Rites of The Heart

Rites of The Heart
Received on 3/31 to 4/3/2012
a Message from
Protilius ErmPhorus

Since finding my Divine Complement, Paula; creating Collapsing Duality as a website; finding our Higher Selves and even God; I have always stood firm in the belief that if I don't experience the Divine through love or receive answers from none other than the source itself, it doesn't get published either as a journal entry or an article. This is also my approach to journeying. Straight down the middle - that is it! I am leading off this article because I have yet learned and been shown another thing about the spirit world that I refused to believe that could possibly be true. God has a way of working with me by not just telling me, but by SHOWING me ;-) After all, it is The Path and I have chosen to be Divinely Guided.

I have had two meetings with God in the past week. The first meeting - I journeyed to him and the second one, he picked me up.

In the first meeting with God, I journeyed and before my head hit the pillow and I closed my eyes, I could hear the Angel Elloweina saying, "B, we're waiting for you and we know you have questions." When I arrived, I found myself standing before God, with Elloweina to my left. This was not Empyrea, but God's house. Elloweina, I could see, was dawning her wings which she does from time to time. God had a head of medium length white hair and beard. His skin - was golden - a golden skin tone that radiated light and encompassed his form. And... he wore a long white robe. When I looked at him, I could feel the love and power. However, there was this absolute confidence and sternness that he showed by way of his mannerisms...particularly, his lips. He has this way of doing these things with his lips like somebody with a tooth pick in there mouth would move it from one side to the other. But of course, God does not need a toothpick. And as he does this with his lips, he has this way of peering into me or even, through me...weighing me at some deeper level.

My questions:

Brendan: Why since the 2/14/2011 Higher Self/Lower Self merging with Protilius, did Protilius' voice change to sound the same as your voice, that I now hear from within?

God: Because it is my voice you have been hearing since your anointing before the Grail. You have suspected that it was my voice, but refused to believe it until you heard it from lips. Your humbleness has been noted. When will you accept and believe in who you are? Is it not enough to know that you are the father of the first and oldest pyramid??

Elloweina chimed in: B, Protilius, for the lack of a better way to put it, basically gave his life in the merging to make this happen. But he is not gone. He is you and you, he! You're One!

As an end note to this first question: It may sound silly to have asked that to God, but Protilius did not come with an instruction manual and this IS INDEED A PATH that is BASED ON DIVINE TIMING!

Now that I had this first question confirmed for me, I couldn't help but notice that there was this relief and even an air of great anticipation coming from the both of them...something changed...something was set in motion. What is more...the God that I had journeyed to in the past had not always been so patient with me...especially when at odds with my son, Protharus (Paul) We have however, since then resolved our issues and have moved forward. Nevertheless, God was pleased and he already knew the questions I had. I could tell. But I had to ask anyway. It was TIME!

The next question I would ask was based on a Facebook posting I made in regards to the Serpent...the one talked about in the Bible. I will, first, post that entry here and then I will pose the question "what to do" to God and Elloweina.

FB Posting 3/29/12 ---  Serpent in The Garden – a journey: In 2009, shortly after Paula and I began living together in our house, Paula told me that she had seen a serpent in her journey and that it had a body that was more like a snake. She also said that it was right there with us…in the house. I was there with her during this journey and she mentioned that seeing this serpent felt like a bad thing. Then, when she came out of the journey, I decided to take a look myself by shutting my eyes and going into 3rd eye. I found him immediately and told Paula that I saw it and that it had the face of a dragon and a bright green body of a snake… complete with fork tongue and red beady eyes. As I watched this dragon in my journey, I noticed that he was moving quickly…slithering in place as a snake would move and right before my eyes. At that time we did not do any research to figure this out or ask question to Protilius and Idavathian about what it meant. We did however see that serpent pop up from time to time in our journeys and dreams as it was waiting for an opening. And…on one occasion, we did battle and I won by cutting him in half with a sword that I had rezzed. More recently, since being dropped off on this path at the beginning of scripture…for the lack of a better way to put it, I have had to re-familiarize myself with many so-called religious archetypes as the evil snake and such. Why? Because I have experienced some of these archetypes (that are very REAL) in my journeys! But since I have been on the Shaman’s Path for so long, in hopes of finding the “real truth,” I had forgotten most of what I learned in Sunday School as a kid. Why I never connected this journey with Paula about the dragon snake with anything I learned when I was a kid, I do not know. We just knew it wasn’t a good sign and we shielded ourselves.

