Sophia: Part I
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NAME: SOPHIA which is the Greek version of Her name, other names and titles are Binah (Hebrew -understanding-), Chokmah – (Hebrew – Wisdom), Sapienta (Latin), Mother-Of-All (Gnostic), Holy Spirit (very early Christians), Wisdom (what the other names mean).

SYMBOLS: A cup, the crescent moon, a dove, a tree.

USUAL IMAGE: A red winged woman, crowned with seven stars, at Her feet lies the World, She carries a golden cup.

HOLY DAYS: November 28th is the Day of Sophia.

RELATIVES: Yahweh (ex-husband or son or both), Adam, Eve, Lilith, angels (children), Christ, who entered Jesus (son), Achamoth, who entered Mary Magdalene (daughter.)

SYNODEITIES: Isis (Egyptian), Juno   (Roman), Hera (Greek), Frigga (Norse) Spider Grandmother (Native American), Inanna (Sumerian), Tara (Tibetan) Yemaya (African- Caribbean), Amaterasu (Japanese), Pachamama (Incan), Changing Woman (Navajo and Apache), Danu (Celtic).

DETAILS: Sophia, is the primary female figure of Judao- Christianity, She was once very important, but because of the efforts of men who had a very serious problem with the female force in nature and themselves She has all but been expunged from modern Bibles. She was the veiled holy spirit of wisdom, pregnant with knowledge and inviting us to drink deeply from Her cup.



Throughout history we have read stories about a great God who stands alone, all by himself, watching over mankind with the eye of a Hawk in the sky. But why, whenever anyone has experienced him and written about him, (myself included) is he alone? Should he not have a wife? And if so…where is she? What is her name(s)? Why is she not by his side? What is more…does their not being together have anything to do with why so many Divine Compliments or Twin Flames are not able to be together at this time? And even if God and his wife are separated for some reason, then would she not be called God or Goddess too? These are all questions I have asked myself since my first encounter with God, over the Holy Grail.

In order to get a better perspective as to why and now I am writing about the wife of God, over the past month, 3 very important things have happened to me:

#1)  October 16th, 2012 - Protilius comes to me in a vision and he is dressed in full battle gear. I know immediately something is up. I have seen Protilius wear only a few things and more often than not…nothing at all. But on this night, he was wearing a uniform to the likes of which I have never seen, except only something similar to it in gladiator movies. And this uniform looked much more “classic” than his typical uniform that is royal blue in color and has a cape. No…this uniform was gold and blue in color and came with a helmet, torso protection and a shield. The only thing that seemed to be the same was that he had his sword slung to his right hand side at the hip level.

#2) October 17th, 2012: For the first time, I have a vision of the so-called “Ark of The Covenant.” Much like my other visions of the past which include: The Holy Grail and my trip to Hell to give “The Rites” to those dragons God had been placing there since the beginning of time, this was no exception and equally as hard on me both physically and spiritually. What I do know, is that there is a very important reason why the The Ark was revealed to me on this night. And I just know that it is going to play an important part with Sophia.

#3) October 21st, 2012: I had my first face to face meeting with Sophia. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened! And it all began by asking The Question: Who is my mother?

In this article which will likely raise many questions within you and even shock you just as the experience itself shocked me, you are going to read about my very first journey to meet this mysterious and elusive Sophia that nobody seems to know about with the exception of rumors and conjecture. But I do now know. And if there is one thing that I can say from this first meeting with her is that it is all very clear to me now about why things are the way they are. Everything!!! Yet, even though this article is only about one meeting with her and her "many faces," as the next meetings have not happened yet, I realize that I am staring into the face of the greatest opportunity ever. To do what you may ask?

To Collapse Duality!

Do you wanna know where the battle ground really is and who it is for and over? Our Divine Feminine Mother! ~ Protilius

This is it folks! This is the moment we've all been waiting for... even if we didn’t know specifically what that moment was or would look like when it happened. It is going to be a dangerous journey though and I have been given all the warnings by the Angel Elloweina and God himself about how much is really at stake. Well…if I look around at our world today…I only see that we have nothing to lose and everything to gain given the current state of mankind. Although Protilius lost something in this meeting with his mother and wife of God, that he may never get back, the tide of change has been reversed and is now flowing in the right direction. But in that moment of decision and sacrifice, which will likely turn out to be one of thee most important decisions he has ever been faced with making, Protilius realizes there is hope and is hatching what may be one of the greatest plans ever made.

Begin Journey:

I, Protilius, found God sitting on his throne…and although he was smiling, there seemed to be this kindling sense of great anticipation coming from him. Did he already sense or know what I was there to ask him about? And as I approached the throne to ask him this all important question, he stood up, walked down the steps and put his arm around me to lead me somewhere.

God: “Every truth starts with a question. Your question about who your mother is marks a very important time in your path.”

