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NEW - Protilius

It has been said that "Hindsight is 20/20." Well, contrary to popular belief, how do we create a future with "foresight" when we are focused on things in the past that we cannot change. To project our past into our present and future is not creative; of the creator; nor of creation. But when we forgive and let go of the past follies that keep our attention focused on looking in the rear view mirror of our minds, you may clearly see that it is foresight that is 20/20. When we learn to put the past in its perspective place and use it as a building block, instead of a stumbling stone, then the foundation for a successful future has been laid.

NEW - Protilius

Those people that challenge you like the blacksmith, are not there to dull your senses but to shape and sharpen your sword.

NEW - Protilius

Ever hear about how souls make contracts to come together in this physical reality? Well, here in this physical reality we are not just flesh, but spirit. And guess what? We are writing our soul contracts for when we come together again in the spirit. Our souls are writing us and we are writing our souls.

NEW - Protilius
How God sees us -

You think you are strong....stronger than me. Yet you are no stronger or more important than a single blade of grass which is no less significant to the sun that warms you. But I am you and you are me and I see our relationship together as equal. You know and believe it in your heart of hearts though that you are on top of your game...in control of your physical existence. Yet, why I am I always protecting you from you? Ever wonder why when you bomb the universe with your anger and ego, the universe does not bomb you in return? Ever wonder why when you turn your back on me that the sun still shines the next day? Ever wonder why when you curse the sky that it should not fall upon your head? It's because I am the one who stands by you lovingly, watching, waiting, covering you with my umbrella, so that one day you may grow to begin asking the same questions I do. And when you do, you’ll see yourself as no less significant to the sun or any more important than that blade of grass.

NEW - Protilius

Odysseus = Homer's Higher Self

NEW - Protilius

I have been called crazy by some people (my tf included) for the fact that I have gone public with my journeys and my visions about speaking directly with God. Well, you wanna know what I think is crazy? Waiting around all your life (lifetime after lifetime as a matter of fact) and believing that God is gonna save you when only YOU can do that…all the while complaining about how terrible this existence is! Ya know… that’s not just crazy, but it’s a “CONDITION” that ya need to have checked out! Am I joking? Nope. I saved myself by getting to know God…not through a church, denomination, bingo group, cult or some online course – but by knowing thyself, thy spirit and how to utilize it to transcend this physical body I find myself in and this place I reside today…which needs a lot of work. But one thing you should know is that when you meet your other half is that: if they try and change you, then that is not of God but the ego. Unconditional love is UNCONDITIONAL! And me: I am sticking to my guns and am in love with everyone.

NEW - Protilius

Why is it that when it comes to worship we tend to put so much focus on those parts of our bodies that are usually covered up by the fig leaf? If we are going to make worship with another and truly worship their body as a temple, then the entire body and soul should be our wonderland. In worship, there should not be one place upon the body that your lips are not afraid to cover with kisses, nor one corner of the spirit you are too shy to illuminate with love. Protilius~


After the realization of that there is no "quitting the path" there are only trials and tribulations. And those trials and tribulations are the soul work that will lead you back home.


Stay in a place of love, and perspective which is of the mind will set no limitations on your heart.

by Brendan

Never mind about reverse engineering a downed saucer… Instead, reverse engineer your soul! Throw out everything you’ve been told is the truth and learn your spirit. Do this and you won’t even need a ship to get from here to there. ~ Protilius


by Brendan

What are all of us ANCHORS to do when our boats have gone adrift? Give them the slack they need! Much like the birds migrate according to the seasons...flying north to south and vice/versa; so do boats always return to moor in the place from which their journey began. And when they come home, we'll be there same as we've always been; steadfast in our ways; firm in our beliefs; loving with our hearts; ANCHORS!

 by Brendan

A bull may be reckless and even mighty in a closet full of china just as a mouse can be a lion and roar in a house built of playing cards. But neither WALK on egg shells!

by Brendan

Teachers always told my parents that “your son…well…he is bright.” But they never used the word “smart” to describe anything about me. 
Now that I’m all grown up I tell my kids, “Your teachers…are not necessarily smart. For… if they saw you with the eyes that I do, I just might consider them bright.”

by Brendan (for Paula)

It’s lovely knowing that there’s not one part of your body I would not worship and cover with kisses from my lips; there’s not a single aspect of your soul that I would not illuminate with the all of my being your Divine Masculine; and there’s not one particle of your femininity, that is you, that I cannot lift you high enough up, to find the Goddess through.

by Brendan

When it comes to Divine Timing: Patience is like the long hand of the minutes to the short hand of the hours, and not on a calendar that is Gregorian, but rather… spiritually based in Divine Time. 

by Brendan

If you find yourself trying to pry up a shingle 
Upon somebody else’s roof, as an avenue 
To expose in them, secrets that lie only within you ~
Then you need not look any further than into
Your very own mirror, reflecting the naked envy 
That lies within a glass house for all to see through.

by Brendan

To dance tribally; make love carnally; pray esoterically and connect sacredly is to be fed by the breaking of the bread and quenched with the wine of The Royal Divine…Both of which represent your birthright and your bloodline!

by Brendan

To be able to have the sight to see, and choose not the eyes
To be able to have the heart to touch, but not with the fingers
To be able to have the ears to hear and choose the voices of those least heard
Is to be able to understand the ways of the spirit in Heaven ~

To be able to say it without saying it and convey with far more meaning
To be able to be this or that, not definable by race, religion or form
To be able to be neither here nor there and... yet, everywhere all at once
Is to be able to put a face to the abstract and the abstract to the norm.


by Brendan

Some choose to channel the dead, but I prefer to channel the living. And in channeling the living, I discovered a spirit world full of life.

by Brendan

While many are too preoccupied in contemplating that what they’ve earned that is material in nature and that they “can’t take it with them” when they die, I will spend my time building those dreams of the future in the here and now. For all of those creations will be waiting for me not when I die, but when I realize I am home.


