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The Sacred Sexual Union of Twin Flames
by Paula ~ 11/8/2008
The Ten, Their Totems and The Spire
A Spiritual Journey by Paula

This journey is the second one performed by Paula. In her first journey, she journeyed to that city where we are from and found a group of statues – 10 of them – and Idavathian was there to show her. In this journey, which she intended to be a meditation on her power animal, Paula once again ended up at the statues made of stilsil and the pyramid.

We were both lying down in bed, when the journey began. Paula had just finished her pre-meditation ritual of saging herself and the room. Then she would “intend” her body to become light and act as a receiver of information. I was actually reading a book and knew that Paula was up to something. She laid there with her eyes closed and arms out. The room was full of sage smoke. Then, all of a sudden, when she turned her palms upward, I knew something interesting was about to happen. I recorded in pen & ink, her journey.


Paula: “Oh my God!”

Brendan: “What is it,” I said and book marked the book I had been reading.

Paula: “Well, I intended to go see my power animal and now I am back at the statues made of stilsil.” Note: Stilsil is a Selanite Crystal looking substance that all things are constructed of, on The Plains.

Brendan: Sitting up in bed, I reached for a pen and notebook and said, “Tell me what you see.”

Paula: “Well, I am standing sort of in the center and them – the statues, which are very tall, wrap around in semi-circle formation.”

Brendan: “Is the pyramid in site?”

Paula: “Yes, the pyramid is just behind them and it is massive.”

Brendan: “How about the spire that you described in your last journey?”

Paula: “Let me see. I have to turn around. Yes. It is there.”

Brendan: “Can you describe it for me?”

Paula: “It is very tall and looks like the Washington Monument. Only, this spire shimmers with energy and is not as perfectly etched. This city within a city is circular and has multi levels. The center is wide open and this tall spire rises from the ground – up and is higher than the building I am in.”

Brendan: “Okay, let’s go back to the statues.”

Paula: “I’m there.”

Brendan: “The last time you were there, you found the name of your higher self which is Idavathian. Next to her, you said you saw my higher self. Walk up real close and see if you can read me the name that is engraved on it.”

Paula: “It says Protilius. Let me take a look at the one on Idavathian’s left.”

Brendan: “Okay. Good work. You just verified my higher self, name.”

Paula: “Get this - the name engraved on this one says, Parathius.”

Brendan: “Awesome! Now, describe for me if you will, what these statues look like?”

Paula: “Well, the males look just like you and the females, with the exception of Idavarion all have long black hair. Idavarion has no hair. The males have no hair as well.”

Brendan: “How tall are they?”

Paula: “Hard to say, since I am looking at statues but they seem to be representative of how our higher selves look. The males stand between 5 and 5 ½ feet tall and the females stand between 6 ½ to 7 feet tall. However, these statues have to be at least 30 feet tall. It’s hard to tell because there is no point of reference.”

Brendan: “Are they wearing what our higher selves usually wear?”

Paula: “Yes. The females have this tight blue, almost spandex like uniform and are dawning capes that come all the way down. The males are wearing similar outfits, only their capes only come down to the backs of their knees – much shorter.”

Brendan: “Nicely done. Good information.”

Paula: “Hold on for just a second. I want to take a walk around this pyramid.”

Brendan: “Okay.”

Paula: “I’m walking around this pyramid now and I see, off in the distance, another group of statues. I can see that there are ten of them, as well.”

Brendan: “Let me know when you’re there.”

After a few moments of silence, Paula begins again.

Paula: “I’m getting closer now. These are not the same beings. These statues look like – like some sort of animals. Very strange and kind of scary as well.”

Brendan: “Describe them as best as you can.”

Paula: “Brendan, these things are creepy. I don’t think I like this. Where your statue would stand, there is this beast of a creature unlike any creature seen on Earth. Its mouth is open and has all these teeth – many rows of them.”

Brendan: “Wow! What do you feel they represent?”

Paula: “I don’t know, our higher selves??? Brendan, I don’t want to stay here too long.”

Brendan: “Okay, let’s get you out of there. Why don’t we head back to where you started and see if we can find anyone else.”

Paula: “Good idea.”

After a short break and some discussion, Paula is back at the statues, where she began the journey. I am journaling everything she sees and helping to guide her through the experience.

Brendan: “Okay, so you’re back at the statues. Remember when you turned around and could see the tall spire resembling the Washington Monument? I’d like you to go through the doorway in which you can see this spire, through. When you do, look around for life.”

Paula: “I already see some beings. Two males. They seem to be bartering. They don’t seem to care much about my being there. I am outside now and am walking down that ramp that I described to you in my last meditation. This ramp, spirals all the way around and gradually descends to the bottom or base where the spire rises up. All along this ramp there are doorways to large rooms – large arching doorways and there are beings in all of them.”

Brendan: “Can you tell me what they are doing in those rooms.”

Paula: “Well, I am at one doorway right now and there is a being sitting at a table.”

Brendan: “Go up to him and talk to him.”

Paula: “How do I talk to him?”

Brendan: “Just like you would strike up a conversation with anyone else. Simply go up to him and ask him some things. He’ll hear you.”

Paula: “Okay, here I go. I’m walking up to him and he has a pile of these crystals – more stilsil? They look like selenite crystals.”

Brendan: “What’s he doing with them?”

Paula: “He seems to be putting his hand up to them and illuminating. Do you know that palm chakra where the gemstones are on their hands? Well, he takes a single crystal with one hand, puts it up to the gemstone in his other, and sends light into it. Once the crystal stays lit, he puts it down in another pile.”

Brendan: “Does he see you yet?”

Paula: “He just turned around and smiled at me. He has that infamous Protilius smile.”

Brendan: “Ask him who you are?”

Paula: “Who am I? What is my name?”

The being: “You know who you are.”

Paula: “He’s laughing because he thinks it’s a silly question.”

Brendan: “Ask him again.”

The being: “You’re Idavathian.”

Paula: “He says I am Idavathian. Did you get that?”

Brendan: “Yes. Ask him how old he is.”

Paula: “How old are you?”

The being: “What’s old?”

Paula: “He’s laughing again. He looks like Protilius when he smiles in that mischievous way.”

Brendan: “Ask him where you can find Protilius.”

The being: Getting up, he takes Paula by the hand and says, “come with me.”

Paula: “Oh my God, Brendan. He’s touching me.”

Brendan: Okay, try and relax. I know this is an amazing experience. Tell me now, what’s he doing?

Paula: “He’s got me by the hand and he’s taking me somewhere. We’re going back outside and heading down the ramp.”

Brendan: “Hang in there. Don’t be scared. I’m right here. If it becomes too much, just open your eyes.”

Paula: “We’re now at the bottom of the ramp and – oh my God. I see the Ten beings represented in the statues. They are all laying down on tables.”

Brendan: “Are they positioned the same way as the statues?”

Paula: “No. They are in a perfect circle. I guess this is how they operate. He’s taking me over to Protilius.”

Brendan: “What’s Protilius doing?”

