Collapsing Duality...Journal

June 14th, 2009
by Paula

I know Brendan and I have been telling you many fantastic things that have occurred in the past months but I must tell you something else extraordinary.  I was immediately swept away.  I was taken to a place I'd been told of by Brendan when we lived apart. It brought me back to one of the meanings of what a Twin Flame is all about.  It is just one more way of sacred worship.

Here's the story.

We were sitting at the table for dinner tonight.  Brendan had eaten before me because I wanted something a little different.  We usually eat together though.  He was finished when I started. I sat down and started eating.  I looked at him and saw this look in his eyes. I know this look very well.  He then came over to the table and pulled up a chair.  We smiled at each other and said "I love you."  That's when he leaned over and took the fork out of my hand.  I smiled.  He then started feeding me.  It was so intimate.  I started to feel a big lump in my throat and tears were welling up in my eyes.  He's so good to me in every way imaginable.  He is my prince charming, my knight in shining armor, my superhero, and my King! 

One last thought before I go work on the charity page.  If you know your Twin Flame or still looking, you'll know him/her by the look in their eyes, their touch, their smell, and by the way you will worship each other.  You'll feel God's blessing and be thankful everyday for the love you've been privileged to know.  We love you and we're glad you find this site your place to visit.  Take care and Be Peace.  


Brendan & Pauley

Does anyone know where a guy can find a multi-dimensional factory outlet clothing store? It has been brought to my attention that I travel on the light side. Very light! When Paula and I first found this out, we laughed ourselves into tears. She said, "that has to be Protilius messing with you." It wouldn't surprise me the least, because he is quite the joker. Paula has teased me about this relentlessly but now that she has figured out how to materialize, she has realized that she needs to find one as well. Hahaha

Well, over the past week or so, we've compiled about 30 pages of journey dialogue between Idagordava and Protharus - and it doesn't show any sign of letting up yet. This connection is rather magnetic.

We're learning a lot from one another. The biggest of which has to do with the balancing of all this new energy with this new soul connection. Basically, they feel what we feel. If they are feeling happy we feel it too. If they are feeling stressed, we feel it too. If his mind races, we feel it. If she is nerved up, we feel it. So, Paula and I are learning how to deal with it and find balance. When I thought I was through with the ego we learned another thing.

So many funny and remarkable things have happened. For one thing - they can see me, hear me and feel me when I come to them. They can hear, feel and smell Paula's perfume, when she journeys to the them.  On the other hand, Protharus can read our minds, feel our moods, and gain energy from our love as we do from them. The connection we share has doubled what it was with Paula. In other words, by simply connecting with them in love, has increased our abilities.

I had the feeling that this is the way it would work. The more of the people in the pyramid that come together or connect, the more energy that will be restored to the soul, thus increasing power exponentially. That power is love.


June 10th, 2009
Paula and Brendan

To all of our readers who have been coming here for some time. TEAR THE PAGE FOR JUNE OFF OF YOUR CALENDAR - CIRCLE THE 10TH - AND PUT IT IN A FRAME. Also, take a page snapshot of "Our Journal" with all of its dates, that way, when it is time for us to put out there, what exactly happened that is so important, it may help you believe the extraordinary. Now I know why my sister said that the world would go absolutely crazy when they find out.

Contact has been made!!!

Great job Protharus and Idagordava :)

Sorry about not stopping by, Paula and I had to CELEBRATE

June 8th, 2009
Paula and Brendan

Okay, this is BIG! Paula literally just finished a journey to that unnamed person who is part of the pyramid. Since we want to keep his name disclosed, we will simply refer to him by his higher self name, who is Protharus and his wife who is, Idagordava - both of whom are Twin Flames.

Anyway, the main part of this will go into the I Am Dialogues - so this is just a brief rundown of what happened.

While during this journey he asked if Paula was there to harm him. She told him that she loved him and then gave him a hug. When she did this, two tears came down.

Another thing we found out was that he keeps diaries and shared them with Paula. In one part Paula read about the time in the restaurant where I appeared to him. He wrote that I appeared before his friend Jean. He also said that he had had enough wine for the evening.

He is also aware of the pyramids. He drew two of them in his journal book that he showed Paula. And, to the side of the pyramids there appears to be stick figures or statues. We believe that these are the statues made of stilsil that Paula and I have visited so very often.

