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Collapsing Duality...Journal  Oct 2012 Into The New Age

Sophia: Wife of God
Tuesday October 25rd 2012
by Brendan/Protilius ErmPhorus

Oct 21st 2012 ~ Had my first face to face meeting with God's wife and my mother last night. Words cannot even describe the experience. Elloweina was there and I asked her if this was her. She frowned with tears in her eyes and nodded her head in the affirmative. All I can say is that it is all very clear to me now. The whole damn thing! Everything!! However, today is one of those days that I wish I knew nothing. Protilius is going to be okay, but he lost something in that experience which will probably turn out to be thee most important decision he has ever made. I will try and find a way to write about this all important meeting...that was obviously destined to happen. For now, I shall try and digest it as it has brought to the surface, many things from within my heart and soul.

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If we are to fix what's wrong in the here and now, then we must journey back and atone for what's been going on since the beginning. The keys to our future can be found in our past. 

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3 big things to happen in one week. #1 My higher self Protilius comes to me dressed in full battle gear. #2 I get my first vision of the Ark. #3 I have my first meeting with Sophia...which I am going to write two versions of. What a week! But this is only just the beginning. And guess what? I know exactly what I have to do next. OMG! Sophia and the Ark are directly connected...obviously. Yet, I realize that I am staring into the face of the greatest opportunity ever. To do what? To collapse some serious duality! This is it folks! It's going to be dangerous though. I have been warned just today by Elloweina and God himself as to how serious this is. Just tonight I journeyed to God and he had his back to me because he didn't want me to see his tears. He did however finally turn to me. It was my meeting with Sophia that has brought back so much that he has repressed. Failing at this mission that I am about to embark on is not an option. But if something does go wrong, just know that I opted for the Shaman's way of shifting.

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Do you wanna know where the battle ground really is and who it is for and over? Our Divine Feminine Mother!

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The basis behind faith and belief lies not with the words of what some politician promises you; but what experiences you may share with another on a similar spiritual path. A vote for confidence does not always mean casting a ballot. But a vote of faith in that "one" who you connect with at a spiritual level and not a physical level, is a vote for the spirit. My political views have always been based in the spirit. Any "true" son or daughter of God would never accept the seat of King, Queen, Premiere or President when there is suffering amongst his/her people.
~Protilius ~

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Sophia, wife of God, is an article in progress. Look for that sometime in the next week. However, this is a journey and it is far from over. That is why I suspect there to be multiple parts to this article...possibly 3 or more. But those journeys have not happened yet... So stay tuned. This is the moment you've all been waiting for and the chance to change the course of history is at hand.

NEW ~ New Journal Entry by Brendan 2/3/2013 or 11
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The Ark of The Covenant and Much, Much More...

I had my first vision of The Ark last night at approx 7:30 EST. And it doesn't look exactly like the one from the movie Raiders of The Lost Ark either. So, when I got up from the vision I went to Google to see if I could find the pic that is most similar to The Ark that I was shown. This is why I have chosen this pic...although even this pic is not exactly like the one I was shown. But it is close. What is more, this explains why I have been feeling the way I have - not all of it, but much. You see, preceding each vision I've had in the past (like the Grail vision in 2011) I go through a period of sleeplessness, exhaustion and emotional upheaval. So...anyway, this is how the spirit world prepares me to be able to properly "see" what they want to show me. For me, I saw this solid gold box or trunk for the lack of a better way to put it, from a corner viewpoint....which helped give me the perspective that this box was longer than it was wide; had many engravings/symbols on it; a slightly domed top or lid and did not have those two feathered characters on the lid that are so often depicted in movies. Where was this Ark? I couldn't be sure. What I do know is that it was in a very dark room or place and that it stayed lit or aglow all by itself. Today, I journeyed to Elloweina to ask questions about it because I wasn't sure if this was the Ark or not. She said that it was and that this Ark was to be my main focus now. Since God "dangled the carrot" so to speak and did not speak during the vision, I will be journeying back to him for much Q and A about this Ark.

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After the realization of that there is no "quitting the path" there are only trials and tribulations. And those trials and tribulations are the soul work that will lead you back home. Protilius

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From a kind Facebook friend that wrote ~ I want to thank U for U'R wonderful service to Humanity>>>3 This experience has been Blessed, with a Plan of salvation.I believe it is a last attempt effort to save the lost souls, created by OUR Father and His Angels of CHOICE. Genesis 5:1- The Rites of the Heart posting from September, 05th 2012, came just in time for OUR birthday. Brandon was born September, 05th 1971...My birthday is September, 05th 1973. Exactly 2 or (1+1) years apart>>>3
Thank U Brother...

Brendan says: You are very welcome Crystal for your support.

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For the record: I never raised my hand when it comes to battling dragons in the spirit world. I was only looking for love and found it in my Twin Flame. But now that I've been appointed in doing so, it makes me realize that I've been doing this all along anyway...since I was a kid and in grade school :) Dragons are not a part of Divine Order. What is Divine Order? God's architectural plan for soul creation and Divine Layout of The Universe... this is why we have pyramid builders. The pyramid (like the ones in Egypt) is the shape of Divine Order. Anything not of Divine Order and interfering with good people who are trying to grow both physically and spiritually on this planet, will have to seek refuge somewhere else. The God of Abraham is the only creator God with the ability to make man in his own image...Thee 1 and only!! While God's totem is the golden lion and that polar opposite creator God who has the totem of the dragon is not capable of creating bi-pedal dragons, it's a "win win" for love and light. I think I will venture further to know my father's father. We are infinite you know.

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~ An excerpt from Divine Feminine Rising ~

We are already beginning to see examples of the metamorphosis in the world at large. Every single vice that once worked in a dualistic world, from the monetary system, to some aspects of our relig
ious institutions, to the degradation of the all-important role that divine feminine should play in our lives – is coming down! However, it is not as easy and automatic as it sounds. Yes, the awakening is and will continue to quicken, but there is a twist. Those powers that be, with all of their intricately designed institutions of repression which have kept the woman - down, the man - disillusioned, the children - neglected, the poor - starving, the cold – freezing, the nations - warring, the races – divided, the people – in fear, and mother earth – dying, are not going easily. However, regardless of their efforts to maintain the old world dis-order, they will not succeed because they are fearful. It is this fear that makes them want to repress anything that maybe a threat to them - especially divine feminine!

