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I just stumbled across your website. Yes, I already had this happen. My other is 400 miles away and yes the connection is off the charts.
I am staying anonymous for now, but wanted to express a heartfelt THANK YOU for publishing the information.
It is real.  I was not looking. Actually I was already married, house, etc.
One day I met my twin and woooosh!
Strange dreams, visions, divine sex and so much more.
Keep going dude!
You are touching many with a big truth!

R/ Michael
Michael Says -

I had to email. EVERYTHING that you wrote on your website about signs of finding each other is my twin and I. ( we also have the same signatures, met on the 11/11/11 –2009 and our birthdays numerologically give 11/11/11 to give but a few more examples)

We know it anyway but find ourselves searching for answers to help us to understand what is so difficult to explain….

Reading your website gave a lot of comfort. We know there is more to come for us and this is just the start of our journey together and we have more growth and development to do together)


Your words make sense in a time that doesn’t make sense to our rational minds but makes perfect sense to our intuitive ones!
Says -
I'm so glad I found this website. :) Thank you for providing this place for people like me and those who are still looking for their twins!
Megan says -
Dear Brendan thank you!

I read it the Twin Flame Journal from 24.10 and i am very thankful for your words. You and Paula are such an inspiration for people in this spiritual journey. Visiting collapsing duality site always brings feeling of joy to me. And there are many others sites, but for me and also for my sister twin Jasmina (maybe you already noticed her) this is the site which we visit most often. Funny, but many times in the same time when i  check what is new on collapsing duality, and after few min i look what Jasmina is doing i see that she also read this site on her computer. The strange thing is that we check this site on 2-3 days once, but it is on the same time....twins ) We have this kind of situation just  now and we laugh about it, so i decided to write to you.
says -
Over the years that Collapsing Duality has been up and running, we've received many words of praise and kind emails from our readers. This is the place where you may read about what people are saying about Collapsing Duality!

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Praise and Kind Words  -
Brendan & Paula
I thought Romeo and Juliet were crazy, and that the myth of the 'other half' of the soul was even crazier. Didn't even believe in true love. Was not looking, figured no guy could even come close to my standards, and thought I'd rather live my life as a single then ever give in to substandard relationships again. I'm a psychology student. Everything's supposed to be measurable by man's teaching.

I met my twin flame. I didn't even know what a twin flame was. It was a pull. Seriously huge pull that we both felt. I even tried to turn him down because my head was saying 'this is crazy!', but had to follow my heart.

The author of that post has hit the nail on the hit so much for what I've experienced, it's just amazing! The love grows daily. The magic truly is there like no other! There's a zillion similarities; so much so that's it like we grew up together. There's absolutely no comparison for skeptics because it transcends all that we normally believe and are taught!

Yeah. Now I completely understand Romeo and Juliet. :)
Anonymous Post in response to When Twin Flames Connect
I know this probably wont get answered, but I would like to ask a question. :) I saw your website, through my best friend/twin flame (which explains a lot of things, and I thank you for), and I saw that you said something about knowing who your higher self was. I was just curious as to how we could go about finding who our higher selves are.. I think that would be an amazing thing to know. :)

I was reading through your signs of knowing if it really is your twin flame, and didnt expect to see the one thing her and I noticed first.. that we can feel the others emotions. That was the first thing we noticed. We can pretty much read the others thoughts (she's better at it then I am though lol). We are so close that its kind of scary at times. We don't have to worry about saying something the other wont understand, because we understand the other more then ourselves it feels like. I love her so much, and dont know what I would do without her. I cant see my life without her, and i refuse to even try. :) She knows all my secrets, most of them without me even telling them to her. I adore her more then anyone I know. Most of the signs you listed, are true of myself and my nonbiological twin (We swear we were seperated at birth lol. We may not be related, but we are too close to not be soul sisters).

I just wanted to really thank you for your site. :) It was filled with lots of information that clears up a lot of things for the both of us. So again, thank you. :)

Laura -
Hi there,
I am having this experience right now and it is amazing. I have some questions and there really isn't anyone I can talk to about it, I'm sure you understand. Your site has been the most helpful of all of them and validated what is happening.

Do you do IM chat or a quick phone call? It is amazing but can be a little terrifying at first when you don't understand everything and how to communicate when there is apparently some balancing going on and you are unable to resume communication in the natural for the time being.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
K. M.
K.M. -
Hello Brendan,
thank you for your answer. I found your website very helpful, and helped me see that there are many out there feeling and thinking the same. I cannot talk about this things with the people I know!
First let me say thank you. Your site has been the one that's
resonated most with me since a vision during meditation revealed that  Lacey and I are twin souls/flames. Back then (16 months ago) I had not even heard the term twinflame. Your site helped me to identify what at the time seemed so surreal and unexplainable.

Thanks for listening/reading. It's difficult sometimes because there's no one that we can talk to or ask advice of. No one I know is familiar with what a twin flame is.
May God bless you in every way possible!