Protilius: “So I do have a mother and do not come solely from you?”

God: “Your asking of this question signifies to me that you are ready for the truth. But before you do, you are going to need a few things worn by only a select few. Come with me.”

God led me down the left side of his house, away from the area of his throne. When we came to an entranceway about half way down the length of his house, he led me through an arched doorway and upon entering I noticed that the room was round but with a high domed ceiling and a skylight opening to the outside that lit the room. I also noticed that the room was completely empty with the exception of this golden uniform in the center of the room that really caught my attention. It literally glowed and had a golden hue about it, much like the golden hue of light that emanated from the Holy Grail and Ark itself.

With his right arm around me, he led me before this “coat of arms” so to speak and we stopped just before it. I was in awe of this beautiful uniform that was before me. On the top of the rack that this uniform was hung upon I saw before me, a golden helmet that reminded me of something an old fashioned gladiator might wear. Below that was a golden shoulder and chest plate with a royal blue cape that hung off the back side of the uniform. On the floor at the base of the rack there stood, side by side, a pair sandals that looked much like the sandals I always saw God wearing, but these were golden in color. Finally, there was a golden shield that hung from a hook on the side of the rack.

I walked over to exam the shield more closely and that is when I saw my reflection in it. I was amazed! For in that reflection I did not see a merged higher self as I had been accustomed to seeing in the past when journeying with Protilius. No. The man I saw in that reflection was me...Brendan! Seeing myself as just me, I knew, marked an evolution in my own spiritual advancement and ascension process and I was taken aback for a moment before walking back to where God stood.

Protilius: I looked at God in awe and asked, “This uniform is beautiful but am I to wear this? Is this mine now?”

God: “If you’re going to meet your mother, you’re going to need some protection. It’s time you have a matching uniform to your golden sword.”

Protilius: “Are you telling me that I am going to have to do battle against my mother???”

God: Facing me and looking directly in my eyes he put his hands upon my shoulders. “Not in the physical sense you are not. But from what is guarding her, you will need protection! Protilius, more importantly, you will have some important decisions to make if you get to meet her… perhaps the most important decisions any man could ever be faced with making! So…in that sense, you will be fighting a battle, you might say. This battle you’re going to fight is going to be more about a battle of will and inner strength. But, I know if any man can do it, it would be you!”

Protilius: “I think I understand.”

God: “Now put it on. When you’re done, come see me. I will be on the throne.”

Protilius: “You mean I am going to meet her now???” I asked nervously and in disbelief. “Do you really think I’m that ready?”

God: “The asking of the question means you are ready. Yes! Now suit up.”

Protilius: I nodded my head in agreement to God, and then I turned my attention to this coat of arms that was the most beautiful uniform I had ever seen. In fact, somehow and in some strange way, it gave me déjà vu…like I had already been there and done that. Then, when I turned back to where God stood, I noticed I was now alone in the room.

I quickly undressed out of my royal divine blue uniform. The first thing I put on was a pair of shorts that looked more like a Scottish Kilt, but was royal blue in color. I fastened it to my waist with a simple belt that came with it. Then I put on the sandals and fastened them to my feet. Next came the gold plated shoulder and breast plate with a royal blue cape which came off of the rear of the shoulder plates and hung down to the back of my knees. Then, I picked up the helmet in my hands, looked at it and then put it on my head. With both hands I pulled the shield off of the rack and held it out in front of me to see my reflection once again. I was in awe! Finally, I picked up my sword and my old blue uniform up off of the stone floor. I slung the blue uniform over the top of the rack, turned, and made my way out of there headed for the throne.

In front of the throne I stood before God and he addressed me one more time. He got up, walked down the steps and looked me in the eyes.

God: “You are to go find Elloweina.” God said sternly. “She will lead you to your mother as I have already prepared her for this moment.”

And just after he said this to me, he paused a moment, swallowed and for the first time I saw his sternness melt away and watched him get emotional…which in turn made me emotional. I actually saw his eyes get watery. That is when he put his arms around me and held me. I put my arms around him and held him back, taking in every moment of this special occasion. But just as quickly as he opened up to me and I to him, he let go and turned his back to me. I could tell he was in pain.

Protilius: “God, does my mother have a name to address her by?”

God: “In the beginning she was Sophia. You have heard this name before and several other names she will likely tell you are her real names. However, do not be fooled and only address her as Sophia. You must stick to this and find the Sophia within. And remember to use your shield when addressing your mother. Do not look at her at first. This is important!!! If you do look into her eyes before gaining her trust, you will be in trouble. And as you address her, looking through your shield, which will protect you, you are to gain her trust and eventually her heart. For when you do this, you will no longer need to address her through the shield. Go find the Angel!”

And as God said this to me, I couldn’t help but wonder who I was going to find. Medusa??? I mean...all I could think of were those old fashioned movies where Perseus was trying to behead Medusa.

