)

So many amazing things are going on right now. Where do I begin :) Well, for one, I just finished posting a brand new story by Sharon and Tommy which is a great read and certainly displays all the bells and whistles of a Twin Flame Connection. Thank you, Sharon for posting that to Collapsing Duality.

On another note - I am still working on Part 2 of The I Am Dialogues - which is coming along fine. I am just beginning to write about Paula's experience and how she has met her higher self, too. In Part 2 she will be describing (from her perspective) the place where we come from and also - her higher self (Idavathian.) It's going to be amazing. I am awed by her beauty because she is so powerful and full of light and wisdom. I have nick named her the "Queen Bee," because she is like a queen in this dimension that we come from and wherever she goes, everyone just loves her and respects her. 

Also, 2 nights ago, Paula began channeling our higher selves. It was so unexpected because she was working on a meditation to connect with her power animal and she ended up having an in depth conversation with my higher self and hers. Once I realized what was going on, I began to ask questions through her. With Paula as the middle man between our higher selves and me (the questioner), the information we were told, and Paula witnessed, first hand - is beyond words. I will be writing more in depth on this because this is going to be part of the I AM Dialogues and wait til you read how it really works in the spirit realm. OMG!!!

Anyway, In that channeling/journey we found how our higher selves, along with 8 other beings (while laying down in a semi circle) can project their souls and live their journey through our physical bodies here on Earth - through me and Paula. Is one of those other 8 beings you? We also learned how my higher self and Paula's higher self can create children in that dimension - and it's not by having sex - although, sex is part of their pleasure and appreciation of each other, (as we have witnessed) children are made with light. Paula was given a first hand demonstration of how all of our souls are created. I will write more in depth about this in The I Am Dialogues and relay to you, the workings. 

We also found out how our higher selves have an amazing sense of humor. For instance, in the middle of asking my higher self a question, he (Protilius) said through Paula, "Brendan thinks he knows himself, but he has no idea."

I looked at Paula and said, "What? I know myself. What's he talking about? I have found him (my higher self.")

Then, he spoke again through Paula and said, "If you know yourself, then why did you spend two days scouring the internet looking for a photo of me, when you knew in your heart, there wouldn't be one?"

Then, when Paula started laughing about this fact, he spoke to her again saying, "What are you laughing at? You thought you were Pleaidian."

So, as you can see, our higher selves have quite the sense of humor.

What began as a soulmate experience - turned twin flame experience - is morphing again into something absolutely unbelievable and we are so humbled by it all. Wherever this experience takes us - even if it's not your typical Twin Flame story, we're going to share it and tell it exactly like it is. There are going to be some who will shun the story because of the implications that it poses, but we're not going to stray from the punch line. The punch line is: Tell it exactly like it is and how we've experienced and if it helps another couple find their true spiritual path, then we've succeeded. 

On another note, I received an email from a visitor about 2 weeks ago who was wondering if I could find his higher self because after he tried my meditation which I put down on the I Am Dialogues, he couldn't seem to succeed. So, I agreed to take a look for him and found a being on another planet. This being appeared to be very important and as soon as I appeared in this all white room with instruments all around, he spotted me. He came right on over to me and was very curious. I attempted to get a name but could only come up with broken letters that I could not complete.

The place - the city, where this being lives is absolutely gorgeous. It's a massive city with all these modern towers and there is even a river that runs though it. The sky is unlike any sky I've ever seen, with lots of red.

Anyway, I wrote back to this person who emailed me and told him of his higher self and how I found him. Problem is, the journey is for you and you alone. Nobody can tell you how to get there - not even me. I wish I had the answer for him, but for now, it doesn't appear to be in the cards. 

From time to time I will share a meditation that has worked for me, but there is no cookie cutter way about it. We have to try and try until we find out what works and what does not. When we find a meditation that works, then keep it and practice by it - all the while incorporating new methods until you have a meditation that is so potent and so powerful, that it can help you step right out of this world and into the next.

