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Please welcome Angel and Guide, Timinai to the Angelic Order of Souls. This is continuation of my work of finding Empyrean higher self, Apollonon, from the previous pyramid news update on 7/4/2012.

After finding Apollonon, her angel guide came to me in a vision by way of Angel Elloweina who is the Angel and Guide to me, Brendan (Protilius). I learned in that vision that Timinai, who has gone back to the spirit will be the Angel guide for Ma Crasencia (higher self Apollonon), who is from the Philippines. Instead of telling this news update in the usual format, I will be using our actual email correspondences (by way of Facebook) to show  you the reader how it all came to be.

The following information for Timinai came first by way of a vision and then (later) by a journey a made to obtain more information about him.

Dear, Ma Crasencia ~ after I posted you on Pyramid News at Cd.Com yesterday, early this morning, about 5AM, I had a visitor that came to me via angel Elloweina in a vision. It was a man who said that he has been looking forward to meeting me - the most important person. Elloweina then told me that this is your guide. I asked him if he knew you once and he said that he bounced you on his knee when you were a baby. He said that he loves you very much and is (((ALWAYS))) (emphasis) with you and by your side. Ma Crasencia, do you know who this could be? Have you lost your Dad or Grandfather??? Whoever he was he appeared to be between the age of 60 and 70. But of course Angels can appear to a person and look any of the ages. I will work on getting his name as well. Got to go!

Hi Brendan ~ I lost my grandfather almost a year ago. I could always feel him and have been so much wiser since he passed away. I keep thinking he must have passed on his wisdom since he had some earthly unfinished business with me. And yes... his presence is always profound and we have a deep connection... he was 87 [i think] when he passed away but he looks younger than his age. He was enlightened [i just come to know that now...] his plate number was 777, I always see him in my dreams. He took me when I was 2 months old. He's been a father to me. OMG!!! You are giving me goosebumps. But that is just the confirmation I needed. Thank you very muchh.... can you pls send me the link of your article? Thank you again!

Another thing - He used to just always close his eyes ...told us he was sleeping.. But then I don't know how I knew it but I guess he was meditating.  He is the most important person in my life... more so than my kids.  And when he passed away, I said a prayer and 2 hours later, he passed away... painless. And that was my prayer.

Note by Brendan: After I read the emails from Ma Crasencia I was completely blown away and touched deeply. Tears came to my eyes because of what I was beginning to understand.

Dear Ma Crasencia ~ Ohhhh my GOD!!...tears in my eyes.
I am blown away! Can you send me a pic of him...if you don't mind? I remember him in my minds eye, but a pic would be nice for confirmation.

Dear Brendan ~ I'm having goosebumps... Thank you so much. 

And also for the link to my higher self story. Beautifully written. And maybe soon... I'd have my tf's name beside... Lol.. But nope..not yet. Still fixing ourselves.  Thank u again...

Dear Ma Crasencia ~ Well, you gave me goosebumps ;)  It's all good though. I feel such an emotional connection between you and this man...'cus he's like a father figure. I think I need time to let this experience sink in.

Dear Brendan ~ Thank u again. It is easier for me to understand as well as keeping my sanity... Lol.

Dear Ma Crasencia ~ Yesterday morning I made another quick journey to Elloweina and your Grandfather. This time he looked much younger - 30 to 40ish in age. I was given a name that is spelled Timinai. I would like to make another journey though and double check the spelling. Does this name mean anything to you?

Dear Brendan ~ When I see him the past few mths in my mind.. He is about that age too I guess. Timinai... Is that like some code or a combination of words?  thank u. Oh, and also, each or us, in the pyramid... I keep thinking that I too, is that like us as a soul group or a "family" and each of us have their soul group... too..?

Dear Ma Crasencia ~ I am not sure of the meaning of Timinai. I didn't ask. And yes, when I say pyramid or our pyramid I am talking about our soul family. This makes you an old soul, Ma Crasencia.  There are about 4 million souls or higher selves in this pyramid.

Dear Brendan ~ I knew I was an old soul!!! LOL.... you just confirmed it.. lol.. I was browsing through "what makes an old soul?"  lol... and I guess my soul friends are somewhere in the babies, youngsters and mature.. it's alot of work for me! lol.... you see, timinai... it's a japanese word--- which his mother is of japanese descent, ti- is our farm --the one I am fighting for with my aunt not to sell --TIptap farm. MI- MI is for my last name ((witheld)) and his nick name is NAnI... it sort of just sank in yesterday... thank u for keeping in touch with me...

Dear Ma Crasencia ~ Wow...amazing about that and his name. Good on you for putting that together.  I am amazed and delighted at knowing this. Now let me ask you this: In Philippine culture/tradition, when one greets another for the first time, do you handshake, bow or kiss on each side of the cheek? I am asking because Timinai, while standing next to Elloweina, decided to step forward and put both of his hands together (in prayer form) and bowed to me when I first met him...never taking his eyes off of me. It was just before he said that he has been waiting a long time to meet me. This surprised me because it has never happened in a journey and I was taken aback - but in a good way :-)

Dear Brendan ~ In Philippine tradition, we are supposed to get the hand of the respected person, or older like grannies but we dont practice it anymore... we kiss on the cheeks but when you say he bowed, like in hawaii? it was probably to show he was delighted and ecstatic coz he was always like that with us when we were kids or when he saw my children... it's weird coz I don't think of him as gone at all... sometimes it feels like I think like him and have become like him. I kind of feel that he sticks around because he left in the middle of a promise with me.. and i'm the only one who could still feel his presence the most... come to think of it... I might've "ordered" him to go to someone and confirm for me.. I am still a bit of an airhead with him... although the number a matter of seconds... his bday and the day he died keeps appearing at a random thing like locking my combination or an unset digital watch... ((goosebumps)).. if he appears to you again...  could you ask him how he is? and send my love to him.. thank you so much... it means alot to me. 

