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From John Milton’s Paradise Lost:


“Of man’s first disobedience, and the fruit

Of that forbidden tree, whose mortal taste

Brought death into the world, and all our woe,

With loss of Eden, till one greater Man

Restore us, and regain the blissful seat,

Sing Heav’nly Muse, that on the secret top

Of Oreb, or of Sinai, didst inspire

That shepherd, who first taught the chosen seed,

In the beginning how the heavens and earth

Rose out of chaos:  or if Sion hill

Delight thee more, and Siloa’s brook that flowed

Fast by the Oracle of God; I thence

Invoke thy aid to my advent’rous song,

That with no middle flight intends to soar

Above th’ Aonian mount, while it pursues

Things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme.

And chiefly thou O Spirit, that dost prefer

Before all temples the upright heart and pure,

Instruct me for thou know’st; thou from the first

Wast present, and with mighty wings outspread

Dove-like sat’st brooding on the vast abyss

And mad’st it pregnant: what in me is dark

Illumine, what is low raise and support;

That to the highth of this great argument

I may assert Eternal Providence,

And justify the ways of God to men.”

Love, Loss and Faith

Since successfully completing my Sophia journey in December of 2012, much has transpired...mostly on a personal level and to a lesser extent, spiritually. In this entry, I will touch upon where I have been and tell in brief why everything suddenly stopped at CD.Com.

Following my Sophia journeys and successfully winning her heart back and delivering her from the underworld, back to God, I went through a period where I literally had no direction. Why? Well, Paula and I had all but given up on each other and as a writer and journeyman of the spirit, when I learned that there would be no more missions to make (at least for the foreseeable future) it was like I came back to earth again and found myself in this strange world without direction. And even though I knew I still had to finish writing Sophia the book, which will take years, I was lost. 

But what I most certainly didn't expect, was for God to put such a great woman in my life who just so happened to be the embodiment of the spirit of Sophia that I was journeying to and saved, months earlier!

You see, one day shortly after I completed my final Sophia mission, I met a very beautiful and special woman whom I will call "Milady." Milady and I hit it off first on the internet first and then in person. Initially, I wanted to cut and run because the connection we shared, albeit beautiful, scared me to death! But eventually I let my guard down and fell in love with her. It was then that I began to wonder if this person who seemingly came out of nowhere was a gift from God? I wondered. So, I made my first journey in months to find out just who she was. When I arrived, I found her higher self dressed in a gold wedding outfit. I was astounded by what I was seeing because no other female Empyrean was dressed like this. So, I began asking questions and had quite a revelation. What was it? The higher self being of Milady was the pure aspect of Sophia who I had brought back to God in spirit, months earlier. I was blown away!

Eventually Milady and I met in person on two occasions. Our meeting was natural and there was no "trying" involved. We became ONE immediately and fell in love. But, what I didn't expect was that she would be surrounded by dragons as was Sophia when I first found her. As above, so below, right? Well, who were the dragons? Friends and family who would crucify me without ever even knowing me other than what they read on the internet about me. That's who! It was they who would ensure we would never have another meeting again! But that's just the beginning...they wanted me dead!

As time went on, Milady and I still talked via the internet. Then, in March, I heard a pounding on my door where I lived. I looked out my window to see who was there. I saw a large shiny black SUV with tinted windows and two well dressed, official men on my porch. When I opened my door, both presented their ID's and asked if they could come in and talk with me. They told me they were from a government agency (an important one) and because I couldn't figure out what I had done wrong, I naturally let them in.

I was interviewed for about an hour in my home and answered all their questions. So, what brought them there, to my home? They were tipped off by one of the dragons guarding Milady! The agents never admitted nor divulged who or why, but I knew. And of course, what they were told was twisted all around and I think, when they arrived, they were expecting some cult leader who had a hundred brain washed people under his thumb. But, after they saw my clean house, well kept body, and heard me speak, they became more at ease. Nevertheless, I was questioned for an hour about my spiritual practices, how I connect with others via journeying, remote viewing, and of course if I planned on gathering together any number of people in the near future. The answer to the last question was obviously a "no." And I want to add, that if I were either of these men who worked for an agency that acts on leads by concerned citizens that were told I was a cult leader, I would wanna check me out too! But it was all LIES!

After the men left, I sat in stunned silence and wondered: had I had just been visited by the MIB? Had I just been made "an offer I couldn't refuse?" I knew the answer and knew what they meant when they said it without saying it, so to speak... But honestly, the last thing I would ever want is to run a cult or brainwash people or harm anyone either by journeying to them or remote viewing! I am a teacher who is here to help people connect with God in a one on one kind of way. I'm teaching that no matter what religion we come from; how imperfect we may be (and I am case in point) that ANYONE can know God personally by connecting with their higher self - which is: THE HOLY SPIRIT! My path began in 1989 with my first vision and I will damned if some holy rollers, threatening me with dogma will keep me from my path with God! What is more...knowing God has been a long time coming...didn't even know if he existed for sure...because I wanted to stand before him myself and not settle for the spoken promise by either preacher or pastor. I wanted the truth and nothing but the TRUTH! And I got it!!

Anyway, it was after that experience that I decided to cease everything going on at CD.Com and rethink everything! I decided that since I was being watched, that trying to protect Milady and I was best! That's why you haven't heard from me since March! That is why there have been no, new TF Stories posted!