We are not different

 We are all connected and working on the same puzzle - the largest puzzle of ALL TIME! When we came into being - in the physical sense, we found that there was not a one of us that could put the puzzle together by themselves. That's right... we needed others to connect with in order to make this happen. We had to look towards our soul mates for help and not by any conventional means of the term. Some of us found Twin Flames and some found Soul Mates. There is no bigger, better or best of any of those scenarios...no right or wrong! So...when we sit down and try to make the puzzle pieces fit, don't try so hard. Don't beat yourself up about it. In the end it will be you and me. One! 


The strength of masculine and the muscles of a man, will absolutely pale in comparison to the strength that is gained from the tears of surrendering in the face of the love of his Divine Feminine.


The Twin Flame relationship is the Super Bowl of all relationships. Only... the object is not to win - but to become ONE!



A man should not look down at a woman, Nor should he feel he must look up at her –
He only has to surrender the pedestal that has elevated his ego to ungodly heights So that the two may alas, see eye to eye.



Why engage in revolution, when we can have evolution -
When what is cyclical, revolves around  the solution.

Engage in evolution!

There’s something to be said about saying it, without saying it. 

When this happens, we are challenged to go within and instead of thinking with our minds, what it means, we have to grope and feel out the intention behind the words spoken by the one who said it without saying it. 

Not everything has to be spelled out and more is understood in the mystery of the "first thought."

Truth has always meant to be sought and not taught.

The Song of Creation has many a musician
But the duet between divine lovers
Is the score to Gods Grand Rendition.

Spiritual evolution does not happen in reverse. In other words: It is not up to the spirit self to become aware of the physical self. No...if not for the spirit, there would be no life in the first place. But rather, it is the souls goal for the physical self to become aware of the spirit self. Achieve this and we achieve the continuity with God.

The Poet and Poetess: Divine Rhyme
By Brendan - dedicated to Paula

There’s something complementary and divine about a rhyme
When phonetic ingredients form of a fanciful jingle
Or meter and metaphor are arranged in such a way
To come together as ONE, to dance and mingle –

There’s something divine and I know it, about The Poet
Who tailors his thoughts and feelings on love in a stanza
Weaving whimsical words backed by his wisdom
Clip art from the soul of the human extravaganza –

And alas- there is finesse, in that of The Divine Poetess
Who labors over her love of the craft, in glee and glory
Sowing the seeds of romance and renaissance
Post cards from one half of the whole, to a sacred story –

A story that star-crosses the poet with the poetess
An Empyrean love forged first, at ground zero of the Big Bang
Still spinning today, spectacular sonnets of their adulation
Crowning bliss from the beating hearts of yin and yang.

This is for you my Luv :-)

The artists are the fishermen, but only of imagination
Trolling the seas of thought, to catch an inspiration -

The branches of a tree are only branches to those of us on the ground
But to the spirit world, they are the roots, anchored high in the sky
And those roots that run deep in the soil beneath our feet
Are merely branches to the Tree of Life, that which our souls rely.

Shakespeare said "Love Moderately." I completely understand the logic behind this statement in his fictitious story of Romeo and Juliet. However, you tell that to any of the Twin Flames out there experiencing a soul connection with their divine love and we'll look at you as if you're mad. Is a magnet attracted to steel? Is divine masculine attracted to the feminine? Nobody can tell Twin Flames to cool it down! Not even Shakespeare!

Every time you pass by a complete stranger - it is a "close encounter"
"Contact" occurs every time you connect with a person of like-mind
But until you really come together in such a sacred way with your divine
There's nothing that can prepare you for one of the spiritual kind.

I think it's time we re-establish the protocols for Contact. I touched upon this in the article that I entitled - Contact. We should not be looking for the "cosmic cocktail napkin" of physical evidence for proof that we are not alone. We are them - Angels; Aliens and all! Contact will happen first, by ordinary people awakening to the fact that we are spirits and not just flesh.

The yin and yang of divine complements
Is represented by the polarities of 1 and 11 -
For when Twin Flames become one with The Divine
They manifest on earth, the love that is in Heaven.

What a WIN is perceived at in the physical is more often than not, a loss in the spiritual. That is of course, if we are paying more attention to the “Journey” we are traveling on the way to that win or loss. What comes out of either of those undetermined endpoints is unpredictable, unless we have a predetermined desire for either polarity.

What is more important, however, is what we learn while journeying to achieve either of those goals (positive or negative) and then asking why. Ask: Why be the winner or the loser when we can have balance!

Choices are the basis behind free will. Stop trying to show people the path and be that path – a living example of truth, without the intent of changing minds. The truth has always been a journey – one to be sought and not taught!

