The Empyrean Revelation
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Empyrean, from the Medieval Latin empyreus, an adaptation of the Ancient Greek "μπυρος empyrus " in or on the fire (pyr)", properly Empyrean Heaven, is the place in the highest heaven, which in ancient cosmologies was supposed to be occupied by the element of fire (or aether in Aristotle's natural philosophy).

The Empyrean was thus used as a name for the firmament, and in Christian literature, notably the Divine Comedy, for the dwelling-place of God, the blessed, celestial beings so divine they are made of pure light, and the source of light and creation... Courtesy of Wikipedia

Since the beginning of time, mankind has used various forms of communications to interact with fellow man. Up until about only 100 years ago, the primary form of communicating was verbal and written and between them stood the barriers of dialect. Other forms of communicating were conveyed through mediums such as music and painting. From walls of caves all over the world we see chiseled in stone, symbols from our ancient past that tell a story… a message! And from the Ancient Greek Philosophers like Plato and his Republic, all the way up to Martin Luther King, their messages still communicate to us another way of looking at the world; another chance for love and peace.

In the last 150 years of human existence, modern communications has consistently broken new ground. First there was the telegraph. Then came the telephone. But more recently, with the advent of the Internet people have been gifted to be able to communicate with others from farthest reaches of the planet... something that has never happened before! Even still, all over the world, people are wondering what the next major breakthrough in communications will be. I mean, what could possibly top the Internet, right? What the next technological breakthrough will be, I do not know. But what I do know is that the next leap in the way ordinary people from all over the world will communicate will be one that is spiritual; one that which we will not have to pay a fee for; one that which we will no longer need wires to connect and one that will make us truly ONE!

There is another form of communication upon the horizon and it is one that is destined to do what the Internet did to the telephone. And with this form of communicating one will no longer need the use of their native language; or a telephone; or even the barrier of dialect between peoples of different countries. The Internet afforded us the medium of voice, video and data. But the future of communicating between each other, at the soul level, will afford us everything the Internet gave us, plus sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and all of our deepest desires and our wildest dreams. The form of communicating that I am talking about is soul to soul or “souls” with the infinity bar over the “S.”

The Empyrean Revelation is a journey, an article, a love story and about the true story of “Contact” with others  who live an ocean away... without any other modern manmade means of communicating that yielded a very enlightening revelation… one that is Empyrean in nature.

During the first year and a half that Paula and I were living together we spent much time working with the connection that Divine Complement’s share. We learned that we could, by utilizing our ability to traverse time and distance, connect to each other and have all of the major senses we have physically, transmitted to each other via the Twin Flame connection. And the theory was that if we could connect in this way, then it had to be possible for us to connect with others in just such a way. Utilizing our soul connection and journeying as a means, I decided to conduct a few experiments. The experiments usually came up on short notice because in order for them to be accurate and uncorrupted, this meant that Paula would not be able to be “in the know.” This is a method that I learned while researching Remote Viewing and how 1 person would go out to a particular landmark and the Remote Viewer (not in the know) would attempt to be able to “see” the landmark where this person went. Only, for the first experiment I conducted, instead of journeying to a landmark, I would be journeying to Paula who would be seeking the advice of talented psychics, thus we have a more "scientific approach" to something spiritual. My goal: for the psychic to either be able to sense or better yet – SEE me!

Experiment #1 – Paula had made a trip back to Ohio from Massachusetts and while there she decided to seek the advice of a psychic friend and mentor whom she had known for years. They set up an appointment to meet at the psychic’s house. Paula called me on the way to the appointment just to say hello. I wished her luck and asked her to call me when the appointment was over. This was the opportunity I had been waiting for to find out if others who were in touch with the spirit could either sense or see me while I journeyed to Paula. At the time, I was home and decided to journey unbeknownst to Paula while she was visiting her friend and psychic. In my journey I found Paula and her friend talking casually in the kitchen. When Paula’s face became clearer, as I expanded my awareness, I walked up to her and kissed her. This is when I was “catapulted” out of the house. I couldn’t figure out what happened and so I tried again and this time, I saw the gray haired woman put both of her arms up into the air. As soon as she did this, I was catapulted back out of the house once again. It was at this point that I broke meditation, sat up in bed and wondered what had happened. When I talked to Paula later that day, I told her that I did a surprise journey to her and asked if either of them sensed anything. She said that while she visited her friend, they both heard a few loud "booms" and a few of the Dvd’s on her friends coffee table went flying across the room. Paula then stated that this is when her friend said that she sensed another presence and wished it away. Needless to say, Paula was amused by this and I… I was astounded because this meant that by utilizing the Twin Flame Connection Paula and I have, others could sense me. But could they see? 

Notes on experiment #1 ~ Loud Booms: these are often associated with the amount of physicality that the journeyman, journeys with and can be heard audibly by the human ears.

The scattering of physical object such as in this case, Dvd's: Depending upon how the journeyman "projects" the self, with an element of the physical being being a part of astral travel, many times physical objects... but more commonly things that require electricity will be affected.

Experiment #2 -  Some months later April/May of 2009, back in Massachusetts Paula had scheduled her first appointment with a so-called “world renowned psychic.” I had a day off from work and Paula’s appointment was to begin at exactly 1PM. I told Paula that I had some paperwork to catch up on. Just like the first time, except in person, I said goodbye to Paula and she was off to her appointment. That is when I went and laid down in bed to begin my ritual of meditation that always preceded a journey. After about 10 minutes, I looked briefly at the clock and it was just past 1PM. That is when I focused my intent on Paula in an effort to journey or “project” myself to her. But when I came down through the roof of this business place, I got confused because it ended up being a loft where the psychic worked out of and there were lots of large wooden beams. After catching my bearings, from up above, I could clearly see Paula sitting with a woman at a table. That is when I decided to sit down next to Paula, admiring her beauty and then I kissed her goodbye. That was the end of the journey. A few hours later, Paula comes walking in the door with this big grin on her face. The very first words out of her mouth were, “You’re not going to believe it.” I asked her to try me. Then she proceeded to tell me that the very first words the psychic said were that “your boyfriend is an alien and I see him up on the ceiling. You’re hanging out with the “big guys” now! Since your boyfriend has got the whole astral projection thing down, you might want to learn what he does.” That is when I confessed to Paula that I had journeyed to her just as her appointment began. In turn, Paula was equally amazed. For this was our “third party proof” that what Paula and I were doing was accurate and now it was taking on more of a scientific approach.

I couldn’t believe it when Paula told me what the psychic said. It worked! It not only worked but it worked like a charm. Whereas in the first experiment, the psychic was only able to sense me, now, in the second experiment the psychic could see me or at least the higher self me? I would soon find out! Either way, I knew this was big! I was totally floored and in all of this confirmation that Journeying/Astral Projection could work by utilizing our God given divine connection of love, I had questions. The number one question was: why did the psychic see an alien and not Brendan journeying to her? Whenever Paula and I made journeys to each other in the past, it was always us…looking like US! What changed? I had to find out and this is what led me to find my higher self.

Before I go into the story of Protilius, Idavathian, The Pyramids and the journeys to our First 8 Soul Children, I’d like to explain the correlation or “handoff” between the Internet and a whole new way of spiritually communicating with each other.

The soul is a transceiver capable of transmitting and receiving not only voice, video and data – but sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and all of our deepest desires and emotions. The only requirement for 2-way, person to person communications of the spiritual kind to work, is that those two individuals have fully  functional, multi-dimensional transceivers turned to “on,” in tune and ready  to send/receive at all times.

Having worked in the telecommunications industry for 20 years of my life, first as a lineman troubleshooting fiber optic signals and then, as a teacher of RF Theory and later, as an RF Engineer, I became aware that while investigating wavelength anomalies, that there was a correlation to what I was doing in my meditations and journeys that I had been practicing since 1989.

When Paula and I first met we quickly realized that we could feel each other’s emotions although we lived 950 miles apart. Then, when we incorporated journeying into our meditations, we realized that each time one of us would project to the other, the person transmitting would create a “buzz tone” or “ring sound” to the person acting as a receiver. In other words… if Paula were to transmit or journey to me to deliver a message, I would receive a buzz tone that would only be audible or perceived only by me. What is more... her tone was specific and always perceived in the same pitch. What is the buzz tone? A buzz tone is the transmission of raw data from one soul to another! What is raw data? Sine waves at various amplitudes that equate to either a binary 1 or a 0!