It was obvious to me that negative forces were at work to ensure that Milady and I would never be together again and the use of lethal force could come upon me if I continued to attempt to make a life with her in any way, shape or form. Yet, even with all of that, we continued to talk via email n phone, but with less regularity. It was heartbreaking and sad. Gradually, in the months after that, I became lost again as I was just after the Sophia journeys. This time, I would REALLY become lost!

For a period of about 3 months my world became dark, even though I thought I was just moving on and living out my life, minus the spiritual aspect. But the fact of the matter was, I was depressed over the loss of, Milady. And to cover it up, the fact it was virtually impossible to see her anymore, I turned my back on my path, fell into a scene that was destructive to me both spiritually and physically, and became somebody who is neither Brendan nor Protilius. Spiritually, I was dead!

Then, one day this past Autumn, Milady wrote me an email that basically woke me up. It was like a slap in the face. It hurt, but I needed to hear it. Why? I had given up on everything, hurt her and turned my back on many, many more. She told me (basically) that she knew she was put on my path to help me the same way I helped her in my Sophia journey. And by waking me up and helping me straighten my life back out, I could get back on my path. 

Even though Milady and I can't make a life together for a myriad of reasons, I want to say this to you, Milady:

You have helped me in ways you will never know! Do you know that you saved me? You did. I loved you unconditionally and am sorry for all the hurt that loving you has brought upon us all.  We both paid the price, but I know there is a God and he will reward you/us, someday. I will always love you, Milady! And, if you ever need a shoulder to lean on or an ear to be heard by, I will be here for you, as you were always for me! You know how to find me. And I am not talking about picking up a landline or cell phone or laptop ;) Thanks for loving me unconditionally during a period of my life when I was lost and really didn't even love myself. You are golden!


To conclude this journal entry, I want to say that I will be opening back up the "Profiles Page" where, if people wish, they can submit Twin Flame stories again. But this will be a slow process as the computer I use to work with is out of commission and the one I have now, is very slow.

I also have more people to acknowledge who have helped me along my path. I will do that in future journal entries.


Without faith, there is nothing to illuminate your intentions. But, by combining the two, heaven can become your reality.


Finally, humanity lost a very important person who should serve as a role model for every waking soul on the planet - Nelson Mandela. Rest in peace fellow traveler and freedom fighter! 
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This is an Edward Hopper reproduction painting that I created in the early 2000's. For this painting I used water color on water color block paper. 
Journal Entry by Protilius
Understanding Telepathy

When I wrote on 4/22/2012 at the Pyramids page at Collapsing Duality: Intelligence is binary and encoded in us, just as our souls are addressable according to the Divine Order of Creation and the order we were created within it. So...if we can all learn to utilize our spirits, then we may address one another at the soul level...just as we do with a telephone or internet computer connection!


Being an RF Engineer who has worked in Satcom and Telecom since the early 90's, I have been able to connect many dots with what I do in journeying/telepathy and my day job.

I am going to borrow an article about the breakdown of a "Binary Preamble" to demonstrate how telepathy and soul connections are really no different than connecting with each other on the internet as we do.

Why is the binary preamble important to you? Because it is the unique ring tone of either a spirit or a person with a spirit who is dialing you and audible to you only.

Here is the link to that article:

After each paragraph, I will connect dots in parenthesis.

Begin article -

A preamble is a signal used in network communications to synchronize transmission timing between two or more systems. In general, preamble is a synonym for "introduction."

(When you transmit or place a call through the spirit to another person or being, the first thing that one will hear is your unique ring tone that was assigned to you at the moment your soul was created. Much like a telephone number has an area code, followed by the local number like: 508-888-8888, your soul at the moment of creation is broken down by pyramid, dynasty (row) and what block within the dynasty you were created...along with your divine complement. So, when they say that the preamble is an "introduction" they are saying this is your calling card, so to speak.)

The role of the preamble is to define a specific series of transmission criteria that is understood to mean "someone is about to transmit data". Proper timing is required to ensure that all systems are interpreting the start of the information transfer correctly. The actual preamble varies depending on the network communication technology in use.

("Someone is about to transmit data." Since we all have souls, we are always transmitting data! But, BUT, since "proper timing" is required (as souls in physical bodies) to ensure all systems or parties involved in communicating telepathically or via journey, each individual as a transmitter and/or receiver, must be connected spiritually in order for the information to transfer correctly and be received, de-garbled and then broken down into native language by the pineal so that one may understand the message in everyday terms.)

In wireless transmissions, the radio preamble (also called a header) is a section of data at the head of a packet. The length of the preamble can affect the time it takes to transmit data by increasing the packet overhead. Packet overheard includes all the extra bytes of information that are stored in the packet header. When combined with the assembly and disassembly of packets, increased packet overhead affects throughput by reducing the transmission speed of raw data.

(The preamble is binary code of 1's and 0's at the "head" of a much larger packet of information or MESSAGE. It is ALL DIGITAL and it is your own soul signature for when that day comes and you may transmit without a cell phone or internet connection with only the use of your soul! What is more...when they say in the article "assembly and dissassembly of packets" they are talking about the encrypting and decrypting - garbling and degarbling of the RAW DATA that your spirit has sent from one being to another. And just like we have bandwidth issues today on the internet, one bottleneck will be your mind. A large message sent from either one person to another; from Angel to person or from God to person can sometimes take years to fully be received/comprehended/ to speak.

So whether you are trying to contact your guides or Angels or Soul Kin or perhaps, another person right her in the physical with you, although it is not a pre-requisite for you to know the engineering of the soul at light frequencies and the theory of soul communications between the layers, I think it is important that you at least know the basic fundamentals.)