The strength of masculine and the muscles of a man, will absolutely pale in comparison to the strength that is gained from the tears of surrendering in the face of the love of Divine Feminine. ~ Protilius ~

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~ an excerpt from a journey I made on: 
10/6/12 ~

Just then, in the midst of this battle, to my right and just above me, I saw a white streak of light. I looked and saw God standing on a cloud. Note: This was the first time I have ever seen God arrive on a cloud...of all things. But the look in his eyes was as intense and angry as I've ever seen him and even the dragon stopped firing away at me an
d had an "uh oh" look. God's eyes were so intense and I could tell he was ready to help me if need be. I could tell, he didn’t like this dragon firing away at me and just when I felt that God was ready to move on him, I declared, "No! I can do this."

God paused a moment and then the look of anger disappeared in his eyes. That is when he closed his eyes briefly and upon opening them again, he raised his right arm out, palm upward. That is when I heard God say in my head, “look...there!”

So I turned in the direction God's eyes were looking and I saw earth from high up above. Then, I noticed this massive hole or channel open up. At first, it was small and then quickly expanded open to expose that place I had visited during the Rites of The Heart articles. And let me tell you, it was a site to behold! But it was still Hell!

Upon seeing Hell, I now knew what I had to do with this dragon. So, with this dragon spitting fire all over me again, I took off at a high rate of speed and slammed my right shoulder into his belly with my arms wrapping around him. I flew him down ( ALL THE WAY ) into that gateway that had opened up in earth and gave me a birds eye view of the fiery core of Mother Earth. And when we hit the rocky, cavernous floor of hell we both went tumbling. With all of the forward momentum, we both came to a stop when we hit the far wall of this cavern. As soon as I gathered my bearings, I got to my feet and took off out of there, flying back up that channel, I had just came. With the gateway beginning to close up, I flew as fast as I could to clear it before it closed. Upon clearing the entrance way, I stopped, turned around and that dragon who was right behind me was doing its best to escape as well. It was going to be close. But would he make it?

To read the rest of this article, click HERE  to go to The Pyramid of Souls.Com which is the sister site to Collapsing Duality.Com.

Namaste ~ Protilius ~

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WE are the most "tried" peoples because we cannot be broken. And who are we? The spiritualists, the dreamers (me :) the poets and painters and of course...the The Twin Flamers. And when they see that they cannot break us either physically, emotionally or spiritually, they ( those spirits ) they go after everyone around you from your family, to your co-workers and to your friends and even your children. Where there is a door left open, they will pass through. So batten down your hatches. 
~ Protilius ~

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At the end of every age and at the beginning of each new earth, the doors to the dimensions swing (((WIDE OPEN))) so that we may all have the opportunity to experience the continuity of heart that exists between the fruits on earth and the heart of God. When those doors swing open, all of our truths and falsehoods from the moment of our creation, right on up to this present moment in time, are pre
sented to us in very profound (and even pole shifting) fashion! But for those who have an ear to hear and an eye to see, we may embrace those truths and relinquish those falsehoods so that we may properly, lovingly, re-tell the greatest story ever told, in our own words, that has always been within us and will be RE-PLAYED BETWEEN ALL OF US, right here, right now! But the question is: Will we, moving forward, pass on and protect our stories of Love, Light and chivalry; which the truth exists within, so that our children who inherit this new earth can be free from the bondage mankind finds himself in now? We are all "witnesses" at this moment in time and it us very important for each of us to record in our own words, the birthing of this new age. Your word, will be THE WORD, in the future ~Protilius~

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On September 13th I wrote about how I received 3 emails: 1 from Europe and 2 from the USA. This is in regards to my higher self, Protilius, making visits to people in dreams, visions and by my journeying with him. Anyway, 1 of those people has agreed to share the experience and all that it entails right here on my FB wall. I have since talked with her many times about her experience over the phone and via email to confirm and compare notes with others who have seen Protilius. Her name is Kimmie and she is on my friends list if you want to find her. She undoubtedly gave the best description of Protilius' visit to her and will do so with great description about that experience right here on my the comments section of this post. And...there is an unexpected extra in this whole experience that is gonna really blow ur minds. It was told to her that Protilius also made contact with another member of her family that knows nothing of me or my H.S., Protilius, and yet it happened. Amazing stuff! I have given her the full clear to go ahead and tell it all. One more thing...preliminarily, judging by the connection and frequency, I know that Kimmie is 4th layer awareness and quite close in Divine Order. I look forward to connecting with Kimmie's higher self. 

Update: Since this posting, I have decided to create a testimony page at Collapsing Duality.Com where anyone who has experienced my spirit self Protilius, may tell their story. Look for that in the near future.
Sophia...Has Come Home
Sunday 11/4/2012 or 11

Eve: Check! Adam: Check!! Sophia: CHECK!!! All present and accounted for, Father... standing by for further instruction :)

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Ever since the vision of The Ark of The Covenant and 5 days later, meeting Sophia, my life has turned into a mission of understanding. Well, yesterday, after many more journeys and visits to Sophia...since the last posting here, I wish to announce that I have brought her home to God from the underworld where she has been hidden ever since her fall from grace. Yes...I found her, but in the least likely of places.

Every day since first meeting her, this highest...most pure aspect of my very own Divine, I have felt stronger and stronger and have this yearning to go home. Why? Because she is pure love without the Lilith's and the Hekate's attached to her name are not who she was in the beginning. What is mission has been accomplished!

What I did recently was for the lack of a better way to put it, " A military style extraction operation" but only with the goal of winning our Divine Feminine Mother back! But unlike a military style extraction operation, I could not go in there with guns blazing or swords swinging. No... I had to win her heart back to God. And I DID!!!

Here's what I wrote yesterday (11/4) about it. Keep in mind, this is the VERY SHORT of how it all came to be. But I thought it was important to write my first thoughts of how it all happened.

