Twin Flames

          The Pyramids
Invatharion -
Isha - India
Protithius - Marin - France
Idatharian - Reena - Israel
Engbert - Germany
Invalarion - Kamiko - Asia
Promethius - Nick - American Indian
Melaina -Greece/Italy

Protilius & Idavathian
Brendan & Paula -USA

To the right, notice that this is the pyramid or family tree when viewed from above. The pyramids of Egypt were made up of blocks of stone. Well, this pyramid is made up of spirits of equal numbers of divine masculine and feminine erergies. The block at the center is where Idavathian and Protilius stand as co-creators.The very next block down is where the 8 stand - 4 males and 4 females of balanced energy. In the 4th block down or generation is where we have found our latest arrivals - Protharus and Idagordava. All in all, when this pyramid is complete, there numbers will be in the thousands.
Protharus and Idagordava
Idavarion and Parilius
Parathius and Invalarion
Promethius and Invatharion
Protithius and Idatharian
The family tree is taking shape
Idavathian and Protilius
The Family Tree or Pyramid when viewed from the top.
Protilius & Inmanaliaan                Invatharion & Parathius           Protithius & Invalarion      
Idatharian & Promethius               Pamarilius & Idalothian             Parilius & Idavarion
Pamaraneus                                   Idapromina                                            Nephlix
Protharus and Idagordava
Cintraceon and Trimunilaan         NEW - Apollonon         Intracion and Invarilian       Ianitius
Idaphilanthrian and Intracion - Kilianamalaan - Pyritius and Proathion - Indalavon - Idalanion
Promerius - Klimunilaan - Pretalumina & Omorowaan - Medeiriana - Ing'Namaron
This is a quick sketch I did of how Idavathian (left) and Protilius (right) stand and are represented by the statues that were errected of them. The coloring job is courtesy of Molly, my 3 year old ;)
Notes about one of my journeys to Idavarion. Remember, she contacted me first. Then, when I started contacting her I think it became too much and she got scared. However, she has our contact info because I watched her write it down.
Notes on Isha from India. THis is a bad pic that I took but says: mole on right cheek? Daughter?
This is a sketch that Paula made of the Ten with their divine masculine and feminine properties represented.
This is a sketch that I made when I realized that each generation of a soul family was like that of a row of blocks of stone in a pyramid.
This is how the statues of the Ten appear to me in journey mode. This is where I go to seek information from the statues.
This is the sketch I made that time when I went into journey mode and found out the names to the remaining 7 statues. Note: Paula found the 3rd and that one was Parathius who is from Germany. I later drew arrows because the placement of the statues had changed with the exception of us.
NEW - 10/14/2009 - These are sketches that Paula and I made during the discovery of our higher selves.
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Who built the pyramids of Egypt?

Paula and I asked our Higher Selves this question because the symbol of our soul family is a pyramid.

Idavathian's Response was: "All of us did." She was referring to all of the higher selves and the pyramids on the Plains.

Then she talked more and said: "Many of the smaller pyramids in Egypt are gone. There were many more than what anybody on Earth even realizes."

The Pyramid is the symbol of our soul family.
August 6, 2009 and Updated on 10/24/2009

Like the family tree is to our families on Earth, the Pyramid is to our higher selves and soul families in Heaven. There are countless numbers of soul families on Earth right now and are scattered across the planet. They have incarnated into our physical bodies and are spiritual extensions of our Higher Selves, representing every man, woman, child and every race, color and creed. The members of the soul families are everywhere and account for every human being on the planet. 

While the pyramid is the symbol of a soul family - and there are thousands of soul families on Earth, the Spire as we call it or the obelisk (like the one in Washington D.C.) is the all encompassing symbol of ALL SOUL FAMILIES united as ONE, with The I Am.

When we find our soul family, we will realize that we are connected with everybody under God. When this page began, we knew of only Protilius and Idavathian - our higher selves. Then, as we journeyed more and more, we learned of more and more members of a family that we created and the symbol of our lineage was the pyramid. This is when we created a page for this site entitled "The Ten." Then, as time progressed we learned that there were thousands of souls incarnate right now, on Earth that were part of this pyramid. Now we know that there are many pyramids (thousands) and they are all the symbols of our soul families on Earth.