Paula: “He’s just laying there with his eyes closed. The being – he is leaving now. This is so amazing, Brendan. I wish you could see this.”

Brendan: “This is an incredible experience, Paula. Great work!”

Paula: “Uh oh.”

Brendan: “What?”

Paula: “Protilius is getting up and coming over to me. You didn’t tell me Protilius’ skin shimmered with this crazy energy. He is amazing. Oh my God. He just picked me up and is carrying me over to Idavathian. Oh wow!”

Brendan: “What’s happening?”

Paula: “Brendan he just laid me down inside of Idavathian. WOW! I am literally laying inside of her as she is spread out on the table. This is so strange, yet it feels nice – peaceful.”

Protilius: “Congratulations! You found your way home.”

Paula: “Brendan, this is so amazing. Protilius just spoke to me. His voice sounds kind of strange, but I can hear him.”

Brendan: “What’s happening now?”

Paula: “Oh wow, we’re getting up. Idavathian and I – as one, are getting up. This is so cool. She just stepped back outside of me and is now standing next to Protilius. She smiled at me. We’re separate again.”

Brendan: “This is incredible stuff. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Ask him what they do while laying on those tables.”

Paula: “What are you doing while laying on those tables?”

Idavathian: “This is how we live our experience through you, as extensions. I wanted to live the journey you are making back to your home and experience it through your perspective. This is very important, what you have both just done.”

After Paula relayed that information to me, from Idavathian, I gave Paula the next question to ask.

Paula: “Brendan told me to ask you why you incarnate through us.”

Protilius: “We incarnate for the souls purpose of experience and to bring back life force. By incarnating into the physical realm, we grow. If you would like, Brendan, you can ask me direct as you are a physical extension of myself.”

Paula: “He just told me to tell you to ask him direct and that he can hear you because you are a physical extension of him.”

Brendan: "When Paula first arrived, tonight, she walked around the pyramid and found these statues of these beasts that appear very animal-like. What are these?"

Protilius: "On Earth, you might call such things, 'totems.' Here, these statues represent the other side of ourselves. While we are peaceful, sometimes there is a need to exercise this other side."

Brendan: “Okay. How about sex? Do you and Idavathian have sex?”

Protilius: “Of course we do. You and Paula have seen us both have sex in your dream state and will experience this firsthand, in the future.”

Brendan: “So, is this how you make children as well?”

Protilius: “No. We have sex to show each other our love and appreciation of one another. When we created our first eight children, we made them like this…”

Paula: “Oh my God, Brendan. They are getting ready to do something. They are standing side by side at arm’s length of one another. They just touched their palms together – where those gemstone chakras are.”

Brendan: “Tell me what you see.”

Paula: “Oh wow! They are showing me how they create children. They are literally creating a bubble between their hands and in that bubble of blue light, I can see a small child inside. The child looks like the ones I described to you in my first visit.”

Protilius: “Do you see how we create life? Well, just as easy as we create life, we can delete it.”

Paula: “That’s it. He closed his hand and the image of the child is gone – poof!”

Brendan: “Simply amazing! Protilius, here’s another question. Are we doing the right thing by sharing our stories on the internet with other people?”

Protilius: “It’s okay. However, most of the people will not believe you yet.”

Brendan: “Is this a common thing to do what we have just done? What I mean is: Have any other people connected with their higher selves the way we have just done, with you?”

Protilius: “It will become very common. Soon, there will be many. For now, it is just the two of you.”

Paula: “He’s telling me that we are royal and that we think we know ourselves, but we still don’t completely understand.”

Brendan: “What??? We know ourselves very well.” Suddenly, just as I said this, Protilius’ voice came in loud and clear.

Protilius: “If you know yourself so well, then why did you spend 2 days on the internet looking for a picture of me, when you knew there wouldn’t be one?”

Paula: Paula laughed. “Oh wow, he knew you were on the internet looking for him. Too funny.”

Protilius: “What are you laughing at,” he said to Paula. “You thought you were Pleaidian.”

Paula: “You’re right. We don’t know. That’s why we come here to you – for answers.”

Protilius: “We love you both – you are Royal. We will be here when you need us. This is enough for now. You’re little minds have absorbed enough.”

Paula: “That’s it. Everything just went black,” Paula said, opening her eyes to look at me. “Thanks Protilius. That was awfully abrupt.”

Brendan: Leaning over to Paula, I said, “Great Job,” and gave her a kiss.

End of Journey

Twin Flames, Birthing into Oneness
by Paula ~February, 2009

Back on September 10, 2008, Brendan wrote about us being guided. I enjoyed what he wrote. He is a much better writer than I am. (Brendan says: Disagree!) I would like to expand on what his writings with some thoughts of my own on growth.

I have come to realize as these experiences and dreams occur that we’re in another growth process. It seems just when we think we’re comfortable in our Twin Flame relationship the universe pushes us further to knock us off balance. Sometimes I think it’s purposeful to keep us growing.

Our growth as a couple is tremendously wild and fast. We wanted to go slow but that’s never happened in any way. We’ve been on a wonderful magical roller coaster. Sometimes we’d like to jump off, but we don’t.

The best way I can describe the process is this. It feels like giving birth to a baby. You’re happy you’ve gone into labor. It’s such a relief to know you’ll soon be much lighter and have an easier time getting around. The labor begins and at first, you feel small contractions. You think to yourself, “Wow, this is great!” The contractions become stronger and closer together. This is when you think, I don’t know if I can do this. You know you must continue because there’s no turning back. Now you’re in pain. The baby is pushing itself out. You start screaming, “Get this thing out of me!” You want drugs or to be numbed. You’ll do anything to stop the pain. Let’s say you don’t use them. The labor is so intense. You feel on the verge of death. Now the baby starts to crown. You’re so excited, in excruciating pain, and have mixed feelings about loving and hating this experience simultaneously. When he’s born, you feel blissful that a miracle just happened. Nothing is better than this. In a Twin Flame relationship, you may feel this birthing repeatedly.

Part of this guidance has taught me that if we stay in our comfort zone, growth doesn’t occur as rapidly. Knocking us off balance pushes us further to seek out answers and ask more questions. I believe this growth helps us evolve into our full potential. Fear can sometimes make you want to run. Running is not the answer in our case. If we ran, it would mean our death. We feel this physically, mentally and spiritually. We’ve done this and nothing has ever felt worse. We just need to remember that God knows and we don’t. We need to trust our inner wisdom and follow that. Our heart knows what our heads try to make us run from.

I’ve noticed another thing about being guided. When our hearts feel blissful and our intuition says, “Just do it,” then that’s what we do. What I mean is this. I’ve taken off to his home 900 miles away on the spur of the moment only to text him I was coming. We’ve planned a night before to meet half way to see each other. We’ve broken many of man’s rules and our families opened up like no other’s I’ve ever heard of in history. I wish I could expand on that but at this time I won’t. That’s something Brendan and I will write together when we’re living with each other. This is a whole story in itself.

