The Stages of Spirit Self

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The Stages of Spirit Self
by Brendan

today is an 11/eleven day - 7/22/2009 or 11/11

Stage 1: The Lower Spirit Self

What is the lower spirit self? The lower spirit self is the spirit within our body – an extension of our higher self who is in the spirit realm. This spirit part of our body has been with us since the day we were created. Mostly, however, we have been unaware of this very real piece of God that we carry within us.

The lower spirit self is the soul representation of our physical bodies and looks just like our incarnate selves do. Only - it is spirit!

Throughout most of our lives from childhood – onward, our lower spirit selves have been journeying without us even being aware of it. Through daydreaming, writing, prayer, playing music and many other 3-dimensional creative outlets, one may begin to realize the lower spirit self. Getting in touch with yourself is key in the realization that you are more than just flesh.

When one goes within and begins to get to know their lower spirit self, after realizing that there is something more to us than just a physical being, they will begin to notice the world around them in a different perspective.

Embracing our lower spirit self is our first step in finding true spirituality and brings us one step closer to the I AM. Once we embrace our lower spirit self and have fully acknowledged that there is spirit within, then we may begin to exercise that spirit by journeying.

The key in journeying with the lower spirit self, is realizing that there is nothing physical about the journey itself. However, if you journey or project your awareness to another person who is not journeying, if that person is "aware" then the experience takes on a physical component because now there is interaction between the spirit realm and physical world. Remember - your daytime mind/ego must be in check. We must quiet the mind before we can project our spirit anywhere we wish.

When we project our presence to a certain place – any place, we must do so with INTENT. It takes energy to project awareness to another place we would ordinarily have no other way of visiting and intent is just the thing to help us get there.

Example: When I was a kid, my friends and I would have jumping contests to see who could jump the farthest. Just before it was my turn, there would always be a moment where I would go off into my own world and pull energy from many places – kind of like digging deep for the strength to win the jumping contest. At the time, I didn’t realize what I was doing, but I was infact psyching myself out to win the contest. In journeying with your lower spirit self, we must do so with intent and psych ourselves out for the experience. This is how we begin our journey – by going within and pulling energy from the world around you. Combined with the intent to jump the farthest or spirit journey to wherever you wish to go, then we are ready to journey.

Once we have that intent locked in place it would now be a good idea to close the eyes and switch modes into your third-eye sight. This may take some time in getting used to, so once you feel comfortable that you feel you are switched over to the 3rd eye, send or even BLAST that intent straight out of the third eye and to that person, place or thing of your desires. Remember, if you have any doubts about whether or not you can succeed, then you probably will not.

Example: Do you remember in the movie, "The Matrix" where Morpheus and Neo are standing atop the skyscraper and Morpheus jumps clear across and lands on another skyscraper? Then, just before Neo takes his turn, Morpheus tells him something to the affect, "don't think you can - KNOW YOU CAN!" However, with Neo still not believing that he could really do it, what happens? He jumps and then falls flat on his face. So, if you think you can, you will. However, if you have a shred of doubt, you likely will not make that journey.

Journeying (for the lack of a better analogy) is kind of like driving a car for the first time. It is cool because suddenly you have this freedom and realize that you may go places that you never could before. Only, instead of taking a drive down to the corner store or to your girlfriend’s house with the lower spirit self, you may decide to take a trip to see the Eiffel Tower in France or the pyramids of Egypt.

In journeying with the lower spirit self, one may witness the energy of the world around you as it really is. You may interact with others who are journeying with their lower spirit selves and with other physical beings who have developed the gift of seeing and even having conversations with them or making spirit sex with either your Twin Flame or any other spirit or human being willing to experience the divine essence of the spirit.

Making spirit love while journeying with your lower spirit self, can happen in many different forms from human to spirit, spirit to spirit and spirit to human. Here are a few examples: One may journey to their divine compliment that is not journeying, but is open to receive her divine masculine and create love in this way. When this happens, the person doing the journeying experiences all the pleasure from a spirit perspective, while the one who is not journeying experiences the intercocurse as if there were 2 physical being making love.

Another way that spirit sex is achieved is when two people journey to each other and meet entirely in spirit form. When this happens, each of them may experience the balances energies of divine masculine and feminine, in its many forms. You may view one another as you are in the physical, as pure energy or as anything else that you wish to be for your divine compliment.

One more way that spirit love can be made to one another is by simply intending the thought (without journeying) and sending it with all of your heart to that person you love the most. This takes a lot of INTENT but can be very effective. However, it will only work if that person is open to receive you. In other words, if you are looking for your twin and think you've found him/her, it would be a better idea to strike up a conversation, first. But,  if that person is open for you, intend the thought, visualize anything you wish and they will feel all of your love as if you were there in the physical.

The affects of sacred spirit sex are manifold. A primary example of this is in the spirit to human scenario. This is where the spirit of an incarnate person, journeys and makes love to the physical form of another, only, both of them reach a kundalini bliss that would not be possible if both were in the human form together.

