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Liza and Todd
From S. Africa and America
Posted on 3/13/2011 or 11

       Your Name/Nickname.........Liza                      Age: 36       Sun sign......Virgo

       Country........................South Africa                                     State........... N/A



       Your Twins name/nickname........Todd          Age: 49        Sun sign......Taurus
       Country.........................America                                            State........... N/A

       Occupation..................English Teacher

Please tell us how you met? (Internet, store, vacationing, dancing, etc....) 

Anonymously on the internet.

Please tell us about those special things that draw you to your soulmate or twin flame?  

His beautiful soul and deeply compassionate nature. His strong spirituality and gentle sense of humour and intellect.

How has finding your soulmate/twin flame changed your life?  

Since meeting him, my life has made a complete turn in a way I never expected or thought possible of myself. Meeting him has changed the way I perceive my reality, my ability to love and my own relationship with myself and my soul. He was the catalyst to change my life on my own terms.

Do you share many synchronicities together? If so, please think of what they are and tell us? 

Our thoughts and feelings are almost always in tandem with one another when we are close. We often finish one another's sentences and have experienced very similar emotional pasts.

If you believe you have found your soulmate or twin flame but he/she doesn't know it or can't be with you due to certain circumstances, please tell us about your situation here. 

He lives on another continent to me. He has been very unhappily married, and he is devoutly religious in his faith. I respect this immensely and can now see, after over 2 incredibly enlightening years of long-distance yearning and trying to see if we can forge a life together, that we are simply not meant to be together at this time. We have to grow as separate beings and to follow our individual paths. It has been hard and sad to reach this realization, but there seems no other option than to accept that we have to place the profound connection we have into an ethereal, spiritual realm.

Below, list all strange phenomena, if any, related to time, increased psychic abilities, or feelings pertaining to how your partner is feeling when you are separated from one another.  

We have pretty much always been separated from one another as we live so far apart, but when we have been together physically it seems as if time literally stands still. It is like we have never been apart and we have always just been�.that we exist in a higher realm and though it is painful to be away from one another, this seems to be our reality.

Do you and your partner have the feeling that this isn't the only lifetime you have spent together? If so, please tell us about it, below. 

While he struggles to admit this in terms of his faith, I feel that I know him from other lifetimes. Paradoxically, I did not believe in reincarnation until I met him even though he does not believe in it; I just knew him from the depths of my being. When we met for the first time, the familiarity was breath-taking: I just knew him: his face, body, eyes, smile, disposition, and he knew mine. It was uncanny how quickly we slipped into a comfortable union. He is like a friend, a brother, father, and a lover to me.

How would you describe your life up until the time you found your soulmate or twin flame? What is the last "big thing" to have happened to you prior to your reunion? 

The last big thing before I met him was meeting my other soulmate, whom I had to leave after 10 years because we reached a point where we had finished our time together. With my twin soul, the lessons have not been as painful or hard, and have been more profound on a spiritual level, than those gained from my time with my soulmate. But meeting both have been major turning points in my life.

Have you noticed any recurring themes in your relationships, ie..past karmic experiences that keep popping up or the numbers 11 11 and the Fibonacci Sequence as it relates to date/time? 

The number sequence 1122 seems to have been prevalent, and I feel with my twin flame that I actually voided my karma, that he and I did share something karmic in the past which has now been disengaged.

Have either you, your partner or both of you together, had the feeling from a very young age that you were put here to fulfill a purpose for which you never received any specific instructions? (feelings of a spiritual calling, a higher call, or a greater purpose.)  

Both of us, definitely, but from different religious angles. He was brought up in a traditional organized religion in which he often felt he had a higher calling, and although I was brought up in a strictly secular environment, I could never understand the uncanny feeling of  knowing my profound spiritual nature until I met him! Then I knew I had a soul and a higher purpose.

What advice would you give to anyone out there who is either searching for their own twin flame or soulmate or is in the middle of one of these relationships?
To have faith: firstly in your Higher self - in God / Spirit, who knows why this is happening, and it is always for the best, then in yourself and in your twin soul. To stay calm and centred, and to never give in to despair or over-expectation. Things will simply unfold as they are meant to, as long as you flow gently with the situations, as trying as they are, they are lessons that will make you grow into something you never thought possible of yourself.

If you were the webmaster of this site, what is one question you would ask, that you did not see here? 

How important has prayer and co-creation been in your experience with you twin flame?

Do you believe that upon finding your twin flame/soulmate that one of you has awakened the other, so to speak?

We have both awakened one another.

He has helped me to understand Spirit, and to see my soul, and I have helped him to let go of the fear with which he has in turn understood Spirit. We now both have a very different relationship to God / Spirit.

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What do you do to stay grounded in the here and now? From - Kristin and Jude

Laugh a lot when I can, be with my family who grounds me, and only think of good memories, pray and co-create with Spirit as best I know how!

When you look into their eyes or make love, what do you experience? Kandice and Matt

Bliss, complete trust and overwhelming love and a desire to make him feel as cared for and special as I feel.

Do you belive that you only can be happy when finding your twinsoul? you believe in other soulmates that we can share a happy life with? Cinderella Man and Capmoon

I feel up to this point, that we can be happy with other soulmates - there are so many out there for each one of us! For reality is infinite, and so are the possibilities that surround us.

Is there anything on our site that you would like to see? Persephone and Rosebud

More links to other resources about the twin soul phenomenon.

How have conflicts between the two of you affected your relationship? Pearl and Gloria

We have not had conflicts, but any minor misunderstandings only served to bring us closer together.

How do you manage the intensity of your twin flame relationship. David and Margaret

It has been hard, especially being physically apart. Perhaps that was the reason we were kept apart! We were stuck like glue when together, and sometimes this did scare us. Being apart is a curse and a blessing in this respect.

What do you feel is your shared purpose?  Did you know about twin flames before meeting? Do you plan to participate in twin flame events? Tracy and Don

We did not know about twin flames before. I feel our purpose is to love, just to share more love with those we are with, and unreservedly, so as to help raise the vibration of all involved.

What does the merging feel like? Anonymous Posting

Blissful - intense - powerful and giddy, like the moment is frozen and drawn out into a long, eternal sigh within the heart of the universe.

How do you cope with the terrible emotional turmoil? Anon and Anon

It has been hard at times, bordering on intense despair for us both and we have at times questioned our sanity in this very strange and almost unreal connection. Talking when we could, openly and honestly, and when we could not, prayer, and reading websites like this one and other people's stories has been a God send. Just knowing that this is explainable and will lead to better things.

What makes you so sure you found your twin? Joanna and Albin

A deep mysterious feeling of the presence of God in all that holds us to one another. The essential feeling of peace when I contemplate his soul.

How would you describe your spiritual beliefs....


Are you artistic.................................................?  YES

Do you believe in reincarnation...................?  YES

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