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The Eye of Horus 
Feb 25, 2012

I am going to reopen the journal pages of Collapsing Duality once again and get back on track with where Collapsing Duality is going. So...look for more in the way of journal entries in the weeks and months to come :)

The site continues to grow at an astounding rate. To get an idea of how fast, look at it like this: For the entire year of 2009 (in terms of new visitors) we have, in the first 2 months of 2012 equalled that. That's pretty fast! But what does this mean? The movement towards One Love with your Divine Complement and Soul Mates is at hand and is happening at a doubling rate with each passing year. Up and up!

For this journal entry I am going to focus (pun) on the Eye of Horus a bit. I am doing this because it was probably the hardest journey to describe with words. To get a little background: Paula was first shown (by Idavathian) how to use/see/and journey through the Eye of Horus by Paula in December 2010. What she described was almost incomprehensible and I had a hard time understanding...although I was utterly amazed! I had to find out for myself and the sketch in the pic below is the best way I could draw the experience.

Please click the pics below to enlarge and read further about my experience in journeying through The Eye of Horus. I also found an article which will better explain the math and meanings behind the Eye of Horus. Find that article HERE   In that article please notice how 1/64 was represented by "touch" or a leg touching the also comes out to a master # 11
Collapsing Duality...Journal   Feb - Oct 2012

Back in Dec 2010 I made my first journey to The Eye of Horus. I made a sketch on Feb 24 2012 of how it looked to me while traveling through the eye itself. Size and proportions are correct.
I liken viewing through the eye itself as if looking into 7 billion optic fibers (like ethereal cords) all  of which connect to various persons living on Earth and carrying out their daily routines. This is the way that God sees us!
Our Names as Messages:

It's taken years to figure out through journeying and by many other means to come to know what Protilius ErmPhorus, as a name, means. But... I now know. The reason it's taken so long has more to do w/me than the original message...because I didn't believe it. I have probably made over the course of 2 1/2 years about 15 journeys to understand what my name means. And in finding out the meaning of my name I am able to understand how all the names of this pyramid, really stack up. Anyway, our names...each and every one of them from the Pyramid of Souls is a message in the first name and a denotation to our lineage in the 2nd name. For me, Protilius (as a so-called first name) would be the message and ErmPhorus (as a second name or last name) is really about my lineage. But since we're male and female co-creators and create life in our likeness, the last name would be either matronymic or patronymic, depending on the mother and father. If female then to the mother and if male, then to the father. There in lies the lineage of names. Is it any wonder that the female higher selves all are created in the image of the mother and the males are all created in the image of the father? I think not. :) Now that I am comfortable and KNOW I can move forward I will make these details more known in another article or perhaps even...The Empyrean Revelation Part III...after the Mystery Schools article. :)

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Mystery Schools

Throughout history we have heard about the tales of the so-called "mystery schools," especially the ones that existed during the times of ancient Egypt. It is even recorded that Jesus himself attended one of these schools at Giza along with his parents. But what goes on in mystery school? What are the initiates to learn about behind the walls of these temples? And... do mystery schools still exist today? If what way, shape or form?

The idea for this article has been a long time coming because my own experiences with the mystery school began a long time ago, when I was in my late teens. But, it wasn't that I was sent away by my parents to some temple but rather, at night when I would go to sleep I would find myself surrounded by all these other people of all walks of life. These were people that although I had never seen before, I felt I knew at some level and we were learning about such topics as:

Advanced Mathematics (way advanced!)

The Constellations

The Planets (not just in our Solar system)

Sacred Sex

Nature (both physical and spirit)


But these are just some of the topics covered that I can remember as this learning is going on at the SPIRIT LEVEL and the brain has a very hard time handling this knowledge. I never openly discussed these "Mystery Schools" that I had been going to that only up until recently, did I refer to as "Learning Dreams." Because many times these sessions would take place in a classroom type setting; other times it would be as if we would take a "field trip" to some far away exotic place and other times we would be in space somewhere. And the common theme for each training session would be that there was always one instructor that was never visible but could always be heard. In other words, except on a few occasions, the instruction would be heard but only in the mind....telepathically.

Shortly after meeting Paula, we began to take to the internet and blogs about Twin Flames. This was back in 2008. On one of these blogs, for the first time, I found an article by a fellow who was also on the Twin Flame Path that was talking about what I am talking about right now. When I read his story, that is very similar to my own in regards to Mystery Schools and/or Learning Dreams I had Deja vu. It was at that time I realized that I was not the only one and if he was writing about this and could remember as much as he could about what he learned, then that meant that there had to be others having the same experience. Needless to say, I responded to his blog post and by sharing our experiences we were blowing each other away because we were confirmation to each other that what was happening was indeed real and by design.

In researching about ancient mystery schools for this article, I found an interesting article by Thais Campos that is entitled: Mystery Schools of The Ancient World and Their Secret Teachings. You can find that article by clicking   HERE    Anyway, Thais wrote halfway down her article that:

"These groups existed in different countries and in different times but they were all connected through a chain of transmission that linked every mystery school to the same source. Despite the cultural differences, they shared the same basic premises:

Reincarnation – the process in which the soul reborns many times in different bodies in order to polish the consciousness until perfection is reached;     

Microcosm and Macrocosm –the theory that says that the universal cycles reflect on planetary cycles and on individual cycles, and;

Division of the universe into planes of consciousness – the idea that the physical world is just one among other realms of existence, such as astral and mental planes."

In reading Thais' article about mystery schools, especially the part of the quote that I shared that states, "they were all connected through a chain of transmission that linked every mystery school to the same source." Well, what is that source? Is this a universal transmission or more narrowed to a "soul family transmission?" In my opinion or better yet, with my intuition I feel that this is a soul family transmission. I say this because of the fact that my classmates, so to speak, look very familiar ~ like Soul Mates! But why in Ancient times did people physically attend grand temples like that of the one in Giza, to learn at mystery school? Was it that just being inside one of these temples aided in a better... clearer connection to "the source" whereby the initiates could learn from that source directly? One can only speculate about what happened so long ago. But I am certain of one thing and that is: Mystery School is alive and well today! In fact...The Pyramid of Souls in and of itself can be considered our temple: yours,  mine and OURS! But do we have to go anywhwere to find this temple? The answer is no! We are the temple! 