Protilius: “Father, I have one more question and then I will go.”

God nodded his head for me to "ask away."

Protilius: “With all due respect, if Sophia is your wife, then why am I tasked in earning her trust and heart? Shouldn’t you be the one to do this instead of me?”

God: “No! This is between the two of you and will understand more after you meet her. were the first to ever come to me and ask the question.”

Protilius: “I understand and have no further questions.”

God: “Now go! Go find Elloweina!”


I, Protilius, found Elloweina in the shadow lands because this place is neither here nor there. A perfect place to have a conversation without anyone hearing as there are no spirits there! And although it was pitch black, I could see the Angel very clearly and she was wearing her wings.

Protilius: “Do you know why I am here?”

Elloweina: “You’re ready. After working with our Father, you are finally ready to meet our Mother.” She smiled. “By the way, I like your new uniform. Do you know what it signifies?”

Protilius: Smiling I said to her, “Ummm… that I’m very well protected??”

Elloweina: Elloweina laughed, Hahaha! “It means much more than that.”

And when she said what it signified, I was blown away by this revelation that Elloweina had given me.

Elloweina: “Any son or daughter of God who fights for the truth, justice and love can become one of these. Surprised?”

Protilius: “Yes…I am very surprised. Wow!!!” I declared to her. “And I can see why God left it up to you to let me in on this little secret. He has a way of letting me find things out on my own, you know.”

Elloweina: “Yes, he does. He let’s you learn by way of the experience itself,” she said and smiled warmly. “Now…back to our mother. I have been instructed to show you the way a long time ago in hopes that you would one day be ready to meet her. And that you are!”

Protilius: “Yes…whoever and wherever she is. God says her name is Sophia??? But then he went on to say that she also uses many other names. Is this so?”

Elloweina: Flying in closer to me, face to face, Elloweina smirked and then replied, “She has many! But first, you should meet her and when you do, you will understand. If you make it through this journey, then it will be up to you to do the legwork of finding those names that she has been referred to by many people and cultures on Earth. You already know one or two of those names. You just don’t realize it yet.”

Protilius: Well, as soon as Elloweina told me this, I was taken aback and thought deeply, how could that be when nobody seems to know anything about this wife of God? “That’s impossible,” I declared to her! “There’s no way!! Whatever the case, where can I find this wife of God? And…will you take me there?” That is when I noticed a look of deep concern and even sadness overtake the Angel’s expression.

Elloweina: “Yes, I will take you there, B.” She replied with tears now welling up in her eyes. “But, I am not permitted to be there with you as this matter is between the two of you.”

Protilius: “Why does everyone say that this matter is between the two of us??? What does this mean? And why can you not be there with me? You always go everywhere with me. What if I have questions? Please, Elloweina, go with me!”

Elloweina: “B…you will understand or better yet, “remember” when you meet her. What is more…I will be with you. You will be able to hear me, see me and feel my comfort. And I will be able to see everything you are seeing. I am just not permitted to go inside.”

Protilius: “If I am a child of hers then that would me you are too. Why would you not be permitted to go inside her house when God welcomes you into his?”

Elloweina: “When you meet her, you will understand better. Once again, this is just between the two of you. I cannot go with you on this one. And please understand that you, B, will have some very important decisions to make on this journey.” Now crying, she struggled to continue with her lips quivering and voice shaking. “You… will need to find an inner strength… that you didn’t know you had and have failed… at finding in your own life and in every single incarnation… going back to the moment of your creation.”

Protilius: When Elloweina told me this, I was floored and wondered what it was that she was referring to. What was I failing at? But seeing her in this state of worry and even panic, I felt compelled to comfort her. So, with both of my thumbs I reached out and wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed her on her forehead. She wrapped her arms around me and I held her tight. Then, digging deep to find a smile for her, I asked in a joking way to keep things in the light and in the positive, “Well, are you gonna show me the way or am I gonna have to take a bus?”

Elloweina: Struggling for a half smile she replied, “Reach around my back with both arms and lock your hands together.”

Protilius: I did and now we were pressed tightly together, stomach to stomach, cheek to cheek. “Check!”

Elloweina: “Now close your eyes and hold on.”

Protilius: “Where are we going?”

Elloweina: “Earth!”

Protilius: “Earth!” I declared. “You mean to tell me that my mother has always been on Earth!?!?”

Elloweina: “You know…Mother and Earth. Literally! Just like Father and sky.”

Then, just as I was about to comment about feeling silly for not having connected those dots in the “literal,” I felt this huge rush and our bodies together became pure energy. It was as if we had just jumped out of an airplane and were now descending to Earth at great speeds. Then, just as soon we were catapulted in a downwards direction, moments later, we stopped on a dime! And when I opened my eyes we were hovering in the air and staring at the bald face of an enormous mountain.