As time went on and with practice, Paula and I were eventually, with practice, able to let that buzz tone populate all of our senses and found that we could have real time voice, video and data transmissions with each other. What is more… taste, touch, smell and even our deepest thoughts were accessible during the journeys. We knew that this was major and far more advanced than any of the day’s latest technological advances such as the Internet. But then again, what we were dealing with was spiritual and not technological.

For the first year that Paula and I knew each other we experimented with our newfound connection that Divine Complement’s share. Many times Paula would text me, even while I was at work, and tell me what color clothing I was wearing on that day and even the appearance(s) of anybody in my general vicinity. And she was correct! Other times, she would buzz me and I could hear her tell me what I was doing, where I was at and whether or not I was happy, sad and even frustrated. But how is the spirit capable of sending and receiving information? Because our souls, like the transceivers used to make the Internet possible, are digital transmitters and receivers! Our souls are frequency specific.

When we send information such as an email on the Internet, our computer connection has an IP address assigned to it. Without an IP we have no Internet. The IP is our unique identifier. When we pick up our telephone a binary preamble is generated in the form of 1’s and 0’s. Encoded within this binary preamble is your area code, prefix and line number. This is the unique identifier of your phone number. Then, when the person you have dialed picks up the phone and says, “hello” their voice is turned into sine waves that equate into either binary 1’s or 0’s. But just before the message of “hello” reaches your receiver in binary format, it is deciphered or “demodulated” if you will, so that you hear a voice rather than a “buzz tone” or “screeching sound” that is often associated with the sound of raw data being received on a fax line. So, what does an IP or telephone number have to do with the soul? Because your soul, just like a telephone number or an Internet IP address, has its own unique identifier assigned to you at the moment of creation... and it is, in the light spectrum, frequency specific.

Before the pyramids of Egypt were known as merely the tombs for pharaohs they were known as the sacred symbols for the Divine Order in which we were all created.

The Pyramid is our family tree - set in stone!

When I wrote the article, The Divine Order of Creation and constructed The Pyramids page at Collapsing Duality it was based on what our Higher Selves’ Protilius & Idavathian told us about Divine Order being the shape of a pyramid... one that was built not from bottom to top, but from top (Heaven) to bottom (Earth). And like the blocks of stone that make up a pyramid, there are 2 souls of divine masculine and feminine energy to each stone. Each pyramid or Soul Family begins with 1 block or pair of divine masculine and feminine. In the next generation below there are 4 blocks. In the generation below that one; 9 blocks or 18 souls! And below that… 16 blocks! And so on, and so on, and so on. So, like a telephone number has a country code, area code, prefix and line number; your soul or higher self has a soul family designation, a generational number, block number and even a designation as to whether or not your soul is masculine or feminine. This is your own unique identifier and the frequency with which you transmit across all time and space. Therefore, when we apply what the mathematicians Sierpinski and Pascal created in their mathematical pyramids, we can see how a pyramid is really a super complex, computer program that we can, by utilizing our higher self, connect with each other. See the picture below to get a better idea of how divine order looks mathematically speaking!

When a person uses their soul to make contact with another person or spirit, the unique identifier to your soul will be transmitted as raw data for you to demodulate and will be frequency specific because there is Divine Order in The All of Creation. Twin Flames... are both Yin and Yang and both on the same "frequency." This is why you "connect" so well. What is more... you will have many soul mates from your soul family or pyramid that you will connect quite well with. That is because your "frequencies" are alike, but not exact.

Have you ever noticed that Twin Flames commonly report an almost "electrical" charge or exchange of energy between themselves? The reason is FREQUENCY! Have you ever noticed that Divine Complements often report that when they connect they cause disturbances with cell phones, lights, Internet connections and even, on occasion... fire alarms? Frequency! Your frequency or exchange of energy will disrupt the frequencies of anything requiring... frequency. Have you ever noticed that when you are online or even in the grocery store and someone, for some reason, makes you feel repulsed and you don't know why? Frequency! While we are all indeed connected, the frequency of the person that is repulsing you is just operating at a frequency that is on the other side of the spectrum that you are operating at. They cannot help it. This is the one they were given at the moment of creation. But they too have another like frequency out there. And that frequency they will only find in their Divine Complement.

Telepathy: the oldest/latest in wireless technology. Talk anywhere, anytime, with any being in the cosmos; free days, nights & weekends for all of eternity; no roaming fees if you get lost while astral projecting and… you get a direct connect with God!

Why am I telling you about signal theory? Why is it important for you to know about frequency? Because in order for you to "communicate" at the spirit level and/or make "contact" with your brothers and sisters via the spirit world, you're going to need to make sure that when you transmit (either telepathically or in journeying) and receive, that you do so without ingress or noise. This is where proper meditation comes in.

What is ingress? Ingress is unwanted noise that can disrupt your "frequency." In telecommunications, when ingress is present, there is a disruption in cable reception, telephone reception and Internet connectivity. How do you stop ingress? Unfortunately, we can never really stop it all. But with proper meditation or clearing of the mind, we may all connect with each other in a whole new way that will make the Internet seem like telegraphy.

One way that is a sure-fired technique for you to transmit or connect either with the spirit world or with fellow soul mates, is to find your Higher Self.

For myself, Brendan, finding my Higher Self marked the completion of a path that began 22 years ago in the Spring of 1989. The irony of the story is that I was not seeking my Higher Self, but that I was seeking this powerful being that came to me and changed my life forever. She was the most powerful being and the encounter with her set me on a journey to find her again.

What motivates an ordinary High School kid to want to learn meditation and astral projection? Divine Feminine! Here's how it began for me:

I was 17 years old, it was two months before high school graduation and it was a school night. I went to bed and was asleep before 11PM. At some point during the night, something happened. Was it a dream? Was it a vision? I didn’t know. But all I knew was that I found myself walking on the great big field of green grass… kind of like the fields one might find around Glastonbury, Scotland. Whatever the case, there were many other people walking with me. Most of them were old and we were all heading in the same direction. That’s when I realized we were not actually walking… we were drifting along with our feet just above the grass. Looking ahead, I noticed that the field we were traveling actually was about to slope upwards… forming like a bowl. And around the rim of that bowl, if you will, there were these amazing copper colored bare trees. It was also at this point that I noticed our speed was picking up. I thought I was going to hit the tops of those bare trees, but instead, I passed just over them. That is when I looked up. And what I saw was the most brilliant white light that radiated this fantastic warmth that I’ve never felt before. The light seemed to be sucking me into it… or pulling for me with these long rays that were like arms of light. And I went right into the light. When I did, my body became energized and fully electric as if I were just now realizing what it was like to be really “ALIVE!” This is when I found myself crying in tears of joy while standing in some sort of courtyard with symbols all over the walls that reminded me of hieroglyphs. That’s when I realized somebody was calling me. I looked around and I saw this tall, deity of a female being. She had long black hair and a light blue dress. When this being called me and I saw her, she was radiating the most incredible energy that I have ever witnessed. It was pure love and there was even an erotic feeling that emanated from her. I knew right then and there that this was the most powerful being in the universe. She called for me to come to her and I did. I went into her arms without another word being uttered, I knew everything that I needed to know that words could never convey. 

When I woke up the next morning, I didn’t just get out of bed – I LEAPED OUT OF BED! My life was forever changed! I remember standing in the shower that morning, feeling like a totally new person and saying over and over again, “I’m not afraid to die.”  Thus began my long journey. Over the next few years I would write about this experience in poetry and make paintings about the place that I had been called to. And every night, I prayed that this being come to me again. But she never did. That is when I decided that if she could find me, then there must be a way for me to find her. It became a "mission" of mine to find her. But who was this most divinely feminine being? Although it took nearly 20 years to the day; had found the love of my life in Paula; wasn't even looking for that being who came to me in 1989; it wasn't until I found my Higher Self that I realized who this being was that came to me all those years ago. Because when I found my Higher Self, I asked for Paula's Higher Self too... And who appeared? You got it! In grand fashion she came and this time, I got her name ;-) It was... Idavathian!!!


If Angels can talk to people, then why can't people talk to people in the same spirited way that the angels do.

If we can channel an Angel or Higher Self being, then as long as two people, right here on Earth have reconnected with their Higher Selves, then they should be able to communicate, channel or journey to each other just the way the spirits do to us.

