Sophia: Part II

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I chose this picture of Isis because her lips and dress are most similar to what Sophia was wearing with the exception that it covered her breasts. Even her skin tone is similar but slightly more brown than gold. But she did not have on Egyptian jewelry or makeup. Sophia was barefoot btw...just remembered that :-)
I chose this next picture for Sophia because when I was standing face to face with her, her facial structure and jawbone was most similar to this next representation of the goddess Hekate who is closely associated with Medusa. Even her eyes were about this size, yet they were brown in color and more serious...depending upon who was coming through. Once jewelry.
I chose this next picture for Sophia because her hair is very long and straight, just as it is in this next representation of Hekate, the Goddess.
When one learns how not to become frozen with fear in the all-powerful presence of Hecate and how not to fall prey to the tempt of the lustful Lilith, then that one has both learned and earned the heart of beautiful Sophia.
TRUTH: Although God tells me I am Adam in the above segment from Sophia, I have known that I went back to Adam since my vision of The Holy Grail on 2/14/2011. I do admit that I have struggled with accepting/recognizing this at all bcus of its significance. However, Paula and I decided it would be best to leave that part out of the Grail article. And to this day, I have still left it out... And although I may have gone back to the highest of my higher selves, Adam, I will be keeping Protilius as my name name. 
By Brendan/Protilius Ermphorus ~ 4/1/2014

A big reason for my being upset with God after the first Sophia journey, was the fact that no matter what fancy Gladiator uniform he gave me, nothing could have saved me from Sophia. The golden armor he gave me was, in the end, basically useless when it came down to it. It felt like he had thrown me into the water and it was either “sink or swim” for the lack of a better way to put it. But, this is how God works and it will take some getting used to. But make no mistake, this is how HE is! A hard teacher!

Protilius: You said that this golden coat of armor would protect me! It was useless against her…she froze me; levitated each piece of the armor off of my body and then basically flung it all over the floor like somebody had kicked a cheap tin trash can over. Then there were the two dragons, one of which I took out… I could have been killed and you know it!? Where is my protection??

God: “I gave you just enough and told you just enough, so that you could make the right decision on your own, when you needed to. Had I gave or told you anymore than I did, it would have meant certain failure. Adam…”

Protilius: It’s Protilius, (I interjected) and by the way…Protilius is more like's a fit!

God: Protilius, my son, you are so focused on your goals that you forget to look around while on your journeys. While I like this "focus" very much, in doing this you fail to see how much help you really have. I am talking to Brendan too! Do you both really think that you would have been able to enter into the underworld domain where Sophia resides with just the help of Elloweina?

Protilius: I don’t know…really. I just knew I had to find out why Sophia came to me in a vision.

God: Why don’t you turn around and see how much help you really have.

Protilius: And when I turned around, after God motioned with his hand for me to do so, while standing in front of his throne, what I saw, I will never forget, EVER!!!

For as far as I could see, on one half of his house there were Angels dawning their wings and on the other half, Empyreans, dressed in the same golden uniform as I was wearing! A FULL HOUSE! With the exception of Elloweina who stood in front of them all, the rest were all male warriors. As I scanned across them with my eyes, I stopped on one Angel that looked very familiar. Why? Because I had seen him before and it was Michael! He looked pissed, but what else is new!? Then, looking over at the Empyrean side, my eyes stopped upon another person who looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place his face. That is when the Empyrean spoke to me.

Empyrean: It is Olympian and not Empyrean! And I am not just a myth after all… Understand that, he said, and laughed.

Protilius: I was too stunned to argue or respond and all I really wanted to do was cry because these guys were awesome! I loved them all instantly! In each of them, their eyes, they had what war vets have in their eyes down here in the physical and what is known as the "thousand yard stare." Shell shocked, and yet, beaming with the love of God! Spirits, yes - but war torn!

These guys have been through hell over and over and over again!

Those were my thoughts on this part of the journey after Sophia P.1

I have been writing Sophia the book but spirit has given me the nudge to tell more and do it now. So, that is the reason for this page. 