4/7/2009 or 11:11 or 22 (LOL)

It always amazes me. I sit down at the computer and I look at the clock or calendar for no apparent reason and there is always an 11 there. Just like when I sat down, spontaneously, to write this blog entry. I didn't even think about it. Just did it. Is this what the universe is trying to tell us? Is "Just Do It" the answer? All we know (Paula and I) is that everytime we broke the mould or acted out of spontineity, we were rewarded with something remarkable. Not only is 11:11 the theme now, but 22, 33 and 44. As I have said in the past, I am no numerologist, but there is most certainly something to 11. For instance, on Sept. 11 2001 I was scheduled to fly out of Boston at Noon. I bought my ticket through Priceline. Needless to say, that plane never left the ground. I lived and many others did not - sadly. So what is it about 11? All I know is that it is everywhere, more so, now, than ever

Anyway, hope you are enjoying the article entitled, "The I AM Dialogues." This article is both a story about myself, reliving the first meeting with my higher self and an article about how you may find yours (in a one on one type of meeting) if you have not already. I am currently revising two other articles that are actually part of the I AM Dialogues - all are components in Lifes Master Puzzle that we must put together. How those pieces of our own individual puzzles are put together, and in the manner, is up to us as individuals.

Lately, Paula and I have been busy making pictures out of pastel and pencil, while we render our Higher selves. We are actually making pictures of what our higher selves look like, as remembered from our meditative experiences. Paula has done about 6 renditions to get it within the ballpark and I have done 3. When they are finished, if ever, we will post them here - you can bet on it. I, myself, everytime I meditated on my higher self, I would break session just because I couldn't believe that I looked like I did and came from such a beautiful place and was - very important - for a lack of better words. Finally, after about a week of meditations, I became used to my higher self because, this is who I am. Every time I meditated, I found the same being. And now, I am embracing who I am.

One other thing, before I go: Getting to know our higher selves on a "one on one" basis, holding conversation and being given the keys to the Kingdom from which we came, has really changed our perspective on the whole Twin Flame phenom. We are still digesting this whole new experience and will continue to write about it in the future. While we know for a fact that we will be together - even as our higher selves (light children and all) - it just changes thingsl, ever so slightly :) Did ya notice how I ended that sentence? :) Hehe... neither of us can believe it. We're still taking it all in. In the meantime, we will continue to be Wowed by the really cool stories of you all share here, and how everything is unfolding before our eyes.

Also - enjoy the new tunes I added to the main page and journal page.

Thanks to you all -
Brendan and Paula


For those of you who follow this journal, I want you to know that Paula and I are alive and doing well. We haven't written any articles in awhile - and there are many reasons for this. The biggest of which is because we have had a psi-attacker, an entity, an energy vampire. Call him what you may, we have come to the conclusion that it is very important for him to succeed in our destruction. As unbelievable as this may sound (and I know, I wouldn't believe it either if it hadn't happened to us) there really are people out there that are hell bent on destruction and a battle won today, by two people who only want to love each other, is a big victory. We are very important to this man and he needs to succeed and yet he will not.

He almost killed Paula. I did everything that I could do to keep him off of her. I journeyed to him, fought with him, put up shields, called light workers, consulted Shamans, Psychics and even Medicine men. Our answer did not come until recently when a gifted (internationally renowned) psychic, gave us exactly what we needed. 

I am not one of those people who generally subscribe to the whole psychic reading thing, however, the instruction she gave to Paula has worked very very well. The energy vampire still journeys to us, we can hear him, the difference is - he cannot get in us anymore :) Weakling!!!

On another note; I am 12 pages into an article. I never expected it to be this long but it keeps growing and unfolding like a flower. Intuitively, I don't think it is an article - rather, more like a book. I don't know exactly what it will become, but I will keep you up to date. I am, however, going to share with you a piece of what I am working on, very shortly - within a week. Promise :)

Take care of yourselves on this path
Brendan and Paula

3/26/2009 or 11 : 11 or 22 or... :)

Just wanted to chime in and say that Paula is doing much better. So much is going on again that I had to write in the journal. Not only is Paula doing much better and protected, we are now in touch with our higher selves. We always have been but now we are getting to literally meet the real us and we do so, together. There is so much to write about this - and I will do so in articles that I am working on. I can't wait. 

For now, check out the new U2 video on the index page. It's a really great and inspiring song. We also added some new songs to the radio player on our "past articles," page. Enjoy!

Again, I want to tell you, what we have found out about our higher selves - our real selves - I could never have imagined, but did have a dream about it when I was 17 :) Either way, our experience together in the place where we come from was INCREDIBLE!

Also, I want to thank a Light Worker by the name of Jyothi. Jyothi, your insight, spirituality and endless love that you gave to us during the recent turmoil helped us beyond words. Paula and I will always be there when and If you ever need us. Thank you and we love you.