We’re also being guided through our dreams, visions, intuition, and our works of art and poetry from the past. There have been so many nights where neither of us gets any real rest from dreaming. These dreams are one right after another. They don’t make much sense sometimes and other times our dreams are like locks and keys to one another. I have one part and he has the other. When we share these dreams, we can figure it out. We are amazed this happens and it happens frequently these days.

Visions we’ve shared have also share the lock and key. Like Brendan stated in his article yesterday, he drew those twin symbols over a decade ago and I saw a vision in P-Town back in May that lead me to draw those twins in July. I drew them repeatedly until I felt as if they were right. When I emailed them to him, I did not think twice about it. Then when I was visiting him, I saw his art and I was humbled by the resemblance of his and mine. We both had visions as children playing together since we were young. When we shared this with one another, we found there were so many commonalities it was the same experience. Then there was the vision of the psi attacker. We both saw him the same night. Our visions are something we take seriously and pay attention to. They have showed us many things to let us know we are connected. They keep us knowing we’re always one.

Our intuition is something we have both had many challenges with lately. We are learning to trust one another's intuition. This is the most current phase of growth and being guided. I know when Brendan has told me something is not right with a person my radar doesn’t seem to kick in. For instance, I thought this group of people who were our friends was to be trusted, only to find that there were a few in the group who only wanted to cause us trouble. This caused a big heartache in the end. I wanted to believe that all people have great intentions but sometimes they don’t. I should know better since I’m a psychiatric nurse. I have my radar on at work but not much of the rest of the time. I especially don’t have it on when I’m with him. I’m only focused on us. He then makes me aware of things to protect us. I know one day I’ll listen. (LOL, the Leo in me is stubborn).

His challenge is equally as difficult in the area of intuition. For example, we were going to rent this place and we were all excited about it. We talked about it all evening. When we went to bed, I woke up in the middle of the night. I was terrified. Everything about the house I thought was so right initially was immediately so wrong. Brendan didn’t understand and why would he after we both were so excited and definite on this place. We were at odds and this was definitely new to us since we’ve agreed on practically everything up to this point. For days we were not happy. He wanted it and I didn’t. He liked the location and so did I. It was ripping me apart. Finally, a few days later I found a house before going to work. I emailed him. It was only a few blocks from the other house we looked at. It was perfect. Both of us agreed this was the one. It’s roomy for our big families which is important. I wanted to have some place to grow as a family as well as have my family and friends are able to visit without paying the high price of hotel bills in a resort town. It was intuition that kicked in that night. We’re renting starting 11/1. Imagine that! However, if you add that 1 to the 2 and 8 in the year 2008 - you get another 11 which equals 11 11. There’s a set of numbers for you.

Many things guide us, including our spirit mother. I’m not sure if that’s what she is. We’ve discussed her being a spirit mother but we’ve also wondered if there is such thing as a TRI-Flame. If anyone has experienced this, let us know. She has been showing me things through dreams. We’ve touched on this a little in the past. Our spirit mother (Elloweina) is one entity who is such a comfort when she guides us. You know she keeps telling us both 11 is important and we are one. We’re still figuring her out.

Being guided is a very difficult process. It’s one of complete trust in what you feel, see and do. It’s also learning to trust a person with whom your connected with and what they’ve been guided to also. When you’re not used to fully trusting a person and you’ve found your Twin Flame (Tri-flame) it can feel like the whole birthing experience. We’re at the time when the baby is crowning and it’s all those mixed up emotions at once. Our birth is coming and the miracle is here. We know it’s worth the pain to go through all we’ve been through. I’d be willing to do it again, knowing what I’ve experienced already. I can only imagine with eager anticipation of what has yet to come.
Soulmates/Twin Souls by Paula
May 11 - 2008

Have you ever met someone who you've thought you've known before? Have you ever instantly became best friends with that someone you seem to have so much in common with? Do you feel powerful and more alive than ever when you're with that person? Do you feel that persons presence even when you're not together? Have you ever thought that this soul and yours have merged in the bliss of an eternal friendship?

I never thought I'd feel those things or even really knew they could exist until a few months ago. Its an amazing thing to find that someone. My definition of that person is called your soul-mate. Let me share some of my thoughts about my soul-mate, Brendan and myself. Please respond if you've ever experienced something similar. I've researched on this subject and so has Brendan and we've not found anything as of yet to match our experiences.

First of all, from the very beginning when I met Brendan, I had this instaneous feeling that I'd known him always. Maybe he's a friend of a previous incarnation. I felt very near to him. He's been a noble, true friend from the beginning who inspires, guides, and serves me. What I mean by serves is plainly this: when he gives truly of himself and I do the same, we have such rewards ten-fold of receiving back everything that we gave to begin with.  

When I feel his presence I feel my soul shining brightly. My heart feels full and my body is energized. I can experience his feelings even when I don't see or talk to him for awhile. When he has a feeling, the powerful energy reaches within me and I feel it too.  

I've also noticed that everything about my soul-mate appeals to me. It's such a strong attraction. I've thought many times that maybe one lifetime wasn't sufficient to achieve what we were destined to achieve. Now we have a chance in this lifetime to finish our journey. I noticed that my hearts thirst for what I've been looking for all my life has finally been quenched.

The universe also confirms this many times daily with all the synchronicities we share. You can read past blogs Brendan and I have written about soul-mates to understand this.

At first, Brendan and I wanted to run from each other from time to time because it was so frightening to find someone who could reach inside your heart/soul so quickly. It was like an inborn, unconditional love at first sight (or not cause we met online and didn't know what one another looked like). It was a union of the souls in harmony that kept growing deeper and deeper.  

As our love increases, the spiritual union increases and our physical conciousness decreases. The human love we share is evolving into what I've read as a divine love. We've realized that we do not love each other as human bodies, rather as spiritual bodies. Our souls love as our human bodies feel this and we grow in love both ways.

I've also noticed his magnetism drawing, uplifting me and expanding the power of my spirit. The inspiration is like a heavenly daydream. I feel so powerful and alive. I'm intertwined in bliss and divine love when I feel his magnetism.

We've formed a deep friendship that nothing can destroy... and believe me catastrophy after catastrophy has occured to test this. We have a friendship that increases constantly. Our friendship brings out the hidden feeling and reason within us making us better and becoming more perfect within ourselves.

As we continually rise above this physical plane into the spiritual bliss of our twin souls, we know we're One.  
A Tale of Two Past Lives
Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Usually when I decide to post something in my blog I try and put me in there. After all, this is what I know best. I suppose I could comb the web for articles about all the things that interest me to share with you but my life, as of late, is just too damn interesting not to share. This is the most important time of my life - right now! Besides, Collapsing Duality gives me a medium to record all these important things that are transpiring in my life - like a journal of sorts. Whether or not what I write can touch off some insight in another, is just the icing on the cake :)

For those of you have read some of my past blogs, you know that I am currently in the middle of connecting with what most people would define as a "Twin Flame." I would actually prefer not to call it anything but most of what I've read would indicate that that is exactly what I am in - and the universe keeps unfolding before me, showing me new things all the time. This string of consecutive synchronicities, I believe, has paved the way for a deeper understanding between my twin flame and I. One that I never expected.