Love Always,
Rachel -
OMG this is the coolest website! Thank you for making and maintaining it. I just met my twin flame a month ago and it is so unbelievably exciting. I'll fill the profile in when there is more stuff to share. But yes, amazing syncronisities already... it's so insane. We knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together within about a week of re-meeting (we've known each other for 6 years, but have not spoken for the past 3) Woooooooooooo too exciting!
Brendon- I am honored to have connected with you on LW. Thank you for inviting me into your virtual world. This is beautiful! I cried as i read through all the articles. beautiful, loving, inspiring light which each of your beautiful souls are sharing with the world. I would love to share my story within this site. However, i am undergoing a little bit of construction within my heart at this time. I am still letting go of some unhealthy baggage from a previous relationship. In advice from you my dear friend, would be greatly accepted! LOVE, RESPECT AND LIGHT to each of you on your beautiful journey! Shelly
Shelly -
This is a VERY beautiful website.... I love the total explanation and the profoundness of it all! I cannot explain how grateful I am to have found this site... It's literally pouring with unconditional love and love at its purest sense. =)
Great site, Brendan confirmed my Twin really is who I felt him to be, so I no longer feel quite so daft, lmao! Thanx to Paula & Brendan for allowing me to use the CD name to set up a Twin Flame network site. From one pyramid Mother to Another - I know I have my work cut out for me but appreciate your support and look forward to all the joy and experience it will bring! Namaste dear friends! Rebecca (Kilianamalaan) -x-x-x- :o)
Rebecca -
Last night I read your latest Twin Flame Journal entry on the Collapsing Duality website about yours and Paula's energy experience with each other after Love Making.  I Loved the way you described what you experienced and how you both reacted to it!  That was so Beautiful!  The information you imparted also left me very intrigued and feeling totally and completely validated as these are things I have experienced much of my life, but had (until recently of course) always written it off as a product of my fertile imagination.  What you describe is so very real indeed!

Thank you so much for sharing accounts of these experiences with all of us!!  It is so reassuring, even for someone like me, to know that others have had these experiences too and that in itself validates the fact that it is real!
Thank you so much for maintaining your website on Collapsing Duality. It's a big relieve to know that there are many others like us. I couldn't find any resources on TF in Indonesian language, so I was thinking of putting up a personal blog like wordpress or multiply to spread the words.

Brendan. Hey I like your appetite for uncertainty, though we don't necessarily share the same sense of security. To me, it's like having to throw my rational universe out the window and enter a brave new world of tantalizing mysteries.

We'll definitely let you know when we get some works done on the website. What I would really like to highlight is the frequency of this phenomenon occuring worldwide.

- Maharani
Gotta hand it to you :).... - the best arranged site on this topic! What makes it authentic is the fact that it is there for sharing - not marketing a product like a book or something :). Twin flames is all about personal stories, co-incidence, synchronicity and experience and twin flames are to be found everywhere.

Either way!! your site will evolve into a 'mega-monster' :) LOL - I can smell one when i see it :).



I have been doing research on Soul Mates/Twin Flames for about 2 years now and I thought I had seen every website... then I ran across yours!! YEAH!

I think it is great what you are doing.  I know it will continue to grow as more find it.  I was surprised to see how new it is. 

thank you for reaching out to the world with your story and your support.  I know there are alot of us out there trying to figure this thing out.  Thanks for any response to this.

Emma -
Dear Brendan,

Thank you so much for your reply, it is very much appreciated!!

The information in Parker's article is so true. It took me awhile however I am quite spiritual therefore am now comfortable with the realisation. Because the intensity and vulnerability is not understood by my Twin it completely freaks him out and unfortunately I can't see that changing. That being said, I have complete faith that all is as it should be :)

Thank you again and best wishes with all that you do!

Emma -
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Melody –

Hi Brendan! :)
Your website is amazing... very inspiring. You and Paula have a beautiful relationship.

I have been reading your journal for a while, and I have to say your experiences with the higher selves are really incredible... although a bit scary as well, because it is so literally out of this world.

Rex -

Hi Brendan,  I wanted to thank you and Paula for the website that you have on Twin Flames.

I did more research on Twin Flames and came across your sight. Everything that Jessica and I have learned amazes the both of us. Thank you again for the website and the information provided on it. It has helped Jessica and I better understand what we are experiencing.

- Daniel

Thank you Brendan

For taking the time to look for answers, and for finding them for me.

so, now, what can I do for you?


I checked out your site and it is a really lovely site with very nice articles and I love that you guys have decided to include a section where twin flames who have met can write in about their experiences-it's a brilliant and inspirational idea. It was really nice reading some of the stories:)

I'm thinking of writing in my own story and it might help people who like me have met their twin flame but have never met them in the physical-I think it will help others realise that not all twin flame relationships are in the physical.

I have read through your website numerous times and find it to be very helpful and provides a lot of insight into the twin flame relationship that other websites have not listed.

Anonymous –
In response to Paula's Twin Flame Signs Video #1 on Lightworkers -

Thank you so much for this. I am really looking forward to your future videos. I have felt so alone (with my twin flame) until I found your collapsingduality website. I have been condemned more than once for expressing my truth, but I know it's only because there has been so little information put out about this experience. Twin flame relationships, however they manifest, while they are truly a totally blissful love, they also come with immense pain -- and all at the same time, often a shared and profound mission.

I have visited your site several times and love it! You two are truly providing a wonderful service for humanity.

Thank you!
Love, Soferia

In response to The Parable of 1 and 0 -

Wonderful story explaining a complex cycle. Encourages me to keep on the path of the high road. Thanks so much, Peace and Love, Karen

Karen -