Idavathian and Protilius are mother and father to the pyramid I speak of at this site, to a soul family currently incarnate numbering in the range of 4 million. However, that number changes daily, because of the cycles of life.

While we are here to find our children and help them to awareness, we are also here to help the other other pyramids come into true spirituality as well. We are ALL ONE!

Pyramid Question?

Q: What is the key building component in the construction of a Pyramid of Souls?A: A pair of "star crossed lovers" or Twin Flames.

Did you know? While there is a single pair of divine compliments as mother and father to each pyramid, there are many mothers and fathers within each pyramid. However, it is that first pair who are referred to as "The Original of The Species."

Q: How is a soul pyramid built?
A: From top to bottom. By reconnecting with your higher self above we are afforded the honor of finding the rest of our soul family, below.

Did you know? Did you know that while we have commonly referred to the pyramids in terms of oldest and youngest in terms of 3D space and time, what we are really referring to, is the divine order in which they were created!

Q: How are light children created between people of the pyramids?
A: By touching their palm chakras together while standing at arms length, they will it to be so. Voila!

Q: While light children are created with the love from the palm chakras of a pair of divine compliments, is there a need for sex?
A: Sex between either divine compliments or soul kin of a pyramid soul family is common but they do not call it sex. People of the pyramids refer to sex as one of the many ways of divine worship.

Q: What is that selenite looking material that the structures and pyramids of The Plains are built from? A: Stilsil :)

Q: Why do we see the ancient Egyptians as sometimes dawning the mask or head of either a bird or a beast? A: Because they are representing their Higher Self totem. Like the power animal is to our 3D or lower spirit self on Earth, the totem is to the Higher Spirit Self in Heaven.

Q: Can divine compliments, when they incarnate, be of the same sex?
A: Yes! We have all had our turn at being the boy, the girl, the woman and the man, throughout our souls journey. Sometimes we have crossed paths as same sex and sometimes in the opposite.

Did you know that when we first begin to astral travel, we travel in lower self form? In other words: we travel looking just as we do in the physical. Then, upon finding the higher self, if we so desire, the lower/higher self merge takes place, the two combine and neither will look the same again.

Q: What is the reason for our Higher Selves to breathe life into or incarnate in the 3D realm that is Earth?
A: For the souls experience (and I quote Protilius) "to bring back life force."

Q: What are the roles of the Angels in the Pyramids.
A: Angels work between the pyramids and help keep the balance throughout. Their job is probably the most vital one of them all in that they are ambassadors and work to maintain peace between all higher selves.


How we WILL (changed from may) find the Pyramid Soul Families:
(posted on the 14th of May 2009)

A.) Journeying through meditation - incorporating as tools, the Assemblage Point,  Remote Viewing, astral projection and our own combinations of trance modes that we have come to rely upon and trust.

B.) By working from the Top - Down. In other words, we have no way of knowing where they  will be, across this planet. That is why we will be starting with their higher selves, asking them for guidance and then working our way down to the 3D level to find the incarnate.

C.) When we find one of them, we will attempt contact telepathically, which has already been done successfully. However, knowing how the higher self can act in and out of concert with our 3D selves, the question is: Will they remember and be able to bring this experience contact back with them. 

D.) If we are unable to contact them telepathically, then we will resort to the internet if we cannot obtain enough information about them from their higher selves.

What do the Higher Self beings (as their higher selves) look like?

The females, with exception of one (Idavarion) all have long black hair. All have gemstones in the palms of their hands. The stones are a part of them - not jewelry! Some have the gemstones in their foreheads and others do not. They all wear a sky blue colored clothes, fitting like spandex uniforms and have capes that come down to the ground and trail as they walk. They stand, between 6 1/2 feet tall to 7 feet.

The males, they wear similar fitting outfits but their capes are much shorter and only come down to their knees. Mostly, they look very similar to Protilius - no hair, shimmery skin (energy) long fingers and gems in the palms of their hands. The males stand between 5 to 5 1/2 feet tall.

First block or one pair of divine compliements. This block represents mother and father to a pyramid.
The symbol of the pyramid is the symbol of an entire soul family and also represents (as a whole) the entire Pyramid of Souls as first generation soul family.
There are 4 pairs of divine compliments in the second generation. Only two pairs are seen in this perspective.