Elloweina: “Don’t even ask where on Earth you are because I will not tell you. It is only my job to make sure that you get here and nobody is permitted by God to know other than you and I. Just know that this is the place…the entranceway to your mother’s home.”

Protilius: “Well…I know already this is not the United States,” I asked her while looking upwards and downwards at the steep slope of this large mountain in this seemingly arid land. “So…what am I to do?”

Elloweina: “Do you see that part of the mountain,” she said, pointing with her forefinger. “Even though it looks as if there is nothing there but rock, there is actually a door. You are the only one other than your Twin Flame who can open it. You’ll know what to do in order to open it.”

Protilius: I nodded my head in agreement and I looked at the rocky area of the mountain she was pointing at; examining the jagged façade. Then, I looked back at her and said “Yes. I see and understand.”

Elloweina: “You must pass through there. And when you do, don’t stop…just keep going and you’ll find your way.”

Protilius: “Okay, I understand. But since you cannot go with me, will you at least wait for me here?”

Elloweina: With the look of worry overtaking her beautiful smile, she said “Not only will I be here waiting for your return; you will be able to hear me, see me and feel my presence the whole time you are with your mother…even though I am not actually with you! All you have to do is close your eyes, just as you’ve always done.”

Protilius: I hugged my sister and Angel Elloweina and said, “I love you. Wish me luck.” Then I turned and flew to the spot of the mountain where Elloweina had pointed. And just as I had done with my Father in an earlier journey where I was taught how to open up the gateway to Hell, I raised my right hand outward, palm upward and willed this unseen door to open. Soon as I did this, a portal became apparent…even though there was no actual physical door. I flew through the entranceway and was instantly immersed in complete darkness.

After several moments of passing through this portal, which was really like a long rocky corridor with no floor or ceiling or any particular dimension to it, something happened…something changed in the lighting! That is when I found myself in a very, very large room. And in this room which was about 3/4 of the size of a football field, there were columns everywhere and evenly spaced...except within the center that seemed more open. But these columns, much like the columns that exist in the House of God, did not rise up as high, as the ceiling here was much lower. Yet, they looked equally as Greek as the ones that stood in The House of God. The place was rather dark with the lighting low…about 20%.

Looking around…turning 360 degrees very slowly… there seemed to be no sign of life and no sign of any furnishings. Although the place looked clean, it was basically an empty room that felt very, very creepy! That is when I decided to walk around and explore for a bit. And while walking around, I wondered to myself why my mother would live here in these dark dank conditions and my father would live there, in Heaven. It didn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. Shouldn’t they both be together in Heaven, even if my mother is of the Earth and my Father of the sky? I could only wonder what happened between them that it should be this way. Just then, as I made my way further through this dark room with a dusky amount of light at best, to my amazement, I noticed that up against the far wall, there was a throne of all things that looked almost identical to the throne that my Father sits upon. Yet, I could see that nobody was sitting on this throne! It was empty. But, when I looked to the left and to the right of this throne, I became alarmed. I noticed two circular beds that reminded me of those beds that a pet dog or a cat would sleep on, on the floor. Yet, these beds were much bigger and obviously much, much too big for a dog or a cat. They looked to be about 30 feet in diameter and were made of cloth and decorated in such a way that would indicate royalty of some sort. With colors of red and gold, they were very rich looking beds indeed!

Suddenly, while standing in front of this throne, something caught my eye. I thought I saw something move in the area to the right of the throne and I called out, “Who is there? Is that you, Mother?”

Taking out my sword, I walked in the direction where I thought I saw something move…and very quickly I might add. That is when I heard her for the very first time. But it’s not what she said that scared me, it was how she sounded. I heard, “ss…ssss…Ssssssssssssssssssss…ssss…ss” over and over and over again. And it was getting louder!

Protilius: Holding up my shield as I had been instructed by God to do, I realized that I had done battles with dragons before, but this…this sounded like a snake or some kind of serpent. I declared to myself, “This could not possibly be my mother! No!!” I shook my head in disbelief.

Since I was certain that whatever it was that was making this sound could not be my mother and that I was about to do battle with a new monster, I began backing up in my tracks towards the center of this large room, frequently looking over either shoulder. With my sword in my right hand and my shield fastened to my left forearm, I was ready to go! That is when I heard the “Ssssssssssssssss” sound again. And this time, it was much closer and I even detected a a deep guttural raspiness to it! And I thought to myself whoever or whatever this is, either has a very bad chest infection or is not of Divine Order. I clenched my sword ready to strike the first thing that makes a move on me.