Today is a VERY SPECIAL DAY :-) You're going to want to remember this one. Okay? This morning, I made a journey to Sophia and then brought her before the Ark of the Covenant. Why the Ark? Because after she "fell from Grace" and into the hands of the dragon, she lost her glow! And when the Ark was built, it was the spirit of Sophia and her light that set that Ark aglow along with the word of God. Doing this was a plan that was hatched about 2 weeks ago after I passed the "tempt test." And by bringing her before the Ark, I knew this would rid her of the dragons within. And did it ever! OMG!!! This is why, about 5 days before meeting Sophia, God showed me the Ark and Protilius was given a shield, a helmet and a golden uniform in place of his royal divine blue uniform. So...once Sophia and I were before the Ark, I opened the lid to it and we were both bathed in gold... Sophia's glow or as Idapromina ErmPhorus puts it "Shekinah Glory" was returned back to her from the "Mercy Seat" of the Ark. It was at that point that I remembered God telling me that all I had to do was to "forgive her." So I did. And then she looked at me forgave me for what happened so long ago. We hugged each other and I kissed her...for awhile. Then, I picked her up and took her before God where we danced together in the air before him. God smiled and rejoiced…then we both joined him at the foot of his throne where the three of us put our arms around each other. Then, Sophia and I held hands, smiled and poof! We disappeared inside of God. Duality has been Collapsed!!! IT IS OVER!!!!! The New Earth Begins: NOW! This is why I wrote recently: 

If we are to fix what's wrong in the here and now, then we must journey back and atone for what's been going on since the beginning. The keys to our future can be found in our past. 

You see…I had to go back to the beginning to make it right. Of course, what you read here is the "short of it" and the rest I will detail in upcoming articles. But for today, KNOW THIS:  the dragon lost its Queen and humanity has its Mother and Divine Feminine back in power. Divine Order has been successfully restored to the way it was in the beginning.

The cycle of separation is truly over!

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To better explain the significance of The Ark of The Covenant and Sophia, I asked for the help of Idapromina ErmPhorus who has been helping me connect the dots of my journeys/visions with what has been written in most all religions/beliefs. For without her, I would be very confused as I do not come from a religious background, but a Shamanic one. Anyway, I asked her for her input on these latest experiences that I sent to her and here is what she offered:


"Today is a VERY special day indeed!! In my learning and relationship with God and His Ark of the Covenant, the Shekhinah Glory sat on top of the mercy seat of the Ark. Well, it has been shown that the Shekhinah in Hebrew, is Feminine. The Shekhinah also means "the dwelling place of God" ... because of the Onement with Divine Masuline and Divine Feminine. The Ark was always placed in the "Temple of the Holy of Holies, or Most Holy of Holies." This 'Holy of Holies' is considered the Bridal Chamber of God and of His Divine Feminine Goddess. This "Holy of Holies", is of Supreme importance. It is where the Sacred marriage and where redemption takes place. It is the Union of Christ and Sophia in the 'bridal chamber' of the "Holy of Holies." It was a ritual and it was where the transformation takes place. This transformation of the Primal marriage of fulfillment at the beginning of Creation..where the two knowing themselves to be One. This is also the Redemption. Brendan has been anointed because he has the Christ Consciousness of God within, and has received the Light. Therefore, he is the son of God. If anyone receives the Christ Consciousness within, then they are all sons and daughters of God, they are anointed and have received the Light! It enables us to see the unity of the Earth and Heaven, as being Gods and Goddesses...As above, also below. This anointing will happen, because Sophia's feminine soul, unites or reunites with the masculine spirit of Christ, in the bridal chamber. Duality will be collapsed!! Then all of us who have received the Light from the bridal chamber, will have the realization that We are Divine, and will experience the Union or Atonement with God. It is His Kingdom and it is Us returning back to the garden or paradise.. We're heading toward the New Earth.
"As above, so below. Heaven above, Heaven below; Stars above, Stars below; all that is above, thus also below. Understand this and be blessed." ~ Kircher Prodrom. Gnosis"

Thank You, Traci!!!

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What is happening right now for most Twin Flames is that they are re-living the the split from "Oneness" into duality as it occurred in the very beginning. Once awakened to the divine love that only a Divine Compliment can bring, that's when it begins... the cycle. And it hurts like HELL!!! But, it's a cycle. In other words it will complete. The whole experience as it was in the beginning, right on up until now is being re-played in the physical as it was in the spirit or "The Garden" so to speak. What we Twin Flames are experiencing between our Divine Compliment's are what our creators (mom and dad) experienced in the beginning and all that transpired after.

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Here is an excerpt from Part I of Sophia:

Elloweina: “Yes, I will take you there, B.” She replied with tears now welling up in her eyes. “But, I am not permitted to be there with you as this matter is between you and her alone.”

Protilius: “What? You always go everywhere with me. What if I have questions? Please, Elloweina, go with me,” I pleaded with her!

Elloweina: “I will be with you. You will be able to hear me, see me and feel my comfort. And I will be able to see everything you are seeing. I am just not permitted to go inside.”

Protilius: “If I am a child of hers then that would me you are too. Why would you not be permitted to go inside her house when God welcomes you into his?”

Elloweina: “When you meet her, you will understand better. Once again, this is just between the two of you. I cannot go with you on this one. And please understand that you, B, will have some very important decisions to make on this journey.” Now crying, she struggled to continue with her lips quivering and voice shaking. “You… will need to find an inner strength… that you didn’t know you had and have failed… at finding in your own life and in every single incarnation… going back to the moment of your creation.”

Protilius: When Elloweina told me this, I was floored and wondered what it was that she was referring to. What was I failing at? But seeing her in this state of worry and even panic, I felt compelled to comfort her. So, with both of my thumbs I reached out and wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed her on her forehead. She wrapped her arms around me and I held her tight. Then, digging deep to conjure a smile from her, I asked in a joking way, in an attempt to keep things in the light and in the positive, “Well, are you gonna show me the way or am I gonna have to take a bus?”

~ break ~

What happens from the time a seed is planted, 'til the tree brings fruit is equally as important as it is when we "spread the dirt over" and are later...fed by that seed that becomes a fruit bearing tree of nourishment.