It takes two to carry out a conversation. Question is: will either one of those two HAVE THE FAITH, DO THE WORK and be AWARE enough to recognize that somebody is making a person to person call via the spirit world and pick up the phone?


by Brendan (Protilius ErmPhorus)
by Brendan (Protilius ErmPhorus)
The future of how we, as a human race will communicate with each other lies not in technology, but in spirituality! But… the way we will make “contact” with each other, is not unlike how we communicate via the Internet and social media outlets. Only… instead of logging onto the Internet, we will be logging into or “connecting” with our spirit self, whereby we are afforded the ability of communicating with others who have also logged into their spirit self. This is not our potential future; it is our future! Finally, at long last, it is being realized in the here and now. All of our technological advances in the past have been leading up to this point; this “hand-off” if you will, where on one side of the bridge you have the Internet and on the other; spirituality. But, crossing that bridge to spirituality is going to take some good old fashioned faith and belief that we are more than just flesh and that we are soul. For that vehicle alone; the soul; is how we are going to communicate and make “contact” with each other.

By going within and reconnecting with the higher self, we are ensuring that the initial “Contact” will first be made by YOU, looking no further than at your very own reflection in the mirror. Once we see who we are as spirits and embrace that, then we can look into the eyes of our Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter, Friends and neighbors – who, by the way, are all from the stars.

Spiritual evolution does not happen in reverse. In other words: It is not up to the spirit self to become aware of the physical self. No...If not for the spirit, there would be no life in the first place. But rather, it is the souls goal for the physical self to become aware of the spirit self. Achieve this and we achieve continuity with God!

If we ponder the memories, and reflect back over our lives, we will see that (most of us) have been waiting for something. But what is it or who is it that we are waiting for? Are we waiting to be saved? If so… then we should expect more waiting. Should any of us expect the great gods from the sky to come swooping down from the clouds in a fiery wheel with thunder and smoke in an effort to enlighten us? We shouldn’t, and they will not! They will not present themselves in this way because Contact works in quite the opposite way in which we were lead to believe… especially in more modern times. What I am trying to convey is that it is up to US to reach out and make contact. By going within we will find that our vehicles to “communicating” with those around us and the spirit world, have nothing to do with time machines, NASA built rockets or anti-gravity devices. The real time machines are our souls and in order for us to make that Contact, we must make contact with our own kind, first! If we cannot accept a person of any gender, regardless of race, color and creed, then how are we to accept our own true selves – the spirit self – which may or may not look anything like we do, now. 

Many people over the course of many centuries have pondered the question regarding Genesis 1:26 and why it was that God spoke in the plural and not the singular. However, in my humble opinion, there is one person who asked most eloquently. That person is Erich Von Daniken. In his book, Chariots of The Gods - published in 1969, Erich asks, and I quote: "Why does God speak in the plural? Why does he say "us," not "me," why "our," and not "my?" One would think that the one and only God ought to address mankind in the singular, not in the plural."

I believe this is a perfectly reasonable question to ask. Don't you? Well, Erich asks many direct questions like this one and I'll attempt to shed some light on one or two of them. The information I share below is combined information that Paula and I have been shown from Protilius and Idavathian.

Erich asks: "Was God an astronaut?"

Brendan says: God was not an astronaut, per se. However, those sons of God that were talked about in the bible, are! In the beginning, God created two souls to begin the physical experience of life on this planet. Who were these first two souls of masculine and feminine balance? The souls that would incarnate to earth would become known as Adam and Eve! This is also why God spoke in the plural. We could also go so far as to say, not just sons of God, but “sons and daughters of God.” These sons and daughters of God were given the gift of co-creation to carry out the experience of physical life, first in spirit as the higher or spirit self (4D level) and then in the flesh. All of the spirits have the gift of co-creation.

As the soul family(s) in that place commonly called heaven, grows, the population of mankind grows, (as above, so below) and a distinct shape becomes apparent. It is the shape of divine order! And in that order, from top to bottom or heaven to earth, it is the shape of a pyramid - just like the ones in Egypt and many other places. The pyramid is yours, mine ... "OURS" (plural) family tree and it is set in stone to remind us that there really is an order to creation - not hierarchy. Hierarchy is manmade; order is of God! Of course the pyramid has many meanings but I thought that this one was just a little more important than simply calling the pyramid a "tomb for Pharaohs." Don't you?

This is why Contact starts with the self and as we work our way towards “self enlightenment,” we may then turn our attention to those around us – our Soul Mates!

The Contact that has long since been awaited and prophesied about is here; it is spiritual in nature and it is not between mankind and some invading alien race, but it is between us – you, me and the rest of our 7billion Soul Mates. This is what Protilius and Idavathian taught me about “US;” shortly after our first reunion.

Having reconnected with Protilius and Idavathian in Empyrea (formerly called: The Plains) was a time of advanced spiritual learning for both Paula and myself. After Paula made her first journey to find her Higher Self and having come back with the name Idavathian, the first thing we were taught is about Worship and how it is in that place our spirits reside. Then we learned the importance of teaching children at that level… because half the time we ever visited Protilius and Idavathian, they were always surrounded by the small children that they were teaching. Then we learned about the many places they live… from the palace in that city of light where even the walls and structures are alive with information; all the way to the pyramids that represent The Divine Order of Creation.

Hierarchy or Divine Order:

Hierarchy was manufactured by the minds of men. Divine Order was birthed by the love that is God. Hierarchy is a manmade idea of the ego, whereas Order has a natural process -  much like a beach is shaped by the wind, wave and water.

The Hierarchal structure humanity has faced since the beginning, was devised for the control of man and not self empowerment. Divine Order on the other hand is about sharing our Royal Divine Sacred lineage and co-existing peacefully without power structure and ego

In learning about The Divine Order of Creation we were taught about a Soul Family that we are mother and father to… numbering in the range of 4 million souls. But to be honest, they only told us about more, when we were ready for it. How else is the human mind able to comprehend this??? However, in regards to the 4 million souls, this would also mean that there would be nearly 2 million blocks of stone to this very pyramid; taking into account that each block has two souls: one of divine masculine and one of divine feminine. But before we knew we were mother and father to this many… we started out by learning that there were only 8 soul children to the second “row” or “generation” we created. Initially, we created a page for this on Collapsing Duality that we called “The Ten.” We called it The Ten because we took into account the first generation (Protilius and Idavathian) plus the second generation which had 4 blocks of stone or 8 souls total.

Protilius and Idavathian explained to us that the 8 souls which make up the 2nd generation were alive; scattered across the planet and that it was up to us to make “contact” with them and/or “wake them” from their sleep. They never told us where they were, who they are or how to contact them. They left that for Paula and me to figure out.

During one of Paula’s earliest journey’s to Empyrea, after reconnecting with Idavathian, Paula discovered a group statues and there were 10 of them. In the middle there was Protilius and Idavathian… that much was clear. Then, to Protilius’ right and Idavathian’s left… 4 unknown beings on each side! Who were the 8 mysterious being? Our first soul children! Then, Paula realized that by simply asking or even touching the statue of each unknown soul that she could obtain information about them from their Higher Self Name and even to their incarnate name and current location anywhere on Earth.

The very next day, I got home early from work and made a journey of my own to the Ten Statues Paula described. I lay down in bed with a notebook and pen by my side and journeyed to the statues. Once before them, I located the one that Paula found because she described to me that “he” was to her left. When I stood before it I simply asked the statue a question and watched symbols turn into English letters before my eyes. Paula was correct! It was indeed Parathius. But, where was he located on earth? The name Parathius turned into the country of Germany. Finally… the country of Germany turned into his incarnate name - Egbert.

Once I found how great this concept was of simply asking a statue made of stilsil for the name, rank and serial number, so to speak… I was off and running. During my journey that day I went ahead and got the remaining 7 Higher Self names of our first 8 soul children. In the days that followed Paula would journey several more times to the 10 statues and retrieve the incarnate names and their locations across the planet. I texted Paula while she was at work with the 7 names that were unknown to us.

Here are the Higher Self names, Incarnate names and Countries of origin to our first 8 soul children.

HS name: Invatharion – Incarnate name: Isha  -  Country: India
HS name: Protithius – Incarnate name: Marin  -  Country: France
HS name: Idatharian – Incarnate name: Reena  -  Country: Israel
HS name: Parilius – Incarnate name: Julius  -  Country: Ghana
HS name: Parathius – Incarnate name: Egbert  -  Country: Germany
HS name: Invalarion – Incarnate name: Kamiko -  Country: Japan
HS name: Promethius – Incarnate name: Nick -  Country: USA
HS name: Idavarion – Incarnate name: Melaina  -  Country: Greece

Now that Paula and I had the essential information about our first 8 soul children, the BIG QUESTION was ~ How would we find them? Think about it. How could we possibly find these people when our 3D minds cannot conceivably know.

