Rites of The Heart - Part III

Rites of The Heart
Part III
6/12 - 17/2012
a Message from
Protilius ErmPhorus

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For Part III of Rites of The Heart I am going to talk about the goals of our God and The Dragon; how we incarnate versus how the dragon incarnates; how God's children are for Divine Order and the dragon is for hierarchy and then give the rites to institutions that no longer serve mankind. 

I have also received some new information via a vision I was given on 6/14/12 at 5AM.


Had I not been given the task of Matching Hearts and delivering The Rites, I would likely still be journeying my way through the many layers of beingness back to the source. But of course...God intervened because of other pressing matters and...well...it was time. 

In the days and months before my trip to Hell of all places, I was still learning about the miracles that must take place for beings to be born into each layer until incarnating into this physical world we find ourselves in now.

If we look at the pyramid of Ghiza from top to bottom we see the beginning (the capstone) and the end (the 4 cornerstones;) a family tree of life that is set in stone and is also both a prophecy and time clock in and of itself. This family tree also represent how from the ONE and only source we come to be the MANY. Who is this one and only source and creator God who represents the capstone? The God of Abraham whose symbol is the Golden Lion!

To further understand how from the one we can become many, we may also match the timeline of a single growing season of an apple tree to the entire timeline of man upon Earth. In the Springtime the leaves grow green and tiny green apples begin to appear. However, right now, Autumn is approaching for mankind and the apples are ripe for the picking. This is where I was at and still working on before The Rites came up. 

Back to the layers: If we look at these layers of beingness as "d's" or "dimensions," then we may call our physical world the 3D. And the layer that Paula and I found Protilius and Idavathian upon is the 4D. But how do the beings incarnate from the 5D into the 4D? Almost the same way as a man and woman bring life from the 4D into the 3D! That is...they make a call to life through their love. But in the 4D, when Protilius and Idavathian make a call to life through love, they bring a whole soul from the 5D into the 4D. This child is encapsulated in a blue sphere of light looking like an Amniotic sac. And in that blue sphere or "sac" of light is where the split occurs and ONE becomes TWO - male and female. It's like magic because there is no intervention by the being who brought the whole soul into the 4D - it just happens! I also know that this is where Adam's Rib comes into play in the Bible and why I was shown the Grail and given the meaning. I have witnessed many births of souls 5D to 4D and this is the process of soul splitting. But what happens from 5D back to the source or God? It's all math and merging! This is where we're all at right now and why Divine Complement's are finding each other at an ever increasing rate of speed. Ascension!

Is there more than ONE God? If Daniel's vision in the Bible is correct, there could be as many as 4. This is in reference to the beasts or "totems" that he saw coming out of the sea. So far, I am only aware of the Lion and Dragon.

The God of Abraham, is the creator God of all life on this Earth in terms of both flesh and spirit. We are made in his image (not a dragons image) and his symbol is the golden lion as I stated earlier. However, he is not the only creator God in the universe. I know this because of my dealings with the dragon and its ability to duplicate, replicate, mimic and even overtake souls at the spirit level. (I've witnessed this firsthand and even had attempts on my own soul.) And...if he can overtake at the spirit level, that means he can use the human body as a vessel of bondage and even destruction. But...the dragon did not have the gift of creating life (like our God) at the physical level in the beginning. This is why he learned to operate at the spirit level...making himself an unwelcome visitor in our lives. Nevertheless...the dragon is a creator God; has been with us since the beginning of time and his goal is to infiltrate and corrupt the tree of life. In essence, he is trying to spoil us one apple at a time. Why? Because that dragon is not a part of Divine Order and the only way he can be a part of it is to take over the soul of either an Angel or Empyrean spirit. And when he does, he begins to either uphold or create/construct institutions built on hierarchical structures...which was not a part of The God of Abraham's plan for his children and why mankind finds himself in perpetual war and bondage. 

So... how can the dragon get in if we are not a part of him? Through the spirit or extension of the higher self! Many people in the past have called this "possession." However, many of these dragon spirits are almost impossible to spot unless you  look inside the cover of the book. Here on earth they look like ordinary people. In the spirit world, they look like Angels and Empyreans......but do not be fooled! People carrying this dragon spirit do not have to exhibit signs of possession like that we have been misguiding shown in Hollywood movies. As the matter of fact, most are highly educated and are the cornerstones of many of the worlds institutions. What is more...some of Gods children have even knowingly taken on the dragon into their souls in order to gain the power of not just one god but two gods.  They do this for reasons of greed, fame, fortune, power and unwarranted influence over others.