The "fruits of our labors" are that we tend to the "tree of life." And when we do, from beginning to end, we may be fed for all eternity. Protilius ~

~ break ~

Do you wanna know where man has hid our Divine Feminine Mother, Sophia, over the course of all these years? All ya have to do is read the story of Medusa! Yes!!! Stories would ensure that no man would dare go look for such a woman :) And as for Sophia's so-called "other faces" Hekate and Lilith - all influences of the dragon after her short time in "The Garden" and her fall from Grace. Yet, I admit, at least Hekate and Lilith are more representative than say... Medusa. By far they are! Yes, when I met Sophia I experienced all 3 of them. I know because I met the Lilith and Hekate in Sophia. But what those journeyman like Perseus failed to do in the past was to simply lead with love her no matter which face she showed first. Had Perseus done this, rather than trying to take the head of Medusa who is CLOSELY associated with Hekate which he failed at, he would have found the most beautiful woman in the world in Sophia. However, I do give credit to Perseus for knowing in advance that if he looked her in the eyes he would be frozen. That I did not know :D But, BUT... life for us would probably be quite a bit different right now had he led with love. If he led with love he would have won her heart...which is all she waiting for in the first place!! But there is no blame for what has happened in the past, going back to the Garden. But hey, for future reference and God forbid if this ever happens again (and it won't on my watch!) look for the worst story that could ever be made up about a woman like Medusa, and there she will likely be. They hid her both in the bible and in so-called "mythology." But mythology is just another form of the truth being told.

~ break ~

To conclude this journal entry I want to say first, that: My Mission is Complete. In other words... I came here and have accomplished my #1 goal. And that was to deliver the first mother back to God.

Secondly... Look for Part I of Sophia very shortly. But there are other parts that have yet to be written and I only have written notes on w/description and dialogue. But it will all come out.

Until then, I will start posting TF stories again, while writing this article.

Final note...from God: "Prepare because things are going to change!"


NEW ~ Sophia is Home! Divine Order Restored!! The Collapse of Duality has truly begun!!! 
by Brendan (Protilius) 11/4/2012 *11*
Sophia Part II Update and Much More...

When one learns how not to become frozen with fear in the all-powerful presence of Hecate and how not to fall prey to the tempt of the lustful Lilith, then that one has learned and earned the heart of beautiful Sophia ~ Protilius

Part II of Sophia is coming along fine but slower than I would like due to the fact that I have a day job. I am about halfway through it now and if you enjoyed part I then I'm sure you'll find plenty of surprises in part II.

2 excerpts from Part II of Sophia

Excerpt 1 - "While formulating a plan to deal with Hecate and Lilith while researching on the internet in the days following that first journey, my heart was yearning for Sophia. And with each passing day it grew stronger. It was as if I had fallen immediately in love with her whether or not she was indeed my wife or even my mother. I could still see her wide eyes beaming into mine....and in those eyes of Sophia I saw a beautiful soul who was full of innocense, love and yet, trapped and scared. It was as if she was a woman frozen in time. 

Imagine if you will, the first woman - our mother - exactly the way she was at the beginning of time? Imagine!!! Everything about her from the way she walked, talked and even her mannerisms were completely hers and hers alone. Without any other form of contact since her fall from Grace so, sooo long ago, there were no influences bestowed upon her other than the dragons influence since that time of the fall. It was as if she had been sealed up and locked away only to be found again thousands of years later, in the same condition that she was in the very beginning."

Excerpt 2 - "Protilius: "Do you know who  you are?"

Hecate: "Stupid question. Of course I do. Hecate!"

Protilius: " are Sophia: Mother of All Creation. Hecate is your outer most layer of armor to protect Lilith: the seductress and Sophia: the wisdom in you! But the truth be told...Sophia is bigger than the both of you put together! You, Hecate, are protecting both of them from pain...kind of like a big sister would protect her little sister (s). But if big sister solves little sisters problems all of the time, then how are they going to learn and grow? "

Hecate: "I am protecting them from women-hating men like yourself."

Protilius: " decided to take a big step up from men like me by marrying the dragon? And now all of humanity has the influence of the dragon within! Not a good move Sophia!"

Hecate: "Anything is better than a man. Now quit talking to me and go away from here you, you false prophet! You're fake!!!"

Protilius: "No! I am not leaving you alone until you tell me what it is that I can do to prove to you that I am not a woman-hating man and wish nothing more than to love you like the mother that you are? What can I do to help you see this truth???"


In reality, these Sophia journeys are already over. Sophia has come home and now The Divine Order of things may begin to right itself. 

Nov 21st I wrote about this:      December 21st, 2012 is the "Galactic Alignment" of the planets... But does it mean anything more? Yes!!! Because we are souls; born of the spirits and written into not only the stars, but the planets of our very solar system as well, Divine Order will also fall back into alignment or "RIGHT ITSELF." Divine Order has been "off" since the tempt. And you will find out why in Part II of So
phia. The prophecy was foretold in the stars, by the Mayans and many more... and is now being fulfilled between us Twin Flames and spirit seekers of the truth. But how long will it take before we see the evidence of Sophia's arrival back to God? In 10 to 20 years earth time we will begin to realize the benefits. In another 10 to 20 more years after, the people of this earth and society in general will be vastly transformed. And in another 20 to 40 years after that...we will have that peace we have always craved and desired.'s going to get harder before it gets easier. This is not the end of the world but another beginning...and it's not the way you would think it would happen. No! WE - ALL OF US are gonna walk, one foot in front of the other (hand in hand I don't mind) into this new world or "New Earth." And if anybody says to you, "Follow me... God is gonna take us up and out of here in a fiery chariot from our misery," don't go! Don't GO!!! We are to be here and walk over the coals in our bare feet..."feet to the fire" in order to make it right. No...I am not into pain. Never liked it much. But if we take the easy way out, how else are we going to learn? Is this not our mess we have created?!?!? What is more...if we take the easy way out (which is "the illusion") how are we going to pass our stories down to our children and their children and so on and so forth to make things better for their future? The greatest opportunity we have ever had, is at hand. Let's do it right this time! Don't buy into the illusion!

Nov 27th
An observation I have made since delivering Sophia back is that I see her EVERYWHERE now! So... Seers or peeps w/an open 3rd eye take notice! Look to the skies and not w/your eyes. There you will see a most beautiful woman smiling at you. This is Sophia...Mother of Creation! She will be there and here from now the heavens and within, holding us all around.

Nov 26th
In going away from religion and denominations, I had decided to seek the truth that is all encompassing. And through that ancient form of intimate spiritual contact, I wound up back where I started: with God! Life is completed not in straight lines, but it is in cycles ~ Protilius

Nov 24th
I am creating a new term: BACK JOURNEYING. Back journeying is when you have a vision or make a journey in the spirit and then, later on, can find out even more about the journey than you did during the initial experience. This is a new thing for me and largely why I have only put the pedal to the metal today, for writing Sophia Part II. Things just keep on a comin! Anyway, two pages done and I'm making tracks :) It would be nice to have part 2 completed by next week...especially since I am being nudged by God to "get it done" as time is a factor. Talk about pressure!

