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Collapsing Duality
By Brendan (Protilius ErmPhorus) 9/21/2014
The deepest wound I ever received came from making love and not war. But because I dared to love, that wound, yet, may have marked my body for life, healed my heart and soul for eternity.

Talking Frequency:

What does an IP address or telephone number have to do with your soul? Your soul, just like a telephone number or an Internet IP address, has its own unique identifier assigned to you at the moment of creation... and it is in the light spectrum, FREQUENCY SPECIFIC!

Did you know that Twin Flames commonly report an almost "electrical" charge or exchange of energy between themselves? The reason is FREQUENCY! Have you ever noticed that Divine Complements often report that when they connect they cause disturbances with cell phones, lights, Internet connections and even, on occasion... fire alarms? Frequency! Your frequency or exchange of energy will disrupt the frequencies of anything requiring...(drum roll) frequency! Have you ever noticed that when you are online or even in the grocery store and someone, for some reason, makes you feel repulsed and you cannot logically explain why? Frequency! While we are all indeed connected, the frequency of the person that is repulsing you is just operating at a frequency that is on the other side of the spectrum that you are operating at. They cannot help it because this is the one they were given at the moment of creation. Besides...they probably feel the same way about you. But they too have another like frequency out there. And that frequency they will only find in their Divine Complement.