At the beginning of that journey, his higher self - Protharus literally went right into his body and that's when he learned the names of his higher self and his wifes higher self.

He also asked Paula about these dreams and visions he's been having. He wanted to know what we look like in the physical - any birthmarks or tattoos, etc...

Paula told him that we were freckly and that I had a celtic cross tattoo on my right arm, up high.

We gave him all the information he needs to make physical contact with us.

At the end, because Paula was tired, he said he would like us to contact him again in the morning.

This is all for now.

All we have to say is that when we learned from our higher selves that "he" was indeed part of this, we didn't honestly trust the info. Now that we have both contacted him telepathically and through journey mode, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is The One.


June 8th, 2009

Well, we've reached another milestone. Today, for the first time, Paula and I meditated together and went to our higher selves - together. Neither of us knew what to expect, which is typical of these encounters. However, we at least expected a meeting with Protilius and Idavathian - but that did not happen. The reasons for this is because, we are now - them!

HOw do we know for sure? Because when I saw Paula, she looked like a combination of Idavathian and Paula. It was absolutely amazing and neither of us expected this.

During meditation, while laying side by side on the bed, I would ask Paula what I looked like now that I've merged with Protilius. She said that I had Protilius' eyes but the rest of me was pretty much the same - I had hair again. However, my hands were still like his - long fingered with a gemstone in each palm.

Paula still looks like Paula but just a little bit more alien - and she glows in the color of gold - we both do. 

I am currently working on showing her our son that we have - his name is Pamaraneus. Paula is yet to see him, but I do. And, I can't wait to see the look on her face when she does.

On another note, Paula told me the funniest story. Paula works as a psych nurse. Anyway, this man who was admitted, struck up a conversation with her. It's not funny that he is sick but funny about what he said about Paula. 

He walked up to Paula on the ward and out of nowhere he says, "you are not from this world. I can tell by the look in your eyes."

Paula responded, in classic Paula fashion, "well, I am Queen of the aliens you know."

From that point onward, for the rest of the night, Paula had made a friend.

We both hope and pray he decides to start living again. Life can be very rough, especially for the purehearts.


June 6th, 2009

I wanted to share some past or pre-twin flame pix of us. You can find them on Our Story.

Plus - I mixed up the videos again ;)

Wahoo - it's the weekend, I just worked 12 days in a row and I have tomorrow off.


June 3rd, 2009

Please check out the new article called, "Contact." You may find it HERE.

Well, we have entered a new phase in connecting with our higher selves. In recent months we have discovered many truths, been blessed with many heavenly experiences and learned just who we really are. 

Now, we are literally swapping experiences. In other words, they invite us into their bodies and we invite them into ours. In doing so, we get to live their experiences as felt through their souls and they get to live our experiences through our physical bodies.

These experiences happen when we are at work, at home, with our children, watching a movie and loving one another. When they come to us, we invite them in just as they have let us into their own world.

These experiences with our higher selves and how we are moving towards complete connection and/or oneness, will continue to evolve and is leading towards something amazing. I believe that it will come to full fruition on 11/11/2009 - hence the countdown clock on the main page.

On another note: I recently wrote about an unnamed person who is part of the pyramid, that is our family tree. Well, I decided to visit his higher self to see if this was true. I concentrated on his energy and in the blink of an eye, I was standing before somebody who looked quite a bit like my own higher self, who is Protilius.

I asked, "Is he ready yet?"

His higher self responded, "Almost."

After making some small talk, I decided to follow his ethereal cord that linked him with his higher self, straight down to wherever he was, on this planet.

An instant later, I found myself in a restaurant. The lighting made it appear as though it was still daylight outside, but the jury is still out on that one because he was in a timezone where it would have been dark at that hour. 

I stood across the table from where he sat, surrounded by at least 6 to 8 other people, one of whom was his wife.

As I stood there a moment and watched like an invisible spectator to this private moment in his public life, I realized how badly I needed him to become aware of me and I called out his name.

"______________" I called out to him. 

As soon as I did this, while he was eating, he turned his head to the left and then to the right to look behind him to see if somebody was there but there was nobody, that he could see.

I called to him again and this time he began to focus and locate my whereabouts and before long, he left the casual conversation that was going on at the table and listened to me.