Paula and Brendan


The doctors plan on keeping Paula for another night. They found something unrelated to the whole psi incident and it looks like they will eventually have to operate to correct it. So...this afternoon, I sat in the hospital bed with Paula and began a healing technique I learned a while back - like a Reiki healing. My goal is that the next time the doctors take another look, they will find NOTHING! I believe it, We believe it, do you believe it? There is no other option but to believe it :)

3/17/2009 or 11:11

I just thought it would be a good idea to add a journal update at this time. Paula was admitted to the hospital today. If you recall the "psi-attacker" that we had and wrote about in the archives journal last year, well...he's back! It appears as though, after we did away with him, peacefully, (which worked for a time) he went back to the drawing board and found some seriously dark measures to practice on Paula in an effort to steal her fire - which is what he is attracted to anyway. Paula is a Leo, I am a Leo and he is a water sign. When he projects/journeys to Paula, like a moth to a flame, he is extinguishing her fire. The man was identified as an alien (or extraterrestrial) incarnate in a human body - originally sent to earth to do light work, but has forgotten his own true identity.

Judging from the many times we have seen him in our home and the many times we have journeyed to his home, he plays every part of the dark warrior: from his clothing, to the style of his hair and mustache, to the way he decorates his room and to the many faces he has tried on in attack mode.

He knows he is psychic, he knows he can journey anywhere and anytime he wishes and do so - accurately. He has also demonstrated that he can inflict flesh wounds and other harrassing measures such as: choking, kicking, scratching, etc...not unlike a poltergeist. But, this is no poltergeist. This is a man who lives and breathes as we all do.

While all this was going on over the past 6 plus months, Paula and I did everything we could do to stop this man. We took the peaceful approach because that's what we do - we're lightworkers. However, light work cannot stop him because he is literally an E.T. incarnate on earth - only, he has forgotten his purpose. Light work - worked for a time but when he came back, I didn't know what to do. Light work should cure all, right??? But it didn't! So, I followed his energy back to where he lives in E. Europe similar to the way he found Paula's energy. Then, with me being with Paula, he came after me and literally tried to kill me by walking into my soul. That's right, he was trying to walk into my soul or Bump Me Off so that he could have, what I have. Kind of like a "Walk In," but only in the negative. Only reason he couldn't perform a "walk in" on me, was because I was the same as he was, same power, similar race, even though I am a Fire Sign and he is water. Only differences: I remembered what my role is and why I came to earth and I choose to be a light worker. Whereas he CHOSE in the negative.

Basically, and I am going to come clean here, I honestly didn't know what to do about this guy who was able to physically harm Paula, even though he lives in another country. I tried I tried I tried - I did! Being desperate and without answers, I have literally been battling this man in the spirit for the last 6 plus months. I can hear him when he enters our home because when he projects, there is a distinct sound - like a rock hitting the side or top of the house. He knows when I come to him because he hears the boom - that is the sound I make when I land while projecting to him. Again - all of this in an effort to stop him from killing Paula - which he has come close to doing as of this writing tonight. Paula is very sick tonight.

Most importantly, however, just before Paula became ill, she was given a set of rules/guidlines to follow by, by a very special woman. Paula was told that no matter what Brendan does to try and stop this man, he cannot. Only you, (Paula) can stop him. She was told how to "armor" herself which she did just 2 nights ago. After she finished that meditation, I immediately sensed the energy she called forth. Although foreign and strange to me, I sensed the energy was for the good and was glad she had done it.

However, today, this has all become too much and being as exhausted as she has been - she had to go to the hospital and was admitted. I believe it is because that she is affraid to go to sleep. And who could blame her. She has been under attack for almost a year now. I am just glad to know that she is cloaked with an armor that nothing can penetrate.

Althogh she is hooked up to all these strange instruments, she still has her personality and is constantly joking with everybody around her.

I just want to say one more thing in this entry: Paula, I love you, have always loved you, have always known you and always will - moving forward. I told you that I would be with you in sickness and good health - to the end of time - and I am :)

I love you

P.S. - When I was 17 I was called to meet a deity in heaven. Well...Paula met that deity last night. Her name is Julie :) Paula told me so :) Trust me, all we do is talk and have good conversation - we can't even watch a movie, Lol!