Unlike Sophia P.1 I will be telling the story of Sophia from Alpha to Omega, or: the first to the last - in segments.

Whatever you see posted here has been condensed from other parts of the story so that more can be conveyed. There is a reason; I don't know it yet, but I'm sure I'll find out why, soon. What matters is that it is told.

This page will be a "running story" and I'll add to it when I can. And when I do I'll post that I have updates to it.
Sophia Part I ~ Click HERE
​On a plane of existence between all that we can touch with our hands and feel with our hearts; about half the distance between God in heaven and man on earth, there exists a place called Empyrea.

Empyrea is a beautiful land with the strangest, most exotic wild flowers and tallest multi-colored mountains that rise way up high, even higher than the tallest peaks on earth! In the middle of these mountains, on an expansive plateau, there has stood since the time of creation, a great city that glistens and sparkles like selenite in sunlight. It is a place few men and women have ever journeyed to and returned to tell about! And, everything from those flowers; to the mountains, to the city itself and of course… to the citizens that call this home, are Empyrean. And that means light!

Above the city, high up in the sky there shines a brilliant white light that bathes and illuminates the plant life and people of Empyrea with a never-ending supply of warmth and love. This light, the citizens of Empyrea are quenched by, is the light of God! And because at this layer of beingness that Empyrean’s live, there is officially no night or day because the light of God, unlike our sun that rises in the morning to warm the Earth, never sets! In fact, there is no AM or PM; no up or down; and no need for clouds to bring rain like there is here on Earth. For in Empyrea, all are fed by the grace of God. Empyrea, as magical as it is, always has been and will always “just be.”  

In Empyrea, there is a city. In the center of the city there is a great Palace with a cross-architectural semblance to the likes of the Vatican of Rome and the Kremlin of Russia. But unlike those two buildings, the Palace that the mother and father of the oldest pyramid soul family in Empyrea reside, it is made of a substance called stilsil. Stilsil is the crystalline material that all buildings in Empyrea are made of and it is alive with life and knowledge – as is everything in that land! 

Although it marks the center of the city, The Palace is just the beginning to a much larger, expansive, interconnected metropolitan center that begins with four wings running off of it that connect to four more, slightly smaller Palaces. In the center, where all four wings intersect, there is a large hall with a high domed ceiling that resembles (both inside and out) the dome of the Vatican of Rome. This is where the King and Queen, Protilius and Idavathian live. And, at the end of each of the four wings, there are domes as well, but slightly smaller than than the dome in the center of the city. Each of the domes of the four wings represents one of the houses of the first eight children of Protilius and Idavathian.

In the west wing, there lives Invatharion and Parathius; the East wing is occupied by Protharus and Idagordava; the North wing, by Protithius and Invalarion; and in the South wing we have Parilius and Idavarion! Each pair are divine complements.

Empyrean’s are kind, loving souls and their mission is to tend to and maintain the Divine Order of things as established by God in the heavens above them and oversee the affairs of humankind on Earth. But, not all is as peaceful as it sounds. For Empyrean’s, much like us mortals have their adversaries, typically being each other and for more petty reasons, their adversary is none other than the dragon. The same dragon that has been recorded all throughout our human history on Earth! It is the mission of the dragon to manipulate and infiltrate the Empyrean souls who make up all of Divine Order.

 Much like we do on Earth, Empyrean’s have their symbols that represent who they are, where they come from, and where they are going. What are those symbols? Well, there are many, but the pyramid and obelisk are the most dear and important ones to them! The pyramid is the symbol of their family tree built by stone, not from bottom to top like the ones here on earth, but from top to bottom. Although many pyramids exist in Empyrea, this pyramid is special because it is the first one and represents the oldest family of souls under God that Protilius and Idavathian are mother and father to!

Next to the pyramid, which stands just outside the city limits of Empyrea, there stands a giant Obelisk, much like the one in Washington D.C.. While the pyramid is the symbol of their soul family, the Obelisk represents all pyramids and families connected as one under God.

