Twin Flame Cosmic Lover
Twin Flame Cosmic Lover
By Patricia McNeilly

Hello  all my   Beautiful  Goddesses and Gods,   sisters and brothers you!!!!

I am happy to offer this information which was provided during a channeled session from  Our  Angels and Guides.    I am truly feeling the immense power of our Reunions,  and this is going to bring you steps closer.


The  message  which I have been receiving is  while the  Feminine,  and the Divine Feminine in us all has been getting quite a bit of  healing from the  wounding over eons of time,   it is now the  time of  the  Masculine,  which is getting  much of their  entropy  "popped"  out so to speak, so it may come to the  surface to be  transmuted within loving Light and  swept away to make room for LOVE. 

I wish to indicate to you that in the message,   in case it is not clear, that,   MALE,  refers to  those persons carrying the  energy of the Divine Masculine primarily or in a greater percentage,   and is NOT  limited to the gender of the body.   I sometimes refer to these persons  as  "Brother"  because they are my spiritual brother.

If you have been feeling stuck,   please pay attention here.    I am wishing to give you the best clarification,  as the direct channel, and also as a Twin Flame Healer.    This will be the best information which I have to date.

I have spoken to many, many, many of my sisters who have been  HURTING,  extremely,  and feeling stuck,  and also feeling as if  "what is wrong with HIM,  has he lost his mind?"  or other such things. You have all been doing much work,   to eliminate on behalf of both of you.    You may sense such things from your Twin Flame,  and as much as we like to stay  Light and be above board,   You may sense the following things  either many or one of these "symptoms"  (for lack of a better word or perhaps behaviors, would be good.)

they have old conceptions of what  "love"  is
they think they are a "PLAYER"    and flirt with others
they despair,  and so they  self medicate with  alcohol,  drugs,  sexual partners, etc.
they are "runners"   -  you may have met them,  but they  run the other direction
they hang onto things they think define the Masculine- Rage,  violence, anger, control, manipulation
they engage in risky behaviors  for an adrenaline rush so they can FEEL something
they feel a misguided sense of "honor" or "duty"  and deny themselves and their Sovereign Truth in the process
they "think"  they are  unworthy of  love

when they flirt-   are you painfully aware of this?
when they make love to another-   do you cringe?
when they run-   is it like ripping the wound open again?
When they get drunk - do YOU experience it,  and have a hangover as well?
do you find yourself having "breakdowns"  with others? for no "apparent reason"
You get the idea.     I don't mean to rub it in.

GOOD NEWS-   They are not  broken-   They are DISCONNECTED

You have been doing everything you can  so that you can RECONNECT and BE.  Be who you are here to BECOME.

ALL of these behaviors and overlays,   stem from the  ego and FEAR

To make it basic,   the MALE/Masculine  is  AFRAID,  that "he"  will be HURT again by HER.

Doesn't make sense when you feel so much love for them.

You have not been STUCK,   you are being held lovingly by your Guides and Angels-  in a state of protection against the  dark of those emotions,   so that the last remaining dark entropy  can be eliminated from your TWIN,  and that  when they come to you,   they will FEEL,  you fully,  and NOT  see with the EYES,  but with the HEART.   

This is not to say that when they see you,   they will not see your beauty,   it is so that they can  see you,  look you in the eye,  and allow themselves to  FEEL  the intense  LOVE and EMOTION,  and KNOW that they will not hurt,   that you are not LEAVING them,   that it is SAFE to COME HOME

Please understand that in the past,   sometimes,  the feminine "LEFT"  the Masculine,  by being taken from him,   either by force or by death,  or they had an enforced separation upon death,   or could actually have been an active act of violence or leaving which was a karmic contract.

Both  polarities  have had to once again,  be made to feel "safe"  with each  and remove this separation to come Home.

THIS IS BEING ELIMINATED FROM  THEM;    Deleted from their hard drive if you will.

