Rites of The Heart - Part II

Rites of The Heart
Part II
6/8 - 10/2012
a Message from
Protilius ErmPhorus

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Since the writing of part 1 of Rites of The Heart, I have received much more information and was supposed to have already written part 2 and 3 of The Rites. But, to be honest, I have been torn and even tormented about following through with completing this article because it is very serious; involves every body and soul on the planet and frankly, it scares me. I have been doing everything I can to put it off because it has lead to internal crises after internal crises - especially of faith.

Knowing that I am going to need all the strength I can to do this, I am going to take some away from doing TF stories and such so that I can complete Part 2 and 3 of Rites of The Heart. I hope to be back doing TF stories again but I cannot guarantee that because God has given me a "mission" as he calls it and so there has been a slight change in plans. The site will remain and I will write from it; occasionally I will add TF stories when I can...even though I have shut down the TF story submission page...I still have a quite a backlog of stories to catch up on. I will also continue to find a way for Paula and I to be together once again in the physical --- that will never change!


One week ago, I asked God to give me a sign in the physical world...one so clear and obvious that I would know for certain it was him and if he did, I would write that message: Rites of The Heart. I did this because of what information I received from both God and Elloweina that promised I would see God in action right here on Earth. So...I couldn't imagine how that would look in my minds eye. When, after a few days passed and he didn't give me that sign, the next time I yelled at him to do so. When he didn't again, that's when I wrote on Facebook "game change time" and decided to not do what he asked and that is "give the rites" either written or verbally anywhere! Basically, I decided to go back to my old school practices of journeying and defied him. That is when he "big time" showed me and even others around me how quickly he can act --- and by many means - especially through man and even more so... nature! Having said that...I am lucky to be alive...will never "yell" at him or tempt him again...and will, albeit reluctantly because of how serious it is, complete that article that needs to be completed. 

I give you fair warning I will not be holding back as I will be sharing how God feels about the current state of mankind and I will be identifying those souls who will go to the book of the left hand and those who will go to the book of the right (also known as The Book of Life.) The Rites will be very hard, so don't shoot the messenger. You see, I have no other choice - this must be done in writing and delivered to God.

So, what changed my mind? Well, after writing "game change time" on my FB wall Tuesday night, the 5th of June, I decided to not complete the Rites article because it seemed like it was just too much for me. I questioned my sanity; my faith; my strength and even mortality. I wanted it all to be over with like a bad nightmare. Yet, God and Elloweina kept on me to deliver them more names to add to The Book of Life. So, just when I thought I could walk away from it all and wash my hands of it, God gave me the sign.

The next morning, after writing "game change time" I got in my car to go to work and began driving down my street to get to the main route. That is when I noticed in the span of about 30 seconds that 2 different birds had swooped down in their flight nearly hitting the windshield of my car. I made a mental note of it because I always pay attention to things like this and that it could mean something deeper. Then, a moment later I saw a bird in the middle of the road and as I approached it in my car, it was not budging - flying away. So, I began to slow down and had to come to a stop because this was so unusual that the bird did not fly away like they usually do when a car approaches. I put the car in reverse; backed up and then just as I put it in drive again, to go around the bird - it flew away. 

I thought it was strange because I thought it may have been injured.  Then it happened again a couple hundred yards up the road. This time I decided to just drive around the bird that should have obviously flown away. And again: this time it was a Crow who was eating a dead squirrel in the road. I pulled up to the Crow who had refused to fly away and with my foot on the break I was wondering if this was a sign of something. Finally, the Crow took what it needed and flew off. By the time I got to the main route, which would take me to the highway, a few more birds flew directly across the path of my car. I knew this to be a sign...but of what??? Was this the sign I was looking for? Time would tell.

At work, I met up with my two other co-workers and we got started on the day just as we usually do. It was at about 10AM we got a call from the project manager saying that we could finish out the day but to not come into work on Thursday and Friday because the project was put on hold. This was VERY bad news and I immediately attributed those birds buzzing my windshield and refusing to fly away as my car approached as the forewarning of this news. Needless to say, my co-workers and I were not happy to hear this because now the the whole job maybe up in the air and that virtually anything could happen. It also meant that I would lose two days of pay. That cloud of uncertainty that had been hanging over my head, was back!

At lunch the three of us sat outside in the warm sun at a picnic table. You see, the building we work in has no windows and is a "dust free" environment because of the lasers and optics used to carry signals. It is also very loud inside because of the many air conditioning units that are required to cool the equipment. In fact...it is so loud that a bomb could go off outside and you would likely not hear it. Then, somehow the topic of conversation turned to religion. We all stated our beliefs and one of my co-workers said he was Catholic and the other, an Atheist. So anyway, the Atheist starts saying that he loved reading the bible and that it has many great stories but it's impossible for there to be a God. He also said that anybody who wrote those stories in the bible had to be schizophrenic. That is when I said to him, "you better be careful with what you say about God or Zeus may decide to hit you with a lightning bolt." Both my coworkers laughed and thought this was funny because they, like me, both loved Greek mythology. But I was not joking...I was serious. So it was at that moment that the Atheist put both his arms up in the air and declared "if there is a God, then strike me now." Without a cloud in the sky, we all looked up and waited for a moment and nothing happened. That is when the Atheist turned to me and said, "You see...it's just a story." 