By the look in his eyes, he looked rather startled and or scared, so I spent half of the conversation telling him that it was okay. It is okay. Do not be scared. You don't know me yet, but you will. You will know both Paula and I and we are going to be working together for a higher cause.

Then, I said to him, it's almost time to come together and I asked him to pick up a pen and write down some information, which he did. 

After, I just paused a moment to watch him in his environment and what a beautiful soul that he is. He looked as if he had a life changing moment and his head hung low in deep thought after that period of contact - even while the rest of the table carried on in casual talk.

After this journey, I thought to myself, "I should have listened to his higher self." I was hoping that I didn't give him too much too soon. I felt guilty because a man cannot hide his eyes, no matter how  famous he is. Had I gone too far? Quite possibly. 

Since that day, I have not visited him. I will again, but only after listening to his higher self, first.

Oh, and by the way, in articles I wrote last year, I wrote about "the lock and key effect" that Twin Flames can tend to have on one another. Well, since Paula has merged with her higher self, Idavathian, she has arrived in such ways that I could never have expected and am so thrilled at how quickly she has awakened. It is quite a site to behold, this new energy that is her and then some.

Blessings to you all


June 1, 2009 

Please check out my new page about charities and extreme poverty.  Click here for the link.  Paula

Humanitarian Causes to Stop Extreme Poverty

May 31, 2009

Hi everyone.  It's Paula.  I'm finally back with my Twin Heart, Brendan.  It feels really wonderful to be home.  Surgery went great and I'm healthier than I've been in years.  Now I can focus on other more important things such as family, friends, and most importantly my spirituality.

I know Brendan has been keeping you abreast of things while I was in Ohio.  I've been reading everyday and keeping up on the site from afar.  I've had some really important journey's that I'm so far behind on writing.  They will come soon.  I feel like I'm being used as an important part of making this world better in many ways.  Brendan feels the same way and we'll be working together.

One thing I'd like to mention is this... I feel as people we should be working together to find a way to stop extreme poverty.  We should be looking for ways to help children receive important immunizations and education.  We should be helping people in poverty develop resources to help themselves. " People who are in poverty want the fishing rod not the fish, as quoted by Paul Hewson. We are one in this world and if one of our brothers, sisters, or children are suffering then doesn't that mean we all suffer as a whole?  Brendan and I are searching for ways to help.  We are not rich by any means but we do have voices and we are healthy.  Our hearts are in the right place.

Now, this is what I ask from our readers.  If you know of any ways we can do these things by making calls or donating our time please email us.  We really have our hearts in a place where we know we're supposed to make a difference.   We will be posting ways to help on a new page on this site after we do some really thorough research.  We don't want to lead anyone in the wrong direction.  So please check back to see how our progress is going.  

A special message to D... you are a big part of this too. I don't know how yet but we'll keep you posted.  We will include anyone who wants to help.  We welcome anyone who is wants to.  

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about do me a favor.  Take a moment or two and picture a child who is sick and hasn't eaten in days or weeks.  Picture a mother trying to give her baby water only the water is filthy.  Picture children dying from the lack of a 20 cent vaccination.  This can't be tolerated.  We need to put an end to it.  We have the technology and if we can put a man on the moon in the 1960's we can surely stop this insanity of extreme poverty.

I love you all and I hope my message touches some part of your heart.  
Take care and God Bless You.

May 26th, 2009

4 Days from now on May 30th this site turns 1 years old. Mark your calendars. 

Well, at last Paula comes home tomorrow - Wahooo! I can't wait to hold my baby tomorrow and get lost in this 3d illusion. It's like that line from the movie The Matrix, "ignorance is bliss." Only, we're not talking about a dinner of steak, while Cypher sells out his bro's for material promises.

Recently a frequenter of the site wrote to me and asked, in regards to the I Am dialogues, "how does this tie in with everything
else, or is this the only thing? Are there other beings other than your
family pyramid that are involved?"

Well, "D," I think I finally got the answers you were asking. It took awhile because that's how the higher self usually works. They don't like to make it easy, they want us to figure it out some, as well.