Hello to all our friends! First - I apologize for not updating this journal more often. There has just been so many things/people/situations that have needed tending to, that have taken priority over this site, that I could not bring myself to give you an honest update until they were taken care of. While some of the business has not been completed and with new hurdles coming our way everyday I feel like writing something down that I could put my heart, fully into.

Since November, Paula and I have been making our new life together and have combined children from two different families and lifestyles - and we have become more of a team than we ever knew we could be. Who would have thought that, right? However, our children come first and we love them so much that they take priority. Their ages are 10, 8, 5 and 2. Can you imagine that? But I guess we're not as busy as that woman from California who had 8 babies recently.

It's been quite a Winter so far here on Cape Cod. For a month we had an inch of solid ice over the roads and plenty of rain/snow storms to keep it frozen. Paula found work immediately here as there is a great demand for health care. However, I am one of those Americans that fell victim to the depression that has hit the United States and the rest of the world. And by the way I did say depression because those numbers you hear about on the news are so cooked like a piece of chicken that you could nail to your boot and use as a sole.

Where am I going with this? Twin Flames are one thing and I am just so fortunate to have found my other half, incarnate in this lifetime. I thank the universe for this everyday. I Do! However, I see that there is big trouble coming for average people and it is hitting - RIGHT NOW! Though meditation, I have felt the pain in the hearts of mankind at large that is yet to come and it's very disturbing what I have felt and know. Seeing is what I do and I am not affraid to look/feel down the road a few months or years ahead - no matter how terrible it is going to be. I've been doing it since I was a child. But, I cannot sit here and write about how wonderful it is to have found my Twin Flame, all the while knowing my own children, friends, family and everybody else all over the planet are about to find themselves in a world they never imagined or saw in their own worst nightmares. I can't and will not because it is irresponsible and not exactly very spiritual.

WHAT I DO HAVE TO SAY IS THIS: If you were never close to your family before, then get REAL close to them because they are going to need you and you are going to need them. If you already are close to your family, then become like a quilt and cover each other. Get plans and backup plans together and places to go that you will be safe. If you were never close to your neighbor(s) then now maybe a good idea to get to know each other because you're going to need allies/friends to live through what is going to hit this year. If you have any money, then buy plenty of water and food for you and your family for at least a month or more. Don't forget medical supplies. If you can buy food for all to last for a year - then do it now! If you were ever at odds with a sibling or former spouse, then make sure that they are taken care of as best you can - especially if you are in a more fortunate situation than they are and they are taking care of your children. The times we are going into are going to call for unorthodox standards of living that you would never do in any other situation. The game has changed! If you are have access to land, then stock your seeds and be ready to do some gardening in the growing season because there's a good chance the shipping of food will be disrupted, where it hasn't been already. Importantly -- be prepared to defend your family because it's every man/woman's right to do so and you just may find yourself in that situation in the very near future if you haven't already.

With the loss of my job and the need to stock up on acorns, I am not sure how long I will be able to afford the platform that enables me to update this site frequently. The job I held as an engineer is not going to be coming back - I know this. Then again, life as we knew it, will never be the same either. So --- we improvise or find ourselves flat footed. For me, I may have a month or two of updating this site, left, or if I find a job that can put the bread on the table, then I will leave this site up longer. It all just depends. Either way, 2009 is going to be very very hard for a lot of people - the world over. The key to saving as many people as possible is going to be, by REACHING OUT TO PEOPLE YOU WOULDN'T NORMALLY HAVE REACHED OUT TO, BEFORE.

In the meantime, I promise to keep you updated more frequently on how we are doing in regards to Twin Flames. Thank you for not giving up on us over the past two months - it's just that we had some very important things to take care of that involved the merging of souls and families.

Brendan and Paula

December 6, 2008
by Brendan

All I can say is that it has been an amazing journey, thus far. 11 months ago (January the 5th of 2008 to be exact) I joined a virtual web site called Second Life to experiment in building and creating things in cyberspace and I ended up meeting a woman that I just so happened to have spent many lifetimes with, before. Now, after eleven months, we were able to make it happen and live with each other. It took her 40 years and me 36 years (in this lifetime) to find each other, and now we are living with each other and have every intention of staying that way. How amazing is that?

