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So anyway, on 7/11/2011 I made a Facebook entry from my cell phone while sitting on the plane which was to bring me back to Massachusetts from Ohio, via Chicago. In the entry I wrote: It never fails. never fly on an 11 day. I’ll explain why, very soon.

The morning started out with my cell phone alarm clock waking me up to the sound of Spirit of Radio, by Rush. It was 2:45 AM and Paula didn’t even stir at the sound of the song. I immediately sprang up all disoriented and jumped in the shower. When I came out Paula was up, but just barely. The Twin Flame separation anxiety that we experienced just the day before was overtaken by the business of getting me to airport to make a flight. However, just behind all of the business, there was a sadness lingering there and we both knew that that was not where we wanted to go. We had shed our tears yesterday and now, today, we were going suck it up and see each other off with a smile. After all, it’s not the last time we would be going to see each other.

We stopped once along the way to Dayton and we both got a cup of coffee for the ride. The coffee didn’t work for either of us! As the matter of fact, coffee doesn’t work at all since we both met each other. I don’t know if this is a Twin Flame sign, but I do know that many things we consumed before our meeting do not work or do the same for us now, as they did before we met.

At the airport, we parked in drop off area and said our goodbyes until next time. We kissed and held each other for a moment and I smiled and said, “til next time, my luv.” I got out of the car, retrieved my backpack from the back seat and put it on. Paula had gotten out and we hugged and kissed once more and said goodbye. Then, just as I started walking towards the entrance, I heard a song. It was a sad song and I couldn’t believe I was starting off my flight like this. I turned to Paula who was just about to get into her car and said, “can you believe it – they’re playing the Carpenters for us!” Paula said, “I’m not even listening. I’m out!” She got in her car and took off. The song that was playing was, “There’s Got To be a Morning After.” Listen to it HERE. At the time I thought it was the Carpenters but it was actually done by Maureen McGovern. Either way, I was not going to listen to this - not at that moment ;)

Anyway, the flight from Dayton to Chicago went just fine. The captain said we would top out at about 30,000 feet. Somewhere in the middle of the flight I noticed some very high cloud tops and if we were flying at 30,000 those cloud tops were 35 to 40,000 feet high. These clouds were thunderstorms that would make my trip from Chicago to Providence a 10 hour ordeal. 

In Chicago, I had an hour and 45 minute wait till the plane would depart for Providence. I found the gate with plenty of time to spare and noticed an unusual amount of TSA at my particular gate and with looks that reminded me of the Burgermeister Meisterburger’s, it appeared as if they had just had their yo-yo’s stolen. I stood there for a minute, by the gate, wondering what was up. After a few moments of being eyeball F$%#*% by TSA I decided that I didn’t have to put up with it and went and sat on a bench a short distance away. While searching the internet for news on CNN I noticed an article about how an international flight from L.A. to somewhere in Europe had to be diverted to O’Hare in Chicago, the previous day. The reason was for a bomb threat on the plane that came in the form of a message left in the airplane bathroom. So, this explained the unusual amount of TSA.

When it came time to board, I went back to the gate and made it through without having my backpack randomly searched. Inside, I took my seat – a window seat and started talking to a guy from the Cayman Islands who was upset at all the TSA. I explained to him about the article I found on CNN about the bomb threat. 

The door closed, the captain came on and said they we had a rapidly approaching storm, but that he was going to try and beat it so that we could take off. Outside my window, the sky grew dark – real dark! Then, just as the plane started backing up – it hit! The rain was hitting us sideways, lightning striking all around and get this – the winds gusted so hard that it made the plane shake and sway from side to side. Needless to say, the captain put on the breaks until the storm passed. That’s when I wrote on FB to never fly on an 11 day. The next time the Captain came on, he announced that the airport had shut down. Finally, after an hour sitting in the plane we began taxiing again, only to find that there were at least 40 to 50 planes ahead of us. So, we took a position on the tarmac and waited – for 3 hours. That’s when we had to go back to the gate to refuel. Then, we taxied back out to the tarmac for another 2 ½ hours wait. Finally, we took off but we had to fly north over the mitten of Michigan to steer clear of the storms. However, just before we took off, I read on one of the news sites that the storms had caused power outages to some 750,000 people. So, this was one bad storm. The rest of the flight went well, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of the other times I ever flew on days that had 11’s in their dates.

Back track 10 years ago to 9/11/2001: I was still married at the time and we had planned a trip to Santorini, Greece as we had never been able to take an official honeymoon due to lack of money. Our flight was to leave out of Boston later that morning. It was around 9 o’clock, bags packed and we were dressed to leave for Logan Airport. That’s when the call came in from my mom telling me to turn on the television and that I wasn’t going anywhere. When I saw the second plane hit the world trade center – live on television, I freaked because I realized we could have been on that plane.

I bought the ticket for the best price on a site called Priceline and by doing this it was like rolling the dice. I didn’t realize it at the time but I could have so easily been on either of those flights out of Boston to New York. In fact, the first destination was New York. From there, we would fly to Italy and then Athens and then Santorini.

My family and friends freaked out as well. They knew I was flying out that morning, but they didn’t know the exact time. So, I got many calls to see if I was alive and well.

Back track 6 years to 7/7/2005: Yup, you guessed it; I was affected by that as well. Still married, we decided to reschedule the Santorini trip we planned 4 years ago, for early July of 2005. We figured that we would never fly again in the month of September. Well, that didn’t go over too well. We were however glad to have made it to Santorini in one piece. But, sometime during our stay in IA, we heard the news about the London Bombings. We just looked at each other like we couldn’t win, either way. On the way to Greece that time, we had to fly into Heathrow. On the way back, we had to fly into Manchester. We hoped flying into Manchester would be better than Heathrow with all of the security, but we were wrong. When we got to Manchester on 7/11/2005 (does anyone see a recurring theme in this date?) we were greeted with lots of men carrying automatic weapons – a completely different scene than just a week ago when we stopped at Heathrow. Boarding the plane, we were subject to intense profiling and screening – similar to what I just went through at O’Hare in Chicago. But, we made it back. 

I called my brother (who loves to tease me) from Manchester and as soon as he heard my voice he started singing this song by The Clash – London Calling With a Mighty Crash. I told him it was a bad joke and tasteless. Then he said, that I am my own walking talking X-File and that they could dedicate an entire episode of the X-Files to me alone. So…that’s it! That’s why I said to never fly on an 11 day. 11 means many, many things to many, many more people. However, sometimes 11 can be a double edged sword! 