In regards to telepathy, think of your Pineal Gland as the interpreter between your body and soul

Protilius ErmPhorus


I wrote the below msg on FB on 4/18/14. However, several months ago I asked God if we could show people a definitive message that he exists and we (me and him) are indeed in contact. The message I wanted to convey was that mankind is on the wrong path and that there needed to be change - quickly! God said to me that he would think about it.

Then, about a month and a half later, Elloweina gave me the news that came with a warning. Elloweina said: "God has granted your wish to show the people that he exists and that change is needed." But then she gave me a warning: "B, you are going to have to be very, very careful  because..." And that's where I'll leave it for now... Anyway, here is what I wrote on 4/18/14 on FB  ~

Lately I've been going before God for several reasons. One of those reasons is because even with all of the people trying to spread the word about God and that the current system in place is not the one intended by God, I have been asking him if there is something we can do to get peoples attention or WAKE UP?! Yes, I know a lot are awake, but the majority, especially the rulers, are not heeding the call for change. Rapid change! Society cannot carry on as it is. God knows this and is ready to act. Because I care and don't want innocent people hurt, I asked God that there be no death because after all, this was only my first trial run. The goal here is to get peoples attention in order to "change their ways" so that God himself doesn't have to carry through with one of his dire possibilities. So, last night I asked him to give the American people a sign to change their ways. I first asked for a solar sign. He denied it. Then, I thought for awhile and suggested a low level quake that might shake buildings. He denied that because of the location I picked but then said, he would pick the location and promised nobody would be hurt. Well, today I learned of a place that there was a quake and was surprised by how big it was. 7.2? That's nowhere near what I suggested. What I suggested was lower by more than half that. Either way, I was happy because despite the size of the quake, there were no deaths, just as I asked for. Occasionally I will be doing these tests until I am ready to tell you what to look for in advance. Remember, the goal here is "change" and not about destruction.

The deepest wound I ever received came from love and not war. But because I dared to love, that wound, yet, may have marked my body for life, healed my heart and soul.

To denominate is to dilute.

For me to even contemplate telling the story in a book or novel, would mean it would be finished. And that is absolutely crazy! Nothing is finished to me! And therefore, to write a book would not be telling the whole story, because the story never ends!

In regards to those reports of aliens abducting people: God does not interfere with the progress of his children unless some outside entity interferes with them first! But, if you have experienced any intervention or manipulation where you have been taken or abducted; understand that it was not from God! God don’t work that way! God works the other way and instead, waits for you to land on his turf, not in a spaceship, but with only your soul, before him. 

Late March
(in regards to the U2 concert in sept., 2009)
Truth: After all of the journeying between Paul, myself, Paula and Ali, when the U2 360 Tour came to Foxborough, MA ( Gillette Stadium ) Paul, (Bono) told us through journeys and in lesser words thru emails, to just show up because he had something he wanted to do. What was that he wanted to do? He wanted, because of our journeys to he and Ali, put us on stage and address us as his Mother and Father. When we got in there, we got right in front of the stage. And I remember wondering and asking Paula, why are the cameras on us? Could it be?? Then, when Snow Patrol took the stage, the lead singer made a comment that lead me to believe that he knew what could possibly take place on that night. But, when The Edge came out and stared me in the eyes from 3 people back from the stage, I wondered. Then, Bono came out and stayed away from us entirely....he stayed on the opposite side of the stage completely. After the concert, on the way home, I knew something was off and we couldn't go thru with it. I told Paula, "something is wrong and even though he may be my son, we can't go back tomorrow night, for night 2 at Gilllette Stadium.

God's realm is the area just beyond reach of your fingers and the thought you were going to say that will remain on the tip of your tongue.

Whenever the masses are saying "YES!" look towards the fewer and you will find much more ~ Protilius

Mar 30th 2014
To contemplate telling the story in a book, would mean it would be finished. Nothing is finished to me because the story never ends!

It's not God that is too complicated for us, but it we who have become too complicated for God. It was meant to be simple!

Where we end up in the future has a lot to do with how well we tell our stories now, here. So, tell them! Shout it! Share it! For better or for worse, tell them and be done with it so you can move on already. Btw...if I seem "preachy" don't take it the wrong way. But, this is core-level work 101 at its finest. Tell YOUR story! Give me something with substance, and then we're going somewhere.

When u see & hear people rolling out "supposed truth" on channels like the History & Discovery, it's called control - gasping for a last breath! All you have to do is watch Ancient Aliens! The truth was not meant to be told thru any one of these money grabbing networks, but at a grass roots level. Besides, all they have is a playbook from over 2 thousand years ago. The only original astronaut theorist will always be E. V. Danniken!

I think I did so poorly in school because the subjects that interested me were not being taught and even if they were, I know they could not accurately be described in any language.

Recently I posted a profile pic of a Phallic shaped monument that sits on the Hill of Tara in Ireland. Ironically, because I am helping Jah with finding the location of the Lia Fail or Stone of Destiny, I became confused as to which is which: The one that sat in Westminster Abbey or the one at the Hill of Tara? So, this morning I wrote him: 

Hi Jah, and thanks!

I'm writing this time because I stumbled upon a photo of a phallic-like monument at the Hill of Tara, that is causing some confusion. Why? It is called the Lia Fail. I thought the Lia Fail or Stone of Destiny was the stone that sat in Westminster Abbey? Which is which??