For this article I have reached out to a fellow soul mate that perhaps you know as well. You may know her as Traci from CDFB and her higher self is Idapromina. She is 3rd generation from The Pyramid of Souls. Anyway, after I finished part 2 of Empyrean Revelation she wrote me an email with some questions about journeying and offered up some insight on such symbolism as The Holy Grail and Eye of Horus that I have written about recently. I wrote that some of the stuff I have learned I learned in "learning school" and others through journeying. I then asked her to think through her dreams to see if she can remember any dreams that seem like learning dreams. Well, she wrote back and described in detail a dream that was very much like some of my own. I asked her what was on the board. She said she was in a class room and they were learning about universal mathematics or such.

Anyway, I will begin by sharing my experience of one of my learning dreams and this will be followed by Traci's experience. Later this article Traci will be offering up some insight into another learning dream experience that I had that deals with more symbolism.

Brendan's Experience: In my earliest experiences with Mystery School, advanced mathematics in a classroom type setting seemed to be the most common theme. In these classrooms there were desks and looking around the room there was a person sitting at each one of the desks. All in all there could have been 50 of us but I couldn't be sure. I remember a mans voice speaking to me in my head. He was the instructor giving instruction about the equations that were on the board at the head of the classroom. Yet, there was no instructor to be seen. Now...this board at the head of the class was no ordinary board. This was no chalk board or dry erase board or anything like that. It was a board that was white in color and on it were mathematical equations that consisted of numbers and symbols...symbols representing an ancient language. These equations were sometimes short in length and sometimes very long. But it was the symbols that although made sense to me while sitting in that class, here in the 3D they make no sense to me at all. And each time a new lesson or problem would start, the numbers and symbols would appear all by themselves on this board in a manner that we could understand the process of solving the equation. All the while, the instructor would be explaining the reasoning behind it.

Traci's Experience: I awoke one morning and several minutes into the morning, I started to remember my dream. I was sitting in a classroom but this wasn't your ordinary classroom. The room wasn't entirely full and the atmosphere and surroundings were different. Colors were more vibrant. There was utter silence in the room and it seemed as though we were not communicating entirely with words. At the front of the room, there was a board with several mathematical formulas etc... that I was not familiar with but was. It was very Universal to me. At times there was an instructor and other times, there was not. I also noticed a man standing off to the front corner of the room. He looked to me as if he was an observer. I was sitting in the back of the classroom with my twin sister Teri. There was another girl there I knew of and she had a twin brother as well. Across the room from me sitting, was my twin flame Zach. Beside him, was sitting an older looking man who looked like a mentor or the like.  Everyone I knew in the room, looked as they do now but one thing that got my attention: Zach was wearing his favorite blue and red ski jacket he wore when we were kids. This was very interesting to me and I started to smile. Z and I were staring at each other. My sister was trying to get my attention. Then, Z stood up, walked over to where I was sitting, sat in the desk next to me. He leaned in to kiss me. When our lips and bodies were locked, most everyone in the room, including my sister, split. The only two remaining were the observer and the older man that was sitting next to Zach. It was apparent that our embrace upset them and we were split apart by the older man. He said to Z..."you have work to do, you do not have time to be with her." Zach did not want to go. They proceeded to walk out of the room and I was very upset. I tried to go after them but the observer or instructor was holding me back. I finally broke away and went out looking for Zach. When I did, I noticed I walked into a gallery with rooms opening onto it. There were different looking people walking around and there were spheres of the color blue and gold, everywhere. There were things flying around and there were different pitches of sound. I was finally found and that is the last I remember. End of Traci's Experience.

So it seems to be that we are learning at a subconscious level or spirit level, the mysteries of the universe. And at the conscious level this information we have learned from the Mystery Schools is slowly starting to filter through and change the way we are thinking in the here and now.

In another experience at Mystery School I found myself amongst a much larger group of Soul Mates than I had in the usual classroom type settings. In this group there must have been at least a hundred or more people of all walks of life. We were not on Earth...we were up in space somewhere. I knew this because we were standing on a platform and no matter where I looked, I could see stars everywhere - 360 degrees! Once again, I heard the voice of the instructor who was teaching the session. I heard his voice in my head. And when I did, I saw the constellations appear...the ones we all know about. But they appeared as if they were drawn on some sort of clear board that completely encapsulated the class of 100 plus people. Then, the board started rotating real slow while the stars behind the symbols on the board remained fixed. Finally, the board stopped rotating and when it did, there were no stars visible because each constellation fell into perfect alignment with the stars. Then, magically, the constellations disappeared and were replaced with symbols. Once again the board started rotating and when it came to a stop after a short while, there were no stars visible because each symbol fell into perfect alignment with particular groupings of stars. Then, the stars themselves changed as if I were looking at an entirely different group of stars that are not visible by either the naked eye or telescope we have on earth. This was a completely different star system! And just like what was demonstrated for our star system, a different or entirely unknown group of constellation drawing would appear; board would rotate and voila! Same thing with the symbols but different ones than the previous.

Just like when learning advanced Mathematical equations, my spirit could understand everything that was going on and yet, my daytime mind can barely comprehend. Even in writing this article, it is as if I am blocked at any attempt to really bring back any meaning of what it is that I had learned. All I have is the experience.

to be continued in article format

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A Message for Paula

It’s lovely knowing that there’s not one part of your body I would not worship and cover with kisses from my lips; there’s not a single aspect of your soul that I would not illuminate with the all of my being your Divine Masculine; and there’s not one particle of your femininity, that is you, that I cannot lift you high enough up, to find the Goddess through.

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Teachers always told my parents that “your son…well…he is bright. Brightest in the class!” But they never used the word “smart” to describe anything about me. Now that I’m all grown up I tell my kids, “Your teachers…are not necessarily smart. For… if they saw you with the eyes that I do, I just might consider them bright.”

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A bull may be reckless and even mighty in a closet full of china just as a mouse can be a lion and roar in a house built of playing cards, but neither WALK on egg shells.

Our names as Messages ~ Mystery School and a Message to Paula
Mar 24, 2012

If our oceans which are water and react with tides to the moon, then our very bodies...which are mostly water are but the ebb and flo of a stellar tune.