There are 4 pyramid soul families that make up the second generation of pyramids born out of the first. 
Pyramid speaking:
Soul Family speaking:

In the above diagram we are looking at both; the first and second generation of our pyramid and also the next 4 pyramids that were born out of our pyramid - just below. Note: since we are only looking at one side of five 4-sided pyramids, 2 cannot be seen as they stand behind the bottom two pyramids. We must remember that it works the same when viewing this diagram as if we are looking at "The Ten" with Protilius and Idavathian in the first pyramid and their first eight children represented in the four blocks just below them.

These are the basic building blocks!

As we were told by Protilius and Idavathian, all other pyramids were born out of the pyramid we are mother and father to...The Pyramid of Souls. We were told this last year in 2009. At the same time we found that out, Paula asked Idavathian if there were any other mothers and fathers. She said there was many in each pyramid but that there are always (within a 4 sided pyramid) the original mother and father representing the main cornerstone and 4 other sets of divine compliments representing the base cornerstones.

When viewed like this, we know now and understand what we were told last year. We had wondered since learning that all other pyramids are born out of this one, what exactly constitutes a new pyramid? How does it happen? While we do not know why, we do understand the divine order in that which they were created and the diagram above, holds true all the way down through the soul families. Each pair of divine compliments representing 4 base cornerstones of each pyramid is mother and father (the original mother and father) to the next soul family.
11/8/2010  - Mathematical confirmation on how the Soul Families are put together. From an unlikely place!
I found the above 2 pictures while researching pyramid mathematics. In doing so...I found the Sierpinski triangle. This is exactly what I have been trying to describe in how our soul families are put together and all linked. As you can see - there are pyramids within pyramids and that when we apply the basic building blocks of a Soul Pyramid, (CLICK HERE TO SEE) like I did on 6/16/2010, it fits perfectly into the Sierpinski triangle.

When looking at these pictures, we must look outside of the box - so to speak. On one level, we are looking at the entire soul pyramid structure comprised of every human being. On another level we are looking at the most basic building block of the pyramids - generation 1 and generation2. All of this can be seen by looking at the "WHOLE" of it and by looking at the "SMALL" of it. This is exactly how our soul families fit together. And...this is all at the spirit level.

What is you see those blank areas - especially the areas directly underneath figure 2? Well, there is a pyramid there as well (even though Sierpinski did not account for it) and that pyramid operates in the negative side of the energy spectrum. An upside down pyramid. There are pyramids there too. Only, Sierpinski did not represent the negative side - formerly known as the dark side. There is only positive and negative and life requires both. The push and pull of existence requires us to embrace both love and pain or dark and light.

Science and Spirituality are just begging to UNITE!!! The question is not: will spiritualists reach out to scientists, but rather....will scientists (and archaologist and mathematicians for that matter) reach out to those spiritualists that have been trying to make contact with their own kind for millenia. It will take a dual effort to put this puzzle together.

We are not different. We are all connected and working on the same puzzle - the largest puzzle of ALL TIME!

The push and pull of our existence requires us to embrace both love and pain. There is positive and negative - growth requires both!
Figure 1
Figure 2

The Pyramid of Souls

NEW - 7/4/2012Please welcome Apollonon to The Pyramid of Souls!
1/15/2012 - Please welcome Idapromina to The Pyramid of Souls!
8/19/2011 - Please welcome Ianitius to The Pyramid of Souls!
2/20/2011 - Please welcome Ing'Namaron to The Pyramid of Souls!
1/25/2011 - Please welcome Medeiriana to The Angelic order of Souls!
1/22/2011 - Please welcome Pretalumina and Omorowaan to The Angelic Order of Souls!
11/8/2010 - See how the Pyramid Of Souls really stack up. Click HERE.