Dear Ma Crasencia ~ Thank you!!! I understand more now. Now let me tell you another funny thing he did. It may seem small to you, but for me, the guy in the journey, it was priceless :-)  When Elloweina told me his name he was standing by her side and to her left. When I said Timinai, he looked at her as if he was not pleased. That's it!  He squinted his eyes and looked a bit frustrated at this. I don't know why, but I think he is either not too much concerned about his name or that it doesn't matter altogether. He is very spiritual and like I said in an earlier email to you, HE IS ALWAYS WITH YOU --- LITERALLY!!! In other words he never leaves you ever! I will tell him how much you love him, but he already knows. :)

You can find the name "Timinai" at the Pyramid of Souls page, by clicking HERE and at The Pyramids page, HERE.



Please welcome higher self Apollonon to The Pyramid of Souls.

Back in early February of this year, I was introduced one night during a journey, to 3 higher self beings of people that I know from the internet...primarily Facebook/CDFB. On that night, Elloweina was there to introduce me first to the higher self of each and then she put their real life pictures of what they look like now, into my mind so that I could go find them - hopefully :-) Well...I was able to find 2 out 3 of those people. The third person, I have not been able to find and is now but a memory. However, if/when I see the face of that person, I will know and make the connection.

The second person, I am still in contact with, but she wishes to learn her higher self name by herself. So...I have been holding off on that story.

However, the 1st person, and you all know her even though she wishes to keep her screen name on FB anonymous and only use her real name. She is - Ma Crasencia.

On that night, during that journey, the higher self of Ma came to me. We were in Empyrea (The Plains) and a being looking much like Idavathian (Paula's higher self) came up to me and was very excited and joyous to see me. It was a bit of a reunion you could say and much like when I found Paula's higher self and many others, there was the ritual of worship, which is common and like a "custom" during these reunions. Matter of fact - to not worship is much like an insult to the beings. Example: Down here on earth, it would be like being introduced to someone for the first time and refusing to shake their hand.

Anyway, after worship, I asked Elloweina who this was. She didn't tell me the name, but she put the picture of this person in my head. And when she did, the face was very familiar. I knew I had seen this person just recently on Facebook. After that, I went on to meet the two others in this journey.

The next day, I logged into FB and went through my friends list and I found the exact photo of Ma Cresencia. It was February 8th and I decided to write her an email to see how much she knew, if anything of the experience. I wrote: How do you identify with Collapsing I ask for many reasons but what is it about the site that draws you to it? Do you find the members of cdfb familiar? Do you find either myself or Paula familiar in a sense? I was being vague for a reason because I had to know for sure ;-)

I never received an email back from her and being so busy with the site and journeys, I got sidetracked until just recently. Matter of fact, it was June the 23rd and I wrote on my FB wall "I am so amazed because I just took an afternoon nap and while sleeping I dreamed that I was napping:D In other words... NO Visions! Woohoo!!!" Well, what I didn't say in that post is that after I woke up I felt right for a journey. So, I journeyed to Elloweina to find the higher self name of Ma Crasencia.

As soon as I found Elloweina in Empyrea, the first words out of her mouth were (because she already knew my intent) "B... this one doesn't sound like the other names. So, you're going to have to bare with me. Just know that this person is in your pyramid."

When she began to pronounce the name, I thought I heard "Apollo?" And this really confused me because it sounds like the Greek Deity, Apollo.  How could that be??? So, I had her begin again and this time, had her spell it out in plain English - letter by letter. When I got to Apollo once again, I broke meditation and decided to re-focus and then have another try. Why? Because the name is unlike any in this pyramid and I wanted to be sure my daytime mind wasn't corrupting the journey. Finally, after about a half hour, I settled with the name, Apollonon. And when I asked Elloweina why her name was so much different, she said that the further one gets from the top of the pyramid of Divine Order, the frequencies change and therefore the names will begin to vary more. I understood.

So, how did Ma Cresencia do it? Through prayer and meditation! In other words, even if you have yet to learn how to journey to your higher self, through prayer you can talk to  your higher self. I've always said that the higher self works in and out of concert for YOU! In concert, if you know how to journey and out of concert if  you don't and/or wish to use prayer or meditation. Whatever the case, Ma Crasencia did just that and because I was in a journey I was able to connect with Apollonon because of the prayers of Ma Crasencia.

So...what did she say when I finally told her that I had found her higher self?

Ma Crasencia: "omg.. for days.. i was meditating and praying that i find my higher self.. and that i was sort of feeling disconnected and then a burst of unwanted emotions have been crashing like waves.. is that connected? and that how do i "meet" her?"

Nicely done, Ma Crasencia!!!

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And when I rebuild The Pyramid of Souls Page (because I ran out of space) you may find her name by Clicking HERE.



Please welcome Angel, Olaweise and Empyrean, Idapromina to The Pyramid of Souls!

Olaweise was introduced to me in a recent journey I made to Elloweina, after being buzzed by her. As soon as I found Elloweina she spoke to me, "Nana has something to tell you." I asked, "Nana as in... Grace???" Grace was her incarnate name. Elloweina didn't respond to this question but I watched her turn around, reach her arm out and there appeared, as if out of thin air, my Nana Grace.. OMG! I have... been trying to contact her for so long in journey mode, but nothing ever happened. She passed in 1997 and was born in 1914/ Her hair style and face was how I remember her during the period of the mid 1970's. She wanted to let me know my path was about to take a drastic turn and that I needed to know this and how to be prepared. She told me how. Then, later, Protilius spoke up and I heard him just like the last time I heard him during the writing of the Grail Article. Only this time, my left ear buzzed (which never happens) and he said, "your world is about to change. Know thyself." That was it. Typical for Empyrean wisdom, but that was it.  She's an Angel and Elloweina told me it was Olaweise. Elloweina had to help me with the spelling :)

