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I just wanted to make one more entry before I box up this computer that will be headed for Ohio.

Paula was going to write here today, but she is feeling sick and is not able to. So...I decided to make one last post for January 2010.

There  is so much that is not written about the sacrifices that are made in order for a Twin Flame relationship to work. I was going to actually bang out an article about this but I simply cannot muster the energy to do it because of my own current pains and sacrifices. In fact, things have been so topsy turvy that I have only been able to write journal entries as of late.

Anyway, when Paula came here to live for that year we spent together on Cape Cod, she sacrificed a lot. She sacrificed her family and even sometimes her time spent with her children. Why? Because we love each other so much, we cannot bare to be without each other. When we are without each other, we just agonize - spiritually and physically. Basically, Paula and I keep each other alive with love. We are fed by the love we give each other - literally! Have you ever heard of the saying "to be fed by light?" Well...that's what giving love at this level is. Love is the food for the soul and it is absolutely necessary for divine compliments to feed each other this way. What is more, this is how the soul families work as a whole. When I talk about pyramids, I talk about a family of souls that work in divine balance amongst each other - feeding each other with love. If one is sick or off, the rest feal it and it throws the rest of the pyramid off balance. 

But now, back to what I was trying to say. 

I was talking about the sacrifice that Twin Flames must make in order for them to make a life together in this 3D realm. All of our situations are unique and we must do our best and do it with love to make it right. Whether we are in current relationships or some other committed relationship to work or family or anything - sometimes it seems, we must run through fire before we can put our hearts, wholly into a Twin Flame relationship. And, sometimes it seems, even that is not enough. However, showing the spirit world you have given it your heart and soul can make all the difference in the world. But it's never easy.

Sacrifice is what I have been dealing with lately - in very small doses. I say "doses" because it is so painful that I can only take a little at a time - like medicine.

So what are these doses? They are my way of saying goodbye - (but not forever - and we'll see each other much) - to my daughters Molly and Eryn.

I know now how hard it was for Paula to make such decisions in order for her to be with me - here in Massachusetts. Although her children were with us most of the time, there were many times, especially when she was sick last year, that they were gone from her loving arms and across many states. At that time I could only imagine how her heart must have felt.

Now, it is my turn.

Although I a sealed a good job in Ohio that will help me make a better life for Eryn and Molly at a financial level they will be without the physical presence of their Dad more often than not. I am sad about this but it sparks new fire within my soul. I can already feel it. By the seperation of our physical selves, our loving arms and souls, I already know that I am going to connect ever closer to them and learn to love them in ways that Brendan never even imagined. I am thankful for this knowing.

I talk to my children everyday. Lately, I have been so teary eyed and cry at the drop of the hat, that I can barely stand it any longer. In one way, I can't wait for moving day to come. Yet, in another way, I don't for obvious reasons. But at least I will be following my heart to a place that  I know true love awaits and Eryn and Molly will see their Daddy with a smile. I long for all of our children to be together again: Eryn, Kemper, Lily and Molly. This would really make me happy :) But I know it cannot be at this time.

In my 1/26/2010 entry I made comment about Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder. I own all of Donna Summer's music because she's great. I am also a fan of Giorgio because he is The Father of Electronic music and I love House music. He is also the sound behind Donna's beautiful lyrics. The two go great together. See for yourselves.

So...I wanted to dedicate the song, "Carry On"  to Eryn and Molly, whom I will be parting ways with (not forever of course)  in just a few days. You may find that song at the top of this page and HERE.

I found this song the other day, by accident, and it completely uncorked me.


Contact comes to Collapsing Duality via journeying.

Find the latest Contact News HERE. Read the story :)

Recenly, Paula made a journey where she found the higher self names of 10 beings from our pyramid. 

Today, one of those people made a journey to me and I was able to find out her incarnate name and where she lives.


We have a new Twin Flame story submission that I am going to start working on.


Well, that's it, I've finished up my job here in Massachusetts. I had my exit interview yesterday. Another leash has been cut that will most certainly lead me back to my love, Paula.

Moving arrangements are almost completely finished and I will be hitting the road for Ohio early next week - maybe sooner :) I can't wait to be with my love again. I know that we will spend much time simply healing each other from everything that we've gone through. To heal each other, all we have to do is be in the same room or space and the rest takes care of itself.