When I was a boy my mom always told me, "Never judge a book by its cover." I grew up by that and still lead with this approach in my day to day life and in my journeys. However, since I began journeying and encountering a spirit world filled with many beings, I realized that not all beings who appeared to me, were in fact Angels and Empyreans - even though they looked like it! Never has this been more true than with the case of the dragon creator God and his many dragons who can only mimic the God of Abraham's creations. Nevertheless - they represent a very real problem! This is why in Part I of Rites of The Heart, on my first trip to Hell did an Empyrean being, looking much like Protilius, turn into a dragon after I called his bluff. His heart did not match my own because I dared open the cover on the book and look inside! And this is how we should all live our lives and what the entire basis of Rites of The Heart is all about - seeing through all that is false or not of God and saying either, "I know your heart or I do not know your heart." You see, the true spirit of that Empyrean had been taken over and was for all intents and purposes - a full fledged dragon spirit masquerading as an Empyrean that God had obviously put in Hell for a very good reason. 

When the dragon has infiltrated either an Angel spirit or Empyrean spirit at the higher self level it may then infiltrate a pyramid soul family thus giving it a certain ability to co-create. And when that dragon spirit incarnates in the bodies of men and women on Earth, it carries out its purpose of upholding the systems of social, political, religious, military and economic bondage that have been put in place a long, long time ago. In fact... the dragon has been here with us even before we learned how to walk upright.

Over the course of my lifetime I have heard many people ask, "where was god when such and such happened?" I myself have asked the very same question....and rightfully so! The answer is: God does not interfere when his children are growing...much like the Apples on the apple tree I mentioned earlier. He lets us grow and make our own decisions whether or not they benefit us or not because he knows that eventually we will learn. Throughout history you will read about the few times God has actually intervened and those times that he has had to intervene, usually had to do with his children being corrupted beyond repair or overtaken by the dragon. Well...and I admit I don't much like knowing this, but this is one of those times and why he has asked me to Identify those institutions that no longer serve mankind for the good. Time's up! 

Over the past few days of writing The Rites Part III article, I have also been trying to obtain more information about what I received in a journey to Elloweina and God that happened on 5/22/12. I have not been able to obtain any information about what was said until today: 6/14/12. Before I go into that, however, here is what I wrote in My Journal on 5/22: 

Since its writing (Rites of The Heart Part I) and the vision itself, I have journeyed back to both God and Elloweina and tried to pin down exactly how long I have to "Match Hearts."  It's a perfectly reasonable question too. Why? Because I am only 1 person! God would not tell me at first, but with much persistency and trying to pin him down to a definitive date, he finally gave me a 'round about' time frame. God said: "You have less than a year." But, when I asked him what happens after that he would not budge and I could tell by his expression he was not ready to divulge that just yet. Yet, when I journeyed to Elloweina for the answer, she did tell me...not the date, but what would most likely happen. However, I will not write about what she told me until I see those same words roll off of the lips of God. I only do this because Elloweina is not God but a daughter of God and only God himself knows for certain when time is up. What is more...even the future is malleable...right up to the final moments!

Below are 3 visions I had at 5AM between 6/14 and 6/16/2012. I believe that this is a sign of things to come and I am being shown so that I may relay this information to all. Here's what happened:


6/14/2012: VISION -

It was 5:00 AM; I had been waking up at this exact time for the past 4 mornings and I couldn't sleep. This was obviously a pattern and I recognized that something could be coming to me. While I lay in bed with my eyes closed - that is when it happened. I was shown a picture of our sun, except it looked a bit odd to me because it was as if it had been eclipsed or blocked out to the point where all I could see was a ring of fire around a disk of black - a solar eclipse? This vision came on so gradually that had I not become aware in this twilight state I was in, it may have passed without my noticing. I saw, however, around this disk of black, a great amount of fire shooting far from the edges of the sun...like solar flares in action! When the vision began to fade to the point where it had all but disappeared, I called the vision back because I wanted to know why I was being shown this. When I had the vision back and was once again looking at a very angry eclipsed sun with fire exploding all around it, I asked, "Who is showing me this and why???" I recognized the voice and it was God. He answered: "Your sun will be the first of the worries for Earth." When I asked, "When will this take place?" There was no answer. That was all.