It all began while thinking about all the synchronicities that have happened to us - signs that point to something much more special than I've ever known. I know the universe is doing this for a purpose and will continue to do so into the future, but what about the past? Pondering that question I began to think of the oldest memory that I have. Immediately I was taken back to that little girl who was wearing a dress. She stood on the front lawn of an old house before a group of tall trees. There was a driveway of sorts with worn down grass that ran in betwen the grouping of trees and the house, itself. The feeling I had while seeing that little girl, was that this was me, a long long time ago. I also remember seeing this same little girl in that same dress admiring a grouping of flowers with a well beyond those flowers on the other side of that house.This memory I have is the oldest one in my mind. I used to ask my mother about it when I was young but she couldn't make heads or tales of what that was all about. What I do know is that this memory, technically should not be there or at least it is not a part of anything that's gone on in this lifetime.

So...on that note, I decided to ask Paula (my twin flame) what her oldest memory was, without telling her mine ;) I wanted her to go first. So she began to tell me that she's had this recurring dream of a little girl and a little boy playing in the yard - then she went on to describe everything that I just put down and much more. She described the girl in the dress exactly how I remember it and then went on to describe the area of the yard, where I remember seeing that little girl. She even described a little boy who she was playing with and that they seemed to share this very tight bond. This area of the yard, was their favorite place to play - under the trees. She told me that their names were Bud and Kiddie. Every time, Kiddie would get too close to the well that was in the yard, Bud would come over in hysterics with tears rolling down his face and get her away from the well. He was scared for her. Paula got the feeling that it was as if Bud knew something that she didn' if he was somewhat more aware and she was just a happy go lucky little girl. When Paula described what transpired between the little boy and girl, by the well, it was as if I had the wind knocked out of me. Tears rolled down my own face because what she described sparked something in me that I had forgotten. In other words, this is not something I remember like the memory of the girl in the dress but when Paula described what happened it all came back to me.

Whatever the case, my twin flame and I are able to describe the same house with the same yard. Paula got the feeling from this recurring dream that the little girl was supposed to be her only she never gave it much thought until I asked her to think real hard about anything that stands out as a memory. Even though I always thought the little girl was supposed to be me, the thinking is now that the boy was probably me which would explain why I remember the girl so well and she remembers the boy so well. You have to remember, this is the oldest memory I have, I think I'm lucky to remember it at all. Nevertheless we are most certainly talking about the same time and place - only in another lifetime.

I always wondered if reincarnation was possible and once again the universe has provided an answer to that question.

Moving forward with these past life memories, we've thought about delving deeper into them and perhaps even pursuing a past life regression session to see what transpired between the two. For now, though, Paula would like to wait because the feeling she got from the dream was one that, something went wrong and she is not ready to feel that again - which is understandable. I myself, would still be open to past life regression. Although, the way the universe has provided the answers to any of our questions in the past, I'm not sure if we're going to need one.

So, what is the oldest memory YOU have??? Think about it - because you never know :-)

Peace to you all Paula and Brendan 

My Shamanic Power Animal
Apr 16th, 2008 
by Paula

Last week, I was meditating. I was sitting upright with my feet pressed against each other as tightly as possible. My hands were posed as if in prayer against my chest. As I started chanting my usual chant (Namah Parvarti Pataye Hare Hare,Namah Parvarti Pataye Hare Hare, Namah Parvarti Pataye Hare Hare,Shiva Shiva Shankara Mahadeva, Hare Hare Hare Hare Mahadeva, Shiva Shiva Shankara Mahadeva, Shiva Shiva Shankara Mahadeva). I felt myself going inward deeper and deeper into a trance like state. I was aware of my body yet my mind was deep in another realm.  

My hands started drifting outward with my palms toward the sky. They were heavy at first but the longer they were outstretched the lighter they became. I saw a light of burnt sienna mixed with yellow. As this vision came to me, my arms started floating upward above my head, with my palms still facing the sky. I started to feel warmth and tingling in my fingertips and flowing down my arms. As the warmth reached my elbows, there was a wave of warmth like a band that circled around my forehead. This part of me became hot. I started feeling pins and needles everywhere there was warmth. The warmth then filled up in my chest, abdomen and legs. I could feel pain but the pain wasn't like hurtful pain. It was more like Ecstasy. I was no longer chanting aloud but inwardly.

After the pain disappeared, I felt light as if I were floating. The colors of burnt sienna and yellow were fading when a vision of a winding stream appeared. There was tall yellow grass and rocks that looked as if they were hardened sand. Some rocks were by the stream and others looked like big sand boulders sticking out of the earth coming to points. The trees seemed small and twisted with few branches and lots of small leaves. It was quite a peaceful scene and nowhere I've ever been or seen here on earth. I felt calm and very satisfied as I looked around. The stream went on for miles but in the distance there was only the stream and the sienna colored sand.

Everything went black at that point. I saw nothing but a few small particles of light. A short time later I saw this figure in the darkness surrounded with the colors of the rainbow. The colors were not distinguishable but I could tell it was multicolors. The figure was dark and looked something like a cross between a deer and a gazelle. It had a longer face and the hoofs were glowing and transluscent. I saw this figure for a few moments but could not make it out very well.  

After that everything went dark again and the meditation session was over.  

I was talking to my best friend and love of my life about my experience and he said it may have been my power animal. I didn't know but soon was about to find out. (Next will be the dream that followed...stay tuned.)

Antelope Power Animal by Paula

The next night after I had that vision... I had a dream. I dreamed of my power animal. It was funny because I didn't know what it was when I saw it. It was a creature that looked like a deer with these strange twisted horns on each side of its head. It stood on what looked to be like desert with twisted trees and patches of grass on the desert. It all went dark but I could still see the animal.

I saw burnt sieana and yellow surround the animal. These 5 figures of mist that appeared and were human in appearence but sexless. They were dressed in long robes to their feet. They were above the animal.

Later that next day, I found the animal on the internet. It was an addax (anteolpe in the Sahara desert). They're only 1360 addax left in the entire world.

Antelope- Antelope medicine is ACTION, and not only action, but action which is brought about by assessing a situation and making wise decisions before we act. Antelope gives us the ability to not only assess a situation quickly, but to act upon that assessment quickly. Antelope gives you the assurance needed to act through knowledge and not through fear.
Swift-footed antelope, teach me survival instincts.
Make me aware of intuitive warnings.
Let the aggressor be brought low by his or her own actions.
Dispel his or her power to harm others.
Show me the path to safety, peace and harmony.

A True Twin Flame Relationship
Written by Paula on 6/27/08

When I think of my Twin Flame these words come to mind very quickly, love, unity, peace, harmony, joy, sacredness, and spiritual enlightenment. My spiritual partnering with my Twin Flame is on of unconditional love, openness, and an all embracing friendship without fear of judgments, ridicule, or retribution. It's a divine experience that one Knows….when one has found the twin. It will not hide itself in any way because the signs will be everywhere.