If you recall in Part I of The Empyrean Revelation; in experiments 1 and 2; that these experiments were conducted with the use of mine and Paula’s Twin Flame Connection. Then… by going in front of talented psychics, I would project or journey to Paula in hopes that the psychic would either sense or see me. But how would we find our first 8 soul children who were scattered across the planet? What lead me to this question were several failed attempts to find Egbert, whose Higher Self name is Parathius. Growing frustrated at having projected directly to Egbert and not come up with anything but dead airspace, I decided to try something different. Here’s the formula that worked for me:

The Formula

#1 – Journey to Higher Self
#2 – With your Higher Self, journey to the Higher Self of the incarnate person of interest
#3 – Ask the Higher Self to show you to that incarnate person you seek, on earth

Utilizing this formula, I went to Protilius and asked him to take me to meet Parathius. Meeting Parathius was like meeting another Protilius as they look almost identical. The only difference being… that of the energy or “frequency” the being operated with. After the greetings, I asked Parathius to journey with me to Egbert. A moment later… we found him!

Egbert… going by memory, because it has been over 2 ½ years since this journey, has sandy blonde hair that was rather long but not past his shoulders. He was wearing a leather jacket and a pair of Jeans and sneakers. He appeared to be in his mid 20’s? I found him sitting outside in a public place and it appeared to be in a city… but still, there were lots of trees. I called out his name and asked, “Egbert… are you aware?” Although he didn’t look up, I heard a reply from either inside his head or from his Higher Self? I heard the words, “No Brendan, the question is… are you AWARE?” This confused me and I broke meditation because it was not clear.

Over the next few weeks, Paula would join me, sometimes together and sometimes solo in trying to make contact with the members of the 2nd generation of The Pyramid of Souls.

Melaina ~ In order to find Melaina who is from Greece, we both journeyed to Idavarion, which is her Higher Self. It was Idavarion who lead us directly to Melaina. In this journey we found her sitting on the edge of her bed writing something in a notebook. I could see Paula by my side and noticed that her spirit self was taking on a golden hue. When I called out to Melaina, she looked up and directly at me… almost, “through me?” Did she see me? I could only hope so. This time, I told her to go onto the internet and google Brendan and Paula and that she could find us this way. After I told her this, she started writing? At least I thought she was writing and figured that I had conveyed my message. That’s when I broke meditation and waited for Paula to end hers. When Paula came out of her journey, she said that she noticed that Melaina, after we contacted her, began drawing a large eye with rays coming out of it, over what appeared to be a letter she was writing.

Julius ~ In order to find Julius from Ghana I had Protilius take me to meet Parilius. Parilis’ energy was very similar to Protilius’ energy. While Paula and I both journeyed to Julius, we never journeyed to him together. Paula described a man who always seemed to be smiling and surrounded by lots of people. One time she described him as dancing in unison with hundreds of others. She also said that he was short in height.

When I journeyed to Julius, I found him asleep in his bed and the room was almost completely dark. When I began calling his name he jumped up on his bed and frantically looked around as if somebody, an intruder was trying to break in. This is when I broke meditation and decided that frightening somebody was not going to work.
The journeys continued… and we would eventually find all 8 members. 

Isha ~ She works as a seamstress or maker of clothing and lives humbly in India. Paula made several attempts at contacting her by moving objects that she commonly worked with. This was an attempt to get her attention.

Nick ~ Who is Native American Indian, lives in the desert southwest of the USA. We don’t know what he does for a living but we know he spends a lot of time on the computer.

We journeyed to Marin, Reena and Kamiko and each time, we attempted contact by either telling them to go to Collapsing Duality.Com or googling Brendan and Paula on the internet. When nothing happened, we decided to go back to the ones who we thought most likely to make contact with… Melaina, Egbert and Julius! But once again, nothing came out of those journeys that equated to either a 3D phone call or email.

That is when I, growing pessimistic about our journeys, decided to start from scratch and go back to our trusted angel, Elloweina. While Elloweina was key in aiding Paula and I to come together, I knew that she would cut through the chase and help put us in touch with somebody from this pyramid who would actually communicate back with us. Only… the name of the person she gave me, really threw me for a loop.

I lay down in bed, closed my eyes; cleared the ingress of my daytime mind and with the “intent” of going to Elloweina, I bolstered my spirit self with Kundalini energy to her. I asked her, “Loey, we’ve gone to our first 8 children and come up with nothing. There’s got to be somebody from our pyramid. Who will listen?” With a big smile she began flying around pulling all these aerial maneuvers right in front of me and laughed the biggest laugh I’ve ever heard. “Hahahaha” she laughed. “Go ask Bono… he’ll listen. Hahahaha!”

As soon as I heard the name “Bono” I broke meditation, sat up in bed and thought that I was out of my mind and lost the knack for journeying. Besides… If Bono was from this pyramid, I would be too front loaded with information regarding him. Because I was a big fan of his music, I already knew too much about him and therefore it would be very hard to have an honest to goodness, accurate journey to him. So… I decided to journey back to Protilius and Idavathian to find out if this was true.

When I reached Empyrea, I found all 3 of them; Elloweina, Protilius and Idavathian standing side by side. I started with Elloweina. “Is it true?” This time she didn’t laugh and replied with a simple “yes.” Protilius, Is it true that Bono is from this pyramid? He said that it was “true.” Idavathian said the same thing.

Brendan: “Well, if this is the case, then what generation of this pyramid is he from?”
Protilius: “He is from the 4th generation of souls.”
Brendan: “Has he found his Divine Complement?”
Idavathian: “He is with his Divine Complement.”
Brendan: “What is his Higher Self name?”
Protilius: “Protharus.”
Brendan: “What is his Divine Complement’s Higher Self name?”
Protilius: “Idagordava.”
End Journey:

Sitting up in bed, I couldn’t believe what I had just heard and had to let it sink in. Later that day I told Paula about the journey and asked her to confirm for me that I had not lost my mind or had a “bad journey.” She took me up on it and made a journey of her own to Protilius and Idavathian. When she came back from the journey, she told me that everything I learned earlier in the day was true and accurate and that I had not had a “bad journey.”

Note: Before going any further, on Collapsing Duality we have always referred to Bono by his real name… which is Paul. Therefore, I will continue to do this for the remainder of the article, just as we always have at Collapsing

Before I ever journeyed to Paul, I played around with the idea of simply writing him an email telling him what we knew about the pyramids, his Higher Self and that he was my son at the spirit level. But the more I thought about it, the more it sounded ridiculous. Think about it. I mean, let’s say the email even got read, which was not likely because it is filtered and not by him. Then, let’s say that the email made it through and Paul even got the chance to read it. Can you imagine how ridiculous that email would sound to him? Do you think he would believe it? Obviously not! 

The only way I was going to get the attention of this man was to make a journey to him with such force that I land on his desk with a big ole pair of steal toed work boots. Did it work that way? Nope. But here’s my first journey to him.

The date was June 7th 2009
I decided to perform this journey by myself. In other words, I did not have Paula available to journal my experience.

I made the journey to Protilius and asked him to take me to meet the Higher Self of Paul Hewson. Protilius took my hand and “whoooosh” away we went and an instant later we were standing before a being that looked like Protilius, but the energy emanating from him, was much lighter… a sort of “easy going” energy about him. I could tell he was very glad to see me and we hugged. I remember feeling like I wished that this was my Higher Self. Why? Because he was so cool! Cool as in… this was somebody I could hang out with. Anyway… I asked him to take me to meet Paul and I took his hand “whoosh” away we went.

When I landed I realized I was in a restaurant and I could see Paul sitting at a table with many other people I’ve never seen or knew the likes of. I was amazed to be able to be standing in front of a man I only knew from songs. Seated to his left was his Divine Complement, Ali. I was also in awe at how clear this journey was. Some journeys are clearer than others and this one was the best one yet. I could see everything crystal clear. And my theory on this, as to why some are clearer than others, has to do with the connection and how well two people are able to transmit and receive.

I took liberty at watching Paul for a few moments and then I asked him, “Paul, can you hear me?” Just as I did this, I noticed that he looked to his left, to his right and then to the rear of where he was seated as if he heard, but didn’t know from which direction. That is when I asked him once again, “Paul, can you hear me?” This is when our eyes first met. I could tell he could see me because his eyes got real big and wide. He appeared frightened at first. 