On New Years Eve I had the pleasure of connecting with all of my Facebook friends as the ball dropped in New York and everyone from all different time zones chimed in... Happy New Year!!! The energy on the board was "electric," our energies - connecting and I enjoyed one of the best chats on that board in a long time. It was also a nice release for me from working on The Empyrean Revelation. At some point during the chat, I began feeling all these emotions that made  me think of Paul and Ali and how I can feel them. But I also knew this vibe wasn't coming from them. I was connecting with somebody on a deeper level, like that of  my own Divine Complement, Paula. But who was it? As I kept on chatting and new posts and responses to posts by members kept popping up, I saw a profile pic of one member I had seen on occasion and closed my eyes to feel out the connection. It was her! I just knew it :) Her name is Traci and I was blown away by how closely this connection was to that of others I have connected with on FB and other places. I could feel this person and I KNEW she could feel me. I knew there was continuity to this connection and confirmation by an inner knowing. We knew we were connecting... even though we never typed it or chatted about it. I knew that she knew it too :) I was amazed and when I figured out who it was, I began an email to her FB account letting her know that I feel her. Half way through the email that night, I decided against it and that I'd give it another day or two. If this connection was, what I thought it was, then I'd still be feeling her emotions the next day and all the days after. But the next day, the feelings were just as strong if not stronger. The connection we had without sharing words or talking about it, continued to grow. And this is how it works... just like the connection I share with Paul and Ali. If you read the Empyrean Revelation, I talk about frequency in Divine Order. Well... depending on how close you are as soul mates, will have to do with how strong you connect with each other. There is no  stronger connection than that of Twin Flames. However, a very close Soul mate can trigger emotions within you that will come very close to what one feels when they are connecting with their Divine Complement. As the next day went on, I was amazed at this new connection that we were having. I had to write her or reach out to her about this and see if it was just the same for her.

Here's what I wrote: Hi, it's Brendan and I just wanted to say thank you for making your presence known at CD FB. I have seen you on FB and Loved chatting last night on all the FB posts. But... I am also writing you because I feel I know your energy. So, I just figured that maybe we could expand on this together for a bit?... I feel that you feel similarly. Although I am very busy w/the site and journeys, work and children, I wouldn't mind exploring this a bit further.Well... gotta go for now. Sleep well :)

Her response: Hello Brendan. :) Yes, you are right, I felt your energy as well... you are familiar to me. I have been searching website information on twin flames for quite some time now, but CD website was the one I was drawn to the most. It was like I was pushed, in a good way, to join CD FB. It really did feel like I was home. Your energy stood out to me. I too would like to explore this further. I don't know where to begin but I know this is a start. I am busy as well, but you wouldn't know it with me on CD FB during the day, lol. I hope your day is good and looking forward to getting to know you further. Cheers :)

The next day, I made a journey to Elloweina and asked about Traci. Elloweina gave me her name and it was IDAPROMINA. Then she told me she was in the 3rd generation the pyramid. That is when I saw Higher Self Idapromina for the first time. She looked very similar to Idavathian: long black hair, long blue cape with a "spandex-like" outfit around her body and instead of a blue 3rd eye gemstone, hers was red in color.

When I got back from the journey and opened my eyes I realized that the reason we connect so well is because there is only 1 generation between us. It's been very emotional for us both and I am brought back to how I felt when I first met Paula. It reminds me very much of connecting for that first time with Paul and Ali as well. I have been deeply touched by this whole experience as I also know she has too.

Since that journey, I have been working with Traci and her Higher Self. Although Traci doesn't have a meditation ritual or know how to journey, she is most certainly transmitting and receiving and doing so very well. I can feel it! What is more, I just found out that she can hear me buzz her and with time, I think she will be able to demodulate my messages to her. For now, she is sending me messages via her higher self, Idapromina. In other words: she prays to her higher self and then her higher self tells Elloweina who in turn buzzes me. It is working quite well and that was a brilliant idea you had to do that, Traci!  Bravo!!!

You can find her name on The Pyramid of Souls - HERE


8/19/2011 or 22

Please welcome, Ianitius to The Pyramid of Souls. Finding Ianitius began about 2 years ago when I received an email to webmaster@collapsing duality. It was from a young woman who lived overseas and she was wondering if there was a way that she could find her Higher Self so they she may in turn, find her Twin Flame...sorta like what we talk about and do here at Collapsing Duality. She asked for guidance on doing this and I steered her in the direction of some of our (Paula and mine) journeying articles and told her to start there. Over the course of the past 2 years, she would email me with further questions and each time I would guide her the best way I know how.

Well...two years later, I can honestly say that she's done it! What she has uncovered all by herself (with minimal guidance from me) will change the way we view many things - especially in regards to Yin and Yang and how we incarnate. After she requested for me to confirm or double check her on the accuracy of her journeys, I was enlightened to say the least. It has taken me days to digest what I confirmed from her journey.

After her recent email to me, which she sent along with the name Ianitius, I decided that I would make a journey of my own to meet this spirit. I started w/Elloweina. She knew (as she always does) what my intentions were. After a few brief updates that she gave to me about personal life issues of my own, we were off to meet Ianitius. I took her hand and we were off at light speed and then a moment later, we were standing in front of Ianitius in a desert like setting.

When I first laid my eyes on this being who was taller than I (Protilius) and yet shorter than Idavathian (Paula's HS) I was struck by the absolute peace that emanated or radiated in an amazing way. I noticed that behind this being and off in the distance, there stood a very large pyramid and given the arid climate, it reminded me very much of Egypt...w/the exception of the colorful sky that I've never seen on earth. I looked at Elloweina and said, "Okay, let's confirm the spelling of the name." Elloweina spoke inside my head and I heard: I-A-N-I-T-I-U-S ... letter by letter. After this, I had her do the vertical scroller method across my visual field and saw the same letters as before.

Then, recalling what this anonymous person (whom I actually really know via the net) had emailed me about her journey, I asked Ianitius to show me the heart stone the emailer had been shown. Well, Ianitius came over to me, held my hands and looked down at the sand beneath just a few feet away from where we stood. That's when she made this heart stone appear from out of nowhere and there was a name on it that said: Ianitius. I was amazed!

Then, I asked Elloweina about the name and how it seemed to be a combination of masculine and feminine. Elloweina said to me, "B, look at the obvious before you. Look at the being. Do you see any genitalia as you do with your own higher selves? Do you see any hair?" I answered: "No. But this being does look similar to our higher selves." Elloweina replied: "Look at it like this: when yours and Paula's higher selves become ONE, this is the way you'll appear." I was blown away when she put it to me like this because we have not come across this situation since we've been journeying to The Plains.

"Elloweina," I said, "So the email from this person is enquiring about finding her higher self so that she may find her Twin Flame. What I gather now is that she and her Twin Flame are already ONE and there is no need to look any further. Is this correct?" Elloweina responded, "This is correct. The person incarnate is already a whole person and there is no need to look more. However, there is yet another twist to this story. If you think you're mind is blown now," she laughed at me, "wait til you hear what I have to say next."