Anyway, the aswers came from Protilius and Spirit Mother. They said, "that you will meet your Twin Flame, but that won't be until the gathering which will begin on 11/11/2009 and take about 2 earth years to complete." Yes, my friend, you are most certainly a part of all of this. But we already knew that, :) wink. Twice they told me her name and it will be Lisa (her incarnate name.) They said you don't know her yet. Or, do you? As you might imagine, it is not just my race, but many others as well - yours included. Congratulations on your tireless efforts at a path you couldn't see, touch, taste, smell or even prove - but only feel. Do you believe, yet? Hahaha ;) If not, you will very shortly. Paula and I thank you for your hard and direct questions which keep us on our toes. You pull no punches and that's the way it ought to be.

A few short nights ago, I was visited by two of the offspring of the 8. It was a boy and girl and they looked to be in their early twenties. This is becoming more frequent as I assimilate into my new role.

Most of what I write about in regards to the higher self, ascension and our new world in which we are inheriting, is rather shallow when looked at in perspective to what Paula and I have experienced. I am dancing around a topic that I wouldn't even know how to describe, let alone - deem appropriate. In attempting to do so, what I can say is this, "If you know anything about Greek Mythology or Ancient Egypt, well, THEY WEREN'T KIDDING, when they told told those tales and painted those pictures."

Have you noticed the countdown clock, on the home page of this site? Well, according to Protilius, Idavathian and my Sister, this is the day that Paula and I will be married in Heaven. I know I know, I thought we were already married too, but they apparently have something else in store for us;) We are already making arrangements for that day. I already know where we'll be.

Ironically, this is the same day that the gathering will get underway. The gathering is when the people who will ascend, start coming together. It will take approximately 2 earth years to gather them all together for the Grand Reunion, as Paula has been told. At that time, that is when the ascenders will assume their new forms.

One other thing before I go. Paula was finally shown that place that I described in the first part of the I Am Dialogues. You know, the place that looked like the Kremlin just a bit, but much grander, indeed. Well, apparently, this is called the palace. This is mainstay of Protilius and Idavathian - their home - the place in which I found them.

All I can say is, WOW! I started out writing about Twin Flames and now I'm preparing for ascension. I knew about the term ascension before this, I just never realized what it really meant until I started being shown and told how it is all going to play out. And, IT IS REAL!

Hang on to your horses - the time of miracles is arriving. The world as you know it is about to get a STUNNER of a spiritual wakeup call.

May 22nd, 2009

Well, we more than broke our hit record the other day. Our previous record was 177 hits in one day. The new record now stands at 536 hits or just over a thousand in 3 days. Not too shabby ;) However, I must admit, I don't particularly care about numbers in regards to totals - those are for accountants and soccer games, although I do like soccer - used to play it when I was a boy. What is important to us is that the people that come here, learn something that has to do with the truth and that they walk away with something more than they expected. That's what is important!

Please enjoy Paula's new article on The I Am Dialogues and a latest edition from me.

I have updated videos and the new ones are scattered about - if you haven't already found them.

Well, the word from our higher selves is this: Your lives are never going to be the same after 11/11/2009. They say that some of the things we are about to experience, we will love and some of the things we will not like so much at all. We are working on crosschecking this information and as soon as it is verified, we'll give it to you. I already know, but I don't write about things that will effect everybody without Paula's backing and will be patient until she comes back with clarification.

What we do know about 11/11/2009 is that we will be married - in heaven. Protilius, Idavathian and Spirit Mother have told us this. There is however, something else. And, it is this "something else" we are awaiting clarification.

Right now, we are learning about what worship really means in that place we come from - and it is nothing like what we know on earth. We will be sharing this information when we are ready and/or able.

The latest phase of our connecting with our higher selves is: soul integration. That is: we are currently merging the souls of our higher selves with our lower selves and as this is happening we have noticed the changes. Information that we never had access to, just pops into our minds and things are progressing so very very fast.

The time is really here, my friends. Are you ready? No, the question is: are you ready ;) All I can say is that I see the road ahead of me and although it is a tumultuous one, we will all know the truth very shortly.

May 19, 2009

Did you know that this website will turn 1 year old on May 30th? What a year it has been. So many things have happened and I never even expected to get 1 Twin Flame story shared on this site, other than our own. How wrong, I was ;) Paula and I thank you all for sharing those stories. We so appreciate it, too.