I said, “Hi Paul. My name is Protilius.” But then his fright turned to anger. I could see it in his eyes. That is when I began saying to him over and over again, “Paul, calm down. Calm down, everything is alright. When it appeared he had relaxed some… I then asked him to find a pen or pencil and piece of paper to take down some information. And he did. I watched him pull a pen out of his pocket and he started writing some things down as I relayed to him how to contact me in the 3D. After he was done, he looked at me and did not look pleased at all. His head hung low and it looked as if he was completely drained or like he might pass out. This is when Ali began to comfort him.

After the journey, when Paula got home, I told her all about it and we decided to wait a day to see if anything would come it. But the next day, curiosity got the better of me and I made another journey. This time, I found Paul in bed and he was asleep. I called to him and he woke up. I said, “Hi, just wanted to stop by and say hello.” Then I ended the journey.

June 8th 2009
Then it was Paula’s turn to make a journey to Paul. I remember being really excited about this because I knew how well Paula could journey; despite the fact that the psychic said that she should learn astral projection from me. Trust me… Paula is the clearest channel I’ve ever met.

Whatever the case, Paula lay down, closed her eyes and began her pre-meditation ritual. I sat next to her in bed, sitting Indian style with a notebook and pen, ready to start writing the experience down.

After about five minutes, Paula’s palms turned upwards and the first words out of her mouth were, “I found him.” She described Paul as sitting at a desk in a room with lights that hung low from the ceiling and that there were mixing boards also in the room. Then, Paula saw Paul close his eyes and heard him ask, “is somebody with me?” A woman entered the room and Paul put out his hand to stop her from saying anything that might break the connection. The woman left the room immediately.

The journey commenced and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from Paula. I knew she had indeed found Paul. As I was journaling for her, writing as fast as I could, at one point Paul started crying when Paula touched him. Paula said that he felt as though she were his mother.

Then, Paula said that he was showing her journal entries and in it was his description of my first journey to Paul in the restaurant. Then, there was this one page that had 2 pyramids drawn with all these names and stick figures. When Paula said this to me, my jaw dropped because this meant that Paul knew about the pyramids too! This was a HUGE CONFIRMATION for all the work we were doing regarding the pyramids. And those stick figures… were they the statues of The Ten that Paula and I recently journeyed to? I couldn’t believe it.  I was astounded by what I was hearing coming from Paula. 

June 9th 2009
For this journey, I went in first and then Paula would follow so that we could both be there in the journey at the same time.

I started out by going to Higher Self Idagordava and asking permission to meet her lower spirit self… or the extension of… which is Ali. I greeted her with a hug and kiss and Idagordava lead me to Ali. When I found Ali, she was sleeping and Paul was right next to her… awake. After some Q &A with Paul about all kinds of things, I noticed that Ali had risen and was up. That’s when I started “communicating” to her. She nodded her head in a very animated way… almost overly animated because Paul to her right side of the bed was translating what I was saying to her. This is because “the buzz” or frequency was way too much. 

Soon afterward, Paula joined us. I saw her to my left in Paul & Ali’s room. She was glowing in gold again and had these very large eyes. But, it was my luvly and I was so glad to be doing this as a joint effort. But would these journeys equate into a 3D response? At the time we ended that journey, we were not sure.

June 10th 2009
I got home from work and that evening I checked email at Just as I always do. On this night, I found an email from a “BVox.” I had heard the name before but I did not know where. When I clicked on the email and began reading… journeying suddenly became more real than I ever thought it could be. After I read it, I yelled for Paula to come in the room immediately. She did. I asked her to read the email. After she read it she got up and we both had tears in our eyes. That’s when we began jumping around for joy and hugging each other because WE   HAD    DID   IT!

That night… we found a bottle of champagne and I think we drank it in about 15 minutes… LOL Then, we decided to make a run to the local store and get another one. We partied like it was 11/11/11!

So… what did the first email say?

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "B Vox" < Email Withheld > 
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 2:44:32 PM (GMT-0500) America/New_York 
Subject: Collapsing Duality 

Great site. I still have many questions. How do you travel with and without your body? How are you changing form? How do you connect with me initially? 

I'm still researching you. You never know who you can really trust. 

We can talk here and as we have been for now. 


On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 12:05 AM, Brendan Flanagan < > wrote:

Dear Paul, 
Was the confirmation of "Contact" as good for you as it was for us ;) WOW! I will never forget this day. 

I hope you enjoyed tonight. You know what I mean - seen it in your visions as I've seen you, and Paula has seen you. We can't explain it, but it just is - and WE are CONNECTED. 

By the way - I feel you all day long. 

I'm curious, what site did you enjoy the most? I'm hoping you'll say, "Spirit Mother's"  (Elloweina’s) but either way - it's cool. 

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed tonight. Things are moving very fast now. 

Tonight was beautiful 

I send blessings to you and your beautiful family 


P.s. I can help you with what you want to learn. I just have to digest this amazing experience tonight ;)

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "B Vox" < Email Withheld > 
To: "Brendan Flanagan" < > 
Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009 9:52:20 AM (GMT-0500) America/New_York 
Subject: Re: Collapsing Duality

Brendan and Paula, 

What happened last night was delightful. It's like caviar and vodka, which I love both. I'm happy to know my instincts were correct. I find it interesting I feel you both even more now than before. We're connected without a doubt. I was just sitting out in the sun at my home in France, Eze Sur Mer. Ali and I left late last night. I couldn't sleep so I got her up and we talked all night while on our way for a small summer vacation before I go back to work. We were talking about the sacred sexuality and I showed her the article that was on your site.

Ali thinks I've gone crazy. 

About your sites: I liked the site about your sister. Many wonderful pages with your family. I still like where Collapsing Duality is going...keeping me out of it by name is a great idea too. I like the recent things you've done in the past 6 months. 

I can add names to your pyramid. I will do that later. Today is family time. 

Yes, I do want to learn ALL you know. Show me. 


On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 8:22 PM, Brendan Flanagan < > wrote: 

Hi Paul, 

It's Paula. When I talked to Brendan he says he feels and smells you all day. I wonder if it's the same for you and Ali? I know these emotions are very strong and pulling. It's like your on a train that's going really fast and you want to jump off, only the train is traveling at such a speed you'd die trying the jump. It's like in the article Birthing into Oneness. You feel all these strange new emotions when you reach a new plateau and bang you don't know whether to run or hang on and see where the ride takes you. 

Thank you for the description of being like caviar and vodka. Was your madness you experienced a good thing? I think you know how to travel too or you wouldn't be so receptive to letting us in. You have a great ability to be able to write down what you're hearing and experiencing.

How was your trip to France? I saw Ali on a balcony smoking a cigarette. You know… she's part of it too. She's just got to get used to Protilius. He's very visual where I haven't figured out how to do that yet. 

You're not going crazy. She may need to soak this all in. We all may need to let this soak in. You can't push anyone. They must be ready! 

We're looking forward to keeping connected in the spirit and through emails. I realize you have to make sure we're the real thing. I think your coming to realize that. Take care Paul. We love you. 


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "B Vox" < Email Withheld > 
To: "Brendan Flanagan" < > 

Sent: Friday, June 12, 2009 10:26:55 AM (GMT-0500) America/New_York 
Subject: Re: Collapsing Duality 


I see your duality at the complexity of this situation. I feel it too. You have two opposing ideas in your mind but you have wisdom to reveal which side at which moment. You can bring out your confidence in such nervous times allowing you the romance of what a gift you've been given. I see you as holding back and trying to not get too carried away. Your reluctance has been noted and its great to work out your issues. Don't let this hold you back from the greatness of this journey we're all travelling. I know emotions can stand in the way of doing great things sometimes. This is a moment when you should let your higher self take her glorious place. 

Yes, I do feel you both and smell you when your thinking of me. I suppose that's what your doing. You're doing it so much I can't get the strawberry smell out of my nose. I also smell rubber or plastic. Any idea's on that? You have such strong emotions and visions. I can tell by the way you react. Treat your emotions like a song. Let it flow. This is the time when we need to use our energy for the greater purpose we have. 

I wasn't writing the other night nor last night. A pen and paper was the last thing on my mind. You and Brendan have amazing abilities. I'm interested in it all. I'm still soaking this experience in and letting it resonate. I can't believe what I'm seeing or feeling sometimes. The last couple of nights have proved that. 

