The Divine Order of Creation

The Divine Order of Creation
By Brendan

The Divine Connection between 2 people is but a microcosm to a much larger body or Pyramid Family of Souls that is now only just being realized. The more that Twin Flames and Soul Mates come together in soul recognition, the stronger that connection between all, will become. A web (much like the internet) of spiritual communication will emerge whereby all spirits within each soul family or pyramid will be linked the same way they are linked with their divine compliments. It is this connection of love that will bring about a new way of communicating with our brothers and sisters - and will usher in the new earth.

To experience that link of love is to experience divinity. And by embracing each others divinity we also embrace God. As the link is reestablished amongst each soul family, and because there are many (thousands of soul families,) each will inherit the empathic thoughts, emotions and love of the other - Soul Mates included! This is the beginning of a one world mind or collective conscience where all is known, nothing is hidden and the past, present and future meld into - NOW! But there is another side to the coin. 

While we will literally experience the divinity of our Twin Flames and Soul Family Kin, we also inherit their shortcomings as well, i.e. personal and spiritual growth which can only be achieved through “life experience.” So…the period of Twin Flame and soul family reunification also marks a time of great change as we work to achieve balance on a spiritual and planetary wide scale. It also requires of us each, a great deal of patience! Why? Because this process is not going to happen overnight.

For those of us who have reunited with our Twin Flames here on Earth, it is understood - known, how turbulent this balancing process can be - and that‘s just for a single pair of Twin Flames! Now imagine what it will be like to reunite with just a dozen of people from your soul family - never mind an entire pyramid? And it is happening - right now! Have you seen how at the beginning of the Olympics where the torch is lit and then passed from runner to runner so that it may span the globe and never not be in the hands of a single person? Well, this is exactly what we are doing and it takes a team or soul family effort to ensure that the information and knowledge of the pyramids is passed from person to person and from pyramid to pyramid, so that it may be handed off or shared with the next individual, regardless of soul family.

Back in 2008 when I wrote How Twin Flames Connect, in the very last paragraph, as a simple end note, I wrote: 

Paula (my Twin Soul) and I believe, as we are now beginning to experience, that as more and more Twin Souls reunite and “come online,” so to speak, a collective consciousness will emerge. This collective consciousness will not only link yourself to your twin, but will link you to all other Twin Souls that are out there. As more and more Twin Souls come online, the speed and connection we have to work with, will improve. We are literally creating our own web of communication made possible by LOVE. We could all, very well, be linked together through this collective consciousness, which is now accessible!

At the time I wrote that paragraph, before I ever really considered The Soul Family or knew anything of our higher selves and the Pyramids, my intuition was that if Paula and I could connect with each other the way that we do, sharing in one another’s divinity with pure love, then why couldn’t we also connect with others in similar fashion. Yes, I was well aware that she was “The One,” and that I needed not look any farther to find that one, but if we could connect across space and time just as we had been doing, then it had to be possible to connect with others - Soul Mates! Little did we know, just 6 months later would we find out how REAL that possibility would become and how practical and hands-on that the approach could be utilized and applied when backed by faith and belief.

For those who cannot be with there Twin Flames here on Earth for many possible reasons, or have never experienced the divine connection of ones spiritual other half in the physical, this this does not mean you cannot still be with and/or find your Twin Flame  in the spirit or the many members of your Soul Family right here, right now. In fact, one does not even have to be looking. Yet, if you wish to seek out your Twin Flame or Soul Mate from your soul family, then there is no better place to start looking than right in your own backyard.