My desire to see my Luv, a few weeks ago was much more important. I realized beforehand that I would have to fly back on 7/11/2011 or *11* and was determined to go through with it no matter what. However, I wasn’t about to telegraph it on the internet for what has happened in the past on 11 days, when I fly.

I feel like a NEW Man and Paula, a NEW Woman. I do not take our time together that we spent, for granted. Nor will what happened on 7/11 take away from our fantastic time. It was amazing!


Visiting my Twin Flame
7/13/2011 or 11/2/11

Paula coined a saying back when we first met and needed to see each other so badly that we would simply MAKE IT HAPPEN! It goes a little something like this: “Have you made something happen today?” When she coined that saying she posted it on the internet and then got in her car, without even telling me she was coming and drove all the way to see me :-) 900 miles! Anyway, we did just that recently. I bought a plane ticket, even though it is not in my budget and made it happen anyway! I feel so rejuvenated after having spent 3 days with Paula, it’s like I’m a new man. Since then, Paula is reporting the same:-)

At the airport where Paula was to pick me up, I looked around for her and could not find her at first. Then, while I was sitting on a bench she came up from behind me and kissed me on the back of my neck :-) I got up and kissed her back while holding her and looked into her eyes. What did I see? The world, my luv, the other half of me that has been missing from my arms for nearly 6 months! Seeing what I saw in her eyes, the very moment I looked into them told me that our connection was strong as ever and had grown despite being tested to the nth degree. Our connection is UNBREAKABLE! With what we have been put through and what is still going down, what I saw in Paula’s eyes and within her soul was just as strong and divinely feminine as the first time I looked into them.

Spending 3 days with my best friend was just what the doctor ordered. An apple a day is one thing, but if you have discovered your Twin Flame and go a day without that ONE, it’s like not eating anything at all. You get hungry at the soul level and not even an apple can fill that void in the pit of your stomach.

Since we last said our goodbyes back in late January, we spent some time journeying to one another but after having lived together in the physical, journeying kind of got old pretty quickly. When you are put through tests that are designed by the spirit world to strengthen you, journeying does not always work so well. However, Paula did make some pretty interesting journeys to me. At first, I thought it was my sister (Elloweina) coming to me in my dreams as a lioness. While incarnate, Elloweina’s sun sign was Leo, like Paula and I. Anyway, at night I kept seeing this lioness in my dreams. In those dreams, the lioness would come up to me and nibble at my hand and playfully claw at my legs. Over the course of those 3 nights in a row that this happened, on the very last night, the lioness cuddled up to me while I slept and put her nose on my chest. When I finally told Paula about the dreams, she declared to me, “Ha! I told you I could break through your being shut down. The lion was me. I was journeying to you as a lion!”

So…Paula, her two children and I, had an awesome time together. We played lots of games together, like: Frisbee. We also went to a state park where there was this huge lake. We swam and played ball in the water. Eventually we got a bunch of other people into the game and at one point there were probably 8 to 10 of us playing. We packed a picnic and ate on our blankets. Paula brought her ipod with a mini stereo hookup and we listened to it while we laid in the sun. At one point this song came on which I also posted on facebook recently. When it started playing, we looked at each other and laughed. It’s sort of an inside joke, so I apologize for not explaining what was so funny about it ;) It's a long story that in some ways, is still unfolding?

We ate really well, without going to eat at restaurants and spending a fortune. Neither of us can really afford to do that anyway – especially with gas prices the way they are. Instead, we cooked out and ate lots of grilled fish and greens:-) I know we wrote about how food never tasted so good, back when we first got together, and this was absolutely the case, once again. We took our time eating and just looked at each other in a smiling way because it was as if we had not eaten anything since we said goodbye back in late January. When you are with your Twin Flame food always tastes better!

Another thing I did while I was out there was to try and fix Paula’s computers that mysteriously had broken. We made some headway, but they are still not running right. It was as if there was a localized electromagnetic pulse that had wiped out practically everything in her house that was electronic: cell phone, landline, computers, video games and televisions. Twin Flames do have a way with interfering with electronics. We wrote about this early on. Back when Paula would visit me in Rhode Island and in Massachusetts and we would stay in hotels, on 3 different occasions, the fire alarms went off. The first time we joked and said that our love must have been so hot that we did it. Anyway, we left the room and sat out in the parking lot with the rest of the people in the hotel. Then, when it happened in 2 other different hotels, we just stayed in our room, figuring what’s the use ;)

For games, we played lots of Frisbee with this giant disk in her back yard. We had tournaments to see who could throw it the farthest. Paula and I also played scrabble together and that was fun til I injured my neck. But I have to admit, it was the best game of scrabble we’ve ever played! I have talked to Paula since then and we both agree that while our bodies are sore from all of the activities, our souls are rejuvenated and we’ve never felt better about each other.

I think my favorite thing of all, was simply lying in bed and looking into Paula’s smiling eyes for hours on end. We have so many conversations with each other without saying a single word and have so much more meaning than any words we could ever utter. 

The day before I had to fly back to Massachusetts, I was helping Paula paint her deck in the back yard. It was at the time I realized that I had less than 12 hours to spend with her. As soon as this thought occurred to me, I went into shut down/panic mode and found it hard to look at my luv. There was this part of me that wanted to “run!” So, I went inside because the emotion was so much. Paula soon joined me. We showered and then, after that, I told her what I was dealing with. We spent much of that last night talking, laughing, crying and holding each other and vowed to never spend 6 months apart – EVER AGAIN!

Going forward – Paula and I have a new lease on our relationship and we’re going to make US happen – one way or another :-) 



Topics Discussed: My Lovely, Twin Flame Momentum, Words of Wisdom, Loving Moderately, and "Was God an Astronaut?"

The Song of Creation has many a musician
But the duet between divine lovers
Is the score to Gods Grand Rendition.

~ break ~

Paula and I are currently making plans to see each other :) WOOHOO!!!

It's been a long 5 months going on 6. So much has happened and I can't wait to see her again. Sometime within the next month, I will be making a trip to see her and... and... I do not believe that we will be loving moderately :-)


The site stats never lie. The Twin Flame Movement, continues to grow and the awakening is a GLOBAL ONE! First time seekers are finding Twin Flame Signs at an ever increasing rate. So...what is happening here? What is happening is that we are reconfiguring and/or redefining what it means to be in a relationship in the traditional sense. This means that we are waking up to what it means to really love one another and embrace divine union. What is more, to recognize our divine complements and realize how connected we are, is to realize that we may connect with our soul mates in just such a way.