2/20/2011 - Pascal's Pyramid plus 1 NEW name to add - Welcome: Ing'Namaron 11/8/2010 - The Sierpinski Triangle and Pyramid Soul Families - click HERE
8/25/2010 - Please welcome Promerius to the Pyramid of Souls.
4/28/2010 - Please welcome Klimunilaan. She is from "The Phoenix Pyramid" and is 61st Generation. Her real name is Anna and she lives in the UK. Welcome, Anna!
3/14/2010 - Please welcome Kilianamalaan - 1st Generation mother to a pyramid of souls with incarnate numbers in the range of 3.7 million.
2/19/2010 -   Please welcome Pyritius and Proathion.
1/8/2010 - Please welcome Idaphilanthrian and Intracion - Click Here
Pamaritius and Idavilaxion - Invarilian & Protolaneus

Guardian Angels and Ambassadors of The Pyramids
1/22/2011 - Please welcome Pretalumina and Omorowaan to The Angelic Order of Souls!
4/28/2010 - Please welcome Angels: Willomina and Valuna!
10/26/2009 - Please Welcome Kardaras. Elloweina ( AKA - Spirit Mother), Pelaxion, Avarion and Iparoth
Guardian Angels and Ambassadors of The Pyramids
1/15/2012 - Please welcome Olaweise to The Angelic Order of Souls!
1/22/2011 - Please welcome Pretalumina and Omorowaan to The Angelic Order of Souls!
4/28/2010 - Please welcome Angels: Willomina and Valuna!
10/26/2009 - Please Welcome Kardaras. Elloweina ( AKA - Spirit Mother), Pelaxion, Avarion and Iparoth
Waclaw Sierpinski and his triangle of fractals.
Sierpinski and his triangle represents from top left to bottom right, the most basic of building blocks - all the way to infinity.
Waclaw Sierpinski
Pascal's Pyramid in numbers.
Pascal's Pyramid in fractals
Pascal's Pyramid
The model for Divine Order is The Pyramid

Two Mathematicians: Sierpinski and Pascal, with their square and triangular based pyramid of fractals have represented Divine Order.

Paula and I have been taught how our souls have been created from our higher selves in Heaven and they are created in the same way that Sierpinski and Pascal have built their pyramids - in fractals!

When you look below, at the second pyramid from the right, you are looking at both the basic building block of creation (which are souls) to the ALL of creation.
1/24/2012 ~ Sketches on the first 30 generations of souls and how many there are between each gen. Click Images below to see!
The Fibonacci Sequence and how it relates to The Pyramid of Souls
The Sacred Symbol for The Divine Order of Creation, in which our souls incarnate, is The Pyramid! And that is exactly what the pyramids in Egypt stand for and symbolize - our long lost ancient lineage to the stars - found again! The pyramid is our family tree; it is set in stone - but not from bottom to top, but top to bottom (heaven to earth) and each block put in place to create it, represents 2 souls of divine masculine and feminine. All in all...a soul family! Much like the Star of David, we see one pyramid (or triangle up) and one pointing down. Yet, one is incomplete w/o the other and neither will exist without the contrasts of: positive and negative; yin and yang or even...night and day. One triangle pointing upwards (or pyramid if you will) represents those sun signs that are fire and air. The other two pointing downwards represents water and earth. The cornerstones of the Great Pyramid represent each of these signs. And the capstone... represents God.
New 4/22/2012
Wherever in this universe that there exists intelligence, there will also exist, frequency. What is frequency? Energy comprised of wave forms that are generated by none other than - OUR intelligence! But it is the frequency of our awareness that will send our waves rippling across this shared ocean of spirituality thus enabling one to become enlightened in such a multidimensional universe. Another thing: Wave propagation has both a positive and negative cycle (binary 1 for positive and 0 for negative) to complete and then begin again. But... it is only the positive cycle that can be counted. Anything other than, is considered negative! Trust me... I'm an RF Engineer who works w/the light spectrum on a daily basis and I get paid a wage for it! Intelligence is binary and encoded in us, just as our souls are addressable according to the Divine Order of Creation and the order we were created within it. So...if we can all learn to utilize our spirits, then we may address one another at the soul level. Lastly: While a thought may generate frequency, it is love that creates the waves. Stay positive! ;-) Namaste ~ Love B
It has taken years to figure out through journeying and by many other means to come to know what Protilius ErmPhorus, as a name, means. But... I now know. The reason it's taken so long has more to do w/me than the original message...because I didn't believe it. I have probably made over the course of 2 1/2 years about 15 journeys to understand what my name means. And in finding out the meaning of my name I am able to understand how all the names of this pyramid, really stack up in the Divine Order of Creation. 