Heaven is nothing we can say
Either in written format or with sound
Heaven is nothing the scale will ever weigh
Be it - pound for pound

Do you ever feel sometimes like you've been paying it forward for so long that when finally...while on your knees and kissing the pavement... and at long last had EARNED THE SHIRT, that you had to give that up too?

Hierarchy or Divine Order - Hierarchy was manufactured in the minds of men. Divine Order was birthed by the love that is God. Hierarchy is of the ego, whereas Order has a natural process (not devised) - like that of the birthing process we know here in life and exists in the spirit as well. It's not about King or Queen or whoever has the most atomic bombs.

We're looking to find our way home... to God... through the order that is divine and lovely.

Hierarchy was devised for control issues. Divine Order has a natural process and has taken since the beginning of time to be realized now.

It's so damn hot today, I had to strip down to my spirit self. Went for a walk and got all kinds of crazy looks. It's like these people have never seen anyone with blue shimmery skin and great big EYES :-) So....then I decided to go for a ride in my air conditioned chariot of fire emitting loud, thunderous dins and billowing clouds of smoke.

The 11's are everywhere and in everything; I'm plugged in and the feeling is intense; my sense of smell - distorted! All telltale signs of: Here we go again! The powers that be are serving up an appetizer of spiritual hot cakes followed by a heaping bowl of enlightenment :) But if it's anything like the one in February, I will be hitting the McDonald's drive thru. You can count on it!

If hatred is your wind
Then love will be my gale
For when you blow against me
I turn that negativity around
And let positivity fill my sail -

US – because we fit so perfectly together
And the quilt that we’ve woven – part of the fabric of life
Represents our love and that we are forever -


Telepathy: the oldest/latest in wireless technology. Talk anywhere anytime with any being in the cosmos; free days, nights & weekends for all of eternity; no roaming fees if you get lost while astrally projecting and you get a direct connect with God.



The tug of war between who is wrong & who is right, boasted with our voices - is but the fickle courtship we play with balance and choices.


by Brendan

When living in the now doesn't quite do it for you, look to the future and manifest what you dream.


by Brendan
from the 12/30/2010 Journal Entry

Shutting down means, nothing gets in & nothing gets out. We close up and become spiritually toxic because our souls are now stagnant.


by Brendan

The push and pull of our existence requires us to embrace both love and pain. There is positive and negative - growth requires both.


There Is A River That Flows
by Brendan - 10/13/2010

There is a river that flows
Not into an ocean and not into a sea
But flows between the earth and sky
Filling the vastness of all eternity -

All through the layers of our beingness
From God; to our Higher Selves; to you and me
The river flows into our souls
Irrigating our hearts with sacred spirituality -

There is a river that flows you know
And it is not one of water, but one of love
Carrying with it from the ethers to the earth
Straight from the source, the light of God above -

Whereby our thirst for divinity may be quenched
By a river of oneness that is teaming and rife
For to drink from the pool that is fed with the flow
Is to drink from The River of Eternal Life.

I just wanted to share this latest poem. I hope you all like it. It rings a bell with me. Matter of fact, I tried to take a nap the other day and suddenly the first two lines in the first stanza came into my mind. Every time I layed down to nap, more of the poem kept coming in and so I just kept writing it down until I had "The River of Eternal Life."


Paints With Sound

The below saying was inspired by Sean who recently joined CollapsingDuality.Ning. Anyway...his screen name is Paints With Sound. When I saw that name, it got me to thinking :) Actually it reminded me of a poem I wrote many years ago, that is on this page, called: The Infinite Equation.

You paint with sound and I write with light. Let's make a band ;) Instead of a revolution that revolves and comes back 'round again, we'll make an evolution and step forward to another place and love it there...


Angels Guidance

Angels are not fortune tellers- they cannot tell us what will be- 
Yet, they guide us on our life’s path- as we evolve towards self mastery. 

Piercing the Illusion

The distance between the higher self and the physical you, is the distance one must travel to pierce the illusion in order to see through.

The above saying was inspired by something Paul (aka: Protharus) said to me about how he felt his higher self and his physical self were nothing alike or that his HS represented a part of him that he lacked.

Talking To Angels

If Angels can talk to people, then why can't people talk to people in the same spirited way that the angels do. 

When I wrote the saying above, I was thinking that if people could get in touch or reconnect with their spirit within, then why couldn't they, as long as they found another person who was in touch with their spirit within, talk to one another the way we talk with Angels or Higher Selves.

Think about it? If we can channel an Angel or Higher Self being, then as long as two people, right here on Earth have reconnected with their spirits, then they should be able to communicate, channel or journey to each other just the way the spirits do with us.

It takes two to carry out a conversation. Question is: will either one of those two, be AWARE enough to recognize that somebody is calling and pick up the phone?

A Yardsale for My Ego

I'm thinking of having a yard sale for all the crap in my ego. Only problem is, I have a funny feeling I'm going to be taking it to the dump 

Man: Only as Wealthy as The Most Impoverished
by Brendan

Even the wealthiest man, in all his pursuits of material greed is only as wealthy as the most impoverished person on Earth. That is why many of the financially wealthy living on this planet, keep on wanting more. They just can't distance themselves further enough from the grim reality knocking on their doors. However, in the greed or wanting for more, they still are unable to drown out the cries of their brothers who are in pain. What they do not understand is that the roots of their unhappiness lie within bellies of the hungry and homeless living in mud huts or out of cardboard boxes and not because the real heroes: their maids, pool cleaners, or landscapers cannot make the grass any greener for them on the other side.


by Brendan

If we are what we eat, then more often than not, we also believe what we are told.