Nov 19th
3 more messages today: 1 by God and 2 by Elloweina. Warnings? Well...yes and no...depending on the path you've chosen. Basically, what I get from these 3 messages is that...NOW would be a VERY good time (if you have not already) to start talking/praying to God. Never mind the spirit idols of times past and whoever it is that you think is this or that or some other thing...instead, just go w/God. I honestly don't know what is going on because Brendan's mind cannot handle it all. But my heart feels the push to say this at this time. your next meditation or perhaps before you go to sleep just try it ;)

Nov 15th
Idapromina ErmPhorus posted the following on my wall. Since she is into plugging names into Gematria, which is our names as numerical meanings, she decided to plug my name Protilius into the system and here's what she got back:


Gematria for Protilius

Protilius = 139 
The word "Protilius" is not in the English dictionary. Do you want to add it to the online English dictionary?

Other words in the Naeq system with the value of 139 Transliteration Definition Word 
Sessrumnir Hall of Freya 
*EXPOSURE * "NOTHING IS HIDDEN FRON THEIR SIGHT"! 2Cor 5:10 Mat 10:26 John 5:29 Rev 20:11,12 Luke 8:17 
A Mental Dragon proper form, why the hell not. 
accidentally without intention; by chance; the opposite of on purpose (see below) 
appearing coming into sight or view; coming into being or existence; presenting oneself formally, as before a judge 
apprehend take into custody, as of suspected criminals, by the police 
architect someone who creates plans to be used in making something (such as buildings) 
artifice Artful or skillful contrivance; an elaborate trick 
As it should be. As it will be. 
AS IT SHOULD BE^ * "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW"! "THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN"! Mat 6;9,10 Isa 2:1-4 35:1-10 61;1-11 65 :17-27 Rev 21:3-27 Daniel 2:44 Refer to #60 #60 #60 for MORE INSIGHTTT 
August162009630amBJD Change 
barbeque a cookout in which food is cooked over an open fire; especially a whole animal carcass roasted on a spit; a rack to hold meat for cooking over hot charcoal usually out of doors 
bartender One who tends a bar. 
Brihaspati Brihaspati is the lord of prayer in Hindu mythology. He is the celestial priest who is master of the Word who dispels darkness and destroys the enemies of the gods by his recitations of magical formulae. In his form as Brahmanaspati he helped create the universe with his chanting. He is also closely linked with Brahma, as both are regarded as the creators of the universe. He is considered to be the planet Jupiter. 
campfire a small outdoor fire for warmth or cooking 
Code Of Orion Patrick Geryl 
curiosity a state in which you want to learn more about something 
Dane Is Water * 
Dane\\\'s Musick * 
distracted having the attention diverted especially because of anxiety 
DragonMaster powerful indeed 
Emigratus To Migrate 
Enthusiasm Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause 
firebird phoenix 
FORTHRIGHT**** *Sacred MannA Ministeries, Visionary Teacher "WHITE BRILLIANCE-THE CROW"! (CORVUS CORONE)! 
Hassenfritz 911 
he climbed 
Healthy Mind An Attribute Of ^ 118 ^ SUNWISE UPRIGHT ^ C.D.C. ^ BEREN VARDAMIR 
henrique henrique mendes da silva 
inferiors those of lesser rank or quality 
inverted being in such a position that top and bottom are reversed 
john coltrane jazz genius 
Kitabu r Ruh Arabic 
Magi Nation Unaffiliated with anything. 
MagiNation Magi Nation 
Nero Ceaser Anti-Christian Roman Emperer 
never born 
O ----- CROWS FEET * Refer to # 132 "CROWS FEET" # 281 "WELCOME THE CROWS FEET" # 260 # 502 # 85 "EAT CROW" # 116 "TO EAT CROW" # 226 "EAT CROW FOR INSIGHT" # 283 "POWER OF THE CROWS FEET" # 369 "ALEISTER CROWLEY IS DEAD NOW, EAT CROW"!!!!! # 497 # 538 (TO ACTUALLY "EAT CROW" Refer to #60 #60 #60 --------- CHOW!) 
on purpose 
operation procedure; process or manner of functioning 
optimum most desirable possible under a restriction expressed or implied 
PARAMOUNT WAR *NEARLY UPON YOU! Rev 11:18, 19:11-21, Daniel 2:44 Rev 11:15** 1COr 15:20-27** 
picosecond picosecond 
prohibit command against 
Puberty The stage of adolescence in which an individual becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproduction 
questions ?????? 
regression the act of moving backward 
Sabian symbols developed by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler in 1925. the symbols represent each individual degree of the zodiac. as an oracle, they are a sort of contemporary western I Ching 
sacrificed gave up one thing in order to get something else 
satisfying giving pleasure or satisfaction; providing abundant nourishment 
Scrivener Person Who Writes For Other People For A Living. 
segregate separate or isolate (one thing) from another and place in a group apart from others 
servility abject or cringing submissiveness 
severity excessive sternness or harshness; something hard to endure; used of the degree of something undesirable (i.e., pain or weather) 
simon magnus a magician 
sixty six 66 
Souls of Fire (AShiM) perfected souls 
sumptuous rich and superior in quality 
Tariq Bey 139 
TBBIOTM Liber AL iii:24 
the bride 
THE LAMBS - SONG *Rev 15:2-6 
The Vatican Church of Rome, the Pope, ect.. 
TO BE - HEALED *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
Twenty Two Artislav Mel - Against The Law 
underwater beneath the surface of the water 
Verethragna Persian god of victory and the personification of aggressive triumph. 
World Of Warcraft MMO With A 7 Million Player Base 
Ya Sahibuz Zaman Arabic for "O Lord of the Age". 
Yahweh is a bum 
Yahwehs will done ! 