Another side of journeying with the lower spirit self is spirit battle. In your journeys, do not be surprised to come across others who are journeying with their lower spirit selves who prefer to do battle. There are even spirits who have long since passed on, that prefer to resolve grudges through their many different forms of aggression. Some, just like to plain old do battle because that’s what they like to do in their physical forms as well.

I, for one, in some of my earliest journeys had to do spirit battle without even understanding why I was being attacked. In these earliest journeys, I learned to shape shift into anything I could imagine, shield myself and others when I needed to, and even track the attacker all the way back to their incarnate selves, anywhere on the globe.

Just as it is in making sacred spirit sex, doing spirit battle in the spirit form can happen in many forms and anything that you can imagine is at your disposal - and I do mean ANYTHING!

I will not be going into any further details on spirit battle because too much information in the wrong hands will not be serving anybody for the good. It's not that I have a dis-trust for "some" people, it's just that I have seen what the negative effects of what an attacking spirit or journeyman can do to somebody and their physical body/well being. Having said that: I'm through explaining.

Just remember - if you intend to do spirit battle, do so from the defensive stand point. In other words, if you are the victim of psi-attacker, spiritual warrior or what Idavathian calls “nuisances,” then you may defend yourself by any means you wish. However, if you go out looking to attack somebody who is either aware or unaware of you, then the karmic backlash you will receive will be enough to make you not want to do it ever again.

Probably the best way to start off journeying and interracting with others who are journeying as well, would be to simply strike up a conversation and learn from them. This can happen in either the spirit to spirit form or spirit to physical form of somebody who is aware enough to recognize that you've journeyed to them and are now in their home.Who knows, if they are not selfish with their knowledge of the spirit world and how it works, maybe you can learn something from them. And - as always, have some manners when you journey. Always ask permission (this is a BIG ONE.) Without permission, you are intruding. That rule doesn't change just because you are journeying and have left the physical world.

Finally, the most important reason why we should go inward and get to know our lower spirit self forms is the fact that the lower spirit self is our vessel that we will use to make contact with our Higher Spirit Selves. By doing so, we re-establish continuity with God.


Stage 2: The Higher Spirit Self
8/7 - ? /2009

Like the Lower Spirit Self is an extension of our Higher Spirit Self, the Higher Spirit Self is an extension of The I Am.

In the process of ascension, there are evolutionary jumps that occur in the spirit realm. In the current ascension which we are undergoing right now, the lower spirit selves of many many human beings will merge with and/or assume the roles of their Higher Spirit Selves. What is more, those Higher Spirit Selves will make an evolutionary jump in spirituality in their own right. Why? Because those Higher Spirit Selves are about to merge with The I Am! So, this is a very important time for spirits everywhere - on all levels.

When the ascension of a soul is completed, there will be continuty of spirit between the I Am, The Higher Self and The Lower Spirit Self on Earth. Only, the whole process will begin again and it will happen on a new Earth. The spirit world is in essence, re-upping itself. And, when this process is over, those lower spirit selves that have ascended, will be the new Higher Selves of souls in the grand scheme of Gods creation.

After working with our lower spirit selves or kicking the tires, so to speak, to see how this vehicle of the spirit really rides, day may break on Marblehead and we may begin to wonder if there is something more out there - something higher. But how do we find that something higher? That's when we have to go back to the drawing board and dig deeper into our souls and meditations. If you've come this far and found out how to journey with your lower spirit self and enjoy all of the freedoms that it brings you, then look again. This time, look deeper within - within your own soul.

There are many paths one may take in finding their higher self. However, it is a bit more complex than just doing it. It is more like a spiritual recipe peppered with happiness and strife - all ingredients that build heart and break the ego!

Many things that must come together in order for that time to be right. Many choices have to be made and many things must be learned - and this takes time and repeated incarnations. An artist does not just make a masterpiece on the first try as a poet doesn't just sit down and birth a poem worthy of a Nobel Prize. These things are labors of love that are worked on and sculpted until it is perfected. In the case of finding our higher selves, it is our souls that are the artistic medium of choice, through which the I Am or God plays out the dream of creation.

When the time is right for finding your higher self, you will probably have made every mistake in the book and still be a Jack of all trades. You will view yourself (in your awareness) as no better than the most impoverished person on Earth and yet, when you look into the eyes of modern day stars who act as if they walk on water, you will know that they are not better or more righteous than you. Since you have had the opportunity over all of your past incarnations to know what it is like to be rich and poor, to make the right choices and the wrong choices, now you may begin to strive for balance in everything you do. After all, there are only choices.

So, you have found that there is more than just skin and bones to your being and have been journeying with your lower spirit self; which in its own right, is something to be very proud and worthy of... But now what? Well, once again, there are only choices to be made and whatever you choose is neither right nor wrong. However, if you decide that you want to meet your higher self, then there is no better time to do it, than NOW!

The approach in finding your higher self, is very similar to the approach you would use when you are journeying with your lower spirit self. That is: You go into meditation (your personalized meditation), find and balance your awareness on that In between state, where you are neither awake or asleep, then (like what I explained in that jumping contest in part 1 of this article) build that energy within, combine it with the intent to find your higher self (without expectation) and send it out into the universe.

