The Providence of Divine Union
(An unfinished article)
By Brendan

Long before Paula and I met, since childhood, we've both been drawing the Eye of Horus - better known as The All Seeing Eye as depicted on the 1 dollar bill. Since finding one another and exploring our connectedness, we've compared notes; artwork in particular. In most of our art we noticed that we always seemed to draw an eye with rays coming out of it. I know I've drawn this eye numerous times; sketched it and it is presented in many of my painting from the early 1990's. Many times I would paint this eye on the body of a man or alien being. Nevertheless, I was always drawing this eye. However, since learning of this divine commonality, just recently we've begun to really understand and have become initiated into what The Eye of Providence really means, how beautiful it is and what an achievement this means for us as Divine Complements.

Since the subject matter of this article pertains to symbolism that is commonly associated with Freemasonry and the New World Order, we feel we should mention that we are neither promote those belief systems, but we do not discount any of it either. The path that Paula and I follow is one of unconditional love for each other and for all and to search for the truth. Our motto: Everybody is Welcome! I was raised Irish Catholic and Paula was raised Protestant. In our search for the truth, we have gone away from all belief systems set in place on this planet, in hopes of finding spirituality in its purest and most truest form. This article and what we're going to talk about in it, is and what we believe to be Providence, in our spiritual paths that began long before we ever met.

From the beginning, Paula and I have realized that we have been brought together, just as many Divine Complements have before us and will be in the days, months and years to come. Most importantly, we realize that love comes first and in embracing this, we embrace the the reality that we are indeed, divinely guided. In spirit; in timing; in love - we are guided! We know this because each time we press the spirit world to make things go the way we want them, we are taught something else. When I say 'taught' I literally mean, schooled! Yet, though our union together as divine complements, we walk the same spiritual path as two halves of the same soul.

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The Providence of Divine Union