That is why so many of us, without even realizing, are being fed a constant barrage of Big Macs and Whopper’s for a dietary supplement, to provide a filler for the anemia of truthful reporting, fed to us daily, by a mass media with a weight problem at the soul level.

It never ceases to amaze me how all they can ever deliver, are: 3 homicides, 2 car crashes, and 1 home invasion. Then, to conclude the 30 minute segment of shear, drive-thru inspiration, they leave us (the audience) in bated breath with a commentary about the atrocity that occurred, when a top celebrity model broke a finger nail while vacationing on her yacht. 

And they expect us to believe we just had a Happy Meal?

The Children of the I AM
By Brendan

In the cradle of her sacred womanhood
Growing are the Children of the I AM
Birthing the Father, the son and the Holy Ghost
Into every waking soul walking the planet
Who may pass through the chalice of her womb –

Through which the labor of this love
Will crown a new age of Queens and Kings
Of divine masculine and feminine energies
In one soul family, the Children of the I AM
Will come together and dawn their golden wings –

Where they will assume their place within the pyramid
To symbolize their ancient lineage in Heaven and on Earth
Only, this pyramid will be built from top to bottom
To emblazon the advent of our Holy Trinity
Delivered by our beautiful Mother, now in birth –

Crowning now, are the Children of The I AM
In the image of our Father and all that is good
And in the likeness of our Mother, with all of her
Beauty and righteousness, who has birthed to us, divinity
From the cradle of her sacred womanhood.


The Human Dream
by Brendan
added on 7/21/2009 - written on 8/17/1993

To be able to speak without a word
A silence as though it would seem
A sentence spoken in nothing but silence
Is the destiny of the human dream -

Walking without taking a single step
A stillness as though it would seem
But to take a leap into the all that is life
Is the rise of the human dream -

Singing without singing a solitary note
Unsung as though it would seem
A song sung by the voices of all angels
Is the harmony of the human dream.


Adulthood Expossed
by Brendan
added on 7/21/2009 - written on 6/18/1997

Adulthood is just a poor
Excuse for childhood
Grown men cry far more
Than any child ever could -

The only difference is that
Men have all the bigger toys
And the children are punished
For being bigger boys.


Unnamed  Poem
by Brendan
added on 7/21/2009 - written in summer of 1991

Rattling like morrocas, whirlwinds of autumn leaves
Shicking like the scissors of a sentimental tamorine
Bustling threaded needles, spinning spools of thread
Atop a mountain of white I had forseen the day
When man will speak without sounding said -

Rising in airs and pardoning the clouds
Sowing the strings of the celestial violin
Stardust raining in snows of universal light
Upon the reverb riding, I had beheld the day
When man will master out of body flight.


In The Moons of Our Faces
added on 6/19/09 and written on 13th of September, 93

There is the moon
In all of our many faces
Crescent in a harvest
Swelling tidal spaces -

While, gently on the shores
Of all human humanity
Artists paint the portraits
With a symbolic similarity -

Onto pages of air
And with shades of amber
We sculpt our busts
So we will remember -

Elders, people, the children
Of all beautiful races
And the look of whole
In the moons of their faces.


added on 6/19/09 and written on 8th January, 1993

Heaven is nothing we can say
Nor pictorially pronounce
Heaven is what the scale will never weigh
Ounce for ounce -

Heaven is nothing no muscle
or missile, will ever impact
Heaven is much higher than that
Worlds upon worlds as the matter of fact -

Heaven is nothing we can paint
Nor poetically metre
And Heaven is what the ruler will never measure
Mile or meter -

Heaven is nothing no prejudice
Will ever mislead
Heaven is far too pure
And everything and all, as much indeed -

Heaven is nothing we may sub-divide
Nor picket with a fence
Heaven's what the taxman
Will never be able to fine - cash or cents -

Heaven is nothing no portrait
Will ever represent
Heaven's area is the about
From where you have been sent -

Heaven is nothing we can storytell
Nor, ever really artistically describe
Because Heaven is what we were only 
Meant to feel, vibe for vibe -

Heaven is the area of all creation
The golden equation - the celestial sum
For, Heaven is much to everywhere
And it is this everywhere, I am from.


Circle of Life
written on August 20th, 2004
added on 6/19/09

Life is completed
Not in straight lines
But in circles
That so which, defines

Time on a scale
In experience we measure
Both in heartache
And in pleasure

But the mission for all
Really, is just the same
For that we return
From where we once came

Full circle we come
When we have learned
How human it is to desire
and still we yearn

Yearn for the truth
The truth of our mission
About why we are here
In this human condition

And, in that lesson
That so which defines
The meaning of life
Written not in straight lines -

But it is in circles.


by Brendan

Balance –
Life is not about the loss
And most certainly not about the win
But what you learn along the way
On your journey to the within

Know that when you are with
There will come a day when you’re without
There’ll be a high road and a low road
Yet somewhere in between is your route

When things seem to be the same
Know there will soon come sweeping change
Be like the wind and the water
Shape shift – and rearrange

Learn from life’s corrections
And what sent the waves roiling in your ocean
Notice the cause and effect of patterns
With each decision you set in motion

Why ride the peaks of life
Only to sink later, in its valleys below
Up and down like a seesaw that never stops
Will we ever find the straight and narrow?

