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Maria-Helena and Hermann
From Germany
Posted on 1/15/2011 or 11

       Your Name/Nickname.........Maria-Helena        Age: 57       Sun sign......Gemini

       Country........................Germany                                             State........... NRW


       Email contact..............N/A

       Your Twins name/nickname........Hermann      Age: 74       Sun sign......Libra
       Country.........................Germany                                              State........... NRW


Please tell us how you met? (Internet, store, vacationing, dancing, etc....) 

Work - I got fired from a job, which never happened before, then I did not find a new one for 6 months, which never happened before, either. Then - somebody had an accident in a company and I was hired as his replacement for the time of his absence (but he never returned) - so a lot had to happen until I met my twin in this new company.

I also found out that we would have met already, when I was 16 and had made a contract in another company, but my teacher had intervened so that the contract was made invalid and I went onto another would have been too early at that time, for both of us.

Please tell us about those special things that draw you to your soulmate or twin flame?  

During the first 3 years we could not stand each other - but have been fascinated by each other nonetheless. I could feel his animosity very clearly - then I got inspired to make him a present - a little snowman and to tell him, that I hope that our work-relationship would stop to be so frozen...and the next thing that happened was that I nearly became homesick, when I looked into his eyes - and then one day, I felt a bunch of energy coming from his chest to mine...and I was quite surprised. It was at the end of the nineties - and although I had been very much into spirituality already since many years, I never had heard of such a thing. We have never sought to be near each other before - everything actually happened by synchronicity. For example: one time the phone rang in my office, and the display said, that he was calling me - but he was not on the phone. So I went through the company to find out where he was - and found him talking to a colleague, with his mobile phone in his pocket, and his hand was in his pocket, too, and had unconsciously unlocked the phone, and dialed my number, 13, which was quite an achievement...:-)

How has finding your soulmate/twin flame changed your life?  

Biggest thing: I stopped searching. I knew, now I had found him. Now everything is okay.
Next - I HAD TO MOVE into the village, where he lives. I never would have thought of moving there - but I had to leave my other space, and only in this village had been 2 free spaces, and both as I wanted them, and both free - no competitors, I just had to say Yes. So I moved into one of them. And found that below me there lived a man, also named Hermann and born on the same date...

A few years later in 2006 I quit my job, Hermann had retired in 2000, and to my surprise, found that there was really everything cared for that we needed (I live with my son, who is 20 now). I did not find a new job, and I did not really want to either. I am living "In Love" nearly all the time now, after the dark Munstershow is over....

Do you share many synchronicities together? If so, please think of what they are and tell us? 

A few I have told above. As he is married, nearly every time we met, it was by synchronicity. Often even his wife was the cause for our meetings, because she sent him off to buy something :-) The few times when we met on purpose, this was marked by synchronicities as well - he would wear red and I blue, or we would come early, both exactly 20 minutes. Once my heart started beating louder, and I was wondering, and then the door opened and he came in. Later, when he was trying to avoid me, we had met each other in our cars, and there was a lorry, where we could not pass by and had to wait, so we talked to each other, but then his wife also came with another car, and got very furious...

Every time we met the sun came out, even when it had been raining all day before.
Then there were all the connections from the past I found in this village. I once wrote them all down and it filled 2 pages - they went back to 60 years ago - and I am everytime filled with awe about the careful set-up for our non-relationship. I used to say to him in the beginning, that we do not have a relationship, that we have an good to find that also on your info.

If you believe you have found your soulmate or twin flame but he/she doesn't know it or can't be with you due to certain circumstances, please tell us about your situation here. 

He is married, and although I do not sense love between him and his wife, there are other things that bind him. It is like a Romeo and Juliet set-up - his familiy is very dominant in this village. He had been in politics, and very popular. His home is surrounded by houses of his family, his brothers, his nephew - it is a family with a long tradition. I moved here in 1998, felt immediately at home here, but have no worldly roots here, no family, except my son. I had been in foreign countries for several years - so he is day and I am night, he is the sun and I am the moon. Often I felt like being banned and did want to be acknowledged by him. But although his feelings for me are obvious, and I only now know Love since I reunited with him, he denies our connection. He is obedient to his wife, although he says, it only looks like it...and he says he only wants his peace. She is very jealous and demanding and commanding, and very loud....and he obeys. Now I
have avoided contact with them since several months, because it feels much better than to always look at what I do not want. We had been together in the gym and walking, but she attacked me one time in the open and said, that I should notice, that they, she and Hermann don't want anything to do with me - and then Hermann kicked her under the table, and she asked him: Why are you kicking me? I told her, that I had offered several times to talk, but that she refused. Then she demonstratively left the gathering. This felt great, but afterwards I thought, that it is also a very difficult situation for Hermann and I retreated from all those activities. Anyway I like more to be on my own, it is just more fun. I had joined in just to be close to him also physically, but I did not enjoy it so much, that it was worth all the trouble. Especially since he started to avoid to look into my eyes....
It feels like we are at a dead end, "played every card". And it feels like a new chapter has to be opened now.

Below, list all strange phenomena, if any, related to time, increased psychic abilities, or feelings pertaining to how your partner is feeling when you are separated from one another.  