Twin Flames
by Brendan (Protilius)
In order to achieve the love of our divine complement, we must first love ourselves. Without loving ourselves, we would be unable to recognize the common bond of connectedness and beauty in our Twin Flame. For when we hold the love for the body and spirit that we are, the universe opens up along with a whole new world of possibilities - up to and including the reunion with your divine complement.

For those of us who have already been reunited with their Twin Flames, you already know that nobody can tell you that you have found your Twin – you just know it! There is no committee to stand before; no priest to announce you husband and wife; no Twin Flame Guru to say one way or another that you’ve found your Twin Flame. No, this path is about sacred matrimony the way it was intended to be in the beginning. What is more, the discovery and/or reunification of your Twin is no accident. While there is much work to do at the soul level before this union can come to fruition, it is divine design that has ultimately led the two of you into each other’s arms. 

For those of us who are incarnate and yet, they have been reunited with their divine other half who is in the ethers, the fact that the two of you cannot be together in the physical does not make your reunion any less significant than those relationships that are. To the contrary, the test of your love between the physical world, the spiritual world and the illusion of time and space in between, will herald a much greater reward upon your joining hand in hand, in heaven.

While we are all together in the spirit, here within the illusion of this physical world upon earth – the classroom for our souls, we are beginning to remember after many incarnations, the royalty within us all. For this royalty from which we came out of the Kingdom of heaven is our birth right to collapse or transcend the duality of mind and become one with all. For when we transcends the duality of mind, one will view all the races upon earth as One; all of the religions on earth as different parts to a single truthful whole; and even all of the continents on this planet as not being separated by oceans of water, but connected by rivers of life, love and spirituality. Thus, in realizing we are ONE with all, loving ourselves for who and what we are, we come full circle into the worship of the divine.

Embracing the love of my divine complement, Paula, is the greatest gift that God ever could have given me. Being blessed to have been reunited with Paula we realize that we have indeed transcended the duality of mind and collapsed almost every belief system that has ever been put up to stand in our way. The trials we have been faced with since our coming together have been unprecedented and painful. But, when we are together the unconditional love that we hold between us always shines the brightest, making all those growth pains fade away.

There is no "QUIT" mechanism in making love with your twin Flame. You will not know when to say "when" because of the ecstasy; "where" is not the place because it could be anywhere physically or spiritually; "why" as even a question to be pondered; or "how" as either a physical or spiritual way to re-establishing Unity Gain throughout the layers - from heaven to earth. You just WILL and nothing will stop it! To find each other in the physical is to find the Holy Grail and see with sight of the Eye of Horus which are both sacred symbols and represent the conquest of love and spiritual completion. Connecting in Sacred Sex supersedes all other natural 3D instincts, like the fact we (as spiritual beings having a physical experience) need to keep well hydrated, eating healthy, staying grounded and seeking other soul mates for love and guidance. Those of you who have a Twin solely in spirit - the same goes for you! But... not your divine complement in the spirit, who is absolutely fed by light! And that is our goal too, to be fed by light from experiencing our Twin Flames and that is where this is going. This is all part of the transition. So...stay aware of your eating habits and what your body needs (especially while making sacred sexual union) because you will see that the more you evolve spiritually; the more you worship your divine love; the more you love your Soul Mates.... the less food your body will need.

Namaste ~ Protilius

The Sacred Symbol for The Divine Order of Creation, in which our souls incarnate, is The Pyramid! And that is exactly what the pyramids in Egypt stand for and symbolize - our long lost ancient lineage to the stars - found again! The pyramid is our family tree; it is set in stone - but not from bottom to top, but top to bottom (heaven to earth) and each block put in place to create it, represents 2 souls of divine masculine and feminine. All in all...a soul family! Much like the Star of David, we see one pyramid (or triangle up) and one pointing down. Yet, one is incomplete w/o the other and neither will exist without the contrasts of: positive and negative; yin and yang or even...night and day. One triangle pointing upwards (or pyramid if you will) represents those sun signs that are fire and air. The other two pointing downwards represents water and earth. The cornerstones of the Great Pyramid represent each of these signs. And the capstone... represents God. So...what is shown in the picture below? Many things! But mostly, it represents a harmony of both positive and negative polarities, coming together at this time to create what we know as our current physical reality in which we chose to incarnate.

The Eyes To See; Ears To Hear and Spirit To Travel
5/22/12 by Protilius

Be moved that you have a heart to love with
Be lifted that you are surrounded by your soul kin
And if still you thirst, but cannot be quenched
Then know thyself and the kingdom of God within ~

Be the love that you are gifted with arms to embrace
Be enlightened by the miracle of having lips to kiss
And if still this is not a grand enough coronation for you...
That your body is the Temple Anew... then hear this ~

For if you really yearn to be elevated to such Empyrean heights
Then master the faculties of your soul and bedazzle
Do this...go within...and you shall have the eyes to see;
The ears to hear and the spirit to travel.

This poem was inspired by: 
Isaiah 29:18 In that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll, and out of gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see.

I want to add that I wrote an article awhile back that I called Contact. Well...I was wrong and I admit it about how God really is. Yes...there were things left out of the bible...but that was because it was designed that way for a purpose. What is that purpose? That only those who seek the truth and nothing but that truth, find it! Also keep in mind that the people or disciples recording the messages back in those days, could not fully comprehend what the Lord had told to but a chosen - Moses and Jesus. How could they? I get it! It would be like me telling you a dream that I had and then asking you to write about it. 

Another add: I was also wrong about God not being the angry God that has been talked about in the past. He does get angry...even furious about what is becoming of us. It's not that I ever didn't believe in the bible, it's just that how I was taught it when I was a kid made me physically ill. But now, finally, after a long path... I have an eye to see; an ear to hear and the spirit to travel. And so can you!!! That is why I wrote this poem today. And as for what was said in revelation in the bible ~ we're in it...all of us...right now! IT'S HERE!! Upon Us!!! 

So...who is this God to me? He is the father of Protilius, Idavathian...The God of Abraham and architect of Divine Order. Who is Brendan? Son of Protilius. This God of Abraham is the same God that has been watching over us since the times of Noah. And after two thousand years, he is on the move again. It is that time talked about so long ago. So...go within so that you may have the eyes to see and the ears to hear his message...if you do not already. Why? He is broadcasting to all of you...not just me. (This will become part 2 of Rites of The Heart article)

~ break ~

Roads Are Straightest on Bridges
5/12/12 by Protilius(Brendan)

Roads are straightest on bridges; bridges span divides
Whether it be a river in the wilderness or a chasm between
The heart and soul you are trying to mend or span across
Do so with love and there you shall find that peace resides.