I talk to Paula all the time on the phone and she is very busy working her day job to help make this all happen, which takes some good old fashioned 3D elbow grease - formerly known as "hard work." This is why she does not write so much on here. It's not that she doesn't want to share her experiences - which are many - she is just trying to make us (Paula and me) happen in the 3D as well as the spirit. Paula is putting in 12 to 18 hour days at work between 2 jobs - not including the kids that she has to get up, feed, take care of, and love. Paula is extremly busy at trying to help make us happen. And - she is - I am - we are, making it happen :)

- break -

Since work cut my hours back I have adopted a regimen of journeying between 3 and 5 PM on a daily basis. I have been doing this for several weeks now and during such time I have helped find Gabrielle's higher self and confirm that she is indeed in contact with her Twin Flame - in the 3D!

Over the past few days I have been going back to Invarilian (Melody's higher self.) Going back a ways...the Angels had told me that she already knows her Twin Flame. They also said that she is part of this very pyramid and that she was part of the 905th generation of souls. However, I never made it to actually meet her higher self - face to face.

Here's some NEWS: I am now in CONTACT with Melody's higher self. I have stood before her on 2 different occasions. She looks very similar to the way Idavathian and Idagordava looks, yet she is her own being and gives off her own energy that is unique to her.

For now, these meetings have been Q & A wordless. These meetings when I go to The Plains, are all empathic and instead of words to convey meanings, there are only feelings and understandings. When I try and bring what I think that these feelings mean, back with me from the other side, they escape me. Just when I think I get it - it's gone! It's like trying to remember a dream you had that was the coolest dream ever and yet, you cannot describe what happened - even though you can see everything you saw in your memory. This is how journeying goes when you venture ever closer and deeper up to, and just before reaching the dreamstate. The deeper you go, the less you recall - unless you have a partner sitting beside you recording the journey with a pen and piece of paper. When Paula and I were living together in Mashpee, that is how we did it.

Lately I've been journeying much deeper. The other day when Idagordava and Protharus agreed to let me put their incarnate first names on this site, both of them were journeying to me as I lay in my bed and let me tell you, they had the whole house rocking. What I mean is: when people journey to you, there are physical signs (audible ones) as well as spiritual ones that you should look out for.

Physical signs of somebody journeying to you: Popping noises in various points of the room or dwelling in which you reside. Sometimes you may even hear a thudd - a loud THUDD! Although you may not be able to see anything with your eyes, this is when you should switch to 3rd eye mode and see with your spirit to experience who is journeying to you.

Spiritual signs somebody is journeying to you: Ringing of the ears - one or both. These ring tones are not audible to others - only the recipient of the journeyman's intent. Sometimes you may even lose your hearing for a brief time. Other times there may be a sense that your equilibrium is off and dizziness. Yet, when the journeyman (or lower spirit self) is journeying with the higher spirit self there will be a ringing of the ears of screaching sound - typically.

- break -

I received an email recently from Stephen from the Steve and Dottie Twin Flame Story that was our first on this site.

Steve wanted to share some articles with me that he recently found and I found them to be very interesting myself :) Here they are:

Thank you Stephen for sharing those links with us and good looking out ;)

Kristin, our resident Angel from NZ has been sending us link after link of awesome information by talented writers about everything spiritual. I can barely even keep up with you Kristin, but Paula and I love your enthusiasm you have as well as talking to you :) One of her last emails she sent had to do with Soul Families, interestingly enough. So, here is that link she sent to me:

Recently I asked Dewi from Jakarta how her venture of putting together a Twin Flame site in her area of the world was coming along. I asked her to keep me in the loop :) She said she might have something up and operational by February of this year. Wahooooo!!!

Oh yeah, somebody found our site today by visiting THIS LINK. Check it out ;)

I really love to see the work we are doing here reaching people who do not speak English. I really like that a lot.

- and now for something completely different -

In case you missed the world premier video of: "Man Turns Into Scotsman," you may find it HERE.

Lastly ( I promise ) I posted some really great deep house videos on the home page and one on this page (at the top). Check them out. I've been following this guy out of Minnesota who calls himself "Odogg" and he has probably one of the best Deep House sites on the net. Odogg is a Genius. His mixes and compilations go all the way  back to the 70's. That is where the latest videos come from because that was the era when techno, house and trance where born. Just listen to Donna Summer backed by the visionary Giorgio Moroder and be sure to listen to Cerrone as well.

Find them here: Space - Magic Fly
Daso - Meine
Spiritchaser - As We Fall

For those of you who love Deep House, Check out Odogg HERE

and HERE



Today, after a lengthy journey and much time talking to Idagordava and Protharus, their incarnate selves permitted me to post their first names on our site.