It felt like my life started with our merge. I really could feel the energy rotating between us on severyl occasions. One time we were standing at a fax machine, and a fax was just arriving with a big 8 all across the sheet, and the energy swirling between us..another time a ball of energy was flying across the room from beside my right eye to him, the size of a golfball. Another time energy split from our bodies and met halfway between our bodies, swirled together and then went up and away...he said, he did not notice any of it. And it really felt like I was dealing with 2 identities - him as my twin, and him as personality. That was quite confusing. But I KNEW from the beginning in one load "everything", and still years later I could not think about these incidents without crying. Even now, more than 10 years later tears are coming while I write this.

My dreams have become very vivid, and my knowingness is there always. I have come across Abraham and Bashar, and the concept of parallel realities has become quite normal for me. I do not know how Hermann is feeling - I suppose he is feeling nothing, like he has disconnected from his feelings. It feels like he is with me all the time, but when I watch him from a distance walking by with his wife, it looks like he is not with himself, he is acting more like a puppet, or like a bear on a string...

One thing I found very strange was his bleeding. On several occasions blood came out of his arm, without any injury, and dropped on the floor, when I was beside him. I thought, that his inside wants to come out and he is not letting it, so it finds a way anyway...

Do you and your partner have the feeling that this isn't the only lifetime you have spent together? If so, please tell us about it, below. 

I felt like I have known him always - in all kinds of roles, as our roles for each other have been shape-shifting all the time. I saw in him the father, the lover, the brother, the friend, the kid, the god and the devil :-) - to me it feels like he was with me all ways - although I cannot recall a specific lifetime with him, but I did not even try. 20 years ago I had several retreats, but then I lost interest in it.
I cannot imagine anymore to be without him. Even though he is not with me in the physical now, I regard this as only one other aspect of our non-relationship, which also will pass and then another one follows - he'll always be there....

How would you describe your life up until the time you found your soulmate or twin flame? What is the last "big thing" to have happened to you prior to your reunion? 

I was searching. Looking for something... but I did not know what. In 1986 I got extremely unhappy, crying for several weeks, and then I joined Scientology for three years. I married 2 times in these 3 years, then I got pregnant and left and went back to Germany. I worked in a company, where the boss was also looking for answers, having his insights through me, left the company and I got fired from the other boss, who saw me as a threat. Then I met an old boyfriend of mine, a soulmate I suppose, had some tough experiences with him, and then I obviously was prepared to meet my twin.

Have you noticed any recurring themes in your relationships, ie..past karmic experiences that keep popping up or the numbers 11 11 and the Fibonacci Sequence as it relates to date/time? 

The number 28 is very obvious - I meanwhile regard it as a destiny number - it is always in the news, when something threatening has happened, it is the house no. of my twin, was the house no. of my first husband, has been the phone no. of a very annoying boss of mine. My house no. is 2, my birthday no. is 8.

I know several people who are born on 11.11. Anyway I mostly know 2 or even 3 people born on one day, and even my sons are born on the same day, just 15 years apart. I feel like I wanted to explore the polarities, as they are very different, and so are all these other "birthday-couples" I know of.

My big button as a recurring theme in relationships is not to be welcome - eventhough I know it is not true. But I never had this feeling with my twin - even though this one often really tried to convince me otherwise in order to protect his current life settings - I always felt so deeply loved by him like with no other ever. Somethimes I also think, this not being welcome feeling is, because I feel what other people feel.... Anyway, I do not have it often, mostly not, just on some occasions. Mostly I am "in the vortex", in the zone, in the flow, at home, with my twin and in love.

Have either you, your partner or both of you together, had the feeling from a very young age that you were put here to fulfill a purpose for which you never received any specific instructions? (feelings of a spiritual calling, a higher call, or a greater purpose.)  

I started to look for answers since I was 8, and I was told, that people around here use to die - and after I had lost my dearest uncle and aunt in this way. Because this seemed so ridiculous und unbelievable, I just could not imagine, that there could be a time, that I would not be there anymore. For me it was quite natural and I was somewhat shocked to find out, that not everybody was interested in this. Yes, I was always Scientology I even was put on a course named "1st class missionaire" :-)

For my twin I really do not know. His astro chart says yes, but if so, he is denying it. He is a big denier - or maybe he is searching in quite another way than I. He is very much down-to-earth, is in his garden every free minute, working in the house, being with his granchildren. (He has been very afraid that he would not be allowed anymore to see his granchildren, when his wife gets upset because of us).

What advice would you give to anyone out there who is either searching for their own twin flame or soulmate or is in the middle of one of these relationships?
Go inside. Ignore what possibly disturbs you on the outside, feel the truth inside and the outside has to change accordingly. And take it easy.....

If you were the webmaster of this site, what is one question you would ask, that you did not see here? 


Do you believe that upon finding your twin flame/soulmate that one of you has awakened the other, so to speak?

So to speak, maybe. But to me it rather looks like a long carefully planned event and even more, the whole course of our non-relationship is under the wings of our inner self and every step along the way is planned and timed. And not only for us, there are many others in our vicinity, who are part of this - the whole thing feels like a musical (I do not like opera) and at this time we are in the dire part, where everything seems hopeless...before suddenly surprisingly everything turns out allright :-)

How would you describe your spiritual beliefs....

I am source, having an adventure...

Are you artistic.................................................?  YES

Do you believe in reincarnation...................?  YES

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