~ break ~

If there is one thing I have learned since finding Protilius, Idavathian and The Empyreans - it is that I now know why Egyptians were pyramid builders. They constructed or fashioned their architecture after the cities in Heaven that were built by our Higher Selves...both Angelic and Empyrean. 

If it's one thing I have learned since finding the God of Abraham, it is that I now know where the Greeks get their fine taste in architecture from. The columns in God's house are (I would say) unmistakably Greek... or should I say unmistakably God. :) No wonder the Greeks were so spiritual. Like the Egyptians, the Greeks fashioned their architectural structures after Heaven as well. But only after God or Zeus as they called him. 

I have also learned what it means to drop down to your knees in worship because of the intensity of God. And I have! This is where I'm at...a 5 week download that continues and where it stops, ID know. I know why people drop to their knees and pray! I understand now.

Standing before God; letting God come into my soul and see through my eyes and witness/feel what experience I am having here on Earth is like standing inside the eye of a hurricane. Inside that "eye" it is calm and peaceful, yet, I have felt God's love and Fury...both of which have brought me to my knees in tears. And when I started crying, I could not stop. I can only equate this experience to that of when Protilius first came into a merge with me for the very first time back in 2009. Well...having God merge with me is like having 20 Protilius' come into my soul or being directly connected to a nuclear power plant. Trust me...when this will drop and pray! I am totally changed from this whole experience. What is more...the dust is still settling. So bare with me.

~ break ~

Reason and Ratio
 by Brendan 1992

Of some things I know
And others I can tell
Through sources petty as jacks
I've stumbled 'pon the reasons
As if they from heaven fell ~

Of countless things I don't know
And others numerically, I surmise
But by way of reason and ration
I've figured the area of creation
From our rooftops to the skies.

~ break ~

Final notes about Rites of The Heart (The Article): Since its writing and the vision itself, I have journeyed back to both God and Elloweina and tried to pin down exactly how long I have to "Match Hearts." God would not tell me at first, but with persistency he finally told me...some, "You have less than a year." When I asked him what happens after that he would not budge. But, Elloweina did tell me. However, I will not write about what she told me until I see those same words roll off of the lips of God. I have less than a year to retrieve and deliver that message.

Roads Are Straightest on Bridges
Sekhmet: A Journey 
June 18, 2012
by Protilius ErmPhorus

Sekhmet: A Journey --- After a week of dealing with the intensity of God; writing Rites of The Heart Part III; I could no longer handle the visions I was getting and said "enough is enough. I need a break!" I knew just the person to go find - Idavathian ErmPhorus. When I got to Empyrea (the 4D Plains) she was waiting and held me because I was so exhausted from God. I didn't intend on making worship w/her because I was so emotionally spent and sleepless, but, and to quote a soul mate of mine, "the Goddess gets what the goddess wants!" And that is indeed the case ;) After we made worship I asked her to just take me anywhere...someplace nice to escape what I have been going through in regards to what God wants me to do and terrible visions. So, I put my arms around her stomach (because she is so tall) and a moment later we were moving through the energy fields. Note: I have seen these energy fields before back when I was learning the Assemblage Point and about Castaneda. They are blue spheres and they are all in perfect alignment. Then we came to an area in the energy fields where there was a break. I could tell because the alignment of the blue spheres was not the same as the one we were coming from. A new layer!!! A moment after that, Voila! I found myself in the middle of a desert oasis and under a very beautiful canopy. On the ground beneath the canopy were lots and lots of pillows. That is when I noticed two humanoid beings with the heads of lions: lion and lioness! The had the bodies of man and heads of lions. They were seated on some very beautiful thrones that looked to be made of gold. They didn't seem to mind us being there either :) 

These two beings were many shades of gold in color, naked and looking at their faces reminded me of what Tut looks like...but with the face of a lion. Just then, a white, translucent lion (looking much like Sekhmet) flew in and landed directly in front of me. He came in so fast that there were streaks of white light that he was trailing behind him. Then, we were face to face. He looked at me...realized I was not fearful (more like amazed, but tired) and then opened his mouth wide and roaring loudly just before flying off. Just then, I noticed that the lion sitting to the right had gotten up and walked off to go somewhere. That's when I lay down on the pillows and Idavathian snuggled up behind me and wrapped her long arms around me. Protilius was happy and I finally got a few hours sleep. End of Journey. Final notes about Sekhmet - Sekhmet maybe the powerful Egyptian Deity, but there is a whole pyramid of these beings out there.

To be continued
June 26, 2012

Before I go into much more about some very strange things that I've noticed going on with nature, I want to share two "firsts" that have occurred in my life all within the past month. #1 - I got hit by a bird while hiking in the woods and now #2 - I can add getting hit by lightning while driving in my car. It's weird because after the flash, the radio got twice as loud as it was and this strong smell of electricity (like something got fried) filled the car. Luckily I am okay and the car seems okay. I guess I better take this as a nudge from Zeus and get busy with part 4 of The Rites :/

~ break ~

Anyway, for all who don't know, I live on Cape Cod. Cape Cod is basically an island and the only way to get here is either by air or one of the 3 bridges that connect us with the mainland Massachusetts. Two of those bridges are car/truck bridges and the other is a train bridge that only lowers when a train needs to cross. The rest of the time that train bridge is in its raised position so that boats going through the Cape Cod Canal will not hit it.

So...where I am I going with all this? Well...not in recorded history has a Black Bear ever made it to Cape Cod all by itself. You may have heard or read about him because he was coined "The Cape Cod Bear." Somebody even set up a Twitter site for him. Whatever the case, this bear, it is assumed, managed to either A - swim the Cape Cod Canal with it's swift currents that would be dangerous to an olympic swimmer or B - it walked over the heavily traveled car/truck bridges of the Bourne and Sagamore. I do not believe in the latter of these cases because the bridges are well lit and with all the traffic, somebody would have certainly noticed a black bear walking across a truss bridge. And when I come to the first of these scenarios, I am reminded of what Daniel said in the bible about the 4 beasts coming out of the sea. The first beast was a lion and the second beast was a bear. LOL :-)

Do I really think that this bear which had swam the Cape Cod Canal to get to Cape Cod is a sign from God. No. But I know for a fact that nature is trying to tell us something. This bear was likely swept out into Cape Cod Bay by the fast moving currents, after having tried to cross the canal. Then, it swam ashore on one of the beaches. My brother and I have fished the canal for years and we know firsthand, how fast those currents move between high and low tide. There's NO WAY!