Our names...each and every one of them... from the Pyramid of Souls, is a message in the first name and a delineation to our lineage in the 2nd name. For me, Protilius (as a so-called first name) would be the message and ErmPhorus (as a second name or surname) is really about my lineage. What does the message of Protilius mean? It means: For All of Man. And the last name, or surname, although there are 4 variations that are all correct, means: Son of God. could also be said as: For All of Man - From Horus, Son of Horus and Through Horus. 

While I have verified with God, our Higher Selves and The Angels that the last name meanings are correct, even if interchangeable, I will keep it simple and stick with: For All of Man - Son of God. My wife, Idavathian, would sound like: Idavathian - Daughter of God. And the "I" in Ida in the name Idavathian actually sounds like an "E" or E-DA.

Understanding further: Since we're male and female co-creators and create life in our likeness, the last name would be either matronymic or patronymic, depending on the mother and father. If female, then that delineation would go to the mother and if male, then to the father. There in lies the lineage of names. Is it any wonder that the female higher selves all are created in the image of the mother (Idavathian) and the males are all created in the image of the father (Protilius)? I think not. :) Because all of the female spirits look identical to Idavathian and the male spirits look identical to Protilius! It is also why God spoke in the plural and not the singular in Genesis.

Here are two examples of how a 3rd generation spirit and a 4th generation spirit would sound in the pyramid of souls. 

4th Gen: Protharus = Protharus - Son of Protilius - Son of God
3rd Gen: Idapromina = Idapromina - Daughter of Idavathian - Daughter of God

Pyramid Question: Do those beings of The Angelic Order of Souls follow the same pattern of - first name as the message and surname as delineation to father/mother? Answer - Yes! The Angels incarnate in the very same way that Empyreans do. Only difference is: The Angelic Order of Souls have a triangular based pyramid in Divine Order and Empyreans have a square based pyramid in Divine Order. The triangular based pyramid fits inside of the square based pyramid and the square based pyramid fits inside of the circle which represents The Eye of Horus or God...from which both families of souls come. For a visual on what this looks like, Click HERE.

NEW - Our Names are Messages
Click Link to The Artist HERE
The PyramidsPyramid of SoulsPyramid News

December 21st, 2012 is the "Galactic Alignment" of the planets... But does it mean anything more? Yes!!! Because we are souls; born of the spirits and written into not only the stars, but the planets of our very solar system as well, Divine Order will also fall back into alignment or "RIGHT ITSELF." Divine Order has been "off" since the tempt. And you will find out why in Part II of Sophia. The prophecy was foretold in the stars, by the Mayans and many more... and is now being fulfilled between us Twin Flames and spirit seekers of the truth. But how long will it take before we see the evidence of Sophia's arrival back to God? In 10 to 20 years earth time we will begin to realize the benefits. In another 10 to 20 more years after, the people of this earth and society in general will be vastly transformed. And in another 20 to 40 years after that...we will have that peace we have always craved and desired.'s going to get harder before it gets easier. This is not the end of the world but another beginning...and it's not the way you would think it would happen. No! WE - ALL OF US are gonna walk, one foot in front of the other (hand in hand I don't mind) into this new world or "New Earth." And if anybody says to you, "Follow me... God is gonna take us up and out of here in a fiery chariot from our misery," don't go! Don't GO!!! We are to be here and walk over the coals in our bare feet..."feet to the fire" in order to make it right. No...I am not into pain. Never liked it much. But if we take the easy way out, how else are we going to learn? Is this not our mess we have created?!?!? What is more...if we take the easy way out (which is "the illusion") how are we going to pass our stories down to our children and their children and so on and so forth to make things better for their future? The greatest opportunity we have ever had, is at hand. Let's do it right this time! Don't buy into the illusion!

So...why is it going to take this long (20 to 60 years)? Since the dragon has been using Sophia to infiltrate mankind since the beginning of time; now that that dragon headed snake has been decapitated by me, Protilius, those dragons will no longer be able to incarnate and "tempt" God's children. Basically, if a child is born today, Nov 21st 2012 and lives to age 80, this earth will be completely different without the influence of the dragon. We're going to GET THAT PEACE!!!

It's over!

The New Earth Starts NOW!!!

