Touched by God
Touched by God
a Journey by Brendan ~
Protilius ErmPhorus

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Today, I was touched by God – literally!

Being a man in this life, there is only so much I can do on any given day. I try to do as much as I can for family and friends…helping whenever I can. But I constantly find myself up against things that I cannot change, such as the round thing on the wall with a long hand and a short hand that ticks. Realizing that I have only so much "time" on a given day, I try and make the most of every minute of every hour of every day. That is why, while being laid up with a bad cold today I got to thinking that I should journey back to God and ask what more I could do to help... and even touch people.

I lay down in bed this afternoon and shut my eyes. Being under the weather, I realized going into this journey that my being sick might prohibit journeying at all. But after about 5 minutes, the Angel Elloweina became visible. She had her hair very short this time, was wearing her wings, and looked like a beautiful angel. She already knew what I wanted.

Elloweina said: B…I don’t think you should do it. You’re not well enough yet.

Protilius: I just have to ask a question is all. I will be okay.

Elloweina: Remember the last time you went to God? How did you feel?? It took you months to recover! Imagine feeling like you do now and then going before God? I am against it!

Protilius: Trust me…I must go ask this one question that is burning within me.

I had already had my mind made up and there was nothing that Elloweina could do to stop me. She smiled and shook her head. I hugged her. Then, I set my intentions on God.

After a few moments passed, I found myself in The House of God. To my left and to my right inside of his house, there were large Ionic style columns that always remind me of Greek architecture. But upon arriving, I realized that I was at the other end of this building …which was different than in times I have gone there in the past. I knew this because his throne was at the opposite end of this large, solemn, rectangular shaped room of his house with very high ceilings. Actually, this room is architecturally shaped, much like the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. What is is about the same size. And inside…the floors seemed to be made of stone – much like marble? I couldn’t be sure but the floors reminded me of marble and had a polished look.. His throne was also stone and it more resembled something like Granite....with 3 steps leading up to the stony seat that God so often takes. And there are two stony arm rests...very wide and upon them there were two large books - one to left and one to the right. Those books were propped up and ready for God to write in them on a moments notice.

As my awareness sharpened up, I noticed God was not sitting on his throne, but standing up in front of it. He walked over to the right of the throne and picked something off of a shelf that was hidden behind giant Ionic Columns. When he re-emerged, I could tell it was a book he picked up – but not the very large books that he carried in the Rites of The Heart articles. No…this was like an ordinary book. Then he began making his way over to me.

God was clothed in a very long white robe with a cloth strap that acted as a belt. He was also wearing his sandals that displayed his toes which look like ordinary human toes. His big white beard was still the same as it was in other journeys I had visited him in, and his aura glowed in a golden hue.

When he came up before me and stopped, standing about 5 feet away, that is when I asked the question without hesitation.

Protilius: “God…my Father…I want to be able to help more people but I am only one person. How can help and touch more people?” And as I asked the question, I noticed that God would squint his eyes and do these things with his lips (side to side manner)…as if he were weighing every single word of this question and feeling out the meaning of it within my heart to know where it is coming from. Although I am used to having every cell in my body searched by God whenever I have gone before him in times past, I still felt like an ant being looked at under a microscope. But it’s okay…I understand why he does this. I am used to it and not the least bit intimidated...unlike in times of the past.

That is when I noticed that the Angel, Elloweina, had appeared to my left and was there to witness whatever was to come and act as a guide and helper.

God then opened the book he carried over with him...stepping a little closer to me. He held it open in his left hand, began reading and it was in a language I did not understand. Then, in an unexpected turn of events, while he was reading this book in a language that reminded me of Latin, he put his right hand out and touched me gently on my forehead with his forefinger. And when he did, not only did Protilius feel it, but Brendan felt it too. I literally could feel him tap me on my forehead as my physical body lay in bed. Then, he did it again as he continued to read, only taking his eyes off the book briefly. This time, I (Brendan) opened my eyes after being touched because there was something electric about his touch and I was in disbelief by what I could physically feel. It was like a current of energy that for the lack of a better way to put it – tickled! But I very clearly felt the tapping too. So, I shut my eyes and on the third time he tapped me ever so gently on my forehead, his finger stayed there and so did the energy on my forehead back home. Then he shut the book with his left hand and looked at me in the eyes. His finger then slowly started to work its way gradually down the side of my face and God, serious and intense as he is, smiled at me.

Meanwhile, while all of this was going on, I could hear Elloweina to my left, telling me that God was giving me a gift that would enable me to help more people and that he was "putting it in me."

God said: “When you come across people in your life, repeat what I have just done with you by touching each person you meet, three times on the forehead. And on the third time, without removing your finger, tell them: ‘As life and love are eternal within the heart of God, so too shall love and everlasting life be eternal within you.’ Do this wherever you go and feel compelled to and you’ll touch many!”

End Journey ~

There is more, but I think that this is enough for now. To search for further meaning on what God has said, see the Rites of The Heart articles or The Holy Grail article at Collapsing

Love Protilius
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