~ break ~

I've been doing a lot of meditating lately. From these meditations, have come a series of sayings which I have been twittering and FB'ng. In case you missed them, I am going to scatter them below. You can also find them along with past articles and poetry, here: Past Articles


Spiritual evolution does not happen in reverse. In other words: It is not up to the spirit self to become aware of the physical self. No...if not for the spirit, there would be no life in the first place. But rather, it is the souls goal for the physical self to become aware of the spirit self. Achieve this and we achieve the continuity with God.


The Tree of Life -

The branches of a tree are only branches to those of us on the ground
But to the spirit world, they are the roots, anchored high in the sky
And those roots that run deep in the soil beneath our feet
Are merely branches to the Tree of Life, that which our souls rely.

~ break ~

Many people over the course of many centuries have pondered the question regarding Genesis 1:26 and why it was that God spoke in the plural and not the singular. However, in my humble opinion, there is one person who said it best. That person is Erich Von Daniken. In his book, Chariots of The Gods - published in 1969, Erich asks, and I quote: "Why does God speak in the plural? Why does he say "us," not "me," why "our," and not "my?" One would think that the one and only God ought to address mankind in the singular, not in the plural."

I believe this is a perfectly reasonable question to ask. Don't you? Well, Erich asks many direct questions like this one and I'll attempt to shed some light on one or two of them. The information I share below is combined information that Paula and I have been shown from Protilius and Idavathian.

Erich asks: "Was God an astronaut?"

Brendan says: God was not an astronaut, per se. However, those sons of God that were talked about in the bible, are! In the beginning, God created two souls to begin the physical experience of life on this planet. Who were these first two souls of masculine and feminine balance? The souls that would incarnate to earth would become known as Adam and Eve! This is also why God spoke in the plural. We could also go so far as to say, not just sons of God, but sons and daughters of God. These sons and daughters of God were given the gift of co-creation to carry out the experience of physical life, first in spirit as the higher or spirit self and then in the flesh. All of the spirits have the gift of co-creation.

As the soul family(s) in that place commonly called heaven, grows, the population of mankind grows, (as above, so below) and a distinct shape becomes apparent. It is the shape of divine order! And in that order, from top to bottom or heaven to earth, it is the shape of a pyramid - just like the ones in Egypt and many other places. The pyramid is yours, mine and "OUR" (plural) family tree and it is set in stone to remind us that there really is an order to creation - not hierarchy. Hierarchy is manmade; order is of God! Of course the pyramid has many meanings but I thought that this one was just a little more important than simply calling the pyramid a "tomb for Pharoahs." Don't you?

What is more... the missing link is love. Find love and you'll find spirituality. All the rest just falls into place - higher selves included.

Here are two links that may better explain about what Paula and I are talking about, when it comes to divine order:

The Divine Order of Creation

The Ten, Their Totems and The Spire

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The artists are the fishermen, but only of imagination
Trolling the seas of thought, to catch an inspiration -

~ break ~

Had a great conversation on Facebook last night. It started when this quote from Shakespeare kept running through my mind. The quote is:

"Love Moderately"

So, I decided to add my own two sense about loving moderately. Here's what I said: Shakespeare said "Love Moderately." I completely understand the logic behind this statement in his fictitious story of Romeo and Juliet. However, you tell that to any of the Twin Flames out there experiencing a soul connection with their divine love and we'll look at you as if you're mad. Is a magnet attracted to steel? Is divine masculine attracted to the feminine? Nobody can tell Twin Flames to cool it down! Not even Shakespeare!

However, I sure do get what he means when he says this to Romeo and Juliet. Twin Flame love is so intense and the advice given is priceless!

Anyway, a big thanks to everyone for the great conversation on Facebook!

~ break ~

Every time you pass by a complete stranger - it is a "close encounter"
"Contact" occurs every time you connect with a person of like-mind
But until you really come together in such a sacred way with your divine
There's nothing that can prepare you for one of the spiritual kind.

I think it's time we re-establish the protocols for Contact. I touched upon this in the article that I entitled - Contact. We should not be looking for the "cosmic cocktail napkin" of physical evidence for proof that we are not alone. We are them - Angels; Aliens and all! Contact will happen first, by ordinary people awakening to the fact that we are spirits and not just flesh.

~ break ~

I have been writing a lot lately - mostly poetry. I recently dedicated a poem to my luv, Paula, that I am going to share.

The Poet and Poetess: Divine Rhyme
By Brendan

There’s something complementary and divine about a rhyme
When phonetic ingredients form of a fanciful jingle
Or meter and metaphor are arranged in such a way
To come together as ONE, to dance and mingle –

There’s something divine and I know it, about The Poet
Who tailors his thoughts and feelings on love in a stanza
Weaving whimsical words backed by his wisdom
Clip art from the soul of the human extravaganza –

And alas- there is finesse, in that of The Divine Poetess
Who labors over her love of the craft, in glee and glory
Sowing the seeds of romance and renaissance
Post cards from one half of the whole, to a sacred story –

A story that star-crosses the poet with the poetess
An Empyrean love forged first, at ground zero of the Big Bang
Still spinning today, spectacular sonnets of their adulation
Crowning bliss from the beating hearts of yin and yang.

This is for you my Luv :-)

~ break ~

The yin and yang of divine complements
Is represented by the polarities of 1 and 11 -
For when Twin Flames become one with The Divine
They manifest on earth, the love that is in Heaven.

~ break ~

I want to thank everyone for their recent story submissions. A BIG THANKS to Lynn and Mark; Awakening Heart and B; Pamela and Nicu; Dolly and Jaws; Love and Cherished One; Indian Girl and Cowboy; JS and NS and Brenna and Eric. Thank you for posting your stories to Collapsing Duality. Thanks to everyone!

~ break ~

One last thing... Paula will be back soon. She is working extremely hard to provide a living for her kids. Plus...we've both been having electronics issues, but she's taken the brunt of it by far. Basically, her cell phone, home phone, computer, television and CD accounts she runs has gone haywire. It's extremely hard to even talk with her now cus her phones only work when they want to. Even then, we can be talking and everything is fine and then - we get cut off. Happens w/the landline as well. The accounts appear to have been hacked, but so far nothing is deleted. Paula oversees about half the accounts and any of the ones she runs, is basically toast. We hope to have this fixed shortly.



When I recently moved, I found a box that had some copies of a book of poems that I published back in 1994. At the time, I was writing under the pen name - Pi - like the mathematical symbol that equates to 3.14159265. I chose to use that name because it is an infinite number. Anyway, it's 16 pages long and has 29 of my earliest poems in it that were written between 1991 and 94.

