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September 2014
Emma and Simon

March 2013
Ashley and Jonathan

February 2013
Claudia and Sequoyah

His Angel and Her Soldier

A. and P.

January 2013
Allison and Jason

December 2012
Joan and Mike

November 2012
Lola and Dee

Gypsy and Dreamer

October 2012
L.M. and B.E.

Renee and L.

September 2012
Kristen and Xyz

Lily and Richard

Capulet and Montague

A. and K.

Crystal and Brandon

Isa and John

Vito and Liz

Brittany and Michael

August 2012
Sunshine and Alan

Boots and S.

Aradia and Rafael

July 2012
Hippie Chick and Cowboy

Sleeping Beauty & Superhero

Wolfie and Olly

Bambi and Mel

Irish Susie and C.W.

June 2012
P.C. and C.G.

Chrysalis and Light

May 2012
S. and N.

S. and A.

Traci and Zach

Mel and Anonymous

Vanessa and Paul

Anonymous and Richard

Denese and Paul

April 2012
Rei and Day

Marie and Jose

Angel and Jamie

Jamie and Gage

Brandy and Evan

Robert and Anon

March 2012
Anon S and Anon S

Gigi and T.L.

Karina and Jacqui

Ladybug and Monkey

Adam and Eve

Rivana and Spartan

February 2012
S.G.P. and P.D.T.

Brother Nomad and Gypsy

Dona and Jay

R. and D.

Wife and Husband

Catherine and Neil

L. and P.

January 2012
Blue and Shem

Barbara Ann and Vinnie

Sunshine Girl & My Everything

Tormented and Rich

C.B. and N.L.

Angora and  Alyester

December 2011
C. and J.

O.B. and M.M.

M. and D.

Debra and Daniel

D. and S.

Anonymous & Anonymous

L. and T.

Charity and John

Mick and Peter

Bella and Beau

L. and L.

November 2011
James and Bryant

Annette and Randy

M. and S.

Kate and George

Jennifer and Kevin

October 2011
Science and Seeker

September 2011
Kelley and Jared

Amanda and Rob

Audrey and My Other Half

Samantha and Tom

August 2011
Mwin and TwinnyMa

Wendy and Peter

H.P. and T.M.

Vi and Farmboy

Kristi and Chris

Alisa and Marco

Laura Geralyn and Melissa E.

Ela and TY

July 2011
Zennor and Anonymous

Nichole and Charlie

D. and G.

Summer and Winter

Shakiema and David

Mir and Ric

A.S and D.C.

M.G. and J.B.F.

Nancy and Dave

June 2011
Christina and Traian

Lynn and Mark

Awakening Heart and B

Pamela and Nicu

May 2011
Dolly and Jaws

Love and Cherished One

Indian Girl and Cowboy

J.S and N.S.

Brenna and Eric

CJ and Chris

Me and Him

April 2011
Jasmine and William

Hether and Beloved

March 2011
Cherhisinmel and Rob

Labhrain and Caoimhin

Casandra and Iggy

Cathy and Walter

Elle and Gee

Liza and Todd

Anon 11 and Anon 11

L.J. and J.W.

P. and S.

February 2011
Kristine and John

January 2011
Anon and Anon

Maria-Helena and Hermann

Mickeyren and Ed

Jo and Beloved

Jennifer and Bri

Susan and Beau

Shadowalker and Love

December 2010
Jane and John

L.J. and Dave

Marie and James

Angela and Brad

Melissa and Brian

Serafina and Joe

Katura and Kenneth

November 2010
Denise and Rodney

Ariel and Michael

A.W. and A.C.  11/11/2010

Cynthia and Eugene

October 2010
Tracy and Don

Apple and Dari

September 2010
Barb and Esta

Doreen and Edward

Leanda and D.

David and Margaret

August 2010
L. and J.

Pearl and Gloria

Molly and Lucas

July 2010
Anna and Miguel

K. and A.

Cherry and Shermy

June 2010
Marisa and Chris

Lee-Anne and Cory

Kris and Rachel

Shelly and Randy

May 2010
Rachel and Chuck

Wanu and Wanee

V. and I.

The Cook and Digger

Jass and Ben

Megan and Rob

Persephone and Rosebud

Joanna and Albin

Hunter and Superman

R. and G.

Anne and Michaael

R. and M.

Kara and Aaron

Cinderella Man and Capmoon

April 2010
Marie and Tim

Tomo and Willow

Patricia and Megan

L. and A.

Zach and Bailey
(Told by Zach)

March 2010
Bailey and Zach
(Told by Bailey)

Rachelle and J

Rebecca & John

Misty & Carlos

Lynn & Andrew

Adrian and Will

February 2010
Azrial and Silver

Rachel and Lacey

January 2010
Brianna and Arron

OlaBlanca and Jof

November 2009

Cindy and Heath

Jason and Etta

Andrea and Michael

Anna and Nathaniel

Dawn and Steven

Eve and Adam

September 2009
Isolde and Tristan

August 2009
Kandice and Matt

Lorraine and Jeremy

July 2009
Kristin and Jude

April 2009
Eugenika and Adam

Sharon &Tommy

Parvathi & Shiva

March 2009
Dee and Vinnie

December 2008
Celeste & Alfred

Gia and Joe

October 2008
Nancy & Mark

Kelsi and James

July 2008
TigerLily and Asha

June 2008
Karen and Pr's

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Brendan's Profile
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