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Just wanted to pop in say that Paula is doing better - much better. We haven't been doing too much in regards to the pyramids because we have to be healthy in order to do that. Besides, we've needed a break from it all.

Lately, Paula and I have been visiting a local club near Cincinnati. It's a small place where people bring there dogs in. All kinds of people go there - even Hillbillies :) It's one of those places where you can even smoke if you so desire and nobody makes a big to do over it. Can't find many of those places anymore, LOL!

Anyway, last night, Paula and I went there and it was karaoke night. So Paula picked a song. We had a few drinks while we waited and when it was her turn, she got up and sang Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. She did an amazing job at it too. She can sing very well and got a huge round of applause. Matter of fact, people wanted more and more from Paula. I was blown away at how much she could make her voice sound like Stevie's.

I have been working my new job which has been a mess. The company is turning out to be really unorganized. 

We've had some new contacts from people interested in Twin Flames and Pyramid Soul families.

Shouts out to Rebecca and Anna from the UK and Rachel from Arizona.

Looks like I have to create a March journal page. Guess I'll get started on that now.



Paula is doing better. She is getting stronger day by day. While Paula is still recovering, I ask that all who know (better known as "trusting") how to journey and or "BUZZ" another person, please DO NOT BUZZ Paula right now. This is Paula's request to all of you who frequent here and are connected with the pyramid soul family. For now, I am basically watching over Paula while she recovers. 

Paula is back at work, but is just trying to get some peace at this stage of the game. I am watching over her and when she tells me somebody buzzes her, I am the one to pursue the connection because she is not able to do so.

Paula and I just want to be happy and healthy.

That's what we're working on for now.


February 8, 2010
Brendan & Paula

Thank you Rachel and Lacey for your awesome Twin Flame story that you submitted :) Paula and I enjoyed reading it very much. We have much to say about it but have little time to do so, other than to make sure it gets out there.

Remember in my last journal entry where I said that Paula and I were doing great? Well, that was not the case.

Okay, here's the deal. The reason we haven't written on here or said much as of late is because of the massive attack that was launched upon us starting before I even arrived to Paula's house, last Tuesday. Somewhere between Pennsylvania state border and Columbus, Ohio I knew I had company in the form of that person we have always referred to as the psi-attacker. I knew it was him because of the repeated stabs to my head - even as I was driving! I didn't say anything about it to Paula because I didn't want to spoil the reunion.

Backing up a few days prior to last Tuesday, Paula was shown in a dream courtesy of Angel Iparoth her past life connection to the so-called psi-attacker. In this dream, they were related and there was domestic violence that lead to Paula's death by him. At the time, Paula and I didn't know what to make of it because neither of us had been attacked by him in months. We thought we'd done away with him. But, we were wrong.

Paula and I spent the hours between 1:30 and 3:30 catching up on loving each other when we drifted off to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, Paula was already gone to work. Then, the next thing I know, Paula's mom is telling me that she is in the hospital. She was admitted to the hospital because of chest pains and a pulse between 40 and 50 a minute. She spent 3 nights in the hospital. The doctors gave her the thorough check and could find anything medically wrong. But, Paula and I knew better. While I visited Paula in the hospital during those days we talked and compared notes. She told me that she had the same stabbing sensation that I did. I told her I could go do spirit battle with him to get him off of her back, but she didn't want to make things worse. I agreed but on the condition that I at least find out his real life name. Paula already knew from that dream that she had been living in Istanbul, Turkey.

That evening I went to Angel Elloweina and Iparoth and came out of that meditation with the name: Archamini Amora - the name of the psi attacker.

I've looked up that name but can only find a WOW character by that first name. Elloweina did not specify if that was his past life name or present life name - but, this was or is his name.

Another day passes and Paula is still in severe discomfort. I go home that night and find myself now under attack in the form of choking, stabbing and burning all over my body. I journey to him and begin my assault. I found him as I always have in the past, sitting at the foot of his bed, indian style and meditating. Remember...this is a real man with bad intentions!

As soon as I saw him I flew way up in the air as fast as I could and stopped high above the Earth. Then, I turned my merged higher/lower self into a comet and took off in the destination of his plaza suite with ever increasing speeds. With all the intent I could muster, with all the love and pain I had for Paula, I was determined to put this guy on his heels. Well, as soon as that comet (which was me) crashed through his roof and exploded inside his apartment, I watched Archamini go running outside of his bedroom that had become a spiritual furnace of fire. He literally ran outside of his apartment and waited for things to calm down.