Just then, something stirred in the area of the room that is closest to that throne. It appeared to be the silhouette of a woman because I could see long hair and a womanly physique. Yet, whoever it was, came out from behind one of the columns and disappeared into the floor as if its solidity turned into water. Poof! She was gone! And because of how poorly lit the room was, I began to question what I was seeing and hearing. Was I hallucinating? I did know one thing and that is that not only did I have to cover my front, rear and sides…now I had to cover above and below as well.

Realizing that anywhere I stood in this room was not safe, I decided to take to the air and hover…so to speak.

That is when I heard a “Whoom, whoom, whoom” sound. And that “whoom” sound could mean only one thing: Dragon! It was the sound of a dragon pumping his wings and he was approaching fast!

I had no time to react as he was upon me. The only thing I saw was a glimpse of him in the reflection of my shield as he was coming in from behind me. That is when I instantaneously split my entire being into particles of energy in an attempt to minimize what impact that dragon would have upon me. And just as I did this, he passed right through me…missing me with his sharp teeth, fiery breath and claws. I heard a "Whoom" and felt his presence path through me.

Seeing that the dragon had flown right through me and was now attempting to reverse his clumsy, awkward body back in my direction, I willed all the particles of my being back into oneness. And when I came back together as Protilius again, I decided to try a new move on him that I had been practicing for awhile.

That is when I began to sprint at him with my sword out and shield up. I declared to him, “This one is for messing with my Divine Compliment! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!" My scream echoed off of the walls of this giant, room. Then I heard the dragon let out this shrieking high pitched noise. It was his battle cry. It was either me or him and I had no plans on packing up as this trip had just begun.

With myself and that dragon fixing to make a head on collision, I slung my shield over my shoulder. Then I dove through the air like a missile; head first; the butt of my sword to my chest and blade sticking upward and outward. That is when I began making a spiraling maneuver through the air…like a corkscrew. And when I connected with him just missing his snapping jaws, with both hands on my sword that had cut right into him at the neck, I spiraled twice around his entire body…opening him up like a can with a can opener. But just when I thought I escaped his wrath, something happened. I was suddenly spinning through the air completely out of control. Then there was blackness.

That is when I, Brendan, broke the journey and sat up in bed wondering what happened. And I quickly put it together in my head that the dragon’s tail must have caught me as I was making my pass, which in turn knocked Protilius to the ground. I knew I had to get back in there immediately. So, I lay back down in bed, shut my eyes and reconnected with Protilius.

Upon reconnecting with my spirit, I realized Protilius was already on his feet again and completely unharmed. That is when I turned around and saw that the dragon was motionless. With my shield now back on my left arm, sword ready, I walked up closer to him and was amazed at how effective this new maneuver was. It was as if I had turned this dragon into a spiral sliced ham…for the lack of a better way to put it. So, I put my sword in my left hand for a moment. Then I raised my right arm out, palm upward and declared, “I don’t know your heart. Be gone!” And he disappeared. Poof! However, my moment of relishing this victory over the dragon, quickly ended when I heard, “Whoom, whoom, whoom.” It was the sound of another dragon. I surmised that it was probably the other one that sits next to the throne.

As soon as I heard the “Whoom” sound of this other dragon’s wings, I spun around in the direction it came from. And when I turned I saw this other dragon land on its pillow, next to the throne. It turned and simply looked in my direction…as if it had taken a neutral position in what just transpired. And I was confused as to why it was not on the attack. Yet, knowing how dragons think, I knew it had to be some kind of trick.

I made my approach to where the dragon was, very slowly and cautiously with my shield up and tip of my sword pointing directly at him.

Protilius: “C’mon, let’s go right now!” I taunted him. “Come at me damn it! If you’re keeping my mother captive, then I’m taking her back. C’mon, let’s go! Come at me!!!”

But the more I yelled at this dragon to do something…anything…the more its energy turned from neutral to submissive and it simply looked at me occasionally blinking.

Protilius: “Okay. If you’re not going to come at me, then sit! Sit!!!” I yelled at him, stepping within just feet of him and the tip of my sword inches from his nose.

That is when that dragon not only sat down, but he lay down all the way on his belly. And with his long neck outstretched, his head came to rest at the base of my feet. Here’s the kicker: his eyes looked up at me with an almost sort of friendly puppy dog look to them…occasionally batting his lashes.

Protilius: “What a ham!” I declared to him. Yet, I was confused because I had never seen a dragon act like this – EVER! And I wondered if this is what is meant when someone says, “To tame the dragon.” I could only wonder because up until now, I had only been slaying them.

So as I stood over the head of this dragon, basically scratching my head, I decided it was safe to put my sword away. But before I could, I heard, “Sss ssss  ssssssssssssss sss s,” again. So I put my shield up and readied my sword for imminent battle.

Protilius: “Come on out and show yourself, whoever you are! I’m not afraid of you.”