About a week ago, (mid-March 2012) I decided to make a journey…not very far…because if that serpent was still with me, I would not have to look anywhere but probably a foot or two away. Sure enough, he was there (always has been) and he looked just as he did back in 2009. I was not happy because this meant that when I thought I slayed him, I had really not. Why? Because he’s everywhere! Wherever there is love, this serpent will be trying to turn that love, into hate. And if he cannot penetrate your love, he will use somebody you know or love so that he can. So…instead of going at him with a sword, I decided to just watch and observe this dragon whose entire body was slithering in motion before me. Then I began to formulate in my mind the best plan of attack on him. That is when I realized that with each new maneuver I could perform against him, he was openly showing me his counter attack….before I ever even made the strike upon him! This told me that he was very smart and for the lack of a better way – could read my mind and know my plans. Several times I created unique plans of attack on him without actually carrying out the maneuver via journey and each time he would react to my plan…showing me that he knew my next move before I even carried out the act. That is when I decided to up the ante so to speak by dividing my spirit self into three of me by soul splitting. As soon as I did this, I was watching the dragon from 3 perspectives instead of one. How did the dragon react? By showing me 3 dragons!
~ End Journey ~

Brendan: God, I have seen the serpent in my dreams and in my journeys. Is this the serpent as depicted in the Bible and if so, how is it that I can rid him from our lives?

God: Yes. The serpent has been with you since day one, but a sword is not the answer. It is up to you to find that answer and I am certain that you will, when that time comes.

Brendan: Then why does a serpent head have the body of a snake? A dragon is a dragon and a snake is a snake, but why does this serpent head have the body of a snake? Should it not have wings and legs too?

God: The reason the snake now has the head of a dragon is because the ruling heads of nations are dragons. And the body of the snake represents all you servants and slaves. It was not like this in the beginning. Going forward, it will be up to you to know and identify which is which to make it right.. And you'll do this again and again, until your work is done.

Brendan: So...the snake is not bad???

God: Did my son, Moses, have a dragon or snake on his staff?

I understood.

(Note: Having rested on the answer to this question, I did not realize how quickly that time would come.) And it would!

Brendan: In November of 2007, less than a month after my sister passed, I journeyed to her (Elloweina) trying to find out why and how she died so suddenly. But the first thing out of her mouth was laughter. "Hahaha...You're it, You're The One!" Over and over again, that is what she kept repeating to me. Why?

Elloweina: I told you, B. And don't spend anymore time with how and why I passed.

God: Protilius, you are my son just as Idavathian is my daughter. You're both One...together! That is why I referred to "The Holy Cup" and the contents within it as representing you both and your Royal Bloodline.

Brendan: So, what do you need for me to do next? Am I the one to carry out your work and if so... then how???

God: Here is what you are to do next: You are to match your heart with the hearts of all men and women; weighing them for their goodness. If their hearts are like yours.. which is mine.. then you invite them into your house and kingdom. Remember...your heart was the first one I weighed and found it most like my own. Before you begin with your task however, I would like you to identify all of the institutions that do not serve man and report them to me so that I can record them in the book of my left hand. Beyond that, I will be recording the names you give me in my books.

Brendan: Then what about those with hearts that do not match my own. What about them?

God: Do not invite them! Instead, Identify those things that they, along with all the institutions have done to wrong the good people of the world and then - Give Them The Rites!

Elloweina: B...what God is saying is that you choose those hearts that are like your own and filled with love. For those that are not, declare it!

Brendan: And after that?

Elloweina: God will take care of the rest. But it is up to you to weigh the hearts of all. This has to happen first!

Brendan: Am I to publish this information? If so...even if I do, who is going to believe in it?

God: Then let those without hearts like your own and the non-believers go on about their lives, while those with hearts that you do know will be recorded in the book of my right. Anyone left not recorded in the book of my right hand, by the time your work is done, will go to the left.

(Note: there is more to this journey, but that is where I am going to end the 3/31/12 journey for now and skip to the 4/3/12 experience.)

~ break ~

4/3/2012 - Leading up to the experience I had on 3/31/12, for the past several nights, I have been mostly sleepless, much like what happened during the Grail Vision, just over a year ago now. I had been pondering what was said in the 3/31 journey and had actually wrapped my mind around it all. In fact, I had started what was asked of me. Then, last night, laying in bed sleepless once again, my ears began ringing and I was called upon by God and the Angel Elloweina.

Note: before going into this experience I refused to believe that there could be a place called Hell. Why? Because as far as I was concerned, before last night, good people are going through hell on a daily basis right here and right now. I also did not believe that God actually writes in books. But last night, God showed me where this whole idea of weighing the hearts of men, women and in this next case - SPIRITS was going to begin. And of all places... In Hell!

from my journal ~

I couldn't sleep, my right and left ears were ringing loudly. I shut my eyes and it was God. Without even journeying, I was removed from myself (taken) and in the spirit form I heard God say, "this is where I put an elect group of souls whom if ever were permitted to leave, at least up until this moment now, they would destroy everything I have created and there would be no hearts to match."