I journeyed to them this afternoon and asked permission to post their first names only on this site. Since they are very private, and for good reason, I offered to just post their first names without aliases or nick names. Protharus agreed first. Then, with some coaxing I was able to convince Idagordava that all would be okay :) She agreed :) I will not let you down either, Alison.

You can find the incarnate first names of these very special and talented journeymen HERE Just scroll down to the 4th generation of souls to find them and where they are from.

We are looking forward to meeting each other.


We hope everyone enjoyed the latest Twin Flames story by OlaBlanca and Jof. We certainly did :) You may find the link to their story HERE

I am still exhausted from that latest journey where I met with Gabrielle's higher self, Cintraceon and her TF's higher self, Trimunilaan. For this journey, I ended up going much deeper into trance than I usually do. I didn't plan it this way, but since I had made many attempts before and was not able to get anything, I went way deep...and teetered on the brink of sleep state and the awakened state. I still don't know exactly why it is when journeying at this depth can sap us of our energy, but it does. I'm slowly coming back from it :) I guess that's why I haven't had the energy to write a journal in a bit.

One of the good things about journeying at this level where you teeter on that fine line, is that when you journey, you do so with perfect clarity and can pick up many other things that are going on as well. During this journey that I made for Gabrielle, right in the middle of it when I was talking to Cintraceon, all of a sudden Invarilian popped into my visual field - actually, she took it over briefly. I knew who I thought it was but I was not used to seeing her with such clarity. I asked Elloweina, "is that who I think it is?" Elloweina responded, "That is Melody." I took a quick look at what she was doing and she was sitting down to read something. Then, I thought to myself that I should be getting back to my original journey - which was to find the higher self and TF of Gabrielle. And I did just that. Absolutely certain of it I am :)

If you didn't catch that story of how I found her TF and higher self, you can read it HERE 

Also, be sure to notice that the Pyramids Page(s) are growing and I've added a 3 link site navigation menu to those pages - in addition the existing one that has always been there. That site nav menu is golden in appearance and responds by dragging the arrow of your mouse over it.

The plan for the original page for the pyramids will be similar to what is already there, but will go more in depth.

The pyramid of souls page is literally just that - a family tree! We will be including all other pyramids that we come across in our journeys as well.

The Pyramid News page will be updated everytime we learn more about the pyramids or add new names to the pyramid.

-Break -

I've added new video here and there on this site. Enjoy!

The Twin Flame Signs page is also slowly undergoing its own facelift. I have decided to work on this page because it is the most popular page on the site - believe it or not. I guess that is because more and  more people are looking for answers to something amazing that they just experienced. I am just glad that we are able to help them :)

- Break -

In about 10 days, I will be with Paula in Ohio. Today was the last full work day with current company that I work for. It will be a major life change for me. I'm not scared for me. I always love to switch things up anyway. Plus, I get to switch it up and be with Paula. I am scared for my two little ones though. They will be staying on in Mass for now and will be living with their mother. I can't wait for them to visit us in Ohio. I hope they are able to live with us one day too.



- break -

Today was my oldest daughters birthday. Eryn turned 11 today. Our gift to her (Paula's and mine) was to get her a pedicure. Guess what? She loved it! When I got home from work today, she ran up to me to show me her nails. She looked beautiful.

I think one of the coolest things to unexpectedly happen was that my Dad showed up and he actually bought my daughter a cell phone. I couldn't believe it. He knows that I will be moving on and knows that it is important for her to talk to me when she needs to. I certainly couldn't have afforded it - not by myself. So, he bought her a cell phone and offered to pay for the monthly charges. That was an amazing thing my Dad did. I know that Eryn appreciated it. She's been taking pictures with it all afternoon.

Oh yeah, I rushed through my work today, on this last day of work just to get back for the party. I was lucky and finished by 1PM.

On Monday, I turn in my company vehicle and fill out some paperwork and then I will be a nomad roaming the country side in search of Paula ;)

'til next time


For those of you who come to our site regularly know Brendan and I were spending the weekend together.  It was a welcome blessing.  Many things happened this weekend that were unexpected.  We managed to make it through but not without a bunch of scratches.  We were able to spend time together and connect amidst all the turmoil we were in.  It’s almost laughable the things that occurred.  Our faith was tested and re-tested but our angels helped us along the way.  They have their own way of leading us.  

Short synopsis:  I met Brendan in Pennsylvania although we were not going to be traveling on the same highways, Iparoth spoke up and said, “Call Brendan and find out what road he’s on.  You’re not going to meet up with each other this way.”  I called Brendan and we made a route where we’d eventually meet up.  The next day, Brendan’s truck broke down.  It was a good thing I decided to meet him in Pennsylvania instead of waiting for him to come to Ohio.  We left his truck in Pennsylvania and headed for Ohio.  It was going to be fixed.  Many other things happened but enough of that.  We spent very quality time together even if it was too short.