After lunch, we went back to work inside the dust free environment and a half hour later, my Catholic co-worker decided to run across to the main building to use the bathroom because there are no bathrooms in the building we work in and they are not attached. 30 seconds later he comes rushing back in with a great big smirk on his face, "Guys, come look outside. You're not gonna believe it." I looked at my Atheist friend and we both rushed outside and to our amazement, there was a thunder and lightning storm going on with torrential downpours. So naturally, the Catholic co-worker says to me "It's all your fault, Brendan." I half heartedly laughed because I was in disbelief. Just then, I see my Atheist friend rush out into the pouring rain. Why? Because he had left his sun roof open in his car and his windows down, completely soaking the interior of his car! With thunder cracking overhead, I did the same because I had left my two windows just barely cracked. Once inside, I rolled them up. I was relieved that not too much water got in. However, because I ran to the car so fast, my cell phone fell out of my pocket and landed in a puddle...which I didn't notice until about 5 minutes later when my co-worker spotted it. Luckily, the cell phone was not broken or damaged. We stood under an awning for another 5 minutes watching the storm pass and then we returned to work inside where we would finish out the day knowing that we would all have an unpaid vacation...which we were not looking forward to.

For the remainder of my day at work, I kept going over everything that had happened thus far in my head. First there were signs in the birds, then came news about my job and now, after the Atheist provoked God and unexpected thunder storm had come out of nowhere and soaked his car. I was amazed and began to realize that these were signs. But was it the "sign" I was looking for? I wondered but could not be certain.

Forty five minutes into my drive home, I had gotten off the highway and was on the main route where the speed limit is 50mph. That is when I noticed a pickup truck a quarter mile ahead, in the opposite lane and coming my way. I thought nothing much... that is until that truck crossed lanes and was now heading straight for me. I had no time to think, but react. If I didn't do something we would collide head on and I would be dead. I turned the wheel to the right to hopefully just miss him. Then as I applied the break to slow down, my car started to skid sideways and I didn't want that because it would mean that he would hit me driverside/broadside - and that would be even worse. Then, just before it was too late, I took my foot off the break and hit the gas. This sent the rear end of my car in the other direction and my car went over the curve, onto the grass and spun out. My life flashed before me as my car literally went around the oncoming truck. I missed him by inches! I was in shock and as I sat in my car that was on the grass, my adrenaline was going and could sense it in my sinuses. I was shaking. When I turned around and looked back through the rear window, that truck that had seemingly on purpose cut into my lane... just kept going. What on earth was he thinking? It was as if he did it on purpose because his truck was not out of control. I watched him come over the yellow line in a very controlled way.

When I finally regained my composure, deciding against chasing this maniac down so that I could shake him like a piggy bank, I began to head in the direction of the hiking trails to have a hike and destress from the day. The trails of nature have always been my salvation. What could possibly go wrong there? This way, I could properly unwind from a very bad day. Needless to say, I drove with both hands on the wheel and very slowly; cautiously looking around for oncoming trucks and yes, even birds ;)

About half way into my hike, I began to hear a bird calling. It was unique in that I don't think I've ever heard a bird like it in my life. What is more...it seemed to be following me as I hiked because wherever I went it went...but only from high up in the trees. I tried to spot it to see what it looked like, but I couldn't - there was just too much foliage. After about a half hour of this bird, seemingly stalking me from up high and making this strange call to me, I came around a corner in the trail and WHAM!!! That bird swooped down at a high rater of speed and hit me square in my chest. Feathers went everywhere! It startled me so badly that I automatically yelled, "Jesus Christ, what do you want from me?!?!" (Note: I said more than this but I'd rather not post that here.) But just as I said this, I thought, It's not what he wants from me but it's what I asked of him to help me believe.

After a few moments of cursing the world, I looked for the bird that bounced off of me. That is when I noticed that he was sort of gathering his own self together. I started towards him to see if he was alright and he flew off up to a branch in a tree. He was gray in color, but I don't recall ever having seen this type of bird while on any hike. What is more, I couldn't believe or get over the fact that I had just been hit by a bird. This was a first and I was now really alarmed by all of the days events. That is when I decided that I better head back to the car and go home --- staying home! 

On the hike back towards the trailhead, I replayed the days events over and over in my head. I now KNEW that these were all signs and that I needed to go back to God to let him know that I had not quit on him. Then just as I thought this, I get my first buzz of the day and it is Elloweiana. As soon as I heard her tone and I tapped into it, her words were: "B...go to God right now. Do it!" Over and over again she repeated this. Well, I didn't journey to God, while walking back up the trails, but I did tell him in my mind that I was very sorry and took back everything I said about not wanting to continue my path and not writing The Rites. I thought that would do...at least until I got home and could have a controlled journey while laying in my bed in complete darkness. Like I said... I thought that would do, but the day was not overwith yet.