To understand how the spirit world so mysteriously works and why we incarnate, we must understand how our souls are shaped and molded through life’s experiences. All of these experiences have a common theme - they are both positive and negative and all are peppered with love and pain; life and the loss of; happiness and sadness; sickness and good health. Over and over again, incarnation after incarnation, our souls are evolving and the cast of character we get to share in those life experiences with…are ever changing in roles! That’s right, I said “roles.“ Some lifetimes you get to experience your Twin Flame in the very same Earth family - as brother and sister or mother and child. Other times they appear as neighbor or co-worker. And…sometimes your paths cross never even realizing it.  That is why we must start in our own backyard or with our very own Earth families that we are connected with in the physical. From there, we may work our way outwards - like the spiral of life, known as the golden equation, we start by looking at ourselves. From there, we turn our attention to our Earth Mothers and Fathers; then our sisters and brothers; friends, relatives, schoolmates, co-workers - even the kid you got in a fight with on the playground or the same scenario with a boss that is constantly trying to fire you for reasons you can‘t understand. To recognize the recurring patterns that you are consistently being faced with, is to recognize where you are at in your soul’s experience. By recognizing this, we may better understand the role of those Soul Mates in your very own Earth families that are there to help aid in the process of strengthening your soul.

When we understand where we are at in our souls path to spiritual enlightenment and begin to recognize that cast of characters (even the kid on the playground) as Soul Mates, we begin to see the bigger picture and how we are all connected at the soul level. In this realization, from our Earth families to our soul families; Pyramid to Pyramid from Heaven to Earth, into the eyes of everybody you see into - you see your soul family. And to understand how a spiritual soul family comprised of say - 4 million souls, works - it is fundamental that one understand how an Earth family functions with mom, dad, brother and sister or whoever we consider as such. 

When we talk about Pyramid Soul Families at Collapsing Duality, in particular - The Pyramid of Souls that Paula and I are Mother and Father to…We are talking about the divine order in which we were created; a very large family of souls, all scattered to the four winds across this planet. The soul members of this pyramid soul family we KNOW are on every continent, speak in all different languages and are from every race and creed. Of course…we are talking about those souls of our pyramid who have incarnated into an Earth family for the souls purpose of experience so that they may bring back life force. That is the goal! Yet, to understand the magnitude and scale of this awakening, still we must consider the fact that even though each pyramid soul family has one pair of divine compliments as mother and father, there are many mothers and fathers with soul kin within the body of each pyramid.

Example: The Pyramid Soul Families as we now know are built upon generations of souls. Like the pyramids in Egypt, if we start at the top and work our way down to the base, with each descending row of blocks the pyramid fans outwards on all 4 sides - a 4 sided pyramid! In generation 1, there exists Paula (Idavathian) and myself (Protilius.) A single pair of divine compliments or 1 block of stone. In the 2nd generation, the very next row of blocks beneath us, we have 8 beings total or 4 pairs (blocks) of divine compliments that were created by Idavathian and Protilius - their first soul children! Yet, in the creation of the 3rd generation, comprised of 18 souls or 9 pairs (blocks) of divine compliments, something changes. In the creation of the 3rd generation of souls, Protilius and Idavathian came together with the 2nd generation of souls, sometimes with and sometimes without their divine compliments, to create that generation. And, within that generation there are souls that were created by divine compliments from the second generation only. This is how it works in the creation of souls. And so on and so forth…all the way down through the generations. So…as you can see, there are many mothers and fathers within each pyramid and not all souls are created by divine compliments. Yet, this is not the rule either. Take for instance the case of Protharus and Idagordava. Their souls were created in the fourth generation and yet they were not created by any of the souls within either the 2nd or 3rd generation - they were created by Protilius and Idavathian. This is how The Pyramid of Souls was built throughout - from top to bottom - connecting Heaven with Earth.

When we understand how a Pyramid Soul Family is built and all of those experiences we shared with our very own Earth Families that helped grow our souls and gain life force, then we may better understand how it is that we can all be so CONNECTED! While we only have 1 TRUE TWIN FLAME or Divine Compliment, we have billions of Soul Mates. Realizing that we are all part of the same soul family, with some closer than others in regards to pyramids, we Collapse the Duality of our Earthly confinements and reconnect with our higher selves in the evolution of our ascent that will bring us back to God.

The Sacred Symbol for The Divine Order of Creation is The Pyramid and that is exactly what the pyramids in Egypt stand for and symbolize - our long lost ancient lineage to the stars - found again!

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