Anyways, as I was driving home from Pennsylvania after our weekend together, I was absorbing all the events that had transpired.  As I drove it started snowing.  I watched the crystalline snowflakes drift from the sky to the ground.  They seemed to mesmerize me.  My mind drifted into meditation.  I began wondering how Brendan was able to use his mind to help me experience a healing.  I decided to call Iparoth and pass some time learning about this experience from him.  

I heard him say “Love is the foundation of all life.  It wasn’t his mind…but heart and mind.” Without speaking I thought,  was nauseated and feeling weak.  I told Brendan I was feeling sick.  Brendan lay his hand on my belly as I drove.  I though little of it except that he always feels great.

I always love to feel Brendan touching my tummy.  I feel love pouring out of his hand and seeping into my skin.  The warm rush of energy that swells and swirls inside my stomach and filling my body with his energy. I feel the tingling electrical impulses shooting out of his hands and directly inside me.  I begin to feel warmth from the center of his palm that emit sparks into my belly button.  It’s like fireworks are going off in my sacral chakra.

I asked Iparoth to give me his explanation of what I was feeling because I wanted human words to describe it.  He gave me what I was looking for.  He explained it to me well.  It’s funny when I sit down now to try to recap the conversation I recall only bits and pieces. I remember driving and experiencing what I felt only hours before with Brendan.  I heard Iparoth say, “It’s a passionate awakening from within. It’s a blissful consciousness of unity.  It is the motion of increased vibrations of ONE SOUL.  His love was expressing itself from that connection which he feels is his home.  His love was bathing you and you were feeling the wholeness of God, the universe, and each other all at once.”

I wanted to recapture every moment in my memory and engrave it in my mind.  As I recounted each detail of the feelings that evolved within me Iparoth was quietly talking to me.  The fireworks inside my tummy amplified into intense heat covering me inside and out.  The nausea I had been experiencing before turned into a torrid fever.  I began to perspire. Shock impulses filled my legs and spread down to my toes.  Pulsations of energy swelled into my chest and up through my head.  I smiled and looked at Brendan and asked, “what did you just do?”  He loves to experiment without me knowing.  Sorry babe, I know when you are experimenting with me.  

He said, “All I did was send you love.”  I began to giggle and become giddy.  I felt as if my body were pure light.  It was an amazing feeling that encompassed me.  I recognized and felt the presence of Divine Love and the highest vibrational healing of all.  

- break -

Now a word from Brendan

My love, thank your for sharing what you experienced during our last moments together, on my trip out to Ohio.

I wanted to clarify one thing that Iparoth said. He said, (talking about me) "His love was expressing itself from that connection which he feels is his home.

I underlined the words that I wanted to concentrate on because it's not exactly how I really feel. Although Iparoth (who was also named Brendan) is an amazing help, but those are his thoughts and he guides you well my love. You couldn't have found a wiser Angel to help guide you.

But, how do I feel - really, really feel about Paula and my home?

I don't "feel you are my home, Paula," I know it!

The home I long for now, has no walls or roofs and is not made of brick or wood.  No, the home that we have built with our love is much bigger than that and even though we have no roof (literally and figuratively) our love shelters us and keeps us warm from the elements.

The home that I speak of - is LOVE - the love we share together.

That's home



The Haiti Earthquake

I wanted to take a minute or two to talk about that earthquake in Haiti.

But first, how are we all feeling? How did you feel before the quake hit? Did you notice anything? Did you feel anything? 

How about after the quake hit - even before the news hit the radio and television. How did you feel then? Did you notice anything with your own state of being? Did you feel strange or even sick?

We did - both Paula and I.

Just before the quake hit, I ended up getting this headache and my equilibrium felt off. Paula and I, at that time were driving from Ohio to Pittsburgh, so that I could pick my truck up that broke down a few days earlier. I told Paula how I felt and we just broke it down to the both of us having to say goodbye once again. Saying goodbye to your true compliment or Twin Flame is so very hard to do.

Note: Earthquakes, when they happen the way the latest one did, and on the maginitude that it struck, have always made me sick - even before they hit.

When Paula and I finally got to Pittsburgh, Paula started feeling sick to her stomach. I was glad to be able to help her out with that. In fact, I believe she is going to be sharing an article about it very shortly. :) Again, we equated it to the both of us having to say goodbye once again. And, saying goodbye does really make us sick and rattle our souls. Little did we know, that a massive earthquake had just happened and it killed thousands and thousands of people.

