The Twin Flame Merge 11 11 11
The Twin Flame Merge
11 11 11
By Patricia McNeilly & Laura Geralyn Kline-Etheridge

Regarding the  28th, (October)  basically there are  6 days  left of  linear time.   That's  it.

For Twins,  this  means  that this is  the FINAL exit of  old egoic
mind & thick densities being completely removed.  And here is the
large  energetic  opening for it to go.     This then  paves  the  way
for union and  re-union with your Twin,  and total realization of  WHO
we are,  and why we are here,  and what to DO about it. Your Twin will finally have the  Lightbulbs go off.

The  11-11-11 Portal  is  THE  GATE for  5th dimensional  union.
Period.    Those  who see the  numbers 11:11  or other  "fibonacci"
sequence numbers  have been encoded with this,  and  this date is
enacting in them.  This means YOU.    In other words,  Twins will
have their  abilities  opened up to "leave" - to leave their 3D bodies.  Those who choose to do so,  can,    at that time.    It is then  a matter of  what  each  Twin's  personal  agreement with each other  and  All That Is,  as to  their  contribution to this Ascension.   You're  already  wired up to GO.   This is  the  Green Light!

Everybody is  bringing something to the  table.  It is  going in waves  and  phases.   You are the  First  Wave.

This is a very immense orchestration occurring!

Once the  density goes,  it is  getting filled with Love.   Thats  the
role  of the  Twins,  to fill the  energetic fields/atmosphere with

What  is  suggested to you,   is  to  make  love to yourself/yourTwin.

At this point,   all bets  are off so to speak, since we have  almost
no linear time left.  And  it amounts to  being  finally  able  to
embark upon  your True Life - the  reason you are here!

Some information will confirm matters for you.  Some things may seem
misleading or like misinformation, because  it is intended to resonate
with another group or wave, if that makes sense.    That is why it is
recommended to always  seek your own Truth within your own Sacred
TwinFlame Heart.   Not to follow  any  particular  "guru" or source
other than  your own  Source.   You are  truly  unique in all of
Creation,  and  only you and  All That Is  knows who you are  and
what gifts you have.

When  someone  gives a child a bike,  the child must still get on it,
try it,  balance it,  and  learn to really thrive with it.  So in a
similar manner, I encourage you to nurture the Gifts and very independent capabilities to navigate those Gifts within you.  Courageously  open your Sacred TwinFlame Heart and Gifts,  strengthen them,  hone them,  and  use them  to your  Divine  benefit for Sacred Union with your Divine Counterpart.

Your  Twin  is  doing the  same.  And  you WILL encounter them  in the 5th.    MERGE.   And then physically encounter them in the 3rd.  YOU WILL NEVER SEPARATE AGAIN.    EVER!

Don't  worry  about  others.   They  will be  pulled along  at their
own  speed.  And  before the  12/21/12  zero point (Full Shift Date).

These linear time dates  go by the  Gregorian  calendar,   but  be
assured  that  in the  cosmic  realms,   11/11/11   actually  is  a
ZERO POINT date.  It is  the  culmination  for  all who are  Twins.
And  we are  DONE!    Ready to go....

With Much Love and Blissful Intentions for Your Reunions,
Patricia McNeilly
and Laura Geralyn Kline-Etheridge

About Patricia McNeilly -

Age                                48
Sun Sign                         Cancer
Country                          USA
State                               IL
Occupation                     Twin Flame Healer (former Bank VP)

Mini Bio -

I am a Twin Flame Healer who works with transmuting  large amounts of Entropy [unusable energy] for groups, I no longer do individual sessions as my abilities have grown.  I encourage all to find their  serenity and inner center point, and expect Love to be brought to them.

I am also a StarSeed Twin Flame,  yet to encounter my Twin in physical 3D,(Patricia&Megan)  yet we have connected on every other level.  As a result of this awakening to my Truth, many of my gifts have opened and I have been enabled to be a multidimensional Communicator, Channel, Automatic writer, Transmuter of Entropy, Twin Flame Healer.  Just to keep me grounded,  I am mother to a beautiful 7 year old boy,  and I am a darn good cookie baker.   I live in the Chicago area,  and have gathered some others on the same path,  and we meet for coffee, share and I am blessed there are other ONES on the same path so close to home.  My thanks to Brendan and Paula for their service.


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