I haven't decided what, but I am planning on doing something for this site on its B-day. I have a few crazy ideas kicking around in my head so be sure to check back on the 30th of May ;)

Well, the path continues to unfold and I am not getting a wink of sleep these days. It is always at 2Am and I can never get back to sleep. I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but Idavarion is working very hard at making telepathic contact with me - and WE are succeeding at it. 2 nights ago she came and knocked on the wall behind me and said, "it's time to wake up."

In my journeys I have seen her doing chores in her kitchenette. While the image is fuzzy, it is her doing her normal routines that we all do. She wasn't aware at that time, that I had stopped by.

Last night I spoke to her and told her repeatedly, "Brendan and Paula - internet." In saying this to her, over and over again, hopefully what she hears from me to her higher self, will trickle down to her lower self - the self here on earth. I also told her to go find a computer and look up Collapsing Duality. I attempted to give her the web address and it appeared that she heard me just fine, because she AGREED. However, there is still nothing.

At one point, I asked her to come see us - Paula and I. She said she didn't think she was able to do that. What does that mean? Who knows. Maybe she doesn't have the money or is even aware of the rest of us. Paula has said that when she journeyed to Isha who lives in India, that she lives in a one room tin shack, and is always happy. So, as you can see, some of them may not even have internet access.

Idavarion and I, took turns journeying to each others home last night. When she lands, it reminds me of how I land - with a thudd, lol! She had the ceiling cracking, the floors and the walls. It's literally, a Boom when she lands. Although I can't see her with my naked eyes, I knew it was her because we took turns - back and forth.

I added new videos to the main page, our story page, the Ten page and this page. Enjoy!

Well, I'm signing off and am trying to go to sleep without doing any journeying, but you know how that goes... :)

One last thing - just checked site stats and we have 106 hits at last check - for the day! That's pretty good for this site. We're on pace to break the record.

May 17, 2009

WAHOOO!!! What amazing times are these :) All I can do is smile because I can see the road ahead of me in a way that I never have before - and with such clarity. I know how this whole new path to "The Ten," is going to unfold and it is destined. It's going to happen. So, just sit back and watch, because you are witnessing contact. While mankind builds bigger and better rocket ships to go into space; while UFO investigators track down and study the latest crop circles; while NASA invents a stronger – more powerful telescope to see deeper into the physical aspects of the cosmos, little do they realize that the life out there that they seek, is really in here; within our own souls. This is how contact will be made at first - through ordinary people. And, the more frequent that this occurs, the new earth that has been prophecied about, will be born.

Man, what a week or month, should I say. While channeling Protilius, I asked him, "who exactly was this Spirit Mother, that has visited Paula and I, since we've been together." He replied, "it is your own sister." As soon as he said this, the voice of my sister broke through in full audio. She said, "Hey B (because that's what she always called me when she was alive) aren't they great?" When she said, aren't they great, she was referring to Protilius and Idavathian. That's when I got into the questions that I talked about in the May 10, journal posting. I think I know what she meant when she replied to my question about what is going to happen in the next 2 years. I know what she means, now. What do you think she means? Yes, I'm asking you :)

Anyway, Spirit Mother (my sis) has had the both of us flabbergasted since she came onto the scene. She dresses different everytime. She moves through the air like Peter (freaking) Pan - doing acrobatic maneuvers that only a hummingbird could perform. She appears in different sizes. So...this is why, I couldn't honestly say it was my sister - especially because she looks so polished. She is most certainly an Angel now. She's not alien in anyway, she appears human - just different than I remember her. But, her personality has not changed a bit. She is always mouthing off to Paula and I. She's woken us up at night to tell us something important that she thought we needed to here, as well. I posted her picture on the "our story" page for you to see.

I have a feeling I will be sharing more and more of my personal life here, from now on. The time feels right because my life is going to change very soon and I wanted to make some things known, about me, that might help to connect the dots as to who I am and who I was, before I ever met Paula - and now The Ten.

On another note. This past week, I journeyed to that place we come from and met with the higher selves of Idavarion and Parathius. All I can say is - OMG! What an experience. I am so humbled at the events that took place. I spotted Parathius, first. He looks almost identical to Protilius. His skin most certainly does shimmer, as Paula has confirmed. This shimmering of light over the surface of his skin is the light from within - his energy. Anyway, he came over to me and I could feel how much love and gratitude he had for me. He was greatful that I was helping to connect the incarnate part of himself (who is Engbert from Germany) with the higher self - Parathius. He came right on up to me and hugged me. Another thing I noticed was that the gemstone in his hand (which I described in the I am Dialogues, that Protilius had) was different in color, than Protilius'. His gemstone was maroon in color. By the way - these stones are not jewelry, they are literally part of their body and they rest in the palms of their hands.