In an attempt to help raise money to keep Collapsing Duality.Com up and running, anybody who donates $11.11 to Collapsing Duality, will receive an autographed copy of my book, entitled: 
Trees Can Red at Night by Poet Pi.

All you have to do is click on the Donate button at the top of this page and then, email with your name and mailing address.

Please note: I do not have very many copies left and so I am placing a limit at 11 copies for now - if we can give away that many.

I apologize for the blurr on the second photo. It doe

Thank You - Brendan


I feel the heaviness of all the things that have gone on over the last 3 months and all the crazy events in my life here in the 3D have begun to start to lift. I actually began sensing this last week and have received some GREAT confirmation in the 3D to prove it.

Paula and I are still actively trying to find are way back together again and with some of the good news I've recently received, we've just moved another step closer to making that happen. I can't wait to be with my Luv again. Talk about LOST!

As of late, my time on the site has been limited to Twin Flame Stories and they are a pleasure to read. It amazes me how close all of our experiences resemble and/or mirror one anothers. We felt that in creating the Q/A Profile Questionnaire page, we would be better able to demonstrate (with participation from others) that what ordinary people are experiencing is - EXTRAORDINARY! A gift from God!! It is also proof, that we are not alone ;-) Pun Intended!

I've also been working on a poem that is not done yet. It is called US - as in Me and You - Everyone! Here is a stanza or two from that:

US – for our truths will not be led askew
For the disclosure that we’ve long been awaiting
Will be the spiritual awakening between me and you -

US – because there could be no other
And the divine union we share is but a mirror image
To our creator in Heaven – father/mother -

I am starting to journey again and I will be writing about some of that in the future. For now, just taking it slow - getting my feet wet :) Nothing too crazy. I am going back to basics with journeying (astral projecting) and whenever I make contact, I take my time at making sure it's right. Typically, I make contact and then break it on purpose - sometime several times over - each time using a slightly different method or approach. This way, there can be no tomfoolery :)

I haven't written here since March 15th and even then, I never published that entry - until today. So...feel free to read that one below.

See you all again - soon!

The entry below was written back in March and not published til today 5/16/11

From - 3/15/2011

Topics: February, Site Stats and Numbers, NEW Twin Flame Stories and Latest Journey.

WOW! What a month this past 30 days has been. February was always interesting for Paula and I, but this past one topped any and all months. What an awakening! When I say "awakening" i'm not talking about fairydust. This was no walk in the park and I know because the emails I received and phone conversations with many of you across this planet, that you were going through it too. This was a hard month and lots of growing came out of this awakening. I have not even had the urge to write on this journal just because I am still processing what we experienced in the first part of February. Being hit with Adam's Rib, opened up a lot of deep discussion between Paula and I. It brought things that were said in the bible bubbling up from our past. Paula and I can handle a lot, but the truth of Adam & Eve really exhausted us.

Spiritual awakenings have physical side effects! Take it from me - my body and sleep pattern were altered greatly. It's as if my system shut down on me and I ended up at the doctors to find out if it was something else. I never mentioned the grail to them :) I don't think it would have gone over so well. Do you? Haha Anyway, I'm trying to eat healthy and get good rest. I wonder if this has to do with taking on my Avatar whose name is Protilius. However, I think it was a combination of having to part from Paula for awhile and the whole Grail experience/Adam and Eve thing. This has been an excruciatingly difficult month. I do feel, however, that we're (you included) will be getting a break for awhile until the next one.

- break -

The numbers for February were all over the place - mostly on the low side. I've said it before and I'll say it again: whenever there is an awakening like the one we had in February, the world over - feels it! The numbers dropped sharply in early february because of this download we all got. When we get a download like this, we handle it in our own best way. Because this was a hard one, many people who were searching for Twin Flame answers, took a break because they had to.

Everytime we have an awakening I always pay special attention to our site statistics page which tells me what country our visitors are hitting us from - even what state/province. Anyway, as soon as this NEW ENERGY started hitting us, those numbers dropped just as they have in the past. Other things that cause the numbers to drop are earthquakes, wars and unrest on mass scales. What I'm saying is this: we're all connected and we all feel what's going on anywhere in the world, even if we don't know what it specifically is. The cause of the latest drop was a heavy duty energy delivered to us by God - that we're all still processing.

Another indicator to me that this most recent awakening has left its mark on the site is the fact that we only had 1 Twin Flame Story submission for February, whereas in the previous months, we had many,many more. A sharp drop like that is telltale to me that this download was the real deal. But we are coming out of it now and it's going to get easier again.

- break -

I want to thank our most recent Twin Flame story submissions by:

Anon 11 and Anon 11

L.J. and J.W.

P. and S.

Liza and Todd

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful stories with Paula and I, as well as the rest of the world.

- break -

I've had many dreams as of late. Most of them deal with Protilius and in them, he is showing me how to do things. In one such dream we were flying (as one) just above the land and he was explaining that I can change the situation to almost anything that did not feel right in my heart.
He asked me to pick a current event in the world that did not seem right to me. I asked him about free will and he said that I had his full trust I would make the right decision. I did just that and we were off to the country of Libya. I saw In Real Time two men beating another man with clubs who was already down on the ground. It was bad! There was crowd of innocent people who were all watching but too scared to get involved. With what Protilius had shown me leading up to this moment, I knew that if I acted, innocent people could be hurt. I tried as best I could to focus that energy on the aggressors but in the end I decided that it was too risky. I got frustrated because I wasn't able to help the innocent man and decided to practice out over the open water where I could fine tune what I had just learned.

I chose the area of the ocean off the Pacific North West. I don't know why, but it was the first thing that came to mind! We went out over the water and I finally felt at ease that I could use this new power - which is kind of like "water bending" for the lack of a better way to put it. My intent was to lift a hundred square foot cube of the ocean out of the water - keeping the water in a perfect square and the ocean from which it came, from filling that space.

One thing that amazed me was whenever I would begin, there was this crazy electrical energy all around the area of my focus. Then, I watched as a perfect cube of water lifted up out of the ocean and into the air. In that journey, I remember wondering if this was real. In other words, if there was a fishing boat nearby, would anybody see this? Anyway, I lifted up the cube of water, 100 foot square, and then I carefully put it back to where it came from. That's it :)



Topics - The Gold Chalice, Past Life Review, Pyramids and Sleeplessness

Last night, I reconnected with my higher self, Protilius. I was shown by him a large gold chalice. I would call it a cup, but it was much bigger than a cup - more like a chalice. Anyway, in the gold chalice was blood. In the blood, was a single bone that appeared to be more like a stirring rod - but was made of bone. I asked him why he was showing me this because to my mind, it was unsettling. He said, "the cup - this is your body; the blood - that is your soul; the bone - means you're part of my body."