So, I said goodbye to Paula in some town just outside of Pittsburgh. I thanked her for paying for the truck repairs because without her I would be finished as I don't have a penny to my name - literally! In fact, Paula now pays for this site to even remain up and running. Anyway, Paula and I said our goodbye and I can still see her as she drove off, waving to me. 

Only until later on that night, when I was driving through Allentown, PA did I hear the first words come over the radio. I had just finished eating at a Roy Rogers restaurant where I had gassed up the truck as well. Anyway, that's when I heard that there had been a massive quake. Right then and there I began to put the pieces together as to why I was feeling so bad that day.

Yes, I was already devastated to have to say goodbye to Paula. Yes, we have felt like this before when parting ways. But no, this was different. When Paula and I say goodbye to each other, we cry and hold each other. There were other things going on that day. Little did we know.

I am writing this journal entry because I am still unable to shake this dreadfully empathic connection that I have to the people in Haiti. Maybe this is because I know that land from serving in the US Navy and helping to rid a nation of a dictator. Maybe it's because I remember that time in the summer of 94 when our ship went on alert and literally drove into this small harbor off the south fork of Haiti. The towns name was Jabal. Once we pulled in that harbor, I remember seeing this little canoe with haitian fishermen on board. I'll never forget the look in their eyes as they paddled by this massive US warship that had just pulled into their harbor. All they were doing was going out to catch fish for the day.

I don't know. I just can't shake this awful feeling that has left me rattled for days.

What I'm trying to say is that, when terrible things happen to to people, (especially in large numbers) we all feel it! That is why I asked you, the reader, how you were feeling. I feel it and can't shake it either.

It was the same way when the tsunami hit Indonesia several years back. Only, that time, the headache started a full day before the catastrophe and there was a premoniton that came in the form of a dream. In the days after, I could barely get off of the couch because I was so sick.

Take a moment, when you get a chance, and pray for those people who are in pain. Send them love and light. Dig deep into your meditational practices and really send them everything you've got - even if you don't have a penny to share with the Red Cross - you can send them your prayers and love.

- break -

To Paula: Lovely, what a blessing that you drove to meet me halfway. If you had not done so, I would have missed my interview and we may not have even got to spend time together. When I look at it like this, I smile because you have my back just as I have had your back in the past.

Paula, you made a last minute decision to meet me halfway because you had "a feeling."

On the flip side, that was one hell of an expensive interview. Everything you saved for so that we could get a place when I came out is now gone - all because of my truck breaking down and other calamities too personal to share on this journal.

Whatever the case, we were more fortunate than the people of Haiti. I have to remind myself of that.

1 step forward and 3 steps back. Pay it forward or pay it back. 

I say, we're paying it forward even though I prefer to pay as we go along. 

While there is nothing left in my pockets but lint, my heart has never been more full of you.

I love you, Paula

- break -

Today I journeyed to Intracion's higher self, aided by Elloweina and Iparoth. I found her higher self on The Plains where we come from. That is where all the pyramids are.

When Intracion came into view, I was amazed. I had just finished asking Elloweina where she was. Elloweina said, "just ask for her in your mind and she'll come."

So, I did and an instant later this being flew in and was now standing before me. Immediately I noticed that she didn't look like Idavathian or Idavilaxion or Idagordava.

Intracion stood about the same size as me, which is a difference with most of the females from where we come from. Typically, the females stand much taller. This was not the case. Unlike, Idavathian she had no hair either. She was beautiful and yet an entirely new experience altogether.

This Pyramid and the universe at large, continues to amaze me.

I asked her many question about her incarnate self that Paula actually knows personally. Paula and I are able to journey to her incarnate self and actually see her very clearly. She sees us too. She hears us. She is also very powerful - perhaps more powerful than she realizes.

Anyway, I asked about her incarnate self and why she is journeying to us so regularly. I won't share what they told because I don't want to make things worse. All I really want to do is to be able to connect and help her find her higher self - Intracion.

Paula and I have a very good chance at working with another member of this pyramid on a regular basis. We just have to iron out some things between the 3 of us before that can happen.

Hey :)

Check out this link



Check out that date ;)

I want to say hello and give shouts out to Kristin in NZ and Su-Anne in South Africa. 

Kristin is a frequenter  and an angel incarnate ;-) I mean those both literally and figuratively.

Su-Anne just reached out and wrote us a great email. To answer your question Su - Yes, there is a name for what you and your partner are experiencing :)

Also, you guys are burning this place up again. Hahaha - it's a  great thing, too. More and  more newcomers. 93 hits yesterday and half of them were new!