WE collectively have done MUCH MUCH work to HEAL the DIVINE FEMININE,  and also the feminine within ourselves.   The Feminine is being protected during this phase of the Reunions,  so that she will not additionally have to contend with the last releasing of her male's last ego issues.     The major "stuff"  has been released,  this is just "fine-tuning"  him to have a beautiful sacred reunion,  and that you don't have to experience any more of what we don't want.

Your  HEART is Strong,  it is your HEART together,  be patient and BE Light.

Your MALE  (OR Divine Counterpart who carries the Divine Masculine Essence), needs:

To be LOVED   
These are the major things that YOUR "male" needs.........Send them YOUR LOVE!  Refer to the biblical 1st Corinthians 13,  where it says, " Love is Patient,  Love is Kind,"  most people have heard this if they have been invited to a wedding.   You may speak this as an affirmation and to change your own vibration, from one of frustration up to LOVE This is not suggested to convert anybody to Christianity,  it's just that the new testament happens to have a boatload of info for Twin Flames,  and it's as if it's in code for us.  Certainly there are messages from many other sources,  but because part of my SOUL GROUP family includes  Jeshua and Magdalene,  these are the messages  I get.   Take what you need and leave the rest.

ACCEPTANCE--  does not mean to accept Bad behavior,  or to roll over and play dead for them,  just because you love them.   It means to Accept that they ARE your Other Half,  and have been just as human as you,  and maybe,  just maybe,  they took the low road of experience for God,  and are having a just a little harder struggle than you did to awaken and change,   they may have taken the harder stuff just because they loved you and didn't want you any more wounded than necessary, while you guided them,  but they forgot who they are and forgot who they are to you.   BE Light-  be patient,  kind,  as if they have amnesia,  and you are nursing them back to health in love and kindness and compassion,   to get to the  passion,  and lovemaking.   YOU are the GODDESS of his existence,  and like the Goddess,  please be  Loving.   Accept that if he is with someone,  that the person is a soul mate,  and that he is learning what he needs,  that the person is a stepping stone back to you.    Accept that in his own misguided way,  he has been attempting to FEEL you again,  and misses you terribly.    He just needs your LIGHT to guide him home.   You are his Lighthouse in this storm.

APPRECIATION--  please appreciate that he is  God to you,  that he has also done much to get you both to this point.    Appreciate all of the fine  qualities he possesses,   as well as his gifts and talents.    If you haven't done so in a while,   make a list,  or review what you KNOW innately to be his  finest points,  and what he is capable of.    Be  PROUD of him.

TRUST--  this is the stickiest point of all to get across.    It is also very very 3D.    HOW do you TRUST someone who you KNOW has  been with someone else,   is possibly married to someone else,   who has RUN away from you??????   THIS is a GODDESS/GOD step-  you ask and pray for the assistance to BE TRUSTING-  If he is your GOD,  is he not going to KNOW the way home to you, his  Heart ?????     You must TRUST your HEART,  he is your Heart.   Trust that he is finishing what he needs to and pray for any blocks and obstacles  to be eliminated.

NOTE:   Please be aware that the person carrying MASCULINE energy has frequently been abused,   sometimes in another life,  but that entropy has carried over.  This adds to the fear of  "She's gonna hurt me,  I should stay away"   Sometimes the abuse has been sexual,  physical,  emotional,  psychological or all of the above.   BE PATIENT--  pray for healing of the abuse and to heal the relationship of them, yourself, and the abuser. 

Please pray also for the person that he may be with,   to be reunited with their own Twin Flame-  because chances are that they are with a soul mate,  and if we're from the same soul group and that person carries a similar vibration to you, that they are also intended to be reunited with their TwinFlame.


The  next step of this is that those persons,  who have been in situations,  will start to disconnect from them.   On the surface for some,  it may seem that it is involuntary.    They may lose their jobs,  they may lose something else, get arrested, have to move,  they will argue with soul mates, and you will feel this---- they WILL  break up or GET  DIVORCED.

All of the old must be cleared away to make room for your Reunion.-  and your Grand Love!