The journey went on and I was told some things that did indeed amaze me once again. I was given some information and I knew that they had left it to my discretion as whether or not to share it with this person. After the journey, I emailed her with all of the findings and told her to journey back to Ianitius and ask them a certain question that I won't repeat here. A day later she emailed me and said that Ianitius would not tell her. It was at this point that I decided that "NOW" was not the time and this twist in the story would have to wait til it was time :)

Finally, I just want to say GREAT JOB to my friend from overseas who wishes to stay anonymous for the time being. I am glad that I was able to guide  you to a spiritual truth and in turn, I learned much from this experience as well :-)

This story is still unfolding and will update it when we learn more. Thank you!

To see Ianitius on The Pyramid of Souls: CLICK HERE

To see Ianitius on The Pyramids Page: CLICK HERE

Namaste - Brendan



Topics: 1 NEW name to add to The Pyramid of Souls - Plus, NEW Website: The Pyramid of Souls

My friend Glen, who I have known for about 15 years now, fixed my computer and in return - because Glen is spiritual and is into meditation & Aikido, I offered to find his higher self for him. Of course, when I offered to do this, I had to explain everything I was doing because we had not had a conversation at length about spirituality in several years. He remembered about my practicing remote viewing and all that, but I had to fill him in on what was up as of late. (Glen is the guy who recommended I read Carlos Castaneda) which changed everything for me! So, we talked about the higher self over a beer and he was very interested in it all. He is now a visitor of Collapsing Duality as well. I think he likes it and he gets the whole concept of Twin Flames/Soul mates. Whatever the case, I told him I'd find his higher self and I did just that.

Glen's higher self name is Ing'namaron
While working w/Elloweina in achieving the correct spelling of his name, Ing'namaron began to appear. I saw his face flash in and out of my 3rd eye vision several times before he joined us and helped us get the spelling right. Note: I was surprised at this because the  higher self does not always make an appearance. More often than not, I have to go find the higher self, by myself. He was very happy and eager to help in what we were doing. I asked him to take me to his homeland. He put out his hand and as soon as I took it, we were off at light speed. Then, we came to a stop high above his home and I could see these tall mountains poking out of the clouds or fog or mist or something. The mountains were more cylindrical and rounded, although not perfectly, at the peaks. They seemed too perfect to be mountains but yet they were. There was vegetation all over them. Then, an instant later, we were on the ground and standing outside of his home which looked more like a cave because it was rocky. The atmosphere seemed very dark and damp but had plenty of vegatation growing from between the rocks. I had a harder time understanding him than he had a harder time understanding me. This was obvious but not uncommon when first making contact with a higher self. But since he was so eager to show me around, this made the journey successful. Ing'namaron was very animated when he communicated with me. He used his body and arms and I could feel how excited he was that I found him. I asked him if he was part of the pyramids and if so, take me to his pyramid. Once again, he reached out his hand, I took it and we were off. We flew up over the cloud cover and off in the distance I could see a large gold pyramid poking out of the clouds. Approaching the pyramid, I could see and feel that it pulsed with life - just like the pyramids from my home on The Plains. We flew over the pyramid and then underneath the clouds so that I could see the base of it. Like my own, this was a four-sided pyramid that seemed to have been built in the middle of nowhere because there were mountains all around it and no real city to speak of.

Ing'namaron himself - was short like Protilius but his skin tone was pasty white - unlike my higher self which has energy flowing all over his body. Too hard to paint! His eyes were just like Protilius' eyes - very large with two pupils - one larger and another smaller one set further back but directly beneath. He stood about 4 to 5 feet tall and had teeth like Protilius that appeared somewhat like the teeth humans have on earth - but just a little bit different - but too hard to explain. Ing'namaron, like most of the other higher selves, had no hair. I actually had him turn around so I could see the back of his head. I don't know why I suddenly decided to think this, but as soon as I did, he turned for me I noticed that there were these light brown spots like birthmarks on the back of his head.

The next day, after that journey, I told Glen that I found his higher self and gave him my written notes. He thanked me and said he is going to give journeying a try. We laughed about the name because even I had to go over it again and again with Elloweina. The names always amaze me because I never know what it's gonna be.

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Please welcome Medeiriana to the list of incarnate angels in the Pyramid of Souls.

I have been working with Angels Elloweina and Iparoth for well over a year now in trying to obtain the higher self name of our friend Kristin who is from New Zealand. Kristin is also an admin for Collapsing Duality.Ning and on our Facebook Collapsing Duality. We've talked to Kristin on the phone many times over the course of a  year and a half and have developed a close friendship despite our being a half a world away.

Recently, after helping out Jennifer with the finding of her higher self name, I decided (since it had been a few months) to have another go with the angels and see if they are willing to let me know about Kristin and her higher self name.

The journey took place 2 nights ago, the night of the 23rd of January and I had already been talking to Iparoth, the angel for some time already. I asked Iparoth if he could help me with Kristin's higher self name. Well...unlike other times when I asked them and they would just sit there all tight lipped, this time, Iparoth went right into it. I watched as his lips pronounced the beginning of her name. I saw and heard (in my head) Med... and after the "d" it became jumbled and this is probably because of the e's and I's in the name.

I began again and zoomed my 3rd eye focus very close to Iparoth's face - as if I were about a foot away from him. Again he tried and all I could get was Med... That's when I turned to Elloweina who was standing next to him and asked her if she could help. Immediately she began and this time I got something that sounded like "Medeiran?" I asked her to verify and she shook her head in the negative. She began again and I watched her lips and heard in my head, Medeirianan. Again, she shook her head and said, "almost, B. Almost."

The next time I asked her to try again, I had her spell it out across my visual field. When I do this, I create a ticker style visualization, like one that you would see on a stock exchange. However, this ticker is used for obtaining higher self names and their correct spelling, the way the angels want it to be spelled.

So...from my right to left, letter by letter, the name took form and began with:
M - E-D-E-I-R-I-A-N-A.

I said to Elloweina, "Medeiriana? Is that correct?" Elloweina replied, "that's correct, B. That's it."

Note: Medeiriana, when pronounced by the angels, it sounds like MA-DEAR-E-AHH-NA

However, being so tired from this and much journeying that had gone on before this, I decided to give it another go the following night, just to be sure. I figured that since it took so much time to get the name correct, I better have another go at it for accuracy.