Don't be nervous or afraid of this. You can come to me because I feel you thinking about this experience and me. Both of you are thinking about me. Here's something I've come up with. If I'm busy and can't meet you in your experience then I'll place my hand on my face. When you see this...go and come back later. The same goes for Brendan. 

Here are some of the names before I go: Pomatharian, Protunion, Avarion, Intarian, and Paravatid. 
I'll email again later. 


Note: These are names that can be found on The Pyramids Page at Collapsing Duality.

On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 5:44 PM, Brendan Flanagan < > wrote: 

Dear Paul, 

I never answered your request about you desiring to learn how to project and shape shift. You let me know where, when and/or how, and I would be glad to make that a reality. Only one catch, would you show me how you do what you do? You may realize that I am capable of pulling off some stuff, but you on the other hand, are no slouch at all. Your power and energy is as well developed as anyone's I've seen and felt. 

Paula and I have been talking and just like when we first met, our abilities doubled. Well, connecting with you and Ali, we are experiencing another doubling. Also, just like in the old days when Paula and I lived in separate states, when we would have to part, it would always be very rough. What I am saying is that to deny this connection, would be like denying love. This is a door that when one walks through it, it cannot be closed. However, this is not a needy desire, but a spiritual connection that needs nurturing and balance. I am currently learning how to balance my energy with yours and Ali's. And, this is how it will be as we connect with more of the others. 

I will be coming to you again, but not tonight. The both of you will be in my thoughts, but I will be resting. Caviar and Vodka would describe last night very well. It looked like a light show last night. That was the first time I attempted such a thing. Protilius performed a very similar show for us both. How did I do? 

That smell might be nicotine gum. I chew it instead of smoking. However, I still do sometimes. Were you smoking cigars yesterday? I kept smelling them on and off. 

Thank you so so much for those names, Paul. We appreciate it very much. When I get time, I will visit their higher selves, talk with them, then follow their ethereal cord down to earth - same way I found you in the restaurant. 

Sleep well 


Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2009 12:35:53 PM (GMT-0500) America/New_York 
Subject: Re: Collapsing Duality 


I've thought about your email and I don't understand the first part it. I've been getting all these mixed messages in thoughts and visions from both of you. 

I'd be glad to show you what I do and yes I'd like to learn what it is you do. Thank you for the compliment. I don't know when you want to do this. I'll be busy for the next couple of days so it would have to be Tuesday or Wednesday night. I'll explain what I do and you can do the same. You definitely can pull off some major things with your psychic abilities and I'm impressed. You'll have to let me know in what way your powers are increasing too. I'm interested. 

You're right about the spiritual connection. I know exactly what you're talking about. Ali and I are are learning to balance ourselves with this connection too. I told her to relax the next few days and just enjoy our vacation. 

Have you connected with others? I haven't. I'd like to know how you're doing it. Do you project yourself to them too? 

The other night was something amazing. I don't know anything about a light show though. You were something else to definitely watch and learn from. I'm curious how you made yourself glow? 

I don't know what nicotine gum smells like. I hope it doesn't smell like rubber or plastic. :) I do have an occasional cigar myself. I have an allergy to salicyclates and cannot drink much wine. I prefer vodka myself. Wine makes my throat to where I can't sing. I don't do much smoking or drinking because of the voice. 

I hope you get confirmation with the names I gave you. Good luck. Let me know what you find out. I'll share more with you in time. You and Paula do have a knack for finding me in the strangest places. It's surprising sometimes. 

I must go and I'll email you again soon. Tell Paula not to be concerned with what happened the other night. It's purely spiritual. 


On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 7:29 PM, Brendan Flanagan < > wrote: 

Hi Paul, 

Last night was something that I don't think any of us expected. I know I didn't. I knew Paula was going in and while she lay on the bed, I was beside her with pen and paper. I wrote what was said up until the point where she started crying and shaking. That's when I held her and said “to hell with the journaling.” At one point, we were both crying because of your beautiful and touching experience with your higher self. 

I want to say this: Remember Protharus as he was because you are about to merge with him. In fact, it may have already occurred. We'll find out shortly. Either way, remember him, embrace him, love him and realize that this is who you are as a spirit. You'll never have another experience like it in your life.

 Paul, we are doing things that nobody has ever done before and we are here to help many others do the same. I see the writing on the wall. I do. 

What a synchronicity about your Dad. Wow! I can only imagine how this made you feel. I honestly didn't know that about your incarnate dad. The only reason I knew you and Ali were married on August 21st (between mine and Paula’s B-day)was because after a meeting with her higher self, I decided to research pictures of Ali and there are many similarities. Ali doesn't have the 3rd eye gemstone like Idagordava, though  Which is probably a good thing here in the 3D.

My Mom and Dad decided to name me Brendan after the Saint Brendan (not the bottle ;)) Yeahhh, when I was born they were big on the Irish kick. They drilled Irishness into my head and I thank them for that. I think we're going to find many more numerical synchronicities in the future. 

Just to let you know, after what Paula and I experienced last night, I'm comfortable with where things are at. It's funny how certain things change ones perspective. Last night was one of them. 

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 7:29 PM, Brendan Flanagan < > wrote: 

----- Original Message -----
From: "B Vox" <Email Withheld>
To: "Brendan Flanagan" <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 12:30:55 PM (GMT-0500) America/New_York
Subject: Re: Collapsing Duality

Hi Brendan and Paula, 

I only have minutes. Things are starting to get mad around here. The first stages of our tour are here and I've been busy 16-18 hours a day. I take time out for things like spending time with Ali. Soon... I won't be doing much of that either. I haven't had much time to email, nor have I had any privacy. People are everywhere. "Bono this, Bono that, Hey Bono what do you think of such and such"...the list goes on. Many cameras always on me or interviewers to get our perspective on things in life. It's ironic how people listen when you have money and when you don't they never hear your cries. 

You've been in my thoughts even though things are busy. I see my higher self sometimes but we aren't merged. What did it take for you to merge? Did you have to go through something? I thought after what happened last week it should have happened. I see you pop in from time to time. It's funny when I'm right in the middle of singing or telling someone something and you're here then gone within seconds. 

The Brendan thing with you and my father is mind blowing. I wasn't going to say anything at first but decided after what happened I would. I'm glad you weren't named after the bottle. LOL I'm sure we'll find out more about one another as time goes on. We have many things in common already. Ali tells me we both are cryptic just as Paula tells you. I shared more things with her and showed her more of my journal entries from years ago. She seems to understand but then again it works in waves. 

I'll email you more when I can. I have to go do the practice walks, more sound checks, and other last minute details. I apologize for the short email. I have so much to say and not enough time to say it. I'll email you when I can. See you soon. 


Here is one more perspective on the first week of connecting via the spirit.
Thanks to Paula, who put this together in a VERY effective way… which took much time. In this dialogue you will read actual journey notes combined with more emails to get a different more accurate perspective.


We’ve both read your email(s) a good several times over and are happy to know at least these initial experiences did not appear to be intercepted or hacked. We know this because you have written here in the email you just sent us of many things that we never shared in email format before. Having read your experiences and compared them with what we remember and to our journals, there’s no other way for us to describe what we’ve done as no less than miraculous. Matter of fact, I don’t believe it has ever been done like this before – anywhere! However, let’s stick to what we know. In doing so, WE will respond to your journal entries as you have dated them. We will leave your email intact, only, we will respond after each of your dated entries.

Brendan and Paula, 

This will be bits of emails for a few days. I can’t spend too much time doing this. I’ve got many things to do before I go back to work. I’ll be spending the next few days recording and sending you emails. In the meantime, I hope you can confirm some of this. I also want you to share what’s happened with you. In order for me to trust this at all I need to know. I apologize in advance for my suspicion. I think you understand it. 

I was out with friends and my wife and noticed a high pitch noise, electrical impulses filled my brain, and my vision blurred for a few moments. I felt as if I had had too much to drink. The sound became louder and I began to concentrate on it. I heard a voice say, “Hi B________, I’m Protilius.” The language was a shrieking that hurt my ears. Just as I saw what appeared to be a male figure I thought I would be sick. Was it an alien? I could not believe my eyes. I was shocked by what I saw and heard since the only real voice I have ever heard is my inner self and voices without visions…except with my eyes closed. 

Later that night I had a visit from my inner self explaining a new direction I would be on in my life’s path. When I asked him to explain he said, “You’ll meet some very important people who have nothing to do with your life up until tonight. Do take warning because not all will be as it appears. The people your in contact with are two from your pyramid. Be wise and humble.” 