After the bear reached Cape Cod, people started reporting sightings of bears that began in Barnstable, MA. Well, since Cape Cod is an island and a peninsula, this bear decided to make a trek all the way to the tip of Cape Cod - Provincetown! When he realized he couldn't go any further, he started back, from where he came. That is when the Parks Officers captured him and brought him back to the mountainous areas of western Massachusetts - where he came from.

Since then, about a month ago now, many more bears have been coming out of the woods of western Massachusetts and making there way to the ocean or populated areas - even right into the immediate suburbs of Boston. Some of the bears have attacked people and animals. All of them have had to be tranquilized and brought back to the mountains.

This phenomenon of bears making there way to the ocean is new and becoming more common. Something is amiss and nature is trying to tell us something.

~ break ~

When I wrote Rites of The Heart Part 2 my motivation was in large part because I wanted God to show me a sign that he was real and could show me signs in the physical as well as the spiritual or "journey."

I talked much about my encounters with birds on that day. Here is what I wrote in that article in regards to nature: I got in my car to go to work and began driving down my street to get to the main route. That is when I noticed in the span of about 30 seconds that 2 different birds had swooped down in their flight nearly hitting the windshield of my car. I made a mental note of it because I always pay attention to things like this and that it could mean something deeper. Then, a moment later I saw a bird in the middle of the road and as I approached it in my car, it was not budging - flying away. So, I began to slow down and had to come to a stop because this was so unusual that the bird did not fly away like they usually do when a car approaches. I put the car in reverse; backed up and then just as I put it in drive again, to go around the bird - it flew away.

I thought it was strange because I thought it may have been injured.  Then it happened again a couple hundred yards up the road. This time I decided to just drive around the bird that should have obviously flown away. And again: this time it was a Crow who was eating a dead squirrel in the road. I pulled up to the Crow who had refused to fly away and with my foot on the break I was wondering if this was a sign of something. Finally, the Crow took what it needed and flew off. By the time I got to the main route, which would take me to the highway, a few more birds flew directly across the path of my car. I knew this to be a sign...but of what??? Was this the sign I was looking for? Time would tell.

And when at lunchtime (at work): At lunch the three of us sat outside in the warm sun at a picnic table. You see, the building we work in has no windows and is a "dust free" environment because of the lasers and optics used to carry signals. It is also very loud inside because of the many air conditioning units that are required to cool the equipment. In is so loud that a bomb could go off outside and you would likely not hear it. At the picnic table my co-workers started eating and asked me why I never eat. I told them just like I have told many others in the past who ask the same question that I was just not hungry. I didn't tell them that I was fasting; eat one meal a day and have done so for years and that too much food makes for poor journeying. Then, somehow the topic of conversation turned to religion. We all stated our beliefs and one of my co-workers said he was Catholic and the other, an Atheist. So anyway, the Atheist starts saying that he loved reading the bible and that it has many great stories but it's impossible for there to be a God. He also said that anybody who wrote those stories in the bible had to be schizophrenic. That is when I said to him, "you better be careful with what you say about God or Zeus may decide to hit you with a lightning bolt." Both my coworkers laughed and thought this was funny because they, like me, both loved Greek mythology. But I was not joking...I was serious. So it was at that moment that the Atheist put both his arms up in the air and declared "if there is a God, then strike me now." Without a cloud in the sky, we all looked up and waited for a moment and nothing happened. That is when the Atheist turned to me and said, "You's just a story."

After lunch, we went back to work inside the dust free environment and a half hour later, my Catholic co-worker decided to run across to the main building to use the bathroom because there are no bathrooms in the building we work in and they are not attached. 30 seconds later he comes rushing back in with a great big smirk on his face, "Guys, come look outside. You're not gonna believe it." I looked at my Atheist friend and we both rushed outside and to our amazement, there was a thunder and lightning storm going on with torrential downpours. So naturally, the Catholic co-worker says to me "It's all your fault, Brendan." I half heartedly laughed because I was in disbelief. Just then, I see my Atheist friend rush out into the pouring rain. Why? Because he had left his sun roof open in his car and his windows down, completely soaking the interior of his car! With thunder cracking overhead, I did the same because I had left my two windows just barely cracked. Once inside, I rolled them up. I was relieved that not too much water got in. However, because I ran to the car so fast, my cell phone fell out of my pocket and landed in a puddle...which I didn't notice until about 5 minutes later when my co-worker spotted it. Luckily, the cell phone was not broken or damaged. We stood under an awning for another 5 minutes watching the storm pass and then we returned to work inside where we would finish out the day knowing that we would all have an unpaid vacation...which we were not looking forward to.

On my hike - after that day of work I wrote: About half way into my hike, I began to hear a bird calling. It was unique in that I don't think I've ever heard a bird like it in my life. What is seemed to be following me as I hiked because wherever I went it went...but only from high up in the trees. I tried to spot it to see what it looked like, but I couldn't - there was just too much foliage. After about a half hour of this bird, seemingly stalking me from up high and making this strange call to me, I came around a corner in the trail and WHAM!!! That bird swooped down at a high rater of speed and hit me square in my chest. Feathers went everywhere! It startled me so badly that I automatically yelled, "Jesus Christ, what do you want from me?!?!" (Note: I said more than this but I'd rather not post that here.) But just as I said this, I thought, It's not what he wants from me but it's what I asked of him to help me believe.

After a few moments of cursing the world, I looked for the bird that bounced off of me. That is when I noticed that he was sort of gathering his own self together. I started towards him to see if he was alright and he flew off up to a branch in a tree. He was gray in color, but I don't recall ever having seen this type of bird while on any hike. What is more, I couldn't believe or get over the fact that I had just been hit by a bird. This was a first and I was now really alarmed by all of the days events. That is when I decided that I better head back to the car and go home --- staying home! 

