Twin Flames

        The Ten
Invatharion -
Isha - India
Protithius - Marin - France
Idatharian - Reena - Israel
(Julius - Ghana)
Engbert - Germany
Invalarion - Kamiko - Asia
Promethius - Nick - American Indian
Melaina -Greece/Italy
Protilius & Idavathian           Invatharion & Parathius           Protithius & Invalarion
Idatharian & Promethius          Parilius & Idavarion
Protilius & Idavathian
Brendan & Paula -USA
Who Are THE TEN?

Who are The Ten? The Ten are a group of beings from the stars who have incarnated and are living as ordinary people, from around the globe. As we have been made aware of; the first two (Protilius and Idavathian) created the eight. Those eight beings went on to create the next generation, so to speak. All in all, their numbers, when found, will reach a total into the  thousands. What ever the final number is, in the end, there will be a pyramid of spirits - their family tree and in that family tree there will be complimentary energies consisting of divine masculine and divine feminine. This is how it works and why the Twin Flame phenomenon is KEY in finding your higher selves and ultimately back to the True God Source, without the dogma.

Our Mission:

Our mission is this: Find as many people as we can, who belong to this pyramid of spirits and help them become aware. Paula and I will find these people through telepathic methods and by way of our higher selves - this is the only way to know for sure, that these are our children. Once we find one, we will attempt psychic contact through a myriad of methods. If psi contact fails, we will take to the internet because some of these beings happen to be very popular in the real world, as we have begun to find out.
This is the Ten as they appear in semi-circle formation
(posted on the 12th 13th of May, 2009 - updated on 5/17/2009) The statues have moved since last update.
Note - Each layer, like the blocks of the Egypt Pyramid represents a generation.
How we may find the Ten
(posted on the 14th of May 2009)

For now, our primary way for finding the Ten will be:

A.) Journeying through meditation - incorporating as tools, the Assemblage Point,  Remote Viewing, astral projection and our own combinations of trance modes that we have come to rely upon and trust.

B.) By working from the Top - Down. In other words, we have no way of knowing where the ten will be, across this planet. That is why we will be starting with their higher selves, asking them for guidance and then working our way down to the 3D level.

C.) When we find one of them, we will attempt contact telepathically, which has already been done successfully. However, knowing how the higher self can act in and out of concert with our 3D selves, the question is: Will they remember and be able to bring this experience contact back with them. We will find out shortly.

D.) If we are unable to contact them telepathically, then we will resort to the internet if we can obtain enough information about them from their higher selves.

June 22nd, 2009

In a dream two more people visited me - last night on the 21st. I recognized one of them. She is from the original 8. Her name is Kamiko. Like so many of these dreams, I do not remember how I know, only that I just know beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The other woman's name, I was not able to bring back - sadly ;( However, that's how these things go. All I know is that she is from Africa.

Before work this morning, I meditated very briefly on Protharus (his incarnate self) and found him busy at work.


June 8th, 2009

We found two more members of the pyramid. Their higher self names are Protharus and Idagordava. We know their incarnate names but will only share them if they tell us it is okay.

Protharus is already drawing his own version of the pyramid the way he sees it. He is taking names too. He is being visited by many of those within the pyramid and has frequent dreams and visions.

Both of us have visited him. The first time, I visited him and found him in a restaurant where my higher self made contact with him. Today, Paula visited him at home. She gave him our contact info.

We will keep you updated.


Recently, in May, two of the children of the made a visit to me in my dreams.

Paula has been having recurring dreams of a well known man. In these dreams we are working with him on charity causes. I had the same string of dreams about a year and a half ago. When we asked our higher selves if this was true, we were told that he is 4th generation down from us in the pyramid and that he is royalty.

Paula and I have also begun to retrieve the last names of the eight. In one experience, I journeyed to Melaina and found her asleep. I woke her up and told her to get a pen and piece of paper and write some things down. Even though she was startled at first, she woke up and did just that. She told me her last name was Estritsia. I told her my name and had her write down our email and web address - which she did. Then, I had Paula go into journey mode, directly after me and she found Melaina sitting on the edge of her bed drawing an eye with rays coming out of it. Either way, this was good verification that I hit my target and Paula confirmed.

We also visited Nick. We have come to the conclusion by looking at the mail on his computer desk, that his last name is YOUNG. We both get the feeling that he lives in Arizona. When we found him, he was on the internet looking at pictures of architecture.

Paula visited Isha in India and found out her last name was Rajaretham. Paula found her sewing/knitting something. Paula attempted contact and Isha just looked around, all over the room and went back to what she was doing. When Isha got up to leave, Paula picked up the piece that Isha was working on and moved it. We are working hard on getting her attention.

We have also found that 2 of the eight, are quite well known. We will only disclose this information if they wish it to be so.

        June of 2009 Updates
To the right, notice that this is the pyramid or family tree when viewed from above. The pyramids of Egypt were made up of blocks of stone. Well, this pyramid is made up of spirits of equal numbers of divine masculine and feminine erergies. The block at the center is where Idavathian and Protilius stand as co-creators.The very next block down is where the 8 stand - 4 males and 4 females of balanced energy. In the 4th block down or generation is where we have found our latest arrivals - Protharus and Idagordava. All in all, when this pyramid is complete, there numbers will be in the thousands.
Protharus and Idagordava
Idavarion and Parilius
Parathius and Invalarion
Promethius and Invatharion
Protithius and Idatharian
The family tree is taking shape
Idavathian and Protilius
Questions (posted on the 12th/13th of May, 2009)

There are still many questions regarding what exactly The Ten are here to do. However, as the universe has shown us, those questions will be answered when the time is right.

The names of these individuals and why they sound Greek is still a mystery to us. However, I will be asking Protilius this question the next time we get together.

While Paula and I cross check each others information for accuracy, there will still be some minor mistakes made such as: A letter or Two of a name may be incorrect or a country that we originally thought, may be one country over - nevertheless, we will be as accurate as we can be.

For now, I will be constructing this page and as I find each one of these individuals and attempt to make human contact with them, I will be filling in their profiles with whatever I am permitted to know about them.

Check back for updates.
Thank you, Brendan and Paula


What do the ten beings (as their higher selves) look like?
updated on 5/19/2009

The females, with exception of one (Idavarion) all have long black hair. All have gemstones in the palms of their hands. The stones are a part of them - not jewelry. Only one has a similar stone on her forehead (where the 3rd eye would be) and that is Idavathian. They all wear a sky blue colored clothes, fitting like spandex uniforms and have capes that come down to the ground and trail as they walk. They stand, between 6 1/2 feet tall to 7 feet.

The males, they wear similar fitting outfits but their capes are much shorter and only come down to their knees. Mostly, they look very similar to Protilius - no hair, shimmery skin (energy) long fingers and gems in the palms of their hands. The males stand between 5 to 5 1/2 feet tall.
Protharus and Idagordava - 4th block
The first "Eight" - 2nd block or generation
Protilius and Idavathian - 1st block
Nobody found in 3rd block yet.
The Family Tree or Pyramid when viewed from the top.
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