- break -

Guess what

I'm here writing from Ohio. Wahooo! Paula and I are back together, even if it is for a short time. At the last minute, Paula decided to drive and "meet me halfway." LOL! Kinda like that song. So, I made it to just outside of Pittsburgh, PA when our paths crossed and I got to see her, Kemper and Lily. We all got a room out there. It was great!

The next morning, as soon as we got on the highway, my truck started pooring smoke and had to get off at an exit. It was undriveable and we had to leave it at a service station - where it still is - being serviced! Can you imagine if Paula decided not to meet me halfway? We might not have been able to see each other at all!

So, we left my truck outside of Pittsburgh and we drove the following day (yesterday) to her home. Last night we took the kids out to eat and Paula and I had tortilla soup with a salad and a couple of beers a piece. Oh yeah, we call 'em bers out here - not beers. It's funny the differences as you go state to state. In Massachusetts if you have a beer, you leave the "R" off the end of beer. So basically, in Mass you would say, "I'll have a beah." LOL!

All is going well out here. I have a new job and I will likely be starting that within the next month. Wahooo!

Paula and I will be reunited once again. Yes!

I am here for one more day and will be back in Massachusetts (to write) by Wednesday or so. 

- break -

Paula and I have been buzzed by Protharus' incarnate self recently. In fact we have been buzzed by him many times. On few occasion I decided to connect to that ring tone. Only a few times though, because Paula and I need to spend time together. We are not ignoring him on purpose.

We have also been buzzed by Intracion's incarnate self - many times over! Her ring tone is one that I have recently discovered, has a way of making my equilibrium go whacky. Paula has said the same.

BTW - we'll let you know who Intracion is (incarnate self) when the time is right. We're still working on some things. It could prove to be one of the more interesting stories yet.



Every now and then we receive emails from new visitors to the site. Yesterday, we received a really great email from Dewi who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. I asked her if she minded if we shared it on our site because I felt compelled to do so. She said, yes and so here it is -

Dear B,

Thank you so much for maintaining your website on Collapsing Duality. It's a big relieve to know that there are many others like us. I couldn't find any resources on TF in Indonesian language, so I was thinking of putting up a personal blog like wordpress or multiply to spread the words. Until now we've been misunderstood by my parents, thinking that my TF might have influenced me on purpose. In our land and culture, the use of mystic and witchcraft for individual gain is not uncommon. Unfortunately, he happens to be an advanced soul and known for his "ability". The phenomenon that we share every moment is definitely TF (we always feel what the other person is feeling, even when it is physical like headaches or pms), but I just don't know how to convince other people who had never experience it. I will try to share my story on your website sometimes.

On likely future correspondence, if you don't mind, would you share your new significant findings with me? Living in the US may give you certain information edge that is otherwise elusive to my confined network. The internet has helped me tremendously, but maybe because of the vast amount of information, I still couldn't find a unified resource to guide TFs worldwide. Oh btw I noticed most resources on TF is published in the US or by those living in the US. It might mean something, if no other than the explanation that the environment provides for greater spiritual learning.

Cheers from Jakarta,

Brendan's Reply:

Your email is a breath of fresh air :) Thank you!

Yes, Paula and I maintain this site the best we can. It's not really about a site anyway, it's about sharing a path that we don't exactly know when or where, it will conclude - if ever! Personally, I like it that way:)

So you are interested in spreading the word. You are certainly welcome to share our information. As I have said in the past on our site, Paula and I do not ask for fees or donations on this site because we believe spirituality has nothing to do with money. However, we do ask that if you share information from our site, be sure to link us on anything you share. In this way, we build connections and bridges across this planet, not unlike the spiritual ones that are taking place every day between people who ordinarily, would have nothing in common. But now we do!

When you post your site, be sure to tell us so we can link you as well.

I'm interested to know about your TF. He feels important to me, very important - as you do. Angels are telling me things as I write this. I won't say though, because I want to experience this connection to you and TF without their guidance. I already know.

In regards to my new findings: which new finding would you like to know about? There are new ones everyday you know ;)Another one happened when you wrote!


I know intuitively and have been told by Angels about Dewi and her Twin. I have not come across this scenario yet and so I will be looking for more confirmation before I share anything in depth.

Stay tuned :) I think you will be very surprised indeed :)

- break -

The Pyramids Page has been updated and we have 2 more names to add to it. Click Here

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I received a really interesting link to a read from a recent discovered member of this pyramid. I don't completely agree with all of its findings, but it is nonetheless, an very interesting read. It has to do with a recent video I posted by The Black Eyed Peas  - Meet Me Halfway song.