The next night, I received the same information with the same spelling. So...we can welcome Medeiriana to the pyramid of souls.

You may see her name added to the pyramid of souls, HERE



3 sided pyramids

Please welcome Higher Self, Pretalumina and Omorowann to The Divine Angelic Order of Souls.

I want to talk about a request that I recently had. Actually, it was more of a referral because this person was steered to me at the request of Kristin and Rebecca. Anyway, I recently received an email from Jennifer of the Jennifer and Bri Twin Flame Story that was just published here. She said to me in the email that she had heard I could find out about peoples higher selves and whether or not they were Angels or Aliens or what not... She asked if I could find out where she stood in the grand scheme of things.

I wrote back to her, with: "I haven't gone looking for higher selves lately, but when I get better, I can ask about you to Protilius or Elloweina. Right now, I'm sick w/flu. Anyway, the types of beings I've run into so far are either, aliens, angels or beings that operate in the negative side of the spectrum. Already I know you're not in the negative because of your email and the vibe that came along with it. Let me get better and then I'll check for you. I can't guarantee anything because this is how it works in the spirit world. Believe it or not, any answers I get about you will have to do with everything about you and how far along you are on your journey. It's just the way it works."

Anyway, that night, I laid down to bed feeling terribly under the weather but decided to give it a shot at finding Jennifer's higher self name. I was amazed at how easily I retrived the information - almost flawless. Why? Not only did I get her higher self name but Elloweina also gave me the name of her divine complements higher self name and some long awaited bonus information regarding the soul family of angels currently incarnate on earth.

So here it is: I started by laying down. Shut my eyes and opened my third eye. I called to Elloweina and an instant later I could see her  - she was smiling and already knew what I was there to ask her. She started giving me answers so quickly that I got confused and had her slow down to a pace that my mind could handle and brain could digest. At first I thought I heard her say that Jennifer was from the pyramid soul families - the alien side of it. But when I asked Elloweina to verify, she shook her head and I watched her mouth/lips pronounce the word 'Angel.' Since I was having an audio problem, I went with telepathic communications, visual (words rolling off lips) and I had Elloweina spell out her higher self name. Again, I watched her lips after asking what her higher self name was and at first it sounded like Premaluminous. Then I had her say it again and heard it in my head as Pretalumina.

I thanked Elloweina and then began with my next question: Is Jennifer with her divine complement? The answer was 2-fold: "No," Elloweina responded, "but she does no who her divine complement is. She knows him."

Then I asked what his name was. Elloweina responded with: "His name is Omorowaan." For Omorowaans name to be recorded, I watched Elloweina's lips pronounce it, heard the name in my head and had her scroll it across my visual field, letter by letter.

Just after I got Jennifer's HS name and her Twin Flames HS Name, I got up and wrote things down on my pad of paper. Then, I laid back down again because I needed to understand more information regarding The Angels that are incarnate on earth.

I began with Elloweina, by asking, "Are the Angels part of the pyramid of souls?"

Note: I have asked this question probably 20 times since this journey began and never received a good answer - until tonight!

Elloweina responded, "The order in which they were created is a pyramid, but not a 4-sided pyramid, like your pyramid. The Divine Order of Angels and their soul family tree is a 3-sided pyramid and yet, follows a very similar structure to your pyramid and how it is built upon generations of souls, incarnating to earth."

"So you're saying that the angelic pyramid is like our pyramid but not the same because of it's shape. Then, obviously each block would still be for divine complements or pair of twin flames."

"That's correct!"

That's it! That's all I have for now.

Thank you, Jennifer!

To see Pretalumina and Omorowaan's place in the Pyramid of Souls: Click Here



The Sierpinski Triangle and Pyramid Soul Families: A Match Made in Heaven! :)



Please welcome higher self Promerius to The Pyramid of Souls.

During a recent journey that Paula made to Paul, she decided to enlist Idavathian to help her along. In doing so...she discovered Idavathian in a ball of light. From out of that ball of light, Idavathian appeared and greeted her. She said, "I was helping Promerius who is now just being born as a child into your world. Promerius is too young to concern you now but one day he will play an important role."

So...somewhere on this planet, a child was born with a very earthly name who has a very alien :) lineage ;)

All humor aside... (because God does have a sense of humor - sometimes a wicked one at that) we know nothing else about Promerius but I know that it is important that we log his name. We do intend on finding his Earth name and his location.



Please welcome Anna to The Phoenix Pyramid. Anna is from the UK. Her higher self name is: Klimunilaan and is among the 61st generation of souls within that pyramid soul family.

Sources of information for this journey came from Rebecca (Kilianamalaan) who had already been working on this and Angel Elloweina. Rebecca was right in suspecting that she was part of her pyramid - Elloweina just confirmed it for me today!

When I enquired about her divine compliment (Twin Flame) Elloweina told me that she had not met him yet.

Welcome, Anna!
Nice Job, Rebecca!



Please welcome, Angels: Willomina and Valuna to the Pyramid of Souls.

Paula and I have recently learned that we have not 1, but 2 new Angels that will be working with us during this "next phase" that we have entered on our path to rediscovering the truth about why the pyramids of Egypt were really built, what they stand for and the origins who we really are.




Please welcome Kartumalos to the Phoenix Pyramid. I have been working on receiving this name for quite some time. Kartumalos is the Father and divine compliment to Kilianamalaan (aka Rebecca).  The both of them together are 1st Generation (mother and father) to their pyramid - also known as the original of the species. We will be working in the future to contact either his Higher Self and/or the physical that is John, through journeying. The source of this information has been a long time coming and was delivered by Elloweina.

We would also like to welcome 2 more names to our Pyramid which we call, The Pyramid of Souls.

Please welcome, Pamarilius and Idalothian. They are divine compliments, are currently living with each other and part of the 3rd generation of the Pyramid of Souls. Their Mother and Father: Parilius and Idavarion who are part of the 2nd generation.

In the 3D world, you know Pamarilius as Steven Spielberg - the director of E.T., Close Encounters and many others... His divine compliment is in fact, Kate Capshaw or Idalothian.