The Galactic Alignment of Divine Order, Sophia and more...
Nov 21st by Brendan (Protilius)
The 3 Faces of Hecate
by Brendan (Protilius)
Dec 2nd 2012

When one learns how not to become frozen with fear in the all-powerful presence of Hecate and how not to fall prey to the tempt of the lustful Lilith, then that one has learned and earned the heart of beautiful Sophia.
If we are to fix what's wrong in the here and now, then we must journey back and atone for what's been going on since the beginning. The keys to our future can be found in our past ~ Protilius

The Mother of All Creation
by Protilius

Do you wanna know where man has hid our Divine Feminine Mother, Sophia, over the course of all these years? All ya have to do is read the story of Medusa! Yes!!! Stories would ensure that no man would dare go look for such a woman :) And as for Sophia's so-called "other faces" Hekate and Lilith - all influences of the dragon after her short time in "The Garden" and her fall from Grace. Yet, I admit, at least Hekate and Lilith are more representative than say... Medusa. By far they are! Yes, when I met Sophia I experienced all 3 of them. I know because I met the Lilith and Hekate in Sophia. But what those journeyman like Perseus failed to do in the past was to simply lead with love her no matter which face she showed first. Had Perseus done this, rather than trying to take the head of Medusa who is CLOSELY associated with Hekate which he failed at, he would have found the most beautiful woman in the world in Sophia. However, I do give credit to Perseus for knowing in advance that if he looked her in the eyes he would be frozen. That I did not know :D But, BUT... life for us would probably be quite a bit different right now had he led with love. If he led with love he would have won her heart...which is all she waiting for in the first place!! But there is no blame for what has happened in the past, going back to the Garden. But hey, for future reference and God forbid if this ever happens again (and it won't on my watch!) look for the worst story that could ever be made up about a woman like Medusa, and there she will likely be. They hid her both in the bible and in so-called "mythology." But mythology is just another form of the truth being told.
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A must watch video for all pyramid soul family fans! If I were a video animator, I wouldn't have portrayed my first journey to The Planes where Protilius comes from, not much differently than this talented artist did. Wow! This video definitely has to go on the Pyramids page at Collapsing Duality! For any of you who have never experienced 4D, the next layer inward, this is what it's like.
NEW ~ 8/2/14 ~ Paula's Articles all in one place! Click HERE
Why is the pyramid so often depicted as having a capstone separate from the greater body of the rest of the pyramid?
by Protilius ErmPhorus
Ever wonder why the uppermost dynasties or "generations" of the pyramid are separate from the greater body of souls that make up a pyramid soul family? Contrary to what the power hungry elite want you to believe, the true meaning is this: After the soul creation of the first 4 dynasties or generations, Sophia left after a lovers spat with Adam, in their "garden." Her spirit went to the underworld where she stayed until Protilius (Adam) atoned with her on 11/4/2012. The story of Adam n Eve was really Adam and Sophia. It was such a big bad dark secret that Sophia had to be removed from almost all writings...especially the Bible! Eve or "IDA" replaced Sophia as "the Mother." So, the "capstone" break really represents/defines those first generations created by Adam and Sophia from Adam and the Eve's. After that, the rest of the pyramid of souls was created by Adam, his sons and Eve's (plural.) Why plural? Because at this 4th layer, the next layer to where we find ourselves in now, in the physical, Adam or Protilius had to go on with soul creation as God's consciousness expanded. He did so with his daughters or Eve's...hence the "dark secret." Although it still holds true that Sophia came from Adam's "side" and Adam from God; his daughters in these first generations... comprised of many Eve's, did not. Eve is both a title, a message and a name as is Adam at this highest aspect, closest to God. During soul creation at the 4th layer a single soul is brought forth during love (not sexual intercourse) from the 5th layer. The soul is both both masculine and feminine. And from that whole soul, the feminine springs forth or splits and the other half assumes the masculine by default - Duality! Now, after Sophia, I can fully understand why the story of Adam and Eve is so very similar to Adam and Sophia and their creation. Another thing...while Protilius is a 4th layer name, since he ascended back to God, his name is also Adam. Why? As we ascend, ever closer to the ONE, our name will become simpler and simpler. God said: "Any man who makes the journey of the spirit to stand before me, has gone back to Adam." In doing so, I Protilius, am no longer a single 3D fragment of the whole that makes up mankind, but rather, I am a part of each of us that makes up mankind, together as one! What is more, the same goes for any woman who makes the journey of the spirit to stand before God. But only now, since having brought Sophia back to God, women will not find Eve; women will find Sophia, the first woman!