Over and over again I taunted this mystery woman who sounded like a serpent snake. That is when I saw in the reflection of my golden shield behind me, a woman standing only a few feet behind me. And in that reflection, just as she had done before but only out of the corner of my eye, she disappeared into the floor which appeared to be made of marble because of its glossy look. Yet, somehow, she was able to pass through it as if she was jumping into a swimming pool. It was a sight to behold and she obviously had some amazing abilities.

Having seen this occur, I decided once again that I had better take to the air and hover as this would give me a 360 degree perspective of everything around me. But then suddenly, seemingly from out of nowhere, Wham! In my face!!! She popped up from out of the floor directly in front of me and not only was her nose touching my nose, but I was staring her directly in her eyes. I was in trouble! And no sooner than I thought this, I began to see deeper into her eyes…all the way deeper! And what I saw scared the hell out of me. For in her eyes, I saw millions upon millions of eyes of both dragons and serpents and even the ordinary eyes of people.

Protilius: Upon seeing all these dragons within her, I thought to myself, “Oh my god…she’s full of dragons! She's been infested.”

But no sooner had I been sucked in by her gaze, I was back from her depths within and staring face to face with her.  Then, she smiled a big smile, cocked her head slightly to the left and with her forefinger, she tapped me once on the tip of my nose, declaring in raspy guttural tone, “Adam.”

I had no time to react and when I went to raise my shield to address her the way God told me to, I found that I could not move my left arm. Then, when I went to step back away from her and out of her space, I could not move my legs. I tried moving my right arm with my sword in my right hand, but to no avail. It was as if she had frozen me. I literally could not move!

In a state of alarm and confusion that is when I remembered the story of Medusa I read when I was a boy. But this woman was no Medusa. There were no snakes in the hair or slithering tail. No…this was a very, very beautiful woman indeed. And although I had my thoughts; could move my eyes and feel with emotions, I wondered if I could reply to this being who was staring me in the eyes.

Protilius: “It is Protilius. That is my name” I declared! And just as I said this I realized my lips couldn’t move either. Yet, she heard me. I could see the look in her eyes and expression change.

She responded with a “Ssssssssssssss” and deep guttural laughter. “Hahaha…And I am Eve! Hahahahaha!!!! You have many names and you only know a few of them. Have it your way, Protilius.”

That is when I called out in my mind to Elloweina. “Elloweina, are you there?”

Elloweina: “I am here.”

Protilius: “Is this her?” I asked and then switched my awareness so that I could see my Angel Elloweina. “Is this my mother???”

With a frown on her face and tears in her eyes; looking so very distraught and sad, Elloweina nodded her head in the affirmative. And when I saw her do so, my spirit was crushed. How could this be I thought. It was a nightmare!

Protilius: Switching my awareness back to Sophia, I noticed that she was now standing about five feet in front of me which really gave me a better perspective of how beautiful she really looked. It was as if she was “sizing me up” for the lack of a better way to put it. And while she posed before me, sizing me up, I noticed her eyes were brown and had this white sort of light where the pupils would normally be. Her hair was long and straight and brown as well. Although her bangs were short, I could tell her hair came mid way down her back. Her nose was straight and rather normal if there is such a thing… Her lips were medium full and sensual. And with her broad cheek bones, the overall structure of her face was round and came down to a slightly pointy chin. Her skin appeared to be a light brown color and that is when it dawned on me that she did not glow like God did. Why? Then another thing came to mind while we were staring at each other: She looked young, unlike God. Why did she not have white hair if she was the wife of God? I could only wonder…

Just then, she waved her hand out in front of her as if she was waving a magic wand and I was immediately hit by this energy pulse she emitted. There was a flash of white light and in an instant my entire uniform was taken apart, lifted up in the air above me and then sent scattering across the floor before me: helmet, shield and all! The only exception was my sword which remained in my right hand. I was now completely naked. That is when she began pacing or rather “strutting” back in forth in front of me.

Protilius: “Ummm,” I struggled to find something to say nervously. “I am told you are my mother and that your name is Sophia.”

Sophia: “Mother!” She declared to me. “Leave it to your Father to send you ill prepared. You really don’t know do you. Hahaha,” she laughed as echoes reverberated through the entire place. “My name is not Sophia.”

By now, she was strutting even harder. There, before me, ten feet away, I watched as she would strut forward ten feet; turn around and strut back another ten feet or so, only to do it all over again. And as she was strutting her stuff, I noticed that she would purse her lips together in such a naughty way and then look me up and down from head to toe. Over and over again she did this for what seemed an eternity. She was literally sizing me up for the kill, so to speak.

Protilius: “Then, how about Lilith? Is Lilith your name??”

Laughter once again filled the room from her and she stopped again to address me.

Sophia: “Ssss-ss-ss-sssssssssssss - Now you’re getting warmer,” she smiled at me and then put her forefinger sensually to her lips to size me up some more.

