Twin Flames
Collapsing Duality


by Brendan

For most people who find their twin flame, after having had many soulmate relationships, they will begin the process of awakening.

It would seem that for the majority who find their twin are not even looking or not even aware that such a relationship could exist. Only upon finding the twin and having had many synchronicities and cosmic experiences that they begin to look for answers. There seems to be a sort of commonality here that my twin and I certainly share and have found the same to be true with many others.

When twins come together in the beginning, they may find themselves in a magnificent period of ecstasy that they have never experienced before. They will be unstoppable in their love and affection toward one another. In this period, the ego that they have relied upon, is in shock.

As time moves on and this depends on their own unique circumstances, they begin to look for answers as they realize that there love goes far deeper than anything they've ever known. As they begin to receive confirmation after confirmation from others who are finding their twin to heavenly answers that seem to come from just that - heaven, they realize a greater sense of self and this may set them on the path to their final mission which is spiritual in nature. This is the Twin Flame Path.

In the meantime, as their relationship unfolds, their energies will start to balance and the ego begins to realize, something is amiss. There is much to be written about this, alone. For when their energies start to balance it may seem like world war 3 is being waged in their souls. Any past karma that was never made right will come front and center, in the face of that relationship and will need immediate balancing.

The ego begins to play a major role. The paths of these individuals from the time they are born right up until the time they are reunited are quite a bit different than anyone elses. From the beginning, whether they know it or not, their mission has always been to come together and collapse duality. In order to do this, they have been tried, all of their lives and have had many obstacles to overcome. Their lives have not been easy ones by any stretch. In overcoming these obstacles they have had to rely on the ego at times to get them by in that dualistic world. In doings so, they have become masters, if you will. After becoming masters in the "concrete" sense, as the shamans of antiquity have called it, they are then ready to become masters of the "abstract." The concrete, being the earthly ways and the abstract, being the spiritual ways.

So when their energies start to balance they will find that they have to dismantle, so to speak, that very ego that they have relied upon for all of their lives. While they may have had a spiritual path before the reunion of their twin, this ego has also protected them to varying degrees. But now this ego must be dismantled for the balancing of their engergies to come into alignment and be truly "one" with each other.

While the energies of the twins are balancing there world may seem to "fall apart." I have many theories on this, but I feel that anything that is material in nature and is not in tune with the spirit world, must come down. What ensues, is a period of collapse. This seems to be another commonality amongst twin flames: the fact that they may find themselves, losing their job, their homes, their old lifestyles, and even their old habits. The losses of these things, when they happen, most of the time they will have no control over it. They just happen! It will be as if it's been designed by a higher power and that it is. How long each one of these balancing periods lasts will simply depend on how heavy they have had to rely upon their ego in the past.

As all of these things are playing out in the twin flame relationship, they will begin to hone their new or not so new found psychic abilities. For those who have been working on their abilities their whole lives, the reunion with the twin will greatly enhance what ever talents they had before. And for those who never realized the gifts that they could utilize, upon the reunion with their twin, they will likely be, "awakened."

The realization by the twins of their ability to collapse space and time can be a wondrous period of enlightenment. Even if they are still living seperately on the planet or in different dimensions nothing can keep them apart. If they are living apart they will quickly realize that through many mediums they can still be with each other - even if they are living on opposite sides of this planet. Through the dreamstate, meditation and even by simply closing their eyes, they will be able to reach out and connect with one another.

Their love for each other is timeless. Time itself seems to slow down and altogether stop, especially when they come together in the flesh. I have many theories as to these time related commonalities that twin flames, share, but I have a hunch that when enough twin flames come together, at a certain point, I believe that they will usher in the so called "new age," that has been prophesied about.

I have witnessed this collapse of time and if the simple reunion of a twin flame couple can do this, imagine what the reunions of 1 million couples could do in a world population of 6.8 billion souls. I believe at some point in "time" that there will be a tipping point that will lead to this mass awakening.

I can only imagine what the ramifications would be, but I believe it could be both wonderful and chaotic at the same time - the birthing of a new age.
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