"Ida" in the names of Adam's daughters
by Protilius ErmPhorus
When Paula and I began journeying to our higher selves and discovering the names of the souls at the 4th layer where we found Protilius and Idavathian, we were surprised by similarities in the names... At that time, in early 2009, we didn't know what those names meant because we were more focused on finding our soul children because we were instructed that this was "most important." And when we began to retrieve their names from our higher selves and from the statues of them that exist in Empyrea, we noticed many "Ida's." But what did it all mean?? We wondered... Well, I have been since that time connecting the dots with what we learned in Empyrea with what has been written/recorded here in the 3D. After all...Protilius and Idavathian said we would find many of our answers already written here in the physical.

Late in 2012, with help from Idapromina (Traci) we began to realize that "Ida" at the beginning of those 4th layer names that are written at the top of this very page I type upon now, really meant Eve or daughter. After realizing that Sophia was the first wife of Adam, Ida, at the 4th layer and at the beginning of many of the divine feminine names, was a title, a name and a message. 

Why a title? Because after Sophia and Adam had their falling out, in order for Adam to continue with God's architectural plan for soul creation, he took a daughters hand, much like a wife. (Not to be confused as incest here in the 3D. Why? Because at the spirit level, we are all connected or related. Only in the flesh are they wrong!) And as history played out, he would take more. At the time the pyramids of Egypt were built, the ancients built many pyramids of varying sizes. Why weren't they all the same size? Aside from the largest pyramid in Egypt at Giza, each of these pyramids represents a marriage and the generations created from that union. Idavathian as a spirit and because she was most like Sophia, was mother to that Giza pyramid...from a 4th layer sense of the perspective. Basically, she is the mother of more souls on Earth than even Sophia! From a spirit perspective, here on Earth, She is "Mother of All Creation." However, Sophia was Adam's first wife and marked the first split of Wo-Man, from Man.

Why a name? Because in the beginning, it was SIMPLE!

Why a message? Why do you think??? A Queen wants to be known as a "Queen!" Wouldn't you? :-)

Okay, so what is the 4th layer name of Sophia? Inmanaliaan! To understand more about what that name means look it up in Gematria ;-) What about in between? It's all about soul combining or splitting...depending on whether or not you are ascending or descending ;)

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In the Nag Hamadi library, it was recorded that Sophia sent for Eve, her daughter. Traci or "Ida"promina brought this to my attention late in 2012. 

At about the same time, after researching my own name, I began to focus and break down the divine feminine names starting with IDA. I found many articles that connected dots to Sophia. Why? Ssss- sssss-ssssssssssssssssss-ssssssssssssssss  All you have to do is read Sophia Pt.1 or 2

I am not joking either! Ida and Pingala represent not just Adam and Eve, but Adam and Sophia! And although it represents the Kundalini in us today, Ida and Pingala are literal and figurative - but based on God and Goddess!

There are many articles I found regarding Ida and Pingala... I will quote two paragraphs from two articles and then if you want to know more, just Google: Ida Pingala EVE ;-) You'll find many more when you do.

"The Mother Goddess was identified with the figure of a single snake. Her messenger, Hermes the snake God, was depicted as the double snake, the male and female (Ida & Pingala of the Kundalini system). He was symbolised by the Caduceus. Hermes was originally a Babylonian God, a god of Spring and fertility, and was associated with the Spring sun."


or this one -

"When you examine the symbol of the serpent you find that it relates to many religions. The serpent is always within many myths; it is related with creation, with transformation. However, in this lecture we are going to study it in the Bible, since Christianity and Judaism refer to the serpent in many different ways.

The mystery of the serpent is always associated with the woman, as Moses tells it in the beginning in his book of Genesis, and as quoted in different chapters of the New Testament, and as it was explained in the lecture about the Kundalini, which is symbolized as a serpent."


When I wrote on 4/22/2012 at the Pyramids page at Collapsing Duality: Intelligence is binary and encoded in us, just as our souls are addressable according to the Divine Order of Creation and the order we were created within it. So...if we can all learn to utilize our spirits, then we may address one another at the soul level...just as we do with a telephone or internet computer connection!


Being an RF Engineer who has worked in Satcom and Telecom since the early 90's, I have been able to connect many dots with what I do in journeying/telepathy and my day job.

