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Sophia Part I by Brendan - 11/18/2012

Throughout history we have read stories about a great God who stands alone, all by himself, watching over mankind with the eye of a Hawk in the sky. But why, whenever anyone has experienced him and written about him, (myself included) is he alone? Should he not have a wife? And if so…where is she? What is her name(s)? Why is she not by his side? What is more…does their not being together have anything to do with why so many Divine Compliments or Twin Flames are not able to be together at this time? And even if God and his wife are separated for some reason, then would she not be called God or Goddess too? These are all questions I have asked myself since my first encounter with God, over the Holy Grail.
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Twin Flames and Soul Mates
By Brendan and Paula

If you have found this page, (unless I invited you) just know that it was no accident. You are searching for something - someone - a missing piece to your soul, lost long ago, that will complete and/or complement you. For as long as we are seeking, whatever or whoever we find along our path is by no coincidence. There will be signs on the way. Our soul's journey is a personal one and our "choices" we make, will determine who or what we find while travelling on this road. More than likely, however, you are looking for answers to something because you have had an amazing experience you cannot explain in any conventional way. If that is indeed the case, you have found 1 of many places on the internet that will help shed some light on the topic of Twin Flames and Soul Mates.

While traveling on this road, either with your Twin Flame/Soul Mate or searching for your divine love, you will find many who will guide you, some will tell you exactly how to get there and yet, it is still up to you to determine if that ONE is your Divine Complement. Regardless of the advice that anybody gives you - even our own advice, here - there are only 2 ways for you to know for sure, if that One is your Twin Flame or Soul Mate.

#1 - You will know it in your heart.

#2 - You will need to ask your Angel(s) or Higher Self if you are still unsure. They will set the record straight for you. But before you do, just know that they never lie and will not bend one way or another.

The following information regarding Twin Flames and Soul Mates that you are about to read is based solely on the path that Paula and I have travelled; our experiences with our higher selves in Heaven and by connecting with others who are travelling the same path.

What is a Soul Mate?

A Soul Mate is somebody that you will share a deep connection with while incarnating on this planet. What is the spirit level or soul level in heaven, you are part of the very same soul family. While we are all Soul Mates to varying energetic degrees, some of us will connect more strongly than we do with others. The reason for this is because there are many soul families and those in the same soul family, typically numbering in the millions and created by a single pair of divine complements, will have a stronger connection with those of the immediate family, than those of extended soul families. Yet, all soul families are connected and I will explain more about this below.

What is a Twin Flame or Divine Complement?

Each of us, will only have 1 Twin Flame or Divine Complement and the connection you share will be like no other. When you find one another, it will change everything you ever believed. Sometimes the both of you will incarnate together, sometimes separately. Whatever the case, as Twin Flames, you are divine masculine and divine feminine properties and together you are a balance of each. Yet, it is also your mission while you are incarnate, to balance both the divine masculine and feminine properties of your soul at an individual level. Do this, and your chances of finding Twin increase greatly!

How Do I know if He/She is A Soul Mate or Twin Flame?

To understand the difference between a Twin Flame and Soul Mate can be very difficult indeed. This is not because we have 1 divine complement to find on a planet full of Soul Mates, either. Moreover it is harder to tell because we have roughly 6.7 billion Soul Mates and out of those, we are to know in our hearts that this is the ONE! can be very hard indeed, to tell the difference. Yet, while travelling on your path, you might have noticed that some Soul Mates seem to have a stronger connection with you than others - almost like a Twin Flame. The reason for this is because there are many soul families - thousands - and whether or not you are part of the same soul family, will determine how strong your energetic connection will be. This connection will feel like a magnetic pull and the two of you will be drawn to one another. Whatever the case, if you are Twin Flames, know that the two of you are part of a soul family; mother and father to many more souls (soul mates) and have been created at the soul level by Divine Complement's that even though they are your true mother and father, they too, can be considered as Soul Mates.

A Soul Mate is essentially, anyone on the planet at this present time. However, some will be closer to you than others and this is because there are soul families. If your soul was created in the same soul family, your energetic connection will be much stronger to those people than it will with anybody who is not part of the same soul family.

A Twin Flame is your divine other half. Both of you were created at the same time, in heaven, usually by Divine Complements. But this is not the rule and I'll explain further below. Twin Flames are created as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, sent to incarnate over and over again for the souls purpose of learning and experiencing. All the while, they are growing as souls; their mission is to balance the divine masculine and feminine between themselves and on an individual level.

To find out the meanings behind what we're talking about, we invite you to click the link below and read further..

How Twin Flames Connect