Balance – I believe
Is when one attains peace in their soul
And quiets the noise in their heads
Do this and watch the world crumble around you
Witness your false façade as it is torn to shreds

Take out the would’ves, the could’ves
And the should’ves  - and let shine your new talents
Representative of one who is at peace
And has attained balance.


Running Man
April 22nd 2006

So I was off and running
I didn't know where or what from
But I had this funny inkling
From the collective whole of life’s sum

The cumulative negative
Never dealt with, never resolved
All came back to whip me
As the gears of karma so revolved

But the harder I ran
The harder the wind blew in my face
For it was the ego
I was neck and neck with, in a running race

And so I ran
Just as I had done so for all these years
Until one day this calling made me stop
And so I turned to face my fears

And there to my surprise
I saw my true self for the very first time
"You can't beat me," I shouted at the ego
And served him up another end rhyme

"I thought I could fool you," he declared
I shouted, "Once again you are wrong.
Just like you thought you could fool that runner, ehh
Now I'm gonna finish you off with a song"

But I had to marvel at how that runner
Which was ME, had never even left his mark
He never even put on his shoes
and how that kids car was still in park

All these years I thought I could escape
All these days living life on a limb
But not anymore, no not me
For now I am sprinting back to him

And I'm gaining momentum
Like color and sight with sound
And I can see myself clearer and clearer
Going back to myself in leaps and bounds

The rhythm is changing
The tide is turning, the sun is coming out
For isn't going back to The One
What living life is all about?

For today I shattered
The image of the ego in that which was the old me
For the runner who had never even left his mark
Has turned master of his destiny.


The Mansions of Life
by Brendan
(Written in the late 90’s)

I have lived in many mansions in life
But only one ever inspired me to write a poem
One which was built on a foundation of words
On which there stood a home –

A home that rose, a monumental three stories high
With just as many wonderful, if not more, gables wide
With Victorian era artifacts in Queen Anne rooms
In which many a generation lived and died –

In one room, I witnessed my family at Christmas
While peaking out from behind the parlor door
And through the pantry I found another family
That lived there a hundred and fifty years before –

In another room I came into contact
With a whole slew of strange and shadowy hosts
Some were very cordial, some were pleasantly polite
But others were downright spooky ghosts –

But as I wound my way up the back spiral stairs
Around and around to the second floor
Searching, searching for something, a passage
A portal, an opening to another door –

A door that spoke to me from down a long hall
And creaked open as if to welcome me home
A hall that seemed to go on forever and ever
As if I were passing through the Vatican of Rome -

And alas upon entering the room
In addition, to my amazement, that is my unearthly delight
I found the first six stanzas to this very poem
The last of which I so vehemently began to write -

I have lived in many beautiful mansions in life
But very few could I ever call my true home
But one which was built on a foundation of words
In this living, breathing, mansion of a poem.


My first attempt at poetry January 2nd 1991
by Brendan

'Tis the quilts of the earth
Twin the skin of a ball
So interwovenly wrapped
Our souls all in all.


Swimming With Sharks  May 6 2003
by Brendan

You silly grown men
Who swim with sharks
Who aim their bows and arrows
To hit material marks -

You stalk your prey
In this vast sea of life
With the eye of an archer
Like a spot on a knife -

And so you swim along
Gobbling up everything you see
And this is how it goes
When you're king of the sea -

So you silly silly men
Who practice materialism as a belief
A ticket for your own funeral
Is forged on dead mans reef -

For when the arrow is Kharma
You shoot from your bow
Full circle your doings come back
With one felt blow -

And when that arrow hits
A beginning and an ending, fuse
When the boomerang comes back
Time for silly men to pay their dues -

So you silly men that once swam
Will swim no more
Except only within the belly
Of a much bigger shark
Forever and ever more....

When I wrote this poem I was at a point in my life where I was making more money than I ever dreamed a guy without a college education could make. Yet it seemed the more I made with each raise, the further away I went from being my true self so to speak. It finally got to the point where it didn't make any sense because I was becoming increasingly unhappy. It seemed that I was in a sea with a bunch of sharks hungry for more and more and I was one of them. So I left that job and started over again before it killed me spiritually.


The Key To Sorcery Is The Manipulation of The Assemblage Point     2/21/06
by Brendan

Right about the same time I joined Zaadz, the Idea to pick up a Carlos Castaneda book hit me again. I was first introduced to Castaneda's teachings through a friend named Glen. Glen is an old spirit who told me about Carlos some years ago. I read him then but wasn't quite ready to grasp what he was trying to tell me on the sorcerers of antiquity. Now that I am 34 years old and reading his teachings of the sorcerers of ancient Mexico I now know the path I will take. But there is much more work to be done before I am ready to travel down that road.

That path is what Carlos describes as The Warrior Path. It is the path the ancient sorcerers of Mexico would travel to reach the active side of infinity. Eventually, in a sorcerers life that sorcerer would be given the opportunity to stay in infinity and never come back. It was a decision for that sorcerer alone and nobody else. But it was a real decision made with real energy and if that sorcerer would decide to stay in infinity that sorcerer would be gone for good and without a trace.