Have a nice Sunday!

Jah's Reply: 

The stone at Tara is a phallic Baal pillar, not the Lia Fail

When they started to call it the Lia Fail they caused the potato famine, as
God's reply to their grave insult.

Brendan says: Wow! Strong words!

But, at least when I journey for information to find the real Lia Fail, there will be no confusion.

Mar 4th 2014
The irony about seeking outside ourselves, our own physical selves, is that God, from our perspective, is outside. When, in reality, he is within and it is WE who are "outside" looking in.

Mar 5th 2014
As hard as the year 2013 was for me, the epiphany I had today made me realize that that was the year I actually arrived! I mean, how many people get to have a surprise visit by the MIB at the taxpayers expense in their very own home? How many people get to have a 1/2 hour radio interview on an FM radio station to tell about their Twin Flame and that their son just might be the antichrist? How many people strive to connect Twin Flames n Soul Mates and then get labeled a cult leader? I did! I did!! I did!!! Yet, through all of the spiritual dust and cosmic debree, I have realized that I am learning a new Brendan...and this will take some time as these things so often do. So, does this "new" Brendan have a new higher self? Well, I have had to look at the bigger picture to put the pieces together...adding it all up. But the answer I believe is Yes! And part of that answer is written in Part I of Sophia... Although Elloweina eluded to it, I didn't fully comprehend what was told. And when looking at the big pic like this, I now understand my very last message given to me by God almost one year to the date of Sophia's return: December 2013. When that vision happened, unlike the others, God came right through my ceiling to stare me directly in the face and said "Clean yourself up and prepare for Ascension!"

Mar 8th 2014
When your mind says "never mind" it means that your soul should speak in conjunction with your mind about conflicts between the layers of oneness so that your inner child and higher self may speak as unison.

Mar 8th
Mercy Seat: Where Sophia's light or spirit was preserved and what actually gave the power and golden light to the Ark of The Covenant itself. Basically, when Sophia went off riding the dragon, God pulled her spirit and hid it away for another day when the chance for atonement and forgiveness for past follies could have a chance. Meanwhile, Adam had to somehow carry on with the path and order of things. He did so, with Eve. Comment - One more thing: When I say that Sophia went of riding the dragon, I'm not talking about a Harley. No, this was sexual and thus compromised the dominion of the Lion - God.

Mar 9th 2014
What pissed me off about school is the fact that teachers weren't interested in what I could create and were more pressed in feeding me facts. They didn't care. Well I never gave a care about their facts either. I don't care what happened bcus what happened is done. Realizing the world I was born into, I only had the future to look forward to. It was the only place I could go and have an entire page to create whatever I wanted without being interrupted by the loud noisy gears of this machine that has a high churn ratio  of the men and women it claims to protect.

Mar 15th 2014
When people say you should love yourself, I say you should love yourself and all of your other selves starting with the higher self - all the way back to God. And when you've accomplished that, turn around and love those around you and all of their selves. 
Truth: Shortly after meeting my own higher self, Protilius, one of the hurdles I had to get over was the fact that I had to make love to him in order to advance further on this spiritual path. It is a requirement of the lower spiritual realms to do so. And when I finally found the courage to worship him, I was awarded with more knowledge which advanced me further along. So, whenever I hear somebody say, you should love yourself, I don't entirely think they realize how literal it really is.

Mar 1st 2014
The bible is true but since it is a living and breathing book, so to speak, then that means the story of our past is set in stone and the story yet to come, is malleable. It's a fluid story of the here and now in conjunction with the spirit and all of those who went before us. It is a divine collaboration of both man and spirit. And, just like Protilius told me, Brendan, that the pyramids are "Fluid, ever changing and react to peoples choices, then the story we write here, writes the story there."

Mar 1st 2014
In the spirit, there is a fine line between positive and negative. In the physical, there are 2 yellow lines on roads traveled by many that mean, do not cross! But, on the road I travel, I travel the side of the yellow line closest to God. However, on occasion, sometimes when I need to get to where I’m going, better watch out! I’m not afraid for a single second to cross the yellow lines and go head on! Why? I already know what your hell is like…which of course is heaven to you. And you know what my heaven is like…otherwise, why would you spend so much time chasing my children? Answer: You need me more than I need you. But since you work from the negative and I work from the positive, there are times when my heaven is hell too. But make no mistake, my daddy is a lion!

Mar 4th 14
EMPYREAN: Lately, I've been using Empyrean as the name for that race of spiritual beings commonly called "Aliens." This did not come at the request of our higher selves but it's just something that I think needs to happen ( like YESTERDAY! ) and so this is how I will be referring to our Higher Selves and those beings that are referred to as "Aliens." Why? Because none of Gods creations are aliens! Some may work in the positive and some may work in the negative, all in an ecosystem of light frequencies that NEED the other in order to survive... but none are aliens... just as none of us are aliens who are walking around on this planet. Things are only "alien" to those people who have closed their minds and not willing to expand their consciousness and/or explore the infinite possibilities that exist in Gods kingdom. Alien... ALIEN is man made! So... and this is really more like an FYI ... I will no longer be using "alien" to describe our Higher Selves who are really, quite honestly... Angelic! Angels and Empyrean's are like peas and carrots in the spirit world. Both follow the divine design of pyramid mathematics. Both as a be able to incarnate here in the 3D a side of negative and positive. Therefore, I think it's high time we have a more appropriate name... that sounds like we are not Gods Illegitimate children. Like I said, I did not get this from my Higher self, I actually found this on Wikipedia Here's the link:

Mar 4th 2014
Many have taught me here about this and that, but my master, my Lord teaches me from within.