Note: a spiritual bombing like this will not really burn human skin or affect anybody who is not at the receiving end of the intent, but it will give the recipient who it is intended for the "feeling" that he is being burnt. This was just for him and I wanted him to know it. And, it helped to keep him away from Paula, even if just for a short time.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; Paula and I are peaceful but we will go all the way for each other. The spirit world that we know, all pyramids included, are not always a place of Eden. In other words, it's not perfect but it is close.

Anyway, as the days rolled on, Paula was finally cleared to go home, where she is now. She has still yet to go back to work but is planning on doing so very soon.

Last night, we received the answer on how to rid Archamini Amor from our lives once and for all. Paula had to go to him and will him out of her life and all connections that go with it. While she journeyed to him, I held her hand and viewed her journey as she saw it through her eyes. She said, "In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, I will you out of my mind, my body, my heart and my soul."

When she said this, the man let out this high pitched scream that didn't even seem human. He was insane with fury. Just then, I noticed a bright light above him. I knew this light because I have seen it before. It was the light of God. As soon as I saw this, I opened my eyes and then Paula opened hers. I asked her if she saw the light. She said she saw a flash of light and the man was gone - poof!

I was baffled. I journeyed to him and he was gone. How could that be? This was a real man and now, where had he gone. I still cannot figure that one out. Anyways, it doesn't matter anymore. He, the psi-attacker/Archamini Amor, is GONE!!!

While Paula gets back to health we plan on taking a little break from anything related to this for awhile. We will post stories if they come in, but we need a long rest from this almost tragic thing/medical mystery that hit Paula. I myself, have taken quite a beating. I did not go into much of the detail about the battles that were fought because that's not what we're about.

For instance, there was one night where it was Paula, Elloweina and Iparoth all battling Archamini Amor. Paula described the Angels as shooting symbols out of their bodies that would disappear inside Archamini and would have an amazing neutralizing affect on him.

There's just too much to write and we are both exhausted from this whole ordeal.

If I wasn't so tired, I would write about a new name to add to the pyramid. His name is Pyritius. We know his incarnate full name, age and location. 

We'll begin writing again when we start feeling better.

Paula and Brendan

February 5, 2010

Just a quick entry. Arrived here in Ohio at 1:30 Am on Tuesday morning. Long drive but I journeyed (spiritually) quite a bit of the time as I drove through western PA and Ohio. Found out many things without rear ending tractor trailer trucks as I drove. For instance - I asked Elloweina and Iparoth about the many different pyramid soul families and if one family or pyramid came before another and such... Anyway, I asked them if there was a "first" pyramid or one that was oldest. They said it was the one we belong to. I had a feeling but am determined to be able to wrap my human mind around this whole thing so that I can grasp it all completely. I know that human words can never really accurately describe the spiritual world, but I think I can explain it well enough to understand. So, spiritually speaking, I guess that makes Paula and I some pretty old geezers ;) Yall can do the rest of the math on that one.

I talked mostly to Iparoth and Elloweina but included a few others along the way.

As I journeyed (while driving) and listening to rhythmic beats of the same deep house cd I had playing since New Jersey, I found out many other things as well. It's looking like another interesting year. Yup, sure is. I found out that -

- so as you can see if you can read between the lines it's looking like an interesting year. ;) And that's all I'm gonna' say about that - for now. Come on now, we know how this drill works. Right? :)

Anyway, I haven't stopped since I arrived. I've been unpacking an repacking going here and there and making phone calls and it's been nuts.

Paula and I are doing great :) We just wanted to let you know that we're still here. 

Somehow, I think I have more to say but maybe that was one of the things I left for you to read between the lines ;)

Oh Yeah, Paula found out through a very telling Angel induced dream quite a revelation. Unfortunately, since I am going to ask you to read between the lines -

- these lines -

- you will realize or not, how important this revelation is. 

I apologize for being cryptic as all get out, but if you've been following these journal entries for awhile, you'll understand ;)

I'll be writing more when I get the chance.

Oh yeah. Just remembered. Checking email tonight, I found another really nice and inspirational Twin Flame story that was just submitted. I'll be posting it as soon as I get the chance.


Brendan and Paula