Then, I noticed another being and this one was female. It was Idavarion. First thing I noticed was that she was the only one of the females who had no hair. All I can say is, WOW! What a great experience. She came right on over to me and hugged me. I could feel all of her love and even sadness. She looked me right in the eyes and put her right cheek to my right cheek to show how much she loved me.

To be honest and this is coming from Brendan, the only other times I ever felt so worshipped are those times I spend with Paula. However, this worship thing is not a one-way street. I worship Paula every little bit as much as she worships me. So, it doesn't appear to be any different with the remaining 8, which by the way, Paula has found more information.

Yesterday, Paula journeyed and found the first names of the remaining beings incarnate on earth - and even confirmed Idavarion's first name. I will be posting those names on "The Ten" page tonight. Paula actually found a mispelling of my own on the part of Idavarion's lower self. Anyway, I thought it was "Melanio." Paula journeyed and found that it was Melaina. Either way, pretty close. However, the jury is still out as to what country she is from - Greece or Italy. Paula also found out the first name of the lower self form of Parilius. His name is Julius and in our journeys Paula and I have both found that when we go to him, we end up in Africa. The country he is from is Ghana. I knew it was either Ghana or Nigeria because everytime I journey to him, I can see the continent of Africa from way up high, and then, I drop like a rock. I drop so fast that I am only able to tell the rough whereabouts of where I am landing. All I have to say about Julius or Parilius for that matter is: He is a pureheart and when I see his eyes, I can see his soul. I can't wait to meet him in person.

One other thing I wanted to mention is that the previous formation in which those statues were situated, have changed. Note: this is something we didn't expect. Anyway, Paula was journeying and found that the statue of Idavarion was now next to me/Protilius on the right hand side, whereas before it was all the way down the bottom. I have a theory as to why this has occurred. The theory is: Parathius was the 3rd to find his higher self and as he has said to me, "He is aware." Therefore, his statue has not moved. Idavarion on the other hand, is the latest addition to this awareness. How do we know? Because Idavarion found us before we found her. She did this by journeying and she is now the 4th to become AWARE.

I think it is amazing that, just as we are realizing that we are supposed to go out and find the TEN, a completely unexpected thing happens. And that is: Idavarion found us before we could find her. How cool is that!

Anyway, enjoy the new videos I posted on the main page, our story page and journal page. I was going to remove the video by Bat For Lashes but there's something about it. I can't remove it yet. I think it's because she reminds me of Paula (who will be coming home soon) when Paula sings. Paula can sing, too. Betcha didn't know that - LOL!!

May 10, 2009

It's funny because, after I archived the last journal entries and cloned this new page from the previous, I have had this song by Johny Cash in my head. I don't know where from, I don't listen to Johny Cash, but I decided to post the video of it that I found - and I kinda like it :) When Paula found the video, she said that I was off the hook, LOL! (to see that video - click here)

Anyway - I never thought I would be bringing video footage of UFO's to this site, but I never thought I'd be talking about aliens either (on this site) but it looks like that is going to happen - a ufo video posting! As I was talking to Paula on the telephone last night she got to see a ufo up close. Apparently, she was sitting on the front porch at her home outside Cincinatti with her mother, father, sister, son and daughter - who all witnessed it. Well, all of a sudden, Paula shouts, "Oh my God! Brendan, there is this massive orange glowing light and it's moving towards us." I asked her, "what shape it was and how big?" She responded, "It looks like an orange glowing mushroom cloud without the stem - that's how big." I then told her to grab her video recorder, but she was already on her way to doing that before I finished the words. So, as she's video taping this ufo that we will post on this site as soon as we get it transferred to a file, she described that the orange color would switch from top to bottom from time to time. In other words, it was a sphere and in order for the ufo to appear in the physical to us (to the naked eye) and abide by the laws of physics in this world, it had to act like a polarized sphere operating like a sine wave. And it would do this, Paula described: "Sometimes the top half would be orange and then it would switch and the bottom half of the sphere would be orange (while the top half would be darkened. However, she did describe that the top half, even though when it was darkened, there were blinking lights of all colors at the top. There was also a negative effect to her son. He started crying because he said he didn't feel good and that his legs hurt. So, at some point while Paula was aiding him, she turned to look back at the ufo and then it disappeared. Her son is feeling better now, even though I haven't talked to her sinse, I know this.