Mar 4th 2014
The irony about seeking outside ourselves, our own physical selves, is that God, from our perspective, is outside. When, in reality, he is within and it is WE who are "outside" looking in.

Mar 5 2014
I have heard many say that God is a ball of light while on this path of self realization. Initially, I would not have argued it, given my back ground. Well, if we have the balls to journey through that light, (minus the Ayahuasca and other spiritual steroids that you don't really need anyway to meet holy spirit) and do not accept that the creator could be a Roman Candle, we will find a city. God made it simple. However, in that city, at the very center, we will find a building resembling the Parthenon of Greece. And under that roof, there will be a throne. Upon the throne, there will be a man... unless the the shit has hit the fan, he is and has always been granting wishes to those sons and daughters who rise to meet him and look him in the eyes while standing on their feet and not kneeling on their knees!! God is not a ball of light! What do you think Alpha and Omega, mean? The first and the last! And all journeys between are merely realizations that we are no different from beginning to end! But between is the mystery ;)

Feb 28th 2014
~ Istic ~
Those cataclysmic
Styrofoam Charismatic
Cash erratic
To the city commuting
3-piece suit wearing
Condom tossing
Coffee drinking
Cellophane wrapped plutocrats
Whom on a 
Tin Foil
Businesslike basis
Worship the golf ball...

Are plastic.


The problem with art, today, is that when you take the foresight outta the vision by making it cookie cutter; when you take the umph outta sexuality when it is God given inspiration; and when you take the Haiku out of poetry, you take the metre out of the poet. What is the metre? The metre = jingle. And what is the jingle? The Rhythm of told through poets.

I don't want quotes from Ghurus, saviours and peeps that passed! Although the truth shared by them is remarkable and enlightening, It's time to hear about all that makes you live TODAY! Tag! You're it!! Get Hot!!!

I had a phone convo with a friend from here recently and we were comparing notes on our paths. In comparing notes, she said to me, ya's as if negative energy follows me...even when I have peace! I understood her bcus I am living it and said, I could go to a Buddhist retreat with all good intentions of peace and prosperity and probably end up in brawl!

On Divine Love: Still, after all the things I've said and written about regarding Soul Mates and Twin Flames, the only things for CERTAIN; for REAL; and that A) "cartainty" is that kiss our souls acknowledge while we are just physically passing by in a fleeting moment - a speck of time! B) That no matter how "real" the love seems, since each one of us are the "fruit," we shall like the seasons of incarnations, Spring and Fall again...we will love again! Finally, C) which is in regards to "Forever," if we don't get it right in this lifetime, then maybe next time, let's not eat from the fruit of knowledge and play stupid. Maybe, just maybe then, while we laugh at the grass and wind and the ocean, instead of wondering why we can make love without ever laying a single finger upon the other and this God above that we see who is looking over us, we'll get it right!! Should there be a next time, let's just find a nook, a corner or even a cave and hide our love away...nobody has to know.


What Divine Order looks like from above...
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~ About Archangel Michael ~

Throughout history Michael and many others were chosen by God to fight with their love which they (those warriors) provide an umbrella to the not-knowing majority, in hopes you will wake up. That's how much Michael loves you! Michael loves you so much that he protects you with his sword so you can preach about love and light when in reality, the universe is much more complicated and complex.  But make no mistakes about it and do not be fooled by the so-called love n lighters of the spiritual path, there is a war going on and has been since the beginning of time. Michael's sword is not made of rubber, his armor not made of football padding and his chariot is no bumper boat at some water park. The spirit world is a beautiful place, but if it were truly "perfect" Michael would need no sword and would instead be passing out long stem roses!
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For anyone who has subscribed to the mailing list, you may have noticed that I am no longer informing you of Cd.Com updates through that medium. This is not my preference or intention because the platform with which I have used, since 2008, in constructing this site has decided to do away with mailing lists as a whole. They stated, when I contacted them to ask and said that too many emails by people have been "compromised" due to misuse of the mailing lists. Anyway, I myself have made mistakes when using the mailing list and accidentally clicked the send button only to realize that numerous emails were visible to other subscribers. Several people even emailed me to tell me this and a few of those gave me piece of their mind about it. My response: I apologize if anyone's emails got compromised. It was not intentional and a mistake. However, if this is the worst of your troubles in the world, then you ought to take a look around your world and tackle anyone of the real, truly pressing issues affecting mankind, like: Starvation, Religious radicalism, racism and/or the revolving war machine! These are real problems!! So, unfortunately, in order to stay informed about what is going on at Collapsing Duality, you'll have to visit either the Home Page or Twin Flames page for news updates. Once again, my apologies!

Twin Flame Stories

With a little effort you may have noticed that you are able to still fill out and submit Twin Flame Stories. I know this because I have received several of them over the past 6 months. I myself thought I would be up and ready to publishing them the way I used to, 2 to 3 years ago. However, with everything that has gone on, I am still  not ready to dive back into doing that at this time. It's not that I don't want to, but it is because I am more focused on Paula, my physical life and healing after everything that has gone on. Plain and simple: I'm tired and what is more....still figuring out a "new me" so to speak. So, if there should come a day when I do that again, I will let you know from Collapsing Duality.