Nov 12th
Today, I took my kids for a hike because they had no school on this Veterans day. The reason I had the day off was because I had to work a midnight shift last night. So...after I got up about noon I felt sick just I have been feeling since the last journey. Anyway, I forced myself to get out with them and we had a great hike through the freshly fallen leaves and warm November air. But when I got home, I was feeling sick again and went to bed. That's when I had a dream. Not a vision, not a journey...but a dream! You see...I had been wondering why I have been feeling so dead and like a "shell" these past days. I wondered if I perhaps...died? I had not heard from Sophia in days and so I asked her to make her presence known. And when she did she was laying over me...protecting me from the war that I brought upon myself. She whispered in my ears and told me what I needed to hear. Then, I asked her to show me her face 'cus I wanted to see her eyes and smile. She did. :) #4 Later, in that same dream, I found myself amongst a bunch of other people who were all wearing golden uniforms. But the majority of people were all around this one guy. When I went over and asked who he was to this one warrior, he said, "Odysseus." Naturally I thought, the Greek Odysseus? So, when I tried to get closer to him, he somehow recognized me and I don't know why, but he came over, shook my hand and then hugged me. The next thing I know, we are sitting around this sort of strange buffet and we are breaking bread together. Not sexual breaking bread...but literally eating out of the same bowl with pieces of bread we had broken off from a loaf. The mood was celebratory. We were breaking bread and I was sitting right next to the great Odysseus? I still can't believe it lol! Around us were many other light warriors who were all dressed in the same golden outfit that I had received from God in my recent journey to Sophia. We were all sitting around this buffet...circular style...and breaking bread and talking and laughing. Outside of this circle, I could see that there were many women and children who were all there for the celebration too. :) #5 I am very, VERY tired! There is more than what I share here than you can know that makes me feel this way. I just do not care to share everything I know. What I do know is that I have never felt such exhaustion as I do now. The last journey has really whipped me. All I want to do is write about it and I cannot even do that. So...I will get around to it when the time is right. I guess I just need to rest and recover.

Nov 12th
If it's one thing I have learned in my journeys of the spirit to the spirit world, is that it's the woman or female spirit who calls upon the man or masculine spirit for worship and not the other way around. I just figured I would point that out because of how the roles are (for the most part) reversed here in this physical existence and then perpetuated by the media and especially by Hollywood to maintain disorder in "the order" instead of reclaiming the divine.

Nov 9th
Since the latest election has come to a close, I have to admit that I have got so much grief from my friends because of my viewpoints about politics in general. I don't view things as either Red or Blue or even Yin or Yang when we're all ONE already. But when corporate America ties up good men who initially started with good ideals for a better country, "MONEY" ruins it all. But this is nothing new... No! It's been going on since the beginning. And is money that is needed to win an election in a so-called "democracy" where supposedly ANYONE can be president. The only way we're going to have change is to draw them out of their chambers. How do we do that? Ya take a deep breath...a leap of faith...and then you BOYCOTT! You don't buy; you don't shut the system down that you once thought owned you. By doing this, YOU....YOU TAKE IT BACK!!! Instead... you do nothing but care for those around you and send prayers to your family around the globe. The only way for peace is to not play that game. But in order for it to work, it's going to have to take the "collective whole.

Nov 10th
Had a pretty cool psychic dream 2 nights ago I will share. But to set the scene...I am a contract telecom engineer. In other words I work at the transmission sites and install and run and cabling that makes it possible for peeps to have cable, telephone and internet service. When the budget money for the corp that I work for runs out, I get laid off. Ya! Anyway, I got word last week that the money was running out and lay off was next week! So naturally I was pissed but just chalked it up to the work of the dragon since stealing their Queen and taking back our mother :D Anyway, I went to bed that night and dreamed I found myself hanging out the "main boss" of mine that determines who stays; who goes and who gets promoted and all that jazz... And he was driving me around in his company vehicle lol then we got out and he was showing me this new building we were to be working out of. Then, when I looked down, I noticed I was standing in about 5 inches of snow. Then he put his arm around me and led me inside this building and he was treating me like his best bud...Numero Uno :) LOL And that's it. It's all I remember from that dream. The next day I go into work (with the wind taken out of my sails about imminent layoff) and meet up w/my coworker and start the day. This is the day after I posted that pic of the one where I'm driving in traffic and snow. Anyway, I was surprised to see so much snow...about 5 inches of it lol. So anyway, my coworker and I go to see him - The Bossman! :) When we arrive outside his new office he is on the computer and looks stressed. When he sees us, he sits back, puts his hands over his face and says, "I'll be right with you guys. I am trying to move the budget around so that we can keep Brendan on board. :D

Nov 8th

If you are seeking the first of the first or the creator of creation, then starting w/yourself is a bare minimum pre-requisite to finding your way back home ~ Protilius

Thursday 12/13/2012 or 12
by Brendan/Protilius ErmPhorus

I have some updates about the site and so forth. Because things are so busy and I am 2 months behind on TF stories and articles I am going to shut down the TF story submission page once again. This is due to the fact that I am overwhelmed with everything. If you have been following the journal entries and recent articles, then you might imagine why. But...those stories and articles submitted will get published in the order that I received them.

Dec 2nd ~ 
What separates the spirit world from this physical world is our belief that we are mortal. In other words...we created the "veil." But if we were to consider the fruit we bring with each incarnation (much like an apple tree in an ordinary growing season) then we must consider The Tree of Life that keeps us coming back time and time again ~ Protilius

The Picture above is a verse from a poem I made back in 93. I had created 2 alphabets of symbols and this is one that was designed at incorporating symbols from across the world in an effort to have some unity amongs all the dialects that separate us. That was the idea for the symbols. I always identified more with symbols than I did with letters and/or languages.

Dec 1st
Ever since I was brought into this world I have found myself having to jump from one lily pad to the next. Now, instead of leaping from lily pad to lily pad, I walk across the backs of Crocodiles to find my way back to where I started from and beyond ~ Protilius

I never used to get stoned w/my friends in high school because they said that on the rare occasion that I did do it, it made me normal. So basically, my normal was "stoned" and my stoned was "normal." I think they appreciated me better when I was just plain old High on Life! Protilius

Dec 9th 2012
The Following is a poem (w/a few alterations to its original format that I wrote back in 94) It is from my only published book, Trees Can Red at Night.