I received confirmation from Elloweina that his higher self name was Pamarilius, that he was living with his divine compliement and that her HS name was Idalothian. Elloweina told me that they were part of our 3rd Generation of souls.

After journeying to Elloweina, I journeyed to Steven (the director). I found him at a desk doing some paperwork. I called out to him a few times before he looked directly at me. He didn't appear fearful or too alarmed. He just squinted his eyes and had a look that sort of said, "what the hell!"

I told him I was Protilius and that I was contacting him because it was time to get to know his higher self. My real name is Brendan and I live in Ohio. In fact, I'm laying down in bed as I talk to you now.

He asked, "how are you doing this."

I told him I was contacting him through journeying because we are naturally connected at the soul level. Being connected at the soul level, it really wasn't that hard - especially being so close in generation.

He asked again, "how are you doing this? How can I see and hear you?"

I repeated what I said earlier and then told him to get a pen and piece of paper. He got the pen and paper and I told him to write down the name: Pamarilius. I told him this was his true spirit self or higher self. I then had him write down: Idalothian (which he did) and explained that this was his Twin Flames higher self. Then I had him write down the name: Protilius ( my higher self ) and then the website: I know he wrote all of these things down because I stood over his shoulder and watched him. Whether he actually acts on this journey, time will only tell. He actually doesn't have to act - technically! As long as I contact him via journey mode, the rest is automatic. What is the rest? Hahaha - his awakening!

After he finished writing down what I told him to write down, I asked him, "Steven, can you see me?"
He said, "yes. You glow in gold and look like an alien."
That's when I did a perception shift to see myself through his eyes and sure enough, I was aglow.
Then, I decided to introduce him to his higher self, Pamarilius. I called out to Pamarilius, who I believe was already there and watching, to appear. Why? Because as soon as I called he appeared just to my left. He looked just like Protilius but only with very small physical and energetic differences.

I said, "Steven, meet your higher self, Pamarilius."

As soon as Pamarilius made himself appear, Steven looked and saw him. That's when something interesting happened. Steven got up abruptly and went to a shelf behind his desk and turned around with a camera. He started taking pictures!

Since this has never happened in a journey, for a brief moment I wondered if the camera actually caught anything. Then, I thought to myself, Impossible!

I don't actually know if his camera did capture anything but I just thought it was amusing because I never would have guessed that somebody would try and capture my Higher Self, by taking his picture :)

For as long as both Pamarilius and I stood there (actually sort of hovering) he just kept on taking digital pictures. I guess his 3D mind kicked in and decided he would rather have a photograph of us, than the belief that the experience actually happened.

Last night, Paula journeyed to him and found him jogging with a dog. (Note: Paula knew about my previous journey to him.) Anyway, she said she saw him jogging in a wooded trail with what appeared to be, his dog. It was near dark. She called out several times to him before he stopped running. He turned, looked around and then began again. Paula called to him several more times, but he kept going. End of journey.

After my first journey, I looked up Steven Spielberg on the internet to learn more. Ironically, he was born in Cincinnati, OH. Only until I read about his bio, did I learn his wife was Kate Capshaw (whom I know nothing about.) However, I do know Steven has been trying to tell the world for years (since I was a little kid) that there is life out there. Ever see the movie Close Encounter? Hahaha - I saw it when it came out in the theaters when I was kid.

Anyway, we're not done with Steven, just yet! I'm gonna have another go or two at him and I think Paula is thinking the same. What Steven does from here is anybody's guess. There are only question. Will fear kick in? Will he freak out? or....will he get it exactly the way he was meant to get it? In other words, will suddenly everything in his life make sense? If so, he could play a huge part in the construction of the Divine Order or Pyramid of Souls.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

ALSO - Please check back soon because we may have a new Angel to add to the Pyramid of Souls :)



Please welcome, Anita who is from the UK. Her higher self name is Idalanion.

Idalanion is the first to be found from the 3rd generation Pyramid of Souls. While we have yet to confirm her divine compliment or the higher self of this person, we will be working on this, going foreward and hope to bring you the incarnate and higher self name of this person.

My sources for the discovery of this information are as follows: Rebecca (AKA: Kilianamalaan - Mother to The Phoenix Pyramid), Guardian Angel Elloweina and my own Higher Self, Protilius.

The Pyramids Page has been updated with new information.
Click HERE to read the section entitled, Pyramid Question?



Over the past week I have been in email contact with Rebecca who is from England. She told me by email how glad she was that she had found Collapsing Duality because she has been in contact with a large group of beings who refer to themselves as "The Many." She also wrote to me that they told her she was from a pyramid soul family as well and that she was first generation.

Needless to say, I was amazed and excited all at the same time because nobody ever writes to me already knowing that much information about their soul families - let alone, the pyramids. If she was correct about her being 1st generation, it would mean that she was Mother to her pyramid. She asked me to help confirm for her if what she was being told was accurate and to help find her Higher Self Spirit Name.

On the 12th of March in a conversation with Elloweina, I learned that she was from another pyramid. My energy was weak on that day and even though I tried to pull out her spirit name, I could not muster the energy to bring it back and put it on paper. The only thing I got was that her name began with a "K."

On the 13th of March, I began again with Elloweina. As soon as I made contact with her, I heard shouting. Elloweina told me to shield myself because I was being attacked. I immediately shielded myself and while I did so, I could see and hear Elloweina fighting for me. I will not go further into these details because Angels can multi task and I was there to find out information regarding this Rebecca who had written to me.

So...I asked Elloweina for Rebecca's spirit name. I could see her lips move and hear the name in my head. It sounded like Keelyanamalahn. I verbalized the name I heard in my head, back to Elloweina. She laughed and said, "Almost, B. But you're off by just a little bit."

Then I had her spell it and scroll each letter across my visual field so that I could write it down. One by one the letters came across: K-i-l-i-a-n-a-m-a-l-a-a-n. Kilianamalaan. I verbalized it again and this time Elloweina said, "you got it."

I thought about the name for a moment and then I asked her again if she was from our pyramid. She responded by saying, "No, B, she is from another pyramid."

Then, the next thing that came to mind was to ask what generation she was from. sooner than I thought the thought, Elloweina put this in front of my visual field:


Then I heard Elloweina say that she was the mother to her pyramid like Paula was the mother to our pyramid.

