Twin Flames - The Grounding Article

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Twin Flames – The Grounding Article
by Brendan

In a Twin Flame relationship or any path to spiritual enlightenment for that matter, there may be times when we find that our feet are not so, firmly planted on the ground. Whether we are experiencing the essence of our divine compliment or getting to know each other’s higher selves, even the impeccable can find their heads in the clouds from time to time. It’s hard not to keep our heads out of the clouds when we are so full with this love that we have never known before, let alone - imagined. I know that Paula and I very often have to leap up in the air, to catch hold of the ropes of that big hot air balloon we tend to fly away in, when we are together or learning new things about who we really are. Therefore, it’s a good idea that either one or both of you, try and remain grounded while traveling the Twin Flame Path. If we are not grounded, the experience itself can (as we all know) tend to be so powerful or intense, that it just may fly away with your sanity, in that hot air balloon I was talking about.

The idea for this article came from an unexpected source, which is: Paula’s psychic that she frequents every so often. Anyway, on her first visit to the psychic, the first words out of her (the psychic’s) mouth was, “You’re boyfriend – he, his spirit, is not from this dimension. He is an alien. And, when I see him, I see him up on the ceiling. Although, everything he does is psychic, he is not grounded. I see him up on the ceiling right now.” Note: The first line that this woman told Paula, was the spark that led to the meditations that put us in touch with our higher helves and The I AM Dialogues.

Taken literally or figuratively, the woman was correct - in both aspects. First, she was right that I was up on the ceiling because since I knew Paula would be starting her session at 1PM that day, I decided to journey there and have a quick peak to see how the session was going. However, as I came down (while journeying) through the roof of the psychic’s home, I got confused because it was a multi-level home, with a loft. Therefore, in the beginning moments, as I found my destination, I was literally stuck, wondering where I was. However, I quickly figured it out that I needed to go through another floor and eventually I had a seat right next to Paula, before swiftly departing. Then, secondly, the psychic was right about the fact that I am not always grounded. I was glad to hear this. I needed to hear it, because she is right. Everything I do is done psychically – even when I don’t realize it. Operating at this level, all the time, means that I am not grounded and can even be aloof.

Grounding – what does it mean to you, a tree and me? It means that we literally, keep our feet planted firmly on the earth. Keeping in touch with the trees, the grass, the ocean and the sea, may not be such a bad idea either. In fact, I recommend it highly. Although we are spiritual beings have a physical experience, while incarnate (in the flesh), we are still bound by the laws of physics in this 3rd dimensional reality. What is more, while our bodies are the vessels that our spirits our sailing, you must make sure your sailing ship is either moored or anchored to the bottom of the sea when you are not voyaging (another analogy at grounding). For, when we fail to keep our vessels tidy, they can either sink or float away on us and we don’t want that.

Grounding in the mental aspect, means to me, that we remember that we are all people and regardless of what nationality we may be, what shape or size we are, what physical or spiritual abilities we possess or what layer of the onion we are from, we have incarnated for the souls purpose of experience. Therefore, mentally, we must keep ourselves in check – grounded! No matter who we are, we are all living through this moment of NOW. For, in this moment of nothing but NOW, it is our choice to either bring our suitcases full of all our past follies or simply leave them behind. Regardless of whether or not we are on the Twin Flame Path or even The Shamanic Warrior Path, it makes no difference; there simply wouldn’t be enough room in the cargo hold of your SOUL to bring all those suit cases full of ifs, ands & buts, back to the spirit realm, anyway.

For instance, I have spent way too much time in this life going over missed opportunities that I could have seized, when the time was at hand. There were times when I would be so hard on myself and beat myself up (mentally) for not doing the right thing, even when I knew what that right thing was. Staying grounded mentally means living in the now, because the past is gone and there is nothing we can do to change it. Why beat yourself up, mentally, when there’s nothing we can do to change an event that has already occurred. However, be sure to keep tabs on those experiences you missed, because a missed opportunity in the past, will surely present itself again in your future. Just remember not to be bogged down with those missed opportunities or follies you have made while travelling this path.

Spiritually grounding yourself is also very, very important because without grounding physically or mentally, we may find ourselves, aloof. What is more, while we may succeed in journeying even without proper grounding, we may never be able to perceive what we are experiencing to its fullest, in either reality or dimension. When we practice spirituality, i.e. praying, journeying, meditating, channeling or (even better) BEING with your divine compliment, we must remember to keep grounded. When we ground ourselves, we must do so, first – physically, second – mentally and third – spiritually, all the while realizing we are bound, (incarnate) by the grade school laws of this third dimensional reality we find ourselves.

The procedure for grounding spiritually is like a recap of grounding physically and mentally. The difference is that, now, we are adding the intent to go inward and connect with the higher self or The I Am. Physically and mentally grounding yourself means that you have both feet on the ground – physically and your mind in the now (free of excess baggage), therefore enabling your spirit to be cleared for takeoff. So, have you decided where you would like to go, who you would like to see and if so, what questions would you ask?

Example: Let us say that you are on a journey to find your higher self and you have your feet or buttocks for that matter (whichever position is more comfortable for you) planted firmly on the ground. You are looking for something natural to connect to – a something homegrown from mother earth herself. Next, you clear your head of all those suitcases full of past follies realizing that you cannot take them with you anyway. Then, you decide you are ready to embark on what may be the most beautiful journey you have ever experienced, (next to finding your twin ;) which is the discovery of your higher self.

Remembering the 3 principles discussed and having discovered by experience, what “spiritual” meditation works best for you, you may be ready to go inward and find what that place called heaven is and what it’s really all about.