For most of us ( not all ) here on this planet we go through life feeling like life goes on forever and never knowing when death will knock on the door. The Sorcerers of ancient Mexico understood this and that is why instead of waiting for death they instead seeked out the active side of infinity. In other words they went to it.

For me, I am just starting out on my path to the active side of infinity. I haven't feared death since I was 17 when I had an event that landed me in that place most call heaven but the Sorcerers of Antiquity called Infinity. I've never forgotten it. Having been in Heaven changed me in every way shape and form. For now though, I have so much to do here on this planet before I am ready to seek it out on my own terms. My time is a ways away but will know when, I am sure of it.

The reason I named this entry "The key to Sorcery is the manipulation of the Assemblage Point," is because it is one of the ways the sorcerers of antiquity used to reach out into that infinity. The saying is one for you to repeat as you are either meditating or laying in bed and "intending" to master the art of dreaming - "The key to Sorcery is the manipulation of the Assemblage Point," But you should beware, if you are not ready to see the world as it really is, you may not want to "intend" any of this. You may want to read his teachings first in their entirety to be informed. Then you decide. I recommend it highly.

Why, you may ask ?  For one, all of my life I have been seeing that other world but without any control. That is to say, one night I could go to bed and nothing could happen but on the next night I may find myself staring face to face with a being who is obviously just as curious about me as I am of her. A being not from this planet. But the real question is how was I able to do this? And the answer today is still - "I don't know!" But when you read Castaneda's "Don Juan Teaching," and are ready to repeat the words, "The key to sorcery is the manipulation of the assemblage point," then you won't really want to know why - you will simply be able to do it. You will be able to go anywhere you want and see the world as it really is.

There are no words in any of the languages that I know to describe the active side of infinity. It is simply without words. All I can say is that if you pursue this you will be able to see or perceive energy as it really is and another world of beings out there who are just that - light beings. And most of the time you won't have to look to hard to find other life out there because most of the time they come to you out of curiosity because they are so amazed that a being of our planet has decided to do so. You might be found as sort of a novelty so to speak.


Painting God  -  April 12 1994
by Brendan

Moss pink
Gemstone jade
Burnt Sienna
Marmalade -

Red rose
Green palm
Tan diamond
Lucky charm -

Tacky velvet
Copper brass
Slanky chiffon
Beaded glass -

Yellow ochre
Olive Tree
I foretell
A Great City!

 Where...in the midst of august gardens, aspiring artists will be standing at awe, palette in hand -PAINTING GOD!


by Brendan

Whether or not he/she is a close Soul mate or Twin Flame is isn't that important in regards to sticking a label on your love. What is important is that you get to experience God through each other and the love you give.


The Kundalini Challenge  March 6, 2006
by Brendan

Lately, Arpana and I have been having some awesome exchanges of ideas on anything and everything. One of the things we both have in common amongst many is that we both have awakened that Kundalini. Yesterday, we decided it would be a good idea to compare notes on how we achieved it, yet to write them separately up to the blog post. Most remarkably, both of us achieved the kundalini without knowing what a kundalini was or any direction on how to get there. We do know this about each others experiences and I think that is both ironic and important. But our goal is to show others that it can be done and to see what we paths we took to getting to the "K" pinnacle. So here's my story on how I found mine.

I was about 19 or 20 at the time (1990'sh) and was going to college part time but with no real direction in what I wanted to be. To be honest, all I really wanted to do was paint and write but I knew that that wasn't gonna put the bread on the table so there was a lot of conflict within me on this. This was also about the same time I discovered meditation and its helpful ways.

So one day while meditating in an Indian style position on the floor in front of a candle, I tried something slightly different than I was doing. After about five minutes of quiet meditation I thought to start really concentrating on my breaths and creating a sort of rhythm. Then while breathing rhythmically I began to concentrate on my hands and fingers and decided to will intent into them. After awhile I felt a slight feeling of pins and needles in my fingers that increased to a vibration. On that day, as I recall, I ended the session with making both my hands vibrate.

Now, that to me, at the time I was at in my life was a big thing. This was amazing to me. I couldn't believe I could actually make my hands vibrate to the point where I couldn't even feel them. I remember thinking that if I could do that then maybe I could make my arms do that too and who knows what else.

So each day I went through the same procedure. The next day I was able to increase that energy up into my arms. The following day I achieved this state with my hands, arms, and feet.

Achieving the Kundalini happened to me in steps throughout days of practice that reached its pinnacle about a week or so after I started. Eventually I was able to bring my entire body to an amazing vibration that at times I could even hear. There was a sound element to it, although I can't describe it because it is too strange. I just wouldn't know how to put it into words. Maybe like a low hum noise.

After being able to bring my body into a complete and total vibration and being proud of that as I was, I had no idea what I was in store for when all of this energy just sort of exploded.

On that day, when the energy exploded, I brought myself into a total vibration through rhythmic breaths and willing the power to grow larger and larger within. Then, all of the sudden this energy just got a mind of its own and exploded in my middle, shot up my spine, and came out the top of my head. It was like a volcano of light - that's how I describe it. And while this happened it was the most unbelievable feeling of ecstasy I had ever encountered next to being in Heaven.