I am going to borrow an article about the breakdown of a "Binary Preamble" to demonstrate how telepathy and soul connections are really no different than connecting with each other on the internet as we do.

Why is the binary preamble important to you? Because it is the unique ring tone of either a spirit or a person with a spirit who is dialing you and audible to you only.

Here is the link to that article:

After each paragraph, I will connect dots in parenthesis.

Begin article -

A preamble is a signal used in network communications to synchronize transmission timing between two or more systems. In general, preamble is a synonym for "introduction."

(When you transmit or place a call through the spirit to another person or being, the first thing that one will hear is your unique ring tone that was assigned to you at the moment your soul was created. Much like a telephone number has an area code, followed by the local number like: 508-888-8888, your soul at the moment of creation is broken down by pyramid, dynasty (row) and what block within the dynasty you were created...along with your divine complement. So, when they say that the preamble is an "introduction" I am saying this is your calling card. Similarly, like when you dial the wrong number and accidentally get the screeching sound of a fax machine, that screeching sound is the Raw Data of binary 1's and 0's. And when you recognize that this is a message of the spirit, your Pineal will translate that raw data into a discernible message for you to understand.)

(Think of your Pineal Gland as the interpreter between your body and soul.)

The role of the preamble is to define a specific series of transmission criteria that is understood to mean "someone is about to transmit data". Proper timing is required to ensure that all systems are interpreting the start of the information transfer correctly. The actual preamble varies depending on the network communication technology in use.

("Someone is about to transmit data." Since we all have souls, we are always transmitting data! But, BUT, since "proper timing" is required (as souls in physical bodies) to ensure all systems or parties involved in communicating telepathically or via journey, each individual as a transmitter and/or receiver, must be connected spiritually in order for the information to transfer correctly and be received, de-garbled and then broken down into native language by the pineal so that one may understand the message in everyday terms.)

In wireless transmissions, the radio preamble (also called a header) is a section of data at the head of a packet. The length of the preamble can affect the time it takes to transmit data by increasing the packet overhead. Packet overheard includes all the extra bytes of information that are stored in the packet header. When combined with the assembly and disassembly of packets, increased packet overhead affects throughput by reducing the transmission speed of raw data.

(The preamble is binary code of 1's and 0's at the "head" of a much larger packet of information or MESSAGE. It is ALL DIGITAL and it is your own soul signature for when that day comes and you may transmit without a cell phone or internet connection with only the use of your soul! What is more...when they say in the article "assembly and dissassembly of packets" they are talking about the encrypting and decrypting - garbling and degarbling of the RAW DATA that your spirit has sent from one being to another. And just like we have bandwidth issues today on the internet, one bottleneck will be your mind. A large message sent from either one person to another; from Angel to person or from God to person can sometimes take years to fully be received/comprehended/ to speak.

So whether you are trying to contact your guides or Angels or Soul Kin or perhaps, another person right her in the physical with you, although it is not a pre-requisite for you to know the engineering of the soul at light frequencies and the theory of soul communications between the layers, I think it is important that you at least know the basic fundamentals.)

Protilius ErmPhorus


What does an IP address or telephone number have to do with your soul? Your soul, just like a telephone number or an "Internet IP address," has its own unique identifier assigned to you at the moment of creation... and it is in the light spectrum, FREQUENCY SPECIFIC!

Have you ever noticed that Twin Flames commonly report an almost "electrical" charge or exchange of energy between themselves? The reason is FREQUENCY! Have you ever noticed that Divine Complements often report that when they connect they cause disturbances with cell phones, lights, Internet connections and even, on occasion... fire alarms? Frequency! Your frequency or exchange of energy will disrupt the frequencies of anything requiring...(drum roll) frequency! Have you ever noticed that when you are online or even in the grocery store and someone, for some reason, makes you feel repulsed and you cannot logically explain why? Frequency! While we are all indeed connected, the frequency of the person that is repulsing you is just operating at a frequency that is on the other side of the spectrum that you are operating at. They cannot help it because this is the one they were given at the moment of creation. Besides...they probably feel the same way about you. But they too have another like frequency out there. And that frequency they will only find in their Divine Complement.

Telepathy: further explained ~~~
by Protilius ErmPhorus