- break -

One thing has become certain to me and that is the fact that I am in the middle of a past life review. Although I've never heard of anybody describe a past life review, I have heard people explain that when we pass we have a "life review." A life review is everything that shaped your life in a single incarnation and a past life review is everything that shaped your soul going all the way back to the beginning of time. Part of the process for this awakening is that we live through a past life review. That's right - we're supposed to go through this past life review here in the physical - alive - fully aware - as we ascend.

I know that I am going through this because I am being shown by Protilius my most recent past lives going back to about 1000 AD. That's where I'm at right now. Each time he shows me more, the further we go back on the time line.

One of our goals in receiving this past life review is that when we are presented with each one and become fully conscious of it or remember it, and then we move on. However, there will be instances where you will come across unresolved circumstances with people you lived your lives with and it is up to you to appropriately deal with the karma. There will be circumstances that you never had a chance to correctly deal with, that you will be given the chance to deal with one more time. It's important that you recognize this when it is presented.

I'll give you an example: About a week ago or so, I was presented by Protilius with a past life that involved my being born into a large family where I had two sisters and another brother, plus there mom and dad. It started off where I was on a trolly with my dad. It was an old trolly and everybody was dressed as if it were the early 1900's or so. I don't know the exact date but a voice told me it was New York City. In this past life review, I was able to recall how I felt at that moment. My dad was sitting next to me and I felt this overwhelming sense of anger within him that was boiling below the surface. I remember how wobbly the trolly seemed and it was loud and noisy. We were heading home and for some reason I felt scared about this.

The scene switched and now I was at home with my whole family. My brothers and sisters were in their pajamas, my mom in her nightgown and while we were all fairly comfortable with each other, there was my dad again just brooding over us all - boiling with anger. The sense of dread was in the air. There was fear in all of us even though we were able to disguise it with smiles. I could it feel it all so well - in fact, even as I write this, I remember it.

We all had red hair. We were a family of red heads except for my dad who was bald and spoke english with an accent of something that resembles Russian or something sounding like it. My mom had the same accent. We were all sitting around the dinner table and it was after dinner time. Me, my brother and sisters were playing with my mom who was sitting in her chair. We were putting these tiny little toys or play dolls on her and letting them fall off of her. The only one not in on it was my dad and he was pacing the wooden floors behind us. With the fear I could feel, I knew that this man a menace and only in our lives to do harm and torment the family.

In fact, Paula and I have both seen this man. Early on we we first reunited, we were presented with the visions of a group of people and saw all of their faces. One of those people turned out to be the Psi-attacker or Archamini Amora. Another face that we both saw was the face of the man - my dad, in this experience I'm telling you about. We've seen him poke his face into our dreams/visions from time to time.

Whatever the case, I now know that this man and I had unfinished business and by having this past life review it was up to me to deal with him appropriately. I don't know what became of my family beyond the experience I was presented with in this past life review, but I do know that I didn't live to see my teen years and it was because of him.

Now, while this review was going on and began in the dream state, I began to become aware and gradually went into a much lighter sleep state and while all of this was happening, I felt my dad from my past life right there with me in my room. He had not changed. In fact, he was trying to accomplish what he had done so many years before and he was doing it at the spirit level. His spirit never even left. He was for all intents and purposes - a ghost that was caught between worlds and it was up to me to deal with it.

I recognized his energy by way of the past life review and now that I think of it, he has been coming through to me since I was a child in this lifetime by using other people as a temporary host to get to me. He attempted to get inside my body and as soon as he did, I opened my eyes, turned the light on and picked up my cell phone. I was going to call Paula and tell her what was going on but as I started dialing her number, I felt his spirit come into me and my vision went black. All my hair was standing on end and I felt his spirit - cold as winter air. 

I pushed or willed him back out of me and as soon as I did, I regained vision and built a shield. I formed the shield in my center and it was the size of an atom, then I expanded it to cover my entire body so that he would not get back in. It worked! I knew it worked because when I switched to 3rd eye, I could see him standing there with that big smirk on his face and his bald head. 

Last night, I asked Protilius and Idavathian to take care of him and requested that they use their totems to give him what he deserved. They took care of him but at the very end I had to call down a beam of light from God to hit him directly. Remember, all the spirit battle in the world will not send a misguided spirit home. It was this beam of light that sent his lost soul home. I requested and asked God to to shine his light upon him. While I was still mad about what he did, in the end, forgiveness and the setting of his soul free, was the only remedy to deliver him back to God. had to come from me. By doing what he did in our past life, he ensured his being trapped as a spirit in the 3D realm. Thus, it was only me that could free him. Think of the irony? Only the one he hated most could free him.

I share this information because I want you to succeed.

Over the past week - especially last night, I have also been shown myself in other incarnations. I have seen myself - my former physical self as it is right now - mummified. Not like a perfect mummy but one that is covered in earth. Each time I am shown, I ask Protilius why he has to pick the worst case scenarios to show me. I'm not kidding. The two mummies he showed me make me look like there was sudden death from a volcano. But, Protilius says that I have to be shown.

End thoughts: I don't know if everybody's past life reviews will be this dramatic. However, I certainly hope not :-) Awakening is not an easy path. We have to be strong.

- break -

The recent awakening is mind blowing. Sleep is so hard to come by. Even when I'm not being shown things, my mind is creating - even in my sleep. Two nights ago I created a poem in my sleep state. I had the whole thing figured out in my head. It was a great one too! But as soon as I woke up to go write it down, I lost it all. I lost all of it! I couldn't believe it. I don't even have a single line of it to share on CD.Com. :-(

There is still much more in the way of The Eye of Horus. Protilius has begun showing me this eye and how this is the way that God sees us as well.

- break -

Recently I created a new site. Actually, the domain is not new. I bought the domain back when we first created the pyramids pages. The new site is called The Pyramid of Souls. Click HERE to check it out.

Many times when I do things like create a new page or write an article, I am compelled to do so. Much of my art work especially the works created in the early 90's were created because I was compelled to paint them. Much of what I write about on this site - even the design is done in a very similar fashion as how those painting were created. So, I was compelled to create the pyramid of souls because I know that we're going to be sharing some new information on it very soon. I don't know specifically what, yet, but I know it's coming and we're gonna do it from that site, first. 