Finding my own Twin didn't happen overnight and it hasn't been an easy journey by no means. In fact its taken many lifetimes plus 40 years in this one to find my Twin Heart. He popped up when I wasn't even looking. It's funny how God works.

At first I thought we were soul mates and was unfamiliar with the term Twin Flames. Then the universe started unfolding at light-speed when we came together in person for the first time. One thing that kept reoccurring between us was the uncanny ability to say the same things in sync, or express one another's thoughts instantaneously. I posted a blog about these things and a day later I started to learn about Twin Flames. Everything I read was us and everything that happens to us has a confirmation from the universe that shortly follows. This has humbled us tremendously.

We learned that ego has no place in our divine love nor does fear. A new awareness began to form and a deep inner knowing developed. We developed many new abilities and awareness continues to grow in our relationship. We have the balance of masculine and feminine within ourselves as well as that same balance between us… only divine.

I've meditated on him sometimes at 2 am and shortly after, he would call and ask me what I was doing. He told me he could feel me on his chest. I had been meditating on him. We email or text at the exact same times saying the same thing. Once we meditated together, only, I had no knowledge he was meditating. But, he knew I was. I really think this amplified my meditation experience because I could see these white balls of energy flowing from my body to his and back to mine. By the end of this meditation I saw us as two sexless figures in ultraviolet light. I could feel energy in my body so intense, my mind knocked me right out of the meditation. I just lay there on the floor for probably 10 minutes trying to recover from what just happened.

I've found this to be a spiritually mature relationship that requires an enormous amount of energy too. I've mentioned this in other blogs and sites because I feel it's very important for others to know there's a certain amount of collapse that occurs when Twin Flames unite. Anything connecting to you or your twin that's left unfinished will intensify and you'll need that energy to finish it. The point I make here is simply this…Don't give up at this point because this is where I've read most Twin Flames can't handle the karma and quit. If you make it through the collapse and you can deal with the influences the ego will play on both of you, you'll find it's so worth it. You'll come to realize just how sacred this relationship really is. Besides the universe will keep showing you along the way if you are open.

I enjoy each new experience that unfolds with my Twin, Brendan. I love every little and big confirmation God shows us. Take this weekend for example, Brendan noticed something about the pads on my fingers. He said no one he knows had the pads come to a point just as his do. Mine was the first he'd seen. Upon closer inspection we noticed the prints, lines and fatty portions of our middle fingers were almost identical. We began to laugh, because sometimes we get so bombarded by confirmations and similarities we get giddy from it.

With all the readings on Twin Flames with blogs, websites, and forums I've noticed one thing. Very little is ever said on the subject of sex. Well if your Twin Flame is also your lover then this is an important part as well as all the other things that are written about. I want to touch on this subject for a moment.Yes, I know about spiritual sexuality of the soul and I've felt immense pleasure in it. It's a very sacred experience and that's putting it lightly. But what about the sexual energy of Twins uniting together, physically as one. 

When Twins are united in celebration of love and come together, sex is an extraordinary expression of love and is one of the highest living experiences our human bodies can experience. God gave us sex for celebration and if it's used for its true purpose (not for just making babies) it will be the highest ecstasy you'll share with your Twin Flame. Time utterly stands still for hours on end. The sexual expression of giving yourself to your Twin will be one of the purest and most intimate forms of expression to you as well as your Twin. Not just the two of you will be entertained in the pleasure of this giving but you can feel your Twin Soul taking over. Both spiritual and matter coming together and sharing in this sexual union can last for hours and hours…and does. You will feel exhausted by the end of this but also rejuvenated at the same time. There's a deep magnetic harmony that this divine love making brings and your souls fill with light. I get lost in my Twins soulful eyes and he does mine as well. We're not just making love…or having sex, but becoming one. Each of us love for each other and not ourselves, and there's way more satisfaction in that. It's about making love with your inner self, chakra's, etc.

Another thing that happened was a strange kind of connection between us, I've only seen one other person write about. The day before I was supposed to go see Brendan, we were in a blissful moment talking on the phone. The next thing I know, I'm feeling this ball of heat start filling up my lower right abdomen, and was somewhat painful, only a pleasurable pain. It lasted for an hour or so after we hung up.

The next day, when we met up, we made love and the feeling returned in the same place, only more intense. He also felt this and described the feeling to me as it was happening. I couldn't believe he was feeling it too. This time the feeling didn't go away. I feel this wave of love very strongly. Sometimes it's more intense than others, but its always there. We began to think I was pregnant, but that's not the case. This wave is strong on the right lower abdomen and travels across my lower abdomen at times when we're connecting on that spiritual level of divine intimacy.

We've also learned about the numbers 11:11 and 22. Those numbers pop up on all kinds of things. Sometimes it's just one 11 and other times it's a consecutive 11:11, 22. On one occasion we were buying t-shirts for our children. I had a thought after I'd bought a shirt for my daughter to go back and get his daughter one too. As we were walking away from the store after purchasing the second shirt we looked at the receipts. They both contained 11:11. We were simply amazed. We've had them on all kinds of receipts, tickets, and some meeting days add up to the number 11 or 22.

There are so many things I could go on and on writing about, which I'm sure to do at some point and time. I just wanted to share with you the importance of looking closely at what you can see and experience in your Twin Flame relationship. When God brings Twin Flames together, it's not about what we physically as humans want or need. It's not about what others tell you is right or wrong. People have a tendency to tell you what you need and don't need. It's not about the conflicts that will arise around you when you come together with your Twin Flame, and believe me your world will turn upside down. It's about who God pairs us up with before we ever existed as humans and in his timing. I'm not saying divorce your current spouse when you've met your Twin Flame, but I am saying this; as I learned about Brendan and I being together in past lives together, I also learned God is making us do this till we get it right. 

One last example, This weekend we went to an Italian restaurant we'd only been to once before. The last time we were there was right before I was traveling back to Cincinnati. It was one of those crushing moments where leaving feels worse than dying. I mentioned I didn't want to sit at the same table we had the time before and I want to tell you the place was packed and that was the very table that cleared and we had to sit there anyways. God telling us "GET IT RIGHT." I think so. The next day we went to the airport. I was trying to escape from the pain of leaving Brendan without crying again, I was going to go in the airport early. As soon as I said it, the rain started pouring buckets immediately. I had to stay there and cry and say goodbye the way God intended. God sent some really strong messages the rest of the day because I had flight changes and delays the whole time. 

This is God lead and no other way. We've tried to change things a few times and God reminds us very quickly…"Not in your time, but mine." It's been an incredible and crazy journey but I love it.

The Fruits of Yin and Yang or Adam & Eve 
by Paula

When one thinks of Twin Flames one thinks of a relationship between a single white-violet flame soul who was split many times throughout many lifetimes. Once this flame comes together again, one has a sacred relationship made of divine love and the marriage that was made by God.  