Just then, I watched as she shape shifted from standing 10 feet in front of me, to being right in my face. In the blink of an eye, it happened so fast and all I could do was watch as she kissed my lips which could not move and then licked each of my cheeks in a very seductive way, before shape shifting back to where she was so that she could continue strutting.

Protilius: “Are you the Medusa I have read about in stories?”

Sophia: “Hahaha!!! Every man that has journeyed to see me has come for only one thing and that is sex. Sadly, since they have all failed I merely send them home with their tails between their legs and licking their wounds. And in turn… they write false tails about me. Don’t you think I don’t realize why you are here? You are very sexual, Protilius. I can feel it from you. And just like what happened all those years ago, you will fail again.”

Protilius: “Well I am not one of those guys. I am not here for sex. I just wanted to get to know my mother is all. And if you are my mother, then this should not be happening right now.”

Sophia: Still strutting back in forth in front of me, she declared, “Once again, I am not your mother. Nor am I Sophia! One thing is certain and that is that you will fail just like all of those others who have journeyed to me in the past. But I admit that it is nice to have the company of a man for a change. It’s been a very, very long time! Now let me show you how powerful I really am,” she declared!

In mid-strut, I watched as she reached down and pulled her one-piece outfit (that reminded me of something Isis might wear) that came down to her thighs up over her head and through it on the ground behind her. She was now completely naked.

Protilius: “I don’t think you should do this…it’s not what I am here for.”

Sophia: “You haven’t seen anything yet! Have you ever been made love to by a Goddess?”

Protilius: “As the matter of fact, I have and Goddesses do not act like this. Trust me! What is more…I know that Sophia would not act like this…But the dragon would! And besides, it’s not why I am here. Now why don’t you just free me and I will go.”

Sophia: “Let me show you something about yourself even while you stand there frozen and stiff. I do have a habit of doing that you know.”

Protilius: "Doing what?"

Sophia: "Making men stiff! Hahaha!!!"

That is when she shape shifted again and this time her breasts were pressed up against my chest and she was kissing me again on my lips. And while kissing me, her silky hands stroked my arms from my shoulders to my wrists. Then she stepped back a few feet and smiled a big smile.

Protilius: “I’m not falling for it,” I declared! “I know what you’re doing.”

Sophia: “No? Then here, let me give you the ability to use your lips and move your head around so that you can see what you look like below the waist.”

That is when she waved her arm out in front of her again and suddenly I could move my neck and head again. And when I looked down I noticed that I was completely erect.

Protilius: “You must stop! This is not the work of Sophia, but of the dragon.”

Sophia: “Stop? I am just getting started with you,” she declared. “Do you see how “stiff” you are? Now watch what I do next. All you have to do is just keep looking me in the eyes as you are right now.”

Just then, I watched as she knelt down in front of me on her knees. With both hands now wrapped around, she began stroking me. And with her silky hands pumping me, I became locked on her eyes (unable to look away) and suddenly filled with sexual desire. It was as if I were feeling what she was feeling and vice versa. The sexual desire was potent and I felt as if I could no longer fight it. That is when I noticed at the tip, a single bead of nectar appear. And when she saw this, her eyes got really wide and excited!

Protilius: That is when I heard in my head from Sophia, “Watch this!”

That is when I watched her smile real big and then she put her tongue out to lick from the honey that had just appeared. She tilted her head back slightly as if she were reaching ecstasy. And just as her tongue made contact and to lick from my honey, I shut my eyes and became filled with sexual desire. It was very powerful!

The next thing I know, I open my eyes and to my horror, Sophia has transformed her once beautiful self into a dark cloud of particles hovering in mid air in front of me. That is when I realize, to my dismay that this dark cloud of particles was entering my body through my urethra. I began to panic and knew that if I let this happen, my entire mission would be lost. What is more…Protilius would be a goner.

After a moment of watching this dark cloud of particles that was once, Sophia, begin passing into my body, I began chanting in my head because I could not voice how I really felt because my lips were frozen up again.

Protilius: “No! No!! No!!!” I declared to myself over and over again. “No! No!! No!!!” And the more I chanted “No” I began to get back the feeling in my right arm and in other parts of my body. So I chanted “NO” even louder in my head. Then, I screamed it, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”

Then, just as I noticed that the dark cloud had nearly completely disappeared inside of my body, I willed my right hand which was still holding my sword into action. And with ONE SWEEPING MOTION of my right arm, I swung my sword around in a clockwise motion. For when that sword came up like the big hand of the minutes arm approaching 9 on the clock, I had castrated myself in order to save myself…and the mission for that matter.

Simultaneously at the same time I did this, I heard Sophia scream, “Stop!!!” But it was too late. I fell to the ground completely out of the spell I had been put under and lay on my side. And there before me, the dark cloud of particles exited my body and began to turn back into Sophia. And when I first saw her face after her transformation was complete, she had both of her hands over her mouth and tears coming from her eyes.