Aliens, monsters, evil men; race, religion, money, politics; family, state, country, continent; but at the end of the day it's always GOD!

Social Media

Over the past 6 months to 1 year I have been gravitating slowly away from social media. Specifically: Facebook and Twitter. My reasons are many but at the top of those reasons is: Privacy! And a close 2nd to that would be: DRAMA!!

Recently there have been articles about Facebook and the Govt. joining together to build psych profiles on citizens using their very own FB pictures and posts. That to me, is a VIOLATION OF MY RIGHTS! And YOURS!!! It's not right and that is where I draw the line!

So, if Facebook is doing this, you can be sure that if Twitter hasn't yet, it will be following suit.

Therefore, I will be boycotting social media by pulling personal photos off of it. I encourage you to do the same!

Speaking of social media, I remember having a convo with Paula about social media' its effects on people and how it changes us. This was way back when we first took to FB after creating Cd.Com. We came to the conclusion that there is something wrong when you have to post about anything and everything you do, from: washing your clothes - to what's for dinner - to what outfit your kids are wearing each day. There is just something wrong with this and we know it. Yet, I myself have even fallen into this...unfortunately. And now, now that Zuckerberg has sold out and obviously playing pocket pool with whatever gov agency, we will all have a profile down in DC and each of us made it possible. But make no mistake about it, these tactics on citizens are a violation of privacy rights. 

Twin Flame Advice

The most common question asked in regards to Twin Flames: 


Could HE and/or to a lesser extent SHE be my Twin Flame? 

A close second to this question is: How can I find my Twin Flame?

I know these things because I can see what people are typing into their search engines that eventually lead them to Collapsing Duality. The first question I recently addressed on the Twin Flame Signs page guestbook. If you want you can see the entire question the person asked on that page...which were many. But the basic gist was: Could HE be my TF?

My response to this question(s) ~ Yes, he could be your TF but more likely, he is a soul mate from your soul family. Even soul mates who are close together in divine order have experiences that Twin Flames do...and it is because your frequency is so similar. However, since divine order is fluid and ever-changing according to decision making, even if he is a soul mate, if you both have faith; face fear and decide that you are not the "victim(s)" in life, you could bring your tf thru this man and his tf thru you. The irony about the tf phenom is that more often than not, people meet their tf after they have committed to marriage or some physical relationship. Knowing how God works, I would say he is teaching us all a lesson about what marriage really is...and it's not what we think it is here in this physical world we find ourselves! You mention you hurt him without meaning it. This is because your connection is so raw and pure that to handle it with heavy hands or disregard, even if unintentional, could kill it. This relationship is so beautiful; so powerful, so earth shattering and yet, it is so SOOO DELICATE! Handle it like you are holding a baby bird in your hands or maybe even a flower given to you. Otherwise, there could be pain. And this too...what I have just wrote is what I believe God wants us to know about Twin Flame relationships. This is how God intended for us to love.

How can I find my Twin Flame?

I think the knee-jerk response to most people who offer advice regarding Twin Flames is: Go within, work on self and then you maybe getting somewhere. While this advice is good advice, keep in mind that nobody is perfect, nor will ever be. We're all gonna make mistakes at some point and the key to that is to neither look at those mistakes as being in terms of right or wrong, but rather - choices. Choices that you can either learn from or not. However, some of those choices may effect others in positive/negative ways. So, be kind and careful on your journey!

For me, I didn't even know what a Twin Flame was when I met Paula. I had heard of Soul Mates but never had a reason to research it further -  until Paula! And although I won't speak for Paula, I think she would agree that although we weren't looking for this love or path, we were certainly in search of something that was BURNING DEEP INSIDE us. We didn't know what it was, but something was pushing us to go within and seek out the greater mysteries of the heart and soul. Then, one day, it happened - and we weren't even looking for it! WE WANTED ANSWERS!

So, once again, How Can I Find My Twin Flame? Exactly! And if anyone tells you how, in a "how to manual" well then more likely than not, you could have used your $ more wisely on snake oil.... Another reason why we don't believe in taking money here at Collapsing Duality. Although we may not have all the answers to the universe, Paula and I carry an important piece to the puzzle and we know it!

More Twin Flame Advice:

A visitor asked:

I'm glad Ive found your website, I have a very serious question about my twin flame. We are most definitely twins, no question about that, however he has been in extremely poor health for the past year whereas before me he was never sick or had any health issues. He doesn't know what is wrong with him and the dr's can't find out any reason for his intense pain. I read that there can be physical health issues coming from the connection of twin flames? can you advise what to do?

My response: 

Hi, as you know by now, I'm no doctor. Also, I am sorry for your tf's health issues! I will pray for him :) But, as one who has experienced this divine connection, I want you to know you are not alone. My own tf had many health issues after we made a life together and required many surgeries. So many, that this was part of the reason she had to leave and go home where her kids could be watched by family and she would get the medical attention she needed. But there is more... If you have indeed found your Twin Flame, you will know it because the both of you will experience the greatest of love and anything else out there that is not of God, will be a leach to the love n light you both carry. Walking the walk here in the physical, means taking your bumps n bruises...but that's because what we are doing is BEING THE CHANGE! In order to bring Heaven to Earth, it will be a battle. Trust me...I don't like this anymore than you. I have lived it and at times it's been a horror story. But, I signed up for this path and am not quitting it! I will talk to Elloweina and Protilius about this in my meditation and request they help you both with protection. Since you are not experiencing any of what he is, heal him! If you are together, turn your hands into the healing mechanisms from Heaven that they are ;) And of course, love him up!