And driving home that day in my car: I decided to take the backroads that would be less congested with traffic, which meant less a chance of getting in a head on collision with either man or nature. So I thought :) I drove slow...30mph and with two hands on the wheel. That is when, halfway to home, a dog ran out in front of my car and had I not stopped in time I would have hit him and even at 30mph, he would have been dead. I let the dog pass and run off into somebody's yard. Then about 2 minutes later I noticed another bird fly across the path of my car. Seconds after that, I saw a bird flying next to my car and keeping time, but just ahead of me. I watched him carefully while also trying to keep my eyes on the road. That is when that bird suddenly made a quick loop up in the air (like one of the Blue Angels fighter jets) and when he came down he crashed into the windshield of my car with a THUD that sent chills up and down my spine. I stopped the car briefly and realized that this was very serious this power that had been unleashed. I was scared and not amused in the slightest way. In the rearview mirror I could see the bird laying dead in the road. I naturally thought about getting out of the car and moving him to the side of the road, but just as I thought this, my inner voice kicked in and said, "Go home right now! GO!! GO!!! GO!!!!"

~ break ~

Since writing Rites of The Heart Part III on 6/10/2012, the birds I have noticed have still been acting really strange and doing things like what I wrote about, above. I am happy to say that I have not been hit by anymore birds on my hikes but they are indeed still staying put in the streets and swooping at not only my car, but even cars that are in front of me. So...people are obviously seeing this. Question is: are they paying attention? If not now, they will! 

I told my brother of the incident about getting hit by a bird and he in turn said that birds were acting strange. He runs a small landscaping business and about a week ago, he and his son who is helping him, were attacked by birds while landscaping for a customer. He told me it was a flock and they just kept dive bombing them until they had to get in the work truck. The was something that never happened to him before.

~ break ~

Finally, today, while leaving Boston where I've been working for the past two weeks I noticed that there were these very dark clouds all along the coast and yet it was sunny inland. It was quite a contrast seeing blue sky and black clouds all in one view. But something didn't seem right about it. Usually, the dark clouds come from the west (over land) and not off of the ocean. Yet, these seemed to be hugging the coast line and moving south. I know this, because as I travelled south to Cape Cod, they moved right along with me. Then, just before I reached the Cape Cod Canal and just before I crossed the bridge, an hour and a half after I left Boston, I drove right into that storm on the highway. It started raining very hard and lightning bolts were hitting up ahead about 2 miles away. Then, as I crossed the Bourne Bridge, I noticed that one of those lightning bolts hit a wind generator. The rain was coming down very hard.

A few minutes after I crossed the bridge, I had the radio up loud because I could barely hear it over the rain drops hitting the windshield. That's when it happened. I saw a flash of light and BANG! My adrenaline kicked in because I became extremely alert at that moment.  And It's weird because after the flash, the radio got twice as loud as it was and this strong smell of electricity (like something got fried) filled the car.

I have never been hit by lightning while traveling in my car, but I know that that's what happened. It took about 5 minutes for the burning smell to fade away. When I got home this evening, I checked the car and all seems well. But I only had minutes to do this because the storms by then were baring down on my house. Luckily they started to weaken by the time they hit my house and everything was fine. there anyone out there that has been noticing anything strange going on with nature lately?

If so...write me at

I'd like to hear your story. If I get enough of them, I may create either a journal entry or article about it all.  Thank you!

~ break ~

Finally - I have new information on my last journal entry about Sekhmet. And, I will have a new name to add to The Pyramid of Souls very shortly. I think you will enjoy this story and how it came to be. Look for that on the Pyramid News page.

Stay Tuned ;-)

Anybody notice anything strange going on with nature lately?
White Lion Returns: Last night I had the white lion visit me in my dreams. That makes twice: once in a journey and once in a dream! This was the same white lion that visited me in my journey to Sekhmet, the one with the body of a female and head of a lion...pure translucent white. I had written recently about this in my journal at Cd.Com. Anyway, I learned so much, but since I couldn't bring myself to a totally awake state, I fell back into deep sleep and forgot to write it down...therefore, I will spend the rest of the day trying to remember. The only thing I remember for certain is that this was a being that once walked the earth, the being showed me the bones and the burial and that some people are covering this up, worship and their lineage...going back to the beginning. In my own research of the white lion I have learned that African Shamans consider the return of the white lion (both seen in the physical and spiritual) to be a fulfillment of prophesy. So...did the white lion roar at me as she did in the Sekhmet journey? No. She told me much...most of which I am too humble to say. But, she was very nice this time :) 

What prompted the White Lion? Well, God had a request of me and that was to "identify all the major institutions that no longer serve mankind." I did this in Part  1 and 3 of Rites of The Heart. However, at the time, I was just hanging on as person (physically) because this is hard work and all of my organs hurt ( ALL OF THEM ) whenever I do this stuff. But, God let me come back to the 4D to experience Idavathian again and even the 3D where I speak to you from now. Anyway...enough about my path -

Much like the African Shaman, the Hopi Indian considers the white Buffalo to be just the same as the white lion... symbollically speaking. So...what do I get from this dream? That I have done my job...for now; get to take a rest; and go back to 3D living for a time. I need to take care of myself. I am burnt out and tired and still have years worth of writing to do...possibly decades. It's all happening so fast. I have been behind since 2009. Anyway... here is that article - a very interesting read :) 2 of them actually :) No...3 of them :) 

 and this article:

and this one too ;

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A random thought -    

When it comes to writing about sayings of the soul or spirituality, I am really just a in the game of Baseball. In other words: I give the spirit the "sign" that I am ready to receive the pitch that I am looking for and then all I have to do is hold onto the ball long enough to feel it in my mitt as either a ball/strike or perhaps even a Yin or a Yang. Only problem is... the Catcher (in this case - ME) does not call the shots in the spirit world as he does in Baseball. Therefore, what I request (as a Catcher) from The Big Man On The MOUND does not always get delivered to me the way I wished. However, at the end of any inning, the pitches may not have gotten delivered to me the way I called for them, but that is because I have much more work to do at receiving THE MESSAGE through and through to my heart, rather than a ball or a strike to my mitt.