Since the beginning of the Bible in Genesis in its second chapter we learn about twin flames Adam and Eve. We learn that God breathed life into Adams nostrils and made him come to life and Eve was made from Adam’s side to be his companion. Eve was to help Adam tend the land and they were innocent of duality. Soon they would gain the knowledge of God by eating fruit from the forbidden tree. This tree was forbidden because of the secrets it held. One of those secrets was duality. This duality was the two powers of good and evil so to speak. Problem was that there was more evil than good as time went on. Twin flames grew farther and farther apart by splitting, thus experiencing pain and learning about fear. After Adam and Eve ate of the fruit, they hid from God because they realized they were naked. Their eyes were opened up to the polarity of this universe and this is the first written account of twin flames.

Getting back to the secrets of duality… this was something God wanted each of the twin flame couples to experience. Every one of us has a twin flame and depending on where you are in your life path... in your reincarnation journey, is how aware of your twin flame you really are. Duality was meant to be learned and experienced by us; each twin flame was meant to experience both powers of good and evil. Of course this is the illusion of our 3D world but it is our reality as we know it on this earth.  

Did God make a mistake by putting the Tree of Life amidst the beautiful garden and tell Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit? No - Father-Mother God did not! Our creator already knew what was going to happen and intended them to eat the fruit. One of God’s purposes was for us to experience the duality of polar opposites. He also intended for us to come together again and spread his love to the earth.

Before Adam and Eve ate the fruit, there was harmony. Everything was in its blissful state. They were cosmic lovers in harmony with each other and God. They had heaven on earth. After the fruit was eaten, they lost that perfect harmony of divine masculine and divine feminine - being one with God.

Nevertheless, all of us volunteered to come from The Plains before ever descending to earth and before the earth was ever created. We are all part of God through matter. Everything is all made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons all arranged in different patterns to make up this great universe. In our illusion we see something as a solid object which is not its actual makeup. We are all just small particles that lead straight to the source. We are polar opposites, Alpha and Omega, yin and yang, divine masculine and divine feminine and so on. Twin flames are the Yin that’s always aware of its yang or the alpha that is aware of its omega. Even if the twin flames are separated they yearn for the part of them they are aware of. The soul cries out for its other until it is recognized and there is a longing to become connected with that soul and with God.

Normally when twin flames recognize one another it is because they are aware of their higher purpose to spread love until we are all back with our Divine Creator. Spreading the message of oneness and love is what the twin flame couple is reconnected to do. Twins are together to raise consciousness of humanity and help others to reconnect with their higher selves and God. Twin flames will assist one another in this process of higher awareness and to spread their knowledge with others. They will do this through their humbleness and not be boastful. They will not be ego driven.

Twin Flame couples will not predict if another has found their Twin Flame. They are only placed together again in their final reincarnation as lovers to share their love with others. This does not mean you don’t ever reincarnate with your twin at other times, because you do. They just may not be placed in your life as your lover. You will only recognize your twin after you have experienced all your other life experiences and after your soul cries out to your Twin and to God asking to become one again. There is no special prayer for this to happen, it just happens when God plans it to.  

That old bumper sticker that states, “God doesn’t make mistakes” is true. There is a divine purpose for everything under heaven even if we as beings don’t understand it.

Spiritual growth happens before you meet your twin flame but becomes more rapid when you’re reconnected with your twin. Your higher self will show you things you may not understand at the time you see it, but eventually it will make sense to you. Remember this is a process of rebirth and growth and you will not be perfect until you are merged as one with God again.
My Soulmate by Paula
April 16 - 2008

I often wondered what a soulmate was. I knew I'd loved before but there was always something missing. There was never a true connection or complete trust.

After 40 years, I am blessed to finally know what a soul mate is. I'm finding out more and more everyday. I met my true soul-mate back in January 2008. We met on-line and hadn't even laid eyes on each other, but from the very beginning we both knew we had met someone different than ever before. There was a connection that kept drawing us to each other.

Both of us were fearful of what was happening at first. We spent hours on-line just chatting by IM. We talked about everything and our attraction grew. We didn't even know what each other looked like and frankly it was kinda worrisome. I have a little vanity; after all I'm a Leo.  

Things started happening on-line. He (Brendan) would type something and I'd be typing the exact same thing. We laugh about this cause now we finish each others sentences or say something the other is thinking. This occurred very early in our first meeting with each other.  

We were at dinner and eating fresh bread dipped in a vinegar and oil sauce. All of the sudden the words "this is strangely familiar" came into my thoughts. I blurted the phrase out and he started laughing. He was about to say the same thing. He asked me how I did that and I had no answer other than it was an impulse thought so I said it. We've since shared many other experiences like this.  

Another big one was when we were together for the second time. We were out looking around in Provincetown, MA. and doing some shopping. We went into this small store because I wanted to buy a book called "The Secret." While we were inside, I was attracted to these rings of two people embracing each other. They're called "loves embrace." Again, an impulse came over me to buy them. He was amazed because he had looked at the exact same rings a week earlier on-line and didn't get them because he knew they wouldn't arrive before we saw each other. There was also a necklace I was attracted to he had been looking at the week before.

Many other things are happening all the time, we can feel each other's moods even though we live in different states. I can feel his presence always. We can spiritually connect without the other even being aware of what's going on... but figure it out quickly. We've been playing with this and the mind is so powerful, even across many miles. Sometimes, I can feel him physically even though he's not there.

I realize this is so much bigger than just the two of us. ( I will finish this later... Need sleep)
Plastic Dreams
A vision, by Paula

Outside in a forest of trees was a huge circular clearing. In this clearing was a brilliant pink aura of light that had an appearance of water glistening in the sun. The atmosphere around the clearing was brilliant blue and green hues of color mingling together. The trees were gigantic and filled with various types of fruit. The flowers amidst the trees were towering as high as the beings inside the inner clearing.

As my vision moved forward toward the pink aura in the middle of the clearing, I saw Brendan in the midst of the aura. There were eight people surrounding him and the aura. They weren’t the beings I saw laying in the circle, dreaming of experiences as before. These beings were human. Everyone was wearing a royal blue uniform type clothing, as Brendan described in earlier journal entries. Each human wore a cape and the neck of the cape had these gold buttons on either side of the opening of the collar. A golden chain attached to each button head, fastening the cloak/cape together.

Brendan smiled when I returned to look at him. His eyes were a sparkling blue and his gaze was like I’ve seen it many times when we’re together. Brendan then lifted his arm toward me and held out his hand. Light radiated from his palm to me and he motioned for me to join him. As I entered the circle the aura hugged our bodies and danced around us in a bizarre fashion moving in every direction at once. Music began playing. Later, I found the song on the internet. It’s called Plastic Dreams by JayDee. Hence the name of this latest journal entry.

Brendan and I joined left hands and as we did, the other humans also joined in holding hands. Everyone began to elevate off the ground. The eight humans were spinning around Brendan and I as we lifted to the top of the giant aura. The others were slightly below us, spinning round like a merry-go-round at a fair. We then lifted our right hands into the air toward the brilliant yellow-orange sky. The music was still playing.

