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L.J. and J.W.
Posted on 3/8/2011 or 11:11

       Your Name/Nickname.........L.J.                        Age: 46       Sun sign......Leo

       Country........................USA                                                     State........... N.Y.


       Email contact..............N/A

       Your Twins name/nickname........J.W.              Age: 53       Sun sign......Sagittarius
       Country.........................USA                                                    State........... N.Y.


Please tell us how you met? (Internet, store, vacationing, dancing, etc....) 

We met via internet.  He was looking for a yoga class to attend and found my web site.  He emailed me some questions and I responded immediately.  When I first saw his letter, I felt a surge of electricity and a familiar feeling of already knowing him.

Please tell us about those special things that draw you to your soulmate or twin flame?  

It was that feeling of knowing him.  I could feel his energy through emails.  It's unexplainable.  When we first met in person, it was very comfortable.  His eyes were my eyes.

How has finding your soulmate/twin flame changed your life?  

It's complicated!  He is married and I was, but knew I had to leave once I found JW.  I knew I had to be available, even though he is not ready to leave his wife, he is still stuck in the old paradigm, the old earth ways of fear and lack of.  But I am of trust and knowing, I am here waiting for the earth changes and the energy shift that will fast forward JW's rememberance.

Right now, it's hard.  But it's changed me in that I will not waiver from my path, my journey is set and I have never been more sure or more trusting of anything in my life before JW.  I have evolved leaps and bounds since meeting him and I am ready and waiting for him to catch up, I know it's going to be real soon.

Do you share many synchronicities together? If so, please think of what they are and tell us? 

Yes.  We grew up very similar.  We think exactly alike.  We were both in similar relationships with similar issues to work out.  We are both available at the same times each day and live very close to each other, work very close to each other, our schedules meshed from the begining.  We dress alike, our education is alike.   Being with him is like being with the male ME.

It's just so great to love him, because it's like loving myself, and I do.

If you believe you have found your soulmate or twin flame but he/she doesn't know it or can't be with you due to certain circumstances, please tell us about your situation here. 

The situation is that he remains stuck in old earth ways, but I know that his time is coming, he will shift very quickly and we will be together.  He is married, so "was" I.  I knew instantly I had to leave my husband and did.

He know's the same, but is struggling with duality issues and fear mostly.
Having the insight and knowing that I do, I am able to cope with this, since I already know the outcome.  I am surrendering, trusting and learning patience.

Below, list all strange phenomena, if any, related to time, increased psychic abilities, or feelings pertaining to how your partner is feeling when you are separated from one another.  

I communicate with his deceased father, since before we physically met.  JW also feels his dads presence and often has the phantom scent of his dad, I've had this too.  I am more psycic since meeting him, it's reawakened my mediumship ability that got lost when I was in an abusive relationship with my husband.  When we are together, there is no time like the PRESENT>  We are all there is and we are both in joy and bliss, moving together as one.  When apart, we are both depressed, anxious and can feel each others emotions and know each others thoughts.  We can communicate telepathically and right now, there is lot's of sadness and suffering on his end.   I feel him and his struggle, but it's his lesson and I will not interfere.  I have faith he will come through this, see the light, and we will be together.

Do you and your partner have the feeling that this isn't the only lifetime you have spent together? If so, please tell us about it, below. 

Certainly, we knew each other before. We just picked up where we left off. We were so familiar with each other from the start and our energies mingle like a beautiful angelic concert. The love is deep and is old. We've been together before experiencing this very scenerio. In past lives, he gave up on us from fear. He suffered dearly for it, missing me and fell into deep depressions over letting me go. This time, it will play out differently.
I know it.  He will not continue the karmic pattern.  He will rise above it and we will be together finally!!! 

How would you describe your life up until the time you found your soulmate or twin flame? What is the last "big thing" to have happened to you prior to your reunion? 

My whole life, since a teen.  I always felt I was looking for someone. I would be walking in a crowd or sitting in a bar, just trying to make eye contact with people. Because I knew I was waiting and looking for my twin. I was sad often, even though I had many boyfriends and eventually married, I knew those guys were not who I was looking for. I even kept looking when I was not single.  I was sad and waiting for "him".  But I didn't know who he was?  I do now, we've found each other.  Through a picture of me on the internet.  He said he knew from that picture, that he had to hear my voice. I knew from the energy from his email, that it was him.