Right after it happened I remember standing up and feeling light headed and sort of blinded by the light. I couldn't even see right for an hour or two afterwards because it was as if somebody set a flash off in my eyes and all I could see were the remnants of it over and over again. It was a very powerful experience and having achieved a true Kundalini Awakening (even though I didn't even know what it was at the time) I knew that anything was possible.

I have read lately on other internet sites, that some people believe it is impossible to achieve the "K" without being taught to do so by an expert. I don't believe this at all. But I do believe that the Kundalini is not something to play around with. Responsibility is a good word for it and being as level headed as you can be, before trying this might be a really really good idea ;) After all, I am no expert. Nor do I know how it will affect each of us as individuals.


The Infinite Equation - 1992

To be able to draw what you hear
A sight so pictorial in sound
A rhythm sown with eyesight seen
Is the altitude of the profound -

To be able to taste what you feel
A taste so wonderful to the touch
A feeling sown tang to the tongue
Is deliciousness or so as such -

To be able to pronounce a picture
A sound so visual to the sight
A sight sown sound to the ear
Is the sound of brilliant light.


How The Assemblage Point Functions  February 28, 2006
by Brendan

Since my last post titled "The Key To Sorcery Is The Manipulation of The Assemblage Point," there has been some great progress in my overall understanding of how this all works. I can only tell you what I know as I have seen and experienced it. I have mastered nothing in respect to this topic but I am deffinitely using it more freely now. I'm getting to know it you might say.

For the first time I was actually able to watch this assemblage point in action. It happened two nights ago now and I entered this state through my regular sleep pattern. That is, I went to sleep and then became consciously aware in my sleep and then began my session. Note: there are 2 other ways of getting there that I know of..

I saw many things that night but one struck me as truly amazing - The Assemblage Point itself! Yes I have read about it in Carlos' books but I never thought I would be able to witness my own in its functioning state. My first impression of it as I watched it find its mark in the deep sea of awareness was that it actually seemed like it was mechanical in movement. It moved precise and direct. It seemed to be able to move 360 degrees in either direction and in an up down motion.

In the dictionary, Assemblage means "a work of art made of unrelated material," or "to assemble." It's no wonder to me that those Sorcerers would name it The Assemblage Point.

In this state, I looked at every single aspect of the Assemblage Point as it came off my being. I am going to try and explain how it looked to me as best I can: Picture the sail of a sailing ship. The center of your energy (while you are standing upright) would be the mast and the boom would be the assemblage point. This boom would extend off of your back just like the Shamans described it with a ball of light at the end even though the whole of you is light too. 

I can't tell you how, all I know is that I witnessed every aspect of the assemblage point. At one point I was inside of it. I also noted that as soon as I intended to see something that I hadn't seen before, this assemblage point would swing around (kind of like the boom of a sailing ship changing course, only much shorter in length) for the lack of a better analogy. Anyway, it was instantaneous. I would intend the thought and the assemblage point would kick in and somehow find the right spot to stop at as if it were guided by something else. But as soon as that assemblage point came to a stop a portal or window would open up to me and it's like my awareness would explode forward through that portal. It gives me the feeling I'm travelling at ridiculous speeds and then I stop and I am looking at whatever it is that I initally intended.

One of my wishes that I'll share is that I wanted to see if there were any children in my future. Just like all the other times, that Assemblage Point maneuvered around and stopped. A portal became apparent and then I exploded forward or outward and in the blink of an eye was staring at a child that was probably no more than 4 years old. This is my unborn son. I was amazed!

Just remember, some people are going to see these things as pictures or real time, some will hear them as voices and some will feel them. This is what is explained in the Don Juan Teachings.

On many occasions I just want to witness the energy fields that are so talked about. Just like the time before I "willed" it or "intended" it to be and I am off. Now the energy fields for me are practically indescribable. I've thought of how to describe them best but it's impossible. I liken it to trying to write an essay on the landscape of a cloud. How does one describe a cloud? You might say they are fluffy but not all of them are. You might say they are white but not all are. After that, what are you left to say...

So to describe energy I will give it my best shot. I've seen I would say a half dozen distinct types. The most amazing of which looks like the colored Jimmies you put on an ice cream. ( sorry, but I told you it's hard to describe) They are every color imaginable and they are everywhere. And when you go to them its as if you are swimming in them. Another interesting type is the light blue orbs. Unlike the Jimmies, these are all aligned perfectly in rows like a well thought matrix. I viewed them as being light blue against a black back ground and they are countless in numbers. They seemed to me about the size of a basketball at arms length. Another one that stands out is the wavering blue/white energy that looks like sheets blowing in the wind or the Aurora Borealis on a good night.

In the next post I will go more in depth on how to get to this state. Again, I can only tell you what works for me at this point. Things are still changing as I learn more. I don't know how this will pertain to each of us as individuals or rather what another person has to do to achieve these results. But the Sorcerers did say, that each of us has the Assemblage Point and what was that key???