Simple One and Another

Through the prairie and across a desert
A simple one set out to walk
Walking with purpose... walking with destiny
Over the soil and over the rock ~
Through the forests and through the valleys
To the ocean Simple One walked
And while walking with urgency Simple One found Another
And it is to Another, the Simple One talked
Of a greater time and of a greater place
So beautiful a people and how so tragic a land ~
Well...Another was so touched that she pleaded
"Show me through and through."
And Simple One took another by the hand.
He showed her a place that was ohhh so very familiar...
'sif they knew it in a song or in a poem
While walking nowhere, standing perfectly still
Simple One showed Another a land called home ~






A Dream
my Protilius Facebook Post w/comments by friends

PROTILIUS ~ 12/10 dream: In a dream I was outside and I looked up when I heard this crackling sound like either fireworks or multiple shots fired in the distance. I saw what I thought was a red crack in the sky at first...but then realized it was fire that was changing shape as if two opposing forces were clashing. It seemed to happen in waves...kind of like where two water waves meet head-on and create a rip in the ocean or two air masses collide and create thunderstorms. And every time they clashed together, I would hear this crackling sound that was getting louder and lots of red fire along the rip. That is when I thought I saw what appeared to be men as if from two different armies, high up in the sky. I thought to myself "impossible!" So I focused on them intently to try and see clearer. At the moment I did, a new clash had happened and there was red fire everywhere along the clash zone and a new (more defined) crack in the sky. That is when I realized that men (spirits) from both sides were battling it out and some were even falling from the sky to earth.

IDAPROMINA ~ This reminds me of the current and ongoing war in the Heavens. Also reminds me of the spirits of men/women or armies of God, against the dark lords of the heavens and the world. Rev 12:7-9 Daniel 12:1-4 Zechariah 6:1-7 Mathew 25:41-43

CRYSTAL ~ Then a war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon and its angels fought back -Revelation 12:7

PROTILIUS ~ This is one of the reasons why Sophia didn't want to come back w/me initially...because she was afraid of what the dragon(s) would do. Of the end she did come back and the rest is history. But Elloweina and God both tell me to tell you to "Prepare for a rapidly changing world and spread the good news about Sophia." Elloweina was the most colorful w/her words when I asked her to elaborate on what was said. She said, "people are gonna go absolutely f______ crazy!" I'll tell you more if/when I can remember it. But as always, think positively and creatively because now is the time we begin to create that New Earth.

Later that day on 12/10/12 I wrote ~

So I went for a 7 mile hike today and halfway thru it, it starts to downpour. Yes...I was prepared for showers but nothing like what the weathermen predicted. Then, thunder n lightning started. And it didn't stop til I got back to my truck!! I even brought a plastic sandwich bag to put my cell phone inside but that was not even enough. I was so drenched that my phone I think, is toast! So, I am now home drying out and watching Romeo & Juliet. But hey...

"A dog in the house of Capulet MOVES ME!!!"

(from Facebook)

PROTILIUS ~ So...where r we at, nearing the end of this cycle: 12/11/12? We are at Revelation 12:7! the moment. That's where! In fact, you will (if u want) be able to chart the progress of Revelation from here on out. I myself have mostly hung back from continuing with Sophia part II because of the pressure I am being put under by God and The Angels. It's wicked (this pressure) and just be glad u are not me. The guilt from not having the strength to write about this is maddening/saddening. But I will...I promise...just searching for the strength. It's just so, sooo much! I pretend at times, I am not me, just to deal w/it all. Things are moving quickly. I have been told time and time again by Elloweina to "Do it now." Do what? Start telling people to "prepare." But I am simple and although my journeys may seem out of this world, I am still just an ordinary guy. But then God keeps telling me too. What does he tell me? To tell YOU (anyone who reads this) to "start preparing for rapid change on this planet" and not all of it is gonna be pretty. In the short's gonna get rocky. Very Rocky! Why do I write about this now? Because of my dream yesterday (my personal sign I have been waiting for) that I wrote about, about spirits falling from the sky due to a spiritual war above our heads. On Nov 27 on FB I wrote about Sophia with her gigantic smile overlooking all of us. You can find this in Rev 12...thanks to Crystal and Idapromina for pointing this out to regards to that dream. I have not followed the bible in the past but now w/help from Idapromina and Crystal and others, I do look and compare notes after I get visions/dreams. Now...backing up a bit to when I journeyed to Sophia and then took her back home: One of the reasons she didn't want to come with me (initially) was because she feared what the ramifications of the dragon might be to people. I knew, because what God and I did was nothing short of a spiritual Commando Mission to extract the most precious woman of them all (Sophia) from the dragon...which is why nobody knew about it. Too Important!!! However, I knew that the dragon would retaliate, but I just didn't know how. Now I get it! The dragon has lost its battle in the spirit and will now attempt to smash everything to bits in the physical through his fallen angels that I saw raining from the sky yesterday. His Angels (sellouts to God our Father) will try and take you over through a spiritual "Changeling." You must be strong enough to know when this is happening as nobody will likely clue you in. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR FAITH AND REMAIN STRONG IN YOUR BELIEF OF GOD!" I have much work to do myself and still atone for...all of this because of a lover's spat at the beginning of creation. Love N Light ~ Protilius ~ P.S.~ PREPARE!!!!

IDAPROMINA ~ Yes, now is Rev. 12:7. The dragon and his angels, are being defeated and falling like lightning from the Heavens. Especially now, since Sophia has been redeemed from his clutches...he is pissed! The dragon no longer has access to Heaven, where he accuses day and night before the throne of God. He has been HURLED down! Rev 12:10. The dragon no longer has access to our Mother Sophia, so that he can have her light (Universal Knowledge..Wisom) and love... and conceal it from her children...and even from her! You see, it has always been about our Mother Sophia. When the dragon had her contained in the earth, he contained a good portion of her light. The dragon continued to use Sophia's light against her and her children, to cause fear, darkness and duality in our material minds. This misuse of Sophia's light, plunged us into a slumber and blindness...and has kept us from unity on Earth. And most of all, this slumber and blindness, has stunted our growth and ascension back into the Heavens, where we are to be One again. So, now that red dragon and his minions, have been HURLED down and no longer have access to the Heavens..he seeks to make war and persecute Sophia's children by physical war on Earth. It is revenge he wants. The sign is in Heaven and is happening on Earth. Why..? This is all in the plan of SALVATION. The ultimate message for this life now is... TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION!!! KNOW THYSELF! Put on the armor (TRUTH) of God and Sophia! Keep your FAITH, LOVE and STRENGTH in them. PREPARE!! KNOW and RECOGNIZE the DECEIT and DISGUISE of the reptillian dragon. God is here! The harvesting has begun, separating the wheat from the tares. The book of the RIGHT vs the book of the LEFT. I myself have much work to do and reconcile for as well. Please, try not to be afraid, but AWAKE. Lets keep ENLIGHTNING, LOVING and COMFORTING ONE ANOTHER. Pray for humility. Do not worry about tomorrow or yesterday. LIVE for TODAY! BE IN THE MOMENT!. Live with your PASSIONS...SING, DANCE, PLAY, CREATE...and definitely be PREPARED!! Much Love & Light to you all! 