Much of what is on that site, has been brought over from Collapsing Duality - specifically, the pyramid pages where we talk about divine order and the mathematical links that divine order have with what Sierpinski and Pascal (both mathematicians) have done in the past. Pi even has it's place in the pyramids. In fact, I used Pi as a pen name in many of those paintings because it is infinite - neverending! The spiral of life has it's place within the pyramid and can be found in the patterns of life.

The basic building block of the pyramid is a single block of stone or two souls which equal - divine complements. When we add the second generation, combined with the first we have a total of 10 souls or 5 blocks of stone. If we are to look at these 5 blocks, at a microcosmic level, we have the basic building blocks of divine order. Then, if we are to look at the 5 building blocks at a macrocosmic level, we have the divine order or ALL soul families that have incarnated to earth. Over and over again, through and through, from top to bottom - fractals of soul families!

These pyramids - they exist in heaven and on earth. They represent divine order and display how we are all interconnected soul families. That is why we built them in the first place - so that one day, we would remember. The pyramids that we have been shown in heaven are literally alive with the consciousness of mankind. In Egypt, they are built separately as they are in Heaven, but altogether, if we were to stack them one on top of the other, in the order in which they were created - at the soul level - we would have as what Pascal and Sierpinski depicted in their mathematical discoveries. I don't know what the spiritual path of either of these men were, but I do know that from what Idavathian and Protilius have shared with us, is a direct correlation to their math. Whether they were aware of it or not, they infact have the model for divine order. Click the images below to see for yourself: 


Topics - Twin Flame Separation, Pitfalls of life and finding Ing'Namaron

Believe it or not, I had to leave Ohio a day early because of that winter storm that hit the eastern US last week. It absolutely tweaked me beyond all belief because I had been watching the weather and up until Sunday the 30th of January and the weathermen called for sunny skies. Since I had my truck packed with you name it, I had to travel while the weather was good so my belongings would not get ruined. Then, that Sunday, the 30th, I decided to have one more look at the weather to see how driving conditions would be, for my journey back to Mass. on the following day. Lo and behold, winter storm warnings were up and this meant I had to leave immediately in order to beat the weather. Can you imagine how this would feel when you are already feeling like death? OMG!!! If I could have strangled a weatherman I would have. I was already frustrated about this decision and then I hear the weather and realize I have to leave immediately. How immediately did Brendan leave? Within 2 hours I hit the road! That's how. Imagine how this made Paula feel. No words can describe nor still can...

The last week Paula and I spent together before I left that Sunday night, we spent our time either keeping busy by working together on the site or loving one another. However, as the day approached which was supposed to have been Monday the 31st, it got really painful. Both of us were putting up walls because the impending separation was so excruciating. It's as if our bodies and souls knew what was coming and began taking appropriate measures in order to minimise damage and keep us from losing sanity.

Healthwise, my body has seen better days. Since Christmas time, when I last visited Massachusetts, I developed a skin rash on my face and only after I I got back to Ohio and went to see a doctor was I informed that it was really Impetigo. I couldn't believe it. I felt embarrassed because wherever I went, I had these huge bumps on my chin and face it just looked like I was diseased and did not want to show my face anywhere. I am a clean person and if I can shower 3 times a day, I will do just that. But to get Impetigo for the first time in my life was startling to say the least. Not to mention, the antibiotic creme I was given for it made it worse. Then, the antibiotics I was given in pill form didn't work and then, finally, Paula recomended Tea Tree Oil. I never heard of it. But I went to Wally World and bought some of that and started getting results within days of taking it. Oh yeah, should I mention that Impetigo is extremely contagious? Well, it is and since I had it on my face this made kissing Paula almost impossible. Two people that love to love each other up and then cannot, is not an easy thing. We did improvise but it just went to figure that our last month together had to be spent with impetigo on my face.

After that started getting better, I came down with the flu which I had for another two weeks.

The stress and pain of having to separate from Paula for a time made us break out in hives, bumps and strange blotches. While my impetigo is now gone, thanks to Tea Tree Oil, I still have blotches and Paula has broken out in a strange rash and now she's taking antibiotics as well. Our hearts and souls have never hurt worse. For now, the only way to cope (at least for me) is to stay busy and focused on our future. 

I am focusing my efforts by establishing connections back in Massachusetts so that I can hold a good stable job which is hard to do in this post-Bush era economic apocalypse that the media keeps saying is turning around or looking up. I wonder what things will look like when everybody is standing on the street and looking at each other as the banks have taken all the homes that will for the foreseeable future, remain vacant. What is the thinking  in that?? Either way, good jobs are hard to come by and I have stiff competition. I don't spend my time watching CNN, MSNBC or any other mouth piece for enslavement that would tell me the sun is coming out when anybody with eyes can plainly see that a storm is upon us. If one were to watch only the news and never venture out to speak to real people with real problems, indeed all would seem like another episode of Leave it To Beaver. Oh yeah, I saw in a newspaper that Anderson Cooper of CNN was attacked while reporting from Egypt where there is a revolution. I thought to myself, 'that little twit. He probably deserved it. After all, we have to consider the source and Egyptians know who this banana head really is. He comes from a long line of money powered people that have made not only Egyptian life hard, but for the lives of average citizens the world over. Instead of the name Anderson Cooper, he should have changed his name to Napolean Dynamite. At least the character in that movie is more believable and approachable than this anchorman.

When I want to know what the news is, I either ask my friends, family or co-workers and/or if I take to the internet, I pick and choose very carefully. Oh yeah, for the weather, I will be looking out the window or checking a real time radar loop to see where the green is ;-)

Since I have been back in Mass., I have had to hit the ground running. I am looking for work, spending time with my children - and this is a great blessing. I cherrish seeing them and holding them and kissing them (now that I don't have impetigo - ugghhh) on a daily basis. I am helping my soul mate to relocate with her children as the money I make is no longer good enough to pay a mortgage. The lives of my kids are going to change - again - and when they are in pain, I am in pain. All I can hope to do is make their landing a little softer for them - and I will :-|

Living, loving and worshipping Paula is the greatest thing I have had in this lifetime. I never thought there could be a love so great and strong. I knew it was her when I first looked into her eyes. It's like how Paula described how she knew it was me, in her recent video in Twin Flame Signs. She knew by the way I touched her and how my body looked and felt. Well...I knew it was her by not only the look in her eyes, but also by the scent of her womanhood. That's right! I knew it was her also by the way she smelled. I am not talking about perfume. Paula does not need perfume to smell good even though she puts it on anyway. :-) There is a scent that only Paula has that draws me to her and lets me know this is the one.