On another note: Remember in the last journal postings from April - early May and how we described how there were ten beings in a semi circle and that this is how they project and live their experience through the human form on earth? Well, I have meditated on the rest of those ten beings and have their higher self names. I did so, by going into journey mode while laying down in bed. By my side, I had a pen and a notebook. Each time I would get a name, I would sit up in bed and write it down. It took about an hour to do this. I actually only had to find 7 of the names because Paula had already found the third. I will be sharing the rest of their names in the I Am Dialogues. Paula found her name, Idavathian because in her journey's she found a group a statues with a large pyramid behind them. This is how she confirmed my higher self name, too - Protilius. Anyway, Protilius and Idavathian were amongst the beings represented in these statues made of stilsil - a crystal-like substance, full of life and consciousness, that their city is built with. This is how I found the remaining 7 names. 

Paula is into her fourth page as of last check and as soon as she sends it to me, I will be posting it. If you thought what I saw in the first part of the Dialogues was interesting or out there, you haven't seen anything yet.

Anyway, after I got the names of the remaining 7 beings, I switched gears and talked with my sister who passed away, a year and a half ago. I had some specific questions to ask her. One question was: "Protilius has said to Paula and I that we would be ready to come home in 2 earth years. Do you know exactly when I will be ascending?" She told me the exact date, which is more like a window and if she is correct, that time is sooner than later - much sooner. And, when she said this to me, she was so so happy because she can't wait to greet me :) I asked her about Paula's ascension date and I have that as well. I also asked her, "what, if anything is going to happen to earth in the next few years? I feel that there is supposed to be something big that is going to happen. Do you know what it is?" She replied in a very animated and dramatic way, (which she always did, even while in the flesh). She said, "Brendan, the world as you know it, is going to go absolutely crazy." What exactly does, "crazy" mean? I don't know but I could imagine. I will get more on this...

I have also continued the dialogue with our friend and visitor to this site who has asked us to find his higher self and help put him in touch with his higher self and his Twin Flame. Well, in my last posting about him, I wrote that I found pieces of his name but couldn't bring it all back. At that time, I had an N a PH and an X - which I knew was part of his name but couldn't get the rest - until the past week. I channeled his higher self once again and retrieved the rest of his name and his name is Nephilex or so I thought. In that recent conversation with my sister, I verified if I had his name correct and I asked her (my sister,) if I had the name of &#$@! &^%^*#@%$ correct? And, she said to me three times in full audio that it was NEPHLIX.

I wrote him back and told him about the news and he said that it sounded familiar to him, however, he just couldn't remember where or when he heard it before.

In my early opinion, regarding Nephlix - I believe - no, I KNOW he is a being from a dimension not unlike the one Protilius and Idavathian come from. This is not a layer of the onion scenario, it is more like a one dimension overlaps the other, scenario. Protilius has told Paula this, too. He said, "there are planets out there but where we come from is not a planet, it is a dimension and those dimensions, they overlap."

So, this is for you D :) You asked in your latest email who this woman was that came to me in a dream the other night. Well, she has rather long straight black hair. How long, I don't know because it disappears behind her shoulders. Her eyes are dark brown and when she looks at you, it would appear that she can see everything in you. Her complexion is light, but not too light - there is something else - is it Middle Eastern? I do believe that this is where she is from. She is very pretty, D. :) Hope this helps.

One other thing I think I should add is that now that Paula and I have the remaining names of the 8 beings, who are incarnate right now, I plan on finding them the same way I found Nephlix - only, in the reverse. Instead of working from the 3D to the top, this time I will be working from the top, down to the 3D in order to find where they are across this planet. Paula has actually seen the other 8 as they appear in the physical and as their higher selves and if it holds true, they appear to be from all over the planet. So, I've got quite a task :) 

Also, there are preparations being made in that place where we come from, for a celebration. What is the celebration? Not exactly sure just yet. However, in her journeys, Paula has found out first hand and by talking with the inhabitants, up there, that this is indeed to be the case. A big celebration will soon come.

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