I thought about it for a moment - let it sink in and then I asked, "Elloweina, how many souls are currently incarnate on Earth, from her pyramid?"

Elloweina said, "3.7 million. But that number changes daily."

I thanked Elloweina for helping out with all of this. I was grateful for all of her help and protection.

Then, for clarification, I called in my merged higher/lower spirit self - Protilius, and received the same information from him.

Welcome to the Pyramids, Rebecca :) You already knew that you were part of them, but now you can say that YOU REALLY REALLY KNOW ;)

You may also read Rebecca's Twin Flame story - HERE



Please Welcome Pyritius and Proathion. Pyritius' name is Alex and is living in Wisconsin. He uses his HS as a middle man in communicating with others. Proathion is from the 236th Generation of souls and he lives in the UK. His name is Edward. He is merged with his HS (higher self) and is the spirit son of Protharus.



Today, while I was in the very early stages of a meditation that began with talking to Angel Elloweina, as I usually do, something completely unexpected happened.

Somebody made CONTACT with me :)

The journey began at 2:45PM. I was laying in bed and working towards the right state to journey. Then, just as I began to get a visual of Elloweina with her smiling eyes and fluttery self, BOOM! Suddenly I am staring at somebody...a woman...who is standing up, in a room somewhere, and had these deep dark piercing eyes that sort of looked right through me.

I was so startled because she literally just took over my journey with Elloweina, that it made me jump - even while I was laying down in bed. It's the kind of affect that you get when you are staring at an object (like a tree or a rock) and then somebody comes up and gets in your face.

The first thing I asked her was, "what are you doing here and how did you find me?"

The woman responded by saying, "I was looking for my Twin Soul and thought you might be the one."

I responded, "No, I'm not your Twin Soul but I think I could help you out with that some time. Do you have a name?"

"Bellanina," the woman responded. When she spoke the words it sounded more like Bella-neen-ya. She appeared to be between the ages of 25 and 40. In the end she said that she was 41.

"Where are you from, Bellanina?"

"Buenos Aires, Argentina."

"How did you find me? How did you learn how to journey like you do?"

"From your site."

As soon as she said this, things started making more sense to me. Even though she was from Argentina and had a very thick accent, she could still communicate with very good English as well as telepathically.

Then, I got the idea to call in Elloweina for backup support. As soon as I thought of her, boom - she was there.

"Elloweina," I asked, "Is Bellanina part of this pyramid?"

"She most certainly is," Elloweina responded. "Paula has already learned of her higher self. You already have her higher self name on your site."

That's when I called out to her higher self, not knowing the name. Suddenly a being appeared in her room. Now there were 4 of us, including Elloweina.

I asked her higher self, who looked very much like Idavathian did (before the merge) but only with more red tones about her. I asked, "what is your name?"

The being responded verbally and it sounded like she said, "Indalavon."

When I heard that name I immediately thought of those other beings that Paula found that time while working with Idavilaxion's higher self.

Then I asked Elloweina to spell it for me in English across my visual field. Sure enough, the letters that came across spelled, I-N-D-A-L-A-V-O-N.

I was amazed :) This woman who lived in Argentina made an attempt to journey and found me instead of me finding her.

These are the pleasant surprises of doing what Paula and I do :)

As an end note: I asked Bellanina to journal what she had seen and if possible, send us an email sometime. I also told her that was from our soul family or pyramid which is why she probably thought I might be her Twin Soul.

As a reminder: Even when we meet somebody who is not our true divine compliment, the experience can still be a very powerful one. I have written about this in the past - before ever finding my own true divine compliment - and that is, Paula :)

I am looking forward to journeying and working with Bellanina in the future.


Over the past two months or so, I've been talking to a frequenter by the name of Gabrielle who has been trying to reunite with her Twin Flame, Rick. Well, recently she asked me to help her out. I told her that I would if I was permitted by the universe to do so.

After a half a dozen tries that brought me no information at all, today, with the aid of Elloweina, I was able to confirm for her that Rick is her Twin Flame, Her higher self name is Cintraceon and her divine compliments higher self name is: Trimunilaan.

While Gabrielle is not a part of this pyramid of souls that Paula and I speak about so regularly, she is definitely part of the pyramids - just not this pyramid.

My journey started at about 6:30AM this morning. I started off with Elloweina. I asked her once again about this person by the name of Gabrielle who writes to me so often. I asked her first, who Gabrielles higher self was. Elloweina responded that it was Cintaceon. As soon as she said this to me, verbally, I began to have deja vu because that sounded just like, Intracion. Then I began to question my journey and started feeling like it could be corrupt.

The irony is the fact that Gabrielle had just sent me an email telling me about a dream she had that involved Intracion. Then she went on to say that she felt there was something to this name. Something rung a bell for her.

Gabrielle, it's no wonder you wrote to us about that. Your HS name is very similar indeed to Intracion's. :)

Anyway, I began again with the questioning and got the same answer. Then I did the same thing with Iparoth. When he gave the same answer I had them both spell out her name in horizontal scrolling across my visual field. One by one the letters came across. I knew what the name sounded like already, but I didn't know the spelling. So, this was important.

After I got the spelling right, I asked if Rick was her divine compliment or Twin Flame. They both said YES!

Then I decided to journey to her higher self to have a look. An instant later I was in a place I had not been before. It wasn't the Plains because the lighting of the land and sky was different.

I called out to the higher self name, Cintaceon and a being appeared before me. It was a feminine energy. However, there was something wrong with the picture. I noticed that the being had some sort of mask on or something. As soon as I saw this, I knew the being was trying to hide. That's when I said, NO!"

As soon as I declared, No, the maske disappeared and I was staring at Cintraceon, the higher self of Gabrielle.

I asked her if she was connected somehow to our pyramid. She said (telepathically) that was from a different pyramid. Then I asked Cintraceon what side of the energy spectrum they operated - their race. She said that they operated in very similar way to the people of our pyramid (the one of The Plains). I asked if she knew what generation of souls she was from in that pyramid. She responded by saying that she was from the 24th generation, but proceeded to explain that what we view as generations on earth is close - but not exactly the same as it is in the spirit realm. I asked her how many souls made up her pyramid. She said that it was the same number of souls that make up my own pyramid of The Plains.