For it is at the base of the great pyramid, the scene is laid around a large crystalline table where we find seated; waiting, the first eight children. Protilius and Idavathian are about to address the family…

                                         Persons of the dialogue:

                                            Protilius & Idavathian  
             Invatharion & Parathius                  Protithius & Invalarion  
Promethius & Idatharian                                               Parilius & Idavarion

                                                added on 4/3/2014

Skipping ahead on this one...

After I brought Sophia before the Ark, my wish was for us to enter back into Heaven by the first way I entered it back in my first vision.

As much as I wanted to show her how important this was to me, she never took her eyes off of mine, while I carried her in my arms through the air. Even while I showed her this magnificent way to enter back into Heaven, she was just interested in me.

I wanted to show her the world! I wanted to do everything with her right there and now.

I'll never forget the placid look and love in her eyes as she stared into mine as we made our ascent back into Heaven.

I knew that this was big and that I never wanted us to be apart again.

So, I asked her as our bodies left the great field of green grass in Ireland, walking on air and heading towards heavens light, "How will I ever find you again after this? I am not only a spirit in the spirit, but a man in the physical, who happens to be in touch with the spirit. I don't want to let you go, but I'll have to return after this. And you, you are all in the spirit! 

Sophia: Whomever you choose, there I will go. And no matter who she is, it will be me because I love you and will always be there!


I knew I had to bring Sophia back to God, and as amazing and wonderful this part of the journey was, I wanted to steal her away and skip out of everything...hide us all away. But I knew I could not. 

Protilius: It was at that time that my skin began to feel warm and tingly. Up ahead, I saw this great ball of light and its rays reached out to me like many arms reaching out to hold me and Sophia. I said to her, " Are you ready? This is it!"

Sophia, however, said nothing...not verbally. No. She didn't need to. Everything she needed to say, she said with her eyes...and smile too.

We were both entering the light and headed for God.

That is when I heard a sound like thunder in the distance behind us. I looked up and I saw what I thought was a red crack in the sky at first...but then realized it was fire that was changing shape as if two opposing forces were clashing. It seemed to happen in waves...kind of like where two water waves meet head-on and create a rip in the ocean or two air masses collide and create thunderstorms. And every time they clashed together, I would hear this crackling sound that was getting louder and lots of red fire along the rip. That is when I thought I saw what appeared to be men as if from two different armies, high up in the sky. I thought to myself "impossible!" So I focused on them intently to try and see clearer. At the moment I did, a new clash had happened and there was red fire everywhere along the clash zone and a new (more defined) crack in the sky. That is when I realized that men (spirits) from both sides were battling it out and some were even falling from the sky to earth.

Sophia: Do you hear that sound? What is it??

Protilius: Turning to face her, I said "Nothing! All that matters is the love we have between our eyes." Then she put her head against my chest.

But I knew what that sound really was. It was Gods Angels and Empyreans making sure I brought Sophia back unharmed.

Updated 4/26/14 - Hecate: Click HERE
Added on 4/6/2014

This part is dedicated to Traci and Crystal.
Without your dedication and help, the following plan
could not have been formulated. Your wealth of knowledge
in Scripture and from many other places, helped to make for a win
for humanity.

From my heart to both of yours ~ I thank you!


In the days after the first Sophia journey, I could not take my mind off of her. Then, I began to hear a new tone in my ear and when I focused on it and shut my eyes to see, I was staring at Sophia...or so I thought. That is when I had my first taste of Hecate. She was very, very angry at what had taken place between Lilith and I. It was then that I learned in order to get to Sophia; again, I would have to appease both Hekate and Lilith. 

Meanwhile, with help from a Facebook friend, we began to piece together my visions and the first Sophia journey, with what had previously been recorded throughout history, about Sophia. The Nag Hamadi Library proved to be an invaluable resource as I knew next to nothing about Sophia, with the exception of the journey.

Note: This scene is not a journey per se, but rather, a conversation with full visual between me here on Earth and Hekate in the Underground. She initiated the conversation by buzzing or "ringing" me so to speak. Here is what went down ~

Hecate: "Who do you think you are coming in here like you did!?"