6/15/2012: VISION -

I woke up, looked at the clock and it was 5:00 AM. Just like the previous mornings, I attempted to go back to sleep but could never achieve the deep sleep that my body has been craving. Hovering between the awakened state and sleep state, that is when I noticed the image of a man. He had a green military jacket on; a green military cap and a long, curly, thick black beard that was more outward than downward. There were not many lines in his face and he appeared to be between the age of 35 and 45. This man appeared to be carrying a semi-automatic rifle over his shoulder. That is when I asked "Who is this?" God replied "This will be your foe."

So...who was this man? The best I can say is that this is somebody who is close to rising to power if he has not arrived already; is somewhere in the Middle East; and if I were a gambling man, which I am not, my gut would tell me to bet that this man has taken up arms over religion and will likely make a run with his army in the direction of Israel.

6/16/2012: VISION -

Lo and behold - Once again I woke up, looked at the clock and it was 5:00 AM. This time I was literally in the vision itself. I found myself as kneeling in the back corner of a press room of a top elected official who was giving a briefing. I was recording what he was saying in a note pad. That is when I noticed somebody like a bodyguard in a sporty suit come in with a look of alarm on his face. Something happened outside of where ever this place was and he was telling everyone to stay calm. But just after he said this, all of this smoke started pouring in from the ventilation system and quickly began filling the room. People started to panic and I found it hard to breathe. That is when pandemonium broke out as people headed for the exits. There was trampling and stampeding going on. End of vision.

A final note about these visions: Let us pray that not one of them come true!


The RITES:  Institutions

The Monetary System - Any nation from the state to the town that uses either coin or paper currency for the buying and selling of anything from a loaf of bread; to humans as slaves; and guns for war, is not of God. The same goes for stocks and commodities that are based on "rumors" that can be manipulated and are little more than hearsay in some sewing circle - is not of God! Any exchange based on rumors that results in the innocent deaths of its fellow man, is not of God! To the leaders of all nations the world over, who continue in the dealings of anything from a copper penny to an ounce of gold: You no longer serve man for the greater good and therefore, I know not your hearts!

The Political Systems - Any nation that needs a political system that divides its people as either Republicans or Democrats; the red or the blue; middle of the road or extremist; and even the so-called Independent - in a hierarchical structure to vote in officials is not Divine Order. What is more, any man or woman who claims to be a son or daughter of God, would never take an elected seat. Rather...he or she would recognize his/herself as part of Divine Order. If it is not of Divine Order, it is Duality and this is not of God! These systems no longer serve mankind. I do not know your hearts.

Religious Institutions - WE ALL COME FROM THE SAME GOD AND ARE INDEED MADE IN HIS IMAGE!!! Having said that - to denominate is to dilute the truth which is the word and divide people from the word of God. When we denominate, we separate and this is not of God! To find this truth, one need not even have to visit a church of any denomination, nor attend one regularly to get to know God. All you have to be doing is seeking that truth and never lose faith. To all men and women of the cloth: If you are not seeking to become ONE, you are not working towards the Divine Order that is Gods plan. Having witnessed what diluting the truth has done to the children of God and the countless wars it has caused, without the direct intervention of God we will have more of the same. I know not the hearts of those upholding these institutions.

World Militaries - Whether your military is a ragtag militia with no more than 10 members or you are a country so powerful that you can stockpile enough nuclear weapons to wipe out all life on earth - I DO NOT KNOW YOUR HEARTS!


Even the wealthiest man, in all his pursuits of material greed is only as wealthy as the most impoverished person on Earth. That is why many of the financially wealthy living on this planet, keep on wanting more. They just can't distance themselves further enough from the grim reality knocking on their doors. However, in the greed or wanting for more, they still are unable to drown out the cries of their brothers who are in pain. What they do not understand is that the roots of their unhappiness lie within bellies of the hungry and homeless living in mud huts or out of cardboard boxes and not because the real heroes: their maids, pool cleaners, or landscapers cannot make the grass any greener for them on the other side.
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