Click Here to Read it

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Remember back in the month of November when I said that there has been a vast increase of hits that come to our site by people searching Google and typing in the key words "Twin Flame Signs?" Well, that has not subsided in anyway. Collapsing Duality receives anywhere from 25 to 50 new site hits from people who type in those exact words. Some of those people are turning into frequent visitors. The visitors are from all over the world. We know this because it shows what country they are from.

So, what does it mean? It means that the great awakening began on 11/11/2009 and is increasing rapidly. People everywhere are searching for answers to this new found cosmic love that they are experiencing.

- break -

This will be my last entry for several days. Why??? BECAUSE I AM GOING TO SEE PAULA AND WE'LL BE TOGETHER BY SUNDAY FOR A FEW DAYS.


OMG - I can't believe that it will have been alsmost 2 months to the day when we were last together. It was on 11/11/2009.

Thank you all for visiting and come again :)





I just wanted to take a moment to give shouts out to Annette and Gabrielle. Annette is from North Wales and she recently wrote on our guest book, sharing her TF experience. Gabrielle is from the USA and we've been talking some time now about her Twin Flame with whom she is trying to reunite with.

Thank you both for following Collapsing Duality, sharing your experiences and if you need any advice, don't be shy. However, have patience :) Paula and I are going through a transition period to be back together again. If you don't hear back from either me or Paula right away, it's just because we're soo soooo buzzzy with the constant flux of transition.



I had a great day off today. Yesterday, I got to work in a snowstorm. We had and are having another snowstorm. So, today, I warmed my feet before an open fire and watched movies with my Eryn and Molly.

I talked to Paula this morning on the phone and she said that she scored some furniture from a friend. A great blessing indeed!

Anyway, before I finally sat down and watched those movies to warm my feet, I went about doing my usual Sunday routine which includes paperwork for work and truck inventory. When I went outside to do my truck inventory, I opened my side doors on the truck and went inside. My truck is actually a van that has 2 side doors. So, I stepped inside out of the snow and started my inventory of things I have, don 't have and need. While inside, a gust of wind came along and closed the side doors and when this happened I realized I could be in big trouble. The side and back doors of these vans have special locks. Once you are inside and they close, you can't get out!!! Oh yeah, I was screwed for a little bit. 

When the door shut I started thinking of things to do. With no cell phone, I was stuck in 25 degree weather. I thought first off  to throw my hammer through the back window and climb out. But if I did that, then my company would try and find a way to charge me for it. Then I realized my 10 year old daughter was in the house and if I could find a way to call her, I was good. That's when I realized my truck phone or PDA was charging in the front console of the truck. But how could I get it - there was a sealed cage between the cab of the van and the front! I looked into the front console (from the cage) and began to think of a way to get it. There was a small hole about 6 inches wide at the top of the cage for me to bring it through, if I could find a way to reach it. 

Looking around the back of my van I found a fish tape used for fishing cable and telphone lines through conduits. It was durable enough to hook a pda and had a hook on the end. So, I reeled out about 6 feet of fish tape and cut it off with a pair of linemans pliers. Then, I fed the 6' link of fish tape through the 6" hole and bagan trying to hook the hook around the velcro strap that the PDA I had. After 5 minutes of trying, I finally hooked the velcro strap and was able to pull the PDA through the 6" hole. I called my daughter who was inside and had her come out to open the van doors. I was safe :) If it wasn't for Eryn, I would have had to throw my hammer through the back window and be charged for something stupid and that was a freak accident. I sure as hell wasn't about to freeze to death in the back of that van. No job is worth that!


On another note: (and I'm not going into detail) I want to say that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Yup, we have a contender. Please note: I am being sarcastic when I say "we have a contender." Sarcasm is just a part of me and not meant to push buttons. Anyway, Paula and I have seen things in our dreams lately that could only mean one thing - somebody wants to communicate! Only problem (s) is/are this person is part of this very pyramid and they are using black magic. I don't think this person realizes how effective the use of black magic can be, especially when that persons spirit is actually one of our children or part of this soul family.

We also know that the person visits this site.

Message to this person: Stop! You don't fully realize what you are doing and or are capable of doing. Stop, and we will stop. Maybe then, we can find common ground. We don't want you to hurt one of us and we certainly don't want to hurt you.

THe Angels tell me this person is confused. Paula has been told many things as well and to use caution. This person knows about us more in more ways than 1, but doesn't realize there is no-thing that they can do to change the order in which the souls were created. The order or echelon is THE MAIN PROBLEM as so often we have learned.