There is most certainly, no "cookie cutter" version, set of rules, to prepare anybody for a Twin Flame relationship. In the beginning, (February and March) of this year, we began to take to Google to try and figure out what all the synchronicities were about and we found many great sites that really pointed us in the right directions. If it weren't for such articles written by Angelica Dorian and Angelina Heart, we may have ended up going in a slightly different direction. However, we did not, and we found just enough information in those articles/sites to help us understand how big it was - what we were going through.

A few months after that, I decided (since I am used to building web sites) that it might be a good idea to create a site that could be updated weekly with information about how two Twin Flames (incarnate) were trying to come together - physically. By creating this site, we could also write about all of the ups and downs that go along with the relationship and keep anybody who is interested - informed.

While the site took shape, our relationship took on a deeper and deeper meaning as we began to realize and KNOW that we spent our very last lifetime together - but only as childhood friends. If it weren't for all of the synchonicities that we shared, I never would have bothered asking Paula, "What is the oldest memory you have?" However, by asking her that ONE question, receiving an astonishing answer and then sharing my own (oldest memory) which is not of this lifetime, we were able place each other in the same neighborhood, as childhood friends. Only sad part about it was - I died young and Paula was left heart broken.

Sitting at the computer, with Paula by my side and watching her add her very first journal update and even the latest story by Gia and Joe, has been so much fun. So many things are coming into place, that all we can do is smile.

Flying into Dayton on the night of the 21st of November and seeing Paula waiting for me at the gate - was completely off the charts. We knew that this was it and this was it and that we would be together forever and never have to go back to the airport and have to say goodbye - til next time - which was absolutely devastating to us both. Anybody in a relationship of this type, who has had to do this, will understand. It is like death at the soul level, once you have met your other half and then have to say goodbye. However, those days are over.

On another note: We hope you like some of the new songs we added to our site - especially the Christmas ones :) Paula and I both love this time of year.

Also - enjoy the new article by Gia and Joe. Another fascinating and insightful read by Twin Flames making it happen. Thank you Gia and Joe

Take care and thank you for visiting & sharing all your stories.
Brendan and Paula

November 28, 2008
by Paula

Have you ever felt so many feelings all at once that you don't even know where to begin when you want to write about them?  That's what I'm feeling right now.  There has been a plethora of emotions running inside myself.  It seems so surreal to even be here typing about them.  So much of what has happened in the last week is still shockingly blissful to me.

I can begin by saying that following my heart's grandest joy and fulfilling my hearts biggest desire is definitely rewarding.  I've spent so many years struggling and giving to others while setting my own dreams aside.  I know this was a course in God's work to make me appreciate all the things that I am truly blessed with.  I've realized I have a loving family who supports me in all my endeavors no matter if they think they're right or not.  They leave that up to me to decide.  My family pitched in at the last minute to help Brendan and I to move in together.  That was a surprising thing in itself.  The world truly does open up to letting yourself become who you've known you always were when you open your heart up to love everyone.  Following your grandest joy with love is how this was all made possible.

At first we were so busy moving in to our home we really didn't have time to let any of what was happening soak in.  We remained in shock for several days but blissful at the same time.  It wasn't until the fourth day we really started to comprehend what we'd done.  We knew this was right.  We've enjoyed every minute and appreciated this great gift that God provided to us.   We also realized that we're never too busy to show our appreciation to God and one another for this special love.

Being Twin Flames has really let us see ourselves as well as each other for who we really are.  Being mirrored images of each other has made us grow and blossom into the people/souls we are now.  We realize there is a purpose to become one with each other again as well as the universe.  We do not lead this journey but our destiny leads us.  Yes, we've taken steps to make some things possible and when we do the universe opens up a whole bunch of other things we need to experience.  We will continue to learn and grow from this.

I'm so happy to be able to sit here and express my gratitude and thank God openly.  Brendan is a wonderful man whom I've always dreamed of all my life and have been looking for.  I'm so glad God answered my prayers and showed me that the man I'd dreamed of since I was young is real.  I'm grateful and will not take for granted what a wonderful gift I've been given.  

Soon our circle will be complete when my children arrive at Christmas time.  What a big family we'll have.  My mother reminded me last night of something I'd always say as a child.  "Mom, can you get a station wagon so we can have a whole bunch of kids?"  Well, now I'll have it...but without the station wagon.  With Brendan's two and my two, this house will be crazy with love.  THANK YOU GOD!!!!!

With that I'll say goodnight making my first entry complete.  Take care all and I'll be on again soon.  

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