Protilius: "Do you know who you are? Who do you think you are??"

Hecate: "Stupid question," she said while pacing back and forth. "Of course I do. Hecate! And you have no right to do what you did!!!"

Protilius: "No...You are Sophia: Mother of All Creation. Hecate is your outer most layer of armor to protect Lilith: the seductress and Sophia: the wisdom in you! But the truth be told...Sophia is bigger than the both of you put together! You, Hecate, are protecting both of them from pain...kind of like a big sister would protect her little sister (s). But if big sister solves little sisters problems all of the time, then how are they going to learn and grow?"

Hecate: "I am protecting them from women-hating men like yourself."

Protilius: "Hahaaa! decided to take a big step up from men like me by marrying the dragon? And now all of humanity has the influence of the dragon within! Not a good move Sophia! You are my wife and daughter of God."

Hecate: "Anything is better than a man… Now quit talking to me and leave me alone you, you false prophet! You're fake!!!"

Protilius: "No, I won’t! And besides, you are the one who called on me.” Laughing. “I mean, I know you find me irresistible, but hey…what can I say.”

Hecate: “Hahahaaaa…. You pathetic little man in your pathetic tin suit."

Protilius: “Pathetic, huh? I am the son of God! I am not leaving you alone until you tell me what it is that I can do to prove to you that I am not a woman-hating man and wish nothing more than to love you like the mother that you are? What can I do to help you see this truth???

Hecate: “Okay, if you are who you say you are, then you will bring me the greatest treasure in the kingdom of Heaven. If you can do this, then you will have proven to me that you are worthy enough to have access again to Lilith…but not for long. I oversee that both are protected!”

Protilius: “Do you mean the Golden Trident?”

Hecate: Still pacing back and forth, with her forefinger to her lips and pondering my question, she said, “If it is from your father’s house, then yes. It would be sufficient. Now get out of here!” she hissed – ssss-sssssss--ssssssssssssssss

And when she said this, I broke our communications, sat up in bed and began brainstorming about what the greatest treasure in the Heaven would be. I was bluffing her when I mentioned the Golden Trident. I had not really seen it. So, what would the greatest treasure in Heaven really be? I thought for a minute and then it hit me, bringing goose bumps to my skin.

Brendan: "THE HOLY GRAIL," I shouted!!!

However, in order to make this happen, it would require some help and logistics. But since I was the only one who could look upon the Holy Grail, it would require containment for the help or it would mean instant death for them. So, I began to draw up a plan in my spare time at home, on breaks at work and while resting.

Lilith on the other hand, I already knew would require my making love to her. But I couldn’t do that or the whole mission would be lost and my soul sold to the dragon. But, but, if I could come up with a plan that would be so pleasing to her that it would be the next best thing to making love to her, perhaps this would be enough. And I had just the idea for that phase, if I were to make it that far of course... But first, I needed to make a journey back to the Plains to ask for the help of my children in this affair.

In my next journey, back on the Plains, I arrived clad in my new suit of armor and it made for quite a spectacle for the children of the pyramid as I had changed appearance as well. But I had no time to waste and quickly gathered up my first eight children: Invatharion & Parathius; Protithius & Invalarion; Promethius & Idatharian and Parilius & Idavarion.

Before them, I explained how phase 1 of operation Hecate would go down with great emphasis on when we enter the House of Sophia, not to look at The Holy Grail once I unveil it!

For phase 2, operation Lilith, I would again utilize my first eight children but would request the help of 2 more from the 4th dynasty: Protharus and Idagordava. Protharus because he is a musician and Idagordava because she is a fashion designer! And if I were to appease Lilith, their higher selves would also be invaluable to the mission.

For phase 3, operation Sophia, I would with the help of Elloweina quickly whisk Sophia out of the underground to bring her before the Ark of The Covenant where she could regain her Shekinah Glory, thus ridding her of the dragon entirely, and fit to bring back to God in Heaven.

by Protilius ErmPhorus


In the week leading up to the journey of the spirit that I made that would bring Sophia home and back to God, I was a mess of person. I honestly didn’t know if the plan would work and I had never made such a complex and multi-faceted journey, ever! I was full of doubt. Sleep was scarce during that week leading up the date of 11/4/2012 or 11, which is the date of Sophia’s return. I had the plan all put together in my mind and then on that morning of 11/4, I was tired of questioning myself, I got angry, shut my eyes and the journey to Hecate began.