Say Whatever - 1997
by Brendan

Say whatever comes right off the top of your head
Kinda' like the wind blows the snows from the tops of peaks of mountains
And settles in the valleys below, only to rise again to form clouds
And fall again as snow -

Say whatever comes to the tip of your tongue
Kinda' like when waters babble in a brook that becomes a stream
And then a river, only to fill the air with life giving moisture
That falls to the Earth as dew, that will form a brook, that will form a stream,
That will form a river -

Say whatever shoots through your mind
Kinda' like when a shaft of light passes through an opening in a cloud
And casts your shadown across this concrete jungle and for a moment
You appear larger than life, for a single momentous moment, your words - like bullets
Pass through open matter - nothing stopping them -

Say Whatever

I wrote this back in 97' and was in a writers cramp. What it was was that I was trying to hard and simply thought "Say Whatever." That was all it took to start again.


The Role That Patterns Play in Our Lives - May 21st 2008
by Brendan

How to recognize patterns in our past so that we can apply them to our present and future.

Do you find that there are patterns in your lives that repeat themselves? Maybe it's a string of lost jobs, a destructive cycle of relationships gone bad or even recurring conflicts that come up again and again in your life. Have you ever thought the universe is trying to tell you something and that maybe instead of looking at these events as hardships, maybe we could look at them as a chance for opportunity? The fact is - just noticing these patterns is half the battle. Simply being aware of them brings us one step closer to rectifying these patterns and affords us the opportunity to achieve the balance the universe has been showing us all along.

I should mention that there is one thing to remember - by simply being aware of our past patterns, makes us responsible for our future actions because now we are no longer a fledgling's and will be expected, by the basic laws of spirituality to take great care in your future endeavors. No longer being naïve to our past patterns, the repercussions that come from failing to capitalize on future possibilities is much more painful. I have been watching the push/pull of the universe my whole life.

Ever since I was kid I have noticed these patterns. I clearly remember that whenever I would do something wrong, that I knew in my heart was not right; it would always come back to me in 3's. And I always knew that before the universe even took the appropriate corrective measure to restore balance in me that, "it was coming." Not only could I feel it, but I could see it - or perceive it as a black cloud. I even remember asking my mother if she could see "the cloud," but she just thought it was my imagination. And whenever that cloud would come to me, I knew it wasn't good. But that's the way I viewed it when I was a child. Nowadays, I view it as an opportunity to learn and move on to the next level. Yet, even today, I miss opportunities and being responsible for simply "knowing," make it painful at times.

I believe that by recognizing these patterns of our past we can not only be prepared for what's happens in our present but also what to expect in our futures. I would love to stay in the "now" all the time, but in examining mistakes made in the past, I know there will be the possibility in the future to right those wrongs...and I will be damned if I'm going to miss that opportunity.

How about patterns that tell us of things that have yet, to happen? I know plenty of people that receive these patterns before something of significance occurs that changes their lives forever. I myself have them quite often. I guarantee you that all you have to do is look into your past events that occurred to change your life and you will find something repetitive. These patterns are there. It doesn't take a psychic to recognize them but someone who is simply "aware," or sensitive to how the universe is working and what it is trying to forewarn you of.

I have a very close friend and every time (bar none) that somebody close to her is going to die, a bird flies across the windshield of her car. This is a recurring pattern and she recognized it when she was quite young and has used it to prepare herself. Just a few weeks ago, it happened again to her. Now, somebody close to her is lying near death. She's very good in recognizing the patterns of her near surroundings because she is paying attention to them.

For me, I've recognized many types of patterns (both positive and negative) in my own life, but mostly I am sensitive to the ones that affect the world at large. For instance, every time an event happens that touches a lot of people in a negative way, I get sick. It usually begins a day or two before the event and then gradually subsides in the days after. Sometimes, I even dream of the event just before or even while it is happening. When I dream of the event while it is happening, I usually dream it through the eyes of somebody who is "on the scene." For instance, the latest round of tornadoes to hit the Midwest - I dreamed through the eyes of somebody who lived through it... and let me tell you, that was a nightmare. Then, the next morning I wake up and watch it on the news.

So, what do we make of the patterns that forewarn us of future events? As you can see in the two above examples there is not much that my friend or myself could do to change the outcome. Yet, simply being aware of these patterns can prepare us and someday forewarn others of anything else that may be coming down the pike.

In wrapping this up - I believe that the recurring patterns of our lives are leading in one direction - towards absolute balance. Whether it is a traumatic event that happens to us alone, or our society as a whole, the universe is taking the measures that it has to, to achieve balance. In other words - something is off and a correction is taking place. Sometimes we will be able to capitalize and learn from patterns and sometimes we will not. Sometimes we will learn from patterns and be fruitful, other times they may bring us to our knees. Achieving balance individually and as a society is supposed to be a learning experience - and it ain't always gonna be pretty.


Dead Spaces
A Halloween Poem
written - 9/3/01

Houses with dead spaces
Can only mean no Good!
Spaces long since boarded off
With rotten pieces of wood ~

Whether it be a musty closet
Beneath some rickety old stair
Or the void under a child’s bed
Where shadows disappear ~

Perhaps that hot, stifling, corner of attic
That festers high up in the eves
Of some French style Mansard home
From where the lost spirit grieves ~

Or a dank, stank, cob-webbed corner
Of some creepy crawlspace
Of a chamber only accessible through
A secret door, disguised as a bookcase~

Spaces long since boarded off
By rotten pieces of wood
So make no bones about it
Houses With Dead Spaces
Can only mean NO GOOD! 

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