In unison I heard Protilius and Idavathian’s voices. “Royal Spirit, One Creator, we show ourselves to you. We are one with you and we are grateful for your gift of life.” Just as these words were spoken a brilliant light appeared above Brendan and I. The light was quite blinding to the human eye, but there was this feeling of complete bliss that filled all of us. You could see the love the Ten of us have for one another. You could literally see the love spilling out of every human and the Royal Spirit. I could see a figure inside the light, but I couldn’t tell if this figure was male or female. I could only tell by the voice that radiated out of the light was male in sound. This voice was deep and vibrating and shook the forest as he spoke. This was the I AM and here is what I can remember, of what he said. 

“My children, be at peace and know I will take care of you. Things of your experience as you see it are dreams of only one existence. Embrace your experiences and do not fear. You are not alone. My children, WE ARE ONE. I love you, for you are part of me.”

Brendan and I looked around to see everyone, including ourselves, and we were glowing with the light from above us. Beams of light were coming from the Royal Spirit and shined on us all.

Again he spoke. “Small one, come to me.” Suddenly, Spirit Mother (Elloweina) appeared and started flying around the bright light and went inside. As she did, the light that was there beamed even brighter for a few seconds. As she came out of the light it shattered into a billion brilliant light sparks. It reminded me of the Cincinnati WEBN fireworks. She then came spiraling down out of the bluish purple clouds and was laughing.

She came just above Brendan and I, and smiled her angelic smile and said. “See, feel, taste, touch and smell every experience you have. You need to experience everything you do with love. Do not sway from this. Don’t be bitter or hate. This doesn’t serve you at all. Have faith in the Oneness we have and The Royal Divine Spirit. Trust yourselves for you only do what you feel is right.” As she continued, she flew like a hummingbird in all different directions in the clearing. She flew in between each human and was humming to the music that was playing. As she did this she left a scattering trail of sparkling green symbols. Some looked like triangles, stars, and rings of light. Others were strange because they looked like odd shaped ovals, paint blotches, pyramids and scissors. (Brendan’s scissors he painted in his art, but only these were sparkling green). She spoke again saying, “SHOW HER, Show Paula more!”

Each of us then took our right hands from the sky and placed them over our eyes as we still held hands with our partners. The music became louder and the symbols were flying in every direction. I was shocked to see what I saw next. As we removed our hands from our eyes, we pulled off these plastic faces and threw them into the air. They disappeared as they rose into the sky. “Oh my, Brendan was Protilius and I was Idavathian. The other eight humans were the eight beings from the statues/ and the round table which I will describe from other of these journey’s / visions.

Protilius and Idavathian spoke together. “Love as one. Love yourselves and love us for we are you.. No more fighting or becoming angry with your experience. We want you to know our lives’ as we’ve known yours and that will come in time. EXPERIENCE YOUR LIFE AS WE DO. You shall experience ours too. In time, all will be revealed and you will know, there is ONLY ONE.”

The Brilliant Blinding light appeared once again and the light beams touched all of us. Spirit Mother again went into the light. As she did, all ten of us were lifted inside with her. A flash occurred and poof.darkness!

Seeking Answers
by Paula - May 13th, 2008

Yesterday was the most enlightening day about questions and feelings I've had about my twin flame. Many confirmations flood into our lives daily but yesterday they seemed to drop from the universe right into my lap. My twin, Brendan, was feeling something happening that was unexplainable and wasn't aware of what I was finding.

At first, I ran across this article by Mary Mageau about Twin Flame Reunions I had heard of soul mates but not the term twin flame until fairly recently. As I was reading that article, I was strangely aware that Brendan and I had talked about these very things. This inner knowing was flowing between us about some Bigger Purpose we're supposed to embark upon. We don't really know what that purpose is but have come to the realization it will present itself when the time is right.

We have many conversations about the total breakdown through suffering, grief, pain and many losses that are occurring in our lives. We had this feeling between us that it must be something of a rebirth. A humbling of the mind, body, and heart taking place in order to make us stronger. This was also confirmed in Mary Mageau's writing.

There were so many similarities I connected with in this article. Another thing Mary Mageau wrote was, "When each twin flame has achieved the same level of balance and both resonate to the identical vibration of Christ consciousness, your twin flame will automatically appear. This will occur because your union with one another has been orchestrated by the Great Creator. It will happen because you and your Twin Flame have been sealed together from the moment of your creation, as you both share the same soul. Your union will result when the Divine time is right and you are both ready for the experience. Interesting synchronicities often pave the way for this reunion." This happened to us and we see the synchronicities paving the way and keep reminding us there is a bigger picture.

I found many other articles and videos that relates to twin flames. I'm amazed by it all and as I expressed to Brendan, "This stuff is making me high!" He laughed of course because he was feeling me from thousands of miles away. He knew I was excited but had no idea why because we hadn't talked yet.

Another article stated, "The link of the former relationship needs to be dismantled and all inharmonious frequencies associated with it need to come into balance. Thereafter, a time-frame for frequency alignment of the Twin Flame needs to be a consideration. You do not want to bring old baggage into this union ... Why? This is very important ... because when the Twin Flame comes together ... Everything is Amplified!" This was another statement that knocked my socks off! Both harmonious and inharmonious things are amplified. It's so true. We've both said in our past blogs on other sites of how amplified our surroundings are. It's like tasting food for the first time and how delicious it is, but also devastation occurs with that which is inharmonious. It is a tremendous amplification of each and hard to have equilibrium at times. When this occurs between us we seem to find that the ego is trying to rationalize and this makes it more difficult.

Instead of trying to force things to move quicker, maybe it's just a time to let the universe keep showing us through it's uncanny synchronicities of what is to be. We've had many of them since we first met. After all we met under unusual circumstances that were totally unexpected. We had an instantaneous feeling we'd known each other before. We felt that immediate deep connection between each other.

Another thing I want to share with you is this, there are many ways to know if you have a twin soul, twin flame, or soul mate. Besides for the things mentioned above, there are many more synchronicities. These things are:

*Feeling a sense of completeness without comparison.
*When you look into each others eyes, you can see yourself as well as your partner's soul.
*There is a great sense of purpose.
*Sacred Sexuality between one another that celebrates your unconditional love and a giving to one another without expectations of receiving in return.
*Time seems to stop or move slowly when your in spiritual connections.
*Openness in the relationship.
*Feelings you never thought possible, such as a limitlessness.

Sometimes these things are overwhelming to my human mind but I continue to look at the spiritual side and keep my eyes on the higher purpose. I don't know what it is, but in time I'm sure I'll find out. (This is one of those places I'd like to use my favorite word, fruition. but I'll leave that to Brendan).

We would like to know if anyone else has had these experiences. 
The Power of Attraction by Paula
May 20 - 2008

I can hardly wait to get this blog out. The greatest thing has happened and it was just an experiment I did using the Power of Intention. I just hope I get this blog written before my computer decides to reboot the page and I lose what I typed again. 