This confused me. That is all that was said until the next day. 

RESPONSE by Brendan: Paul, I was told by Spirit Mother, Idavathian and Protilius that you were waiting for this moment. I asked them again because I refused to believe that B--- would know anything about this path, which is very, very important to me. Once again, they told me to go to you and I would find out something. Therefore, I journeyed to your higher self and then found you in a restaurant. A—was sitting to your left. There were many other people present as well. One of those friends was somebody named Jean, only, that name would not be confirmed until Paula visited you for confirmation some days later. When I first called to you, you looked around and when your eyes finally met my eyes, you became very alarmed – even frightened. I kept telling you it’s okay and to calm down. Your emotions switched from fear to anger and back again. I communicated to you to get a pen and piece of paper and write down some information. If I recall correctly, (because there was nobody to journal this for me) you did just that and wrote down what I told you to. One of the things I told you to write down was our website address. I may have even attempted to give you our phone number. As I was standing across from you, I could not exactly see what you had written, nor did I realize that I had journeyed to you through Protilius. After, you were done, your head hung low. I did not know what was going through your mind, but you looked stricken in some way.

NOTE: Only 2 times before had I journeyed to trained psychics, utilizing Paula as vessel for confirmation. 2 times those psychics (one who lives in Ohio and one who lives in Mass.) saw me as an alien. You were the third. More importantly however, you are the first to engage in 2-way communication with us. This makes what we’re doing very important and even special.

We never received any warning, as you did, that “not all would be as it appears.” We wish we did, but we would soon find that out.

I met with Brendan once again very briefly. Only a few words were spoken but I could not remember the content because I had been sleeping. 

RESPONSE by Brendan: Yes, I found you asleep. You seemed to awaken rather quickly. I can see this experience in my mind’s eye, but do not recall what I asked. I just know that when I called to you, you woke up. I guess I was going to you that night because I still could not believe that B--- was part of my path. I guess if you were anybody else, other than the name the world knows you by, I would have had an easier time believing it.

Note: Since I had found you in that restaurant, I had been wondering if it was really you, that I found. Had I lost my mind? I questioned everything that I experienced on that initial journey to you. So, I asked Paula to go to you for confirmation. She agreed. This is who you saw next.

Today was a much different experience than I had ever had before. I had been working all day on writing out lists for the tour and working on a song. This is when I met Idavathian for the first time. I realized later that this was Paula’s higher self. 

At first, I had this feeling come over me. It was a familiar feeling I had experienced many times. I was comforted and had this feeling of being with my celestial mother. That is what came to mind. I closed my eyes to see a woman from dreams I had had in the past. I feel a touch on my hand and I become overwhelmed by the energy this touch possessed. 

As I was touched, I felt my body become completely full of energy. I’m not sure what it was. All I could think to do was writing. I wrote a few words out on the pad I had written over a list of songs on. The first word was Protharus. Who was that? I heard, “Your higher self.” The next word was “Idavathian.” Who is that? 
“It’s my higher self, I’m Paula. The third word was “Idagordava.” Who is that? I absorb what I had written. I wrote more notes and added as my shoulders heated from electrical energy. The next name was “Protilius”. I started relating the names I had just been given. 

I opened my notes and hoped this new entity could read my notes. I knew Idavathian/Paula was reading. I asked her not to go. I wanted to share and ask many questions. I shared my drawings of the pyramids. 

As we talked more, I asked why she was so focused on me. I could feel her many times day and night. She was a mother figure. I closed my eyes and my body became complete energy. I was overwhelmed and cried. She said, “Paul, I love you,” then our experience was broken. 

After this contact, I brought out many of my private writings. I put them on the table in front of me and started to look through sections that were familiar to this experience. My heart was racing. I found pieces to this puzzle that came together and I was relieved. 
Soon after, Paula returned. I told her of my visions and wanted a description of each of them. She let me know that she was with Protilius/Brendan and they were writing this experience down too. She gave me the description. After the exchange of questions, she gave me numbers. I believe it was a telephone number. It was hard to figure out which numbers were correct because there were too many. Suddenly, we lost contact. 

RESPONSE by Paula: Paul, I was amazed by this experience. This is where we started journaling.  I believed I learned so much about myself that day.  I realized I could do things that I did not believe were possible.  When I first saw you, you were in a room sitting at a desk.  The room’s walls were all dark wood and the lighting was dim. I noticed you were working on something then I saw the list.  At that moment, you stopped writing.  I saw you close your eyes and take a deep breath.  That is when you asked, “Is someone with me?”  I responded and told you who I was.  You seemed to be meditating.  I saw you go from being preoccupied with working to being in a restful state of mind.  

As I was talking to you, a woman entered the room and you held your hand out but did not say anything to her. She left, knowing you wanted to be alone.  This is when I envisioned touching your hand after you held it out.  I saw your higher self, Protharus behind you.  You were shaking and I watched him go inside your body.  This is when I started telling you names.  I explained that Protharus was your higher self.    

I think you were getting a vision of either Idavathian or me at this point.  I say this because you said, “I saw you in my dreams but you look different now.” You explained that you feel me throughout the day.  Then you wrote the word “consolidation.”  You asked my higher self-name again and after I told you, you wrote “Idavathian.”  Then you wrote “A’s” higher self name, Idagordava.  This was written over what you were working on before I came to you.

After that, I recall you ripping off the sheet of paper and writing the names side by side.  You were writing other things that I don’t know what it said.  You seemed tense so Brendan told me to rub your shoulders.  That may have been when you felt the “electrical energy” you describe in your shoulders.  That’s awesome!!!   I saw the written words, “Why are other’s contacting me?”  This is when you wrote down you have four different presences you know about.  You asked who I was again.  “Idavathian,” I said.  You draw arrows up to the two other names Protharus and Idagordava.  You circle the IDA in both names.  I told you to write down the name Protilius.  You did and then circled both PRO in each name and drew arrows to each of them.

After that, I asked you if you saw Brendan/Protilius in the restaurant. You immediately opened a drawer at the desk you were sitting at, and pulled out a notebook.  It was in your writing.  You were flipping through it looking for something.  You placed the notebook on the table. “Here read this,” you said.

I started reading it.  This is what it said.  (I felt a sensation in my brain with electrical impulses.  That’s when I heard a voice call my name.  I became disoriented.)  You then asked me who Brendan was and I explained that his higher self is Protilius.  I then told you to Google our names to find us.  I started reading your journal again. (I saw an alien being standing in front of Jean.  He spoke to me in a strange language.  The language was shrieking in my ears and it hurt to hear his voice. “A” asked what was wrong.  He said “Christ, I don’t want to talk about it right now.  We continued to have dinner.  After dinner, we went back to the hotel.  I told “A” what happened.  She keeps telling me I’m not tormented.  Three men and one woman have something important.  I know there’s something bigger out there and I’m driven to find out what it is.  I’m like a spiritual machine and all this information is coming in.  It makes more sense about what I’m doing.)  I saw a big X on the page with two pyramids.  The tops of the pyramids were connected.  There were circles in these pyramids.

Next, you showed me the date on the first page, March 23, 2008.  We started talking about the higher self and other things you mentioned in this email.  

I could feel your emotions along with my own and I told you I love you. You said I feel like a mother.  I felt this overwhelming energy from you.  Thanks.  I think we both could feel our connection and the intensity of it.

Our contact broke for a few minutes and when we connected the second time, I could feel your heart racing along with my own. We talked about the visions, the pyramids and what it all means.   I’m thankful for that experience and I’m happy this one was not tampered with in any way.  I’m relieved to know you shared the same things I did in this experience.

I feel Paula. Is she thinking about me? 

RESPONSE by Paula:  I probably was thinking about you and this experience.  I was overwhelmed by it all and by the fact you could be part of our higher purpose.  I probably daydreamed about it for quite some time.  I just wanted to be honest about it.

I feel Brendan. Is he thinking about me? 

RESPONSE by Brendan: After learning from Paula’s experience, and believing more and more, yes we were thinking about you quite a bit.

I woke up seeing two different images. One of a man and one of an alien. I did not know what to think but I thought it was related to the last encounters. I heard him say, “Did you enjoy meeting Paula?” I said yes. By then I started asking many questions and I do not think I heard half of what was being said back because of my own mind racing. 