The "Hooked X and The Newport Tower in R.I.

One of the most profound Twin Flame Signs that Paula and I received came accidentally. Accidentally? Hahahaaa :) There are no accidents, right? Right! Regardless, of the many Twin Flame Signs Paula and I received, we were not actually looking or expecting them. Such is the case of The Newport Tower. Back in 2008 while we were staying in Rhode Island we decided to visit was Summer. While sightseeing we stumbled upon a strange and VERY out of place stone monument that looked nothing like any of the other historic spots that we had visited that day. Anyway, other than seeing lots of "11's" that day, we didn't think anything of it and just enjoyed our time together before Paula had to go back to Ohio. 

Skipping forward to the year 2014, I came across a documentary on television about the hooked X, the Kensington Rune Stones and The Newport Tower. The documentary stated that this monument was carbon dated before the time of Columbus or the Pilgrims coming to Plymouth. In fact, there is a hooked X symbol on it and what is more... this hooked X has its origins in ancient Egypt going back to at least the time of Akhenaten circa 1500BC.

Below are some is a photo I took of Paula standing in front of the Newport Tower in 2008. Click them to enlarge.

At the time I took this, I labeled this jpeg PaulaHenge because it was as if she was standing in front of something of that significance.
Paula and I kissing under a tree near the Newport Tower in RI.
It would appear that from this pic, the Newport Tower is a sort of intersection or road to the future of man and yet, woven perfectly into the past.
The Old Stone Mill is in Mass. and looks quite a bit alike the Newport Tower. Here is a quote from a Native American Indian about the monument in Lakeville, MA: 
"On Aug.31, l918, the Providence Journal reported the observations of Chief Strongheart, a member of the Yakima tribe. The Yakima Indians live in Washington State.   
     Chief Strongheart made the claim that the stone tower was not built by Norsemen or the British, but by Narragansett Indians. It was not built for mill purposes, but as a temple!  The Indian chief was lecturing in the interests of the YMCA at the naval stations and army cantonments while on a tour of the installations in the Newport district. Maybe the visiting Yakima leader has a point to consider. Many of the miles of beautiful dry stone walls, made from the local field stones, just 1ike those in the Old Stone Mill, were constructed by Indians working for early settlers." from the Providence Journal Aug.31, l918
Why does the Newport Tower stand? Why was it built?? Read the article below and you will learn how the seers of ancient Egypt, with their knowledge of the sky and stars, were really laying the foundation for the New (physical) World that is known as the "Americas." From the pyramids of Egypt to certain geographically important places across planet Earth, like The Newport Tower and the land it sits upon, the ancients mapped lines across the earth, paving the way for the new world and setting the scene for prophecy to be REALIZED!

"Another reason why this Hooked X symbol is significant is because of the apparent relationship between the shapes of the Sinai Peninsula, the gap between the hook and the "x," and the unique keystone located in the Newport Tower — which was also featured in the History Channel documentary. That stone — with a notably "female" curved-triangle shape, which resembles the Sinai Peninsula — is located at the top of an arch on the west side of the tower. On the east side of the tower, about halfway up, there is a small window. As the sun rises on the morning of the Winter Solstice, a shaft of sunlight passes through the small window and illuminates the light-colored "female" keystone. Even more amazing, however, is the fact that two keystones on opposite sides of the Newport Tower line up with the location of the Kensington Rune Stone — more than a thousand miles away!

All of these facts cannot line up by accident. There must be a hidden message. Whoever wrote the Kensington Rune Stone must have had a connection with ancient knowledge that has long-since been hidden. And, that connection extends forward in time through the voyage of Christopher Columbus, as well as backward in time to the events and locations described above. There is no doubt that, if we could tap deeper into this knowledge, we would discover that God — who "knows the end from the beginning" — has revealed something about his plans."


My Confucius thoughts for this journal entry:

The difference between the truths of yesterday and the truths of today, when compared with a bowl of spaghetti, is that there are a lot more noodles today than there are meatballs.


An unknown visitor to CD.COM recently found the Twin Flame Article Submission Page. I clicked on the visitor to find out the details and was surprised by all of the 11's :D WOW! Whoever you are, if you read this, unknown visitor, whether you were aware of it or not, that was YOUR WINDOW ;) What stopped you from clicking submit?? Trust me...I know what windows are and it reminded me of night 1 at Gillette Stadium when the King of Rock, Bono, didn't go through with it - THE WINDOW of safe passage.

Anyway, here are the details that I was able to see about that visitor... Check out the 11's!!!

Local Time of First Page ViewAugust 9, 2014, 4:11 PM
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Total11" 2 Page Views
13:11:342.1" 11" ArticleSubmission


My thoughts on "saving " the world"

The problem with all those trying to save the world (ie. the Hollywood Elite) is that they never were taught, charity starts at home. Home = (IN THIS ORDER!) Self, family, neighbor, town, state, province, country, continent and if you claim to be saving the world as some of you do, then why the hell would you travel across the ocean to feed the hungry when the starving are in your own back yard?? Shame on you! 