There was not a big thing prior to our reunion.  He is the big thing!  We are home, but we still have a huge hurdle to get over.   I know he won't let me down.

Have you noticed any recurring themes in your relationships, ie..past karmic experiences that keep popping up or the numbers 11 11 and the Fibonacci Sequence as it relates to date/time? 

We both lived the same life and ended up with partners that we are not in love with, partners that abused us and  partners that were not grateful for what they have.   He has told me that he misses time, that he notices that if he looks at a clock and it's one time, that when he glances back at the same clock, it's an hour later.   It scares him, but I think he's experiencing excellerated spiritual growth, moving into higher states of awareness with the earth changes.  He is indigo, like me.  He does not know what indigo is.
I've explained it to him.  We both had similar experiences and about the same age, with witnessing a UFO. 

Have either you, your partner or both of you together, had the feeling from a very young age that you were put here to fulfill a purpose for which you never received any specific instructions? (feelings of a spiritual calling, a higher call, or a greater purpose.)  

Yes.  I was always connected.  As a child I have memories of spirit communication.  I never knew what I was supposed to be doing, just knew I had to be doing something to help people awaken.  I do that now as a yoga teacher.  

What advice would you give to anyone out there who is either searching for their own twin flame or soulmate or is in the middle of one of these relationships?
If you are searching, give up the search.  He or she will find you eventually and you will know them instantly.  When you do meet them, there is no turning back from it.  Do what you need to do so you can be together, but do it from a place of love, so nobody get's hurt. Be patient and don't try to rush the process.   If you are already with your twin flame, congratulations!!

It's heaven on earth.  BUT, you both are still human and conflict can arise.
Remain in a state of pure presence, don't rattle each others cages.  Just trust and enjoy being with each other with loose attachment.  You both may still have karma to work through, being aware of this and stepping back to allow for each others evolvement is the most loving thing you can do.

If you were the webmaster of this site, what is one question you would ask, that you did not see here? 

Now that you have found each other, how do you visualize your future together?  What greatness will come of this reunion?  How will this relationship differ from other relationships you've had?

Do you believe that upon finding your twin flame/soulmate that one of you has awakened the other, so to speak?

I believe I am in the process of awakening JW.  He is not spiritual or metephysical at all, but he is so drawn to me that he can't resist the silent awakening occuring.  I'm being gentle, he can't handle too much at once.  He get's overwhelmed.  But it's going according to how I've imagined.  It's only a few short weeks away now and we will celebrate together!!

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What do you do to stay grounded in the here and now? From - Kristin and Jude


When you look into their eyes or make love, what do you experience? Kandice and Matt

Oneness, completeness, presence, time stands still, bliss!!!

Do you belive that you only can be happy when finding your twinsoul? you believe in other soulmates that we can share a happy life with? Cinderella Man and Capmoon

I've had many soul mate relationships.  They all carried heavy dramatic karma!!  Sucked!!  But was necessary for my growth.  Now that I have my twin, I am so complete and so loved and so in love...aahhhhhhhhhhhh

Is there anything on our site that you would like to see? Persephone and Rosebud

Charlie sheen wearing lipstick and prancing around in a tu-tu and a pair of crocks with ingrown toe nails, wearing a purple bow in his hair.

How have conflicts between the two of you affected your relationship? Pearl and Gloria

Our conflicts have created opportunities for each of our growth, and we end up closer and our relationship shifts to a higher state of complete knowing.

How do you manage the intensity of your twin flame relationship. David and Margaret

I need to journal.  It helps me process what's happening and feel gratitude for it.

What do you feel is your shared purpose?  Did you know about twin flames before meeting? Do you plan to participate in twin flame events? Tracy and Don

I don't know what our shared purpose is...yet!  I have heard of twin flames.  I don't think I'd attend an mean like a star trek convention only for twin flames???  lol

What does the merging feel like? Anonymous Posting

The merging feels like coming home after being away for too long a time, and supper is READY!

How do you cope with the terrible emotional turmoil? Anon and Anon

Again,,,,I journal it all!  Meditation is very helpful too.

What makes you so sure you found your twin? Joanna and Albin

The feeling of being home when we are together and the hollowness I feel when we are apart.  

How would you describe your spiritual beliefs....

Off the hook!

Are you artistic.................................................?  YES

Do you believe in reincarnation...................?  YES

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