Since we have been apart, we've tried the journeying thing with each other and...drum roll please... IT WORKS! I can hear her quite clearly at times and she can hear me. I crawl up to bed with her nightly. The old phone trick still works. I wanted her to call me one time and within 60 seconds of that initial thought or wish I had, my phone rang and it was her. I asked her as soon as I began the conversation what her thoughts were just before she began to dial my number. She said she felt compelled to call me and so she did. :-)

I can honestly say that since we've been apart, and I am being completely honest with you, that I have wondered because of the immense feeling of pain if I was going to die. I have had pains all over my torso that I cannot even explain - not to mention, those red blotches. I can't even begin to describe the feeling, I just know it feels horrible. The last time we had to separate, it was bad but with each day that we do live, love and connect with each other, the times when we have to part, are much harder and unhealthy for us. Each time we separate, pain increases. I am trying to stay alive so that we can finally make a life with each other. I am not giving up and neither is Paula. However, just as she cannot live without her children, my time spent away from my children back in Massachusetts is equally as painful for me. In fact, I would say that it could be deadly for me because my heart breaks when I'm without them. I don't know how other guys can just leave their kids and see them once or twice a year and never really get to know them and help shape them. It would be different if my kids were grown, but they are not. With the money I was making in Ohio, I would only get to see them maybe once a year. Some children never even get to know their real Dad. Well... I am not that guy! Brendan is NOT THAT GUY!!! This is where the real balancing begins. How can I still be a part of my kids lives by not being a part-time dad and make a stable life for Paula and I. 

If you recall or read back in the journal, I lost my job twice after Paula moved out here the first time and this created financial chaos in our lives and in the end, she had to move back to Ohio because surgery put her out of work. This also put us in debt. Thanks a lot Napolean Dynamite or is it, Anderson Vanderbilt? Whatever! I am determined to give it another shot because I love Paula and love our kids. 

Anyway, soon as I got back to Massachusetts I found out my truck did not meet Mass. vehicle inspection codes of conduct according to the UCMJ established by the police athletic commision league under article 9, section 7, paragraph #3 on how to break the back of an honest, hard working american citizen who is just trying to make an honest income to support the ones he loves in an honest story that is turning out to be more like Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Interesting, whenever I think of that movie, all I can see are those guys on the backs of fire engines hauling arse up the road to go confiscate books containing knowledge. LOl.  But hey, they say the economy is turning around. WooHooooo!

So, aside from driving around with a great big reject sticker on my windshield, that is RED in COLOR mind you, I had to get my computer fixed just so I can keep the site going. BTW - I am not kidding about the sticker :-) Somehow, someway my truck failed the emissions test and until I get a job, I cannot afford to get it fixed. I did manage to get the windshielf fixed because a rock flew up and cracked it when I was living in Ohio. So, that's one thing down. Then, I had my buddy Glen fix my computer which has been out of commission for months now. Thank God Paula's computer worked.

Anyway, Glen fixed my computer and he said that I could pay him what I could afford. No big deal. I gave him a hundred dollars because I know it would have cost me at least 3 to 4 hundred to have any other place do it. And, if I'm gonna pay 4 hundred dollars, why not by a new computer. On top of that and because Glen is spiritual and is into meditation and Aikido, I offered to find his higher self for him. Of course, when I said this, I had to explain everything I was doing because we had not had a conversation at length about spirituality in several years. He remembered about my practicing remote viewing and all that, but I had to fill him in on what was up as of late. (Glen is the guy who recommended I read Carlos Castaneda) So, we did that over a beer and he was very interested in it all. He is now a visitor of Collapsing Duality as well. I think he likes it and he gets the whole concept of Twin Flames/Soul mates. Whatever the case, I told him I'd find his higher self and I did just that.

I'm going to keep this part short and then write about it more in length over at Pyramid News. Here's the short of it:

Glen's higher self name is Ing'namaron
While working w/Elloweina in achieving the correct spelling of his name, Ing'namaron joined us and helped us get the spelling right. Note: I was surprised at this because the being does not always happen. While journeying to Elloweina, his face starting popping in and out until he was standing right there. He was very happy and eager to help in what we were doing. Ing'namaron is part of pyramid soul families. I was shown firsthand by him what the layout of the land of his home looks like from high up and also, a very large 4-sided pyramid that glowed in gold. Skin tone was pasty white, unlike Protilius' skin that shows in either light blue, gold and usually has energy flowing though it. Eyes were like Protilus' eyes. Height - about the same. 4 to 5 feet tall. Ing. had teeth like Protilius - rather human looking teeth - not like a vampire ;-) lOL.

I will be adding Ing'namaron's name to the pyramid of souls very soon and talk a bit more about it on Pyramid News.

The next day, I told Glen that I found him and gave him my written notes. He thanked me and said he is going to give journeying a try. We laughed about the name because even I had to go over it again and again with Elloweina. The names always amaze me because I never know what it's gonna be.

- break -

I just want to thank Kristine and John for the latest Twin Flame Story. 

Thank you



Hi everybody.  I wanted to do a journal update to tell you what is happening these days.  First of all, Brendan and I are having to venture apart for awhile.  We both feel so deeply like dying when this happens. We are just needed in two different places right now.  We have a higher purpose to become closer and one with God.  This is not an easy road to travel.  There are many tears and pain when we have to go our separate ways. We know this is a growth period and another awakening to higher spirituality.  I have no doubt that we'll be together again sooner than later. We will rejoice when we can again take the Twin Flame path together again in the physical.  For now we'll have to rely on our journey's and meditations.  We'll have to rely on the feelings and vibrations of each other to feel the essence of being one.  I'll go back to the days when I could see and feel him in my visions.  Brendan is my connection and I am his.  We can experience our love from great distances which is what we'll do.

To Brendan:
I love you and miss you calling me lovely or magnanimous in person.  We've been through this before.  We'll make it...Love.


Here is a video that Brendan and I did before he left.  This is just us fooling around trying to get used to the video camera.  The footage is raw and the sound quality isn't great.  Brendan was just getting over the flu.  We had so much fun that night just doing what we love and that's working together.  I hope you enjoy the video.  You can only go to this video through the link below. Lots of Love,  Paula
The link to the video is:


Shortly after we added Pretalumina and Omorowaan to the Pyramid of Souls, after about a year and a half of trying, we were finally able to retrieve the name of Kristin's higher self, which is: Medeiriana. Medeiriana, when pronounced by Elloweina and Iparoth, it sounds more like MA-DEAR-E-AHH-NA

Whatever the case, we did it :-) I've said it before and I'll say it again, these things take time and I believe that sometimes, they never happen. In the end, I'm glad we were able to find out the spirit name of Kristin who is our friend.