Let me go into the last paragraph even further and talk about YOUR personalized meditation. Your personalized meditation is what has worked for you while journeying with the lower spirit self. Through trial and error, you have found just the right state of being to be in, in order to travel out of body and maintain your awareness of the experience. Next - we combine the energy of our will to find the higher self, backed by strong intent and send it out into the universe. When we do so, we must do so without expectation. Expectation is a program that runs within the daytime mind - that is your brain. In order for our signal to be sent out into the universe, we must keep the noise or ingress of our daytime minds at a minimum so that the frequency we transmit at, can be sent in an ungarbled format. If you have any preconceived notion of what you will find when journeying to your higher self, then chances are, your daytime mind will show you somebody that is not your higher self.

There are many ways to get around the noise of the daytime mind which is probably one of the biggest reasons why so many of us are unable to journey with the lower spirit self and even connect with their higher spirit self. A technique that I learned several years ago in order to get around that noise in my head, was to trick the daytime mind through creative visualizations.

Example: The very first time I ever journeyed and found Protilius was by tricking my daytime mind. I knew, going into that meditation that my mind was running and I was dealing with many false expectations. So, I visualized myself walking over to a mirror (the same mirror I see my 3D self in every day) and then applied the energy backed by intent and LOOKED through the mirror. By doing so, I was able to trick my daytime mind with all of its false expectations. As soon as I peered through the mirror and not at it, I felt all of those false expectations go by the wayside.

There are many visualization one can use to trick the daytime mind. Anything you can think of, is at your disposal. Just remember; when you have successfully tricked the daytime mind (and this is something that only you will know and feel) then you must drop that visualization as soon as you feel you have found your target. Only, in this case, the target is your higher self. Then, as you get more and more used to journeying, you won't even have to trick the daytime mind - you'll just do it!

Discovering your higher self is just the beginning of an amazing period of spiritual enlightenment. You may journey to meet, talk, love and worship him/her. You may ask any question you wish and if your higher self feels that you deserve the answer, he/she will give it to you. However, if that question is one in which he/she decides you need to learn or experience for yourself, then that is what you must do.

In getting to know your higher self, you may also get to know that place where you came from before you incarnated to Earth, in the physical body you are in now. The place where I come from is not a physical place and it is not a planet. My higher self calls this place, "the plains." Yet, there is structure. There are great buildings and palaces with majestic mountains and strange wildlife that cannot be found on Earth. Everything, including the structures that stand from that place where I come from IS ALIVE! When I say alive, I mean that even the building have consciousness and information can be obtained from them just by asking.

One of the things that I have found in the meeting of my higher self is the fact that there are statues that represent not only my higher self, but that of my Twin Flame and the rest of our soul family. These statues are made of stilsil which resembles selenite crystal - only, it is alive. As it is with the rest of the structures on the plains, information about each higher self individual can be obtained by simply going to that statue and asking questions. Anything you wish can be learned by asking.

Probably the most important lesson that I've learned since re-connecting with my higher self is the lesson of WORSHIP.

What is worship in the spirit realm? Worship, is love. However, there are many ways that our higher selves display this form of love to one another. They display worship through acts of love, attention, sex and loyalty to the soul family under God who is their higher self.

In the I Am Dialogues I left out that part of worship because I simply was not ready to share it with anybody other than Paula. However, one of the very first things that I learned upon meeting my higher self was that it was okay to experience each other in a mutual display of worship. This was very important to him  - to show me that in order to truly love everybody else, you must love your own self, in every way, shape and form. If you are wondering that if sex is possible in heaven, then I just want to let you know that it most certainly is. I know that past dogma would lead you to believe otherwise, but I beg to differ.

Making love to your own higher self is a very real and beautiful experience. It is one of the first things I learned upon finding Protilius. However, accepting the fact that I was making love to my higher self did not come as naturally. All of my past belief systems came bubbling up again and I was forced to deal with who I was versus who I was becoming. These are issues that may come up with you as well. Be ready for them.

After some time, one may begin to embrace and love the worship that they receive from their higher self and begin to show their own form of worship in return. When this has occured (and your higher self will know it) then you may begin to experience the worship of your divine compliment or Twin Flame.

updated on 11/18/2009

Finding, knowing and being able to come together with your Twin Flame while you are both incarnate is a VERY SPECIAL and rare opportunity of a lifetime. It is GOLDEN and should be treated as such. Whether or not you have been given the opportunity to come together with your Twin Flames while you are incarnate or at opposing times of incarnation, finding your Twin Flame or your beloveds higher self as he/she is in the Spirit Realm, is equally as special. Both do not necessarily have to be incarnate to find each other across space and time.

After becoming one with his/her own higher self, you may want to get to know the higher self of your divine compliment and worship each other the way you worship on Earth.

to be continued

this is a work in progress...please check back

Stage 3: The Merge between the lower and higher spirit self.

Stage 4: The merger between your new spirit self and the physical being that you are (a stage that has not yet, been fulfilled.)
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