The order in which souls are created within this pyramid and the others has nothing to do with power. The pyramid is a pyramid of souls or a family tree. I have already seen where some think that to be higher in the pyramid (more towards the top) means to be more powerful. This is not the case. This person in which we speak of, wants to be at or near the top and does not understand that there is not a thing they can do to change that because it's in the stars. 

While Paula and I are peaceful and do not look to do others harm in any way, shape or form, we're not ones to sit back and let others harm us in any way, shape or form, either :) 

We are fair, lead with love and not too shy to retaliate.

Paula and I have watched WATCHED Idavathian and Protilius and the rest as they have displayed sacred love in its purest form. On the flip side, we have also watched them (on rare occasion) fight for one another - and they do fight for one another.

The Pyramids are a place of Eden. However, life is not perfect there either. 

Knowing, understanding and loving Protilius (my higher self) is just the halfway point between Brendan and The I Am.

I am quite content with inheriting the life and love that Protilius experienced - better known as the one I have forgotten since I came into 3D existence. If that is where I end up, then I am happy - so as long my divine compliment is by my side.

I believe that that is where I am destined to return to... Only, I will return as an ascended from the physical extension that Protilius envisioned in the first place.

If we choose so, perhaps we will go all the way back to the source - even in this very lifetime!

It is possible you know ;)


Happy New Year

side note: Hey, wasn't that a Kubrick film? Lolz - it was :) However, 2009 was the year we really made contact
winks ;) nods and tips of the hats

ahhh heck - HAPPY NEW YEAR


January 2010

I just wanted to take a minute to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Paula and I wish everyone the best in 2010.

Tonight, I was googling results for pyramids and came across a book that is due to come out on May 1st, 2010. It is called: 

Magickeeper: The Pyramid of Souls by Erica Kirov.
On sale May 1st, 2010 

Here is the link:
The Pyramid of Souls by Erica Kirov

I was astounded to see there is a book coming out that hits so close to home. Is it a coincidence? Could this person be a part of the pyramid?? Might she be a lofter of Collapsing Duality who needs to earn some "$Dough$ Re Mi Fa So La Ti???

Either way, I am very interested to read this book when it comes out. However, Paula and I don't have to wait til it hits the book stores because we can read the manuscript even if it only exists on a cd or some folder somewhere on the authors desk or wherever. Paula is very good at journeying and reading closed books and journals to obtain information. In fact, she rocks the house!!! Paula can read things that have been put inside safes.

With the aid of the Angels and Higher Selves, I plan on finding out what's in this book, who she is, who her resources are/were if any, and what she really knows about a pyramid of souls.

Oh...and I plan on introducing myself to her if she has the eye to see me and the ears to hear me.

Wouldn't it be something if we could deliver the "synopsis" before the book ever even came out? Hahaha. 


Paula and I have been working on another venture that just sort of came from out of the blue. It involves a brand new person from the pyramid we have VERY recently discovered. Unfortunately, we cannot share any more info at this point in time. We have our reasons for doing this and it's just too complicated right now. I wish I could share that info because I always love to share new discoveries that are spiritual in nature. Let's just say when the time is right, we'll tell all.


I watched a couple of really funny movies as of late. Movies help me to unwind. Can you believe it??? Me, watching movies :) HAhaha. I consider watching movies a sort of escapism from the insanity that is going on in my life. 

Anyway, perhaps you've seen them, perhaps you have not. Here they are:

Summer Catch

Summer Catch is a movie about baseball and it takes place here - on Cape Cod! Funny thing about it is: At the end of the movie they play my home town - Falmouth. How cool is that? Even if you're not a baseball fan, the whole - hometown boy who falls in love with the richest girl in town adds a nice twist.


Next movie - and this movie made me laugh my ass off. I can't believe I didn't see it until now, because it came out in 2001. Anyway, Hugh Jackman is sooo funnny. Melanie Griffith plays her usual rold but is perfect as well. They have to be Twin Flames ;) This movie reminded me of Being John Malkovich, but with a love story behind it.

Kate and Leopold

P.S. - Even though this journal entry was posted at 8:45Pm EST or 3 hours and 15 minutes til the ball drops, it is already the new year in many parts of the world. So, I figured I'd post this from London, England time so I could ring in the New Year here in Boston and not actually be on this computer writing.

Champagne anyone???

Ohyeah, one more thing. I found another really great version of "Meet Me Halfway" by The Black Eyed Peas. It's a live version that really rocks and is well done, I must say ;)

Meet Me Halfway (live)