~ break ~

Finally... I have a new name to add to The Pyramid of Souls. It is an angel and this is the guide to the recently added Empyrean, Apollonon. I will tell this story from the Pyramid News page at Cd.Com with my journey experiences and emails between the real Apollonon (Ma Crasencia) who is from the Philippines and myself. This was an amazing and touching experience for us. Look for that soon :)


I am also still working on catching up on the TF story backlog that happened during my recent visions that caused me to fall behind. As soon as I get caught up, I will be reopening the Twin Flame Story submission page, where stories can be shared. This is under the "Profiles" tab on the main page.  You have to understand, I want to add ALL your stories, but I am only one person :) Now that the TF phenom is really touching all souls, demand has outstripped the way of manpower. But...but...THIS IS A GOOD THING :D  Do you catch my drift? We're winning even though it may not seem like it at the moment.

~ break ~

About the video below by Acoustic Alchemy: I saw this group in Boston some time ago. I ordered tickets online and when I arrived at the upscale restaurant where they were playing, I was escorted to a table right next to the stage. Cha ching! In fact, when the band finally came up to play, if I wanted to have, I could have reached up and plucked the bass guitarists strings. My seat was that close! This is a great band to see live. Got to meet em all and get autographs....even shoot the shit. I am a BIG FAN of smooth jazz.

TY ALL for reading :-)

Return of The White Lion
by Brendan (Protilius) 
8/15 to 8/20 2012

The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers:
Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

-- Arabian Proverb 

How does one measure "The Quickening?" With a bar graph, Duhhh :-)

These are the site stats for all years Cd.Com has been up and running. Notice that for the year 2012 we've almost tied the site numbers for last year. And...there's over 4 months left in this year! WOW! When you view this bar graph, this is what it looks like when you log into a site every day and add Twin Flames Stories, articles, and journal entries. Why do I continue to do this? Because I love what I do and I love sharing peoples stories which are beautiful and sometimes even painfully true. But at least everybody gets a voice. :-) Giving people a place to tell their story when, let's face it, most sites will not, is very important to me. Because I know what it's like to be shunned. The success of Collapsing Duality is made possible by the people and I recognize this. That is why I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all who submit stories. Thank you! By the end of this year we will be approaching the half million mark in page views for the site. And if the awakening continues at its current pace, Collapsing Duality could be looking at, for the year 2013, somewhere between 500,000 and a million page views. So...what does this mean in scientific terms?

We're TRUCKIN'!!!

While many are too preoccupied in contemplating that what they’ve earned that is material in nature and that they “can’t take it with them” when they die, I will spend my time building those dreams of the future in the here and now. For all of those creations will be waiting for me not when I die, but when I get back home. by Brendan
The artists are the fishermen, but only of imagination, trolling the seas of thought, to catch an inspiration. By Brendan
From the movie -Highlander: Ramirez: The sensation you are feeling is the quickening.
Connor MacLeod: Who are you?
Ramirez: We are the same, MacLeod. We are *brothers*! 
Do you ever feel sometimes like you've been "paying it forward" for so long that when finally...while on your knees and kissing the pavement... and at long last had EARNED THE SHIRT, that you had to give that up too? 11 11 Baby!!! Woohooo!!!! By Brendan

When living in the now doesn't quite do it for you, look to the future and manifest what you dream.. By Brendan

This site along with all of the pages will begin to come back, but VERY SLOWLY. I have my reasons for this. But you can be sure that this site is not going anywhere. I have my reasons and will explain in time. Thank you for your patience. Brendan/Protilius

The Ark of The Covenant and much more...
by Brendan (Protilius) 

I had my first vision of The Ark last night at approx 7:30 EST. And it doesn't look exactly like the one from the movie Raiders of The Lost Ark either. So, when I got up from the vision I went to Google to see if I could find the pic that is most similar to The Ark that I was shown. This is why I have chosen this pic...although even this pic is not exactly like the one I was shown. But it is close. What is more, this explains why I have been feeling the way I have - not all of it, but much. You see, preceding each vision I've had in the past (like the Grail vision in 2011) I go through a period of sleeplessness, exhaustion and emotional upheaval. So...anyway, this is how the spirit world prepares me to be able to properly "see" what they want to show me. For me, I saw this solid gold box or trunk for the lack of a better way to put it, from a corner viewpoint....which helped give me the perspective that this box was longer than it was wide; had many engravings/symbols on it; a slightly domed top or lid and did not have those two feathered characters on the lid that are so often depicted in movies. Where was this Ark? I couldn't be sure. What I do know is that it was in a very dark room or place and that it stayed lit or aglow all by itself. Today, I journeyed to Elloweina to ask questions about it because I wasn't sure if this was the Ark or not. She said that it was and that this Ark was to be my main focus now. Since God "dangled the carrot" so to speak and did not speak during the vision, I will be journeying back to him for much Q and A about this Ark.

~ break ~

After the realization of that there is no "quitting the path" there are only trials and tribulations. And those trials and tribulations are the soul work that will lead you back home. Protilius

~ break ~

From a kind Facebook friend that wrote ~ I want to thank U for U'R wonderful service to Humanity>>>3 This experience has been Blessed, with a Plan of salvation.I believe it is a last attempt effort to save the lost souls, created by OUR Father and His Angels of CHOICE. Genesis 5:1- The Rites of the Heart posting from September, 05th 2012, came just in time for OUR birthday. Brandon was born September, 05th 1971...My birthday is September, 05th 1973. Exactly 2 or (1+1) years apart>>>3
Thank U Brother...

Brendan says: You are very welcome Crystal for your support.

~ break ~


For the record: I never raised my hand when it comes to battling dragons in the spirit world. I was only looking for love and found it in my Twin Flame. But now that I've been appointed in doing so, it makes me realize that I've been doing this all along anyway...since I was a kid and in grade school :) Dragons are not a part of Divine Order. What is Divine Order? God's architectural plan for soul creation and Divine Layout of The Universe... this is why we have pyramid builders. The pyramid (like the ones in Egypt) is the shape of Divine Order. Anything not of Divine Order and interfering with good people who are trying to grow both physically and spiritually on this planet, will have to seek refuge somewhere else. The God of Abraham is the only creator God with the ability to make man in his own image...Thee 1 and only!! While God's totem is the golden lion and that polar opposite creator God who has the totem of the dragon is not capable of creating bi-pedal dragons, it's a "win win" for love and light. I think I will venture further to know my father's father. We are infinite you know.