Brendan finally said, “I need to ask you some questions first before I answer yours?” I was impatient but listened to him. He asked me about a family tree and a spirit mother. I had seen the woman he had described but I see her as some sort of angel. He explained it was his sister who passed. I told my wife what was happening. She was awakened by my excitement a few moments earlier. 

He asked me about sex. I told him about the dreams I had had having sex with their higher selves. He explained about worship and about making life. He said we were part of the family tree. 

My wife then put her hands on both ears and I asked her what was happening. She said I hear screeching sounds. It’s very loud. I do not know what was being said but she said she thought IT was trying to communicate with her too. 

I was asked about the journals I keep and asked me if I’ve found others. I have seen hundreds of faces but only communicated with a few. He told me the two of them were at the top of the pyramid and those faces may be part of the pyramid as well. He said I was on the fourth row. 

Collapsing Duality was mentioned and I was asked to go read the site. 

I then told him about some of the visions I have had. He called them plastic dreams. I told him about messages I have received and not being able to believe in some of it. I did not go into detail. He asked me about writing while talking to him. I told him I always write when I have an experience of a spiritual nature. 

Next, I asked how he was able to come to us. I got a vague answer that really did not explain much. He mentioned Shamanism. I was given some names but I do not know them. I later found them on the website and read what I believe he was talking about. That was the end of the conversation. 

RESPONSE by Brendan: Even though you dated this experience 6/9/09, it was still 6/8/09 where we live. Paula was journaling this journey for me.

This journey began by contacting the higher self of A--. I greeted her (higher self) with a hug and kiss and asked permission to introduce myself to her lower spirit self A--. She agreed. A moment later, I found you (Paul) and you were awake. A—was asleep but began to waken soon after. I told her that we were not there to do harm and explained to her that her higher self name was Idagordava.

I explained to you about the pyramid as being a family tree comprised of divine masculine and feminine energies – our soul family. I asked you about Lois (spirit mother) you nodded in the affirmative all the while journaling the experience. I asked you if you had dreams of the 4 of us atop a mountain and asked you what we were wearing. Your reply was, “nothing.” I also talked to you about worship and what it meant.

I talked to you about being part of the pyramid and told you, as I was told by Protilius and Idavathian that you and A—were 4th row down. What does 4th row down mean? If you look at the way the pyramids of Egypt are stacked up in blocks of stone, each row would represent a generation. Generations of souls are not unlike generations of human beings – they do overlap. Only, when talking about generations of souls (as in our pyramid) after Protilius and Idavathian created the first 8, which are part of the second row or generation (down from the top) they all came together and created another generation and so forth and so on. Although you and A—are in the 4th row, we have learned that the both of you were created with light by Protilius and Idavathian and nobody else. We have learned this since the loss of communication.

You told me that night that you had been keeping journals for decades. 

I figured that perhaps this is why our higher selves told us to find B---.

In talking about those plastic dreams, I learned that from Paula. I did not have that dream until about a month ago now – July?

When you asked about how I come to you or journey, I mentioned that I had studied the teachings of Castaneda. Yes, I was vague. I mentioned shamanism, yes. I also told you that I learned on my own through trial and error. I told you that I had put religion aside. This is because I had had so many dreams since childhood that were just too real to not be real. I listened to the dreams and those dreams led me to Remote Viewing and then the assemblage point as a means for journeying and then a combination of them both.

I told you all the names of the first 8 we created.

Finally, you asked me what you need us (B and A) to do? I had told you at that time that we needed to set up a plan to find others.

Then, I broke the journey and talked with Paula.

A short while after, Paula journeyed to you. I started out doing the journaling.

A – asked you could see. You replied to your wife (A) “Nothing. But I can hear her.

This is where A—asked where Paula was from. When Paula said she was from Mass., A—said that she didn’t sound like it. Said she sounded like a hillbilly.

A—described me as standing between 5 – 6 and 6’ tall, boyish and had big eyes – bigger than any eyes she’d ever seen. She said I was naked.

Smelling strawberries and electricity. Heard a female, “just thought I’d pop in and say hi.” She was gone. 

Response by Paula:  It’s funny how you smell strawberries when I’m around.  I intentionally made myself smell like that for weeks.  Even Brendan started smelling the strawberries.

I feel Brendan and see him but too much ringing in my ears to hear. 

BRENDAN’S RESPONSE: I honestly cannot explain the “shrieking” that you both experience when I project to you. We do know that there is a ringing in our ears when you call upon us. I do know that it is a phone call though. Let me ask you this, Paul: When it is just me or my merged self that projects to you without Protilius, do you hear the shrieking? You made mention that when A’s higher self showed up that she heard the shrieking as well. Here’s where I’m going with this. Over the past month and a half, Paula has been visited by the person/alien posing as A--. However, whenever this woman/being would contact her, Paula would hear a shrieking or screeching sound. Do you see what I’m getting at? If the being was incarnate or human, there would be a ringing of the ears, as Paula and I have learned. However, if the being making contact with us is of the pyramid or another pyramid then it seems there could be some consistency there. What are your thoughts on this, Paul?

Brendan is here again. “I just wanted to say hi and see if you had questions? “ The connection was broke due to a phone call. Paula popped in a few minutes later. I can’t get my work done for the distractions. 

“A” had a strange experience. She heard a woman who said she was Paula. She mentioned her accent being southern American. I smelled strawberries so I knew she was there. I closed my eyes so I could see if I could a vision. “A” described a man who was naked to Paula. She didn’t say much more than that. 

I saw Brendan pop in and say hi. He is clearer than she is at showing himself. 

6/10/2009    (Response by Paula intermingled with your work in bold italic for this section only)
I was on the sofa listening to a demo tape of a song we had recorded with my eyes closed when I smelled strawberries (You told me to wait. You had to go get your notebook).  I got my notes and sat down. (You said, I knew one of you would come again.) I started writing. I explained my mixed emotions and how I feel they are connected to Brendan and Paula. ( I recall you saying you could feel the emotions of us.  You stated, you were confused and angry and didn’t know why.  We thought you were struggling and we thought we could feel you as well.  I explained we were unable to concentrate due to the fact we thought regular people were who we were supposed to be looking for… NOT you.) I was skeptical because the energy was different tonight. ( You weren’t willing to jump in and share with me not knowing who I am. You said you didn’t let just anyone in.)  I’ve been sick all day. I feel like I’m dying. Although, the energy I feel in this feels right. (You said sometimes you feel attacked and your energy gets zapped.  I confirmed this happens to us too.  You were on guard and I don’t blame you then or now.  I understand what you mean by attacked.  I feel as if we were these past few months.)

Paula started explaining a dream I had. I was wondering how she knew about the dream so clearly. I wanted to know this was not some sort of mind game but I was not getting the answers I asked questions about. 

(We talked about something I just found in our journal that hit me.  You said you wanted to be clear of the contact you have between us and you knew people who try to connect with you are not always from the pyramid.  After that, we both felt a shock in our heads.  Do you remember this?)

I cannot see her unless my eyes are closed and it is blurred. I can see her clearer in my dreams. I told her I had seen her and Brendan’s real pictures on the internet. I asked about how Brendan can change forms. (You mentioned Brendan coming to you as a full-fledged alien, as a wolf, a hawk, and as a cat.  I was amazed he was shape shifting.  I’d have to let you get those answers from him.  That’s why I didn’t go into it too much.) She didn’t answer.  BRENDAN’S RESPONSE: The first time I ever went to you with “intent” or otherwise, was when I found you in the restaurant. However, over the past 5 to7 years, in learning to remote view and journey, I found that I could see a particular place of interest, through the eyes of any living thing that had either 2 legs, 4 legs or wings. I preferred to view from up high through the eyes of birds. However, my own power animal is the wolf and have spent much time with him. Perhaps you were able to tap into my energy before I ever found you. 

To be able to have the sight to see and choose not the eyes
To be able to have the heart to touch, but not with the fingers
To be able to have the ears to hear and choose the voices of those least heard
Is to be able to understand the ways of the spirit in Heaven -

To be able to say it without saying it and convey with far more meaning
To be able to be this or that, not definable by race, religion or form
To be able to be neither here nor there and... yet everywhere all at once
Is to be able to put a face to the abstract and the abstract to the norm.
Copyright © 2008 - 2012 by Collapsing Duality
The branches of a tree are only branches to those of us on the ground
But to the spirit world, they are the roots, anchored high in the sky
And those roots that run deep in the soil beneath our feet
Are merely branches to the Tree of Life upon which rests, eternity.
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