The Parable of 1's and 0's
The Parable of 1 and 0
12/11/2010 or 11
By Brendan and Paula

Have you ever noticed that good, honest people always seem to get the short end of the stick and the dishonest ones consistently seem to be getting away with murder? Well…there is a reason for this and although the playing field may seem quite uneven in regards to those doing good deeds and those who are doing bad deeds, the reality of it is – the closer we are to the source in our soul evolution, the quicker the deeds we have done, most notably the good ones - are realized.

In this article, I will be talking about the good deeds and bad deeds that people do and discussing how the karma that they create, comes back as an amplified reflection of the original seeds that have been sown.

To understand Karma is to understand that soul evolution is cyclical. All of our thoughts and deeds to humanity (both good and bad) are noted at the source level, acknowledged and then reflected back, spiraling outward from God to ourselves here on earth. Everything is revolving: the sun goes down and the sun comes up; winter turns into spring and spring turns into summer; the earth revolves around the sun. If we can understand the very basics of the cycles of seasons, then we may begin to understand that the spirit world is cyclical too.

So…why does it seem like good, honest people always get the short end of the stick and the dishonest ones consistently seem to be getting away with murder? I’ll attempt to shed some light on this with a metaphor -

Picture if you will a vinyl record with 10 songs that are played on an old fashioned record player with a diamond needle at the end. And…each time we do a deed that is either good or bad, we’ve just put the needle to the record and the record begins to play a tune that encompasses everything about the deed we just recorded – only, in a song. In the meantime, we go on about our day to day lives, sometimes (if not most) forgetting about that deed we just did. So…the record spins, the music plays and the harmony that is a direct reflection of the deed, plays until the needle hits the center of the record – stopping at the source - God!

At the source, the deed is acknowledged as either positive or negative and the original tune that was created by that deed is now a symphony from God, complete with strings and trumpets. Yet, unlike a typical song on a record player, this song or symphony which was re-recorded in Heaven, with Gods hands all over it, begins to spin all the way in reverse, right back to the sower of that deed. And WHEN that symphony of energy arrives back, it will be amplified and its timing of arrival will have everything to do with where the originator/sower of the deed is, in his/her soul evolution. Thus, those of us who are closest to zero point or God and doing good deeds, will have a much quicker response from the source than, say, those who are doing bad deeds. Yet, just because somebody who works in the negative, is farthest from the source and seems to be getting away with murder, doesn’t mean that when the karmic boomerang comes back, it will be any less potent. To the contrary, each deed we do, depending on the level of positivity or negativity in its signature, will be holy and wholly - amplified. If it is a positive deed that you’ve sown, it will come back to you as such. Yet, if it is a negative deed, although it may take awhile to reach you, because you did not act in the spectrum of light, it will come back to you, two-fold.

Now, let us say, (and to use the analogy of an old fashioned record, once again,) that all 6.7 billion people on this earth are constantly adding to each of the 10 songs on this album, with their deeds. The album is fluid, ever changing, and a direct reflection to each of us individually and as a societal, whole! What is more, each deed we do will be recorded onto this record as either a binary 1 or 0. A binary 1 is positive and 0 is negative. Two such contributors to this very album are, Steve and Tim. They are our subjects.

Let me share their story with you:

The Parable of 1's and 0's

Steve and Tim are neighbors and friends. They are both married, have children, mortgages on their homes and make a very similar income. What is more, they both have jobs with the same company. Steve seems to be riding this never ending wave of success and is able to afford all of life’s luxuries and yet, has no money in the bank. Tim, on the other hand has been living frugally and made himself a part of the community in helping to feed those who have nothing to eat. Tim does not have all of those fine things that Steve, does, but he has a better understanding of what it means to live a balanced life.

Well… one cold night, Steve hears somebody knocking at his door. When he opens his door, he finds that it is a homeless man who then asks him for money and some food to eat. Steve Steve denies him, slamming the door in his face. Then, the very same man (the homeless man) goes next door to Tim’s house. Upon opening the door, Tim is alarmed and wondering if he is about to be robbed. But, after listening to the homeless man and his plight, who appeared to be freezing and realizing that this poor soul would not be a danger to his family, Tim invites him inside, as they were just about ready to sit down for dinner, anyway. The man is welcomed!