Begin Journey -

Upon arriving in the underworld with the children of the first dynasty, and two others from the 4th.. all of whom helped me carry the beautiful gold trunk with the Holy Grail inside, we noticed that Hecate was sitting on her throne. That is when I instructed my children to quickly stand in a row behind the trunk of the Grail, facing the opposite direction and to never look at the Grail once it is unveiled.

Protilius: After instructing my children and saw that they formed a perfect row and were safely facing away from the Grail and Hecate, I addressed her: “As you requested, I have brought you the greatest treasure from the kingdom of my father in Heaven.”

Hecate: “You promised me a golden trident and you think a cheap golden trunk will Suffice!? NEVER!!” SSS-SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-SSSSSSSS "And who are these beings you bring with you? They are not welcome here!"

Protilius: “I brought something much, much more special and meaningful your highness. Something that I think will look quite familiar to you," I laughed. "And those beings you ask about, you will find out soon enough."

Hecate: That is when she stood up and shouted, “Liar! False prophet!!” Then she made a circular motion with both of her forefingers out in front of her. And from this imaginary circle a brilliant light appeared and from the center or within her, came 3 dragon-headed snakes, each about 10 feet tall and slithering. “Be careful Protilius which one you use your sword to slay, it just might be Sophia!” She declared and then laughed. “Hahahahaaaaaaa”

Protilius: Now staring at 3 large dragon headed snakes that were ready to strike at me with their teeth, I quickly put my shield up and looked “through” it to see what I was really dealing with. And to my amazement, one of those dragon-headed snakes was really a woman…SOPHIA! She looked scared and fragile. However, the other two in the middle and far left were the ones I wanted. So that is when I took off sprinting towards the dragon snake on the far left, leaped through the air and with one swipe of my sword, took the head of it, clean off. The rest of its body squirmed and slithered in place. Then, as soon as I landed on my feet, I willed my form into the shape of an enormous golden lion. I could hear Hecate screaming in the background and she was furious.

Hecate: “Don’t just sit there, eat him!!! EAT HIMMM!!!”

Protilius: Now, in the form of a lion, I paced back and forth sizing up my prey. And as I did so the dragon headed snake that was in the middle at first, merged with the one on the right which was really, Sophia. They became one for a moment and then split again, back into two. This was a problem because now I couldn’t be sure which one was not Sophia. Just then, as I began backing up on all fours to rethink my strategy, I heard the “Whooom, whooom, whooom” sound of a dragon pumping his wings. I instantly split my lion into a million particles of light, just in case… And to my utter amazement, I watched with perfect clarity from each of those particles of light as the dragon from my first visit to Sophia, the one who’s life I spared, fly head on into one of those dragon headed snakes, latching it’s jaws around its neck and tearing it to pieces with its razor sharp teeth. 

Protilius: I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and was honored that this dragon, which was the spawn of Sophia, was on my side. For a brief moment I watched and then willed myself back into the form of 
Protilius. I held my shield up and looked at the one remaining dragon-headed snake and sure enough, it was Sophia. That dragon knew which one was which, when I as a Lion, could not. That is when I heard Hecate screaming at the top of her lungs…

Hecate: “You stupid dragon! Look what you’ve done!!! I’ll have your head for this!”

Protilius: As she scolded her dragon spawn, which quite possibly had saved my life and the mission, the one remaining dragon-headed snake, which was really Sophia, was pulled back within the essence of Hecate. Poof! Gone! Seeing this, I turned and ran back to where the trunk containing the Holy Grail was. I shouted to my children once again, “Whatever you do, don’t look!” I began to unlatch the buckles holding the top half of the lid to the bottom. Then, after the last buckle was unlatched, I looked once more in the direction of Hecate who, standing over the dragon now laying in its dragon bed, was about to plunge a sword into its back.