Update - Since finding Kristin's higher self name, Kristin requested that I ask Elloweina if her Twin Flame was indeed who she thought it was. Last night I asked Elloweina if this was true and she said, without hestitation, "absolutely he is her Twin Flame." You can read his name on The Pyramid of Souls page, next to Kristin's - HERE

- break -

The Hunter and Superman page has been updated. You may find a link to it HERE in case you missed it. Thank you, Hunter :-)

- break -

In the last journal entry I wrote about how Paula's ability to be a seer and journeyman have stepped way, way up! At the time I wrote the last journal, I didn't mention that the way Paula has been seeing everything is because Idavathian had introduced her to, what most people would refer to as, The All Seeing Eye also known as the Eye of Horus. Paula told me, even before I wrote the last journal entry that when she passes through the eye of horus, in journey mode, she is basically catapulted at light speed and then suddenly, she can see every person, place and thing. She told me she can do this and that when she does, nothing is hidden. Every night she goes to bed, as soon as she shuts her eyes, it's automatic and she's off journeying.

At the time she mentioned this to me, I thought about the Eye of Ra and the All Seeing Eye, but didn't connect the dots any further. That was until about 4 nights ago, I decided to go find it for myself.

Going into journey mode, at first everything appeared black and then I noticed the eye and it appeared as if it were suspended in mid air like some sort of giant ornament just hanging there. I went right up to it and circled it, all the while examining it. Then, as soon as I intended to go through the eye, I felt my body get sucked in and went right through eye. As soon as I did it was - BAMMM!!! Light speed, I was off. My intention was to see if I could actually see everybody like what Paula said. Sure enough, I could or so it seemed. There were people in layers like she said and I noticed that as soon as I intended to look through or see better any one particular person, every body else just went out of focus and then my vision was centered on the one person. In this case, it was man doing something around a green table. Then, as soon as I lost interest in any person, place or thing, my focus returned to seeing everything again.

The next few nights I did the same thing and with no protest from Idavathian. This time, I decided to have a look through the cosmos and after a trip that seemed to move at light speed, I saw so many clusters of solar systems and planets and stars - I mean it's as if it were all so much more alive than when we look up at the moon with a telescope. Everything just seemed so much more alive.

The only thing I can compare the Eye of Horus to, is that of the Assemblage Point that I have had the pleasure of working with as well. I learned about the Assemblage Point simply from reading Carlos Castaneda. Like with the All Seeing Eye of Horus, I too was amazed when I found the Assemblage Point.

For now, the only difference I can see between the two are that the Eye of Horus can see everything as a whole and even switch to a single minute particle. When utilizing the Assemblage Point, I noticed that it only worked with a singular focus and could not be used on a macrocosmic level for seeing. However, all the bells and whistles are there for a cosmic roller coaster ride. Both The Eye of Horus and The Assemblage Point offer this feeling of being shot out of a cannon. It's really, really amazing and now I know what Paula is talking about. WOW!

I think it's amazing that when Paula and I journey, we can share things with each other and then confirm them for accuracy. Most of the time, especially in this case, we are most definitely dealing with the Eye of Horus. We knew this was BIG - Important - Special in some way. There is just so much synchronicity in all of this. We've both been drawing this eye since we were kids. I have painted it on many of my paintings from the early nineties. We've both been sketching this great big eye with rays of light coming out of it. I started sketching it after a vision I had one night back in 1989. At the same time, I became interested in pyramids and ancient egypt. But what does this mean?

That's why we took to the internet over the past 2 days and found numerous articles but one stood out to us and it was by an author who specializes in Ancient Civilizations, symbology and cultures. Her name is Thais Campos. The link to her article is here: The Meaning of The All Seeing Eye.

I urge you to read this article. I think you will find it informative to say the least and puts to rest some of the misuses of Egyptian symbology by certain cults/belief systems that Paula and I do not promote.

After reading the article which was such a synchronicity in and of itself, Paula and I have really been able to connect some dots. First of all, Horus is in the last name of our higher selves. Ermphorus. Secondly, the article talk about transcending the duality of mind. What is more it says, right from the beginning that "The Eye of Horus holds a secret message and in order to see the truth, one must transcend the duality of mind."

Ladies and gentleman, what is the name of this site? Exactly! LOL!

Other things that caught my attention in this article is the fact that disciples went through a "mystery school." Let me tell you, we have no real instructors down here on earth. I think we're all learning from each other. But at night, in dreamtime, the instructors are angels and pyramid people. I have written in the past about experiences I've had in the dreamstate where I am with all of these people and we're learning about everything from the cosmos to plant and animal life here on earth. I have been shown animals that exist here on earth, but only they are in their energetic state. What was it all for? I have to ask the question because I felt like I've been in some sort of school for the longest time. Does our finding the Eye of Horus mean that we've Collapsed Duality or have transcended it? In my own humble opinion, I don't think we would be gifted with the Eye of Horus had we not - at least, according to this article by Thais Campos.

I also learned from another site that the Eye of Horus has 7 parts and each is a measurement. However, the 7 parts are also 7 steps to consciousness - the last of which is The Eye itself. What is more, the last of those measurements is: 1/64 which equals the number 11.

as an end note: who would have ever thought that The All Seeing Eye was just that - All Seeing! But it is more - it is a portal but not in the singular sense of that word. This is a portal of absolute connectedness in every sense.

- break -

If you haven't been there in awhile, we've been re-working the Twin Flame Signs page to incorporate Paula's videos to coincide with each Twin Flame Sign. Plus - we'll be adding signs. In fact, we've added 1 new sign in the past 24 hours. Check it out - HERE

Slowly but surely, we're also re-working the Profiles page where folks get to submit their stories to us for publishing. Check it out - HERE

Well, that is all for now, folks. Paula is wrapping up another video which should be due out today or tomorrow. We actually tried a video together and it would have been a winner had my voice not been so nasally. Unfortuanately, I am still getting over that flu from last week.

In the meantime, I will be working on an article which has a working title for now: The Providence of Divine Union

Til Next Time -
Lots of love to you all
Collapsing Duality...Journal   Feb - July 2011
Elloweina - Click to Enlarge

Pascal's Pyramid in numbers.
Pascal's Pyramid in fractals
Pascal's Pyramid
Waclaw Sierpinski and his triangle of fractals.
Sierpinski and his triangle represents from top left to bottom right, the most basic of building blocks - all the way to infinity.
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