First a little background on events that happened leading up to the experiment. Brendan (my Twin Flame) and I were on vacation in Provincetown, MA when I bought this book called "The Secret." I began reading it that day. Brendan was amused by my enthusiasm and teased me a little about reading passages of the book to him. I tend to go overboard sometimes over things I'm excited about. This was one of those times. Finally, I put the book away and we went on enjoying our time together and having the time of our lives. 

We left on St. Patrick's Day and went back to our homes. This long distance relationship can be hard at times, so while I was at the airport waiting for my flight I finished reading the book. What I gathered while reading was simply this: If you imagine something you want, envision it's already yours, you'll have it. I thought it would be hard, since I'd tried similar things in the past and gave up before I ever gave it a true chance to work.

After I got home, I watched the video. My thoughts kept going back to trying an experiment to see if this actually worked. So on March 19th, I decided to try this experiment. There were only 3 parts to it and I wanted to keep it simple. I thought of what I wanted which were flowers, because the first step of this was to ask for what you want. Quote from The Secret, "You get to choose what you want, but you must be clear about what you want. This is your work. If you're not clear, then the law of attraction cannot bring you what you want." I asked for the flowers and had a picture in my mind of a purple/violet/lavendar bouquet in a purple vase. 

I spoke to Brendan that night and told him I was doing an experiment with the power of attraction but I didn't tell him what I asked for because the experiment was to see if the universe would allow him to pick on the vibes of my request. He suggested I time stamp my request by emailing myself so I would have a reference of the date and time I asked for it. The next morning I did exactly that. I got on the Internet and found a similar picture of the bouquet of flowers I had asked for through meditation. I copied it to my pictures folder. I asked for the same thing for a few days then forgot about it.

While asking for the flowers through meditation the next step was to believe. Quote from The Secret, "In the moment you ask, and believe and know you already have it in the unseen, the entire Universe shifts to bring it into the seen. You must act, speak, and think, as thou you are receiving it now." I did just that. I envisioned the flower bouquet, believed I already had it and acted happy for the gift I was given. I know it sounds silly and I felt a little silly doing it.

I soon forgot about it until last night. Step 3: Receive it. There was a knock on my front door and a man with a bouquet of flowers was standing there. It was exactly 2 months from the very day I asked for these flowers that I received them. The flowers were in a purple vase and the flowers were shades of purple, lavender, and lilac. I didn't put it together till later that night when I emailed Brendan. I realized what happened, so I went back looking for the picture I'd saved on my computer. Wow, I was blown away! It worked. I looked at the properties of the picture which were dated for March 20th. It's funny because the flowers he ordered were mainly red in a red vase, but the Universe gave me what I attracted. 

Now that I know this works, I can only imagine what's next. I'm a firm believer of "The Power of Attraction" now. If anyone has had any similar experience, I'd love if you'd share it with me. This is such a new and exciting thing in my life, I wanted to share it with my Gaia friends. 

(In the picture I've added to this blog shows the flowers I imagined, the flowers that were ordered, and the flowers I actually received).

The love that is shared between Twin Flames is unlike any other you could ever experience. Whether you know your Twin Flame as human, in another dimension, or both, you will know joy beyond anything in this world. The true nature of your sexuality will unfold and this higher plane of Christ Consciousness you will know but have a difficult time explaining. This is what I’ll attempt to do in my current article.

Many see sexuality as showing physical love to one another. Other people see it as a way of procreation. There are some who even see it as physical sensations, and when these physical sensations occur they feel as this were love. Love can be many different things to different people but the sacred union of Twin Souls is one of attaining higher consciousness.

Twin Flames are of like vibrations. When Twin Flames come together and their love is shared tactically with one another, Kundalini fire ignites. The passion is a union of souls and sexuality becomes a sacred tool. The Twin Flame vibrations mirror one another and the sexual union becomes so powerful it is like “Touching Heaven.”

Twin Flames are divine feminine and divine masculine souls. When these energies blend together, so many levels of magnetic and spiritual harmony simultaneously occur. Electrical energy flows and mirrors between them. Universal forces of destiny bring them together. If they relinquish themselves in this spiritual marriage of the souls, they will find themselves in the Universal Flow of Divine Energy. This is when one finds themselves in many different states of higher consciousness. This higher consciousness brings into alignment all of your chakras and the cosmic energy of the universe.

One will feel as if they are in simultaneous dimensions and an inner knowing fills one up completely. There is a meeting of the minds and of the souls. One will recognize the soul that is before you and in this deeply blissful feeling will encompass the Twin Flames. The sacred sexuality of this union is blessed in every possible way imaginable. One will find the universal truth by accessing sacred knowledge of these simultaneous dimensions. It is multi-orgasmic for both. Time and space do not exist when in spiritual bliss, nor does any one reality. It’s a sacred marriage of Twin Flames. 

I describe this as a Sacred Marriage of souls in my human/soul path. It’s not like the church or law marriage. Those marriages are more about paper and human love. It is about the soul’s marriage and the souls can be heterosexual, homosexual, or multidimensional in nature. Only the one who is in this Twin Flame marriage can see it for themselves. No one can tell another if this is a real Twin Flame experience or not. That is up to the individual itself. With the Twin Flame, experience comes all the synchronicities, the master numbers will present themselves, and you will have an inner knowing that this Twin is your own.

Sharing about Brendan and I has made me aware of just how sacred this sexuality of divine feminine and masculine really are. This recognition between our souls transcends all space and time. We reach such spiritual, multidimensional levels and can see our souls beyond any of our physical bodies. I can see so many things at once inside his soul.
I see the masculine of the man, the father, the brother, the son, and the feminine of the woman, the sister, the mother, and the daughter. He has described this of me also. As souls, we have found we may be male and female in our physical bodies but we are ALL in our souls. Divine masculine and feminine are within each of us. This takes our breath away just thinking of it. We have found we are both divine masculine and divine feminine by sharing with each other and completely loving one another unconditionally within our own Sacred Twin Flame Marriage. Both individual selves blended with universal twin flames make this sacred union. It’s not just about intercourse. It’s about experiencing each other’s divinity.

During normal intercourse there is an expenditure of energy that leaves a person feeling drained. Men tend to fall asleep and women tend to go about their routines afterward. However, the union between Twin Flames is definitely a complete connection of energy building, Kundalini fire. Deep prolonged ecstasy occurs and the brain becomes harmonious with both left and right brain functioning to create an experience of an unclouded unlimited perception. There is equilibrium of mind, body, and spirit. Ones energy does not feel drained but revitalized.

During the twin Flame union, one is aware of both the conscious and the unconscious. It is both male and female essence. Its self-realization and spiritual harmony. It is a balance of soul and universe with God. This connection is indescribable in human words but there is an inner awareness of being one with all. It is a love of inner self, connecting with your mirrored twin soul and an experience many will begin to share as we reach the new age that is arriving. Many will come to find their twin flames and know what the joy of this sacred union is.  
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