Sophia: “You fool!” She screamed at me. “You’ve really done it now. You’ve ruined all the plans for our future.”

Protilius: While laying sideways on the floor, I managed to look up at her and declared, “I did the only thing I knew how. I just want to know my mother. And if you are my mother, then I love you no matter what your choices are. I only wanted to love you. But not in the way you wanted.”

Then, just as I said I loved her that is when I experienced Sophia for the very first time. Her expression changed from one of seduction, trickery and even rage; to one of sorrow, empathy and love. She knelt down and put her hand on top of my head. It was as if simply telling her that I loved her, brought out the Sophia from within.

Sophia: “I am not your mother,” she said breaking down in tears beside me. Then, wrapping her arms around me to cuddle she declared, “I am your wife!”

Protilius: “Is this Lilith or Medusa talking to me?” I asked in pain. “This is a joke right???”

Sophia: “No, it is really me, Adam,” she said and then kissed me on the cheek. “This is Sophia talking to you and you need to get out of here before I change back into something you won’t like. Go!!! You passed the test now, GO!”

Protilius: “Why do you keep calling me Adam? My name is Protilius!”

Sophia: “Well, I guess we are both having an identity crisis then.”

Protilius: “Was that a joke?”

Sophia: “No, it was not. Anyway, it doesn’t matter for now. What matters is that you GO! Do it!!”

Protilius: “I will go,” I said to her getting up on my feet…slowly. “But mark my words, I will back for you and next time I am going to take you out of this Godforsaken place. But first, I need to go have a VERY LONG talk with God about this one. Sophia…you don’t belong with the dragon, you belong amongst other men and women like you. Whether you are my wife or God’s wife, it won’t matter. I now know my mission and no matter what happened in the past that has put you here, nobody deserves this. I am taking you out of here one way or another. I promise you that, Sophia!”

Sophia: “I can’t let you take me,” she said and then let out a “Ssss-ssssssssssssssssss-sss-ss-ss” sound. “Get out of here Protilius!”

Protilius: “I will prove my love for you, Sophia! Not only will I prove it to you, I will prove it to Lilith and Medusa as well. I will even show them how much love is in my heart. I will!”

Just then, I heard that deep guttural raspiness start coming from within her. That is when tears began to stream from her eyes and down her cheeks, flowing like brooks. She was changing back to either the Lilith or Medusa that I found when I first came here. What is more…she knew it and had no control over it. I was hurt and saddened to my inner core to witness this firsthand. I myself had no control over it either, but I had to get out of there and quickly!!!

Protilius: “I love you, Sophia. I love you forever!” I declared and then turned my entire being of Protilius into a million particles of golden light. “And remember, I will be back!”

And in my head, I heard the softest, gentlest and innocent voice say to me, “I love you!” It was her, Sophia, even amongst the rankest weeds of Lilith and Medusa that were trying their hardest to drown out the true love and light that Sophia is and always will be.

~ End Journey ~

When I opened my eyes, while laying in bed, I realized that there were tears in them. I was heart broken and in deep despair. That is when I rolled over in bed and buried my face in my pillow to cry out the pain.

The last I saw of Sophia from this very first journey was that she put her face in her hands upon her knees and was sobbing almost uncontrollably. I saw this after I had split my being into light particles. And when I heard her crying, I felt this deep, deep pain from within. I was so very connected to this beautiful and petite woman that I had never met before that I couldn’t stand it. I had to do something. But first, I had to go back to God immediately. God had lots of explaining to do and I had so, soooo many questions for him. I was not happy that he sent me into this situation as blind as he did. I could have been killed! Because if Protilius dies, then I die. Now he was going to answer to it.

~ End Part I ~

If we are to fix what’s wrong in the “here and now,” then we must journey back and atone for what’s been going on since the beginning of time. The keys to our future can be found in our past. ~ Protilius


So...what did Sophia look like in my first meeting with her? Below are several pictures and if we use a little imagination, then you might be able to put together a mental image of how she looked to me.

Copyright © 2008 - 2013 by Collapsing Duality
The Tempt
By Brendan/Protilius Ermphorus ~ 11/17/2012
I chose this picture of Isis because her lips and dress are most similar to what Sophia was wearing with the exception that it covered her breasts. Even her skin tone is similar but slightly more brown than gold. But she did not have on Egyptian jewelry or makeup. Sophia was barefoot btw...just remembered that :-)
I chose this next picture for Sophia because when I was standing face to face with her, her facial structure and jawbone was most similar to this next representation of the goddess Hekate who is closely associated with Medusa. Even her eyes were about this size, yet they were brown in color and more serious...depending upon who was coming through. Once jewelry.
I chose this next picture for Sophia because her hair is very long and straight, just as it is in this next representation of Hekate, the Goddess.