~ break ~

~ An excerpt from Divine Feminine Rising ~

We are already beginning to see examples of the metamorphosis in the world at large. Every single vice that once worked in a dualistic world, from the monetary system, to some aspects of our relig
ious institutions, to the degradation of the all-important role that divine feminine should play in our lives – is coming down! However, it is not as easy and automatic as it sounds. Yes, the awakening is and will continue to quicken, but there is a twist. Those powers that be, with all of their intricately designed institutions of repression which have kept the woman - down, the man - disillusioned, the children - neglected, the poor - starving, the cold – freezing, the nations - warring, the races – divided, the people – in fear, and mother earth – dying, are not going easily. However, regardless of their efforts to maintain the old world dis-order, they will not succeed because they are fearful. It is this fear that makes them want to repress anything that maybe a threat to them - especially divine feminine!

The strength of masculine and the muscles of a man, will absolutely pale in comparison to the strength that is gained from the tears of surrendering in the face of the love of Divine Feminine. ~ Protilius ~

~ break ~

~ an excerpt from a journey I made on: 
10/6/12 ~

Just then, in the midst of this battle, to my right and just above me, I saw a white streak of light. I looked and saw God standing on a cloud. Note: This was the first time I have ever seen God arrive on a cloud...of all things. But the look in his eyes was as intense and angry as I've ever seen him and even the dragon stopped firing away at me an
d had an "uh oh" look. God's eyes were so intense and I could tell he was ready to help me if need be. I could tell, he didn’t like this dragon firing away at me and just when I felt that God was ready to move on him, I declared, "No! I can do this."

God paused a moment and then the look of anger disappeared in his eyes. That is when he closed his eyes briefly and upon opening them again, he raised his right arm out, palm upward. That is when I heard God say in my head, “look...there!”

So I turned in the direction God's eyes were looking and I saw earth from high up above. Then, I noticed this massive hole or channel open up. At first, it was small and then quickly expanded open to expose that place I had visited during the Rites of The Heart articles. And let me tell you, it was a site to behold! But it was still Hell!

Upon seeing Hell, I now knew what I had to do with this dragon. So, with this dragon spitting fire all over me again, I took off at a high rate of speed and slammed my right shoulder into his belly with my arms wrapping around him. I flew him down ( ALL THE WAY ) into that gateway that had opened up in earth and gave me a birds eye view of the fiery core of Mother Earth. And when we hit the rocky, cavernous floor of hell we both went tumbling. With all of the forward momentum, we both came to a stop when we hit the far wall of this cavern. As soon as I gathered my bearings, I got to my feet and took off out of there, flying back up that channel, I had just came. With the gateway beginning to close up, I flew as fast as I could to clear it before it closed. Upon clearing the entrance way, I stopped, turned around and that dragon who was right behind me was doing its best to escape as well. It was going to be close. But would he make it?

To read the rest of this article, click HERE  to go to The Pyramid of Souls.Com which is the sister site to Collapsing Duality.Com.

Namaste ~ Protilius ~

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WE are the most "tried" peoples because we cannot be broken. And who are we? The spiritualists, the dreamers (me :) the poets and painters and of course...the The Twin Flamers. And when they see that they cannot break us either physically, emotionally or spiritually, they ( those spirits ) they go after everyone around you from your family, to your co-workers and to your friends and even your children. Where there is a door left open, they will pass through. So batten down your hatches. 
~ Protilius ~

~ break ~


At the end of every age and at the beginning of each new earth, the doors to the dimensions swing (((WIDE OPEN))) so that we may all have the opportunity to experience the continuity of heart that exists between the fruits on earth and the heart of God. When those doors swing open, all of our truths and falsehoods from the moment of our creation, right on up to this present moment in time, are pre
sented to us in very profound (and even pole shifting) fashion! But for those who have an ear to hear and an eye to see, we may embrace those truths and relinquish those falsehoods so that we may properly, lovingly, re-tell the greatest story ever told, in our own words, that has always been within us and will be RE-PLAYED BETWEEN ALL OF US, right here, right now! But the question is: Will we, moving forward, pass on and protect our stories of Love, Light and chivalry; which the truth exists within, so that our children who inherit this new earth can be free from the bondage mankind finds himself in now? We are all "witnesses" at this moment in time and it us very important for each of us to record in our own words, the birthing of this new age. Your word, will be THE WORD, in the future ~Protilius~

~ break ~


On September 13th I wrote about how I received 3 emails: 1 from Europe and 2 from the USA. This is in regards to my higher self, Protilius, making visits to people in dreams, visions and by my journeying with him. Anyway, 1 of those people has agreed to share the experience and all that it entails right here on my FB wall. I have since talked with her many times about her experience over the phone and via email to confirm and compare notes with others who have seen Protilius. Her name is Kimmie and she is on my friends list if you want to find her. She undoubtedly gave the best description of Protilius' visit to her and will do so with great description about that experience right here on my the comments section of this post. And...there is an unexpected extra in this whole experience that is gonna really blow ur minds. It was told to her that Protilius also made contact with another member of her family that knows nothing of me or my H.S., Protilius, and yet it happened. Amazing stuff! I have given her the full clear to go ahead and tell it all. One more thing...preliminarily, judging by the connection and frequency, I know that Kimmie is 4th layer awareness and quite close in Divine Order. I look forward to connecting with Kimmie's higher self. 

Update: Since this posting, I have decided to create a testimony page at Collapsing Duality.Com where anyone who has experienced my spirit self Protilius, may tell their story. Look for that in the near future.

Ooops! I ran out of room. Gotta creat a new journal page ;-)

The basis behind faith and belief lies not with the words of what some politician promises you; but what experiences you may share with another on a similar spiritual path. A vote for confidence does not always mean casting a ballot. But a vote of faith in that "one" who you connect with at a spiritual level and not a physical level, is a vote for the spirit. My political views have always been based in the spirit. Any "true" son or daughter of God would never accept the seat of King, Queen, Premiere or President when there is suffering amongst his/her people. True change will begin at the grass roots level and among common folk.
~Protilius ~
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NEW ~ The Ark of The Covenant
 and much, much more... by Brendan (Protilius) 10/21/2012
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