Since many of these sorcerers have romanticized the meaning of what saving the world is and because you've clouded the meaning for ordinary citizens who are struggling, let's have a little lesson and start from scratch... If you are the captain of a ship with holes in it that is sinking, do you jump overboard to swim to the next ship with holes in it that is sinking also; in an attempt to save it? Of course not. If you have one member of your family with special needs or who is starving because of increased food prices, why would you go next door to another family to give them your food or the nurturing they need when your very own are suffering? If there is enough, then you compromise and break bread with them. If not, then when your own are strong enough and fed, then you may help your neighbor! It's starts with YOU and then spreads OUTWARD! It's very simple and examples of just this, can be found all over the animal world. Too bad man has become so "modern" and "advanced" that he has transgressed to a rung on the food chain that is lower than his furry feathered friends whom he was supposed to share the Earth with, equally. Shame on you, for you have turned your back on your own!  


If one is to truly embark on the humanitarian mission of saving the world, then making sure the quilt that "one" has woven is patched up and covering his/her own first, is priority! This is not selfishness, it is common sense decency!!!


My take on the spiritual experiences and Higher Spirit Selves of those who have gone before me ~

Years later, after having published numerous articles about the Assemblage Point and Shamanism, I now believe that Don Juan was Carlos Castanada's Higher Self.... similarly to how Oddyseus is the Higher Self to Homer and Socrates to Plato and others... We know that these writers and seekers and philosophers existed. We know this! Why and how, you may ask? There were students involved in the lessons learned!!! But, where is the teacher of the lessons taught? Why no evidence other than the story of Homer, Castaneda, Plato or even me, Brendan? Because it was spiritual and the teacher was a spirit ~ a fragment of God ~ The Higher Self! Then came their biggest challenge, after having been given the truth to share. The task of teaching about their journey of the spirit to rest of the flock about how the spirit really works; where epic battles happened in Heaven; where laws were given to man; and stories of love spanned the space of time - proof positive a higher purpose other than these very physical ways known to man, exists! How do I know this? Because I learned it from my own higher self, Protilius. 

End note: Ancient Astronaut Theorists: Stick that in ur pipe n smoke it! But whatever you do, don't make money off it ;) I have a clause with God about everything I share for "FREE!" Hint hint  Why do I have a clause? Because it was a gift from the spirit and one not to be deadened by that which is not from God.

Finally, Paula has brought back Collapsing Duality on Youtube. I have added some of those videos to the Twin Flame Signs Page can find her Youtube link by clicking HERE

​Sophia Book Update

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Since my journey to Sophia, much of my creative time has gone into Sophia the book that I am creating. However, I don't just want to create another book, if you will... No, I want to create something special, unique by itself and that will stand the test of time. As an artist, poet and writer, I am not one to do things half assed, so to speak. On this note, Sophia will take some time.

I will however give you a peak into where I am going with this book and what the reader can expect. The best example of the type of writing that will take place can be found HERE in Sophia Part I, the article that I wrote last year. But that is just one piece of the puzzle that will make this a book to be remembered.

So, what will Sophia look like when it is a completed book? Picture if you will, an epic poem (like the Iliad or Paradise Lost) woven into a much larger novel that will intertwine the 3D, 4D, God and the Underworld realm, complete with its own invocation and a descriptive effort along the lines of JR Tolkien. Have I set the bar high enough?? :D Hahahaaaa :D

Dialogue styles will differ between the realms. For the 4D realm or Empyrean Realm I have chosen a style very much like Plato. For the 3D realm, I am using a style like most common novels use today and that are popular. And for the Sophia journey a style similar to an epic poem.

There will be parts to this story instead of chapters. And instead of this just being about Sophia, in order for people to understand that this is a love story, it begins with the separation of Paula and I.

Plus, all journeys that I have made, from The Holy Grail in Feb of 2011 up to the completion and deliverance of Sophia, will all be intertwined. Again, all of those journeys exist in their entirety and have been published here on Collapsing Duality and on Scribd. The only one not published in its entirety is Sophia...but that will happen in the book.

The ending, I think, will come as quite the surprise! :D


My Recent Radio Interview

As many of you know, I had my first radio interview recently. I hope you enjoyed it! I know I enjoyed it because it was the first time I was afforded the opportunity to tell the story over the air waves on an FM station that is relatively close to where I live.

At first I was nervous and had butterflies while waiting for the phone call and interview to begin. Then, when the sound engineer called, I was really nervous lol. But, after Pandora came on and the interview began, eventually I got over the stage fright and it felt like I was just having an ordinary telephone conversation.

I also understand that since the interview, Paula has reached out to Pandora and enjoyed the interview as well :-)

The story of how I got the interview was interesting as well. You see...I had submitted some poetry to a poetry contest at WOMR 92.1 for their anual contest. While I was researching the site, I came across Pandora's page, her interests and recent radio interviews she had given. So, I reached out to her by giving her the Collapsing Duality web address. She wrote back and the rest is history! Thanks again, Pandora!

And if you missed the interview, I created a new tab called "Radio" near the  top of the home page on Collapsing Duality. Click it and it will take you directly to the 1/2 hour podcast interview.

Lastly, in regards to the interview, I spoke in brief about our journeys to Bono. If any of you want to know the rest of the story (which is actually only been written partially) it can be found HERE on Scribd: The Empyrean Revelation Part II  It is here that you can find some of our email correspondences to each other. Enjoy!



Finally, I made a recent tweet on Twitter that said: 

Paula and I are working together again...the separation is over! Universe is bringing us back together again, once n for all! :D

Yes, it is true! I said this! But, it's not going to be like it was last time where we both UP AND WHAM BAM! Coming together again in the physical will take time, but time we have :)

So, on that note, Happy Holidays to all!
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