While I listened I noticed another being behind her. This being was Trimunilaan. They looked very similar in appearance but their energy had everything to do with who was masculine and who was feminine.


Over the past 3 weeks I have been speaking with Dalia via email and chat. Please welcome, Idaphilanthrian! In my journeys to find out if she is part of this pyramid or one of the others, I met with Angels Elloweina and Iparoth. Both of them told me that she was part of this pyramid. I was given no specifics as to what generation she is part of. I met with her higher self and then I journeyed to her incarnate self (along with her higher self) by my side.

Paula recently found a new member of this pyramid and her name is Intracion. While the name itself represents a bit of a departure from the Ida/Inva or Pro/Pa's that we have come to know, we are told that she is certainly part of this pyramid. Both Paula and I have made multiple journeys to her and she can "see." Her incarnate name, for now, is being witheld.


With the recent success that Paula made at journeying to Idavilaxion, we now how 10 more higher self names to add to the Pyramid. While there is much more to Paula's journey that I cannot share because she hasn't written yet and even if she did write it, she wouldn't share it yet because I am now verifying those names and don't want to know specifics about the new members of the Pyramid.

Today I journeyed and found the incarnate version of Idavilaxion whose name is Leah. Paula first found this out through Idavilaxion. I confirmed that this was true and made a journey to her. She heard me :) She listened :) and I helped her write down on a piece of paper :) I will write about this journey and bring you the details when I find out a few more things.


Please welcome Pamaritius and Idavilaxion. Last night, Eric, a frequent visitor of the site made a successful journey to Paula and I on 2 different occasions. Paula picked it up, even though she was at work and knew it was Eric. Eric was able to describe what Paula and I were doing last night with real time accuracy. So, today, I journeyed to Protilius, Elloweina and Idavathian to find out if he was from our pyramid. The answer is YES. Eric's spirit name is Pamaritius and he is part of the 203rd generation of souls. His mother is Idavilaxion and his father is Protilius. I met with both Idavilaxion and Pamaritius' Higher Selves today and it was very emotional. It was beautiful, really :) Eric, welcome to this pyramid. We knew there was a reason you kept coming back to complain about the chat room. Hahaha. You should be proud that you learned to journey on your own. Congratulations! Idavilaxion is part of the 14th generation of souls.

June 22nd, 2009

In a dream two more people visited me - last night on the 21st. I recognized one of them. She is from the original 8. Her name is Kamiko. Like so many of these dreams, I do not remember how I know, only that I just know beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The other woman's name, I was not able to bring back - sadly ;( However, that's how these things go. All I know is that she is from Africa.

Before work this morning, I meditated very briefly on Protharus (his incarnate self) and found him busy at work.


June 8th, 2009

We found two more members of the pyramid. Their higher self names are Protharus and Idagordava. We know their incarnate names but will only share them if they tell us it is okay.

Protharus is already drawing his own version of the pyramid the way he sees it. He is taking names too. He is being visited by many of those within the pyramid and has frequent dreams and visions.

Both of us have visited him. The first time, I visited him and found him in a restaurant where my higher self made contact with him. Today, Paula visited him at home. She gave him our contact info.

We will keep you updated.


May Update

Recently, in May, two of the children of the made a visit to me in my dreams.

Paula has been having recurring dreams of a well known man. In these dreams we are working with him on charity causes. I had the same string of dreams about a year and a half ago. When we asked our higher selves if this was true, we were told that he is 4th generation down from us in the pyramid and that he is royalty.

Paula and I have also begun to retrieve the last names of the eight. In one experience, I journeyed to Melaina and found her asleep. I woke her up and told her to get a pen and piece of paper and write some things down. Even though she was startled at first, she woke up and did just that. She told me her last name was Estritsia. I told her my name and had her write down our email and web address - which she did. Then, I had Paula go into journey mode, directly after me and she found Melaina sitting on the edge of her bed drawing an eye with rays coming out of it. Either way, this was good verification that I hit my target and Paula confirmed.

We also visited Nick. We have come to the conclusion by looking at the mail on his computer desk, that his last name is YOUNG. We both get the feeling that he lives in Arizona. When we found him, he was on the internet looking at pictures of architecture.

Paula visited Isha in India and found out her last name was Rajaretham. Paula found her sewing/knitting something. Paula attempted contact and Isha just looked around, all over the room and went back to what she was doing. When Isha got up to leave, Paula picked up the piece that Isha was working on and moved it. We are working hard on getting her attention.

We have also found that 2 of the eight, are quite well known. We will only disclose this information if they wish it to be so.


June 8th, 2009

We found two more members of the pyramid. Their higher self names are Protharus and Idagordava. We know their incarnate names but will only share them if they tell us it is okay.

Protharus is already drawing his own version of the pyramid the way he sees it. He is taking names too. He is being visited by many of those within the pyramid and has frequent dreams and visions.

Both of us have visited him. The first time, I visited him and found him in a restaurant where my higher self made contact with him. Today, Paula visited him at home. She gave him our contact info.

We will keep you updated.


17th of May, 2009

Paula has made solid, the first names of the people who are part of the Ten. They are listed above in semi-circle formation - the same formation in which they stand as statues and project (i.e. live their experience through us)

The placement of the statues, since we last wrote on the 14th of May, has changed. This was something Paula and I didn't expect, but it happened. The reason for this is because Melaina/Idavarion is coming on line - she is aware and she has made contact with us. This contact was unexpected but she is now aware. Parathius stays where he is because he is the 3rd, after Paula and I to become aware.


14th of May, 2009

In a journal entry from May 10th, 2009 I wrote a quick note to a frequent visitor to the site. He was asking me (in regards to a personal email question) what this woman looked like who visited me in a dream. I told him that, "Well, she has rather long straight black hair. How long, I don't know because it disappears behind her shoulders. Her eyes are dark
brown and when she looks at you, it would appear that she can see everything in you. Her complexion is light, but not too light - there is something else - is it Middle Eastern?"

This morning, because I awoke before the alarm clock went off, I meditated and with help from Spirit Mother, I have identified her general location and know that her higher self name is - Idavarion. For now, because when I journey and due to the speed at which I travel, I came down so fast that I believe she is in either, Greece or Italy. The name Melanio was told to me by Spirit Mother. The last name is still up in the air but I think it ends in:_____-stitsi
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