I removed the lid to unveil the Holy Grail and shouted at Hecate, “Hey, Hecate, over here! Look!”

And when she turned and glanced in my direction, sword held high in striking position, just before spading that dragon, the shear and utter madness in her eyes turned to horror! She gasped, dropping her sword to the ground. Clang, clang, clang…

Protilius: “Hey Hecate, look familiar? It’s US!!! It’s me and you… Remember???” And as soon as I declared this, she let out a high pitched squeal and dropped to her hands and knees…crawling slowly in the direction of where I knelt next to the golden cup. 

And when Hecate was a close enough distance so that she could rise to her feet and look in the cup, I reached for one of her shaking, quivering hand.

Protilius: “Come on, my beautiful” I said to her. “You must stand up now and look within the cup.” So, I helped her to her feet and tears began rolling down her cheeks. While holding her hand I asked her again, “My beautiful, do you remember?”

Hecate: Nodding her head in the affirmative, she uttered, “Yes, yes I do…” and began crying uncontrollably.

Protilius: I wiped the tears from her cheeks and declared to her as God did to me when he brought me before the Grail: 

“The cup, this is OUR BODY! The blood, this is OUR SOUL!! And the bone in the blood of the cup means we are a part of GOD!!!” 

And just when I finished declaring this to her, her eyes rolled back in her head and her legs became wobbly and she fell backwards. Catching her in my arms, I dropped to my knees to break the fall as she fainted. I held her close in my arms and realized I was crying too. I ran my fingers through her soft hair, caressing her and loving her. It was at that time I heard my children who were only several feet away, with their backs still turned in the opposite direction. And they were crying tears of joy.

Then, I heard the tacky sound of toenails clicking on the floor behind me. I turned and watched as that dragon cautiously and yet, curiously, walked up to the Grail to sniff it. And when it sniffed the blood in the cup that is the Grail, it let out a few sneezes in short order. That dragon began backing up quickly after that!

Protilius: "You ham! Now go back to your bed because that cup is not for you, silly!" The dragon returned to its bed.

I realized I had to put the lid of the trunk back over the Grail so that my children could meet their mother before she came to again, as Lilith. I let her down gently on the floor, got up and put the lid over the grail and latched it back up.

“My children” I declared, “You may turn around now.” That is when I knelt back down on my knees to hold Hecate close in my arms as she was still unconscious.

In pairs and as Divine Complements, Invatharion & Parathius, Protithius & Invalarion, Promethius & Idatharian, Parilius & Idavarion, and Protharus and Idagordava all came forward to kiss their mother on her forehead. Then, from out of nowhere, Elloweina appeared before us, knelt down next to us and smiled.

Elloweina: “You’re going to need to get the Grail out of here before she wakes up. I will return it to God with the help of some of the other Angels.”

Protilius: “Thank you, Elloweina! But I’m gonna need you to come back…just in case.”

Elloweina: “I promise I will be right back!” She said and then leaned forward to kiss Hecate on her cheek. “Good job, brother!”

Protilius: “Without you, none of this would have been possible,” I replied. "You deserve the credit!"

Moments later, I witnessed a group of Angelic beings appear and Elloweina instructed them what to do with the Holy Grail. Then, they along with the Grail,flew it out of there.

With Hecate in my arms, my children all kneeling around us and stroking/patting her in a display of love and affection, I began to hear something stirring within her. It was a sound like a cat purring. It was getting louder and louder and it almost seemed to fill the room, as if it could be coming from anywhere even though I knew it was coming from within her. It was Lilith! Hecate had relinquished her power and soon I would have to put into effect, Phase 2 of the plan to bring Sophia home.

When her eyes began to slowly open, I knew immediately it was Lilith by the energy beaming from them. That is when I felt her finger making flirtatious spirals with my right ear. She smiled that Lilith smile. I had to act quickly!

Protilius: “Children,” I declared, “Phase 2 of operation Sophia is in effect! You know what to do, now get busy! Go, go, go!!!”

To be continued….