On my way home, I decided to take the backroads that would be less congested with traffic, which meant less a chance of getting in a head on collision with either man or nature. So I thought :) I drove slow...30mph and with two hands on the wheel. That is when, halfway to home, a dog ran out in front of my car and had I not stopped in time I would have hit him and even at 30mph, he would have been dead. I let the dog pass and run off into somebody's yard. Then about 2 minutes later I noticed another bird fly across the path of my car. Seconds after that, I saw a bird flying next to my car and keeping time, but just ahead of me. I watched him carefully while also trying to keep my eyes on the road. That is when that bird suddenly made a quick loop up in the air (like one of the Blue Angels fighter jets) and when he came down he crashed into the windshield of my car with a THUD that sent chills up and down my spine. I stopped the car briefly and realized that this was very serious this power that had been unleashed. I was scared and not amused in the slightest way. In the rearview mirror I could see the bird laying dead in the road. I naturally thought about getting out of the car and moving him to the side of the road, but just as I thought this, my inner voice kicked in and said, "Go home right now! GO!! GO!!! GO!!!!"

That night, I made my journey to God. I apologized and told him I would honor the "mission" he had given me and follow through with it no matter how hard it was... even if it meant my own death. In this journey, I noticed that God was not sitting on his throne but he was pacing back and forth in front of it. He was in deep contemplation and obviously not happy about my tempting/provoking him for a sign in the physical. He did not say anything back to me... he just kept pacing.

Wednesday the 6th of June 2012 I witnessed the awesome and yes, even wicked power of how God can work through the physical world we find ourselves in. He also showed me that he can give life and take it at lightning speeds. He gave me many warnings that day... to let me know that when I defied him, going against my only path... a path he had chosen for me, he let me know. He let me know that this is my only path and to go away from it would mean that I had chosen to quit life.

When Rites of The Heart is completed, I will be back. God needs this done ASAP! But, I have the feeling that there will be much more above and beyond the completion of that article.


Finally... before I begin Part III of Rites of The Heart, I want to address two current events in our world:  SYRIA - the slaughter of women and children and the re-emergence of cannibalism. Here are your Rites!

To the regime that promotes the slaughter of innocent women, children and good men: From the highest ranks of government to the foot soldiers carrying out the barbaric atrocities (uniformed and un-uniformed) - to the Book of The Left Hand you go! I know not your hearts! For when you see both Angel Fire and Empyr...You will worry about your flesh...but it is your soul that you will in the end try and salvage and not be able to save!

To the victims of this barbarism, many who have already been sent prematurely back to the spirit: to each and every one of your souls - Book of The Right Hand! Your souls will live forever and God as my witness will see to it that you are recorded in the Book of Life.


I want you to know that before I give The Rites to two Cannibals and that even though both of these stories occurred in two different countries, they really opened my eyes. Why? Because even though I didn't go into it any great detail due to the brutality of it all in Part 1 of Rites of The Heart - in my trip to Hell this is what I witnessed those being doing to one another. The fact that these two cases have come up within weeks of each other is alarming. And it means that we do have Hell on Earth. So...without further adieu:

Cannibal #1 - First of all: NO EXCUSE! Second of all: NO EXCUSE!! Third and finally: THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!! And this goes for everybody: You lay one single finger in ill will upon a child, an elderly or in this case... a homeless man and YOU'RE GOING IN!!! I don't care if it's bath salt that gives you a rise  or if you get your rocks off by squirting Kraft squeeze cheese up your nose to the point where you drop to the ground and shake and quiver like a fool. And you, YOU took humanity to an even lower level. To The Book of The Left Hand you go! I do not know your heart!

To the victim of Cannibal #1 - You will get another chance at life in the new world and to overcome the excess and addictions that lead to your being homeless. Your body will be perfect again :) To The Book of The Right Hand you go! Your face was taken and I am going to give it back to you.

Cannibal #2 - First of all: NO EXCUSE! Second of all: NO EXCUSE!! Third and finally: THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!! And this goes for everybody: If you get your kicks by sawing the limbs off of somebody you once considered your lover and then mailing them to elementary schools where children are learning - YOU'RE GOING IN!!! I don't care if your fetish is cannibalism or not. And you, YOU took humanity to an even lower level. You are pathetic and will get exactly what you have been asking for: To The Book of The Left Hand you go! I do not know your heart!

To the victim of Cannibal #2 -  You will get another chance at life in the new world! Your body will be perfect again :) To The Book of The Right Hand you go! Your life was taken and I am going to give it back to you.

Father, I request that you set both of these cannibals aside for me. I want my face to be the last face they see before their souls are put out!

To be continued in Part III
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