Please NOTE:  don't worry about the children, of any soul mate relationship,   they are much stronger entities than you realize,  and that as we move toward our soul families,  they will integrate in much easier than you.   Let go of that old paradigm,   pray for the children,  and KNOW that their children are probably your children,  and you will feel them,   or your children are also HIS children,  and he will feel them.   Plus children are resilient,  just respect them  as spiritual entities  and guide them and love them.

DIS-CONNECTIONS can be very painful,   but necessary for everybody to be where they need to BE......Sometimes it means  re-location,   downsizing,   right-sizing, re-sizing, de-sizing!

BE   REASSURING   to your Twin Flame,   that they are very very very well loved and supported,  and being guided;   speak to them in your Heart., to their Heart.   They are not being cast adrift,  and neither are you.

Pray to God for strength for them,  and also  for what is needed to be provided and supplied.   Please understand that things will seem to come from other sources other than what has been traditional.  At this time,  many of us  are simply  in "maintenance mode", awaiting our Love and abundance.

Maybe a 9 - 5 job is being  eliminated from them,  they don't know what to do,  please pray:
" Mother God and Father God,  please let us use our Gifts and Talents to fulfill our True Purpose here"    You are in this with them,   you must say   " us"  and " we"  it is no longer "  me"  and "  him"   or " her"  They will be given  another way to survive until they are able to thrive with you!

Maybe they are married,  and so scared of breaking up,   and after all, "what would everybody say".    You must help your Twin,  to trust them and have confidence.  In meditation enlist your Higher Self to put the words into their heart.

PLEASE  TRUST MOTHER GOD AND FATHER GOD  to carry us,  you are being PULLED into position.   Having run forward, after hearing the call of your Soul,   Goddess/God  is saying,  "Now,   let go of that old string,  and allow ME to pull you,    I've got you,   I won't let you fall,   I didn't bring you this far to drop you!!!   I am picking you up and carrying you the rest of the way through this thick fog,  I know you can't see the way,   but I can see everything and just trust the Light and Love you feel from ME"

Your Twin is not lost.     Those that love us always find us.  You are truly the  Light and Love on this Planet.

THE MIRROR   and mirroring

OK,   along with the  sometimes strange and sometimes painful frustration of the disconnections which you will feel, there is also what we call  MIRRORING---

Mirroring  is going to be occurring  with much more frequency,   as things unravel and disconnect,  it will add to the sense of chaos.   You are  seeing this in the  outside world (Macrocosm) and the  individual world (microcosm)
Things are not truly chaotic,  they are shifting around to the best highest vibration.  Its just confusing and disorienting,  and painful,  and makes you think you are crazy....... .

YOU ARE NOT CRAZY--   you are probably mirroring.  We are highly  sensitive and  empathic  beings.    Please learn to recognize those things, feelings and arguments, which are not only not yours,  but feel as if you are in a movie,  or reading a script,  or it  just seems foreign to you.

My friend and I came up with this handy catchword  "MIRRORING!!!"    
Anytime either of us starts to become aware something is "off",   we shout this word,  and then  walk away from each other, go pray,  and then  let it simmer down and dissipate.

DO NOT ENGAGE IN THIS NEGATIVE  BEHAVIOR!!!! !     If the one you love,  Your Twin Flame (even if they are half a world away)  is engaging in icky feelings or icky  behavior,  you can easily mirror this,  and have an off day.   You may argue with a friend or family member or boss, have a mini-breakdown, feel weepy,   or have road rage,  or get drunk ,  or go carousing and flirting.    RESIST- do not own this,-   if at all possible!  And pray about it!!!   Seriously,   as we get closer,  less separation exists between us and our behaviors,  and also within our soul groups,  this will be more noticeable.    It does not have to be prominent.

Take charge of the flow of  feelings between you and your Twin,  and be proactive,  BE AWARE,   and work to be LIGHT.    You must feel that your Sacred KNOWS the Truth, and  "fake it(good behavior) till you make it" , work at it - it will pass!    Practice makes  perfect!

