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Twin Flames Connecting
Written by Brendan on May 22 of 2008

Knowing and understanding over the past few months how deep the love is between two people that are literally connected by one soul is beyond anything I could have imagined. If I did not experience it myself, I would probably have doubted such a thing possible. However, when your twin is sick - so are you. When you twin is sad - so are you. When you love each other - you feel her love in immediate return. Yet, the worst part is - when you feel disconnected, for whatever reason - it is like death - at the soul level. My twin flame and I have experienced all these feeling in our relationship.

All of the synchronicities we have shared up until this point are signs for us and they are all around telling us what we originally suspected deep inside. So just last week, instead of waiting for one of these synchronicities to happen I decided to do a little experiment.

I had been talking to Paula on the phone, it was at the end of our conversation and she said she was going to jump off to meditate for a while. I told her that I was feeling tired and would probably take a nap. We said our goodbyes and hung up. That's when I got the idea to see if I could contact her in meditation without her knowing what I was up to in reality. So, the next thing I did was to sit up in a meditation position in my bed. I began to concentrate on Paula and moments later, I found myself in her living room. I was staring directly at her as she sat Indian style on the floor. Naturally, as if I was there physically, I went up and kissed her on her right cheek. She opened her eyes, looked in that direction, then all around, and then began again with her meditation.

Seeing this, I decided to sit in front of her just like she was. My left knee was touching her right knee and there was a slight space of about a foot or so between my right knee and her left knee. For a few moments, we sat there but I was somewhat bored so I decided to see if I could get her to come out. I reached for her hand and watched as her spirit split from her physical body. She was so excited that she went right into my arms and I twirled her around.

In this experiment, we both had our own view of how we perceived each other and there were differences. I viewed Paula and myself just as we would look in the physical form, whereas she perceived us as pure energy. After we rejoiced at having connected with one another, we spent time together just loving each other. These experiences, which are too personal and wonderful, I prefer to leave out. That is when I decided to break from the experiment. I got up from meditation and I went to the computer and typed Paula a detailed email letting her know what I had done after the phone conversation, as it was unbeknownst to her. A few hours later, she typed me back an email saying that she envisioned us in a field of green grass (which is a difference) but we were sitting Indian style directly in front of each other. She also stated that she viewed us as pure energy.  Other than how we viewed each other in that state, the experience as a whole was generally the same.

In closing this entry, I think that even though we are connected, it may still be possible to have the same experience from two different viewpoints - connected by one soul. However, I am sure we will try this many more times and get better at it as we go along. I think the key to accuracy is not having any expectation and to just be.