At that very moment, Steve recorded a binary 0 onto the album and Tim recorded a binary 1, thus, their record players begin to spin.

However, the very next day, when Tim and Steve go into work, Tim is blindsided with the word that he has just been laid off and his friend, Steve, is able to keep his job. This leaves Tim questioning his faith, amongst other things.

Tim returns home later that day, tells his wife the bad news. Then, a little later, while bringing the garbage out to the street curb, he notices that Steve has just pulled up into his driveway where he begins to unload a 52” flat screen television. The two talk briefly and to add insult to injury, Steve tells Tim the reason he bought the television is because he had just been given a raise. Needless to say, at that very moment, Tim felt a dagger go through his heart.

Meanwhile, while Steve and Tim’s lives play out in the physical world and in the spiritual world, the word that Tim had taken a homeless man off of the cold streets and fed him a warm meal has made its back to the source – GOD! The deed is acknowledged; God adds his touch to the original tune and sends the record spinning on its way back to Tim. Note: it took 1 day for Tim’s deed to make it back to the source.

The next day, Tim wakes up just as he normally does. Except on this day, Tim will be looking for a new job. Although Tim has lived frugally, done many good deeds for the community, the loss of a job is serious. He wastes no time in finding a new one.

The same day, Tim begins to email his resume out to various companies who are looking for work. Then, out of the blue and completely unexpected, he receives a phone call from an old friend who says he has just landed a new contract with a major company and would like for Tim to be his partner. Tim accepts the offer from his old friend who he had not heard from in years and delivers the news to his good wife.

Nothing out of the ordinary would change for either Steve or Tim over the next several years. They both moved on with their lives – even hanging out on occasion. Yet, all the while, Steve’s contribution to the world, which recorded a binary 0, was still spinning its way through the layers of the universe, back to the source. Why? Because not only had Steve turned his back to a harmless and homeless man, but as it turned out, he had many other things to answer for as well.

Then, one Saturday afternoon, during the springtime - 1,111 days after the night Steve refused the homeless man who had been out in the cold, his bad deed came back to him.

It was a day like any other day. Tim was outside watering the grass when he noticed a couple of police cruisers pull up. That’s when he watched 4 officers get out of their cars and make their way up to Steve’s front door – knocking loudly!

Needless to say, Tim watched in horror and dismay as his friend, former co-worker and neighbor got hauled off to jail for embezzling money from the same company that both of them had worked for; the very same company that had laid Tim off and entrusted Steve, with Tim’s very same position! His life and the lives of his wife and children would never be the same again.

However, Tim’s life, on the other hand went on as usual. For he had chosen to live frugally and although he was no perfect man by any means, he lived as close to God as any good, honest man could wish to do. There were many bumps in the road on his path, but living so close to the source, he was able to weather those storms because of the decision he made in life.

The parable of the story is that we are all working our way in our soul’s evolution, back to the source. Some of us are closer to that source than others and depending on where you are at on the record of creation, comprised of the 10 songs of the universe, will depend on how long it will take your deeds to be reflected back to you, by God.

If you close your eyes and visualize this record that is fluid, ever changing, and a direct reflection of each of us individually and as a societal whole, belting out a tune with all 6.7 billion of our voices contributing to the symphonic sound of the universe, you will hear, if you listen closely - off in the distance – all of eternity, screaming for your success!

To quote a very close person and talented spirit of our soul family: "May you be embraced by God's long light filled arms and experience - Grace!

I hope you all enjoyed this latest article. If so - plese check out out more of our ARTICLES by Brendan and Paula.

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This article was written with love to YOU
by Brendan and Paula

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So… if it appears that the dishonest people seem to get away with murder
And that the good people of the world, tend to get the shorter end of the stick -
Just know that your distance to God is that much closer
Than those who lack the human compassion, to help the homeless and the sick.