This is a suggestion coming from my Guides and Angels-

Slow down your own life!    If this means putting off some things for now such as taking a class,   or going on a trip,  or anything else that you  may wish to do,  that you would normally do to keep yourself occupied or from going stir crazy,  or just crazy,   try to change that normal inclination.    You must stay STILL so that your TWIN will stay still enough to feel you.   You may have to slow down with clients too. 
Whatever it takes-- if you want what we have to come to Full Fruition!

Keep it simple and close to the Earth,  if you can.  Change it up a bit.  because if nothing changes,  it wont change.  Be the Change.

DRUGS AND ALCOHOL-- Some people are in so much emotional pain,  that they drink or drug (or both)  to " fill the hole."
They are not truly filling anything.    It is not enough for you to say, "But why are they drinking,   I am right here,  why cant they wake up!!!! Why do they have to get drunk and then hurt me with a hangover?"
If your Twin has been self medicating,   it has been suggested that the one who is not,   attend an  ALANON  meeting,  which is just support for those that wish to cope with the affects of loving someone who is drinking or drugging.   This is not to accuse anybody,   it is to put you into a very LIGHT place,  where entropy is then easily taken off by your Angels,  and that you are acting in proxy for your TWIN,  to have them stop filling the "HOLE"  they perceive themselves to have,  with alcohol or drugs,  instead of you.

IMPORTANT--  Make sure that if you want your TWIN,  that you work on your OWN behavior.  Have YOU eliminated any girlfriends, boyfriends, or "bootycalls"?   Do you give in to Rages?  Do you  hang onto a marriage which is long past its expiration date? Are you feeling to move or go somewhere and living in fear about it instead of trusting and going there?  Do you overeat,  binge,  drink or smoke pot (drugs)?  Have you made room in all your parts of your life for your TWIN?

OK,   we are not perfect,   only God/Dess is perfect,   but do the best you can!   You are very loved and the rewards are wonderful when you follow your heart!   

In conclusion:
Be Light.  (patience, love, humor,meditation  etc.)
Make Love to yourself ONLY (masturbate). While doing this, visualize and feel your Sacred LoveMaking with Your Twin. This also helps you re-calibrate your body vibrationally for the Tantric TwinFlame Energies
being sent through your Union to the planet, and a very fun simple way to do it.

We  (my business partner and I)  work with several people whose Twins  are some sort of busy or famous people,   real  "A"  type personalities,   who don't seem to have the time of day for their own self much less a Twin,  or are an  unreachable celebrity.   We have been working with these brothers and sisters diligently, to further accelerate their full and physical Reunions.    All of this is the best advice I can give  based upon these situations.

Books I can recommend--- "Spiritual Divorce"  by Debbie Ford is wonderful for getting extricated from a marriage or any relationship  which is long past the expiration date and is starting to stink.   Or read it in proxy for your Twin,  so that they get the vibe through you.

"Jesus and Mary Magdalene, The Eternal Heart of Love" (vol.1) as told to Yael and Doug Powell [Twin Flame Couple] , is a the powerful true story of TwinFlames Jeshua and Mary, and their Divine Lovemaking while incarnate on Earth, paving the way for us....

"The Idiots Guide to Tantric Sex", 2nd edition, by Dr. Judy Kuriansky is highly recommended to prepare you for fulfilling Sacred Lovemaking in a simple and understandable introduction.

All 3 books are available reasonably priced on, and even lower cost if used. These reads are well worth your time for you and your imminent Reunion with Your Beloved!
Remember-- ALL things are possible with GOD/DESS!

Thank you for this opportunity to help us all go home to  True Love.

Love and Light,
Patricia McNeilly

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I am a StarSeed Twin Flame,  yet to encounter my Twin in physical 3D,(Patricia&Megan)  yet we have connected on every other level.  As a result of this awakening to my Truth, many of my gifts have opened and I have been enabled to be a multidimensional Communicator, Channel, Automatic writer, Transmuter of Entropy, Twin Flame Healer.  Just to keep me grounded,  I am mother to a beautiful 7 year old boy,  and I am a darn good cookie baker.   I live in the Chicago area,  and have gathered some others on the same path,  and we meet for coffee, share and I am blessed there are other ONES on the same path so close to home.  My thanks to Brendan and Paula for their service.


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