PROTILIUS ~ Very nicely and soberingly said... TY as always Traci And when Traci said "God is here," what did she mean? She meant that literally as in...he is not on his throne anymore. 'Tis true ;)  Is he not within us already? Of course he is...but that guy talked about in many religions is literally here on Earth now.'s a very special occasion.

~ Break ~

12/13/2012 or 12
PROTILIUS ~ is Collapsing Duality doing as a site. Great! I receive many nice emails of appreciation to CD.Com and after I share a part of one of them, I will show you with a picture of how this site has grown and touched many people.

But first, I am going to share a part of an email I received just today from a friend who lives in California. She is the only one who bought my book that was published in 1994 and entitled "Trees Can Red at Night." It was a book of my poetry. So...thank you Naomi for your kind words. They mean more than you know. I have this to say to you because I know your heart...and can FEEL IT: 

As life and love are eternal within the heart of God, so too shall love and everlasting life be eternal within you.

Naomi ~ I LOVE your Sophia stories.  From another awakened being to another, from another poet to another, from a writer to another writer....and as an editor myself and publisher, I really think your Sophia stories should become your next epic poem if they haven't taken that form naturally already.  It sounds like a beautiful epic poem that many Romantic poets wrote.  You are a gifted writer.  :)  
I'm glad the cycle is over for you.  Rest up and happy holidays!

So what does the site growth show since may 30th 2008? While we still have better than 2 weeks left in the year.... see for yourself below:

Finally... one more thing for you to think about before I end this journal entry:

Did you know that Eve is here and incarnate as well as Sophia? She is/They are :-)

and I know them both. And you might know of one or both of them too! ;)

For anyone who never believed in the concept of "As Above/So Below" you are about to find out in a way that nobody believed possible!


Jan 15th 2013
My oldest daughter Eryn: Age 13
Éirinn or Eryn Go Bragh = "Ireland"



Coming Changes to Collapsing Duality
2/3/2013 or 11

Over the next month or so, there will be some changes made to Collapsing Duality. Before I lay those out there, I want to say that this site was built by me for my Twin Flame because of the love that she showed me and that we experienced together. The idea was that if we could be experiencing all of these amazing synchronicities that were all signs we were making a step in the right direction, then there had to be others that were experiencing the same thing. That is when we opened the site for other Twin's to share their stories, next to our's. But over the course of the last 2 years we have slowly drifted apart. This is due to many factors, but primarily because we have children in two different states that need our attention. You might also call this factor alone, a "soul contract" which means we have unfinished business and the lives of our little ones come first. I know that my TF puts her kids first and I respect that. But I also put my kids a father. They really, really need me and will be there for them whenever they need me. I myself have been hoping that things would align and Paula and I would be able to find a way together again but this has not been the case as we have drifted apart. While I have stayed on this path, she has decided to take a different one. My lapse over the past 2 months of not posting articles and tf stories has been due in large part to the fact that I have been pondering where to go from here. After all, what is somebody (like me) to do when you build a site for the one you love and then have it all blown apart? What can I possibly share about love when it feels as if your heart has been fragmented? How can I partake and help people who are now just discovering their TF and honestly guide them when I cannot even feel my heart over what has transpired? What am I to do when my TF requests that all things written about her and by her, be removed from Cd.Com? And she has been for some time. How can this site go on and why should it? So...these are all questions I have been pondering over the last few months.

My Move: I will honor her request and remove her story she wrote about me from Cd.Com. I will also remove her articles and any remaining pictures of her. I will not however be removing my story or articles about her because no matter what has transpired (and many things have come between us) I still recognize that she is my Twin Flame and will always love her. No Soul Mate can ever replace that!

Next, I am going to remake the "Our Story" page on Cd.Com and share my Soul Mate story with my love, friend, team mate and very special person who has supported me during these emotionally turbulent times. Her name is Traci and she has saved my life. You may have noticed that we teamed up together to write the Mystery School article last year as well as a few journal entries. She will also be sharing her story about connecting with me over the distance (because we have never even met) much like my TF and I once did. By doing so, we will display that love does indeed go on - even beyond the TF reunion and we will show that even Soul Mates can have a connection that is so close and powerful that it can rival and on occasion "TOP" some of the ways Twin Flames connect. In connecting with Traci, she has grown me with her unconditional love, thirst for spirituality, knowledge of scripture and quest for happiness and simplicity. I have also grown her as I have taught her how to connect with her higher self, Idapromina, as well as various techniques I use in regards to meditation. She has stood by me, stuck up for me, fought for me, shared her talent in writing (as displayed in the Mystery School article) and showed me unconditional love - even when her own TF relationship was falling apart. She is a warrior! Although I can think of many who have helped me and shown me unconditional love in a soul mate kinda way, there is nobody I can think of other than Traci who could complement me better. She has in essence ensured that Cd.Com and all of the connected sites (w/the exception of YouTube) will go on. We will continue to share Twin Flame stories submitted to us and on occasion, we may even team back up and do articles in the future.

Traci, however, is not the only one or one's who have ensured that this site will go on. I want to also thank the members of Collapsing Duality on Facebook - the group! Without your recent donations, this site would have gone down and the content lost due to completely unforseen financial reasons on my end. Thank You ALL!!! I also want to thank you for supporting me during this upsetting period of my life and for even PUTTING UP WITH ME. And you know what I mean by that. There have been times that I have come on there like a Tyrannosaurus Rex and have said things that were over the top in regards to certain things written about Twin Flames. This...I realize because of the depth of hurt in my heart. Grieving, you know, has many of which happens to be an extinct dinosaur that rears its ugly face from time to time during the healing process. Sorry for this. But just know I thank you all for supporting me and when I am able to support you, as always, you know I'll be there :) Thanks!

Twin Flame Story Submissions: I will continue to publish Twin Flame Stories going forward. However, when I re-open the story submission page or "PROFILES" page, I am going to place a PayPal donation button at the top. This is because of the fact that this site could have been shut down or perhaps even lost entirely due to financial reasons. So, going forward, if you are going to submit your twin flame story to us, we encourage you to make a donation which will help ensure that Cd.Com will go on. Thank you in advance!