I first noticed that I was laying on the ground. That is when I stood up and noticed my body was golden...just like God's body. I saw a place that was dark and yet, lit with small fires burning in various places. Off in the distance I could see one very large fire as if it was burning from a pit. As I adjusted my sight to see clearer, that is when I noticed that where I was standing... the ground was littered with body parts. It was truly gruesome and I thought I would vomit. It looked like a war zone! That is when I saw many beings starting to gather in the shadows and come towards me. Their eyes were red and aglow and their bodies, like silhouettes. They knew I was there (I could feel it) and have been waiting for this moment for a long time. I could feel something coming from them that bordered between disbelief and excitement.

That is when I found God standing to my right, dressed in the same way as usual. Only, this time, he was carrying a very large book with him that was about 2 feet wide by 3 feet long...and very thick! Elloweina was standing to my left and once again, dawning her wings. They led me up to a rock platform a short distance away. By the time we got there, all of those souls had gathered in front of that platform.

God: You are to free them now!

Protilius: Free them??? I can't and I won't! They will cause problems. Just look at them!

Elloweina: B...It is okay. God is saying that you must give them The Rites. Just do it! Do it now!!!

Protilius: Not yet...I need to think about this first and the potential ramifications.

Elloweina: It is up to you to do this. You're the only one. Now please just do it!

God: You cannot move forward and have the peace that you, your Divine and the rest of mankind deserves, until we clear Hell.

Meanwhile, as I struggled with this decision, I was scared and saw so many souls whom had all gathered before us. There were hundreds...maybe a thousand? I couldn't be sure. Their eyes were red and aglow with fire in them and their bodies and spirits were a tattered mess. For a lack of a better way to put it...it was as if they were rotting. But there was much worse that I cannot put to words. Yet, still, there was this air of hope coming from them as if they didn't care one way or another what my decisions were for each. As I began to understand my duty in Hell, I couldn't help but wonder why, if they were so miserable did they not just simply jump into the pit of fire and be done with it. What were they holding out for? Then the answer came to me. It was because they liked it there!

Elloweina: B...c'mon you can do it!

Although I could hear Elloweina to my left trying to encourage me, I couldn't help but think that up until now, I didn't even believe in a Hell. That is when God put one of them souls to stand right before me on the platform of flat rock. We looked each other in the eyes and I recognized those eyes. I couldn't pinpoint where or when, but I remembered! The being was Empyrean; from one of the negative pyramids and although the eyes I knew; the HEART - I did not! His heart did not match my own.

Protilius: I declared: I do not know your heart!

Just as I said this, I looked over and saw God, now with his book open begin recording it in writing. I could feel Elloweina's relief. When I turned again in the direction of that soul, whose heart I just weighed, I watched the being transform into a giant winged dragon with a wingspan of about 100 feet across fly up in the air in above us, in fury. Then, it opened its mouth and fire rained down all around us, but not hitting us as we were protected by this invisible protective bubble that God (I guess) had surrounded us in. There was so much fire that for a short time, all I could see was orange and red.

God finished writing in his book, not even fazed the least bit by the fire of the dragon, and closed it. Then, he raised his right hand up in the air and when he did that dragon with all of his spitting fiery fury was sent into the flames as if it had been yanked right out of mid-air.

God: You did it! You found that the serpent does not need a bladed sword to be slain. Son, your word is the sword! And like a sword can have two sides: your word can both sever and save. Use it wisely!

Then, one after the other, those souls with tattered flesh and fire burning in their eyes came before us. And... one after the other, God raised his right hand and recorded them souls in the book of his left.

When it was all over, I was unable to identify a single heart in Hell that was even remotely close to matching my own. It was done!

My name is Protilius ErmPhorus and while my name is indeed a name, it is also a message and delineation of my lineage from who and where I come from. Meaning: For All of Man ~ Son of God! And...while this is the meaning of my name, it also has 4 other meanings that I know of and are interchangeable.

As of the completion of this writing, God has taken his "throne" and he has two books with him: One of them is propped up next to his right hand and the other, next to his left hand. (I know this because I can see and hear him all the time now.) Those people and institutions that match my own heart go into the book of his right and those that do not, go into the book of his left. What is more... I have honored Gods request and have identified to him, all of the institutions that do not serve man - the world over! God has recorded those institutions and they went into the book that is propped up to his left as he sits. When God raises his right hand, you will know which institutions I have chosen.

In the meantime, let your hearts be filled with the love that you all really are. Open your hearts up wide! It is our time to have peace. For this is about the world we will inherit. And...no matter what I have written, I wanted you all to know that God is on the move. It is Time! With Love...Protilius

As a final note to this message, I wanted to add that this has been the hardest week I've had in a very long time. I have been given a HUGE and very important task by God. Being taken to Hell has affected me in so many ways that I don't even think the dust has settled in my soul. I do know that it has changed me forever! For the lack of a better way to explain it - I think I'm in a state of shock. People who have seen me all seem to say the same thing, "What's wrong? Are you okay? You look tired!" And I just tell them, because I cannot even verbalize it, that I have not been sleeping well. You just can't imagine how profound this experience is until you go through it for yourself.

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